Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering

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Effect of Oxygenated Treatment to Oxide Growth and Exfoliation of Superheater Tubes

M.C. Zheng, S. Liu, J.F. Xiao, Z.P. Zhu
Based on the increasing attention of the effect on oxygenated treatment to oxide growth and exfoliation in supercritical units superheater tubes, this article introduced the mechanism of oxygen oxidation at first, and then the domestic and foreign related research in the effect on oxygenated treatment...
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Green Corrosion Inhibitor in Central Air-conditioning Cooling Water

M.D. Li, B. Yang, J.M. Zhao, Y.T. Chen, S.X. Gu, C.L. Dai
The occurrence of metal corrosion can greatly reduce the air-conditioning efficiency, and even affect the safe and stable operation of equipment in central air-conditioning cooling water circulation system. Adding corrosion inhibitor to cooling water system is currently the most commonly and effective...
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Modelling and Simulation for Energy Optimization of Refrigeration System

C.W. Chen, Y.W. Lin, F.Z. Chen
A refrigeration system achieves its refrigeration function generally through cryogenic refrigerant generated by multiple refrigerant compressor units. Traditionally, the operation of refrigerant compressor units is controlled only by experience or the proportional-integral-derivative controller of refrigerant...
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Thermodynamic performance analysis of a CCHPsystem fueled by coke oven gas

H.B. Zhao, T. Jiang, W. Yang, Q. Yang
Inspiring from the idea of distributed energy utilization, using coke oven gas fed a combined cooling heating and power integrated system and aided by FORTRAN software to programand calculate the research system. The article concludes the influence of pressure and temperature ratios as well as the contents...
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Analysis on the Technology and Economy of Lightning Protection Measures for Treble-circuit Transmission Lines

S.J. Xie, J.M. Li, Y. Zhang, S.Q. Chen, C.Y. Chen
The treble-circuit transmission lines are widely used to increasing energy transportation efficiency and saving land. Because of symmetrical electric structure, the treble-circuit transmission lines suffer from lightning trip-out for more than one circuit in a lightning strike. In this paper, an analysis...
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Controlled Ageing of High Voltage Pylons

P. Polák, M. Kasencak, J. Porubcan, M. Novovesky, V. Piussi
This contribution is dedicated to issues of long term safe service of high-voltage pylons, which are during service loaded by variable loading with simultaneous acting of external environment. There were proved the procedures ensuring that the limit state will not occur during the period of technical...
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A Voltage Stability Preventive Control Approach based on Generator Reactive Power Reserve Sensitivities

J. Zhao, Y. Rao
The generator reactive power reserve is closely related to the power system voltage stability. The voltage stability margin can be effectively improved by improving the critical generator reactive power reserves. A static stability preventive control approach based on reactive power reserve sensitivities...
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The Pressure Loss Calculation Method and Application of Portable Fire Extinguishing Equipment for Power System

J.Z. Lu, T.J. Zhou, B. Li, C.P. Wu, Y. Liu
Wildfire nearby transmission has posed a serious threat on power system. Research on portable fire extinguishing equipment hasimportantsignificance to massive wildfire emergency handling. Structure of the water transfer system of the portable fire extinguishing equipmentis analysed. Pressure lossforms...
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Study on Plug and Play Access Control for Distributed Generation in Microgrid

B. Zeng, X.Y. Kong, Y.S. Zhang, Q. Yang, S.Y. Zhang, S.Y. Ge
The “plug and play” and effective deployment of distributed generation accessible is important in further smart grid, which related to the security and stability of power system operation. A multi-agent system (MAS) based micro-grid control framework was proposed in the paper. The “plug and play” model...
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Frequency Regulation Analysis of Power Systems with High Penetration Wind Power

F.F. Miao, X.S. Tang, Z.P. Qi
The integration of large-scale Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Generators (VSWTGs) will challenge power systems frequency stability due to the lack of inertia response and reserve capacity in their control system, which are important for power system stability and power quality. This paper deduced quantitatively...
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Virtual Instrument Design of Metro Power Harmonic Detection System based on the Improved FFT Algorithm

Y.B. Ma, Z.G. Ye
The current hardware detection methods have many drawbacks, such as poor flexibility and single function. Considering the frequency fluctuation and half-wave symmetric characteristic of the metro power system signals, an improved FFT algorithm that only analyzes the odd harmonics in its calculation is...
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The Effect to Single-phase Load and Countermeasures of Zero Line Disconnection

J.F. Huang, Q.S. Chen, G.Y. Chen, W.C. Wen, H.P. Liang, Q.L. Tang, X. Cao
The characteristic of load voltage and zero line voltage is studied when the zero line disconnection occurs in three-phase distribution system. The theoretical analysis show that: zero-sequence voltage is appeared at the neutral point when the zero line disconnection occurs, and the size of zero-sequence...
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An Enhanced Ultrasonic Frequency Closed-Loop Control System for Biological Decomposition

