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Further Study on the Relationships of the Surface Tension Coefficient of Water and the Temperature

Shengxian Wei, Fene Hu, Youming Shi
For convenient test comparisons and engineering applications, the relationships between the surface tension coefficient of water and the temperature were analyzed by using the linear fit and the nonlinear quadratic fit based on a number of experimental data from literatures. The new relationships of...
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Cockpit/cabin Crew Communication: Problems and Countermeasures

Shouxi Zhu, Wenlai Ma
Communication and collaboration between the cockpit and cabin is one of the important human factors affect flight safety and it is an important part of crew resource management. In the paper, in order to better facilitate communication and collaboration between cockpit and cabin, we analyzed the communication...
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A new Loading Method for Nanopaper and Nanoparticles Composite

Jinhua Yan, Renmei Xu
A new in site reduction method was introduced for nanopaper, typically for silver nanoparticles loading. Ag ions were spread into nanopaper, followed by immersion in NaBH4 solution. Ag-NPS were obtained successfully in the matrices without adding any other binders. The nanopaper micromorphology was characterized...
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MFC/NFC Aerogel-Ag Composite and its Application

Jinhua Yan, Renmei Xu
MFC/NFC aerogel was prepared, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) were loaded in the aerogel. Ag-NPS were obtained successfully in the matrices without adding any other binders. The aerogel AgNPS size was defined by TEM. The thermal-stability was marked by TGA. This aerogel showed superior properties for Ag-NPS...
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Multi-characteristics Image Retrieval

Yinan Zhang, Wenming Cao
In this paper, according to different images of shifting, rotation and scale invariance properties, we propose a multiple features method for image retrieval. Firstly, we get the main area of the image to avoid the affections by some nonsignificant scenes. Secondly, we split the image into five parts,...
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Teaching Model Design of Gas-gas Jet Pump

Zhengyang An
As a common vacuum pump for the transportation of solids, liquids and gases, jet pump is widely utilized in the fields of water conversance, electric power, metallurgy, chemical engineering, environment protection and fire protection. The structure and working principle of jet pump is always the emphasis...
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Building a Digital Information Platform for Protecting Changbai Mountain Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jingshi Yang, Yanfeng Chen
Building a digital information platform has important significance for protecting Changbai Mountain intangible cultural heritage,building the platform must follow some rules,structure design modular and realization procedure of digital information platform are given based on the contents. Finally,the...
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Improving Pneumatic Control System of FMS Production Line Based on PID Control Algorithm

Guiyin Chen
The paper proposes improving Pneumatic control system of FMS production line based on PID control algorithm. It analyzes the problems produced by air compressor when the control working. Based on PID control function, the use of Siemens S7-200 PLC and the inverter to improve the system structure, especially...
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Three-dimensional Trajectory Tracking System Based on Compass and Gyroscope

Jiaming Deng, Junshuai Qiu, Zhiyuan Zhong, Zhiping Wan
According to the high-precision positioning capability with Beidou navigation and the angular momentum conservation of gyroscope, this paper presents a real-time trajectory tracking system based on embedded wireless three-dimensional space. The system used by the application which based QT-cross-platform...
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Conversation Analysis in Courtroom Discourse

Dan Zhang
From the perspective of qualitative study, the author analyzes the implicature in the courtroom discourse. During the courtroom interaction, different participants will employ conversational implicature to achieve his/her purposes, violating cooperative principle is the important tool of generating conversational...
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An Effective Schema Mapping Model for Decentralized Network

Zhenhua Wang, Derong Shen, Ge Yu
Schema heterogeneity among individual peers is an important issue in PDMS (Peer Data Management System). Schema mapping is a key technology to find the semantic matching relationship between schemas, and it plays an important role in PDMS. In this paper, we address the problem of schema mapping in PDMS,...
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Research of Mine-shaft Wireless Sensor Network Based on Agent

Wuli Song, Jing Qiao
In order to ensure the safety in production,it is necessary to build a wireless communication system that does not rely on a wire backbone.With the development of wireless sensor network,this kind of monitoring system has been true.With the emergence and development of agent,the idea distributed sensor...
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Design and Spectral Properties of a New Displacement Senor based on an FBG Sensor and SMA Actuators

