Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Educational Innovation and Multimedia Technology (EIMT 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Chew Fong Peng, Adelina Asmawi, Chuanjun Zhao
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Research on the Quality of University-Enterprise Patent Cooperation

Based on the Analysis of Chinese University Enterprise Patent Cooperation Data

Lingling Liang, Yuying Lu
The rapid increase in the number of university-enterprise patent cooperation shows that the university-enterprise cooperation innovation has achieved certain results. However, the quality of school enterprise cooperation is still worrying. Therefore, based on the total patent data of China’s university-enterprise...
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Research on Teaching Quality Evaluation in Colleges and Universities Based on Data Mining

The Case of Chinese Language and Literature Teaching

Min Zhao, Lanqing Ou, Junqing Wang, Qianyu Ma
In order to solve the deficiencies in the current teaching quality assessment process in colleges and universities and improve the accuracy of teaching quality assessment in colleges and universities, this paper takes the model of Chinese language and literature teaching as an example, and designs a...
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SPSS Statistical Analysis of the Selection of Juvenile Female Sprinters in Heilongjiang Province Based on the “Body-Physiology” Model

Yang Gao, Li Liu
Based on the “body-physiology” model, this paper conducts the SPSS statistical analysis on the indicators of juvenile female sprinters in Heilongjiang Province from the aspects of height and weight of physical quality, chest circumference, lower limb length of body shape, heart rate, lung capacity, and...
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Technical Analysis of Chinese Men’s Basketball 3X3 Defeat in Tokyo Olympic Games Based on Statistical Analysis of Internet Data

Honghe Lou, Hui Li, Xianfeng Huang, Hu Zhou
Using the methods of video analysis and mathematical analysis, the data of the men’s 3X3 basketball match in Tokyo Olympic Games between China and Serbia, Russia, Latvia, the Netherlands and Japan were statistically analyzed, and the factors of China’s failure were discussed. The results show that the...
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Design and Implementation of Gym Management System Based on Web

Dong Zhao, Fei Wang, Xiao-feng Zhu
With the development of China's economy, more and more people spare no effort to participate in fitness activities and join in the gym exercise. In order to adapt to the rapidly developing social market and meet the needs of the public, the gym management system with comprehensive functions is essential...
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Study on the Scope of Primary School Service Area in the Old City of Ankang Based on Gis Spatial Analysis

Dong Liu, Xingxing Chen, Xin Wang, Xiaojing Liang
The division of school district has long been an important judgment basis for the rationality of basic education facilities and services, and also the focus of education management. This paper takes primary schools in the old city of Ankang as the research object, Using Argis (Geographic Information...
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Promote the Construction of Youth Community Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System of Jilin Animation Institute Based on Information + Database Platform

Yingzhuo Ma, Jian Shen
With the national development entering the new stage of the “fourteenth five year plan”, under the catalysis of the application of various emerging technologies such as XR, artificial intelligence and cloud concept, various business models with great innovative value are constantly emerging, which has...
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Design and Application of Online Teaching Platform for Intelligent Thinking and Politics Based on Web Technology

Xiaowen Song
Based on the Web technology system, the online teaching platform of ideological and political education in colleges and universities designed with Spring framework as the core is designed to give full play to the characteristics of online education, complement the advantages of traditional classroom...
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Evaluation Method of Online Teaching Quality in Colleges and Universities Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Peisen Xu, James Patnao
Classroom teaching quality evaluation is an important part of the overall teaching quality evaluation system in colleges and universities. The traditional multiple linear regression method of teaching quality evaluation lacks the calculation of evaluation index weight, which leads to low evaluation accuracy....
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The Construction of Online Assisted Teaching Platform of Film and Television Language Course Based on Javaweb

Qifeng Chao
In order to improve the traditional education mode of film and television language teaching, and strengthen students’ creativity and learning autonomy. This paper studies the online assistant teaching platform of film and television language course based on javaweb. The system is an application of J2EE...
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The Design and Implementation of Digital Virtual Exhibition Platform for Arts and Crafts Design Based on 3D Web3D Technology

Linyu Li
In order to show the artistic beauty of arts and crafts design works more conveniently and comprehensively, this paper studies the digital virtual display platform of arts and crafts design based on Web3D technology. In this system, the sculpture model is established by 3dsmax, the scene is rendered...
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Impact of Online Education During Covid-19 Epidemic Lock-Down on Students’ Satisfaction and Mental Health

