Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Educational Innovation and Multimedia Technology (EIMT 2023)

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Construction of 3D Visualization Platform for Visual Communication Design of Chinese Traditional Culture Based on VR Technology

Chunying Sun, Zongjing Jin, Hua Jiang
The development of science and technology has promoted cultural exchanges between countries. The introduction of western culture has impacted the development of Chinese traditional culture to a certain extent and weakened the attention of contemporary young people to Chinese traditional culture. In order...
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School and Enterprise Cooperation Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Qi Zhang, Chunwei Tian, Pengbin Gao
To solve the problem of “weak engineering teaching ability”. This paper discusses the new concept of higher engineering education reform based on the deep integration of schools and enterprises. The concept is government-led and promotes the personnel training mode of cooperation between universities...
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Reform of Talent Cultivation Based on Deep Learning Technology

Chunwei Tian, Bo Li, Jiangbin Zheng, Wei Lu, Peirong Guo, Bing Li
In modern times, since talents with a background in new engineering in colleges and universities play a vital role in society, it is further reform and practice that universities need to strengthen in engineering education. Taking the software engineering talent training program in universities as an...
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A Breakthrough Approach to Digital Literacy for Primary and Secondary School Students Based on Virtual Technology

Yiming Tan, Ling Luo, Lei Lei
Digital technology in the 21st century has brought great convenience to the world, but also brought new challenges. As “digital natives”, primary and secondary school students have become the focus of education to adapt to the needs of the digital era and to promote the digital transformation of society...
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Art Therapy Mindfulness -Design of an Emotional Interaction Installation Based on Painting Psychotherapy

Lilin Xu
Painting therapy is an effective psychotherapeutic method for diagnosing and treating people with psychological disorders through the medium of art, having a deep practice base and application worldwide. Among them, mandala painting, as the main method of painting psychotherapy, is derived from Jung’s...
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Design and Application of Web-Based Campus Safety Facilities Management Information System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhenkui Xi, Yi Sun
In the traditional working mode, campus safety facilities management relies heavily on scattered stand-alone or manual methods to achieve registration, maintenance, inspection and other operations, which is not only inefficient, but also prone to human omissions. In this regard, this paper aims at promoting...
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Exploration of a Mixed International Education Approach for Comprehensive Assessment of Chinese and International Students

Xinwen Gao
With the deepening of international cooperation and exchange in Chinese education, more and more international students come to universities for exchange and study. In this paper, based on the education of international students in the international experimental classes of our department, we explore...
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Narrative Experience of Animation Based on Virtual Reality Technology: Take the League of Legends: Arcane as an Example

Wenjuan Chai, Hao Fang
This paper first analyzes how League of Legends: Arcane uses the virtual camera mapping technology to achieve the audience's personal narrative experience; Then it analyzes that the on-site immersion of virtual images realizes the audience's aesthetic transcendence from visual wonders to emotional...
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Design of Juvenile Chain Boxing Scoring System Based on Deep Learning

Mingxuan Li, Feng Tian, Tianfeng Lu, Shuting Ni
Computer vision technology has significant implications for advancing martial arts education. The Ministry of Education aims to integrate martial arts into the campus curriculum evaluation system as part of promoting martial arts culture. In 2016, Shanghai added martial arts as a subject to the senior...
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Application and Development of Digital Signal Processing Technology in Modern Engineering

Jun Tao
With the rapid development of current science and technology, digital signal processing technology has been widely used in various engineering fields, improving social productivity and providing convenience for our life to a large extent. With the development of globalization in the world, digital signal...
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Data Analysis of Undergraduate Employment Based on Decision Classification Algorithm

Yu Guan, Jing Luo
When the school uses the employment situation analysis system to analyze the employment situation of undergraduate students every year, because the classification decision rules are complex, it is difficult for the system to understand the complex rules when analyzing the employment situation of graduates,...
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Research and Practice of Case-Driven Teaching in Python Language Programming

