Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society

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Study on the Safety of Computer System As Well As Its Application

Hongli Zhao, Xiaohui Zeng
With the development of information technology, computer system has become increasingly important for the whole country as a support for social activities. Any destroy or failure of computer system will contribute to huge influence on the whole society. It is of great and direct importance to study the...
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The Model of Microblogging Network with Anti-Cognitive Costed Deletion of Edges

Quan Liu, Lili Rong
With more and more people beginning to share information and opinions through microb1ogging, microblogging network has become a new research focus in the social network. In this paper, we introduced a model which gives more realistic and detailed description of the evolution process of microblogging...
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Design and Innovation of Experimental Teaching for Software Engineering

Tian Deng
Teaching of software engineering is faced with higher demands of quality proposed by the development of computer science as well as objective problems brought by massive higher education. The courses of software engineering should cultivate students into applied talents on software engineering. The courses...
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The New Pattern of Talents Cultivation in Medicine University of China's Western Mountains

Xiaoyan Wang, Chenxi Wang, Jianguo Wang, Kai Deng
The shortage of medical services and supplies in China’s mountainous area in west has not been resolved today. Though the university of medicine in this area tried to expansion the enrollment scale, the fruit seems an utterly inadequate measure, tiny of the graduates would like to stay behind, suitable...
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Research into Methods to Construct Software Engineering Knowledge Database Based on Ontology

Yi Yu
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the field of software engineering knowledge is constantly updated, and the amount of knowledge has also been rapidly growing. Traditional software engineering knowledge service method, because of lack of semantic retrieval ability, can not meet the growing...
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Review on Corporate Bond Research

Jiemin Huang
The paper analyzes literatures on Chinese corporate bond research in China, mainly on several points below: firstly, comparative study on Chinese corporate bond and American corporate bond; secondly, research on credit spread of corporate bond; thirdly, research on liquidity risk of corporate bond and...
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Study on Enterprise Computer Application Technology and Information Construction

Xianqin Li
With the rapid development of computer technology and information technology, more and more enterprises start to use computer application technology and conduct information construction to improve their own competitiveness, which is the requirement of modern social market economy. The construction of...
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The Influence of Welding Angle for the Joints Mechanical Properties with MSHS Vertical Rods

Haodong Liu, Aiyong Cui, Fangyou Hu, Xiaofei Wang
Manual self-propagating high-temperature synthesis welding attracts many researchers’ interest due to the special advantages of which in the field emergency recovery service. The welding technic has a great consuming effect to the joint microstructure and mechanical property when render a vertical welding...
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Discussion on the Development Trend of Computer Science and Technology

Juan Ding
Computer and our life is increasingly dependent on computer technology, our life, learning has changed a lot. As a kind of important science and technology, computer information technology is at an unprecedented pace of development into people's lives step by step and is gradually applied to every field...
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On Factors Influencing Chinese Students' English Acquisition

Qinghua Xiao
The paper explores the internal factors and external factors influencing Chinese students' English acquisition. Internal factors consist of intelligence and psychological factors. Psychological factors can be divided into learning motivation, learning attitude, personality and emotional factors. External...
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Discussion on Mechanical Engineering Reliability Optimization Design

Bo Zhang
Industrial Engineering is a cross-disciplinary that organically combines technology and management. As we all know, it can put an end to all kinds of waste and effectively improve the productivity and economic efficiency. To enhance its market competitiveness, the domestic enterprises have made deep...
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Study on the Development Potential of Cruise Ship Tourism in Tianjin

Xiaonan Li
Cruise ship tourism has great potential and bright prospects in China. As one of the cruise ship tourism development experimental zones in China, Tianjin has a unique advantage and huge development potential to develop cruise ship tourism. This paper focuses on the development potential in Tianjin based...
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Study on Several Issues Related to Accountants’ Social Responsibilities

Juan Huang
In today’s society, it is of important and long-term realistic significance to explore the root of accounting information distortion and seek effective means to deal with the information distortion. The purpose of this paper is to establish an evaluation system for accountants by defining their social...
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Research Combination Method of Parameter m based on Ant Colony Clustering

