Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society

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PDE Model Analysis Process in Image Noise Reduction

Lingyun Fan
With development of modern science and technology, partial differential equations application in digital image processing is developing rapidly in recent years. The partial differential equation of image is to deal with the fouling, the image information in the establishment of partial differential continuous...
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The Integrative Medicine in China

Zheng Wei, Faxin Zhao, Junping Zhang, Guocen Zhao
This paper describes the historical evolution of the concept of the combination of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine and notes that the combination of the two is a knowledge system based on their common development, not simply the westernization of TCM. Both of them have their advantages...
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Cultivating the Innovation Ability of College Students Based on Science and Technology Competition

Mingna Shi
Science and technology competition of college students is a quasi-scientific activity. Science and technology competition provide a favorable platform for college students to cultivate innovation and practical ability. The cultivation of college students' innovation ability is a systematic project, which...
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Research on Route Choice of Passengers Based on The Travel Time

Qi Wang, Kun Ma
With the development of networked urban rail transit system, The ticket income distribution between each operator and line is becoming more and more complex. To accurately grasp the trip characteristics of passengers who choose the rail transit as their trip mode is of vital importance. The related information...
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Research on the Novel Education Pattern of College Students Competition based on Cultivating Innovative Talents

Wei Bian, Wenzhun Huang
In this paper, we research on the novel pattern of the competition based college education mode as based on cultivating innovative talents and teaching reform thought. Competition is based on professional course for university students of science and technology let the students to use the professional...
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Research on the Novel Education Pattern for Science and Engineering Classes Based on Experiment and Interactive Teaching Method

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie, Wei Bian, Hui Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on novel education pattern for science and engineering classes based on experiment and the interactive teaching method. Teaching ways should be further to the combination of knowledge and exploration, interaction between teachers and students teaching learning and to...
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A Comparative Analysis of B2C Cross-border E-commerce Platforms: the AliExpress and the DHgate

Dehui Li
As the most promising blue ocean industry, B2C cross-border e-commerce is growing rapidly with the support of country's policies. This paper takes two of the country`s biggest B2C cross-border e-commerce platforms as research objects, uses the method of comparative analysis to analyze them aims to provide...
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The Impact of Institutional Environment on the Company Liquidity Pricing

Jinmin Du, Xiaodong Ye, Yamin Ye
The aim of this paper is to study how the institutional environment affects the company liquidity pricing, and the research objects are listed companies. We study the objects comprehensively by theoretical derivation and apply the institutional environment into the model, which is set for the liquidity...
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Developing Predicament and Coping Strategies for Private Pension Institutions——Take Zhengzhou City of Henan Province as an Example

Wenhui Xing, Ruimin Fu, Liqin Zhang, Chunlei Liu
As the ageing process is accelerating, the government has introduced a series of policies to promote the development of private pension institutions while facing the increasing demand of beds as well as service in pension institutions. This paper carries out a field research on the representative private...
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Work Family Conflict and job dedication:The moderating Role of psychological capital

Kui Luo, Jinghan Zhou, Jian Wu, Haoyu Huang
In the past, the psychological capital was often regarded as the resources of the individual, and this paper tries to study whether the psychological capital can be regarded as an individual trait that affects the distribution of individual resources,that is psychological capital will moderate the impaction...
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Family Friendly Work Practice and Job Satisfaction:The Mediating Role of Work-Family Facilitation

Shuyuan Yang, Kui Luo
Family friendly work practice(FFWP) has received considerable attention and research support over the past decade. Now the time has come to refine and better understand how it impacts job satisfaction. This study investigates the moderating effect of work-family facilitateion Specifically, we tested...
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The Study on Teaching Management Mechanism and Teaching Mode under the Influence of Open Courses

Hongtao Yu, Yan Bao, Pengfei Xue, Cheng Du
"Open courses" refers to the network communication courses, which are video courses of excellent university. Teaching management mechanism and teaching mode faced the challenge when a large scale of it appears. Teaching system is imperfect, and teaching mode is not advanced under this condition. The...
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The Application of the TADE Integrated Teaching Mode in PLC Courses