Huiwen Zou, Xuebin Hong, Weiwei Zhao, Tian Cai
Python Language Programming acts significantly in computer teaching to meet the increasing market demand. However, the object-oriented characteristics of python language makes it difficult for students to learn and master, and the traditional teaching mode cannot effectively ensure the teaching effect....
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Design of the Experiment Teaching Model of Multi-mode Integrated Hardware Development with Arduino

Zidong Huang, Fanxue Pang, Xiang Pan
In terms of the hardware development training of applied talents in the field of Internet of Things, due to backward teaching methods and diverse motherboards and chips in experiment teaching, the experiment process is chaotic and practical development costs much time and energy. By introducing the experiment...
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Research on the Construction Path of Smart Campus Management Platform Under Big Data

Kai Yan, Jian Yang, Tianyuan Chen, Ping Huang, Hua Fu, Man Zhang
This paper analyzes the concepts of big data and smart campus, analyzes the design purpose of smart campus management platform and the problems faced by the construction of traditional smart campus management platform, and explores the construction approach of smart campus network platform under the...
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Exploration and Design of Dance Virtual Simulation Teaching System

Xiaoping Qin
This paper introduces the background and the significance of the construction of dance virtual simulation teaching system, details the system functions of the teaching platform, and gives the system framework and development process of the system.
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Analysis of Symbolization Characteristics of Art Graphics and Its Computer Simulation Realization

Xingcai Lai
In order to solve the problem of incomplete description of time constraint information in the process of art graphics symbolization, this paper proposes a study on the symbolic feature analysis and computer simulation implementation of art graphics. Under the influence of new knowledge and science, due...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Professional Degree Graduate Students’ Vocational Competence

Libing Huang, Yifu Liu
The vocational ability of graduate students is related to the future development of the industry, and is one of the key objectives of graduate training. The article researches the professional degree graduate students and empirically studies the influencing factors of graduate students’ vocational ability...
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Exploration of Multimedia Teaching Mode of Electronic Technology Practice in Smart Classroom

Mi Li, Yuqi Wang, Yingyu Chen, Wenjing Li
The electronic and electrical experimental course is the most significant part of the engineering teaching of electronic information specialty. Among them, the electronic technology experiment provides a platform for students to transform theory and practice. Responding to the call to stimulate the interest...
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An Analysis of Grid-Based Digitized and Intelligent Teaching System for Vocational Education Resources in Minority Regions

Jia Qiu
Restricted by many factor, it is difficult for minority regions to acquire the quality and abundant educational resources equivalent to what economically developed regions can have. This has significantly hindered the development of vocational education in minority regions. A digitized and intelligent...
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Bringing Virtual Simulation Experiments into the Secondary School Chemistry Class

Yihui Lin
Chemistry is an empirical discipline that relies on experiments to verify its theories and laws. Therefore, chemistry teachers should not only impart factual knowledge of chemical concepts and principles to students, but also demonstrate how these concepts and principles were derived through experimental...
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Research on Frontier Issues of Graduate Student Guidance Relationship – Based on Big Data Visualization Analysis

Ruixuan Zhai, Siwen Han
In this study, the visualization software Citespace5.8R3, a bibliometric tool, was used to visually analyze the data and literature searched by the keywords “postgraduate student-student relationship”, “university teacher-student relationship” and “guided student relationship” in the database of China...
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Research on Virtual Display of Characters in “Records of the Grand Historian” Based on Mobile AR Technology

Yu Sun, Bo Li, Mei Xue
Research the design method of mobile AR to display the culture of Records of the Historian and play a digital inheritance and protection role for the culture of Records of the Historian. Analyze the design principles of AR technology applied to the culture of Records of the Historian, take the highly...
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Research and Practice of Student-Oriented Teaching Reform of the Course “Principles and Applications of Single-Chip Microcomputer”