Jiyun Lu, Kan Bian, Dakai Liang
As an important factor in-service Structure health monitoring (SHM), predictions of displacement become the basis for determining the decrease of modern aircraft and aerospace structural performance. Optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors are considered an important tool for SHM , however FBG sensors...
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The Exploring of Mechanical Drawing Experiments and Practices Teaching Architecture Constructing: In Agricultural Machinery Professional Case

Zhenbo Bao, Xiaoshan Zhao, Shuhuan Li, Lei Yang
Mechanical Drawing is a professional technology foundation course with the characteristics of theory and practice. According to the coherence between Mechanical Drawing course knowledge and the follow-up courses, the practical principle of Mechanical Drawing course knowledge, and the characteristic of...
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Study on the Strategy of Supplier Classification Management

Ming Liu
In order to improve the performance of supplier management and ensure the operation of supply chain, the enterprises should constitute differential management strategy to suppliers of different types. Distinguish from the previous way of two-dimensional classification, the paper subdivided the material...
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Credibility Analysis on Evaluation of Combat Effectiveness

Dong Li, Guolei Sun, Xinqi Guo
There are many uncertain factors in the evaluation process of operational effectiveness evaluation. This paper mainly studies the credibility problem of operational effectiveness evaluation; analyzes the emergence of operational effectiveness evaluation of weapon equipment in the uncertain factors, the...
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Research on Operational Decision Scheme Evaluation Method

Guolei Sun, Dong Li, Xinqi Guo
Operational decision scheme evaluation is an important means of inspection that operations are determined accurately or not. This article explores the evaluation methods of combat determination method, and proposes a decision scheme evaluation method based on interval numbers grey relation projection....
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The Practice Exploration of Mechanical Drawing Teaching Reform

Dengcao Jin, Zhenbo Bao, Ning Bao, Junwang Guo
Mechanical Drawing is a compulsory professional basic course of mechanical engineering and related professional. Considering the characteristics of Mechanical Drawing that course contents are much and miscellaneous, class hours are relatively tight, courses learning requires a strong spatial imagination,...
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Superficial View on Relationship between Curriculum Teaching and Practice Teaching in China

Ning Chen
Objective: Undergraduate education should adhere to the basic value orientation. Methods: This paper interprets relation between curriculum teaching and practical teaching from three aspects of theory, practice and education objective. Results: Practical teaching is essential; it decides the direction...
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Level-based and Web-assisted College English Teaching Model

Lingyi Huang
College English Teaching Reform in Xiamen University has undergone several changes since 2005.The current level-based and web-assisted model has been implemented in view of the changing needs of both teachers and students. A survey has been conducted to find out the students' view of the current model,...
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Presupposition in Courtroom Discourse

Dan Zhang
From the analysis of the authentic data of the criminal cases, this paper is to investigate the function of the presupposition in qualitative way. The paper shows that presuppositions were used in courtroom inquiry by different participants for the purposes of investigation, confirmation and trapping....
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Characteristics Influence for Entrepreneurship Behavior Ability

Xing Li, Ying Jia
Entrepreneurship has becoming a popular term currently, but not all of entrepreneurs can succeed in entrepreneurial business. This paper talks about entrepreneur and entrepreneurship from three aspects ,Characteristics of entrepreneurs like perseverance, dedication, self confidence, desire of achievement,...
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The Comparison of Chinese and English Idioms —from the Perspective of Ethics

You Wang
There are huge differences between Chinese and English people's understanding of Ethics, which is reflected in languages, especially in idioms. Chinese ethics is based on the thoughts of "Nature-Human Integration" and "Collectivism", while the English ethics is obedient to the thoughts of "Nature-Human...
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Design Method of Data Acquisition in Intelligent Sensor based on Web Data Mining Clustering Technology

