Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Early Childhood and Primary Education (ECPE 2018)

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Some Assembly Required: Scaffolding in the Classroom

Adrian Rodgers
Scaffolding involves a more targeted approach to teaching. Teachers tend to have challenges on arrange the instruction so that the needs of differentiated learners are addressed. The challenges of scaffolding learning is compounded by the fact that most curricular materials are designed to support teaching...
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Developing Innovative and Interactive Learning in Elementary School

Alif Mudiono
Teacher is an education personnel who has humanity responsibility, particularly it is concerned with learning toward the next generation of the nation toward innovative and interactive learning. The biggest responsibility expected is the teacher owns high professional competence, the teacher can create...
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Learning Style Preferences of College Student

Arda Purnama Putra, Sutansi Sutansi, Achmad Badawi
Research on preferential learning styles has long been carried out since 1981. Several studies reveal that learning styles can affect one's learning outcomes. However, there are several studies which reveal that learning styles do not affect one's learning outcomes. This difference is interesting to...
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The Influence of Education Level and Income of the Parents on Their Participation towards the Implementation of Education at Schools

Bambang Budi Wiyono, Ach. Rasyad, Nasrun Nasrun
There are some factors that influence the parents' and the community's participation. Therefore, this study was conducted to find the relationship between the education level and the income of the parents and their participation towards the implementation of education at schools. This study was conducted...
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The Victory of Culture Games (VOC-Games): Math-Based Learning Media 3D and Augmented Reality as A Conservation Culture

Binti Isti’towatul Isti’aroh, Zainur Ridho Wahyu Ismail, Fitrah Izul Falaq
The victory of Culture Games (VOC-Games) develop as mathematics Learning Media based on 3d and augmented reality as an effort to preserve Indonesian culture. The Learning Media was initiated to solve problems in mathematics learning. To increase the attractiveness and capability of learners, this Learning...
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The Values of Character in Early Childhood PAUD Nurut-Taqwa South Sangatta East Borneo

Budi Rahardjo, Nasimul Husniyah
The objectives of the research are (1) to analyze the teaching system what is used a storytelling method on developing early-years students character (2) to describe a storytelling method, (3) to describe the development of character values of 45 years old early-years students’. The method which was...
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Family Environment Support in Early Intervention of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Sinta Yuni Susilawati, Rizqi Fajar Pradipta
The aim of this study was to describe family environment support and formulate early family-based intervention program by describing the acceptance, belief, understanding, planning, and intervention of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). The study used a qualitative descriptive method and involved a family...
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International Schools with English as a First Language at Elementary Schools in Indonesia

Edi Widianto, Ferril Irham Muzaki
The development of the ability to transform in the digital world becomes a necessity in transforming ideas in the digital age. In this principle, the ability to develop sufficient knowledge is a strategic combination along with the pace of the times in Indonesia. This is despite the ideal learning background...
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Efforts to Improve the Ability of The Teachers in Development Program for Strengthening Character Education (PPK) in Early Childhood Education (ECE) through Workshop Activities

Eny Nur Aisyah, Achmad Samawi, Ajeng Fitri Untariana
The government is carrying out the construction and development of character education in an effort to strengthen mental revolution movement in early childhood education. Strengthening character education is carried out through educational practices carried out in an integrated manner in children's teaching...
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Science Learning in Elementary School with Project Based Learning Model

Esti Untari, Sukamti Sukamti
Science learning in elementary schools requires inspiring activities and emphasizes that students are active in the classroom. The project-based learning model is a student-centered model to conduct an in-depth investigation of a topic. Project-based learning has characteristics that differ from other...
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Enhancing The Calculating Estimation Skill of The Students of Grade VI in The Primary School

Goenawan Roebyanto
The 2013 elementary curriculum, 2017 revision suggests that estimated learning in class VI, hereinafter referred to as "estimation", is still limited to rounding activities. From the results of this study it was found that (1) in general, students have not been able to develop a certain approximate calculation,...
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GERABA Android-Based Application to Facilitate the Students of TK Tarbiyatul Athfal Al-Falach Malang on Memorizing the Prayer Movements and Reading

