Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects” (DETP 2020)

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Designing the Educational Environment of Students with Disabilities When Teaching Foreign Language

A.V. Bedareva, E.V. Astapenko, A.I. Vinogradova, V.V. Faida
The article actualizes the problems associated with the policy of introducing inclusive education in higher education and, in particular, the problems that arise in the process of teaching a foreign language to students with disabilities. The fundamental basis for designing a successful and effective...
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On Learning via Skype vs Brick-and-Mortar Learning: The Experience of Teaching a Foreign Language to Gifted Children

A.Kh. Ashrapova, L.O. Svirina, E.V. Litvinenko
This paper focuses on creating conditions for developing foreign language communicative skills in gifted children. The issue discussed here is especially relevant as children from places far away from university cities have limited access to the educational facilities offered by higher education institutions....
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Analysis of Students’ Academic Performance by Using Machine Learning Tools

F.M. Gafarov, Ya.B. Rudneva, U.Yu. Sharifov, A.V. Trofimova, P.M. Bormotov
In higher education, considerable experience has been gained in applying analytics using multidimensional databases (including retrospective ones). One of the promising areas in this area is data mining. Data mining as an interdisciplinary field of research allows creating predictive models of students’...
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Problems of Application of Information and Communication Systems in the Organization of Personnel Work in Higher Educational Institutions

M.S. Nachkebiya, I.E. Nadutkina, L.B. Perelygina, I.V. Boyarinova, T.V. Belykh
The presented article is devoted to the problems of the use of information and communication systems in organizing the work of personnel in a higher educational institution. The main task of information and communication systems is to automate the key processes taking place in the university, with the...
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Events of World War II in Slovak Children’s Literature: A Story for a Child of the Digital Age

M. Figedyova, O.Yu. Bagdasaryan
Children’s and adolescent literature of recent decades is increasingly addressed to the events of the past and invites young readers to reflect on those periods of modern history that have become a kind of collective trauma. The article presents an overview of works of art that interpret the events of...
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Digital Competence of a Teacher as a Means of Education Process Managing in a High School

Ye.A. Zhestkova, E.V. Maklaeva, L.V. Filippova, N.I. Fomina, S.V. Fedorova
In the era of digitalization, the need to expand management tools is considered to be the main problem of modern education. The implementation of a model for improving the effectiveness of digital competence of a teacher will contribute to the optimal level of Higher education process management. The...
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Information and Mathematical Modeling as the Basis for the Professional Activity of Future Engineers in the Digitization Era

V.A. Dalinger, N.A. Moiseeva, T.A. Polyakova
The development of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and end-to-end digital technologies has led to the advent of the Digitization Era at the present stage of development of society. Thereupon “digitization” is the basis for transformation of engineering education. It is analyzed the...
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Mathematical Model of Formation of a Unified Digital Platform of Scientific and Educational Resources

V.I. Medennikov, Y.A. Flerov
The article considers a mathematical model that proves the potential possibility of creating a single information Internet space of scientific and educational resources on the basis of a single digital platform, the need for which is due to the rapid increase in the volume of information arrays in educational...
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Digitalization of Modern High School in the Perspective of the Paradigm of Smart Education

E.V. Strogetskaya, I.B. Betiger, A.V. Timofeev, M.P. Zamotin
The article is dedicated to the problem of the transition of high school to a new paradigm of the formation of the information society by digitalizing the educational process. Readers are offered the results of an empirical study, aimed at answering the question of whether online learning really forms...
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Youth Notion About Social Space: Interactive, Reflective, and Receptive Components

K.V. Zlokazov, Yu.R. Tagiltseva
The article discusses the theoretical foundations, provides a model of the person’s notion of the social space, describes the organization, methods, and procedure of empirical research. It is shown that the idea of social space can be considered on the basis of the provisions of the subject-activity...
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The Transboundary Educational Space of the Eurasian Union: Current Digitalization Issues

L.L. Zobova, E.K. Evdokimova, L.N. Shcherbakova, S.A. Mukhamedieva
The article clarifies the concept of cross-border education and cross-border educational space. The necessity and possibility of creating a cross-border digital educational space of the Eurasian Economic Union is considered. When creating it, it is necessary to overcome the external (high level of the...
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Web-Quest of Multicultural Content as a Means of Forming Information Literacy Among Primary School Children

