Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Medicine (EMCM 2016)

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Application and Research of Big Data in E-Commerce Enterprises.Amazon as the Case

Yujie Chen
With the change of people's living habit and consumption concept, the demand of highly personalized products and accurate products is increasing. This condition has a huge impact on the enterprise which cannot adapt to the transformations in the Big Data Era. This paper based on the supply chain which...
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Analysis and Simulation of 2ASK Digital Band-pass Transmission System Basing on SIMULINK

Geng Wang, Wei Cheng
Digital modulation and demodulation system as an important part of digital communication system,its research is necessary. Based on the analysis of 2ASK digital band-pass system transmission characteristics, SIMULINK software is used to simulate the digital band-pass transmission system. Having been...
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Research on Professional Index System of Applied Technology Universities in China

Qinglan Luo, Chunyan Wang, Xin Su
The application technology universities developed after the technology universities union building in 2013. In the existing literature, the research about applied technology university is relatively a few, especially for the research about professional evaluation of application technology universities...
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Research on Building Curriculum System of Entrepreneurship Education for College Students in China

Yue Hao
The implementation of entrepreneurship education is the requirement of higher education in China, the reform of higher education must be achieved through the construction of curriculum system. Based on this, we analyze the problems existing in the current entrepreneurship education course construction...
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Ningbo International Trade and Its Influence on Economic Growth

Zhixiong Gao, Jing Peng, Shanbo Ma
As a coastal city, Ningbo is the main force to participate in the one belt and one road initiative. This paper analyzes the current situation of Ningbo international trade in aspect of composition of trade commodity, geographical distribution, the competitiveness of electromechanical and high-tech products....
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Considerations about Teaching Reform of Electric Machinery and Drive Course

Caihong Zhu, Hongtao Zhang
Electric machinery and drive is one of the important basic courses of the department of electric engineering and relevant professional. Through analyzing the current teaching state of the course, the author has put forward the method of solving problem in these respects of strengthening the personal...
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Overview of System Reliability Modeling Tools

Jiacong Zhao, Yanxia Lu, Qisong Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhang
System reliability is a critical aspect of a system, which incurs the proposing of related modeling tools. Tools like Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD) and Fault Tree (FT) provide static representation of system reliability. RBD is a graphical representation that depicts a network of system components...
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Research on Dynamic Target Distribution Path Planning Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field-Fish Algorithm in Logistics System

Qisong Zhang, Peng Zhang
Studied on path planning problem of logistics distribution vehicle in logistics system, and put forward an algorithm of artificial fish Swarm with improved potential field. The paper synthesizes variety of factors and takes the total cost of minimum distribution as goal in order to find out the optimal...
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On Exploring Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode Based on the Development of Information Technology

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Many schools at home and abroad have employed the flipped classroom model to great success and recently going for a flipped classroom is becoming a true fad in educational scenarios. This is made evident by the fact that constructive theory, humanistic education and learner autonomy constitute basic...
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Design of Signal Conditioning Circuit for Photoelectric Sensor

Nan Xie, Zhennan Zhang, Weimin Chen
The photoelectric sensor is widely used in the detection field, and its two key parts are the light transmitting and the signal receiving. This paper has designed the pulse modulated light emitting diode constant current source drive circuit, photoelectric diode receiving signal amplifying & filtering...
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A Survey on English Learning for the Majors of International Business under the Background of Globalization

Hengbo Yang
With the development of the globalization, English as a global language has become more and more important in all aspects. As for the students majoring in international business, there is no any doubt that English is viewed as an important subject in the curriculum of the school. Therefore, in order...
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Cultivation of Innovative Ability of Vocational College Students Based on Class Practice Teaching

Xinyao Zou, Shenwen Fu, Yurong Liu, Nongyu Fang
Occupation education is employment oriented, how to cultivate vocational college students' innovative ability is an important factor during building an innovative country. Practice teaching takes a very important role in cultivating vocational college students' innovation spirit and practice ability....
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Preparation and Rheological Properties of Attapulgite Gel for Aqueous Suspensions

Tao Zhang, Tianqi Li, Yuechao Liu, Yang Li, Gaowei Guo, Jingcheng Cui, Fengshan Zhou
A new modified attapulgite gel was prepared as a rheological modifier in liquid fertilizer produced by biogas anaerobic fermentation slurry and in oil well drilling fluids. Magnesium oxide showed a great contribution to apparent viscosity and plastic viscosity of attapulgite aqueous suspensions, the...
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Research on Infrared Image Segmentation Method for Electrical Equipment

Yanhua Lei, Yan Bao, Chen Li, Hongtao Yu
Infrared Thermography(IRT) plays a very important role in monitoring and inspecting thermal defects of electrical equipment without shutting down. This paper analyzes two methods on the infrared image gray pretreatment. According to the noise types and characteristics of the infrared image, this paper...
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A Study on Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum System of Tourism Management in Universities

Yue Wang
The current international economic developing speed is becoming slow, which affects China's domestic economic development indirectly. In recent years, the economy is in the new normal circumstances. Although China's economy is mainly in a upward trend, but the development of the domestic economy growth...
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A Study on the Construction of International Business Iaw of Bilingual Teaching from the Perspective of CBI

Qi Li
Cultivating the compound talents, actively implementing teaching reform in colleges and universities in China, CBI is to combine language skills based on the content of learning a new teaching idea, an internal agreement between its characteristics and talents cultivation objective in international business...
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Innovation Research in Industrial Small Enterprise in Internet Era——Based on the Survey Data of Ningbo of 2014

Jing Peng, Xingheng Xie
This paper, based on the survey data of Ningbo industrial small enterprises 0f 2014, analyzes the innovation of Ningbo industrial small enterprises and find that current industrial small businesses are generally lack of innovation, unable to meet the consumers' needs of Internet era, also can't compete...
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Deepening Teaching Reform and Promoting Higher Vocational Education

Caihong Zhu, Hongtao Zhang
The fundamental task of colleges and universities is to cultivate talents. Teaching work is always the central work of the school. We must continue to deepen the teaching reform, establish a sense of quality, teaching innovation awareness and teaching characteristics of consciousness, in order to cultivate...
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Review of Verification Methodologies for Dynamic Reliability Block Diagram

Jiacong Zhao, Dongzhao Zhou, Shuang Gao, Yao Li
Reliability modeling tool Dynamic Reliability Block Diagrams (DRBD) is widely used in modeling reliability of large and complex system. It gains highly achievement of dynamic behaviors like dynamics, dependencies, redundancy and load sharing. In order to guarantee the modeling results of DRBD are correct,...
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On the Application of Flipped Classroom in Cultivating Liaoning Scientific Foreign Language Talents

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Flipped classroom is proved popular amongst the instructors across the globe and it is already being embraced to a certain extent by scholars in universities and schools. There are some truth in the idea that flipped classroom is applied and experimented in cultivating Liaoning scientific foreign language...
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The CDIO Reform Led by Skill Competition in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xinyao Zou, Yating Liu, Yanli Zhang, Hengchou Han
In order to cultivate comprehensive occupation ability of higher vocational students, this paper explores a kind of higher vocational education "CDIO project driven" teaching reform mode led by occupation skill competition. The model integrates the knowledge, skills and qualities required in the skills...
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Risk Analysis and Safety Protection of Android Phone

Haiyan Wang, Yan-qing Deng, Ping Zhang
With the all-round development of science and technology, the Android phones represented by Android begin to become an important part in people's lives gradually. People perform voice calls, sending and receiving mail, processing all kinds of information, enjoying the convenience through the Android...