Shiqi Wang
As the growth of COVID-19, the global effect is multidimensional. This inconvenience not only affects the economic development, but also causes great inconvenience to the society, which mainly affects the education of students. In this situation, a number of nations have adopted lockdown measures, causing...
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Research on the Construction and Application of University Data Middle-End Under the Background of Education Digital Transformation

Beibei Wang
Under the background of the current digital transformation of education, the data governance system with the main goal of improving the value of data should run through the whole process of education informatization construction. Based on the in-depth analysis of the pain points of data management in...
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Construction of Marketing Network Teaching Platform Under the Background of Internet + Education

Benyu Zhao, Hainian Zhang, Yan Hu
In order to solve the problems of single teaching mode and disjointed production and education of marketing major in colleges and universities in China, this paper takes marketing network teaching as the research object, and designs a set of marketing network teaching platform by combining network information,...
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A Hybrid Teaching Reform to Enhance Higher Order Thinking and Integrate Ideological and Political Objectives in an Environment for Smart Learning

Yongfen Wu, En Yuan, Weiwei Chen, Xinming Hou, Ling Liu, Wenyu Zhang
The idea of “smart teaching” encourages a thorough integration of information technology and education teaching, which transforms the educational system and gradually creates a new model of teaching and learning. In this paper, we use the data structure course as an example and implement hybrid teaching...
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Development and Application of Teaching Evaluation System in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on BP Neural Network

Yue Liu
This paper takes the teaching evaluation of higher vocational colleges as the research object, comprehensively utilizes the functional advantages of network information technology, computer application technology and artificial intelligence technology, completes the construction and training of the teaching...
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Design and Construction of Comprehensive Platform of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Internet Plus

Zhiping Song
With the further development of information technology, a single offline teaching mode can no longer meet the learning habits and learning needs of college teachers and students. Colleges and universities should keep up with the social situation and innovate the ideological and political teaching mode...
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Design and Development of Remote Training Platform for Work-Study Skills Based on Streaming Media

Lei Ding
In order to solve the problems of difficulty, high cost, fixed time and limited space in the remote training of work-study skills in China, this paper takes the work-study training as the research object, and designs a set of remote training platform for work-study skills by combining the technologies...
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The Construction of College Employment Distance Guidance Service Platform Based on Streaming Media Technology

Yu Zhang
This paper takes college employment guidance as the research object, highly integrates the application advantages of streaming media technology, network information technology and computer application technology, and builds a Web-based college employment remote guidance service platform. The whole platform...
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Design of Teaching Resources Sharing System for Digital Film and Television Production Based on MOOC

Yueping Bi
In order to improve the utilization rate of teaching resources of digital film and television production specialty, this paper takes the sharing of teaching resources as the research object, and designs a set of teaching resources sharing system of digital film and television production based on MOOC...
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Design and Construction of Web-based Remote Interactive Training System for Agriculture-related Talents

Zhe Zhang, Youwen Zhang, Liling Xu, Jian Fang
In order to promote the further development of the process of “integration of urban and rural construction”, the state has launched the strategy of “rural revitalization”. In this regard, the society has also put forward higher requirements for technical talents related to agriculture. In order to ensure...
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Feature Extraction and Matching Algorithm Based on Improved SIFT

Xi Chen, Sisi Sun, Junying Wu, Zihan Zhang, Jiao Peng, Yanyan Lu, Rukun Liu
To solve the problem that the SIFT algorithm used in augmented reality algorithm can not accurately extract matching and the matching efficiency is low, a matching method combining SIFT algorithm, fast explicit diffusion FED and IMU is proposed. Firstly, the input image of the initial matching is processed...
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Construction of Online Assessment System for the Effectiveness of Curriculum Ideological and Political Construction of Vocational Colleges Based on Kirkpatrick Four-Level Evaluation Model

Man Li
This paper takes the evaluation of curriculum ideological and political construction in vocational colleges as the research object, and innovatively introduces Kirkpatrick four-level evaluation model into the effectiveness evaluation of curriculum ideological and political construction by virtue of the...
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The Empowerment of the Visual Media Technology for the Intellectual House Owner’s Rights Protection