Qun Xiao, Jieqing Xing, Xiangyi Li
With the development of data mining, a large number of new clustering algorithms, such as ant colony clustering algorithm, are emerging.The ant-based clustering parameter values in different circumstances often will has a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of the algorithm. In this...
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Study on the Development and Marketing of Mobile TV Programs

Jing Yang
Mobile TV is a star product of media integration. The state strategy of “integration of three networks” has made mobile TV convenient for people’s life. While bringing users with new media experience and convenient mobile information, it has also created new market opportunities for saturated broadcasting...
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A Memetic Analysis of Public Sign Translation ---A Report from Linyi

Chihong Xing
Based on the Memetic Theory, this thesis seeks to give a Memetic analysis of the translation of public signs in Linyi. As a special form of applied texts, public signs may be considered as a kind of memes or meme group. The translation of public signs is the process of meme replication and dissemination....
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Empirical Study on the Evaluation System of Physical Education in Regular Colleges and Universities

Junwei Nie
With the constantly deeper revolution of physical education as well as update of educational ideas, people have gradually realized that many problems existing in the evaluation practice of physical education are related to current irrational methods, concepts, contents and indicators of physical education...
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Research on Training Vocational Abilities of Students in Colleges of Higher Vocational and Technical Education

Yihe Huang
The article analyzes the composition, connotation and characteristics of vocational abilities starting from the definition of vocational abilities, discusses on the various problems influencing training of vocational abilities from the aspects of college features, role of enterprises and government overall...
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Study on the Design of Enterprise Comprehensive Information Management System

Dan Wang
In recent years, with the constant development of computer technology and communication technology, effective management of information resources has become increasingly important for enterprises. The decision-makers should master the development situations of market timely and accurately as well as...
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A Modified Method of Ant Colony Optimization for Web Service

Guojun Sheng, Yanxia Lu, Jingshu Wang, Dongzhao Zhou
Web service composition optimization is a typical NP-hard problem to which the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm is applied appropriately for its excellent distributed computing capability and strong robustness. In this paper, we propose a new modified ant colony optimization algorithm called MACS and...
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Research on the Goal and Related Problems of Accounting Higher Vocational Education in China

Yuxian Hong
Higher vocational education is short for higher vocational and technical education, which is a new education type rose in the wave of our higher education. It belongs to the higher stage of vocational and technical education, also is an important part of higher education. To meet the social demand for...
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Application of Case Teaching In Corporate Finance

Dong Sun, Bowen Sun
Corporate finance theory emerged with the increasingly complex corporate financial decisions and discipline. As an applied discipline, the personnel training of corporate finance should be a combination of theoretical study and practical of the corporate financial decision-making, in order to play a...
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Reform of Nursing Education in Vocational School

Huan Liu
Medical nursing education aims at improving students’ professional ability and cultivating practical medical talents who meet social needs. With the constant change of medical mode and attitudes, comprehensive clinical system cursing and the new form of hospital development, nursing education also carry...
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Medium and Long-term Power Load Forecasting based on the Thought of Big Data

Xianzheng Feng, Tingting Zhang, Hongjun Li, Bin Zhao
The traditional medium and long-term load forecasting methods are mainly carried out based upon model or algorithm, and forecasting results rely heavily on the accuracy of mathematical model, but model adaptability is very poor. Medium and long-term load forecasting lasts long and suffers from lots of...
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Study on the Bilingual Teaching Situation of High Vocational Nursing Education

Huan Liu
With the world globalization, it becomes a basic requirement to master English language for modern students, which is a problem for higher vocational education because it focuses mainly on technology and ignores the most basic education while both English and Chinese should be highlighted. This paper...
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The Application of Data Warehouse and Data Mining Technology in Power System

Yi Zhang
In the past half century, the development of information technology, computer technology and network technology has deeply influenced the production and management of power system from all aspects. SCADA, EMS, GIS and other information systems appeared. But the existing information systems have some...
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Use of Web-assisted and Corpus-based Technology in College English Writing Course --The Use of in Xiamen University