Na Zhang, Yuyan Zhang, Xichang Han, Zuowei Li
PLC courses require students to have a high practical ability, Students are required to master the basic knowledge of analysis, the design of PLC control system, operation methods to lay a solid foundation for students in the future. However, the main body of the traditional PLC curriculum teaching mode...
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A New Cluster Analysis Based on Combinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Jin Jin, Zhong Ma, Lin Xue, Changhui Tian
Inspired by the swarm intelligence in self-organizing behavior of real Particle Swarm Optimization various Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms were proposed recently for many research fields in data mining such as clustering Compared with the previous clustering approaches such as K-means the main...
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The Research and Construction of Virtual PLC Laboratory based on Configuration Software

Yuyan Zhang, Na Zhang, Xichang Han, Zefan Jiang
The controlling objects of PLC were simulated by configuration software, and the virtual PLC Laboratory based web environment was built using the web publishing capabilities of configuration software. In this article, Taking Zijin Bridge configuration software as a platform, a Siemens s7-200 PLC as a...
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Application of “Reverse Design” in Reconstructing Curriculum Systems on NC Major

Zhilan Chen, Renwei Yang
Because the essential differences on the personnel training pattern between university students and vocational college’s students, the depth and breadth of the reform on certain curricular design would also be quite distinct. This paper puts forward an innovation in reconstructing curriculum systems...
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Research on the Influence of Household Operating Income in Heilongjiang from Agricultural Production Material Investment

Dehua Zhang
Heilongjiang, as the major grain producing province, makes outstanding contributions to grain. Farmers mainly engage in food production and their household operating income mainly depends on food income. Therefore, to protect farmers’ food income in Heilongjiang has become the key problem of ensuring...
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Research on the Willingness of Farmers’ Increasing Land Scale under the Financial Support

Dehua Zhang
The farmers’ land scale has become the main factors of farmers’ income. In the background of the financial support, the willingness and behavior of farmers to land transfer has a significant impact on the scale operation. Based on research data, through logistic regression models this paper explores...
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Investigation and Analysis of Leather Etnic Group’s Folk Sports and Culture— Fieldwork Investigation Report of “First Leather Family” Fengxiang Village

Zhenhua Guo
Gejia is an extremely rare minority ethnic group in China, which remains to be identified. From the perspective of the development of ethnic groups, the research pays special attention to the inheritance and protection of special small ethnic folk sports culture, using the research methods, such as anthropological...
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Analysis Effectiveness and Stability of Corporate Marketing Network

Xiaohong Qin, Jing Ma
Actual corporate marketing network tend to have a large and complex network structure, which affect the operation of enterprises and even dominate marketing network. Based on complex network theory, stability and effectiveness of the definition of corporate marketing network, the establishment of the...
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Import Trade of Producer Services Helps BRICS Economies Upgrade Manufacturing

Haiyue Yang
BRICS economies are all faced with the challenge of manufacturing industry upgrade. BRICS Economies can upgrade their manufacturing though manufacturing servitization. This paper bases on non-competitive input-output data during 1995-2011 in the BRICS and use input-output method investigate imported...
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Construction of Intelligent Logistics Warehouse Management Information System based on RFID Technology

Shumin Duan, Yan Xu
In this paper, the characteristics and functions of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology are analyzed. Then it discusses the method of constructing the intelligent logistics warehouse management information system. RFID system is applied to the management of goods in the warehouse. It can...
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FDI, Fiscal Decentralization and Income Inequality in China Evidence from 1996-2012 Provincial Panel Data

Duoduo Wang, Mengtao Wang
This article uses the Chinese provincial panel data from 1996 to 2012 to evaluate the effects of fiscal decentralization on FDI effect of income distribution. Our estimation results shows, in the study period,fiscal decentralization can promote the local economic development, which in general has the...
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Study on the Land-lost Peasants’ Entrepreneurship

Huihui Yan
With the constant promotion of the urbanization,the land-lost peasants increase rapidly in China. Land-lost peasants, not only lost their social security brought by their own land, and can't get social security rights as ordinary citizens.If combined with unemployment, land-lost peasants became a new...
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The Folk Custom Projection of Bloodline Heritage of Ethnic Group—Inspection and Analysis of Gejia People’s Music and Dance

Zhenhua Guo, Jun Yang
Gejia is an extremely rare minority ethnic group in China which remains to be identified. From the perspective of the development of ethnic groups, The research Pays special attention to the inheritance and protection of special small ethnic folk sports culture. Using the research methods, such as anthropological...
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Badminton Teaching Present Situation and Development Countermeasures in Shanghai College