Kaikai Huo
To explore the brand-new form of social resistance, this study takes one of the famous performative resistance case, the Zhengzhou’s Yongwei & Jinqiao Real Estate Project, as the research object and adopts semiotic analysis combined with rhetorical analysis method to analyze the icon, index, symbol...
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Construction of Online Tutoring Platform for College Students’ Mental Health Education Based on FFmpeg Technology

Jianzhen Yin
This paper takes college students’ mental health education as the research object, makes full use of the key characteristics of streaming media technology, network information technology and computer application technology, and builds a Web-based online tutoring platform for college students’ mental...
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Training and Practice of Computer Professional Skill Competition in Vocational Colleges on Innovative Talents Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Ke Zhao
Innovation is an important source of national development, vocational college students as the main force of national skilled personnel, training innovative personnel is also urgent. Skill competition in vocational colleges plays a guiding, benchmarking and catalytic role in vocational education, and...
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Design and Construction of Assistant Teaching System for Naval Professional English Translation Based on Mobile Education Platform

Yu Liu
In order to improve our navy's professional English literacy, and further safeguard our overseas interests, this paper takes advantage of the convenience and speed of mobile platform, adopts C/S structure, and uses Java language and SSH framework of J2ee to develop a naval professional English translation...
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“How Can Visual Arts Promote Social Integration?: A Study on Museum Visitors’ Participatory Use of VR & AR

Xizhen Zhou
With the popularity of virtual reality technology, the interactive design has been widespread in the display process of immersion virtual museums. Based on the questionnaire analysis of museum visitors combined with in-depth interview of VR & AR technology users, this study analyzes the characteristics,...
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The Construction of Online Teaching System for Finance Major in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Internet+Education

Linlin Yu
With the acceleration of the development of science and technology, the economic development mode tends to be diversified gradually, so the society puts forward higher requirements for financial professionals. In order to meet the social needs and improve the education quality of financial professionals,...
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Linear Regression Analysis of Contributing Factors to Leadership Development of Chinese Adolescents

Ruoran Wang, Yong Wang, Lili Song, Xianran Feng, Lihao Li, Qian Meng, Hong Chen
Adolescence is the most crucial and optimal stage to develop leadership. Adolescent leadership development refers to the various forms of practices or events initiated to help increase the adolescents’ awareness of team-leading, enhance their leadership knowhow and sharpen their leadership skills. This...
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Analysis Based on Structural Equation and Decision Tree Model of Higher Vocational Students’ Learning Satisfaction Under Blended Learning

Take Data Processing Course as an Example

Jing Wang
Based on the theory of customer satisfaction, this paper analyzes the status of students’ learning satisfaction and explores the factors that affect learning satisfaction by constructing the structural equation and decision tree model under blended learning. The results show that in the blended learning...
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Research on the Practical Teaching Mode Based on Competitive Project

Guohua Xiong, Bo Gong
The purpose of vocational education is to cultivate high-quality skilled talents suitable for the needs of society. Practice teaching is an important teaching method to improve students’ practical ability and operational skills, and it is the process of testing students to apply theoretical knowledge...
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A Model of Hybrid Teaching Innovation

Based on Computer Technology and Algorithm Innovation

Pingting Fu, Chuwei Lin, Qizhang Zheng, Yue Wang, Wenzhe Li
To improve the teaching effectiveness of course, the paper created an innovative design for the “teaching pain points” in the teaching process. With computer technology and algorithm innovation, the paper established a hybrid online and offline teaching innovation model, innovated in five aspects - innovation...
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Research on the Course Mode of Folk Art Based on Cultural Creative Products

Han Mao, GuiHua Shi
The development of cultural creative industry and market has always attracted the national attention, and the cultural creative products are also a very popular commodity form in the present society. The folk-art course integrates the design form of cultural creative products into the teaching practice,...
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On the Curricular Innovation Practice of the Recurve Bow Based on Blended Teaching

Zhe Zhang, Xiaoyuan Huang, Bing Zhang
In order to verify the practical effect of the blended teaching in the course of recurve bow, this paper designed a new model for the course and compared it with the traditional model based on the constructivist theory and the “nine-stage” teaching method with the help of the “superstar platform”. The...
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Study on Fricative Initials of Tibetan Xiahe Dialect Based on Speech and Airflow