Lingyi Huang
The newly developed technology— is an effective system in helping teachers mark articles and providing revision feedbacks instantly. The introduction of the system into Xiamen University proved to be a win-win model, and was accepted by both teachers and students. As can be seen from the recently-held...
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Research of the Frost Resistance Durability of Concrete Material Road Engineering

Yanhua Zhou
The concrete structures of mud concrete road and bridge road engineering generally faces serious freezing and thawing damage due to small section, large contact area, and the double role of vehicle load and bad natural environment, as well as the salt used to melt snow in winter. In order to improve...
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The Fire Alarm System based on Electric Power Carrier in the Research and Design

Lei Wu
With the development of social economy and the progress of science and technology, the dangers of fire for human is obvious. Therefore, carries on the effective prevention and control, reduce the loss brought by the fire to the smallest degree is the key of the current research on fire prevention and...
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Research of the Effect of the Cooperative Learning in Vocational High School English Education

Aimin Xie, Jian-qiang Dai
Cooperative learning is a teaching form which takes students as center and group activities as base. Through the way of cooperation, the teaching form promotes learning strategy system. Cooperative learning is practical and creative teaching strategies which is widely used in many countries currently....
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The Study for the Combination of Scaffolding Instruction and Flipped Classroom Model

Ying Gao
This paper mainly researches the combination of scaffolding instruction and flipped classroom model, discuss its applicability. Through the methods of literature review, investigation and practice, this paper analysis the scaffolding instruction theory and flip classroom teaching method systematically...
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Study On the Development of Penology In China

Di Chen
60 year development history of penology in China can be divided into three stages, namely, establishment and devious development stage, stagnation stage and revival and development stage. During which, researches in terms of penology have achieved remarkable progress, yet also have demerits. Researches...
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Nitrate Removal from Groundwater by Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron (NZVI) Coupling Autohydrogenotrophic Denitrification

Hongyu Wang, Shilu Zhang, Dan Chen, Qiulai He
In this work, the denitrification performance of a bio-reactor based on nanoscale zero-valent iron (NZVI) coupling autohydrogenotrophic denitrification was investigated. A series of bio-reactors were configured by inoculating and acclimating pure culture capable capable of denitrification. Effects of...
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Study on the Strategies of Financial Management in E-Commerce Enterprises

Yuejun Tu
Development of modern information technology has changed the traditional ways of production and business, during which a new business mode has emerged, that is, electronic commerce. With its unique advantages, e-commerce has been widely applied in a short time, which has also generated a group of e-commerce...
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Semi Destructive Methods for Timber Structures Quality Assessment

Kristyna Vavrusova, Libor Zidek
The content of this article is the assessment of the elements and truss structure state of the castle, which will soon be undergoing renovations. In addition to visual assessment was also used semi destructive drilling resistance measurement using rezistograph to determine the state of wood mass inside...
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Study on the Integration of Information Technology and English Reading Teaching

Liwen Liu
With the development of modern science and technology, information technology has been widely applied to education and teaching with more studies on the integration of information technology and subjects. However, during the implementation and practice, there have been also some setbacks in the early...
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Study on the Present Situation of Ecological Environment and the Countermeasures of the Castle Peak damage in Dandong

Yuxue Bao
The study is the general research project of science and technology of Liaoning Province in 2014, is the provincial science and technology research project. The purpose of the study is to protect the good ecological environment and manage and restore the damaged areas of the Dandong area. The study has...
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Study on the Application of Modern Multi-media Technology in Music Teaching

Yi Li
As a new teaching means, multi-media music teaching system has been applied to music education since 21st century. From the application and analysis of various courses, we have witnessed great changes in teaching brought by multi-media technology. Compared to traditional teaching method, music teaching...
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The Influence of Numerical Integration Accuracy and Sound Frequency on Computed Results of Acoustic Diffraction Problems with the Boundary Element Method

