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The Design and Implementation of Mobile Online Testing System based on Android Platform

Xiangyi Li, Yanheng Li
The development of the system is mainly for students in the Android mobile platform for online testing of each course.This paper first gives the environment of the development of the testing system, analyzes the system structure of the online testing system, expounds the basic development ideas of the...
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Demobilized Officers Incentive System and Model Design

Jianjun Han, Xiaolan Lu
How to motivate the officers to be at ease is the important problem of the relationship between the core fighting force of the army. At present, the military general use of the task of the lack of a lack of strategic thinking on the overall organizational strategy, long-term incentive system is too simple,...
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Effect of Cu2+ on antioxidant of EGCG

Ma Liming, Chen Songsong
( )-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a major compound of tea polyphenols it has exhibited an antioxidant activity in previous studies. Cu2+ can be a center ion in complex reaction with EGCG and affect its antioxidant capacity as well. To investigate the effects on antioxidation of EGCG after add Cu2+...
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Research on Construction Technology of Concrete in Winter for Deep Foundation Pit by Top-Down Construction Method

Dong Li, Lianyu Wei
In the most of the cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere, three even six months are cold season every year. In order to meet the needs of the project schedule, a large number of construction engineering are still advanced in winter. The low temperature can cause cast-in-situ concrete component of early...
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Applied SMS-2D in Erosion Simulation of High Entrained Sand Flow Field during Severe Typhoon

K.H. Cheng, C. Chao, C.H. Lin, Y.T. Wang, H.C. Lin
Taiwan shaped to the narrow island, whose topography and climatic factors affecting the subject, river current is swift and steep riverbed erosion phenomenon is quite serious, this study Kaohsiung Baolai No.2 Bridge in southern Taiwan as an example and SMS-2D numerical model to simulate flow field during...
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Investigation of Piers Suffered Landslides Impact on the Main Deep Trough of River Bed by 2D Unsteady Flow Simulation

K.H. Cheng, C.H. Lin, C. Chao, M.C. Chang, C.M. Yu
Debris flow is a serious disaster which always leads to huge damages in Taiwan. After typhoon or downpour, the fluid pressure and the impact of the huge rocks and floating woods brought by debris flow may contribute to structural damage of bridges, or damage the bridge base which is attributed to the...
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Application of the Incentive Mechanism in the construction of the Party branch of University Teachers

Yingxia Liu
The Party branch of University Teachers' basic level party is the political core, which plays an important role in the rule of law. However, the enthusiasm of the teachers is not high, the role of the pioneer model is not good, and the mechanism of the incentive mechanism is not perfect. To adapt to...
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The Software Testing Method Application and Research of Embedded Electronic System

Yanping Wei
With the rapid development of computer hardware and software technology, the hardware size and performance of embedded system have been greatly improved, accordingly, the complexity and size of the embedded system software have also doubled. However, the particularity of the embedded system requires...
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An Analysis of English Teaching Strategies in Universities and Colleges from the Perspective of Aesthetics

Xuelian Wang
Language is the carrier of culture, and the expressions of people’s thoughts cannot be separated from human nature, so that there is a kind of internal integrity between English teaching and aesthetics. Therefore, the fundamental goal of English teaching in universities and colleges is to make creative...
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MOOC Construction and Application based on the Cloud Platform of Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaoli Song, Jianming Zeng
Since rising the boom around the world in 2012, MOOC has experienced the development of more than two years. The MOOC research of the society from all walks of life has gradually return to rational from fever. Although some scholars criticize MOOC exists the problems, such as high dropout rates, being...
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Research Overview of M-Commerce Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Liping Liu, Jun Wang
Started with the main evaluation model of customer satisfaction, this paper sorts out the research on mobile commerce customer satisfaction measurement: the related research on the influence factors of acceptance willingness of mobile commerce; the related research on customer satisfaction model of online...
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The Construction and Information Service Mode Exploration of the Handheld Smart Library Platform based on Web Certification

Jianming Zeng, Xiaoli Song
As the content of traditional culture, library now is also changing dramatically. With the propulsion of wireless network technology, database technology, software engineering, etc, the research to the digital library continues to innovate. Under the condition of the rapid development of mobile wireless,...
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Effects of the Friction Coefficient on Sealing Performance of Packer Element

