Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Medicine (EMCM 2016)

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Research and Design of a Commodities Trading System

Suolan Liu, Lizhi Kong
With the growing development of electronic commerce, the business behavior of many traditional had better play in the Internet. Products transaction market can be said to be a typical example. Compared with the traditional trading model, online operation of commodities trading is more convenient, real-time,...
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Study on the Practice of Phonics in English Vocabulary Teaching for Primary School Students

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Phonics exerts considerable influence on contemporary language education and the most of the society begin to pay attention to phonics and actively participate in this educational reform. It has been aruged that phonics instruction for the primary school students may be supported and underpined by the...
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Study on the Development Models of Pro-poor Tourism in Jilin Province

Chunyan Wang
Pro-poor tourism as a strategic tool aims at alleviating the poverty of poor groups in poor areas. There are so abundant eco-tourism resources in Jilin province, but at the same time some state-level poverty-stricken counties are located in the enrichment area of these tourism resources. In this paper,...
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Development of Alarm System Based on Speech Recognition

Qingsong Zhu, Hongzhao Li, Ruyan Ye, Meide Xu, Fayue Zheng
Aiming at the burglary, fire and the safety and health of the elderly in current living quarters, a kind of alarm system based on speech recognition is developed. The video monitoring device can be triggered by the voice alarm signal which is sent to the mobile client at the same time. Monitor people...
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Teaching Reform of Power Electronic Technology Course of OBE Education Model

Dandan Ma, Jing Bai, Ping Xin
Due to the strong theoretical power electronics course, and in the process of teaching the lack of effective evaluation of students learning effect, It is difficult to achieve the expected teaching goal. This paper in detail discusses the meaning, theoretical basis and characteristic of OBE education...
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Design and Implementation of Single-Phase Inverter Based on Lightweight TCP/IP Protocol

Botao Zhang, Hongwei Xiao
As for resource-limited embedded devices, lightweight TCP/IP protocol (LwIP) is used for communication in order to meet real-time requirements of embedded devices. This paper offered and implemented a single-phase inverter solution based on lightweight TCP/IP protocol. The designed hardware circuit of...
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Research on Internet Payment Security Based on the Strong Authentication of the Timeliness and Multi-factors

Junsheng Wang, Qingsu He, Qingzhi Han
Security and convenience is the main consideration for the user to select the Internet payment, and also the key issue of the development of the Internet payment industry. At present, on Third-Party Payment Platform, E-bank and other Internet payment platform, when users change the password, pay or transfer...
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The Application of Internet of Things in the University Library

Wei Nie
The rapid development of computer technology, communication technology, sensing technology and other new technologies, Internet of Things (The Internet of things) is becoming a reality. Radio frequency identification technology (Radio, Frequency Identification RFID) as a key technology to build the "Internet...
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The Computational Model of Spring back Accuracy on Steel Bar Bending Hoop Stirrup

Bianjing Li, Zhiliang Liu
The hooked steel will spring back under the affection of residual stress, in order to improve the precision of the hoop, spring back angle should be taken into consideration. According to spring-back theory, considering the work hardening of steel under the straightening rollers, the relation was deduced...
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The Study of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model Based on Guidance and Study Synchronous Double Helix

Chongyan Zhong, Liguo Wang
Flipped classroom is the informationization product in educational environment of information age. After it absorbs the essence of the traditional education, it will make the education thrive and abound. flipped classroom, comes from abroad, is in line with the development of our country's education....
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Research on Resource-driven Flipped Classroom Teaching Model

Chao Chen, Yue Zhao, Yan Pan
Recent with the progress of Information Technology and calls for educational reform, research and development of Flipped Classroom become current hot spot. But there are many factors influencing the effectiveness and efficiency of this model. In this paper we provide a resource driven teaching model...
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The Investigation of English Learning Belief of College Students

Zhen Zhou
The research conducts a questionnaire survey and interview on the "beliefs of the language learning" of English major juniors in a normal university of Jiangxi province. And the results indicate that the learning belief of university students is of a medium level, of which motivation expectation ranks...
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Internet Financial Regulation and Financial Consumer Protection

Bo Jiang, Qingsu He, Junsheng Wang
As a new type of financial industry, the regulatory policy of internet finance is a fundamental to its development, which involve in not only the steady development of financial market, but also the maintenance of the legitimate rights of internet financial consumers. The paper first defined the definition...
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The Strategies in Fostering English Enlightenment Education for Pre-school Children in Kindergarten