Feng Li, Dongyu Wang, Ming Cai
The boundary element method (BEM) using collocation with constant elements has been adopted to calculate the insertion loss of a sound barrier in a two-dimensional model. Analysis has been done on how the results obtained with BEM are affected by the numerical integration accuracy. First, the precision...
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The Application of Computer Science and Technology in Engineering Construction Project

Yaosheng Wang
The development of science and technology promotes the development and updating of computer science and technology, which meanwhile also expands its application range. What’s more, with the continuous development of computer science and technology, its application in terms of engineering construction...
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Mobile Multimedia Information Management Platform

Yulan Wu, Xiaobao Zhang
People nowadays ask higher requirement on timeliness of information, and it is not enough to get information in a fixed place while sky rocketing people expect to get important information anytime and anywhere. The emergence of mobile information processing or mobile computing aims to achieve this goal....
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Research on Embedded System Platform and Portability Based on ARM

Yongchong Wu
This paper reviews embedded system from a completely new perspective of methodology to elaborate that its nature is technology concept and development approach based on system design. It starts with this concept, and the topic takes platform technology as idea collector of modern design methods to discuss...
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Applications of Single Sleeper Method in Submarine Pipeline Buckling

Wenbin Liu, Guoliang Ye, Aimin Liu, Yonghua Cao
Global buckling of submarine pipeline in high temperature and high pressure has become the key problem in pipeline stability design, which restricts the development of offshore oil and gas resource. Due to the pipeline is full of oil and gas, once to destroy or leak, the state economy and environment...
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Application Study of CDIO Engineering Education Model in Civil Engineering Materials

Yanhua Zhou
CDIO engineering education model is the latest achievement of engineering education reform in recent years. And it is established with 4 years of exploration and research by the multinational research organization, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other 3 universities. It is a new,...
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Research on Failure Mode and Ultimate Bearing Characteristics of the Single Pile Foundation in Sand Soil

Bin Li
The single pile foundation of offshore wind turbine is currently the most common form, but the huge loads and the overturning moment make characteristics of foundation is different from offshore oil platforms. Using elastic-plastic element of ABAQUS simulation of pile foundation in bearing stress and...
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Technical infrastructure and GIS in Czech Municipality

Ivona Komarova, Jan Toman Caha, Frantisek Kuda, Petr Srytr
The project deals with the administration and data management of the technical infrastructure in urbanized areas of the Czech Republic (CR). It focuses on data management in the private sector and in state administration. The research compares the data models in a GIS environment available in the CR....
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Study on Microwave-hydrothermal and Sol-gel Method Synthesis of Er-doped TiO2 Photo-catalyst and its Photo-chemical Performance

Mei Zhang, Yaling Xu, Xianjun Bi
Er-doped TiO2 photo-catalysts were synthesized by microwave-hydrothermal and sol-gel method. The purpose of the experiment was order to improve the photo-catalytic activity and accelerate the degradation of pollutants, for example methyl orange. The structure and morphology of TiO2-Er were characterized...
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Innovation Thinking of Socialist Core Values Education Pattern in Colleges and Universities

Hongxiang Zhao
The colleges and universities to enhance college students the socialist core values is shouldering the important responsibility. In recent years, our country of socialist core values education in colleges and universities attach importance to the extent of the deficiencies in the process of innovation,...
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The Implications of Differences in Chinese and American Discourses in English Writing Teaching in Universities and Colleges in China

Guofang Xiong
There are differences between Chinese and American discourses due to differences in cultures and modes of thinking, and they are of great significance to English writing teaching in universities and colleges. Differences between Chinese and American discourses not only brought many opportunities to English...
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Computer Science Technology and Network Technology in the Application of the Computer Room Security

Zi-yan Yang
with the progress of national science and technology, especially the rapid development of computer network technology, the application of network information and sharing more and more get the attention of computer users, can accurately grasp the information technology, closely to the pace of the information...
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The Role of Computer Technology in E-commerce Network Consumption Interaction

Hailong Xu
Mankind has currently entered information-based society. Informatization is the feature of modern society, while the base of informatization lies in the application of computer technology and network technology. E-commerce has extensively existed in all levels of commodity transaction. This paper aims...
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Maximum Oscillation Amplitude of Cargo Caused by Inertia Forces for Tower Cranes