Jing Zhang, Yonghong Li
The production of language is a complex physiological process. After years of accumulation, the research methods and fields of language have been improved and expanded. This paper takes the fricative initial of Xiahe dialect as the research object, adopts the method of phonetic experiment to extract...
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A Study on the Bibliometric Analysis of Xianggui Southwest Mandarin - Guiliu Branch Based on Co-occurrence Analysis and Log-Likelihood Ratio (LLR) Algorithm

Dong Huang, HongLi Deng, JingJing Wang, BaiXue Ning
Based on co-occurrence analysis and the Log-likelihood Ratio (LLR) algorithmcan, this paper analyzes the literature of Xianggui Southwest Mandarin - Guiliu Branch by using CiteSpace bibliometrics to generate a visual knowledge graph. This paper makes a systematic analysis on present research situation....
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MOOC Online Open Course “Construction of Operation Management” Under the Background of the Metauniverse

Chenxuan Wang, Daoke Liu, Tao Yang
This paper studies the construction scheme of “Operation Management” MOOC, and constructs the teaching effect model of MOOC online open teaching in the course of “Operation Management”. Build a five-level technical structure model of the “Operations Management” MOOC in the context of the meta-universe....
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Design and Construction of Forensic Material Evidence Simulation Experiment System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Lugui Hao
In order to cultivate practical forensic professionals in the new era, this paper takes the experimental course of forensic material evidence as the research object, and integrates the unique advantages of virtual reality technology, network information technology and computer application technology...
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Ideological and Political Construction of Higher Mathematics Course in Application-Oriented Universities from the Perspective of “Moral Education”

E. Liang, Jianhong Zhao, Xu Li, Shuangqing Lv
The teaching mode of higher mathematics in traditional research universities is not suitable for the current situation, knowledge requirements and training objectives of students in application-oriented universities. Through many years of higher mathematics teaching practice in application-oriented universities,...
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Big Data Analysis of College Students' Daily Behavior and Ideological and Political Behavior Evaluation

Helong Hou
In the age of big data, ideological and political education in military academies should keep pace with The Times and change the way of thinking. Applying big data technology to students' ideological and political education work, the evaluation model of students' ideological and political and...
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Research on the Teaching Quality Evaluation System of Computer Specialty Courses for Engineering Education Certification

Yi Qian
Taishan University insists on taking engineering education certification as the standard of teaching quality, establishes an engineering certification team, optimizes and innovates the teaching quality evaluation system of computer professional courses, and implements and continuously improves it among...
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Exploring the Application of Digital Media Art in Virtual Exhibition Space

Shouli Zhao, Lei Liu
This paper analyzes the art of digital media, and discusses the characteristics of digital display design and virtual display space. The rapid development of science and technology makes the techniques of digital technology in art more diversified. Using digital technology can create a virtual scene...
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Research on Web3D Interactive System of College Sports Martial Arts

JingLin Wang
At present, in the design of remote interactive teaching system of sports martial arts in colleges and universities, due to the lack of effective analysis of the user's requirements and the system's function, the system's response speed is too slow. Aiming at the problems of time delay...
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Design and Development of Online Teaching System of Marketing Course Ideological and Political Based on PHP

Liangliang Ma
With the help of the rapid development of Internet technology, the world economy has gradually formed a whole. Under the background of fierce trade competition, the country's demand and requirements for economic talents have increased in the same proportion. In order to further promote the development...
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Construction of an Edge Computing Based Innovative Cloud Platform for Simulation Teaching

Xuejun Zhang, Yehui Liu, Fuming Ya, Junpeng Qiao, Zihao Lu, Zhaohui Bu
With the rapid development of recent computer, Internet and other advanced technologies, virtual simulation platform has emerged in teaching procedure, which has changed the traditional teaching mode on experimental practice, and broken through the time-space limit of the experimental operation on class....
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Research on the Evaluation of College Curriculum Teaching Effect Based on Association Rules

Qiancheng Chen
The effect of teaching monitoring and evaluation in colleges and universities is not ideal. External monitoring and internal monitoring indicators are inconsistent, which is unable to achieve the effective use of evaluation data. Part of the evaluation process is more inclined to the evaluation of management...
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Recognition of Piano Play Gesture Based on Infrared Sensor Detection Rod