Grezi Bimbi Mandira, Muhammad Andri Wicaksono, Dyna Sumda Aswad
Teaching worship to children is not an easy job. In kindergarten institution, there is a habit before students and teachers begin their learning, they must apply the system of memorizing the prayer movements and reading. Therefore it takes a community service effort to provide solutions for teachers...
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Strengthening Education Character of Primary School Educators

Hardika Hardika
The issue of the quality of educators at the level of primary education has experienced various shocks and paradigm shifts, both in institutional and learning aspects. In this context, primary education has always been an interesting study material because the foundation and pillar of community intellectual...
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Towards Innovation Competences: a Finnish Perspective

Harri Lappalainen
The Fourth Industrial Revolution has understandably strengthened the importance of digital skills as key competence area that should be enhanced during all grades of studies. Additionally, generic competences enabling successful participation in innovation processes are very much highlighted by employers...
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The Techniques Teaching Vocabulary with BCCT Based Learning in Islamic Kindergarten Samarinda (A Case Study at Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Kindergarten)

Hasbi Sjamsir, Dian Anggriayani, Putri Mutia Ishaq
The purpose of this study is to know the teaching techniques used by teachers in teaching English vocabulary for 5-6 years old students of Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Kindergarten Samarinda based on BCCT learning model in the 2016/2017 academic year. The design of this study was descriptive qualitative, the...
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Strengthening Performance for Teachers in Early Childhood Education with Heutagogy on the Utilization of Digital Learning Media and Sources

Henry Praherdhiono, Eka Pramono Adi, Yulias Prihatmoko
Digital learning sources have been able to construct individuals and society. Even far in the future, the culture will experience change because the digital environment evolves to facilitate adaptation. The condition of prospective teachers who have experienced the ease of use of gadgets to access the...
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Improving Questioning Skill through Application of the Scientific Approach to Children 3-4 Years Old

I Wayan Sutama, Sandy Tegariyani Putri Santoso, Leni Gonadi, Wuri Wuri Astuti
This study aims to describe the improvement of learning quality and questioning skill through the scientific approach in children aged 3-4 years. The subjects of this study were the children aged 3-4 years in PAUD Tunas Harapan Blitar. This research used classroom action research based of Kemis and Taggart...
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Review of Effective School Supervision Practice in Remote/Disadvantaged Area: A National and International Perspective

Ikhfan Haris, Fory A. Naway, Wiwy Triyanty Pulukadang
School supervisors have an important role to play in supporting principals and teachers to improve the quality of education delivered in schools, and in strengthening the capacity of principals and teachers to deliver on this goal. Schools in remote and in the outermost areas may only receive one supervision...
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Improving Student Learning Achievement through Behavior Modification Approach

Imam Gunawan, Suminah Suminah, Sri Murdiyah, Hana Andriningrum, Gena Onenda
The purpose of this research is to improve student learning achievement through behavior modification approach in Grade V Elementary School Laboratory State University of Malang (UM) Blitar City East Java Indonesia. This research was conducted using a classroom action research method in two cycles. The...
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A Learning Journal to Improve the Ability of Students in Critical Thinking

Imam Nawawi, Putri Mahanani, Arda Purnama Putra
The social problem of the 21st century is greater than the complexity of cognitive capacity. To overcome these problems, students need to be provided in the form of learning patterns, namely: textual learning, contextual learning and problem-solving. Student's activeness will arise if the lecturer gives...
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The Role of Church and Parent in Early Childhood Education in the Central Highlands of Papua

Imron Arifin, Agustinus Hermino
The research aims to provide an overview of the role of the church in the central highlands of Papua in giving attention to early childhood education for children to attend school. This research also intends to give understanding to parents about parenting and the community in providing proper education...
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Comparison of Early Childhood Education Curriculum Policies between Russia and Indonesia

Irina Muraveva, Evania Yafie
A country has policies in determining the right of education for people. This is done to achieve the expected goals of a country. Furthermore, the aims of the education process are to develop and build quality people that resemble their nation. One of the determinants of the quality of learning is the...
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STP Strategy on Guidance and Counseling Services Students in Elementary School