Tingzhong Wang, Huijuan Sun
Data mining mainly has two functions, namely prediction / validation function and function description. The main goal of Web mining technology is from the Web access record extraction interest pattern. The intelligent sensor has been widely applied in various fields of spaceflight, aviation, national...
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Development of Security Scheme on Wireless Sensor Network based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Dongmei Li, Yan Liu
Wireless sensor network may encounter eavesdropping, message modification, message injection, route spoofing, denial of service, malicious code threats. This paper discusses the application of Elliptic Curve Cryptography in security in wireless sensor networks, discusses a wireless authentication and...
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The Performance Evaluation of China Railway Corporation Modern Logistics Based on Combination Weighting Method and TOPSIS Method

Bin Feng, Siping Qin
This paper constructs the China Railway Corporation modern logistics performance evaluation index system from financial, customer, internal processes and learning and growth four dimensions based on the current situation, and constructs the performance evaluation model based on combination weighting...
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Analysis of Knowledge Data Discovery and Mining by Construction of Natural Language Understanding System

Qiufen Wang, Huiling Guo
Natural language understanding mainly studies the language communicative process simulation of people with electronic computer, and the computer is able to understand and use the natural language of the human society. This paper analyzes the basic components and functions of knowledge discovery and data...
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Empirical Study on the impact of Urbanization on air Transport Industry in Shanghai

Di Luan, Lu Qin
Urbanization is a process of overall development on the aspects of population, economy, society and land. As the carrier of economic, social communication and logistics interaction between the city and outside world, air transport industry is greatly affected by urbanization. By choosing 1995-2012's...
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Visual Cortex Local Field Potential (LFP) in the Mouse are Linked to Respiration and Visual Stimulation

Ran Zhai, Junhui Cui, Hongwei Ding, Long Wang
Current evidence suggests that local field potential activity in the whisker barrel cortex of awake mice is phase locked to respiration . In our study,we discuss the relevance among local field potential signals,respiration and visual stimulation.First,we obtain data from EEGs including two aspects:(1)the...
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Efficacy Comparison of Ureteroscopic Holmium Laser Lithotripsy and Pneumatic Lithotripsy on Ureteral Calculi of the Elderly

Lihe Wang
75 elderly patients with ureteral calculi, treated by Department of Urology in Zunyi County People's Hospital from 2008 to September 2010, were comparatively analyzed. calculi breaking success rate, calculi clearance rate, operation time, hospital stay and other aspect of the two treatment methods were...
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Reforms on Teaching of Mathematical Modeling and Organization of Contest

Qiqiang Yang
With rapid delvelopment and popularization of high-tech and computer, the importance of mathematics becomse increasingly prominent. Human has entered the society of information and the era of network, which makes the mode of mathematical education changing. Mathmatical modeling is the best joint of improving...
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A Study on Water-mass-to-collector-area Ratio for the Flat-plate Solar Water Heating System used in Yunnan Province

Shengxian Wei, Fene Hu, Zhe Li
The model for calculating the water-mass-to-collector-area ratio (the ratio is abbreviated as MAR) was developed based on the useful energy output model of a flat-plate solar collector. The MARs were calculated by using the typical meteorological data of seven cities in Yunnan Province. The final water...
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A Soil Nailing Wall Slope Engineering Measures

Xiaoqiang Wu
The soil nailed wall is for slope stability and foundation pit excavation of a soil retaining structure, the combination of soil nails and prestressed anchor rod form a composite soil nailing wall structure. According to soil nailing - combination of prestressed anchor and soil, in a certain county shanbei...
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Shaanxi Somewhere Dangerous House Static Pressure Pile in Reinforcement Engineering Design and Support

Xiaoqiang Wu
by means of static pressure pile reinforcement technique of shanbei somewhere masonry structure reinforcement strip foundation, can improve the bearing capacity of foundation, the foundation settlement stabilized, meet the bearing capacity of normal use and use requirement. At the same time introduces...
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Shaanxi Somewhere Mountain Geological Hazard Assessment for Construction Projects

Xiaoqiang Wu
the site engineering geological conditions of mountainous area construction play a crucial role of project planning and site selection, construction projects in the engineering survey in the mountains, to pay attention to the engineering geological survey and evaluation of geological disasters. Somewhere...
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Somewhere in Northern Shaanxi Tourism Scenic Spot Design Scheme Comparison