Ruizhang Zhou
Badminton is an extremely attractive and influential sport which enjoys a high reputation in the world. This paper designs questionnaires based on Shanghai college badminton teaching at present, and analyzes the survey results as well as puts forward to the countermeasures and suggestions, with the hope...
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Research on the Popular Law of the Clothes Market

Peng Yu
Schopenhauer said that the style is the appearance of the soul, and Chanel said that fashion is popular for a short time, only the style remains for a long time. For the costume designers, a senior fashion design state is to create a clothing style, and form the unique style of type, accepting and pursuing...
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On Tropes in English News

Yan Li
For a piece of English news, in order to draw the readers’ attention, the humorous language and the vivid descriptions are especially important parts, and tropes is an important rhetorical device to add to these flavors. This paper illustrates the application of tropes in English news, including simile,...
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Design of Well Control System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Bin Zhang, Mengmeng Wu
In the process of measuring the well depth and temperature, due to the uncertainty of the air density in the well, and the different reflection ability of different impedance of the material on the sound wave, the metrical error is usually large. In this paper, we designed the temperature control system...
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Research on the Flipped Class Based on Series of Micro Lectures——Taking the College Engineering Major’s Teaching for Example

Ying Wang, Binrui Wang, Yuhua Wang, Weimin Chen
In recent years, whether from the khan academy, TED courses, to Oxford public class, or from online courses, micro class, MOOC, etc., the transformation of the new international education information, indicates the traditional teaching of colleges, especially engineering education, has to face huge challenges....
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An Analysis of the Significance of Gestalt Theory in English Listening Tests and English Vocabulary Teaching in Universities and Colleges

Yun Li
Gestalt is an important term of psychological field, and it is also one important school of the studies of psychology as well. Relevant theories of gestalt also play an important role in English teaching in universities and colleges. There is a close relationship between English listening comprehension...
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Two Methods of Proving the Improved Mean Value Theorem of Integral

Hongmei Pei, Xuanhai Li, Jielin Shang
The proof of the mean value theorem for integral, which is given by Advanced Mathematics and which is wildly used, only proved that the mean value is on the closed interval. In this paper, we provide two different methods for the proof of the mean value theorem of integral and prove the mean value is...
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Research on the Construction of Economic Belt along the East Longhai

Yinguo Li, Tingting Li
In order to make Jiangsu better into the national strategy of “one belt and one road”, the economic development level of the northern Jiangsu should be improved. The paper describes the current situation of economic and social development of areas along the East Longhai Economic Belt, and compares the...
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Survey of the Initial Employment of Students in Medical Vocational Colleges in China (Yancheng Medicine College)

Fan Qiu, Fei Ma, Jun Chen, Hui Liu
Objective: To evaluate employment ability of the graduates and improve the quality of training in our college. Method: According to requirements of pharmaceutical industry for the graduates, we formulate training quality assessment plan which contain questionnaire design, questionnaire survey, data sorting,...
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Project Development in Mechanical Drawing Curriculum

Hubo Xu, Lihua Liu, Di Zhang, Zhilan Chen
The purpose of this paper is to transform the center from curriculum content to curriculum structure in mechanical drawing course through the development of project curriculum. During the progress, the students majoring in mechanical design manufacture and automation could master assistant application...
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The Overall Measures to Build the World-Class Universities and the World-Class Subjects

Xiaolong Li
It is a great strategic decision to build the world-class universities and the world-class subjects which had been made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It will have very important significance for promoting the education development level of our country, strengthening the core competitiveness...
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Discussion and Analysis of New Higher Vocational Education in Independent College under New Situation of Globalization and Informatization

Dong Zhang, Jiangming Kuang
The independent college is a new type of university undergraduate course education mechanism under the condition that talent supply & demand cannot match severely. The purpose of this mechanism is to cultivate applied talents for national demand and provide talent guarantee for national modernization...
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Annual Evaluation for the Independence of People's Bank of China: An Attempt of Fuzzy Quantization

Jing Su, Sirui Li, Shunyun Li
In the research field of central bank, Central Bank Independence (CBI) is usually the focus of attention. Since 2003, the president and management system of People's Bank of China (PBC), which is the central bank of China, have not changed. And traditional methods cannot apply to evaluating CBI change...
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An Analysis of Northern Shaanxi Folk Culture Embodied in Northern Shaanxi Folk Songs

