Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Medicine (EMCM 2016)

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Design of Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Platform in Propulsion Control Systems of Aero-Engine

Bei Yang, Xiaowu Ding
The performance of the electronic controller is of significance to the development of turbofan engine with afterburner. To verify the feasibility of the control algorithm and the design scheme of hardware and software of the controller, the embedded computer based on PC104 architecture was used as the...
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Analysis on the Teaching Model of Independent College under the Background of MOOC

Qinggong Ma
As a new type educational method, MOOC plays a distinctly important role in promoting the educational development and greatly impacts the traditional classroom teaching. It breaks the limitations of time, language and region and provides the curriculum resources from first-class schools and teachers,...
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A Model of Measuring and Predicting the Water Condition

Yannan Sun
In this article, we mainly discuss the problem of water shortage and exhaustion and how to relieve it. A model is developed to measure and predict the water condition of a region and then an intervention plan is designed for the water scarcity region.
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Research on Teaching Reform of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission Based on OBE

Liping Xu, Liujin Cai, Xiaoqing Nan
For the strong theoretical, practical and applied characteristics of "Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission", the traditional teaching methods of the course has been facing difficulties which the teachers find it difficult to teach and the students feel it hard to learn for a long time. In order to improve...
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On English Enlightenment Education for 3-4-year-old Children in Multimedia Learning Environment

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
English enlightenment education exerts much effects on 3-4-year-old children and may be positively influential to future education of the children. It's concurred that there are many reasons for applying mobile multimedia into English enlightenment education. In this thesis, it's suggested that the implementation...
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Analysis on Special Training Methods of Track and Field Sprint

Yanmin Zhao
Sprint is a basic project of track and field sports, and it usually includes 50m-run, 60m-run, 100m-run, 200m-run, 400-run as well as 4×100 and 4×400 delay, etc. Athletes are required to use the complete running of the prescribed distance in the determined runway at the fastest speed, and the first to...
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Accrual Earnings Management, Social Responsibility and Corporate Performance

Na Zhang
This paper investigates the influence of accrual earnings management on the future operating performance of the company, and the regulatory effect of social responsibility on accrual earnings management and future operating performance of the company. The conclusions are as follows: accrual earnings...
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Study on Construction and Management of Multimedia Demonstration Classroom in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yun Fan
With the rapid development of computer information technology and the process of quality education in Higher Vocational Colleges which are seemed as the base of national higher education places is advancing with the times using multimedia means to carry out teaching activities, and it achieved good results....
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The Influence of Self-media on the Ideological and Political Education in Higher Vocational College

Xiaoqun Zhang, JingYu Xu
With the popularization and development of the Internet and the extensive use of electronic products, Self-media has become an important part of people's lives, profoundly affecting people's way of life and communication. And the current higher vocational students are influenced by the most profound...
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Research on Dynamic System Simulation Model and Algorithm Based on Artificial Neural Network

Shoubai Xiao
With the continuous expansion of applications field on the computer system simulation, the problems of system modeling faced has become more and more complex. At present, there are two main problems: First, modeling object is complex, with a variety of uncertainties and nonlinear characteristics difficult...
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Adding-weight One- rank Local Predication Model of Busy Traffic based on Correlation

Zhimei Duan, Xiaojin Yuan, Yan Xiong
In order to improve accuracy of adding-weight one-rank local prediction, the paper proposed the correlation function to measure the correlation between different phase points, which is used to determine reference neighborhood of prediction center point, and made the values of expressing correlation to...
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A Consciousness-raising Grammar Teaching Approach Based on Grammar Teaching Dilemmas

Xiaqing Liu, Yuting Dou
Grammar teaching has been a heated topic in the field of foreign language learning and teaching. The research of grammar teaching lies between the continuum of a series of grammar teaching dilemmas. This paper first reviews the pendulum movements of researches and their related grammar teaching approaches...
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The Uncertainty of the Macroeconomic Impact of the Choice of Macro Economic Policy in China

Limei Cui
As Europe's debt crisis has intensified the trend of world economic development, the uncertain factors in the global economic increase, the development of today, our national economy has been seriously affected, all kinds of inflation crisis deeply, boosting the national economy three carriages is stagnant,...
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On Innovation of Ideological and Political Education of the Students in Privately-run Higher Learning Institutions