Irmawati Duko Ishak
Guidance and Counseling Program in Primary Schools is a component of the education system. Guidance and counseling personnel are supervising teachers whose positions are also the same as other subject teachers. In the field of elementary schools implementing guidance and counseling is classroom teachers....
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Influence of Parenting Styles toward Achievement of Theory of Mind in the Late Childhood

Istiqomah Aminin
The ability to understand the intention, beliefs, wishes or motives of others (theory of mind) is very important to be developed for the children. Caregiving is possible to contribute to the achievement of the theory of mind in children. The aims of this study are to examine the parenting influence on...
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Development of Validation Instrument for Interactive Multimedia Learning Implementation Plan

Kukuh Andri Aka, Sa'dun Akbar, Julian Sahertian
Being part of the development of interactive multimedia based on local wisdom and scientifically oriented learning as accommodation for character education in the alpha generation. To achieve these objectives, activities are carried out including: (1) formulating the theoretical aspects of the learning...
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The Effectiveness of Authentic Assessment with Early Childhood E-Port Information Systems at PAUD

Leni Gonadi
This study aims to describe the use of early childhood e-ports and determine the effectiveness of authentic assessments with early childhood e-port assessment information systems. Based on the use of early childhood e-port information systems in PAUD institutions in Malang City. The approach in this...
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Application of Storytelling Method in Early Childhood Education Institute as the Implementation of Permendikbud No. 146 of 2014 in Appendix IV in the Manual Learning of Early Childhood Education

Malpaleni Satriana, Farny Sutriany Jafar, Wiwik Haryani
The objective of this research is to find out how storytelling implemented by the teachers in ECE centers based on the Act No. 146 of 2014 on the attachment of IV about the guidance of ECE practices. This research used a qualitative approach. 10 (ten) teachers at ECE centers of Muara Badak District,...
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Continuous Professional Development in the Primary School

Mark Oliver Heyward, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini
Teaching is a professional job. Continuing professional development (CPD) is a key responsibility for teachers and a key element in effective schools and successful education systems. INOVASI, a partnership program between the governments of Indonesia and Australia, is working with partners in the government...
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Implementation of Student Facilitator And Explaining Model To Support The Active, Innovative and Enjoyable Learning in Social Science Learning in 2013 Curriculum-Based Elementary School

Murtiningsih Murtiningsih
Selection of appropriate learning model can support the achievement of a learning objective. In the learning of social science (IPS), it is necessary for a model that can assist the students in developing thinking activity and creativity. One of the effective models in social science learning in the...
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Lesson Study Based on Local Wisdom and Entrepreneurship of Play and Games Subject

Mutiara Magta
The implementation of Lesson study in Faculty of Education, Ganesha University of Education is aimed to improve all the learning quality. The lesson study executed for 1 period toward Play and Games subject in Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education. This lesson involved eleven actors they are...
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Implementation of School and Community Relationship Techniques (A Case Study in SDN Karangbesuki 2 Malang, Indonesia)

Neris Eka Agustina, Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Imam Gunawan
This study aims to describe the application of techniques for establishing school and community relations. This research method is a qualitative, phenomenological approach, through a case study design at SDN Karangbesuki 2 Malang. Data collection was carried out using in-depth interview techniques, participant...
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Mathematics Errors in Elementary School: A Meta-Synthesis Study

Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Wisnu Cahyo Laksono
Understanding mathematical errors is important for improving learning. In order to map the pattern of studies related to the mathematical errors, this study used qualitative approach with systematic meta-synthesis method. Data collection conducted in this research using documentation techniques by reviewing...
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Analysis of Science and Technology Elements in The Application of STEAM Based Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)

Nur Anisa, Retno Tri Wulandari
This study aims to describe the application of STEAM based learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) in the learning process especially in the elements of Science and Technology. This study is also to determine the extent of knowledge of teachers related to STEAM based learning....
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Developing Character in Early Childhood Education Based on Constructivist Learning

Nurhayati Nurhayati
Developing character in early childhood education based on constructivist learning is a process to transform the paradigm of constructivist learning to assess the values of character consisting of religious, honest, tolerance, discipline, hard work, creative, independent, democratic, curiosity, national...
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Development Of Early Childhood Physical Activity Game Model