Xuyan Wang
Piano playing gloves are a new intelligent wearable device. The multi-inertial sensors in the gloves can sense and analyze the gesture state of piano players in real time, which can make piano learners know whether the playing gestures are standard in real time, thus effectively improving piano learning...
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The Construction of Data Governance System in Vocational Colleges

Shouzhong Wang, Hongbin Gu, Kongpeng Wei
The information construction of many vocational colleges has accumulated a certain amount and different forms of data, which are in the form of relational data based on traditional business systems, log files of network devices and software, and external data related to vocational colleges. These data...
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Research and Analysis of Student Behavior Portrait Based on Big Data

Jiameng Zhang
The application of big data in the Internet, cloud computing and other fields is becoming more and more extensive, with the continuous increase of the network environment and information resources of students’ campuses, the network structure of university libraries has also undergone tremendous changes,...
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Design of Intelligent Cloud Computing Platform for English Writing Assisted Teaching System

Haihong Liao
In order to solve the problems caused by the heavy load of the traditional embedded software development teaching platform server, such as slow response speed and poor experience of users, an intelligent English writing auxiliary teaching system based on the cloud service platform was proposed [1]. Based...
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B/S Architecture of College English Distance Education

Haihong Liao
In this paper, the college English distance education system under the B/S architecture is designed in detail, the use of Web server and background database to build the English distance education service system, the realization of student registration, score query, examination release and other functions,...
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Innovative Practice of College English Network Teaching Path Under Flask Framework

Fang Deng
With the rapid development of “Internet + Education”, the advantages of online teaching are highlighted, which promotes the continuous transformation of college English teaching mode to modernization and intelligence. In this regard, this paper will build a Web-based online teaching system for college...
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Design and Implementation of Grassroots Party Building Work System Based on Micro Service System

Jin Zhang
It is the need of the development of the current grassroots Party organization to improve the traditional way of thinking and quality training of the members of the organization based on face-to-face instruction. With the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Party organizations and units at...
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Research and Development and Promotion of Campus Mutual Aid Small Program “Garden”

Yiting Li, Shuai Liu, Xiaomeng Lou, Jiaxin Sun, Xianglin Liu, Yudan Wang, Yuang Feng
The informatization of the international society is becoming a historical trend, and the smart campus is gradually developing. But at present, there are widespread problems in the campus, such as the lack of systematic management of idle items and lost items, poor information of learning information,...
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The Construction of Innovative Education Module System in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Big Data

Huagang Liu, Zhixin Feng, Hui Yu
In today's era, big data is given the background of information, can be extracted into the rule of knowledge, with the help of various tools on the basis of analysis to provide the right decision becomes a resource. It is also worth exploring how higher vocational colleges use these information,...
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To Explore the Measures to Cultivate the Talents of Journalism and Communication in Higher Vocational Colleges in Integrated Media

Jianying Xing
Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, the globalization of information dissemination, the rapid development of communication technology, the increasingly fierce media competition, the news communication industry is in a period of rapid development. To suit it, China's new.The professional...
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On the School-Enterprise Cooperative Construction Strategy of the Textbook “Decorative Materials and Construction Technology” Under the Network Environment

Jian Li
The school-enterprise cooperation courses of environmental design major are significantly different from other courses of this major in terms of teaching content, teaching links and teaching methods. Taking the course “Decorative Materials and Construction Technology” as an example and combining with...
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Design and Implementation of a Microservices-Based Online Learning Platform

XiaoKang Ren, Hong Wang, TianTian Cai
In times of epidemics, students' learning is restricted and online learning becomes important. The aim of this paper is to establish a stable, functional and high-quality online teaching platform using micro services thinking. The process of this study includes an overall analysis of the platform...
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PID Controller Parameter Tuning Teaching Software Design

Jiesheng Zhang, Yibing Ma, Tianbao Wu
PID control is the earliest and most widely used automatic control method. For students studying control engineering, PID is the foundation of their learning, but also the focus and difficulty. However, for beginners, it is difficult to form an intuitive and correct understanding of PID control only...
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Research and Practice of New Form Textbook Construction for Engineering Mechanics

YanHong Wang, TaiSong Li
In order to improve the quality of personnel training and promote the high quality development of military academies, it is necessary to deepen the reform of teacher, textbook and teaching method. The construction of new form textbook is the need and development trend of textbook reform. This paper introduces...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Method of “Sensor Principle and Application”