Mingxiao Dong, Jiyong Wang, Bo Pang, Shengchun Wang
In order to study the oscillation of the tower crane cargoes and to find the theories and methods for restraining the cargo oscillation and accurately positioning, in this paper we studied the effect of the dynamical parameters of the tower cranes on the center line of the cargo oscillation. The formulae...
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Design and Implementation of Computer Rank Examination System based on Winsock

Zhuolin Mao
Since the first electronic digital computer ENIAC born in University of Pennsylvania in 1946, people’s life has completely changed because of computer. The application of computer has been all over the world. Computer technology is currently regarded as one of the three required technologies. In China,...
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The Analysis and Fast Appraisal of Shale Gas Exploration Risk in China

Xiaojin Geng, Shenggang You, Yanting Wu
The exploration risk is the most important factor that hamper the development of shale gas industry now. So in this paper we try to analysis and appraisal the exploration risk in order to help the investors to make investment decision. Through analysis we know that there are two kinds of risks: one is...
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The Application of Computer Science and Technology in Libraries

Chaojun Yao
The faster and faster development of information network drives the progress of the society. The application of computer in people's daily life is becoming more and more widely. Computer science and technology do not only provide university libraries with new tools and means, but also change university...
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Research on the Electronic Commerce Application based on Services

Dan Yi
E-commerce is the inevitable choice of enterprise development in network era. Although the infrastructure, IT professionals and capital are relatively lack and the management also has different characteristics, the small and medium-sized enterprises still in an urgent need to blend in the tide of network...
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The Software Engineering Analysis in Computer Science and Technology

Shanguo Zhou
Computer software engineering has an irreplaceable role in the information age, and it also has important influence to promote the development of computer technology. The project development of computer software engineering has a certain complexity and contains relatively much content. As a result, the...
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Introduction to the Management and Service of Industrial and Commercial Administration

Hong Fu
The rapid development of market economy and China's entry into WTO did not only bring opportunities and challenges for the enterprises of China, but also brought opportunities and challenges for the industrial and commercial administration. In order to adapt to the change of government functions and...
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Cultural Introduction in Japanese Teaching

Aibo Yu
As we all know, language is the tool of human beings for communication. Culture is a complex social phenomenon and is intimately connected with language, while the use of language is for communication, so it is must to understand the language cultural background for a better use of the language. To truly...
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Development Path of Finance Major in Colleges and Universities

Xiaoyu Wang
Finance has already become one of the most popular majors in recent years, and many colleges and universities have especially set finance major to cultivate talents in this field. However, in recent years, there is a structural imbalance between demands for this major and supply of finance talents in...
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Construction Technology of Frame Shear Wall Structure in Construction Engineering

Hailong Zhang
In the construction engineering application, frame shear wall structure engineering construction technology can simplify the complex construction steps, and improve the overall quality of the building, to ensure the use of performance. Along with the construction of the construction engineering structure...
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Discussion on the Cultural Construction of Chain Hotel Management based on Enterprise Identification

Qianjie Liu
With the rapid development of chain hotel enterprises, the urgent need of high quality chain hotel management personnel. It is an urgent need to solve the problem that Chain hotel management professional personnel training how to meet the needs of the enterprise. In this paper, we introduce the corporate...
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Research into Problems in China's Criminal Law Education

Di Chen, Fang Wei
Criminal is an important legal course, and its teaching method is especially important. Teaching is a process combines teachers’ teaching and students’ learning together, both of which are indispensable. The concept of teaching reflects people’s collective understanding of teaching and learning activities’...
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Research on the Ecological Tourism Management based on Community

Junmei Xie
With the development of economy, our country's community ecotourism has entered a period of stable development, the scale of the community ecological tourism market is growing, and the economic value of the community ecological tourism is growing too. Domestic academic circles and business circles have...
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Comparison and Study on Ideological and Political Methods Home and Abroad