Xirong Ai
Northern Shaanxi folk songs are an important artistic form in the area of Northern Shaanxi Province. Northern Shaanxi folk songs are vivid reflections of local people’s life and work. They are not only beautiful in tune, but also contain rich folk culture of Northern Shaanxi. An analysis of Northern...
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Web Data Mining and Its Implication in E-commerce

Lihua Wu, Tian Deng
With the rapid development and popularity of Internet, the development of e-commerce has increasingly drawn the attention of researchers.They hope to make full use of its advantages and obtain more economic benefits in this new business mode . Web has become the foundation for enterprises to carry on...
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System Design and Development Based on Object Oriented

Tian Deng
The general concept of object oriented does not guarantee the correctness, completeness and consistency of system design. It is more important to apply the object oriented method. The software system analysis and design based on computer software is a technical difficulty, which is the intersection of...
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Implementation of a Complex Networks Analysis System

Xiangchao Li, Xun Lu
In recent years, the complex network plays a very important role in many fields of study, a highly efficient software for analysis and visualization of large networks, a large number of vertices, integrates a complex network of fast and efficient simulation of complex network analysis, and provides a...
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The Economic and Trade Cooperation of China with Countries along the Belt and Road

Zhongyun Liu
From September 2013 Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed The Belt and Road, the strategic vision has been two years. China and countries of The Belt and Road economic and trade cooperation has become one of the focuses of attention. Based on this, this paper analyzes the current situation of economic...
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Course Selection of Students Based on Collaborative Filtering

Xueli Ren, Yubiao Dai, Deqiong Ning, Yongmei Chen
The credit system is the need of higher education development. It is the basis and core of the credit system. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a reasonable course recommendation system. Collaborative filtering is a method of group intelligence, which has been successfully applied in many fields...
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Research on Computer Simulation to Thermal System of Active Lime Rotary Kiln

Lingli Zhu, Tingzhong Wang
It is difficult to establish a mathematical model of heat transfer in rotary kiln, which is difficult to establish a mathematical model. Through the theoretical research and computer simulation technology of the thermal system of rotary kiln, the thermal state of the rotary kiln is simulated, and the...
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How do the Ordinary People Invest Chinese A Share

Renfang Liang, Yu He, Junqiao Wang
To investigate the investment behavior in the Chinese stock market, 2,000 residents of the mid-scaled town of Xiaoshan completed a survey questionnaire. Sample survey and typical survey results show that most stock investors are young persons with relatively low education background. They use idle funds...
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The In-depth Exploitation and Three-dimensional Communication of Geological Cultural Resources

Dike Zhang, Shuying Xiao
The construction and development of geological culture, rational development and utilization of geological cultural resources, is of great importance for the prosperity of scientific and cultural undertakings. Geological culture is a resource embodying a great potential, which should be exploited in...
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Design and Development of Office Automation Management System based on and SQL Server Technology

Xianghui Chen
The office automation system should realize: the sharing of various information resources in the enterprise, strengthen the communication between the staff and improve the efficiency of the whole work. This paper first analyzes the development of office automation system tools and technology, include...
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Research into the Professionalization of China’s Sports Brokers

Zhaoyuan Huang
In this paper, the development of and the problems in China’s sports brokers are analyzed and studied. According to the results, there are some problems in the development of the sports brokers in China: the sports market system is not well developed, the information about the sports broker market is...
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Development Strategy of Cultural Industry in Hebei Province Based on DEA Model

Lixin Wang, Suchao Wang, Xiuna Gan
The cultural industry is the sunrise industry of the 21st century. Have the deep resources and the development of cultural industry in Hebei province background, how to turn a big province of cultural resources into a strong province cultural industry, is an important topic to research and solve in hebei...
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The Innovative Talents Training Mode of the Generic Architecture Discipline--Take the An Introduction to Soundscape Design As Example

Zhengzheng Tong, Zhenkun Han, Xin Tong
In this paper, a generic design of acoustic landscape architecture discipline, for example, through the analysis of the focus of architectural subject innovation talents training and the teaching difficulty of the architectural discipline, we put forward three case studies the cultivation of the practical...
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Reason Analysis of the Gap between CRTS Slab and Self Compacting Concrete