E. Shi, C. Hu, Y.S. Xu
Frequency automatic tracking is a main characteristic of ultrasonic power system, especially in the field of biological decomposition. In this paper, after analysing characteristics of multiple peaks of transducer, a reliable power control and frequency tracking strategy is introduced. It is based on...
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Access of Distributed Generation and its Energy Management System Development

B. Zeng, X.Y. Kong, Q.A. Hu, S.Y. Zhang, Q. Yang, S.Y. Ge
The access of distributed generation is one of the important functions for future energy management system. In this paper, technologies with information interaction of devices and energy management system for distributed generation “plug and play” access was analyzed. A “plug and play” control model...
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Electrophoretic Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

S. Fukutomi, K. Tamiya, T. Watanabe, K. Taguchi
Generally dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) consists of a transparent electrode, TiO2, dye, electrolysis solution and Pt as a counter electrode.In our study, we substituted carbon nanotubes (CNT) for counter electrodes to improve the performance of DSSC owing to their advantages as high catalytic activity,...
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Cell Fusion and Distinction between Viable Cell and Non-Viable Cell Using Dielectrophoresis and Optical Tweezers

Y. Mizuta, H. Takuya, T.D. Nguyen, K. Taguchi
A lot of researchers have studied cell fusion and manipulation during the past decades, and this field was pursued low cost and small setup. There is a lot of ways that can manipulate cell such as optical tweezers and dielectrophoresis (DEP). Particularly, optical tweezers can manipulate cells with non-contact...
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The Optimization of Fracture System Conductivity in Tight Oil Reservoirs

G.F. Liu, Z. Meng, T.P. Wu, J.T. Wang, J.J. Zhang, Y.J. Zhang
The network fracturing has become the key technology to develop the tight oil reservoirs. This fracturing technology creates a complex fracture network in the stimulated region. The primary goal of this paper is to optimize the fracture system conductivity in tight oil reservoirs, and to analyse the...
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Cell Culture and Trapping of Yeast Protoplasts Using Au Thin-Film Dielectrophoresis Chip

K. Nishimoto, K. Taguchi, K. Aritoshi
Dielectrophoresis (DEP) force will arise when an inhomogeneous AC electric field with sinusoidal wave form is applied to micro electrodes. The DEP is able to distinguish between viable and non-viable biological cells by their movement through a non-uniform electric field. The viable cells can be used...
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Performance Analysis of Combined Cycle System Driven by Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

H.B. Zhao, T. Jiang, Q. Yang, W. Yang
Solid oxide fuel cells can directly convert chemical energy of fuel into electricity, not limited by Carnot cycle, can greatly improve efficiency. GT-Kalina combined cycle system driven by SOFC can realize the cascade utilization of the exhaust heat, by this way to improve system efficiency. This paper...
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Performance Study of SOFC-HAT Combined Cycle System with Variable Conditions

H.B. Zhao, Q. Yang, W. Yang, T. Jiang
In this paper, the detailed mathematical models are established for solid oxide fuel cell-humid air turbine (SOFC-HAT) combined cycle system, and the performances of the combined system are analyzed under variable conditions such as the fuel flow, pressure ratio and turbine initial temperature. At the...
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Large Signal Stabilization Method of Constant Power Loads

X.B. Liu, S.H. Ma
The electrical motor drives and power electronic converters of More Electric Vehicles usually behave as constant power loads (CPLs), and cause negative impedance instability. This paper introduced R parallel damping filters to stabilize the CPLs systems, and derived large signal stability criteria depending...
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The Wet Mode Analysis of Rudder System

M.J. Li, L.K. Abbas, X.T. Rui, H.L. Yu
To calculate a rudder system’s vibration characteristic, MSC Nastran was carried out to simulate an underwater model’s wet modes based on finite element method (FEM) and virtual mass method. The model was simplified from the rudder system using a torsion spring instead of the transmission parts. The...
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Diameter Expanded Conductor Self-Damping Characteristics

Y. Qi, K.J. Zhu, J.C. Wan, B. Liu
Self-damping test and analysis for one type of diameter expanded conductor JLK/G1A-530(630)/45-33.75 are performed, and analytical expression and frequency response characteristics are obtained. Comparison and analysis between normal conductor JL/G1A-630/45-45/7 and diameter expanded conductor JLK/G1A-530(630)/45-33.75...
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Effect of Alkali Metal on Gasification of Coke

J.M. Yang, J.N. Xu, B. Du
This paper adopted the thermogravimetric analyzer, studied on the gasification reactivity of Xinjiang Zhundong coal. Researched gasification reactivity of different coal samples such as demineralized coal and coke with catalyst. Studied the influence of alkali metal on coke gasification process. After...
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Effect of SO2 on The Viscosity of Tetrabutylammonium Bromide Aqueous Solution