Baolong Qu
An optimal design of the packer element contact pressure is conducted to gain further insight into the packer seal mechanism and avoiding fracture. A double elements packer is investigated using the finite element method, where an orthogonal testing method is utilized to study the effects of the friction...
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A Mathematical Model for Location Transformation Based on Light and Shadow Length

Luping Zhang
The shadow direction as well as length of objects will change along with the change of sun shinning over the earth and this paper establishes a model to research on the shadow changes in a certain period with a same pole in the same position so as to know the time changes and location.
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The Establishment of the Evaluation Index of the TQM System of Political Education in the Armed Police Academy

Xiuyuan Peng, Jianjun Han
The evaluation of the TQM system of the ideological and political education in the Armed Police Academy is an important way of scientific and systematic management of Ideological and political education in Colleges and Universities. It is of great significance to strengthen the construction of Ideological...
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Study on the Construction of Teaching System Combined With Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Miao He
In order to meet the social demand for talents of digital design and manufacturing technology, promote teaching reform with engineering practice, explore a teaching system based on digital technology and centered on students, this paper understands the informatization connotation of manufacturing industry...
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Exploration and Practice on Talent Training Modes for Mechanical Engineering in Application-Undergraduate Colleges

Ziyang Cao, Guangxun Wang
With the rapid development of mechanical manufacturing industry, mechanical application type talents demand is increasing, as a local undergraduate colleges of professional mechanical, need to adjust its talents cultivation mode and scheme, so as to meet the needs of the market, serving the development...
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Modern Logistic Information Management System Under Internet Technology

Yi Liu, Jing Cai
The 21st century is an age of information with constant development of computer network, which has brought much convenience for people’s life; while logistics is an indispensable part of modern people’s life. Since people are having higher and higher demand for quality of life, the traditional logistics...
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Demonstrations for the Designs of Three-dimensional Optical Massive Storage

Chenxi Wang, Jianguo Wang, Kai Deng
The preliminary design of optical stereoscopic massive information storage has been declared a national invention patents. This technology has combined the advantages of optical disc and optical tape and abandoned both of the disadvantages. The most important improvement is to change the storage from...
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Study on the Application of Data Mining Technology in Software Knowledge Base

Song Guo, Xiaohong Yin
With the rapid development of normalization, computer database system has related to various aspects of social life, which leads to an explosive growth of industrial data. Faced with massive data, computers with limited storage have to abandon some out-dated data. However, these data include much valuable...
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Investment Attractiveness of Closed-end Real Estate Investment Funds in Russia: Factor Score Evaluation

Irine S. Antonova, Olesya A. Negodina, Katrine S. Koptelova, Lubov Yu. Spitsina, Svetlana N. Popova, Danil D. Vavilov
Closed-end real estate investment fund is currently one of the most popular instruments of collective investments in Russia. In this article, we have designed a factor score method to evaluate the investment attractiveness of closed-end real estate investment funds as the objective of the research. The...
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Software Engineering Implementation Research

Wenfeng Chen
Software engineering implementation is to apply software engineering theory for software development organizations in order to improve the product development time (T), quality (Q), cost (C), service (S) of software development organization. The most important is the engineering software development...
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Study on Vertical Welding Experiment for General SHS Welding Rods

Haodong Liu, Fangyou Hu, Aiyong Cui, Xiaofei Wang
There were vertical welding was operated with general SHS welding rods based on Fe-base which was developed by our organization in this paper. Not only experimental phenomenon in the process of welding include form of molten bath and flow of fusion solder, but also experimental phenomenon after welding...
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Key Technology of Manufacturing Information-Digital Design and Manufacturing

Yi Jiang, Li Xu
The world economic competition pattern is undergoing profound changes, the main developed countries have proposed the re industrialization strategy, and launched a major move to rely on technological innovation to revitalize the manufacturing industry, a new round of industrial revolution is deepening....
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Construction of Open Teaching Resource of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Muqing Zhan, Haiying Liu
Development of information technology grants learning in the network era new characteristics. Meanwhile, it also calls for open and sharing of educational resources. In this paper, the current situation of the teaching resource construction for domestic and overseas open course is analyzed, the meaning...
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On Establishment of Computer Science and Technology Course System