Kunteng Zhu, Bin Wu, Zhiping Zeng, Bin Liu
This paper established mechanical analysis model of track structure including rail, track slab, door type tendon, self-compacting concrete and base according to the CRTSIII track slab structure characteristics, and analyzed the force condition between interface of track slab and self-compacting concrete...
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Simulation Training System of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

Wenfeng Hao
A circulating fluidized bed boiler as an important component of thermal power plant is used to make an investigation of simulation training software to solve a problem of study system independently lack for trainers and teaching software shortage for training directors. Authorware, a human-computer interaction...
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Based on the c # and XML Antenna Automatic Test System

Xiaohu Liu
At present most of the antenna tuning devices bring program, but these scripts format, content, incompatible, bring difficulties to test automation implementation. In order to solve this difficulty, this paper use XML to describe the test script. On the basis of the test framework, built on c # automated...
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Investigation on Regional Recognition of Open Access Journals

Shen Li, Guang Yu, Wanfeng Zhang, Shuang Tan
To investigate regional differences in open access among China, USA and Japan, we presented different test methods in contrast distributions of open access journals in SCI-E. We analyzed quartiles in category and influence of open access journals in basic subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry) by...
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Research on Industrial Safety Evaluation Model under the Restriction of Resources and Environment

Guoyu Ning, Jingfeng Zhao
In the current, global economy is facing resources and environment constraints increasingly strong , under the background, low carbon economy and green development become a trend. Industrial safety is becoming one of the hot issues of concern of many scholars, including that of Industrial Safety Evaluation...
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Discussion And Practice Of Production Practice Mode Based On Little Research

Bin Huang, Chengwei Li, Xiaomeng Wang, Jiayue Tao, Jiajing Yi
In order to solve the prevailing formalism of College Students’ production practice , this paper deeply analyzes the roots of unwelcome current passive production practice and puts forward an active mode of production practice from the perspective of corporate interests, which is based on little research...
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Research on the Construction of Educational Administration Management Information in Colleges and Universities

Zhongde Liu, Yongqing Yang
1.Objective:the level of educational administration management in Colleges and universities determines the efficiency of educational administration, and in the process of educational administration management information system, there are many factors which restrict the development of information technology.2.Methods:...
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The Stable Image System and Method of Quick Reflective Mirror based on Related Detection of Pictures

Huihua Jiao, Wei Zhou
The stable image system and method of quick reflective mirro based on related detection of pictures means the stable tracing system to the trembling light beam in action or trembling environment through diversive light beam of the quick reflective mirro. The system firstly detect the offset of the unstable...
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Study on Multi-condition Test of Wheel-rail Adhesion Coefficient Testing Machine

Dong Zha
This paper presents a scheme of multi-conditions of wheel-rail adhesion ball-disc testing machine. It is composed of mechanical components, hydraulic components, control components and data processing system, and can be carried out different testing experiments under the conditions of different speed,...
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Constructive Teaching Design in College English Project-based Learning

Li Qin
Students-centered Project-based Learning (PBL) and teacher-authoritative pre-programming pattern are incompatible topics in teaching design, and the combination of them lead to conflicts and puzzled the ambitious developers longing for fundamental changes in College English. To realize the teachers and...
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A Study on Higher Tourism Education Training Status and Development Strategies

Min Wu
To make the tourism industry develop rapidly, based on the general research on training of the higher tourism talents, the thesis analysis the status and problems, then probes into the countermeasures of higher tourism education in talents’ training.
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Application Research of Oral English Teaching of Situational Teaching with Multimedia Assistance

Fan Yang, Xuguang Min, Xiaoqiang Hu, Lisheng Yuan
This paper has discussed the status quo in oral English teaching at colleges in China, and proposed that multimedia assistance is the related solutions, and demonstrated the advantages as well as how to use multimedia assistance technology in oral English instruction.
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The Co-precipitation Characteristics of Pb in Highly Alkaline Wastewater by CO2 Bubbling

Fengling Hao, Hehua Gao, Lei Wang
The change of pH value in the wastewater, the characteristics of Carbonate precipitation and hydroxide precipitate by Pb, the adsorption and co-precipitation characteristics with the hydrated oxides of iron and aluminum and calcite have been researched by CO2 bubbling. After CO2 was bubbled to the high...
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A Hybrid Method to Evaluate Similarity of XML Document