Fang Wei
With the development of society, the importance of ideological and political education has become increasingly obvious, and countries all over the world have paid much attention to ideological and political education, during which the methods of ideological and political education are of the same important...
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The Design of Portable Somatosensory Exercise Bike based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Jingchao Liu, Na Li, Yanyan Cao, Hongzhuan Cai
As the increasing of residents’ income and the improvement of living standards, the number of mass entertainment increased. With its growth, the pressure of competition is becoming more and more obvious. Because of the high pressure working mode, a lot of people are in the sub-health state. They urgently...
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Application of Green Management in High School Graduates' Voluntary Reporting

Tiantian Li, Zhiguo Du
Green management thinking can help high school students in the college entrance examination to obtain the ideal effect, can greatly improve the success rate of student volunteers. Through the application of the green management thought in the whole high school teaching, the research, the reduction, the...
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Intellectual Property Protection and Technological Innovation of Chinese GEM Manufacturing Enterprise based on Research of Quantile Regression Model and Dynamic Panel Models

Tianhe Cao
By considering Chinese GEM listed manufacturing enterprise as research object, this paper presents an analysis of panel data from 2009 to 2013 and examines the relationship between R&D capital investment, level of intellectual property protection and patent output based on the quantile regression model,...
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Optimization Design of Vibrating Screen Damping Spring Based on Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm

Na Yang, Miao Shang
The damping spring plays an important role in the design of the vibrating screen. In view of the problems existing in the design of the vibration damper, the multi-objective genetic algorithm is used to select the relevant design variables of the damping spring, and the objective function and the constraint...
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Identification Of Seed Users Via Short Messages Based On Hadoop

Shicheng Gan, Pingjian Zhang
Short messages are an important part of social media network. Much work has been devoted to mining useful information and knowledge from short messages via classification and clustering approaches. However, in many situations, it is vital to identify some influential users whose messages will result...
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A Study on the Organization and Management of University's Scientific Research Team

Qian Yang
The different organizational behavior models of the scientific research team in universities should be suitable to different environments, for in different development stages of the team, there will be different features and environments. Therefore, the organizational behavior models of the team should...
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Strengthening the Construction of College Students' Community in the Carrier of Ideological and Political Education

Peilun Shen, Daming Zhu, Yujian Li, Lihua Xue, Dianwen Liu
Under the new situation of diversified development of colleges and universities, we are trying to cultivate the talents featuring an all-round development of morality, intelligence and art. Strengthening college first education class as well as expanding the second class about college students' communities,...
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Research on the Reform of Mathematics Talents Training Mode and Curriculum System in Local Normal University

Yanfeng Chen
In order to improve the graduates quality of the local university in the new situation, according to the requirements of the employer and in order to meet the needs of the employer, the mathematics college of Tonghua Normal University, through in-depth practical social surveys, focus on the education...
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Some Ideas of Improving the Quality of Classroom Teaching for Engineering College Students

Shuqiong Xu, Yunfang Li
How to improve the quality of classroom teaching and attract students’ attention to the class are the problems that are thought by engineering college teacher. Some ideas of improving the quality of classroom teaching for engineering college students are presented in this paper. The ideas make the students...
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The Expansion Path and Strategy of Mobile Shopping User Group based on Customer Cognition and Customer Emotion

Qiuyan He, Daoyi Li
In the era of the user is king, expanding the user base of mobile shopping has become a business access to key first-mover advantage. Only through the good emotional reaction of the customer's mobile shopping process could we convert customer cognition to use intention of mobile shopping. This paper...
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Application of Grey Clustering Analysis Method inMineral Prediction

Yanying Ma, Xiuzhen Li, Xue Wang, Na Zhang
In this paper, we establish grey clustering analysis model to predict mineral resources and apply it in the prediction of gold and copper minerals in the eastern Yanbian, Jilin province, by transforming the mineral prediction problem into grey clustering analysis problem.Among the geological units, 31...
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Fiducial Interval Estimation of Scale Parameter of Lognormal Population Distribution