S. Wang, E.H. Duan, K. Yang, S. Wu, P. Zhang
Tetrabutylammonium bromide (TBAB) aqueous solution could effectively absorb SO2. To well know effect of sulfur dioxide on the properties of TBAB mixtures, the viscosity of the tetrabutylammonium bromide aqueous solution and the mixtures containing SO2 and TBAB aqueous solution were measured. The results...
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Coal Mine Robot Binocular Vision Recognition System Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

C.C. Shang, H.W. Ma
In general, coal mine detection robot has characteristics of a poor adaption to uncertain underground environment in the process of rescue. This paper proposed a binocular vision recognition system based on fuzzy neural network. The system in view of general fuzzy neural network, adopt self–organizing...
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A 3D-compensating Algorithm for LNG Shipbuilding Profiles Robot Cutting System

Q.K. Chen, X.Y. Li, H.J. Wang, Z.Q. Ji, L. Kong, Y.X. Wu
The LNG shipbuilding profiles’ deformation leads to lots of challenges for hi-precision shipbuilding, in order to achieve hi-precision manufacturing for deformed LNG shipbuilding profiles, a 3D-compensating algorithm for shipbuilding profile deformation is developed based on the profile deformation happening...
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Permanent Magnet Absorbed Repairing End Effector for Wall-climbing Robot

Z.W. Cui, Z.G. Sun, W.Z. Zhang, Q. Chen
In order to fulfil all-position amending of weld seam with wall-climbing robot, a permanent magnet adsorbed repairing end effector (REE) is developed. Cutting tool is installed in atwo-dimensional (2D) cutting force mode to decrease the driving force ofthemanipulator. A permanent magnet adsorption supporting...
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Facial Expression Recognition Algorithm Based on PCNN

X. Jin, R.C. Nie, D.M. Zhou, J.F. Yu, K.J. He
A facial expression recognition method using the ignition position sequence (IPS) of pulse coupled neural network (PCNN) is proposed in this paper. First the method obtains normalized standard images by pre-processing the face images; and then uses PCNN model to extract the oscillation time sequences...
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Research on Automatic Programming Methods of CNC Machining Parameters of Gear

X.R. Zhu
analysis tool axis and workpiece axis motion relation principle of gear hobbing and synchronous control, interface input using the key parameter, the realization of programming automatically parameters of CNC system, the parameter programming method were discussed. Application is able to simplify the...
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Study of Gas Proportional Valve Performance Monitoring and Control System

X.H. Zhao
Working principles, characteristic parameters and adjustment of gas proportional valve are introduced in the paper. Performance parameters of gas proportional valve can be tested through gas proportional valve monitoring and control system. Test data are processed and analyzed, characteristic curve graph...
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On the Identification Technology for the Random Load Spectrums

W.M. Li, H.D. Wang, Y.Y. Qiu, Q. Niu
This paper deduces the relationship between the frequency response and loads for a structure within the frequency domain, and puts forward a new method for identifying the random loads spectrum. Firstly, the response power spectrum of structural control points is calculated based on the white noise loads...
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Shift Schedule Modification for Automated Manual Transmission Based on Road Slope Identification

H. Lu, X.F. Yin, X.H. Wu
Identification of the road slope is a key issue for automated manual transmission (AMT) to have its shift schedule adapt to the slope change during operation. To tackle the problem of frequent gearshift on ramp of the traditional shift schedule, a slope recognition method based on the vehicle’s acceleration...
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Time Series Prediction Based on Machine Learning

Q.Y. Jiang
Time series is an important temporal data object types, for time series prediction has great significance and wide application. This paper studies the key technologies for predicting the time series of machine learning, mainly in the following three points: (1) proposed a two-class nuclear space feature...
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Weapon System Operational Capability

R. Guo
As operational capability of the weapon system can be varied with each fire, it proposes operational capability evaluation method for the weapon system, afterwards it proposes operational capability evaluation method for the weapon fire taking the impact indicators such as single target detection probability...
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Research on Product Design of Injecting Affection

Z. Yu
Injecting affection into the product design emphasizes the emotional experience and the inner emotional needs of the users'. Though the appearance design, we can highlight the product’s aesthetic characteristics and interaction properties in order to bring the pleasant emotional experience for the user....
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The Product Innovative Design Methodology Integrating Reverse Engineering With Optimization — A Case Study on Automotive Styling

H.W. Xiong, J. Xu, C.X. Xu, M. Pan
In the styling phase of a product design, it’s difficult to meet aesthetic and performance requirements simultaneously. An innovative design methodology integrating reverse engineering (RE) with optimization is illustrated to settle such a problem. In the field of automotive styling, the stylist’s aesthetic...
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Optimization of Cutting Force and Surface Roughness Based on Taguchi Technique for AA6061