Li-hua Wu
In today's science and technology, the computer is one of the most important and key. The gradual development of computer technology and extensive application of computer science and technology to gradually transform into an independent professional discipline, therefore, the scientific construction...
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Analysis on the Status Quo of China’s Advanced English Guide Test

Xiaonan Li
With the gradual increase of inbound and domestic tourists as well as standards on tour guide market by Tourism Law, there has been an increasingly higher demand for advanced English guide in the market. The Test of Advanced English Tour Guide has been officially launched since 2011 after 15-year interruption;...
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Study on Communication Technology among the Electronic Systems

Hai-liu Xiao
The world today is the world with science and technology as its dominance; the innovation of science and technology has promoted the development of social productive forces, has upgraded the degree of social civilization and civilized degree, and changes people's way of life; and especially the development...
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Discussion on Sketch Teaching

Qunying Li
As a basis of plastic arts foundation, teaching of sketch basis is developed following the creation principle of realism, and is rooted in the prototype of traditional figurative realism. It enables the exploration, research and teaching for the rule of modeling and form. As the gateway for sketching,...
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Study on the Online Office System for Tourism Management

Huaping Xiang, Chao Chen
Tourism is a sunrise industry with huge economic potential and broad market prospect. While developing tourism, the rapid development of network technology has changed people’s inquiry and reservation of tourism and transportation, Information technology is the most advanced productivity element in today’s...
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On the Application of Teacher Expectancy Effect in English Teaching

Chihong Xing
Rosenthal Effect (Pygmalion Effect) is a form of self-fulfilling prophecy and has been applied to researches in many fields in recent years. It is the application of Rosenthal Effect in the education field. Teacher expectation is teacher’s expectation and concern for students on the knowledge of them....
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Traditional Chinese Culture and Tourism Management

Chao Chen
Tourism management is a newly emerged branch of modern management science, which has both the universal properties of management science and its own characteristics. In this paper, it starts from the relationship between traditional Chinese culture and tourism management to investigate the effect of...
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Research Series on the Industry Development of International Tourism Island---The Problem and Suggestion on Agritainment in Hainan

Yihe Huang
Due to the establishment of Hainan international tourism island and the fulcrum position of the maritime silk road, the tourism industry of Hainan has made a leaping development, and especially the “agritainment”--rural tourism, is ushered in new opportunities and challenges. Starting from the problems...
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Indigenous Study on the Institution of Security Investor Protected Fund

Jing Zhou
With the development of world financial market after the second world war, security market has also been developed rapidly, which has brought prosperous economic development together with increasingly fiercer competition. The competition follows the basic principle of survival of the fittest. Thus, some...
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Research of Emergency Information Resourse Organization Based on Metadata

Yanxia Lu, Di Wu, Ling Zhou
Introducing metadata management mechanism to build emergency information resources, the paper establishes the data storage metadata, data exchange metadata and data display metadata, and integrates the data of E-government inside-outside network. Information integration based on metadata will solve the...
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Differences and Coordination Between Accounting and Tax Law

Jing Huang
There are wide differences between accounting standards, accounting system and tax laws in terms of the confirmation, measurement and operation methods of economic affairs, which have led to the smuggling of taxes in some enterprises. Meanwhile, it will continue to raise the financial accounting cost...
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The Impact of Financial Industry on Energy Development Based on VAR Model

Dong Sun, Haoran Zhao
With the development of industrialization, the world’s energy supply and demand contradictions become increasingly sharp, a difficult problem of optimizing energy industry structure and reducing external dependence need to be solved by the support of finance. Therefore, on the basis of analyzing the...
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Research into English Education Strategies

Yan Deng
Language is one of the most important communication tools in human society. With the globalization of economy and the continuous improvement of English education in our country, the heat of the whole nation is increasing. Under the impact of international multi culture, the cultural atmosphere of learning...
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Based on the Direction of the Antenna Pattern Measurement Level Collection Site Calibration Test Stand Development

Xiaohu Liu
Far-field antenna pattern measurement site is important to ensure accurate measurement, and there are some problems most of the text field now, so that the test pattern data comparing simulation results with the standard existence of bias, that the development of the antenna are some obstacles. Therefore,...
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Research on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Based on Social Network Analysis