Xueli Hao, Meixuan Zhao, Lili Pei, Zhaoyun Sun
Virtual simulation experiment teaching is the organic combination of educational information development and experimental teaching reform in the new era, which makes up the deficiency of traditional experimental teaching limited by space and time. It provides an effective means for experimental teaching...
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Application Research of Virtual Reality System in Stomatology Practice Teaching

Yepo Hou, Guangye Zhao, Meiyu Xu, Chan Xiao, Qun Shu, Chunfeng Wang
From September 2021 to December 2022, 246 stomatological students from Hunan University of Medicine were randomly divided into a virtual simulation experiment teaching group and a traditional simulation head form teaching group to explore the application effect of virtual simulation experiment teaching...
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Optimization Study of Multimedia Education in the New Era Based on Computer Platform

Xiaodong Shu
Web multimedia educational resources refer to multimedia teaching resources that exist in the Internet. With the development of network and multimedia technology, multimedia teaching resources in the Web, especially audio, video and animation, have become increasingly abundant and become an important...
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Analysis and Countermeasure Research on the Reserve Talents of Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom Referees

Shuai Chang, Feng Feng, Jian Huang, Yu Wang, YiQiu Wang
By the methods of literature, mathematical statistics, questionnaire and logic analysis, combined with the basic situation of the snowboard parallel giant slalom referees reserve talent at the present stage and the cultivation and situation in recent years, the present situation of the parallel giant...
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Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted English Linguistics Teaching System

Xin Meng
Artificial Intelligence offers new solutions for English learning, and its emergence has broken the traditional way of learning English. This paper aims to investigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted English linguistics teaching system, conducting the numerical simulation to validate the performance....
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Exploration of Computer Software Teaching in Material Science

Xinggang Chen, Yanqing Cai
To meet the needs of training diversified and innovative outstanding engineering talents in the future, a series of computer software teaching in material science have been carried out, which play an important supporting role in improving college students’ ability to solve practical problems. Guided...
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The Application of Social Issues Under Big Data Background in the Teaching of Economic Principles

Yaping Jiang
With the development of big data technology, the society is facing more and more social issues related to big data, such as privacy protection, data security, and fair use of big data. It is of great practical significance to introduce these social issues into the teaching of economic principles, so...
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Design Research Based on Environmental Protection Concept and Children’s Environmental Education in Interactive Installation Art

Fangxuan Cao
In recent years, global environmental problems have become increasingly serious, and the root causes of many environmental problems are closely related to the impact of human activities. From childhood, it is urgent to widely disseminate the concept of environmental protection and cultivate the awareness...
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Application of VR Technology in Interior Design

Xiaoyun He
In the field of interior design,VR technology mainly takes the form of visual images and videos. From traditional 3D Max modeling to rendering two-dimensional images, to online platforms such as Kujiarle and Panorama IE generating panoramic roaming videos,VR technology is combined with interior design...
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The Application and Improvement of Virtual Reality Technology in the Field of Pension

Xiaoyun He
With the rapid development of science and technology, virtual reality technology has been more and more deeply into People’s Daily life, and more and more important. At present, the aging problem of our population is becoming more and more serious. In order to respond positively, we should increase the...
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Research on the Application of Mixed Teaching Mode Based on SPOC Concept

Li Li, Weiqi Sun, Feng Guo, Suqin Zhang, Kun Li, Min Liu
With the progress of teaching technology and the development of education concept, the mixed teaching mode has been more and more concerned and recognized by people. Its advantages lie in expanding the teaching time and space, enhancing the attraction of teaching, stimulating the learning enthusiasm...
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Research on the Application of Computer Rendering Technology in Two-Dimensional Animation Design

Wenming Liu, Xintong Zhang
With the application and development trend of computer rendering technology in two-dimensional animation, this paper expounds the process of computer rendering technology in two-dimensional animation production, analyzes the operation and application of the software, and discusses the key technical points...
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Design and Development of Auxiliary Teaching System for Preschool Education Major in Colleges and Universities Based on Spoc

Xiaoyi Li
Education is the foundation of the country. In order to further improve the quality of citizens and promote economic development, China has put forward more stringent requirements for national basic education. As the beginning of basic education, preschool education should adjust the current teaching...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Students’ Learning Behavior in Online Education Platform Based on Big Data Model