Xiuzhen Li, Quanquan Li, Yanying Ma, Lisa Zhu, Na Zhang
Using a new method to solve fiducial interval estimation of parameter, the method of fiducial inference can obtain the fiducial interval estimation of scale parameter of lognormal population distribution.the method intuitive novelty special.But fiducial distribution maybe different if use different inference...
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The Exploration of Public English Teaching Reform in Application-oriented Colleges

Lisha Yan, Na Zhang
As the application-oriented colleges will become the mainstream of the development of higher education, such colleges are shouldering mission for training high-skilled talents for meeting the needs of social production, construction, service and management. Therefore, public English teaching reform is...
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The Strategy of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Build Health Information Ecosystem

Rui Li, Na Zhang
On the basis of the information ecology theory research, Combined with the problems existing in the enterprise information ecosystem, In-depth analysis of the problem such as optimal allocation of enterprise information ecosystem Enterprise information index system of ecosystem health index design enterprise...
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Overview on Language Attrition Theory

Feng He
Language attrition refers to the loss of any language or any portion of a language by an individual or a speech community. It is often considered as the reverse process of language acquisition. Based on related literature analysis on language attrition at home and abroad, the paper gives an overview...
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Research on the Embodiment of Emotional Factors in English Teaching

Yong Wang
With the further development of linguistics, people gradually realize that emotional factors and foreign language teaching are closely related. Foreign language learning efficiency depends not only on the level of students' cognitive ability, but also on the positive or negative factors in the process...
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Studies on the Moral Issues of Post-90s’ College Students and its Reflections

Zhongyan Yang
As an important part of the socialist moral education, personal moral education has an important role in promoting the development of social morality. Since the post-90s’ college students are the country's precious talent resources, as well as the future of the motherland, their personal qualities are...
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Electronic Information Engineering "3+4" Research on the Cultivation of the Talents Training of the Educational System of the Secondary and Higher Vocational Colleges

Qiang Liu, Na Zhang
The level of Vocational Education in China can be divided into vocational secondary schools, technical schools, secondary vocational schools and higher vocational schools, and only higher vocational education in higher education. Because people pay attention to vocational education is not enough, the...
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Study of Optimization Method for Electromechanical Integration Design

Fei Zhou, Guomin Lin, Miao Shang, Changke Tan
The optimization method of electromechanical integration design are many, and including multidisciplinary optimization design has been rapid development. In mechatronics system optimization design, concrete implementation method and application effect that is an important content of mechatronics system...
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Finite Element Analysis on Axial Bearing Capacity of Square Double Skin Steel Stub Short Columns Filled with Recycled Concrete

Bing Song, Baishou Li
Based on the compressive strength experiment of vitrified micro bubbles (VMB) recycled concrete double mixed diatomite calcined and fly ash,this paper adopts the finite element software ANSYS to analyze the impacts of different hollow ratio and VMB content on axial bearing capacity of square double skin...
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Phase Shifting Control Soft Switch Analysis

Chong Zhao, Juntao Wu, Xiaoping Yang, Ning Wang
This paper uses the soft switch technology, power devices under the condition of zero voltage or zero current conduction or shut off, it can effectively reduce the switching loss,and theoretically zero switching loss.Soft switch technology of switch power supply theory analysis, this paper analyzes the...
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Yuntai Fuzzy PID Control and Simulation

Min Ji, Jingfeng He, Xiaoping Yang, Pengfei Ji
This article first introduces the basic theory of fuzzy control and design of the general steps of the fuzzy controller, the basic principle of fuzzy PID is presented. Then use particle swarm algorithm to optimize fuzzy rules. In the end, the optimized fuzzy PID triaxial stability for unmanned aerial...
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The Study of Damping Strategy Based on Civil Engineering Structures

Mingyu Wang, Xiaofang Li, Shidan He
Objective: Take some control measures to reduce and inhibit the dynamic response of the structure during the earthquake, strong winds and other dynamic loads, to enhance the dynamic stability of the structure, to improve the structural capacity to resist external vibration, so that it can meet the requirements...
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Discussion on Fuzzy Synthetical Evaluation for Engineering Construction Quality of Prestressed Concrete Structural