Qiu Chu
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a burgeoning regional international organization. It has played important role in many respects, such as political and economic. Researches which focused on this organization have gained many attentions for a long time. The Social Network Analysis...
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The Empirical Analysis of China's Industrial Structure Optimization Based on Resources and Environment Constraints

Guoyu Ning, Jingfeng Zhao
Chinese industrial structure optimization is currently facing increasingly severe resource and environmental constraints, especially in the face of economic volume is increasing, their consumption of resources and energy surge, coupled with the international resources market environment faced by influences...
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Research on the Parallelism Detection Between Nozzle and Floating Plate

Bin Huang, Xiaomeng Wang, Chengwei Li, Jiayue Tao, Jiajing Yi
In the flotation six-dimensional force measurement platform, parallelism between the nozzle and the floating plate directly affects the machine's accuracy. For some reason about the structure of the flotation six-dimensional force measurement platform, we cannot use the conventional method to test on...
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A Study of Applied Talents Training Model in Undergraduate Tourism Management in Local Universities---A Case Study of Xinyang Normal University

Minggui Cao
Xinyang Normal University is a provincial undergraduate college in Henan province. Its undergraduate tourism management was approved as featured specialty at the provincial level in 2009. From then on, we carry out active exploration in the direction of professional orientation, curriculum system, teaching...
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The Examination Reform Based on Information Orientation in Higher Education

Zhongde Liu, Xiaohui Guan
With the national-scale development of information technology in institutions of higher learning, Examination management, an organic and important component of university teaching management, will face to its new opportunities as well as challenges.1. Objective This paper introduces the brief history...
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Exploring the Next Generation Network Architecture based on SDN

Huihua Jiao, Xiangyi Li
This paper has studied the definition, characteristics and basic structure of SDN with the method of literature analysis and analogy analysis analyzed the development trend of the next generation of SDN network structure from different aspects Including the way to realize the SDN, some of the problems...
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The Research and Design of Project Based Language Assessment System

Mojun Du
In recent years, many linguists have carried on a lot of researches and analysis on Project-Based Learning (PBL) from different perspectives. However, the research of Project based language assessment (PBLA) is comparatively scarce. This paper introduces how to conduct the research and design on Project...
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On the Pragmatic Study of Euphemism and Its Application for English Teaching

Shuang Wu, Ning Wang
Euphemism, as a common linguistic phenomenon, is a mild or vague or periphrastic expression as a substitute for blunt precision or disagreeable truth. Based on the academic research done before, this thesis attempts to explore English euphemism from the pragmatic perspective as well as its application...
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On Cultivation of the Philosophy of College Students’ Innovation

Xuguang Min, Lisheng Yuan, Xiaoqiang Hu, Fan Yang
This paper has discussed how to the cultivation of innovation, the new concept of innovation, how to evaluate innovation, how to foster innovation and why we need innovation for college students. It also stresses that it is valuable to teach them new ideas of innovation, make think in an innovative way,...
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Arduino CommShell, An Interactive Tool for Mechatronic Classroom Teaching

Xiaoming Li, Yao Xiao
In this paper a CommShell for Arduino has been proposed and designed. CommShell is a shell program running on the Arduino platform, accepting interactive commands from its simulated serial communication port. With the help of Arduino CommShell, users can communicate with Arduino using pre-defined commands...
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Exploratory Research on Exploitation Potentials for Forest-biomass based on the Social Development

Zhen Liu, Weiqiang Yang, Gangqing Pu, Kaiwei Zhu
With rising energy prices and growing pollution, biomass energy development has become a new research focus. The assessment potential for traditional forest biomass was only based on a single "natural" perspective, while ignoring the greatest social factors in the development of biomass energy cycle....
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Application in Student Management of Similarity

Yubiao Dai, Xueli Ren
The learning achievement is the important index of students appraising and award grants, therefore, the scores of courses become the core content of the student management. A system is established to estimate scores to improve the learning effect based on a large number of students’ grade data bases...
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The Relationship Between Administrative Values And Job Performance

Fei Ma, Fan Qiu
Objective: The main purpose of this research is to study the relationship between the administrative values and job performance of the government employees in china. Method: About 223 government employees in Jiangsu Province are selected as a sample .We collect information by using the methods of literature...
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Thoughts on International Course Designed and Presented in University