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
English enlightenment education is gaining momentum in non-English-speaking countries and there are some truth in the fact that it makes sense to implement English enlightenment education in younger EFL learners. Approaches available for English enlightenment among pre-school children in kindergarten...
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On Using Podcasting to Teach in Mobile Foreign Language Learning

Lu Sun
With the help of advanced Internet technologies, distance education and the use of new educational theory, podcasting, the new techniques have greatly enriched this area of foreign language teaching, expanded the foreign language mobile content and teaching methods. And it opens up a new idea on foreign...
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Research on Present Situation of Market Operation of Gymnastic Dance Club in Neijiang

Weiqiong Zhou, Zhongfan Zheng
Gymnastic dance is an elegant sport which arouses interest of teenagers, more and more people are involved in it. The paper uses literature method, logical analysis method and field survey method to investigate the present situation of market operation of gymnastic dance club in Neijiang city, analyses...
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Teaching Reformation and Practice on Mechanical Principle Course in Civilian-Run Colleges

Bo Jiang
Combine with the requisition of mechanical engineering subject and education mode of civilian-run colleges, The reformation and exploration of mechanical principle course is carry out in optimizing teaching content, stimulating study interest of student, enhancing practice skill and innovation design...
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Study on Tourists' Sensory Evaluation of the Destination and Its Influence on the Decision of Revisit

Yunli Shi
For tourists, their choice of destination often depends on their sensory evaluation of destination, which is the basic motive for the behavior of tourists and to a large extent, influences tourists' decision whether they revisit the place or not. The conclusion is drawn from the researches on the latest...
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Research on Mars Communication Link Budget

Hao Wu, Chenghua Wang, Jie Wang
This paper presents the budget method of the Mars-earth communication link. The calculation models of Mars atmosphere loss, Mars sandstorm loss, solar scintillation loss, earth atmosphere absorption; rainfall loss and hot body noise are studied. The propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves...
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A Study on the Industrialization Operation of Art Derivatives under the Background of Creative Industries

Rui Kong, Minghong Xie
The so-called art derivative is a community which has the artistic nature and the commodity nature based on the art. Through the museums and other institutions or authorized by artists to develop, so that the product has a certain value of art, become a certain brand value of cultural goods. It plays...
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Effects of Beta Cypermethrin on Enzyme Activities of Zebrafish (Brachydanio Rerio)

Jia Jin, Songling Zhang, Pengpeng Wang, Min Zhang
In this paper, zebrafish was used as a model organism to study the toxicity of beta cypermethrin with different concentration gradient on the whole zebrafish, and the effects on superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD) activities of zebrafish brain tissue. As a result, was found among the mortality...
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Research on the High Performance System Development and Cloud Platform Building Mode under Parallel Framework

Xinxin Xie, Wenzhun Huang
In this paper, we conduct research on the high performance system development and basic cloud platform building model under parallel framework. Cloud computing is a kind of the public service, its security problem is complex and requires skill, standard, regulation, law and so on various aspects, multi-pronged...
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Curriculum Construction about Automotive Maintenance Major in Higher Vocational College Based on Task-guided and Action-oriented——Taking SGAVE as an Example

Hongliang Lin
With the continuous development of modern science and technology, as well as the global economic recession and the new normal of economic development in China, it is important to study how vocational education can make the young generation qualified to the job requirements and achieve the ideal employment...
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Vast Amounts of Video Data Clean Algorithm Base on Bradley-Terry Model

Binwen Cao, Li Chen, Hui Lie
Traditional video data cleaning method is to use video quality subjective labeling to achieve. This method relies on the subjective and objective factors such as the level of expert knowledge of the observer and the observing environment, so that a high accuracy rate cannot be ensured, and in the massive...
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Analysis of Network Attack Technologies and Network Security

Xu Pei
With the continuous development and progress of Internet technology, network security has become the focus of social concern. Internet technology occupies a place in all areas of the society and provide a new model for people's lives and learning. While giving full play to the advantages of Internet...
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Research of Roof Space Development and Utilization in Universities