Fengzhen Jia
At present, the ideological and political education of college students has received unprecedented attention. On the one hand, the ideological and political education of the students in privately-run higher learning institutions reflects the general rule of the ideological and political education of...
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Practice and Reflection on Bilingual Teaching on Course of Principles of Economics

Haiying Ma
The construction of bilingual teaching course is one of the important contents of the undergraduate education quality project of Northwest University for Nationalities. Principles of Economics is an important basic course of economics. This paper first elaborates the concept of bilingual teaching, analyzes...
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Synthesis of 3-phenyl-1H-pyrazole Derivatives

Xiaobo Liu, Shan Xu, Yinhua Xiong
3-phenyl-1H-pyrazole (1) is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds. It was synthesized from acetophenone (2) and hydrazine through two steps including Knoevenagel condensation, Cyclization reaction reaction. In this paper, three novel 3-phenyl-1H-pyrazole derivatives...
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Synthesis of Chalcone Derivatives

Xiaobo Liu, Xiaojie Liu, Yinhua Xiong
Chalcone is an important intermediate in many biologically active compounds such as flavonoid. Chalcone was prepared by the aldol condensation of benzaldehyde with acetophenone. In this paper, five novel chalcone derivatives were prepared. The structure were confirmed by MS and 1H NMR. Furthermore, the...
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Research on the SAR Image Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie
In this paper, we conduct research on the SAR image target tracking algorithm based on the sparse representation and dictionary learning. The key technology of target tracking is to target can be extracted from the image detection, and to establish corresponding relationship with tracked target. Search...
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Study on Reform of Experimental Teaching System of Animal Physiology

Guijuan Qu, Xiaoqing Dong
The experimental teaching plays an important role in mastering and understanding the theoretical knowledge of animal physiology. The students of Animal medicine and animal pharmacy in Jilin Agricultural University  as the subjects of the experiment, the experimental teaching system of animal physiology...
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The Research Progress of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Applications in the Orthodontic Treatment

Yuanqian Che, Peirong Li, Li Tian, Menghan Wang, Rongfeng Xiong, Xue Lei, Xinhui Li, Zhenlin Ge
Either the alveolar bone defects or the severe absorbed alveolar bone led by the teeth extraction could have an effect on the orthodontic teeth movement. Guided bone generation technique has supplied a new method for the above clinical difficulty. Platelet-Rich Fibrin has been reported in the orthodontics...
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Numerical Simulation of Glass Molding

Bo Tao
Glass molding is a mass fabrication method for precision glass lenses. Residual stresses induced during cooling process were inevitable reserved in molded glass lenses, and can cause the quality deterioration. Control of the cooling rate is one of the methods to keep residual stresses at a required level....
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Research on Industrial Cluster Development of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt

Le Wang, Xuan Wu, Qingman Li
Since 2009, the development and construction of Liaoning coastal economic belt has been included in the national development strategy, the industrial clusters in Liaoning six coastal cities has made rapid development. Up to now, six coastal cities have a total of 43 provincial key industrial clusters,...
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Applying "Four Together" Principle to minority and Han Students in Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program

Dayong Huo
Take students major in electrical engineering and automation in Karshgar university for example, this paper introduces the educational practice of applying "Four Together" principle to minority and Han students in undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program. By means of the comparison...
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Tourism Landscape Design based on Sustainable Development

Jiang Fan
This paper is going to explains the elements of landscape design from the perspectives of rational culture and landscape construction. In addition, it is also going to analyze the existing shortcomings of human landscape plans, including blindly pursuing physical beauty, not taking into account long-term...
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Castleman's Disease of the Tracheal: A Case Report

Jing Liu, Xin Liao, Wei Zhan
Castleman's disease (CD) is a chronic lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by unexplained enlarged lymph nodes. CD of the tracheal is rare, and shows unspecific manifestation with high misdiagnosis rate. Here we reported a case of tracheal CD in a 43-year-old female. Finally, the nodule of the...
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Study on the Relationship between Highway Maintenance and Concession Period of PPP Project

Rongbei Zheng, Fangmin Ren
In order to solve the problem of shortage of funds for highway construction and maintenance, Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) has been widely used and the concession period is one of the core issues in the negotiation of the highway PPP project. The system dynamic (SD) method is adopted to model relationship...
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A Study on the Lightweight Mobile IPv6 Protocol Based on Fixed Terminal Node