Hengbo Yang
The international course is newly established in Chinese univesities in recent years. Its’ objective is to cultivate student’s understanding of professional couse in foreign language. The paper aims at exploring some achievements from the international course as well as finding better ways to improve...
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Teaching and Reform of Analysis Chemistry To Freshman

Bingli Pan, Cuiyun Liu, Gengxian Wang, Jinwu Guo
Analysis chemistry is a key basic course of freshmen in medical engineering and medical school. A part of students have difficult in learning it. Teachers should work hard to teach analysis chemistry because it is a very important curriculum with some characteristics. The author introduces a new teaching...
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Research and Application of Large Data in Management Information System

Xin Guo
With the continuous innovation and application of the modern information technology, the enterprise information is officially entered into the era of big data. And in this context, the enterprise management information system in the data search, access, storage, analysis and presentation, and put forward...
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Ant Colony Optimization Computing Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on Cloud Computing Environment

Xin Guo
Ant colony algorithm is a kind of intelligent bionic algorithm. It is based on the observation of ant’s food hunting in the nature ,which finds that ants always find shortest path between their nest and food source. The main principle is ants can release pheromone and percept its concentration to identify...
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Traffic Flow Forecasting Model Based on Data Mining

Xin Guo
The research and application of Intelligent Transportation System has developed rapidly due to the demand on safe convenient comfortable and information-based modern transportation. It is important part of the research of Intelligent Transportation System to study different forms and operation rules...
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Research on Securities Trader M&A Business Profit Model in China

Qiuheng Tan
M&A business is developed in global M&A trend. M&A business is one of core businesses for investment banks in western countries. In recent years, foreign securities trader M&A business is rapidly developed, which has become one of the businesses with the fastest growth speed. M&A business has become...
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Review of Brain Computer Interface Components and Corresponding Research Topics

Kang Wang, Xueqian Wang, Bin Liang, Gang Li, Rongjian Liang
This paper conducts a research on the literature of Brain Computer Interface(BCI) in recent years, inducing the four components of BCI and the research topics respectively, and providing a guide to newcomers for exploring BCI. BCI is divided into four parts including signal collection, feature extraction,...
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Construction of the Tutor Team in Postgraduate Education

Deling Huang, Shufang Xia
The training quality of postgraduate students has always been a focus in the education industry. Proper ratio of tutor and students is the precondition for it. The existing tutor mode cannot afford the enrollment expansion. Tutor team is desired, which can eliminate the conflict between enrollment expansion...
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The core Competitiveness Empirical Analysis on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China

Tingfa Zhang, Peng Sun, Weishuang Xu, Xinzhu Zhou
With the increasingly complex of the market competition environment, enterprise competition is increasingly fierce, more and more enterprises has realized the importance of innovation for enterprise survival and development. Currently, the development of SMEs is not optimistic, due to lack of sustainable...
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Coin-operated Back Rub Machine

Fenglan Wang, Bo Gao, Anping Li
In this design, facing the defects of manual back rub, bold structure innovation design is carried out in the coin-operated back rub machine to replace the human arms with mechanical arms. It is simple in structure, convenient in operation and safe in application; meanwhile, the efficiency of back rub...
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Effects of Permeability Coefficient on Land Reclamation in Coal Mining Areas in Chongqing

Lin Liu, Jianrong Li, Jianwei Yun, Kai Luo, Weihua Zhang
The permeability coefficient decides the land water retention ability to some extent. This study measured soil permeability coefficient in land of coal mining areas with double ring method, in order to show the soil water retention ability and analyzed the relationship between soil infiltration curve...
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Improvement of the Innovative Ability for Undergraduate Students Based on the College Industrial Park

Guangwei Zhang, Feng Wang
To meet the innovative talents cultivation requirements of China, all kinds of cultivation methods for college students' innovation ability come out like bamboo shoots after spring rain. This paper researched the mechanism of the college industrial park and discussed its advantages to enhance the innovative...
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Miniature Garden Sprinkler

Fenglan Wang, Bo Gao, Sihan Yang
In this paper, the author brings up an innovative design of garden sprinkler that makes up the defect of a large-sized sprinkler, which cannot be used in smaller gardens. A miniature sprinkler has a remote control system and a height-and-pressure adjustable sprayer, with a small size that can easily...
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Research on the Mining Methods of the Deep Orebody of No.six pit of Jingning Phosphate Mine of Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co.,LTD