Xiaoqiang Wu
in view of the northern shaanxi somewhere scenic spots surrounding environment situation, through comparing two kinds of design of slope protection, which focuses on a more affordable slope protection project, planning and decision-making for similar areas to provide the related technical indicators,...
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The Application of the Anchor Rod Retaining Wall in Building Slope Research

Xiaoqiang Wu
With the continuous development of China's modernization, the construction of large-scale construction, make the high slope in the construction project of geotechnical engineering projects has increased dramatically. How to solve the contradiction between high slope with complex topography and geology...
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Analysis and Measures for Current Development of Popular Taekwondo in China

Tianjin He, Li Ma
With the fast development of Chinese society, sports have already become the necessary part in people’s daily life. As a new sport item and fitness way, Taekwondo is widely loved by the numerous Chinese teenagers. Especially after winning the Olympic gold medals for several times after its short –term...
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A New Algorithm of Boolean Function and Its Application

Hongmei Pei, Guifeng Huang, Xuanhai Li
This article proposes a new algorithm of constructing Boolean function, that is, the dual algorithm, to overcome the drawback of the existing algorithm. Through comparing the two algorithms by calculating a Boolean function of two graph properties, we show the strengths and weakness of the two algorithms.
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A Naive Bayes Based Tree Classification System

Yingyu Chen, Xun Lu
This paper presents the design and implementation of an automatic classification system based on Bayes tree. Analyzed the characteristics of the tree, the system research potential issues that may affect the classification results, factors that should be considered when the trees classification modeling...
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Vortex Shedding Characteristics of Flow Past two Different Diameters Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement at Low Reynolds Number

Yongtao Wang
Flow vortex shedding from two circular cylinders of different diameters in tandem arrangement is investigated by means of numerical simulations. The two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations are solved by a fractional step upstream finite element method at a relatively low Reynolds number Re = 100. The...
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Analysis of Teaching Effect Based on the Test Paper Contents—Consideration on the Application-Oriented Computer Drawing Course Reform in Education

Xifa Yu, Xiaojing He, Cheng Chen
Based on the training objective of applied talents and the difference between research talents and skilled talents. According to the two test papers contents of computer drawing, the author analyses their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. This article points out that the test papers are...
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Characteristics of Flow over two Tandem Cylinders of Different Diameters

Yongtao Wang
Two-dimensional flow over two circular cylinders of different diameters in tandem arrangement at low Reynolds numbers has been numerically investigated in this study. The diameter ratio between the upstream control cylinder and the downstream one was varied from 0.1 to 1.0. The studied Reynolds number...
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Analysis on Value added Equilibrium of Enterprise Marketing Networks

Xiaohong Qin, Yonghong Du
Enterprise marketing networks has evolved into complex marketing networks from chain of marketing channel. However, current enterprise marketing networks has studied more limited to game decision-making of the single channel between upstream and downstream members. To considering the marketing channels...
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Longitudinal Plantar Pressure Variation during Gait Throughout Pregnancy

Chun Hu, Yan Zhang, Yaodong Gu
Objective: This aim of this study was to investigate the effect of pregnancy on plantar pressure variation during walking. It is valuable in improving the understanding of foot function and injury prevention for pregnant women in gait. Methods: Thirty-five healthy pregnant women completed over ground...
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The Exploration and Research of Home Medical Supplies Online to Offline "Individual Customization" Marketing Model

Yarong Hu, Binfeng Xu, Yehong Li
The outstanding problem of China's current home medical devices market is enough supply and demand, but consumers could not obtain the suitable products for themselves. Lacking of the matching service is the major reason. Home medical device "individual customization" by matching the custom, high-level...
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The Design and Idea of Cross-cultural Distance Collaborative Learning and Its Enlightenment

Cui Bai Li
Through the Internet, collaborative learning gradually across different countries or regions and presents development of Cross-cultural distance collaboration. The excellent distance collaborative learning project has been more and more into the characteristics of globalization. This paper first summarizes...
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The Platform Concept and Feature of Global Distance Collaborative Learning Website-- Global School Network (GSN) as an Example

