Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering

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Field-circuit Coupled Transient Simulation for Special Electromagnetic Induction System

Z.W. Guo, Y. Li, R.Z. Mao, J. Li
Thispaper simulated the field-circuit coupled transient response with COMSOL multiphysics for one specialelectromagnetic induction system. With the simulation, we obtained the magnetic flux density distribution, the current density of coils, the voltage waveforms of the transmitting coil and the load...
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3D Geological Modeling in Digital Basin

P.G. Liu, M. Pan, Z.L. Li
3D geological model, including structure model and attribute model, is the basis of building a 3D digital basin. This paper analyzed the models and their applicated model types involved in digital basins construction. In digital basins structure model is expressed by TIN surface, and attribute model...
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Numerical Simulation for Orbit Patterns of Three Stars

M.Y. Zhou, W.D. Jiang, R.H. Yao, J.H. Gao
After surveying and analyzing the educational condition of the High- School Physics, specifically about the stars’ movements, we treated the High-School Physics material as basis, researched enormous information from the internet and simulated three stars’ movements depending on numerical method, and...
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A neural network based model for temperature prediction in high power microwave heating system

C. Chen, X.Z. Zhou, Z.Y. Tang,, Y.J. Lei
The applications of neutral network based temperature prediction for microwave heating system has been comprehensively investigated. Temperature prediction is essential due to the characteristics of high power microwave heating system, a.k.a. big inertia and pure time-delay. This work proposes a BP neutral...
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Particle Simulation of Charging Characteristic of a Micro-sized Dust Particle Immersed into Low Temperature Plasma

Z. Qian, H. Wang
The charging characteristic of micro-sized particulates immersed into low temperature argon plasma was studied via particle simulation employing Particle-in-Cell (PIC) and Monte-Carlo (MC) hybrid method. The net charge of a dust particle was determined by counting the number of electrons and ions reached...
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A Heuristic for the 3-staged 2D Cutting Stock Problem with Usable Leftover

Q.L. Chen, Y. Chen, Y.D. Cui, X.Y. Lu, L.P. Li
A heuristic approach is proposed for the 3-staged two-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftover, where the unused rectangular segments can be returned to stock for future use. The approach is based on the recursive technique combined with beam search. A forward recursion is used to generate...
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Impulsive Spraying Insecticide Model with Single Species

B.B. Gao, D.J. Wang
Here we discussed the SIRS model of pulse spaying pesticides with vertical transmission and single species. Assuming that the incidence rate is periodically time-dependant and the total number of forest trees also changes over time, we studied the stability of impulsive model using piecewise continuous...
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Moving Vehicles Detection Based on Improved Gaussian Mixture Model

Y.L. Ma, Y.C. Li, Z.C. Zhang
Vehicles detection has a great significance on traffic congestion relief, traffic accidents prevention and treatment. This paper proposes an improved Gaussian mixture model (GMM) to detect moving vehicles because GMM always detects background for foreground in complex environment. The new algorithm combines...
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A Birth-Death Process Model on Collision and Coalescence of Drops in Gas/Drop Flows

S.S. Xue, M. Xu
To analyze the change of droplets number caused by collision and coalescence in gas/droplet two-phase flows, a stochastic model was established, in which the collision probability of two drops with different sizes was derived and the stochastic process theory was introduced to describe the change of...
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Finite Element Analysis of Luffing Jib for Landing-Type Lifting Pole with Single Luffing Jib

J. Qin, Y.J. Hao, F.Y. Hu, J. Su, D. Ni, H.S. Zhang
The landing-type lifting pole with single luffing jib is researched and manufactured as a kind of construction equipment used in erection of large-sized iron tower in transmission line. The numerical calculation by finite element method was conducted aiming at luffing jib of landing-type lifting pole...
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A concise modeling methodology and its application in thermal system

Y. Lu, X.J. Chen, X.K. Zhang
The paper presents an interesting method for the derivation of transfer function from passive RCL-networks (Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance) with a ladder structure. In this paper, circuit network modeling methodology is extended into thermal system. In order to apply directly the methodology...
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An Electro-hydrodynamics-based Model Studying Features of Electroosmotic Flow in a Solid-state Nanopore

W.Y. Zhao, L.M. Lu, J.C. Li, Q.J. Liu, R.C. Ke, Z.H. Lu
nanopore; PNP equation; EOF; current signals
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Cluster Modelling for Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks Using Graph Theory

N. Mansoor, S. Baharun, A.K.M. M. Islam, S. Komaki, M. Zareei
With the swift expansion of wireless technologies, demand for radio spectrum is continuously mounting. Along with the spectrum scarcity problem, radio spectrums are also underutilized. Cognitive radio practices an open spectrum allocation technique, which can ensure efficient handling of the frequency...
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Interval Analysis of Dynamic Response of Structures

M. Liu
In this paper, an interval method for the dynamic response of structures with uncertain parameters is proposed. The structural physical parameters and loads are considered as interval variables. The structural stiffness matrix, mass matrix and loading vectors are described as the sum of two parts corresponding...
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An Improved Feature Selection Algorithm Utilizing the within Category Variance

P.J. Zhang, S.C. Gan
The 2 statistics is a commonly used and effective method of feature selection for corpus. However, it suffers several deficiencies. First, it only counts the document frequency for each feature. Secondly, this method does not distinguish among features that have different frequency distributions within...
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Design and Implementation of a Logistics Report Management System Based on Spring MVC

F. Zhang, S.J. Wang
In order to meet the logistics industry report management flexibility, maintainability and other requirements, based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 database and Spring MVC framework of logistics report system design, combined with concrete practice process of the research and development of specific...
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Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Robot Path Planning

Q.L. Xu, D.X. Zhang
In this article two different optimization algorithms are presented to solve the deficiency of ant colony algorithm such as slow convergence rate and easy to fall into local optimum. This method based on Max-Min Ant System, established an adaptive model for pheromone evaporation coefficient adjusted...
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Research and Application of Web3D Exhibition Based on WebGL and Html5

M.J. Bian, H.H. Gao, J. Gao, J.P. Xu
With the development of compute technology and Internet, most applications of our daily life and work depend on the Internet. People began to take more and more attention on the 3D visualization in these web applications, which can provide a better user experience. Therefore, Web3D, composed of 3D technology...
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Oscillation of Second-Order Nonlinear Delay Dynamic Equations on Time Scales

X. Song, Q.X. Zhang
By using the generalized Riccati transformation and the inequality technique, we established one new oscillation criterion for the second-order nonlinear delay dynamic equations on time scales. Our results not only extend and improve some known theorems, but also unify the oscillation of the second-order...
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Numerical Simulation of Pedestrian Flow Based on A Higher-Order Macroscopic Model

Y.Q. Jiang, S.G. Zhou
In this paper, a higher-order macroscopic model is applied to simulate non-equilibrium pedestrian flow. The path choice behavior is described by a time dependent Hamilton Jacobi equation based on the assumption that pedestrian flow always tends to walk along a path with lowest actual walking cost. A...