E. Yahya, H. AIi salim
Optimization of machining parameters has great concerned in manufacturing environments, there for in this study cutting force and surface roughness are optimized based on machining parameters. Many researchers have established the relationship between the surface roughness and machining parameters, but...
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Research of Production Scheduling Based on Theory of Constraints

X.M. Zhang, Y.L. Du
An improved DBR scheduling method is proposed based on discrete system simulation method. The simulation model is established to identify bottleneck resources and determine the buffer. The improved simulated annealing is used to optimize and determine the DBR control parameters. The example results confirm...
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Mode-Switch Strategy for Dual-Motor Coupling System of Electric Vehicles Based on Optimal Dynamic Performance

S.M. Han, X.F. Yin, X.H. Wu
To improve the accelerating ability of electric vehicle, a mode-switch control strategy based on optimal dynamic performance for the dual-motor coupling system (DMCS) is put forward in this investigation. The configuration and work modes of the investigated DMCS system have been discussed at first, and...
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Vibration Analysis of The End Conveyor Discharge Arm

G.Y. Lin, W.Z. Wang, Z.Y. Li, Z.B. Li
End conveyor is widely used in large open-pit mine, in order to gain the three diagonal elastic deformations of supporting elements as well as the discharge arm vibration model, by making reasonable assumptions. The discharge arm system is simplified to single degree of freedom model, using the geometric...
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Research and Development of Test Rig Prototype for Remanufactured Automatic Transmission

J. Ma, Q.C. Wang, Q. Chen, Y.H. Meng
The paper puts forward a new model of electric-loading test rig for testing remanufacture automatic transmission to meet the demands for testing different types of remanufactured automatic transmissions. The sub-systems, including electric & electronic control systems and the mechanical components, were...
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The Dimensionless-Parameter Robust Optimization Method Based on Geometric Approach of Pulley Block Compensation In Luffing Mechanism

Y. Xue, M.S. Ji, N. Wu
When using the minimum unbalance torque as the objective function to establish the optimization mathematical model of pulley block compensation in luffing mechanism, the dimensional optimal solutions do not have extension applicability. To solve this problem, a new optimization mathematical model, using...
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Study of Pressure Distributions in A Flexural Gas Squeeze Film

J. Li, T. Zhang, C.J. Liu
Near field acoustic levitation (NFAL) has been used in non-contact handling and transportation. The levitation force is generated by the squeeze film. In order to descript the levitation force precisely, we built a mathematic model of the squeeze film, considering the gas inertia and relevant nonlinear...
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Effect of Bolt Number on Joint Stiffness of Disc and Drum Connected by Bolted Joints

H.Y. Wang, Z.Y. Qin, F.L. Chu
The disc-drum type rotors are widely used in large turbofan engines, where the drums are connected the adjacent disks with the bolted joints. In this paper, the joint stiffness characteristics of a disc-drum structure are investigated based on the finite element model. Firstly, the nonlinear finite element...
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Dynamic Response of Rubbing Happening In A Flexible Rotor-Bearing System

J.M. Chen, D.X. Jiang, T.T. Deng, J.S. Wang, J.L. Zhong, S.B. Wang
To reduce the steam loss and raise the efficiency of the steam turbine, the vapour seals are applied in the inner cylinder of the steam turbine. The small gap may easily results in the rubbing happening in the inner cylinder. Sometimes, the rotor is a flexible rotor. In this paper, dynamic response of...
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Structural Optimization for Column of Gantry Machine Tool Using Response Surface Method

M.J. Twu, S.B. Yu
As the first part of an ongoing integrated project for developing a desktop gantry grinding machine tool, the structural optimization of column part is taken as the focus of the study. The thickness, height, and width of column are the design variables. The objective of optimization is to minimize volume...
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The Investigation on the Mechanical Endurance Degradation of Nafion Membrane

Y. Xiao, C. Cho
As a solution of high efficiency and clean energy, fuel cell technologies, especially proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), have caught extensive attention. However, after decades of development, the performances of PEMFCs are far from achieving the target from the Department of Energy (DOE). So,...
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Impact Predictions of Face Gear Rim Thicknesses on Mesh Stiffness of Face Gear Drives

H.S. Chen, Z.M.Q. Li, X.S. Liu, H. Wu, J. Wang
Mesh stiffness is one of fundamental parameters of face gear dynamics. Thus, a calculation solution of mesh stiffness of face gear drives was constructed by finite element method. The impact of face gear rim thicknesses on mesh stiffness was predicted. The analytical results indicate that a face gear...
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The Study of Load Distribution for Combination Bearing in Wellbore Trajectory Control Tool