Yan Pan
Mobile ubiquitous technology and IPv6 technology makes it possible to perform the remote control and information transfer by using the mobile terminal, and it promotes the development of the Internet of things. Therefore, more and more intelligent terminal devices need mobility support, such as intelligent...
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Synthesis of 2 - ((4-Substituted Phenyl) Amino) Benzaldehyde

Yongli Duan, Zhimin Li, Qidong Tang, Rui Li, Shan Xu
2-((4-substituted phenyl) amino) benzaldehyde, is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active intermediates of anticancer drugs. In this work, a rapid and high efficiency synthetic method for compound 1a-1b was established. Compound 1a-1b was synthesized from 2-chloronicotinic...
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Synthesis of 4- (Thieno [3, 2-d] pyrimidin-4-yl) Morpholine

Huajun Lei, Linxiao Wang, Yingjia Xiong, Zhou Lan
4-(Thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4-yl)morpholine derivatives is an important intermediate which inhibited tumor necrosis factor alpha and nitric oxide. In this work, a rapid and green synthetic method for compound (5) was established. The compound (5) was synthesized from the commercially available methyl 3-aminothiophene-2-carboxylate...
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Synthesis of N-(3-chloro-4-fluorophenyl)-6-nitro-7-((tetrahydrofuran-3-yl) oxy) quinazolin-4-amine

Caolin Wang, Yiqiang Ouyang, Zhou Lan
Afatinib (1) exhibited potential biological activities in medicine. There are shortcomings in the synthesis route of afatinib in the literature, the product yield is low and the post-processing is complicated. Therefore, in this paper, the two-step synthetic route of afatinib was optimized. The two-step...
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Research and Practice on Teaching Mode of Error Theory and Data Processing

Hongtao Yu, Yuyan Zhang, Xinli Chi, Xichang Han
Error theory and data processing is a compulsory course for measuring and controlling technology and instrument specialty in Colleges and universities. Students can master data processing methods, correctly estimate the measured value and scientifically evaluate of measurement results by learning this...
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Research on the Relationship and Measures of Innovative Ability between Students and Teachers

Suolan Liu, Lizhi Kong
Innovative ability is the ability of introducing new theory, new idea, or inventing new technology and new product. Invention and discovery are the most direct reflection of innovative ability. In this paper, we first analysis innovative ability from academic definition, then discuss the relationship...
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3D Collision Detection Algorithm based on Composite Balanced Binary Bounding Box Tree

Jinping Liu, Jianxun Chen
The existing bounding box has the contradiction between compactness and complexity. On the one hand, the poor compactness of the bounding box often leads to the poor effect of removing the disjoint objects, which leads to the low efficiency of collision detection. On the another hand, the good compactness...
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Research on Innovative Modern Apprenticeship System in Vocational Colleges---Illustrated by the Example of Cartoon Creation

Baochun Zhao, Keliang Zhang, Minhong Dai
"Key Tasks of the Ministry of Education in 2014" planned to comprehensively promote the modern apprenticeship pilot clearly. Modern apprenticeship, as the name implies, is based on the traditional apprenticeship reform and innovation, which is a "school-enterprise cooperative vocational education system"...
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The Study of English Writing Teaching from the Perspective of Language Memetics

Juanjuan Hou
Writing is a difficult point in English teaching, and good writing ability needs the accumulation of English quality. As a result, teachers have spent plenty of time in teaching English writing for a long time. However, at present, the traditional teaching method of English writing is always based on...
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Multi-degree-of-freedom Manipulator Driven by Micro Hydraulic System

Nan Li
Now on the market are used motor-driven robot, so the ultimate environment (such as underwater) and cannot successfully complete the operation, and the use of micro-hydraulic system can effectively improve the torque, and can better be used in harsh environments. Using a fuel tank as the power source,...
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Application of Redundancy and Information Retrieval Systems in Congestion Control Based on Combined Grey Neural Network and CC and RBF-DDA Algorithms

Feihua Qu
Much research has been devoted to the unproven unification of vacuum tubes and mesh networks. Prevention and control is the top priority of data transmission safety without congestion control. Using cascade-correlation (CC) and RBF-DDA algorithms, redundancy and information retrieval system on solving...
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Research on Blind Image Restoration Based on Two Dimensional Constant Modulus Algorithm