Wenjun Wang, Hongxing Yi
Through the research, the paper discussed the reasonable use of the campus building's roof space, and proposed principles and methods in design. Analyzed and looked forwards into the development of roof designing, landscape design, improvement practice and development tendency. Provided a valuable reference...
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On the Translation of Ceramic Culture-Loaded Words from the Eco-translatology Perspective

Na Hu, Hui Wang, Xing Xu
Culture-loaded words are culture-specific, and the C-E translation should carry and reflect the culture meanings. Constrained by the culture of source language, the translation activity promotes its development by absorbing new cultural factors from the target language, hence the heritage and development...
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Measurement Index System Establishment of Public Sports Service of Urban-Rural Integration in Heilongjiang Province

Zheng Zhao, Shufeng Liu, Meng Zhao, Yuhang Wang, Xingang Wang, Xinghe Cui, Dapeng Zhou
This study obtains more accurate data by means of questionnaires, literature, field investigation, mathematical statistics methods. Using AHP method to determine the index system and variance decision method to determine the weights of indicators, the measurement index system of public sports service...
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Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox based on the Optimized BP Neural Networks by Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm

Zhimei Duan, Xiaojin Yuan, Yan Xiong
In order to improve accuracy of fault diagnosis of gearbox, adaptive mutation particle swarm optimization (AMPSO) algorithm is used to optimize weight of BP. According to fault feature, fault diagnosis is accomplished by optimized BP. The algorithm overcomes disadvantages that slowly convergence and...
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Strategy Discussion on Improving Knowledge Level of Science Education of Student Teacher Majoring in Preschool Education

Xingmao Jiang
There are five courses in kindergarten education field at present, including language, art, health, society, and science. Most preschool teachers feel fear of science education, and only a few preschool teachers can organize scientific inquiry activity in kindergarten. This phenomenon shows that science...
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Analysis on the Willingness of Job - seeking and Its Influencing Factors of Nursing Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jialin Guo, Xiaozhi Yang, Fei Wang, Shaoyang Liu, Zhijun Zhao
To investigate and analyze the nursing employment intention and its influencing factors in higher vocational colleges. A self - made questionnaire was used to investigate the employment intention and influencing factors of nursing graduates in a medical college by means of cluster random sampling. 39.25%...
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Research on the Governmental Support of Education Reform and Development Need

Xiaolong Li
Governmental support is the key to the successful education reform and development. Three types of deficiencies exist in the education reform support system, which are demonstrated as the in-coordination of the overall support from central government, the reluctance of inter-governments support, and...
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Research on Network Security Based on IPSec

Yanru Liu
With the development of information technology, Network security issues are very prominent, Network security incidents occur frequently. In order to enhance network security, we must take certain measures that are the use of IP protocol. IP protocol also called Internet Protocol. As defined in the network...
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Research on Interpreters' Professional Development under the Background of "The Belt and Road" Construction

Juan Lu
On November 8, 2014, the General Secretary Xi announced that China would invest $ 40 billion to set up the "Silk Road Fund", aiming to provide financial support for the infrastructure construction, resource development, industrial cooperation, and other relevant projects of "The Belt and Road" Construction....
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Discovery of Fuzzy Rare Association Rules from Large Transaction Databases

Weimin Ouyang
Rare association rules is an association rule which has low support and high confidence. In recent years, the discovery of rare association rules has got quite a lot of attention, which has become a hot topic in data mining research. However, current discovery algorithms for rare association rules are...
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The Effects of Pre-task and On-line Task Planning on L2 Learners' Oral Performance Level: An Empirical Study

Xiangyuan Feng
This paper aims at analysing and discussing the combined effects of pre-task and on-line task planning on L2 learners' oral production through a movie review. In the first part, it will provide a literature review which represents the identified planning types and reviews the existing task-based research...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Ancient Garden Restoration

Jiwei Li, Yingchun Cao
Most traditional methods of ancient garden restoration are to record with text, charts and graphic drawings and then observe the restoration effect through miniatures or color effect pictures. However, those methods are too inflexible, which cannot reflect the unique artistic conception and steric space...
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The Poetry Workshop of Pottery Songs--A Case of Output-driven Approach in Second Language Teaching

Na Hu, Yiran Xu, Xinzhu Fang, Xing Xu
The poetry workshop of Pottery Songs builds up a educational project for students to learn the ceramic poems. Driven by the writing assignment, the workshop uses the reading and writing components to fulfill language acquisition and is a case of output-driven approach in second language teaching and...
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Modeling and Simulation of Milling Force of New Type Ball-nose End Mill