D. Feng, Z.W. Liao, H. Zhang, L. Shi, C.Y. Xia, S.Z. Wei
In this paper, the load distribution of combination bearing in wellbore trajectory control tool has been carried out the theoretical study, it is concluded the response of combination bearing in pure radial & axial load bearing. Based on this study, the working state of combination bearing has been simulated...
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Path Planning Based on Bi-RRT Algorithm for Redundant Manipulator

X.Z. Zang, W.T. Yu, L. Zhang, S. Iqbal
For the manipulator which is used to execute maintenance tasks in the Tokamak reactor, solving the problem of collision-free path planning is the premise. This paper introduced the Single-RRT and Bi-RRT algorithms then used Bi-RRT algorithm to make the path planning for the motion of a redundant manipulator...
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Workspace Analysis of A 2-DOF Planar Parallel Mechanism

Y. Y. Chen, X.Z. Han, F. Gao, Z.H. Wei, Y. Zhang
A 2- Degree Of Freedom (DOF) planar parallel mechanism is introduced and the inverse solution of the kinematics and Jacobin matrix and workspace analysis are carries out. The mathematical conditions of which the singular configuration of the manipulator occurred based on Jacobin matrix and the relationship...
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Stability Analysis and Modification of Guide Support System of Piston Rod in Labyrinth Reciprocating Compressor

H.N. Tang, S.J. Wang, X.Y. Dong
Based on the characters that the piston rod of labyrinth reciprocating compressors is supported by a guide bearing system in the direction of movement, simplified mechanical model of piston rod is established. To determine the effect of relevant parameters on the vibration and stability of piston rod,...
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Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Over Staggered Tubes Using Multi-Relaxation Time Lattice Boltzmann Method

J. Park
A multi-relaxation time lattice Boltzmann method (MRT-LBM) fluid flow analysis code is developed based on a two-dimensional D2Q9 lattice model and sub-grid eddy viscosity model of Smagorinsky. Benchmarking of the MRT-LBM is performed for a turbulent flow over staggered tube bundles at Reynolds number...
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Experimental Comparison of Hyperelastic Model on Skin

N.F. Adull Manan, J. Mahmud
This study aims to determine the hyperelastic parameters of skin (ovine). Firstly, experimental procedures involving mechanical tensile tests on ovine skin are conducted according to ASTM International Standard. Then, experimental data and hyperelastic model for biomaterials are integrated. Finally,...
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Investigation of An Electronically Controlled Hybrid Hydrogen–Gasoline Engine Powered Passenger Car

L.J. Hao, M. Chen, C.X. Ren, C.W. Ji
Hydrogen is very promising as engine fuel due to its excellent combustion and emission characteristics. In order to improve the emission of a spark-ignited gasoline engine car a set of hydrogen injection system was added to its gasoline engine and the engine can be fuelled with gasoline, hydrogen or...
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Design and Simulation of An Energy Management Algorithm for Extended-Range Electric Bicycles

D.W. Yao, G. Fan, C. Zhang, J.H. Jiang, F. Wu
A composite energy management algorithm for extended-range electric bicycles was established on the basis of traditional constant power and tracking power control strategies. With the calculation results of driving power demand and state of charge (SOC) value of battery, the algorithm can optimize the...
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The Modified PID Network of Aeroengine Multivariable Decoupling Control System

J. Ying, H. Rong, J.Y. Dai, F.T. Huang
To solve the decoupling problem in aeroengine multivariable contrl system,in this article,using the modified PID network design the decoupling controller for aeroengine multivariable system. PID network weights using gradient learning algorithm, the network weights fixed more slowly and were easy to...
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A New Optimal Velocity Control Function Considering Driver’s Anticipation Effect

B.G. Cao
Considering longitudinal spatial deviations from expected referenced equilibrium point (plan), a new two dimensional (2-d) optimal velocity function considering driver’s nonlinear adjustment effect is presented. We call it as super desired velocity, simplified as SDV. Unlike existing optimal velocity...
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Methods of Constructing Analytic Functions to Generate Airfoil Profiles

H.B. Jiang, Y.R. Li, Z.Q. Cheng
To facilitate the airfoil design, this paper studied the methods of constructing analytic functions to generate airfoil profiles. By Taylor series, Joukowsky airfoil function was simplified to a simple expression, and its coefficients and exponents were redefined as general constants. A series of simple...
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Generalized Inverse Reconstruction for Periodic Nonuniform Sampling

J.Y. Luo, L. Lei
A traditional assumption underlying most data converters is that the signal should be sampled at a rate exceeding twice the highest frequency. In this paper, we employ a method for low-rate sampling of multi- band signals via applying periodic nonuniform sampling in shift-invariant spaces generated by...
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Dynamic Characteristics and Sensitivity Analysis of Test Machine Shaft