Yecai Guo, Lu Lu, Chen Li
Aiming at the defects of existing image restoration algorithms, the image restoration algorithm based on two dimensional constant modulus blind equalization algorithm is proposed. In this proposed algorithm, the constant modulus blind equalization algorithm with fast convergence and small mean square...
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National Traditional Sports Culture Elites and the Inheritance and Protection of National Traditional Sports Culture

Zhenghong Li, Lei Zhang, Lin Li
Traditional sports cultural elites is the elites of the society and the people who have mastered a variety of traditional sports culture. They has contributed to the development of regional economy and the inheritance, protection, innovation, communication of traditional sports. This paper, using the...
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A High-Power High-Fidelity Headphone Amplifier Design

Jian Huang
This circuit is designed to convert the differential output current of an audio digital-to-analog converter(DAC) into a single-ended voltage capable of driving low impedance headphones. Two op amps are used as transimpedance amplifiers which convert the DAC output current to a differential voltage. A...
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Application in Grade Early Warning of PCA

Xueli Ren, Yubiao Dai
Students are misled by the traditional concepts after enrolling university, these make some students face many problems such as no goal of learning, no power, that causes students to face serious consequences that failed in courses and quit, bring serious influence to student management. In order to...
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The Initial Exploration to Language Attrition and Memory Features for Students in Primary School

Yuhuan Zhang
Here is the plain truth: students starting English study are becoming younger and younger and starting English as a student in Grade Three in primary school is compulsory according to official document. It is proved that people's language proficiency in their childhood starting a foreign language study...
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Parameter Optimization of ARQ System based on Proximity-1 Protocol

Jie Wang, Chenghua Wang, Hao Wu, Qiangqiang Mao
In order to improve the communication efficiency of the spacecraft in the Proximity space link, a GBN-ARQ scheme is designed based on the proximity-1 protocol. On the basis of this, to maximize the system throughput and normalized throughput, the data frame length and the sliding window length are optimized,...
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Systematic Dynamics Analysis of Land Reclamation in Mining area and Agricultural Economy Sustainable Development

Zhanhong Liu, Baohua Zhou, Fang Dong
In this article, the systems dynamics method is carried on in the field of Mining area land reclamation and the agricultural economy sustainable development, agricultural economy systems dynamics model in mining area is constructed based on the land amount of resources and the population capacity, and...
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Construction of Multidimensional Data Knowledge Base by Improved Classification Association Rule Mining Algorithm

Qing Tan
Firstly, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the existing association rules mining algorithm, and gives the method of multidimensional data analysis. In order to remedy the defects, this paper discusses and improves clustering and classification algorithm for constructing intelligent...
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A Translation Principle Study of English Product Instruction from the Perspective of the Skopos Theory

Jian Wang
As international trade and multinational companies have a further development, how to translate product instruction from the source language to the target language consumers to realize the original meaning and function deserves special attention. This paper tries to study the translation principles of...
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Multi-kernel Partial Least Squares for Multi-Modal Data Analysis

Ping Wang, Hong Zhang
In recent years, multi-modal data analysis has enjoyed an increasing attention. Multi-modal data mean the different modal data representing the same semantics. Moreover, many subspace learning methods are proposed to measure the correlation between different modal data. As the most representative subspace...
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A Study on the Value of Chinese Traditional Sport Culture in the Process of Cross - cultural Adaptation of International Students

Dandan Ma
The problem of cross-cultural adaptation of international students has been paid more and more attention with the increase of the number of foreign students coming to China, which is caused by many aspects. The difference between Chinese and foreign cultures is one of the main causes of this problem....
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Hybrid Learning Model Based on Computational Thinking about Computer Science

Lijuan Zhang, Xuhui Zhao
In this paper we analyze and propose to the problems of the course of computer science teaching which are based to build the learning platform. We design a hybrid learning model based on computational thinking about computer science in order to achieve the self construction of knowledge truly for students....
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The Analysis on Spatial-Temporal Evolution and Impacting Factors of Residential Land Price in Hangzhou: Evidence Based on Spatial Econometric Model

Haizhen Wen, Luhong Chu
In the context of rapid urbanization in China, the land market has become one of the focuses of the whole society. Based on the residential land transaction data from May 2006 to March 2010 in Hangzhou, this paper applies the hedonic price model of spatial econometrics to study the evolving trend and...