Bingyao Zhang, Wei Cheng
With the continuous development of the Internet and new media technology, online education is easily accepted by students with its flexible learning methods, rich curriculum resources and low learning costs. In recent years, the online education platform has been very active and has rapidly spread and...
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The Construction of a New Normal Classroom for Linear Algebra Under Hybrid Teaching

Meng Zhang, Lina Jia
To address the problems in the traditional classroom of linear algebra, we make full use of self-built MOOC resources and propose a hybrid teaching model that combines online and offline learning suitable for applied undergraduate institutions. This mode of teaching meets students’ needs for “fragmented”...
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Reshaping the Resilience in Higher Education Based on Lower-Grade Undergraduate Students’ Performance in Literature Course During Covid-19

Lu Zhang, Yinghua Wang
The current Covid-19 pandemic is still evolving, and as things continue to change in the field of higher education. The design, delivery and reshape of the curriculum during the unprecedented times will be a new normal. In the paper, results of the questionnaire concerned about students’ perspectives...
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Research on Visual Analysis of Popular Science Content Dissemination Hotspots

Xing Xu, Jiya Jiang, Yonglian Wei, Wei He
In this paper, crawler technology is used to obtain data sets, and after automatic classification, visualization technology is used to analyze and study popular science content. The crawler technology uses the Python web crawler library, the automatic classification algorithm is based on Poisson distribution...
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Research Status and Prospect of Artificial Intelligence Education in Primary and Secondary School

Chunling Xiao
Strengthening the education of artificial intelligence in primary and secondary schools aims at popularizing artificial intelligence and training the citizens to have the intelligence literacy that matches the intelligence era. By distinguishing concepts and connotations related to maker education, STEM...
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Design and Research of Educational Teaching Service System Based on Meta-universe Environment

Lili Lu, Zinan Meng
In this paper, we build a dialogue system for English speaking training. In the meta-universe environment, functions such as reading and writing words, reading sentences aloud, multi-round dialogues and dialogue quality evaluation are implemented, and semantic understanding algorithms are applied to...
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Exploration and Practice of Training Innovative Talents with Intelligent Equipment

Ran Xu
Aiming at the ability demand of innovative talents in the intelligent war, the problems existing in the training mode in curriculum teaching were sorted out in relation to curriculum teaching, resource platform, innovation mechanism, and analyzes the reasons for the problems.The practical path of talent...
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Research on University Education Cost Accounting Under the Background of Big Data

Based on the Perspective of the Operation Cost Method

Huiyun Zhang
With the development of digital technology and artificial intelligence, the era of big data has arrived. In the background of big data, data is highly shared and integrated, which provides a guarantee for using the operation cost method to accurately calculate the cost of university education. Taking...
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Research and Analysis of Learning Factors Based on the Foundation of Computer Big Data

Yiwei Ma
In the context of big data from computers, this paper explores Chinese students’ low engagement behaviors in the UK classroom, supported by a foundation of data mining. In detail, it examines some of the current pedagogical reasons taught by Chinese graduate students about silence at the University of...
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Construction of Smart Campus in Primary and Secondary Schools Based on Teachers’ Needs

Taking the Dongcheng District of Beijing as an Example

Haoyu Wang, Shanshan Yu, Bolun Lv, Zheng Ma
Smart campus is a crucial task for the informatization and modernization of education. The construction of smart campus is supported by multiple intelligence technologies such as information technology and computer technology, and the media literacy of teachers is also the guarantee for the effective...
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Research of Online Illustration Communication Platform

Chengxia Liu
In the information age, there are more and more kinds of information. As a form of recording visual information, illustration has become an important means of network communication to assist text understanding. This paper mainly studies how to create, search and exchange illustrations online. On this...
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An Empirical Study on the Three-Ring Teaching Method

Bin Song
This paper builds a three-ring pedagogy model framework in the form of “self-study-intensive lecture-practice”. Focusing on the three-ring teaching method, the mode operation of the three-ring teaching method is proposed. In practice, the teaching experiment of the three-ring teaching method was designed...
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Research and Practice on the Examination Reform of Robot Operating System and Development Practice