G. Wen, G.Y. Zhou, W.J. Wang, Z.L. Ying, C.G. He, Q.Y. Liu
This paper presented the dynamic characteristics and sensitivity analysis of the shaft of test machine based on finite element method and orthogonal design method. It is concluded that the top eight order natural frequencies (Hz) are 1673.3, 3666.6, 4421.8, 5713.8, 6612.9, 6656.8, 9550.9, 9617.5 based...
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Analysis and Diagnosis of Coal Shearer Machine Fault Based on Improved Support Vector Theory

X. Zhang, X.M. Ma, Z.S. Yang
In coal shearer monitoring system, the early detecting of fault is key technique for preventing the shearer fail. In this paper, the improved support vector machine theory is introduced to detected shearer fault under the mine underground, the improved algorithm based on support vector machine theory...
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Life Prediction of Scraper Conveyor Based on Weibull Distribution Fault Diagnosis Theory

J. Yang, X.M. Ma, Z.S. Yang
Weibull distribution life prediction theory is proposed for analyzing fault diagnosis of scraper conveyor in this paper. The scraper conveyor of coal mining mechanization is one of the important equipments in coal producing process, which may be damaged in the operation of the equipment malfunction or...
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The Response of Pavement to The Multi-Axle Vehicle Dynamic Load

Y. Chen, H. Zhang, X.Q. Zhu, D.W. Liu
In order to study the response of pavement to the multi-axle vehicle dynamic load, three-dimensional finite element analysis model of asphalt pavement under a multi-axle vehicle dynamic load was established. The structure of asphalt pavement simplified to four layers. The material of asphalt surface...
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Investigation of NOx Emissions From Euro-IV Diesel Buses Using PEMS

L.J. Hao, Q. Liang, J.D. Guo, Y.S. Ge
In this study, gaseous pollutants from three Euro-IV diesel buses equipped with urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system were investigated using portable emission measurement system (PEMS) in real world operating conditions. A work-based window method was applied to calculate on-road brake-specific...
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The influence of process conditions on the local shrinkage of the injection moulded natural fibre composite with polypropylene matrix

R. Zaboj
Increasing demands on strict geometry and dimensions requirements of plastic parts need systematic research in the injection moulding field with impact on dimension stability. This work is focusing on optimization of the chosen processing parameters and their mutual interaction. The aim is to reach as...
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Numerical Investigation on Flow Field of the Projectile with Base Cavity

H.B. Lu, S.Y. Tian
The paper focuses on the base cavity configuration of the projectile. The effect of the cavity length on the aerodynamic force of the projectile with base cavity is investigated numerically. With the supersonic flow field of the projectile simulating, the distributions of the flow field parameters and...
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Experimental Determination of Flue Gases Parameters

T. Výtisk, R. Janalík
This article describes a new method of measurement and determination of an average concentration of gaseous components of flue gases at the boiler output, which is based on the use of equipment for continuous network sampling and analysis of gaseous pollutants, developed at the VŠB-TU Ostrava for the...
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Novel Method for Real-Time Moiré Image Analysis Combining Two-Dimensional Entropy Theory and Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization

W.J. Chen, Y.T. Chen
This paper proposes an effective method for improving the processing quality and speed of Moiré pattern segmentation. The method involves using quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization(QPSO) based on two-dimensional (2D) entropy theory.First, the beat phenomena generated by grating interference, also...
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Analysis of Reverse Flow for Single Phase Fluid Inside U-Tubes of Steam Generator

S.M. Wang, D. Zhang, H.G. Xiao, X. Chu
The heat transfer and turbulent flow inside U-tubes in steam generator (SG) are studied. A flow model based on one-dimensional Oberbeck-Boussinesq equation is proposed and improved to analyze the phenomenon of reverse flow. The relationship between the mass flow velocity and pressure drop is established,...
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Study on Diesel Engine Status Analysis and Fault Diagnosis Based on SAE J1939 Protocol

L.H. Cao, J.N. Li, X.L. Liu, J.L. Yu, Z.M. Wu, F.G. Chen
SAE J1939 is one of the most widely used application layer protocols in automotive industry based on CAN bus. SAE J1939 defines vehicle application layer to make us read the status of the vehicle easily. We propose an improved RBF neural network fault classification algorithm to classify diesel engine...
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Flow Field Investigations and Aerodynamic Characteristics of Artillery Projectile

M.E. Wessam, Z.H. Chen
This paper describes a computational study to determine the aerodynamic coefficients at subsonic and supersonic speeds using an unstructured flow solver. The paper presents results of investigation of a flow over 155 mm artillery projectile M107 and the performance of the ANSYS FLUENT computational code....
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Density-Functional Study on the Origin of Ferromagnetism in Copper Doped Aluminium Nitride