Xiaoli Long
The course of “Principle and Application of Single Chip Microcomputer” is a very important professional foundation or core course for engineering majors in colleges and universities. It has the characteristics of high practical and theoretical requirements, multiple and complex knowledge points. The...
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Construction of Web-Based Online Auxiliary Teaching System for Material Physics and Chemistry

Limin Hao
With the rapid rise of “Internet + Education”, online assisted teaching has become an important force in the construction of high-quality education in colleges and universities. In this regard, this paper takes material physics and chemistry as the research object, and puts forward a set of construction...
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Design and Application of Ideological and Political Network Teaching System for News Planning Course Based on Javaweb

Xiangyun Li, Nana Xie
Education is the foundation of a century-long plan. With the development of new liberal arts as the background, journalism education should go hand in hand with ideological and political education, and integrate ideological and political elements into daily professional teaching to improve students’...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Party History Learning for College Students

Based on the Development and Application of WeChat Applets

Lei Lei, Xinyu Zhang, Ling Luo
Since the 18th Party Congress, the Party Central Committee, with General Secretary Xi as the core, has attached great importance to the inheritance and promotion of the Party’s glorious history, and it is timely and necessary for university students to carry out content-rich and diverse forms of Party...
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LDM-EDBME: Leveraging Data Mining for Enhancing Development of Basic Mathematics Education at Middle School in Chinese Rural Region

Mingcai Liu, Weixia Lu, Yingbiao Hu
We explores the use of data mining to predict math scores and improve education quality in rural Chinese primary schools. Traditional academic performance evaluation has limitations, and data mining can provide more accurate insights into students’ learning situations. By analyzing classification prediction...
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Design of WeChat Basketball Competition Mini Program and the Application of Sports Education Mode in Colleges and Universities

Jiacheng Feng, Qimeng Niu, Jinjin Chen
Objective: To design a WeChat basketball competition small program, including technical action video, basketball competition registration, basketball competition data record, basketball competition results storage and other functions, make basketball teaching more direct and convenient in colleges; Methods:...
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How Can Virtual Simulation Be Used in Ceramic Product Design Classes in the Republic of China

Zeqin Lin, Shahriman Zainal Abidin
This paper explores the virtual simulation project “Ceramic Flower Ware Design and Production Process” under construction Virtual simulation experiments” and a hybrid teaching model between specific courses in ceramic product design. At this point, there are few studies have been carried out with regards...
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Research on OBE Flexible Education Technology for Embedded Hardware Development

Hua Tang, Xiaolan Zhang, Xingzhi Lin
Through the analysis of embedded hardware development technology, achievement-oriented education concept and flexible education technology, the learning system of embedded hardware development OBE flexible education technology is proposed. Using OBE combined with flexible teaching mode, it fundamentally...
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On the Teaching and Learning in the Information Age of “Big Data + Internet?” — Some Thoughts on the Application of ChatGPT in Teaching

Bowen Zhang, Jinru Mao
The interactive integration of Dig Data and Internet technology promotes the accelerated evolution of human society from the industrial age to the information age, which makes ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technologies available and applied in teaching, and begins to enter the vision of teaching...
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Construction of Youth Inspirational Education Model Based on Example Motivation from the Perspective of Psychology

Yanling Sun
The power of example is infinite. Teach young people according to best practices, and it is an important means to raise their awareness and self-awareness. The knowledge autonomy, selectivity and diversity of teenagers have been greatly increased, and the diversity of values and behavior patterns has...
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BOPPPS Classroom Teaching Design in the “Negative Feedback Closed-Loop Control System” Lesson

Qin Zhang
Persist in the basic mission of cultivating people with virtue, take new engineering construction as the leading, focus on classroom teaching innovation, this paper puts forward the BOPPPS classroom teaching design based on SMART teaching objectives and participatory learning. Firstly, the attention...
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Reform of Teaching Mode of Non-traditional Machining Course Based on Engineering Practice