Pramono Pramono, Eny Nur Aisyah
This study aims to develop a model of physical activity play in early childhood learning. This research was carried out in several stages consisting of literature review, relevant research, field study, drafting of the model, and expert validation. The results of the study are physical activity game...
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Bullying in Elementary Schools: Optimizing the Understanding of Social Perspective and Moral Reasoning through Character Education

Puri Selfi Cholifah
Bullying is increasingly prevalent in many schools. This is because the understanding of social perspective and moral reasoning is not optimal. Character education is one of the efforts in the moral cultivation of students to increase understanding of the social aspects of children. Therefore it is important...
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Analysis of the Influence of Understanding the Pancasila Values of Teachers on Learning in Elementary School

Putri Mahanani, Arda Purnama Putra, Kristianingsih Kristianingsih
The purpose of this paper is to explain the analysis of the understanding of Pancasila values by teachers towards learning in elementary school. Understanding the values of Pancasila by elementary school teachers is very influential on the performance as well as the learning outcomes conducted by the...
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MEPE GALON: Counseling Method of Semi-Modern Salt Making in an Effort to Realize the Education Community Concerned with the Salt Crisis

Putri Rosilia, Putri Septi Mawar Dianti, Ika Febriana Wati, Yuniawatika Yuniawatika
Salt production is one of the issues that concern the government because of the salt crisis in bad weather. As a result, many farmers are unable to produce maximally resulting in saltiness. For industrial salt in 2018 imported 3.7 million tons. While the overall yield of salt produced by farmers ranged...
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Rumah Cerdas Bina Diri for Mentally Disabled in Banturejo Village, Ngantang District, Malang

Rizkha Khoirunnisa, Yulia Giyanto, Atma Risanti, Luqyana Dhiya Amira, Uut Fauziyah, Sopingi Sopingi
Rumah Cerdas Bina Diri for Mentally Disabled implemented in Banturejo Village, Ngantang District, Malang. In addition to the lack of knowledge about children with special needs, the community in Banturejo Village is still not aware of the importance of special education services for mentally disabled,...
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Social Environment of Special Needs in Inclusive Primary School: A Descriptive Research with Phenomenology Approach

Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Umi Safiul Ummah, Dimas Arif Dewantoro
The social environment in the inclusion school setting is not as we expected because the incident of bullying until persecution still occurs and the targets are students with special needs. The method used in this research is descriptive research with phenomenology approach. The results of the study...
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Ten Minutes for School Environments: Strengthening Character Education Policy in DIY

Sa’dun Akbar, Lenita Puspitasari
Character education practices in various schools are considered still not alive and strong. The Revitalization of Character Education and Strengthening Character Education Movement is an effort to revive and strengthen educational practices that are meaningful to build good character. Among the policies...
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Mom Worked: Patterns of Parenting and Attachment by Children

Sandy Tegariyani Putri Santoso, Via Fahrinnia
The need for self-actualization and increasing economic needs make women more and more involved to work outside the home. What if this happens if the woman had become a mother. It had an effect on the domestic sphere of a mother, especially in terms of child care. Mothers who work will involve third...
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Developing Story Book Based on Local Culture for Improving Prosocial Behaviour

Siti Fadillah, Hapidin Hapidin, Adolf Bastian
The purpose of this research is to develop a storybook based-local culture to improve prosocial behaviour. The method used is research and development with a qualitative and quantitative approach using ASSURE model which consists of analysing learner characteristics, stating objective, selecting media,...
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AC Kids: Art of Cooking for Kids

Siti Rodliyah Ummus Sholihah, Nurima Trissia, Andini Mukharoma Meidina
The growth of children aged 4-8 years is influenced by the provision of nutrients with the right quality and quantity. Nutrition fulfillment of meals is one effort in fulfilling the requirement of vitamin and mineral of child. Therefore, in order to optimize the quality and quantity of children's nutritional...
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The Learning Model of Flood Disasters Mitigation Based on Local Culture for Early Childhood in Bengawan Solo River Basin