Qiang Guo, Wenbin Ma, Jianyu Wei
Assessment is an integral part of the processes of teaching and learning, the methods of adding usual performances to final exam scores couldn't adapt to the training requirements of next generation of talents. Taking “Robot operating system and development practice” as an example, this paper discussed...
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Research on the Evaluation of Civil-Military Integration Capability in Military Academies

Rui Han, Yuan-hong Liu, Qian Yan
As the military-civilian integration has become a national strategy, it is a long-term and forward-looking task to accelerate the integration of military academies and local colleges and universities and local enterprises' advantageous resources, and improve the military-civilian integration capability...
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Cloud-Based Collaborative Instructional Resource Platform for Political Ideology in Higher Education

Yongbin Zhang, Li Wei, Xiuli Fu, Hongxia Hu, Yanying Zheng
Ideology in politics has gained increasing attention in higher education in China. Lecturers with different backgrounds have been exploring the education of political ideology in their courses at Chinese universities. However, instructors, especially those majoring in nonpolitical majors, such as science,...
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Research on Behavior and Evaluation System of Online Learning

Lihong Wang, Weijie Gou
In the context of digital educational means, especially the rise of online teaching and mobile learning, how to use online teaching resources well, understand learners’ learning behavior, encourage and guide learners to participate in learning, and obtain the maximum learning efficiency in a limited...
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An Investigation into the Awareness of Green Advertising on Chinese Social Media Platforms, Focusing on Douyin Users as a Case Study

Yajuan Chen, ShengXiang She, Yan Sun
Over the past few years, there has been a noteworthy rise in consumer concern for safeguarding the environment, and various factors can be identified to elucidate the specific aspects that impact the environment. One of the key element that has turned out to being crucial is the use of social media which...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform of Business Big Data Analysis Course

Dayou Jiang
In the context of the deep integration of big data and business, society has more urgent and high-intensity needs for students of economics and management colleges, which highlights the necessity of offering the course "Business Big Data Analysis." In response to the changes in the theory and...
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English Smart Teaching Platform Algorithm and Design

Peiwen Xu
With the development of the information age, continuous improvement of English teaching is necessary to comprehensively improve the quality of higher education; it is an important means to cultivate talents with innovative spirit and practical ability; moreover, it is an effective way to promote teaching...
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Research and Application of Web Technology and Mobile Terminal in College English Learning System

Jing Lei
With the passage of time, digital learning, mobile learning and so on continue to emerge. Combining with the teaching purpose of college English courses, we develop a set of portable learning resources based on the compilation of college English textbooks. This system has expanded and improved college...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the New Liberal Arts Environment

Wei Du
Under the background of new liberal arts construction, how to carry out new ideas, combine new technologies and implement new models in college curriculum teaching is the key to promote the major reform smoothly. By sorting out the optimization idea of international economic and trade course “international...
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Aesthetic Research on Intelligent Automation Design Combined with Virtual Reality Under the Background of Green Environmental Protection

Xiaotang Sun, Xiaoqi Liu
In recent years, with the great breakthrough of deep learning technology, the upsurge of artificial intelligence (AI) has been set off and flourished. Virtual reality (VR) technology based on AI has also made great progress. Remote interactive VR technology can effectively reduce carbon emissions and...
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Exploration and Practice of the Integration of Industry and Education in High-Level Research Universities and Local Application-Oriented Universities in China

Yuchuan Li, Haiyan Hu
Facing the rapid process of technological revolution and industrial transformation, higher engineering education urgently needs to cultivate excellent engineering and technical talents. The integration of industry and education is one of the effective ways of talent cultivation. Many high-level research...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Course Based on “Application + Innovation” Ability Cultivation Mode

Xiaoling Liu, Peng Du, Zai Zhou, Yidan Chen
Aiming at the educational characteristics and current situation of applied undergraduate universities, a series of reforms and explorations have been carried out on the course “Soil Mechanics and Foundation”. Teaching contents are optimized, teaching methods and assessment methods are improved, and engineering...
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Construction of Teaching Resources Supply Service System for Accounting Major under Big Data Technology

Lanhua Guo, Weixin Zheng
Under the background of deepening education reform and the rapid rise of digital economy, the supply service system of teaching resources for accounting majors in colleges and universities is difficult to meet the needs of accounting professionals training in the new period. In this regard, this paper...