Quanhong Yuan, Ning Zhang, Lixing Ma, Tiequn Duan
In order to adapt to the rapid development of modern processing technology, according to the training goal of applied university, this paper puts forward the reform of teaching mode of Non-traditional Machining based on engineering practice, including revising the syllabus, carefully preparing lessons,...
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Research on the Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Course Curriculum Design from the Perspective of “Big Ideological and Political Course”

Xingping Liu
In the new era, ideological and political courses are faced with new challenges, such as insufficient integration of various resources, insufficient connection between theory and practice, and lack of unified deployment. These dilemmas are the background of The Times when “Big Ideological and political...
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Factors Influencing College Students’ Independent Learning Ability in an Education Information Model - An Empirical Study of Guangdong G University as an Example

Youling Li, Ting Deng, Binger Chen
This paper is based on a questionnaire survey conducted by 250 college students enrolled in Guangdong G University. The results of the empirical analysis indicate that the usability of online education learning technology, learning resources of online education, interaction of students in online education...
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Into the “Ideology and Politics + Digital Intelligence” Accounting Professional Construction Thinking

Yong Li, Chao Li, Chang Sun
At present, the rapid development of digital and intelligent technology has brought challenges to the traditional accounting industry on the one hand, and driven the accounting industry reform on the other hand. Under this dual background, integrating the characteristics of ideology and politics and...
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Practical Activity of Labor and Ideological Education in Chemical Automatic Control

Qin Xu, Qan Ouyang, Dong Chen
For the labor had social value, the combination of labor and education was an important goal and task of colleges. Focusing on chemical automation control with the industrial characteristics and modernization requirements, this paper analyzed the internal relationship between the labor education and...
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The Application of Computer Virtual Network Technology in Modern Distance Education System

Qiang Li
Under the background of the continuous development of education informatization, the modern distance education system began to gradually integrate into the education and teaching of each subject, thus making the education reform into a new pattern. In recent years, in the process of optimization and...
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Study on the Situation, Prevention and Strategy of Learning Anxiety in Primary School Students

Yi Zhan Du, Tsai Feng Kao, Bi Ji Fang, Yu Cheng Shen, Qiu Ying Cai
Learning anxiety refers to the inability to carry out normal learning due to excessive restlessness, fear and fear of anxiety. Through the questionnaire survey of the students in Sanming Central Primary School, it is found that the main reasons for students ‘learning anxiety are students’ excessive concern...
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A Self-training System Design

Li Gong, Lin Huang
Facing the increasing demand for massive training, the existing teaching and training facilities cannot satisfy individuals’ needs of self-training in terms of timetable and availability. In the field of training simulation, designing new organized training methods and systems has been introduced as...
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A Study on the Discourse Construction of Foreign Mainstream Media’s China-Related Reports

A Corpus-Based Discourse-Historical Analysis

Yujia Guo
From the perspective of DHA, this paper analyzes the discourse construction of foreign mainstream media’s China-related reports based on quantitative corpus analysis. The study selects China-related reports of mainstream media in Japan and the United States as the corpus, and carries out a detailed excavation...
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Research on the Effect of Learner Characteristics on Postgraduate Online Learning

Yan Ma, Shurong Xiang, Huiyu Yang
In the era of digital education, online learning, as one of the most commonly used learning methods for postgraduate students, has a great impact on the publication of research results of postgraduate students. There is only a lack of attention to this topic in the literature. The results of a questionnaire...
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An Analysis of the Application Strategy of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Elementary School English Teaching

Di Wang
In the context of the rise of artificial intelligence, how to realize the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and subject teaching is a topic of concern for many teaching workers and front-line teachers at present. The application of artificial intelligence technology to elementary...
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Teaching an Optoelectronics Course Using Outcome-Based Education

Ying Chen
To cultivate engineering talents who could meet the needs of social and economic and keep up with the pace of professional certification, it is necessary to reform the basic course of Optoelectronics, which is an important professional course of electronic science and technology major. Outcome-based...
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A Preliminary Study on the Integration of Big Data Resources in University Libraries from the Perspective of Blockchain