Siti Wahyuningsih, Warananingtyas Palupi, Ruli Hafidah, Muh. Munif S, Adriani Rahma, Nurul Kusuma Dewi
This article aims to describe the learning model based on the local culture for early childhood. The study used an action-based qualitative approach. The research target was 27 children aged 5-6 years. The research was conducted at PAUD Garuda and TK Aisyiyah Gandekan Surakarta, located in Bengawan Solo...
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Perception of Elementary School Teacher Education Students of Universitas Negeri Malang towards the Main Parts of Plants

Sri Estu Winahyu, Harti Kartini, Lilik Bintartik
This study aims to describe students' perceptions of the main parts of plants (root, stem, and leaf). This type of descriptive research, with data collection through the semi-open questionnaire. Data analysis used a descriptive quantitative method. The results of the study found that students' perceptions...
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Implementation of Curriculum 2013 in the Application of Integrated Thematic Learning in Primary School

Sri Sugiharti
Curriculum 2013 is a curriculum developed to enhance and balance the skills of soft skill and hard skill in the form of attitude, skills and knowledge. Curriculum 2013 emphasises the output of students who have characters such as religious, honest, tolerance, discipline, hard work, creative, independent,...
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Skilled and Creative Abilities of Elementary School Teacher Education Students at Faculty of Education of Universitas Negeri Malang on Creating Drawing Artworks

Sumanto Sumanto
This research aims to describe skilled abilities on art techniques, creativity on drawing shapes, line composition, illustration and expression in the course of elementary school fine arts for Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) student. This research used the descriptive qualitative design. The...
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Development of Color Notation for Kindergarten Children

Suryadi Suryadi
This study aims to produce products in the form of media that can help children understand, read, and memorize the music notation. Development used in this research is Dick & Carey model from step 1 to step 9. Based on the description of data analysis from material experts, media experts, learning experts,...
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Analysis of Climate Strengthening and Learning Skills through Flipped Classroom

Susilaningsih Susilaningsih, Henry Praherdhiono, Eka Pramono Adi, Nunung Nindigraha
Flipped classroom applied to learners, in order to have a learner’s characteristic for the willing and skilled accomplishing the project. This ability is needed to strengthen the self-concept and the needs of self-development of students facing the learning era. The analysis was carried out by conducting...
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Creating Critical Literacy Skills For Young Learners At Primary School

Titis Angga Rini
In this 21st century, critical literacy skill is one of the important abilities of young learners that should be grown since primary school. Through critical literacy, students, currently as a millennial generation, are able to respond intelligently for various kinds of information that develops around...
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Evaluating Person and Item Fit in Science Achievement Test of TIMSS 2015 for Australian Grade 4 Students Using Rasch Measurement

Yulia Linguistika
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the person and item fit of science achievement test for Australian grade 4 students (N = 421) using Rasch measurement. This study was conducted in two stages. First, the software evaluated the person fit then the misfitting persons are removed based on the criteria....
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Improving the Number Sense Ability of Elementary School Students in Mathematics Learning

Yuniawatika Yuniawatika
Numbers are one of the scopes of mathematics that has been familiar since childhood because numbers are everywhere. Numbers are close to everyday life because they can be found in many ways and are used in various fields. Understanding the concept of numbers correctly and correctly will have a significant...
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Evaluation of School-Based Management (SBM) Implementation in Basic School Using Context, Input, Process, and Product Models

Yurni Rahman
The purpose of this study was to (1) evaluate the Management of Primary Schools (SBM) in SD Negeri 61 District Timur Timur Gorontalo City; (2) evaluate the input of SBM in SD Negeri 61, Kota Timur District, Gorontalo City; (3) evaluate the Management of Primary Schools (SBM) in SD Negeri 61, Kota Timur...
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Analysis of AVOD Technology for Sharing on the Integrated Network Learning at Middle School

Zainul Abidin, Henry Praherdhiono, Yulias Prihatmoko
The research activity aims to strengthen students' cognitive and practical psychomotor in the domains of knowledge, attitudes and skills in Life-Based Learning through AVOD technology-rich media and the provision of extensive sharing features in integrated online learning. Cognitive and psychomotor practical...