Xiaoshuang Li, Yaoji Li, Menglai Wang
The mining method of the deep slowly inclined-thin to medium thick-soft interlayer ore body is of No.6 pit in Jingning phosphate mine of Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co.,LTD., has been studied, though the research techniques of field investigation, theoretical analysis and scheme comparison, on basis...
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The Analysis for the Affecting Factors of Earth Synchronous Satellite Orbit Determination Error

Huifen Li, Jinbiao Zhou, Zhengxu Dai, You Wu
Aiming at the preliminary orbit determination error of certain shipboard microwave unified tracking telemetry and command system of C frequency band(UCB) equipment in performing the earth synchronous satellite laughing missions, by analyzing correction, axes- systematic error propagation and instrumentation...
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Vibration Reduction of Wind Loads using a Tuned Liquid Damper

Sun-Young Paek, Ki-Pyo You, Byung-Hee Nam, Young-Moon Kim
Extensive study has taken place concerning the reduction of wind-induced vibrations in tall buildings. One method to mitigate this effect adds an auxiliary damping device to the building to increasing the damping ratio of the primary structure, that reducing wind-induced vibration. In the present study,...
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Relationship Between Customer Perceived Value and Loyalty of Mobile Banking

Xin Wei, Changzheng He, Bing Zhu
Mobile banking is regarded as main recommended business of all commercial banks at present. Its research in academia is very deficient. In the paper, influence relationship of perceived value on loyalty is discussed. The customer perceived value of mobile banking is subdivided into functional value,...
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Investigation and Empirical Research on the Credit Demand of High Technology SME

Yi Qu, Shen Zhong, Dehua Zhang
This paper builds the Tobit model to analyze the factors influencing credit demand via carrying out a survey in high technology SME of Heilongjiang technological region. The results show that the credit demand influenced by the main business, the business scale, the R&D investment and the performance....
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An Improved SIFT Algorithm for Image Matching

Hui Zhang, Dan Ren, Fengzhong Zhang, Li Wang, Xin Wang, Hongliang Kan, Jiuyi Lü, Bin Wang
Aiming at the problems of large calculating scale and high complexity in Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) feature matching algorithm, this paper presents an improved SIFT feature matching algorithm based on quasi Euclidean distance. The traditional Euclidean distance can only calculate out the...
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Building Environment Monitoring System based on BIM

Jiuyi Lü, Xin Wang, Fenglong Kan, Dongwei Zhang, Chunguang Liu, Ning Qi, Hongliang Kan, Bin Wang
This paper analyzes the present situation of environmental problems in China, starting from the idea of building green building, using wireless sensor networks, established a building environment monitoring system based on BIM. The system can monitor the indoor air quality, indoor temperature, illumination...
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Exploration and Practice of Higher Vocational Typesetting Course Teaching Reform

Lijuan Fan
Typesetting course is a core course in higher vocational printing graphics and text information processing major; the course must adapt to the demands of era development and major construction, and enhancing the exploration and the practice of the course teaching reform is especially important. This...
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Primary User Signal Type Recognition Algorithm of Cognitive Radio Networks based on Active Learning in Building Indoors

Xin Wang, Zhijun Gao, Fenglong Kan, Peng Guo, Yuanwei Qi, Jiuyi Lü, Hongwei Li, Bin Wang
Primary user signal modulation type recognition performance of building indoor environment has been the focus of attention and research in low signal-to-noise ratio. In this paper, a method based on active learning and support vector machine (SVM) for the primary user signal modulation type recognition...
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Research of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes based on ZigBee

Chunguang Liu, Jinmei Yao, Huijie Zhu, Yumei Xu, Xin Wang, Yongming Mao, Xiyang Liu, Bin Wang
There is a large prospect of application for wireless sensor network based on ZigBee. Design a low-power network node, reducing the losing of the datagram and avoiding the clash between the data is the key for improving the lifecycle of the network node. For resolving the above problem effectively, the...
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Research on Route Guidance Algorithm for Transportation System