E.V. Klyueva, T.V. Naumova, Yu.I. Rossova, O.B. Tikhomirova, N.I. Fomina
The article deals with the need for information literacy formation among primary school children under the conditions of modern educational space. Considering this personal neoplasm as a metasubject and subject result of mastering the basic educational program of primary General education, the authors...
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The Formation of Students’ Professional Thinking in the Digital Age

N.V. Ronzhina, A.A. Voronina, K.A. Igishev
The article presents an analysis of the concept and essence of professional thinking at the present stage of digital society’s development. The urgency of the problem is justified in the context of a new approach to understanding professional thinking in the framework of the social development’s law...
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Organization of Remote Learning with the Use of Moodle Electronic Information Educational Environment

O.M. Alykova, V.V. Smirnov, G.P. Stefanova
The purpose of this study is to test the possibilities of using the electronic information educational environment (EIOS) to personalize training and automate the control of the assimilation of acquired knowledge, including when performing virtual and telemetric laboratory works. To achieve this goal,...
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Digitalization of Education: Save the Human

E.V. Polikarpova, O.V. Shipelik, I.V. Krylova
The article substantiates the need for a transition from an eclectic postmodern education paradigm to a humanistic one, rooted in the foundation of Russian culture and suggesting the development of a person and increasing his personal potential. The educational process immanently contains moments that...
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Kindergarten Teacher Training System in China by IT Technology

Shu Zhang, Zhiyuan Hu
The article briefly discusses the process of developing a teacher training system in China using IT-technologies, as well as examines the reforms and a number of results in the teacher training system in China. The Ministry of Education has published “Opinions on the implementation of Project 2.0, “Building...
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“Portrait” of a Child with Disabilities in a Modern Educational Environment: Clinical, Psychological, and Pedagogical Characteristics and Determinants

I.A. Korobeynikov, T.A. Solovyova
The introduction of Federal state educational standards for students with disabilities into Russian pedagogical practice and the emergence of variable forms of education suggest the need to clarify the characteristics of the modern population of children with various disorders of psychophysical development....
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Using Digital Educational Technology in the Migrant Adaptation Process

I.V. Antsiferova, N.G. Antsiferova, A.A. Koltsov, E.N. Furman, M.D. Cherkashin
The article discusses the role of digital education in the process of adaptation of migrants. Based on an analysis of existing Russian and European studies, the authors conclude that training is crucial for the successful adaptation and integration of migrants in the host environment. The Russian practices...
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The Programming Function of Culture in a Digital Society: Selected Tools

E.V. Viktorova
Culture sets a person and society program goals and development goals and seeks to achieve them using various tools. Such programs are broadcast and implemented by a person in interaction with the socio-cultural environment of his or her life, they are fixed as codes in his consciousness and subconscious,...
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Application of Big Data in Determining and Regulating Trends in Education

A.F. Galimyanov, F.M. Gafarov, A.I. Muzafarova
The relevance of the study is determined by the need to build new methods for the study of educational activity, which is aimed at developing competencies. Competencies are considered as functions of ABC-abilities. As an example, the expression of mathematical culture is given as a vector function of...
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Remote Technologies in the Field of Foreign Language Teaching as a Part of the Digital Education Ecosystem

A.V. Zinkovskaya, V.V. Katermina, V.A. Plaxin
The most important direction of the reform process in the field of education in all its constituent components in recent years has been the intensive use of a variety of distance learning platforms (technologies), including in the field of teaching foreign languages. The introduction of modern methods...
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Congress and Exhibition Activities in Russia: Problems and Prospects of Development in Modern Market Conditions

E.I. Okhrimenko, A.A. Oshkordina
The article deals with the main problems related to the congress and exhibition activities; identifies the features of creating an exhibition infrastructure in the regions of Russia; analyzes the dynamics of congress and exhibition activities development in Russia; identifies the causes that affect the...
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Regulatory Approach to Formation of Graduates Professional Competences