Yubiao Dai, Xueli Ren
XML is an important standard of information representation and data exchange over the Internet, document classification is an important way to get useful information from the mass of information solutions, a method of XML document classification is proposed based on fuzzy matching path in the paper....
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The Emergence and Development of Modern Female Schools in China

Yuanyuan Zhao, Hejian Lu
The modernization of Chinese society was compelled to be completed in the influences of western culture and civilization. The modernization of education is an indispensable part of social modernization, and the education equality of men and women is a necessary and big step in China’s education modernization....
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Research on Optimization of Commercial Electricity based on the Time-of-Use price--Take Chongqin as an Example

Zhen Liu, Zhenzhu Guo, Kaiwei Zhu
With the continuous development of the domestic economy, the demand for electricity continues to grow. In order to reduce the power consumption and the power supply pressure, Time-of-Use price (TOU) is more and more attention. And the nature of the commercial enterprise determines the majority of the...
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Education and Reform of Essential Inorganic Chemistry To Freshman in Medical School

Bingli Pan, Minglei Gou, Gengxian Wang, Jinwu Guo
Essential inorganic chemistry is an important basic course of freshmen in medical school. Students have difficult in learning it and teachers also teach it with difficulty; therefore it is a curriculum with major characteristics. In order to cope with this problem, the author introduces a variety of...
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Analysis of Key Technologies of Digital Library Based on Cloud Computing

Xin Guo
With the development of information technology, the library has changed greatly, and the target of the intensive literature information resources has been seriously challenged. The existing mode of information resources has gradually changed from the analog to digital state. The digital library began...
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Research on Key Technology of Animation Scene Based on Computer Technology

Xin Guo
Animation technology is a involves many disciplines cross technology, with the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more new technology application to the animation technology, the traditional two-dimensional animation has tended to be eliminated, and 3D animation development rapidly,...
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Design and Implementation of Mobile Police Based on Big Data

Xin Guo
In recent years, big data processing related theories and techniques get more and more attention from industry and academic On the one hand, the scientific research produces a large amount of data Analyzing these data is an important part for scientific research On the other hand, with the continuous...
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Systematic Modelling Study on Guidance Strategy of College Foreign Language Teaching Development

Zong Li
Aiming at the existing problems in the current college foreign language teaching the author put forward basic orientation and concept of reform and development of college foreign language teaching; with the application of systematic modeling macro frame model and new development guidance pattern are...
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A Review of Multimodal Interaction

Rongjian Liang, Bin Liang, Xueqian Wang, Tao Zhang, Gang Li, Kang Wang
Due to the contribution to a more natural and efficient human-computer interaction style, multimodal interactive systems are becoming more and more common-place and cover a wide range of applicants. Therefore, there seems to be an urgent need for an introduction to related concepts of multimodal interaction...
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The Research of China's Low Carbon Economy Situation and Countermeasures

Tingfa Zhang, Peng Sun
Low carbon economy is based on low energy consumption, low emissions and low pollution. China has currently the advantage about the low carbon economy, but there are still many adverse factors, such as traditional pattern of economic development, which leads to the high energy consumption, high emission...
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A Study on the Motivation of African Students in China

Chunsheng Jiang
The purpose of the study on African students’ motivation is to understand the students’ situations, which include their difficulties and barriers in their life and study, and then make an analysis on the relation among the cultural situation and motivation, and learning outcomes as well, which thus surly...
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Computer Network Reliability Analysis based on Intelligent Computing

Xingyu Luo
In recent years, with the changes of the times and the continuous development of the society, the development of information technology is also showing a rapid development. The emergence and development of information technology has greatly changed people's living habits and behavior patterns, in people's...
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Enterprises Accounting for Reward Bonus under the Perspective of Business Law

Shanshan Wang, Honglei Liu
In this article, the author defined the elements of accounting reward bonus and determined the accounting method of the enterprise's reward bonus. This truly reflected the financial position and operating results of the enterprise. Though analyzed the legal relationship generated by the enterprise reward...
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Index System and Its Application of Fuzzy Assessment on Undergraduates' Employment Quality