Shuai Li
Ball-nose end mill is an essential tool for 3D hook face machining. It is extensively applied in mold, automobile and other fields. The paper set the geometric model of ball-nose end mill as the research basis, conducted discretization for ball-nose end mill cutter, deemed each discrete unit as inclined...
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Analysis of Teaching Methods for Auditing Based on the Cultivation of Application-oriented Talents

Haihong Qiu
Auditing, as the main course of accounting specialty, is a challenge to teach because of its thinking mode different to other accounting course. It is a long-time plagued problem in auditing teaching due to the teacher finding it hard to teach, and students finding it hard to learn. The author analyses...
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Get Out of the Difficulties of General Education Elective Courses in Colleges and Universities

Feifei Sun, Yuanyuan Cai
General education is a model of talent cultivation to broaden the knowledge scope of college students. General education elective course is the richest part of general education. However, the general education elective courses in most colleges and universities have stepped into a bottleneck period. In...
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Mobile Terminal Security Monitoring System Based on Distributed Agent

Huan Ying, Yu Luo, Lifang Han, Liang Zhou, Songling Shan, Yanhong Chen
Aiming at the lack of effective security monitoring of mobile terminals, this paper proposes a mobile terminal security monitoring system based on distributed agent, which adopts distributed deployment and centralized management. Also, a multi-level malicious behavior monitoring model is proposed to...
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Supply Chain Financing Models Based on Internet Finance

Haibin Xu
In March 2015, the 12th session of the National People's Congress, the third session of the opening of the conference, Premier Li Keqiang proposed the "Internet +" plan. After that, Internet financial became a hot issue nowadays. On the other hand, because of traditional bank credit set a relative strict...
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Synthesis of tert-butyl 5-amino-4 - ((2- (dimethylamino) ethyl) (methyl) amino) -2- methoxyphenyl) Carbamate

Bingbing Zhao, Yuping Guo, Zhou Lan, Shan Xu
Tert-Butyl 5-amino-4 - ((2-(dimethyl- amino) ethyl) (methyl) amino) -2- methoxyphenyl) carbamate (1) is an important intermediate in many biologically active compounds such as omisertinib (AZD9291). In this work, a rapid synthetic method for compound 1 was established. The compound 1 was synthesized...
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The Guiding Role of SPOC Teaching in the Use of Mobile Phones for Undergraduate

Jingren Cao
Nowadays, mobile phone is very convenient for people to communicate. At the same time, there have been some problems. In particularly, the negative impact on university students is greater. That's affecting their learning and life. It looks good if we can find any effective way to change this situation....
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The Research on Comprehensive Financial Crisis Early-warning Model of Chemical Public Companies

Li Wang, Xiangguo Li
The financial early warning research has always been more of a topic, along with the market economic development, and financial early warning model research is more and more refined to every industry. It can help enterprise to predict the future development, through the study of financial early warning...
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The Application of TOPSIS Method to Group Decision Making based on Similarity Measures under Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Settings

Lishi Zhang
The aim of this paper is to develop a novel approach for multiple attributes group decision making, in which the decision information, provided by multiple decision makers, is presented in the form of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. First, the aggregated information matrix corresponding...
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Research on the Effective Use of Video Resources in the Rotating Class in Bohai University

Xiaoshu Wang, Le Wang
Video resource is an important teaching resource. The combination of video resources and learning outcome can greatly improve the students' attention and the learning initiative. This paper takes the "Standardized Management" course in Bohai University as the example, research on the students' preference...
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An Empirical Study of Executive Compensation of State - owned Listed Companies on Corporate Financial Performance

Lutao Qiao, Li Wang
Based on principal-agent theory, this paper studies the effect of executive compensation on state - owned listed companies' financial performance. The theory of principal-agent makes the information asymmetry between shareholders and management. The managers are responsible for the operation and management...
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Application of Information Retrieval Course in College Students' Graduation Thesis Writing

Jing Xie
The purpose of this paper is to instruct the important role of the Information Retrieval Course in college students' graduation thesis. First, the significance and function of information retrieval course are illuminated. Then, one by one, the key points of the Information Retrieval are explained in...