E.I. Okhrimenko, E.G. Radygina
The article considers the formation of specific models of professional competences of the specialist, based on the requirements of the professional community in the conditions of the modern market. An analysis of the normative and legal framework imposing the necessary requirements to the content of...
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Digital Storytelling as a Means of Competence Development in Teaching Foreign Languages: Experimental Study

E.N. Makarova, I.S. Pirozhkova
Digitalization of economy and high demand for e-technologies require teaching methods’ modernization in higher school. The ways of using computer technologies for subject and universal competences’ development are proposed. The technology of “digital storytelling” which is creation of individual video...
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Online Course as a Way to Organize Distance Learning

D.M. Prostova, N.G. Sosnina, A.D. Tikhonova
This paper explores the possibilities of distance learning that meets the requirements of the digital economy. Based on the legal documentation of the Russian Federation, the theoretical research of distance learning and taking into account the European Digital Competence Framework, the authors have...
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Spatial Organization and Modernization of Vocational Education: On the Way to Digitalization

E.G. Efimova, S.G. Pyankova, N.Yu. Vlasova
The article considers the process of modernizing the region’s vocational education system and its digital development in relation to the spatial organization of the regional educational environment. The vocational education system acts as a key area of “growth pole” in the national economy for the breakthrough...
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Online Training Using Distance Learning Technologies in the Context of Implementing the Concept of Pedagogical Facilitation

T.B. Zagorulya
The author of the article considers the experience of development and implementation of electronic educational and methodological complexes of educational disciplines in the system of online education in higher education institutions. The topic of the article is relevant to the current situation of the...
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Developing a Model of Strategic University Reputation Management in the Digitalization Period in Education

V.A. Zyryanova, N.A. Goncharova, T.S. Orlova
The gist of this article boils down to the developing a model of strategic university reputation management. The development of the foundation of the organization’s reputation management is considered to be one of the most urgent tasks at the present stage of development of scientific knowledge. The...
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On the Need for the Transformation of Preschool Education in the Digital Age

O.A. Kozhevnikov, M.N. Vilacheva
The spread of digital technologies contributes to qualitative changes in production and in global markets. These changes are also taking hold in the field of education. The pedagogical community considers the process of digitalization of education as an inevitable process of changing the content, methods...
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Digitalization of Educational Processes in Universities: Achievements and Problems

O.I. Popova, N.M. Gagarina, D.A. Karkh
Digitalization of the global economic processes has had a great impact on the digitalization of higher education. The idea of developing this area of educational activity is supported by many researchers who speak about the possibilities of expanding 24/7 learning technologies for the digital generation,...
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Implementation of the Competence Approach in the IT Space of Higher Education

T.R. Lukashenok, E.G. Efimova, E.I. Okhrimenko
The article deals with the formation of professional competencies of a specialist based on educational standards and requirements of the professional community in the conditions of digitalization of the economy. The analysis of the legal framework that imposes the necessary requirements for the content...
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Russian Education Facing the Digital Challenge

T.N. Shurukhina, S.A. Berseneva, A.N. Belov, S.I. Maksimenko, G.A. Belova
The article deals with the consequences of overall transfer to the implementation of educational programs with the application of e-learning and remote educational technologies in the conditions of the world coronavirus pandemic. The first advantages and disadvantages of such learning, that the school...
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Communication Models in Russian Video Blogs: An Author and Audience Influence on Public Discourse

V. Yu. Grushevskaya
The article is concerned with the notions of Russian video blogs communication. The purpose of this study is to identify the specifics of communication in video blogs and build a typology of communication models. In order to achieve the purpose, the following objectives were set and solved: the systematization...
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Digital Transformation of Pedagogical Education at the University

D.M. Voronin, V.G. Saienko, H.V. Tolchieva
In modern education, an urgent problem is the modernization of the system, which must adapt to the requirements of the digital economy. Digital transformation of teacher education is an important part of the modernization of the education system, which creates the need to create mechanisms for its digital...
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Perfection and Development of Infocommunication Competencies of Students Studying in the Conditions of Creative Laboratory of Computer Graphics and Digital Photography