H.M. Zhao
Recently, room-temperature ferromagnetism was reported in Cu-doped AlN film. However, a systematic study on the magnetic mediation of intrinsic vacancy is still absent and the origin of ferromagnetism of Cu-doped AlN remains unclear. We investigate the magnetic properties of Cu-doped AlN by first-principles...
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Experimental Investigation on Flange Bolted-Welded Connection for Steel Frame

Y.F. Jiao, X.M. Liu
This paper proposes a new type of splice joint, named flange bolted-welded hybrid joint, which is designed to splice I-shape beam to facilitate the construction of industrialized buildings. The flange, welded with the bottom beam flange as well as the web close to bottom flange, are jointed by high strength...
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Demodulation System of the FBG Reflectance Spectrum Based on Optical Low Coherence Reflectometry

L.Y. Zhang, X.Y. Shen, J. Sun, J.C. Hu, Y. Han
The key to the complex sensor detection(such as the non homogenous strain detection) of the fiber Bragg grating(FBG) is the demodulation of FBG reflectance spectrum. This paper designs the demodulation system which is based on the optical low coherence reflectometry(OLCR) princple. The system is mainly...
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Influence Intervals of Solar Eclipses on Spacecrafts Deployed in Some Typical Space Orbits

H. Jiang, W.B. Gong, H.Y. Hu, X.M. Shen
Energy supply is one of the essential concerns for spacecrafts in space, which directly effects the expected lifespan of the spacecrafts. Solar energy, which is just second to nuclear energy, is almost the most convenient and secure sources of energy for spacecrafts in orbit. Main Influence intervals...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Composites with Al Binder

L. Liu, G.P. Sun, S.S. Xu
The PcBN materials were sintered from the cBN-Al systems under high-pressure and high-temperature, and the mechanical properties, composition and microstructure of prepared samples were analyzed. The results show that the microstructure is fairly even and the binding phase is uniformly distributed in...
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Study on Interaction between Treasury Futures and Interest Rate Liberalization

M.Z. Zhou, J. Xiao
As an emerging-market, China has a vast market while it is slow in developing financial derivatives. The Eighteenth Session of the Third Plenary makes it clear to improve the multi-level capital market system, accelerate to carry forward interest rate liberalization, and develop financial derivatives...
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Study on Interest Rate Liberalization Impact on Commercial Bank Risks

J. Xiao, M.Z. Zhou
Compared with the controls, the Liberalization will totally change the ways to decide interest rates. The liberalization of interest rate system entitles the commercial banks to price capital independently as well as bring them to face the challenge of a series of interest rate risk in their operating,...
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Analysis of Applying UCD in Android App Design

M.Y. Fan
Every function of product comes from the demand of user.Designers can use UCD philosophy get more effective information and true requirements from users. This paper first discusses the characteristics of UCD, and why it should be used in design. After comparing Android devices and desktop computers,...
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Cultivation of English Autonomous Learning Ability via Network and Multimedia

H.M. Zhao
Due to the arrival of knowledge economy, it is necessary to learn the knowledge for lifetime. Currently, the autonomous learning ability is poor for the college students during college English learning and they cannot acquire English language knowledge actively. It has become the focus of college English...
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Specific Solutions of a Class of Second Order Difference Equation with Boundary Conditions

Y. Ouyang
Difference equation is a kind of important tool to study the rule of natural phenomena. In this paper, we discuss several specific solutions of a class of second order difference equation with boundary conditions.
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The Virtual Enterprise Member's Three-Tier Selection Model Based on Credit and Reward Distribution

Y. Chen, Y. Jing
In order to optimize the virtual enterprise members’ selecting process, the selection strategy thinks about not only the potential partner’s ability, but also the potential partner’s credibility. Firstly, this paper designed the potential partner’s reputation algorithm to complete initial screening,...
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Study on the Teaching of College English Autonomous Learning Based on Constructivism

H.M. Zhao
With the coming of knowledge economy era, the knowledge that people learn in the college has been far from enough to meet the needs of the workplace, so the people need to learn the knowledge for lifetime. It becomes the key point of English education reform that how to improve the autonomous learning...
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Study on the Task-Based Teaching of College English on the Basis of Constructivism Theory

H.M. Zhao
Currently, the society puts forward more demands for the personnel. But the current model of college English teaching is too outdated and the students’ enthusiasm of language learning is very low and the teaching mode can not improve the comprehensive ability of students. In this paper, the author discusses...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Entrepreneurship under the Perspective of Entrepreneurial Economy

C. Jin, Z.G. Ke
In the process of the economic development, education first. The 21st century is the era of big development of economy, which needs a large number of high-quality entrepreneurial talents. College students are the most dynamic and the most potential entrepreneurial leadership. Only developing college...
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Study on the Teaching of College English Reading Comprehension Based on Schema Theory

H.M. Zhao
Due to the coming of knowledge economy, the lifelong learning becomes necessary for the college students. Currently, the college English education still stays in the traditional teaching mode. This mode does not pay much attention to the cultivation of English reading comprehension ability. The college...
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Nonlinear Weakly Singular Iterated Integral Inequality