Xiaohua Liu, Xiaofang Li, Shidan He
Objective:This paper discusses the application of fuzzy synthetical evaluating in engineering field especially in building quality of prestressed concrete frame. Methods: The author brings forward mathematic model to fuzzy synthetical evaluating for building quality of prestressed concrete frame which...
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Analysis of Custom Education in Zhou Li

Dandan Qi
Zhou Li records many folk activities and folk rules and brings forward three concepts of custom, traditional custom and etiquette custom. This paper firstly presents a systematic differentiation of etiquette, custom, etiquette custom, and traditional custom according to the content as well as its commentaries...
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Rib Segmentation in Chest Radiographs by Support Vector Machine

Guodong Zhang, Haiping Wu, Wei Guo
The segmentation of ribs is one of the key problems for computer-aided diagnosis. This paper presented a novel scheme for rib segmentation in chest radiographs. The Gaussian filter was used repeatedly to remove uneven background of chest. Detail images could be obtained by use of the multi-scale wavelet...
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Study on Regional Differences of Spillover Effect of Foreign R&D in China-based on Provincial Panel Data of Large and Medium Sized Industrial Enterprises

Fei Wang
China's land area is vast and the regional differences are significant. The study on regional differences of spillover effect of foreign R&D in China is of great significance to the implementation of the regional policy formulation and innovation driven strategy. However, there are few studies on the...
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An Empirical Study on Corpus- based Translation Teaching for Non English Majors

Xixiang Ke, Zhenghua Tan
Translation is a significant activity in cross-cultural and cross-linguistic communication. Translators, as native speakers, are prone to make errors in translation between target language and source language due to both lack of a frame of reference and the general trend of diction based on first-language-oriented...
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The Existing State of and Solution to Construction Cost

Wenxiao Zan
Construction engineering plays an important role in enhancing the economy growth of China and has made great contribution to its national economy. In this market-oriented mode of economy, cost management in the field of construction engineering draws more and more attention. Cost management helps to...
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A Kind of Rainfall Sensor Design without Mechanical Structure

Baopeng Lai, Zhouhu Deng, Xuewen Wang, Junfeng Yan
A kind of cylindrical capacitive rainfall sensor has been designed based on the things of Internet, and the temperature characteristic has been studied. Sensors including measuring cylinder, internal and external electrode and capacitance measurement circuit, the measuring cylinder liquid level changes...
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Research on the Concept and Measurement Dimension of the Service Environment based on the Perspective of Ecological Psychology

Wei Lai, Yanxia Cheng
The ecological psychology holds that the human behavior is the result of the interaction between human and environment. And in a certain service context, the customer behavior is not only affected by the physical environment, but also by human which is an important factor. Based on the theory of ecological...
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Using Flash Software to Make Teaching Courseware for Analog Electronics

Dongwei Zhang, Ning Qi, Lisha Tan, Shaocheng Zhang
Analog electronics course is an important fundamental electric course. It is difficult to study and its content is difficult to comprehend and master. Animated coursewares of PN junction and negative feedback circuits are designed and made using flash technology. They can dynamically demonstrate the...
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Analysis of the Actuality of China's Military Logistics Based on The “Diamond Model”

Yang Liu, Haoran Qi, Longgang Li, Weidong Tang
As an important part of military support, the development of military logistics has a direct impact on the army’s fighting capacity in morden wars. Deserves in-depth study. Potter's "Diamond Model" consists four factors and two variables. Four factors include production factors, demand conditions, related...
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Analysis of Effective Ways to Conduct Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education at Colleges and Universities

Shengbin Zhao, Jiyuan Feng
With the development of the times and the progress of the society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, the degree of knowledge is more and more deep, but the spread of education has caused the students to be found everywhere. Facing unprecedented pressure of employment, many colleges...
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Connotation of Innovation Education at College and Reflection on Cultivating Innovative Talents

Shengbin Zhao, Jiyuan Feng
Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress and development, it is a new era, the important requirement of social development in our country, a country can have a large number of innovative talents with innovative ability directly determines the strength of its comprehensive strength. Whether in any...