A.G. Gerasimova, T.N. Kopysheva, T.V. Mitrofanova, T.N. Smirnova, K.N. Fadeeva
This work is devoted to the study of the laws of development of the cognitive and creative activity, the development and consolidation of creative thinking skills of students of middle and senior school age, as well as students in the creative laboratory of computer graphics and digital photography. In...
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Digitalization of Education Management Processes on Municipal Level: Characteristic of Processes

E.S. Kulikova, O.A. Durandina, O.A. Rykalina
In modern market conditions, implementation of digitalization processes affects the increasing number of everyday life areas because it is an efficient tool of any technological process allowing the optimization of numerous tools. The field of education on the municipal level is not an exclusion, and...
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Interdisciplinary Synthesis in Economic Research in the Context of Digitalization

L.A. Kravchenko, I.A. Troyan, E.G. Gindes
The article is devoted to the issues of the interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific practices and the strengthening role of interdisciplinary synthesis in research in the context of the society’s digitalization. The authors analyzed the content and specificity of inter-scientific approaches in...
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Tertiary Learning Environment and Extracurricular Activities

A.A. Romanov, Yu.A. Zavertyayeva
Information-based learning environment presupposes integration of various types of education and upbringing with information support and technological means ensuring an effective management of the educational process. The article highlights the importance of extracurricular activities meant to encourage...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Factors to Organize Creative Online Contests for Children and Youth

E.P. Olesina, E.O. Evdokimov
The article addresses special aspects of organizing art online contests for schoolchildren and students. Perception and presentation of the creative product in the online form (photography, video- or audio clips) require a special approach towards establishing assessment criteria for the creative product....
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Methodological Approaches to the Formation of Digital Competence Among Students of Pedagogical Universities

N.V. Gerova
The article provides an analysis of modern approaches to the education of students in universities. Based on the analysis of system, activity, competence and design approaches, methodological approaches to the formation of digital competence among university students are considered. According to the...
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Transparency of Higher Education in a Digital Reality: A Reset in Open Education

R.T. Timakova, A.V. Maiseyenko, R.V. Iliukhin
Global expansion of the digital space on a global scale and identified the phenomenon of the digital divide as a result of advancing development of digital economies in industrialservice States requires improvements in the system of higher education for diversification of priority directions of preparation...
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Indexing of Social Network Texts for Psychometric Model of Academic Success Prediction

N.A. Prokopyev, G.Z. Vakhitov, P.N. Ustin
The paper presents the technical description of a software package for extracting and processing of text content from social networks for the purpose of their use in developing of an academic success psychometric model. This model is based on a selected set of cognitive behavioral predictors of personal...
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Scientific and Educational Centre as an Innovative Project for Transforming the Educational System

T.P. Gorelova, T.B. Serebrovskaya, S.P. Serebrovskiy
The article focuses on the activity of scientific and educational centers created in the Russian Federation as innovative projects that contribute to the transformation of education and science processes into a project for the integration of all levels of education, the development of the potential of...
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The Formation of Professional Competences of Future Philologists in Distance Education

A.O. Pirozhkova, Ye.V. Ponomareva, G.A. Solopina
The article deals with the problem of the formation of professional competences of future philologists in distance education. The main advantages and disadvantages of it are described. Modern digital tools and Internet resources are analyzed in the context of teaching English. The ways to form professional...
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Development of Self-Regulation Skills in the Study of a New Discipline “ICT and Media Literacy”

N.V. Grivennaya, O.Kh. Shayakhmetov, L.G. Zvereva
The informatization of society has also created the problem of information disorientation of the individual. Easy access to information creates a refusal to be independent in the development of new knowledge, provokes the use of unverified, sometimes poor quality material [1,2]. One of the possibilities...
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Digitalization of Education: Diversity of Views

N.V. Konopleva, N.V. Aleksandrovich
The article regards the viewpoints of authoritative experts (university rectors, teachers and psychologists) concerning digital education. The analysis shows that digital resources give education unprecedented opportunities and open up new horizons. However, at the present stage, there is not even a...
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Distance Learning as a Means of Forming the life Competencies of Children with Special Educational needs