Y.S. Lu
In this paper, we establish a class of new nonlinear weakly singular integral inequality, which is solved by adopting novel analysis techniques, such as: differential and integration, inverse function, and explicit bounds for the unknown functions are given clearly.
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The Evolvement of Buddhism in Southern Dynasty and Its Influence on Literati’s Mentality

X.H. Li
In order to study the influence of Buddhism, most of the temples and document in china were investigated. The results indicated that Buddhism developed rapidly in Southern dynasty. Along with the translation of Buddhist scriptures, there were lots of theories about Buddhism at that time. The most popular...
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The Study of Extraction and Design Applications of Shaanxi Folk Culture Genes

W.J. Mu, L.L. Chen, S. Deng, L. Li, Y.L. Jiang
In order to inherit and develop the Shaanxi folk culture effectively, to make product designs more diverse and efficient, the introduction of the design principles of genetic engineering process to extract the distinctive culture genes of Shaanxi folk culture, especially on the basis of typical features...
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Study on the Fixture Analysis and Configuration Method for Computer-aided Modular Fixture Design

Y.Q. Zhou, B.Z. Li, Q.X. Wang, Y. Zhang
Modular fixture design is a complex process. Computer-aided modular fixture design can help to accumulate the experience and technology of fixture designer. In this paper, the optimal configuration method of hole modular fixture is studied in computer-aided modular fixture design. Firstly, the characteristics...
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GMDH based on Genetic Algorithm and MMT Policy for Energy Efficient Dynamic Consolidation of Virtual Machines

C.L. Peng, Y. Li, Z.Q. Wang, S.D. Du
Dynamic consolidation of virtual machines (VMs) is an effective way to improve the utilization of resources and energy efficiency in grid computing. We propose a novel load balancing approach that combines the Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) based on Geneticalgorithmfor host overload prediction...
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Ada-Boostbased Gesture Recognition using Time Interval Window

S.J. Hwang, J.P. Na, S.J. Park, J.H. Baek
The task of recognizing 3D gesture for controlling equipment is highly challenging due to the propagation of 3D smart TV recently. In this paper, the Ada-Boost algorithm is applied to 3D gesture recognition by using a Kinect sensor. We recognized time-invariant 3D gesture using global and local feature...
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Deep Feature Learning for Tibetan Speech Recognition using Sparse Auto-encoder

H. Wang, Y. Zhao, X.F. Liu, X.N. Xu, L. Wang, N. Zhou, Y.M. Xu
HMM models based on MFCC features are widely used by researchers in Tibetan speech recognition. Although the shallow models of HMM are effective, they cannot reflect the speech perceptual mechanism in human being’s brain. In this paper, we propose to apply sparse auto-encoder to learn deep features based...
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A Primary Research on Gabor Tensor Sparse Features Representation for Whispered Speech Recognition

X.Q. Chen, H.M. Zhao, Y.B. Yu, H.W. Wu, Z. Liu
Due to differences between normal and whispered speech, traditional feature performed poorly for whispered recognition. In this paper, a novel approach for whispered speech feature representation is proposed based on Gabor filtering and tensor factorization. The sparse feature is extracted by processing...
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A Design of an Autonomous Agricultural Robot to Navigate between Rows

I.H. Celen, E. Onler, E. Kilic
An ultrasonic distance measuring based row guidance method is presented to guide a robot platform which is designed independently to drive through the row crops in a field. The offset of the robot platform are detect-ed real-time for guiding the robot inside the crop row and also turn at the end of the...
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A Robot Collaboration Methodology for Immediate Evacuation from Landslide

T. Miyachi, G. Buribayeva, S. Iga, T. Furuhata
Global warming had increased the temperature of the ocean and caused new type of 116 landslides in the midnight by heavy rainfalls in Hiroshima Landslide in 2014. 74 people lost their lives. We propose a robot collaboration methodology in disaster warning that gives residents “Scenario in situation”...
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Introduction of Traditional Mongolian-Chinese Machine Translation

J. Wu, H.X. Hou, M. Monghjaya, F.L. Bao, C.J. Xie
With the rapid development of Mongolian information technology and the closer communication within different nationalities, machine translation between Mongolian language and Chinese becomes more and more important. Traditional Mongolian-Chinese machine translation has achieved fruitful results in recent...
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Application of Machine Vision to Collision Avoidance Control of the Overhead Crane

J.S. Yang, M.L. Huang, W.F. Chien, M.H. Tsai
The overhead crane is one of dangerous machines. It may cause personnel injury, or even property damages if any accidents happen in working area. Thus, to ensure safe operation, the load size, route and working environment should be taken into consideration. This study developed a safety alarm device...