Cui Bai Li
Through the Internet, collaborative learning gradually across different countries or regions and presents development of Cross-cultural distance learning. The design of global distance collaborative learning website becomes more and more important. The paper takes the famous global distance collaborative...
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Research on Teaching Reform of SCM Course under the Goal of Training Excellent Enginee

Cuimei Li, Ming Yang, Le Huang
The SCM course teaching has the characters of rich contents, diversified forms, and close relation to reality. Aiming at the practical problems existing in the course teaching, this paper puts forward a concrete teaching reform method under the goal of excellent engineer training introduction. Through...
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On Influence of Music Education on Emotional Development of Pre-school Children

Lei Liu
Music education is an important part of infant education, which belongs to an important means for shaping personality and aesthetics of pre-school children. Music produces a subtle role for children emotional development with unique appeal. It has extremely important role for perfecting infant personality...
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Analysis On Phase Shift Method Of Stealing Electricity Meter Wiring

Fengbo Gu
The electric energy meter error for system operation because of stealing brings, will cause loss of energy meter measuring electric energy electricity, and affect accuracy and integrity of energy settlement. In real work, we not only need to view real-time electric energy meter display and measurement...
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Research on the Key Technologies of Mobile Learning System

Cuimei Li, Le Huang, Rou Wang
Recently, with the rapid development of mobile computing technology, mobile learning is concerned by more and more people. Through mobile learning, learners could acquire the knowledge that they want at anytime and anywhere. In this paper, the key technologies of mobile learning system such as mobile...
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The Exploration And Practice Of Course Examination Methods Reform On Linear Algebra

Yali He, Xiaoqiang Guo
Based on deeply analysis on the current shortcomings and problems of linear algebra examination way, this paper further define the purpose and principles of evaluation way reform, Multiplicate examination forms were introduced in order to overall evaluation of students' comprehensive ability, and produced...
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Influence of Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis on Blood Lipids of Uremic Patients

Ying Shi
Objective: To investigate the influence of peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis on blood lipids of uremic patients; Methods: 100 uremic patients admitted to the hospital were selected as observation objects, clinical data of patients were collected and analyzed retrospectively. 50 patients received peritoneal...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Power Enterprise Management Curriculum

Yantao Wang
Power enterprise management curriculum is one of the common courses for electrical engineering, economics and management specialty in electric power university. This paper makes a full consideration on the actual conditions of the current reform on power management system and the need to establish a...
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Classification Management Research on Power Emergency Materials

Yantao Wang, Jing Yan
Electric power enterprises urgently need to improve the ability of rapid response to resist risk and to provide more safe and reliable service for the national economy. Power emergency materials have many variety and quantity and their price is not the same. Besides, the inventory quantity is floating...
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Exploring on the Construction of "Learning Community" Classroom of Computer Language Course

Yuanyuan Zhang, Hui Jiang
"Learning community" of classroom is a new teaching model. It is designed on the basis of constructivism conception. There are a lot of achievements about the content of "learning community",but few about the actual effect. Therefore, it is necessary to use scientific method to analyze actual effect...
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Research on the Optimization Model of Vehicle Logistics

Xiao Xie, Junjie He, Chuanda Qi
By establishing mathematics model, this paper studies the problem of logistics company’s rapid delivery for the whole car according to the customer order. The model according to the loading pattern to arrange transportation is integer linear programming model, which based on considering two types of...
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Capacity of MIMO Laser Optical (VLC) Wireless Networks

Siming Yang, Peng Xue, Bicheng Li, Xianfeng Wang, Haicheng Liu
In wireless communication systems, the laser optics wireless communication systems becomes more and more popular, such as the visual light communication (VLC) system. In this paper, we have analyzed the capacity of MIMO VLC communication system using Shannon Capacity in general, and provide necessary...
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Measurement of Drug-taking Compliance Based on RFID Technology

Zhaoxu Ren
A high level of non-compliance relating to taking of medication can lead to compromised health benefits and wasted money. Improving patient compliance has the potential for improving issues related to Cardiovascular Disorder (CVD) and many other diseases. This paper developed a prototype system for monitoring...
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The Measurement and Evaluation of Standard DQE in Digital Radiography