Yu.A. Gerasimenko, Yu.V. Bratchikova, O.V. Lozgachev
The article presents the results of experimental work using distance learning for children with intellectual and motor disabilities. Within the framework of the system-activity approach using electronic educational resources, it is shown that it is possible to effectively form the components of life...
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System “Man – Intelligent Machine” in the Training of Translators and Interpreters

I.A. Vylegzhanina, Ye.B. Kagan, Yu.Yu. Shadrina, O.L. Sokolova
The formation of a translator’s personality involves the development of special cognitive abilities that conflict with the cognitive abilities that are formed spontaneously by the digital environment. Didactics of “digital” translation and interpretation has not yet given specific recommendations on...
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Advantages of Studying at Online Schools in Assessments of Students’ Families

Z.V. Proshkova
The article presents the opinions of families of online school students about the benefits of online education. In this sociological study, a survey of parents of students in grades 8-11 was conducted. The method of open questions and computer processing of the answers were used. The result of the analysis...
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Plot-Didactic Game System Design in the Formation of a Digital Footprint in Preschool Children Career Guidance Based on Gamification

N.V. Ivanova, M.A. Vinogradova
The article considers theoretical approaches to introducing preschoolers to adult work and analyses the concept and technologies of preschool career guidance. It proves the effectiveness of gamification in preschool children career guidance as a modern trend of involving children in educational process...
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The Digitalization of Education in Higher Education: Methodological and Practice-Oriented Aspects

O.A. Maltseva, E.A. Khovanskaya, N.A. Martynova, I. V. Karpova
This article highlights the relevance of considering the issues of digitalization of the educational process in educational organizations implementing programs of higher education, advanced training and retraining. The concept of digital didactics is given, the principles of the digital educational process...
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Virtualization as a Factor of Development of Communicative Competencies in a Hard of Hearing Student with Special Needs

I.L. Solovieva, M.A. Alferova
The article describes possible virtualization resource as a phenomenon of substitutional commutation as part of the supporting training “mother – hard of hearing student with special needs” and analyzes the commutation reserves to ensure understanding of family support technologies. In this article we...
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The Role of the Digital Educational Environment in the Formation of the Competence of Professional Foreign Language Communication of Future Engineers at the University

M.A. Demyanenko, A.V. Leifa
This article is devoted to the problem of the formation of readiness for professional foreign language communication among future engineers in the digital educational environment of the university. The problem of forming the readiness of future engineers for foreign language communication is relevant,...
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Characteristics of the Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Children with Sensory Disabilities

I.L. Solovieva, C.A. Zherebjateva, O.A. Solovieva, A.V. Mironova
The article focuses on the meaning of the sociocultural traditions of teaching the deafblind as persons with severe combined sensory disabilities, which allowed the authors to extrapolate these techniques, forms, technologies for teaching deaf children with development delay from the position of pedagogical...
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Electronic Libraries in the Educational Environment of the University: The Usage of Practices

A.A. Borisova, N.L. Mikidenko, S.P. Storozheva
Introduction. Digital reading is becoming a mass educational practice. To support the learning process university libraries are predominantly buying electronic books and electronic periodicals. There is a steady migration to digital books. Electronic libraries are becoming an integral part of the educational...
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Development of Cognitive Geography Ideas in a Digital Educational Environment

O.Yu. Guryevskikh
The purpose of this article is to identify the key ideas of cognitive geography related to the modeling of images of space, and present them as a theoretical and methodological tool for updating the content of school geography. The paper discusses the methodological features of perception and processing...
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The Information and Communication Space of Education: Toward Digitalization

A.I. Shcherbina
From the standpoint of the general philosophical idea of the contradictory nature of development, the idea of the information space and its impact on the educational process in the context of digitalization is investigated. An important feature established by digitalization in the relationship between...
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Digital Education Competencies: Power Query

D.M. Nazarov, A.D. Nazarov, I.S. Kondratenko
The article provides a method of teaching Power Query technology, implemented as part of the Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Education 3 ++ by professional standards in the direction of the bachelor’s program “Business Informatics”. The authors provide a set of laboratory works in the form...