Yongming Mao, Dongwei Zhang, Ning Qi, Fenglong Kan, Xin Wang, Changtao Wang, Hongliang Kan, Bin Wang
Objective The Route Guidance System (RGS) is an effective method which can raise the quality of transport service, enhance the driving efficiency of the vehicle, decrease the pressure of the crowed traffic and reduce the traffic accidences. RGS can offer the traveler the most satisfying route dynamically...
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Research on the Application of the Vertical Search Engine based on Ontology in the Library Resources

Dongwei Zhang, Fenglong Kan, Yongming Mao, Ning Qi, Xin Wang, Changtao Wang, Nan Chen, Bin Wang
In order to solve the problems of the traditional search engines in terms of accuracy, the paper puts forward the concept of vertical search engine based on ontology, and using it in the library resources. The paper firstly describes the development of vertical search engines situation, characteristics...
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Research on the Secondary Development of Revit Software

Nan Chen, Fenglong Kan, Xin Wang, Changtao Wang, Ning Qi, Xiyang Liu, Yongming Mao, Bin Wang
BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is based on "information" as the core, Throughout the building's full life cycle, Its emergence has set off a new revolution in the construction industry. And the informationization development of building industry to a large extent depends on the degree...
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Talent Cultivation Management Mode and Innovation Strategy in College Education

Lina Sun
College talent cultivate is an important part of colleges cultivating useful talents and serving the society, and the major channel to realize lifelong study. It is an important work for college education to establish a scientific talent cultivation mode, give full play to the resource advantages and...
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Teaching Reform of Electrical Engineering and its Automation under the Background of Outstanding Engineers

Xiyang Liu, Fenglong Kan, Qun Feng, Ke Xu, Xin Wang, Hongliang Kan, Ning Qi, Bin Wang
The original major curriculum system and training mode of electrical engineering and its automation is not adapt to the request of the excellence initiative. In order to promote the professional quality and practice ability of electrical engineering and its automation for teachers in higher education...
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Probe Into the Circulation Route of Peasants' Land Contract Operating Right---Rebuilding Personal Ownership’s Self-organization and Heter-organization

Zhong cai Jiang
To realize scale operation is a basic purpose of operating the circulation of land contract and its basic form or route should be the combination of farmers’ self-organization or second leap put forward by Deng Xiaoping. Besides, its value and institutional orientation should be ‘rebuilding personal...
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Color Gradual Analysis of Graphic Information Processing Technology and Equipment

Lijuan Fan
This article is mainly to study of the concept of color gradual, then analysis the color order to graphic information processing technology and color order the graphic information processing equipment.
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Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Office LAN Construction Scheme

Zhuoyu Mo
Through the development of small and medium-sized enterprise network system of data statistics, increasingly strong demand for network out of the small and medium-sized enterprises is discussed in this paper, after analyzing the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprise network at the same...
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Briefings on Construction of Transdisciplinary Teaching and Research Teams in College and Universities

Gang Chen, Shuping Wang, Mingyu Cong, Haitao Yu, Chunwang Jing, Yan Zheng
In order to adapt to the current development of science and technology discipline overlapping and mutual penetration facing the paradigm shift towards integrating approaches of multiple disciplines, most college and universities creatively brought the “team” concept from enterprise to establish the commensurate...
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Coordination In Hubei Province's Economic Development And Environment

Rui Guo, Hanzhou Hao
Based on the "Hubei Provincial Statistical Yearbook" in 1990 - in 2013 the relevant data to do statistical analysis, using DPS software gray correlation analysis and Kuznets curve (Kuznets curve) in support of SPSS software analysis to Hubei Hubei Province, in recent years, economic development and resources...
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The Exploration of a New Mode of Internet Plus Tourism

Xueqiu Zhuang, Laiyan Yun
After decades of development, China's tourism industry has made brilliant achievements, entering the period of mass tourism characterized by independent tourism and self-help tourism. Along with the vigorous development of Chinese tourism industry, the application and strong growth of the Internet technology,...
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China’s Rural Accountants Existing Problems And Cause Analysis

Di Qin, Shibo Xin
China’s rural accounting appears new circumstances and problems with the development of social economy and diversification of interest distribution. This paper is intended to analysis the problems existed in China rural accountants. There are research results and China’s rural accounting information...
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Research on Risk Management of Logistics Material Purchase