Xiang Lu, Junyi Zhang
This study introduces the measurement and evaluation of the standard detective quantum efficiency in digital radiography. The detective quantum efficiency (DQE) is the most suitable parameter for describing the imaging performance of digital Radiography. DQE is defined as the squared ratio of the signal-to-noise...
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Application of CNN in the Prediction of Hail Cloudy

Jinlei Cui, Guodong Li, Wenxia Xu
This paper studies on the prediction of the hail. First, Cellular Neural Network method acts on the cloud radar images to extract their edge, The cloud’s contour feature would be more clear; and then, the edge detection would be processed by wavelet transform. Five different coefficients would be found;...
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The Design and Development of a Full Range of Display System for 3D Images Based on Android Smartphone

Haomin Song, Duanqing Xu
With the popularity of smart phones, the demand, that people wish to get a full view of an interested object by smart phones, is increasing. Aimed at the demand, we design and develop such a system, which can all-round displays a 3D object for Android smart phones. This system could be very useful in...
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Practice Teaching Reform of Application Technology Oriented University

Kechao Wang, Tiantian Wang, Xiangmin Ren, Zongfu Jia
Nowadays a series of issues in the practice teaching exist, such as the lack of systematic practice teaching system especially tightly integrated with engineering application, neglect of connotation construction of practice teaching curriculum, lack of objective and impartial evaluation of the practice...
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Creating a Autonomous Learning Classroom Environment for Students Based on the Basic Electronics Course

Guojun Zhou, Hongyu Zhao
Given the characteristics of our times, the development trend of Teaching Designing Disciplines, and the limitations of traditional classroom instructions, this paper discusses the creation of autonomous learning environment with an aim of helping the development of learners capabilities and meet the...
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Forecasting Method for Ship-borne Helicopter deck-landing

Guojun Zhou, Bo Zhou
The forecasting of roll, pitch and heave of a ship determine the safety for the ship-borne helicopter. By measuring the wave data and using the RAO technique, the ship motion in different sea-states were obtained, the helicopter deck-landing forecasting will assist in the take-off, landing and flying...
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Research on Customer Relationship Management in Software Industry Based on Multi-Agent

Hui Jiang, Yuanyuan Zhang
Currently many scholars and practitioners have studied the customer relationship management (CRM) theory, CRM has become a hot academic research. But for the software industry, research in this area is clearly insufficient. In order to meet the software industry on the need for intelligent analysis of...
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Ethical Analysis on Application of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC): Concept, Necessity and Methodology

Jie Xiong, Longcan Wu
The massive open online courses(MOOC) has been introduced into China recent years. It has the advantages of convience and free. However, it is seldom analyzed on the perspctive of ethics. The history of MOOC is introduced briefly first. Then the concept, necessity, and methodology is discussed in this...
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The Origins of Reservoir Overpressure in Kelasu Tectonic Zone

Songbao Feng
There exists controversy about the origins of reservoir overpressure in kelasu tectonic zone of kuqa depression . Based on it, the distribution and the evolution characteristics of reservoir pressure were analysed, the contribution of the tectonic compression stress to residual pressure was evaluated,...
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Analysis of Sports Dance Major Affect for Development Influence

Shirui Shao, Wenlan Lian
Nowadays material civilization and spiritual civilization of human beings have been rapidly developing; sports dance has become a sports event that is favored by people. Due to China covers a vast geographic area and has a large population, sports dance development suffers many factors influence as economic...
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Context and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Jiugen Xiao, Xijuan Chen, Jun Wang
Context plays an important role in linguistic theory, and the understanding and use of language cannot do without specific context. Through the elaboration of context in verbal knowledge and its application in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, this paper puts forward the basic way of context teaching,...
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Research to Improve Vehicle Scheduling Efficiency in the Supply Chain on the Strategies

Mingxia Jia, Xing Li, Ying Jia
The growing popularity of online shopping in China has promoted the logistics and transport industry. Automobile is the most frequently used, most efficient, and most convenient means in medium- and short-distance road transport. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing pointed out by the statistics...