Jia’nan Chen, Hongfang Zhou, Dongsheng Yang
Assessment index reflects assessed contents and the choice of assessment method. A scientific assessment in-dex system is in favor of exactly assessing the quality of talent cultivation, as well as guiding the enhancement of the quality. This paper intends to establish an index system of fuzzy assessment...
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Research on the Bilingual Teaching in the University

Xuemei Bai, Yang Lu, Jinghui Su
The effective implementation of bilingual teaching can help students acquire forefront academic expertise, master a foreign terminology in some areas of expertise, improve their foreign language skills, lay a good foundation for their participation in international exchanges in the future and develop...
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Stokes Vector Single-ended Direct Detection Using a 3×3 Coupler Hybrid

Chao Wan, Jinnan Zhang, Jing Li, Chenzhao Wei
We propose a scheme to implement the Stokes vector single-ended direct detection (SV-DD) using a 3×3 coupler hybrid. A 112-Gb/s single-polarization modulated 16-QAM signal is successfully received after 240-km SSMF transmission. SV-DD using 3x3 couplers may provide a more cost-effective and more power-efficient...
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Training and Promotion of Humanities Cultivation for Engineering Students

Xuemei Bai, Feng Wang
Nowadays, many university students pay more attention to the high-salary job and pay less attention to the multi-aspect development and excellent personal qualities. They are affected by the atmosphere of society fickleness and the cognition of many people of paying much attention to the economic benefits....
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Identifying Occupant Patterns in a Super-tall Building Through the Theory of Planned Behavior Model

Ma Limin, Arevalo Nataly, Wang Qian
Substantial energy, water, and solid waste savings can be achieved by user behavior detection and consumption patterns. This empirical research proposes a systematic framework with the adoption of mixed methods approach. Qualitative data is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior model (TPB), which analyses...
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Empirical Study of the Telecommunication Operation Performance Evaluation of Regional China

Yi Qu, Shen Zhong, Dehua Zhang
Based on the total assets and cost of main operations as input variables, the main business revenue and profit as the output variable in this paper, we build the operational performance evaluation model of China's telecom industry, based on DEA-CCR, and use the relevant data to measure the operational...
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A Study on the Training of the Practical Ability of Building Electrical Talents under the Background of the Separation of Supervision Management and Assessment

Fenglong Kan, Dongwei Zhang, Yongming Mao, Xin Wang, Nan Chen, Jiuyi Lü, Hongliang Kan, Bin Wang
Objective: Promote the management's system actively to meet the need of The national medium and long-term education reform and development plan Under the background of the development of the University's forces to participate in the running mechanism of the school. Methods: In the following areas ,the...
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Application of BIM in Building Electrical Design

Nan Chen, Fenglong Kan, Changtao Wang, Xin Wang, Ning Qi, Xiyang Liu, Yongming Mao, Bin Wang
Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the field of domestic construction is being more and more people are familiar with the application, In this paper, the application of BIM technology in the field of building electrical design is discussed. Objective: The application of BIM technology in building...
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Discussion on the Cultivation of Comprehensive Ability of College Students by the Electronic Design Contest

Changtao Wang, Juan Cheng, Zhonghua Han, Haoxuan Zhao, Xin Wang, Fenglong Kan, Dongwei Zhang, Bin Wang
Objective: The electronic design contest for national college students not only plays a more important role in the teaching reform of electronic information specialty in Colleges and universities, but also plays an important role in the cultivation of innovative talents and a guiding role in the innovation...
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Parameters Turning of ADRC based on Neural Network

Hongliang Kan, Fenglong Kan, Nan Chen, Qiaoshi Ma, Xin Wang, Dongwei Zhang, Ning Qi, Bin Wang
Objective:Though ADRC controller shows strong robust character and adaptability, it still exist a lot of shortages, such as the frequency characteristie, stability... ete. Those were not solved in the theories. And the most diffieulty of ADRC's application in the industry is that the parameters are too...
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Research into College Student Information Management System based on Web

Guozhu Hu
Development of College Student Information Management System is an inevitable trend of the current campus information technology and an important means. Based on the information for college students’ detailed analysis of the architecture, the main function of the system on the basis of the detailed design,...
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Research on Electrical Technology Course Reform based on Professional Certification of Engineering Education