Jianjun Han, Xiaolan Lu
The main way at the sudden mobilization of logistical supplies are material procurement, with increasing force material procurement scale, increased activity, new materials procurement situation forces faced new problems emerging, risk exposure is also increasing. This paper first puts forward the risk...
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Research on the Counselors Publicity Strategy based on Internet+

Jingjing Gao
With the rapid development of mobile communication technology and the increasing popularization of smart mobile devices, the mobile Internet era has come, leading to great changes in contemporary university students' life and learning.objective: Basing on Internet+ perspective, studies on counselors...
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Design of Mechatronic System for a Two-Axis Inertially Stabilized Platform in an APLI System

Xiangyang Zhou, Beilei Zhao, Hongyan Zhang
A two-axis inertially stabilized platform (ISP) with multi-sensors is designed which is used in unmanned helicopter (UH)-based airborne power line inspection (APLI) system. Based on the imaging requirements of remote sensors, an optimized mechanical system with high ratio of support load and self-weight...
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Corporations Development Stage and Relationship MIS and TQM in the E- Business Era

Chiachia Lin, Wentan Wu, Hungyuan Huang, Huanming Chuang
This paper intends to investigate how corporations introduce and develop management information system (MIS) and total quality management (TQM) in facing the e-commerce era. Several 2014 national quality award winning firms will be used as individual cases for in-depth analysis. The development of a...
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Spatial Structure Analysis Of Tourist Attraction In Lanzhou Based On GIS

Rong Wang, Dan Wang, Shihui Chun
Selects 58 tourist attraction in Lanzhou,based on GIS, analyses its Spatial structure by means of Nearest Neighbor Index,Geographic Concentration Index and Gini Coefficient index;calculates the spatial accessibility of tourist attraction using cost weighted distance method.Analysis showed:the whole,the...
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The Causes of Chinglish of Students in Universities and Colleges and its Implications in Teaching

Lu An
Chinglish is Chinese unique political term and popular saying produced by Chinese inherent culture and ideology, and it refers to the unauthentic usages of English of Chinese people in an unconscious way due to the influence of Chinese language habits and modes of thinking when they are expressing their...
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Application of the Mathematics Modeling Thought in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Gongsheng Zhang
Under the background of new era, the application of mathematics is paid unprecedented attention to. The era calls for the application of mathematics. In the process of mathematics teaching, mathematical modeling is the key to cultivate students' overall mathematics quality, which is because mathematical...
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Users’ Acceptance Willingness Model and Empirical Study of WeChat Marketing

Liping Liu, Hongyan Wu
Taking mobile WeChat users as the study objects, this paper builds the users’ acceptance model of WeChat marketing and proposes hypotheses affecting users’ acceptance intension of WeChat marketing. Reliability and validity analysis of the questionnaires has been done by using SPSS software, surveys on...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Food based on the Fuzzy Mathematics

Beibei Huang
Nowadays, the evaluation of all kinds of food depends on the senses. So it is important to seek a suitable method to the comprehensive evaluation of food efficiently. The article uses the method of fuzzy mathematics to choose potato pork as evaluation objects. With quality, color, taste, aroma and shape,...
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Research and Design of Virtualization Multimedia Teaching Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Guangqun Chen
In the context of cloud computing, it is urgent to update the teaching facilities in colleges and universities so as to provide more convenient and advanced teaching platform for teachers and therefore the construction of multimedia teaching platform is pressing. This paper researches on the multimedia...
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Numerical Simulation for Electromagnetic Field Effect of Double-layer Fiber Composites

Baolong Qu
To quantitatively reveal the internal correlation between material microstructure and electromagnetic (EM) field effect by incident EM waves, and to solve the question as to why the numerical simulation research method at present cannot calculate the layered reflectivity and layered absorptivity of double-layer...
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Research on Physical Education and Modern Human Evolution

Xia Jiang
Physical education plays a big role in human evolution. By studying the status and role of physical education on human evolution, we can cognize physical education from a new perspective of human origin, existence and development and enrich the knowledge hierarchy and theoretical framework of physical...
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Mengnan Feng, Jianjun Han
Research on higher vocational education enterprise cost sharing can seek ways to share corporate diversification, higher vocational education funding to relieve stress status; while also reducing the share of enterprises sharing ratio educated individuals and families to promote a fair education to some...