Hengbo Xu, Jianzhong Zhao
With the innovative application of “blockchain+” in the field of public services, university libraries are exploring the introduction of blockchain technology in multiple dimensions of big data fusion. Blockchain technology is a scalable technology integrating information security, automated contract...
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Creative Class: The Outward Flow of Creative Energy

Yuwei Wu
Creative class is the product of creative economy era, and it is also the power source of creative city. They are gradually influencing and changing the pattern of cities. By studying the opportunities and crises brought by the birth of the creative class, this paper finds out the problem of class isolation...
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A Study on the Analysis of Students’ Emotions in the Classroom Based on School Forums

Hou Xuan
In this paper, we first crawl the campus forum data using the Scrapy crawler framework to obtain the classroom evaluation dataset, and then use sklearn to perform random partitioning of the dataset. Then the jieba library is used to segment the training set comment data, and feature extraction and feature...
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Research on the Design of Indoor Facilities in University Dormitories Based on POE Theory

Tao Yang, Dandan Wang
With the development of the times, the demand pattern of contemporary college students is also changing. University dormitories as one of the important places for college students to live on campus, the good indoor facilities can not only provide students with a comfortable resting place, but also create...
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Research on the Optimization of Intelligent Scoring of Physical and Chemical Experiment Operation Test in Junior Middle School

ZhiJie Lu, Juan Xu
In order to solve the problem of fairness, time and effort in large-scale on-site scoring of physical and chemical experiment operation test in junior high school, this paper proposes a method based on frame adjustment and particle swarm optimization clustering, and makes a comparative application in...
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The Development and Optimization of Digital Blended Learning Mode

Dong Zeng, Yifen Yin, Peiwen Guo
With the development of mobile Internet technology, the new network ecology has produced many impacts and challenges to the education industry and teaching mode, and mobile learning, a blended learning mode based on digital platforms, has been introduced into various teaching scenarios. Exploring how...
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Innovation of ESP Curriculum-Based Ideological and Political Education Under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Taking the Radiotelephony Course as an Example

Yang Wang
In this paper, the main problems of curriculum-based ideological and political education (CBIPE) in current English Specific Purpose (ESP) course are analyzed from the three aspects: incorrect understanding, hinder of traditional education notion, and lack of integration mechanism. On this basis, Radiotelephony,...
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Practice and Exploration of Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching of Economics in the Military Academies

Ling Yang, Ming Yuan
This paper makes an empirical analysis of the teaching effect of virtual simulation experiments of economics in a military academy. It is found that the virtual simulation experiments of economics do have good teaching effect, but the factors such as laboratory environment, system convenience, experiment...
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Student Grade Prediction Model Based on RFE_RF and Integrated Learning Voting Algorithm

Yajing Niu, Tao Zhou, Zhigang Li, Haochen Liu
As an important branch of educational big data, grade prediction has become a hot spot for researchers. In order to predict students’ grade levels more accurately and have good prediction accuracy at each grade level, the RFE _ RF feature selection method is proposed to reduce the dimension of features....
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Design and Development of Course Teaching Assistant System Based on WeChat Applet

Taking the Basic Courses of Communication Engineering Specialty as an Example

Rong Zhao, Kexin Liu, Qian Zhang
The popularity of WeChat and the convenience of WeChat applets provide new ideas for the innovation of blended teaching methods. In order to solve the problem of neglecting students’ learning progress and stagnation points in traditional teaching in colleges and universities, which leads to poor learning...
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Analysis of the Development Prospect of Basic Education of Informatics in Xuzhou Based on SCIR Double-Layer Coupling Network

Wei Hu, Qi Shao, Yingzi Jiang
In the context of the “Double Reduction” policy, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the current development of basic informatics education in Xuzhou City, and the survey data were statistically analyzed to summarize the problems encountered in informatics education. And based on the SCIR model to...