Rui Zhang, Meiju Liu, Xin Wang, Enyang Gao, Jiuyi Lü, Changtao Wang, Fenglong Kan, Bin Wang
Taking engineering education certification as an opportunity and according to professional standard of engineering education certification, the reform plans are put forward. At first, we discuss recognition of professional engineering education certification in this paper. And professional engineering...
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Research on Talents Cultivation of College Students Based on “Market Product Concept” Model

Yongxia Yan
The society need the professional talents who are with good profession skill quality and can adapt quickly to the society. However, the students cultivated by current traditional education can’t meet the requirements of the talent market . Considering the quality problem of the student cultivation, set...
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Research on the College Library Information Literacy Education in MOOC Environment

Ning Qi, Dongwei Zhang, Jiyong Li, Yongming Mao, Xin Wang, Changtao Wang, Hui Zhang, Bin Wang
The emergence of massive open online courses, bring disruptive changes to higher education. This method is based on students as the center, providing students with personalized education and support, and it focus on improving the students' interest in learning. It can stimulate students' initiative and...
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Study on Speed Measurement of Brushless DC Motor

Fenglong Kan, Zhonghua Han, Changtao Wang, Xin Wang, Yongming Mao, Chunguang Liu, Xiyang Liu, Bin Wang
Objective The speed fluctuation of the Holzer sensor of Brushless DC motor is often compared with the speed fluctuation. which often can not be used as the feedback signal of controller. In this paper ,we try to resolve this problem. Methods The method of frequency multiplication is improved, and a new...
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Teaching Practice About the Innovative Training Models Of Full-time Graduates

Changtao Wang, Zhonghua Han, Juan Cheng, Xin Wang, Nan Chen, Fenglong Kan, Dongwei Zhang, Bin Wang
Objective: To improve the abilities of full-time graduates, the Innovative Training teaching method will be discussed in this paper. Methods: Shenyang Jianzhu University conducted a new teaching practice using innovative training in the teaching process on full-time graduate students, and achieved significant...
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Teaching Reform of Experiment about Electric Circuit Based on CDIO

Jiuyi Lü, Xin Wang, Rui Zhang, Nan Chen, Yongming Mao, Chunguang Liu, Hui Zhang, Bin Wang
This paper introduces the basic concept of CDIO(conceive, design, implement, operate) engineering education mode Pointing at and the lack of the existing problems in the teaching activities of the electric circuit experiment in colleges and universities. This paper discussed, in detail, the reform of...
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Application Of KEELOQ Algorithm In PEPS System

Dan Li, Yi Wang, Wenjun Xiao
Passive Entry Passive Start(PEPS) because its high security and easy to use which has become the main development trend in the field of the automotive electronics.For the security and reliability of PEPS system,my paper proposed a encryption and decryption method based on KEELOQ algorithm.Compared with...
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On the Intrinsic Relationship Between Regional Characteristics and Environmental Art Design

Peng Hao
The influence of the rapid development of modern science and technology and economic globalization. The strong culture of the economic power has been shown to suppress the cultural development trend, with the regional cultural characteristics gradually disappeared in the market economy. In such a background,...
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Try to Talk about the Construction of Practice Teaching System of Financial and Economics in Higher Vocational Colleges

Daili Wan
Higher vocational education as a blend of the ordinary higher education and professional education model of vocational education, has a special development track. Finance is a professional, vocational important requirement for teaching, especially is very tall to the requirement of practical teaching....
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On Construction of M&A and Profit-making Method of China Securities Traders

Qiuheng Tan
Securities traders in China are facing great challenges along with change and development of market economy as well as double pressure from macro and micro economy conditions in recent years. The securities traders should be based on existing condition and combine with market demand for realizing business...
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Discussion of MICE Industry’s Development and the Hainan Urban Economy Construction

Xueqiu Zhuang, Yu Zhai
Today's MICE industry with powerful ecnomy drives and influence to attract the attention and development from all over the world. Under the background of Great efforts to build international tourism island, Hainan possess some of the unique advantages with the development of MICE industry, but it still...
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Application of Regression Analysis for Small Samples Based on Bootstrap Method

Shibo Xin, Bing Ren
Giving bootstrap method of estimation based on multivariate regression analysis when representation of samples are small, the changing multivariate regression equation by bootstrap method of estimation is used as academic multivariate regression equation, and discussing process of bootstrap samples,...