Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society

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Research on the Training Mode of the Innovative Talents in Universities

Ziyang Han, Shoujin Wang
In the final analysis, the competition among the modern society is the talent competition, the talented person is the importance of the country, and the analysis of the current international situation, it is necessary for our country to have a creative and innovative talents. The important task of innovation...
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Research on University Teaching Pattern Reform Based on Innovative Education Concept

Qingjun Wang, Jingtai Wu
With the development of modern society, it asks higher demand on talents and has tried timeless efforts to improve talent quality. Facing the broader needs of society, China implemented quality education reform in order to foster appropriate talents who can be adapted to society. Besides, the education...
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Discussion on New Measures for Universities to Promote and Deepen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform

Xueping Liu, Qingjun Wang
In recent years, with the deepening of the "New Curriculum Standard" education reform , universities are constantly advancing and deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education which gradually becomes a trend of the education reform, and is also a highlight and focus of education in colleges and...
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Primary User Signal Recognition Algorithm based on AL-ABM in Cognitive Network

Xin Wang, Kuan Huang, Na Zhang, Shi Wang, Changtao Wang, Shuai Wang, Xiuhong Wang, Wei Gong, Bin Wang
The cognitive users can use the spectrum holes which are vacant at some time or some frequency. Once the authorized users need to use the spectrum again, the cognitive users should stop using it to avoid interfering primary users. In this paper, a method based on active learning (AL) and AdaBoost machine...
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Ant Colony Optimization-based Micro-grid Multi-Objective Optimization

Xianzheng Feng, Tingting Zhang, Hongjun Li, Bin Zhao
Micro-grid is a hot issue in new energy research, and a major orientation of distributed power generation in the future. The diversity and flexibility of distributed power generation complicates the operation and scheduling optimization of micro-grid. On the basis of considering a mathematical model...
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The Research and Development of the Administrative Examination and Approval System based on J2EE

Lei Liu, Ting Cai
E-government is the key of the current informatization in our country, one of the core problems of which is to implement the electronic and network of the administrative examination and approval procedures of various government departments. Concrete realization goal is: to improve the efficiency of the...
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Theoretical basis on Determinants of Corporate Bond Spreads

Jiemin Huang
This paper analyzes the theoretical basis of the relevant papers. First, the meaning and connotation of corporate bond yield spreads to define the difference between corporate bonds and corporate bonds; secondly, analyzed the determinants of corporate bond yield spreads, including: macroeconomic factors,...
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Research of the Application of Data mining in Bank Personal High Quality Customer Management

Yi Zhang
With more and more foreign financial institutions entering Chinese market, financial industry will face more competitions in fighting for high quality customers and expanding market share of new business. How can financial industries find the most effective customers and how to develop a competitive...
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Research of the Process of Hollow Cathode Plasma Temperature Rapid Sintering

Yanhua Zhou
Powder metallurgy is an important branch of metallurgy, and the sintering process is a key link of powder product quality. Entering 21st century, with the birth and application of the new technologies, modern industry obtains the rapid development. Powder metallurgy products account for a larger and...
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The Strategy Research of Emotion Teaching Skills Application in Ideological and Political Course

Jianqiang Dai, Ai-min Xie
In recent years, the emotion teaching mode has been paid more and more attention by the academic, which is not only because it can promote the comprehensive development of cognitive quality and emotional quality, but also due to its ability to meet humans’ needs, realize the social formation of the moral...
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Game Analysis on Benefits Relationship in the Strategic Innovation Process of Rural Credit Cooperatives

Y.P. Liu, P.N. Ruan
The strategic cooperation of rural credit cooperatives (RCCs) involves different stakeholders, including government, RCC and various strategic partners. In this paper, a framework of game analysis for them was constructed and conclusions were as follows. If option mastery was under control of government,...
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Discussion on the Effective Application of Applied Linguistics in English Teaching

Qinning Wu
Linguistics has a historic and deep influence on the development of human’s civilization history since it has recorded the revolution process of human history to some extent. Born in the 17th century in Europe, English linguistics has formed a complete content system through development process in the...
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Numerical Analysis of Deformation Characteristic of Deep and Soft Ground under Vacuum Preloading

Binbin Xu, Wei Si
Based on the soil-water coupled finite element analysis, the vacuum consolidation of soft reclaimed ground is investigated systematically. The engineering background, ground profiles and improvement scheme are firstly introduced in detail, which is also a preparation for the following numerical calculations....
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The Interactive Teaching Mode in High-School Class

Liwen Liu
For a long time, English teaching in China’s high schools has achieved lots of achievements on language knowledge; however, due to the college entrance examinations, traditional English teaching in China is oriented by examinations without much attention to cultivating students’ practical application...
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Study on Tensile Properties of Nylon 66 Reinforced Composites

Ho Ming Hsiung, Hwang Jiun Ren, Wang Pin Ning, Kuo Shun Chi
Nylon 66 is widely used in the vehicle interior, electronic parts and accessories. Nylon 66 as polymer material is added reinforce glass fiber to increase material properties. In parts forming process, injection mold method is widely used in polymer forming industry. In the study, the effects of injection...
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The Effect of Preschool English Education on Primary English Teaching

Yadong Wang
With the increasingly deepening trend of internationalization, the importance of English education has also become more and more obvious. English study among low ages seems to be popular; however, it hasn’t reached a consensus on whether it is appropriate for infants to study English in kindergarten...
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The Carrying Capacity of the Reinforced Timber Beams

Kristyna Vavrusova, Libor Zidek, David Mikolasek
The content of this article is destructive laboratory testing of timber beams with threated glued-in steel rods to the possibility of describing the behavior of these beams under load and determine the interaction of a wooden beam with glued-in steel rods.
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Design and Implementation of Teaching and Examination System for Computer Application

Yan Zhang
With the arrival of information era, modern society has to rapidly spread and take advantage of a dazzling array of information resources and the knowledge update cycle is becoming shorter. Therefore a teaching system is desperately needed to full play education resources, maximize resources sharing,...
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On the Three Dimensional Model of the Practical Teaching of Finance and Economics in Higher Vocational Colleges

Daili Wan
Professional is very common in higher vocational colleges of finance and economics is a professional, practical strong, qualified teachers in colleges and universities in the modern enterprise to put forward the higher request, requests the student in the first in the enterprise can quickly into the...
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Application Study of Smart Campus Based on Mobile Internet

Xiaobao Zhang, Yulan Wu
With the popularization of smart terminals and expanding coverage of third/fourth generation wireless LAN, students and staffs prefer to use mobile terminals to access to internet anywhere and anytime so that spare time can be fully taken advantage of. This paper describes a smart campus platform based...
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Study on the Theory of Projectile Firing Process during Marching Fire

Feifei Liu, Xiaoting Rui, Hailong Yu, Jianshu Zhang
The initial disturbance of the projectile is the premier factor that takes effect on the marching fire accuracy of the conventional weapon, which depends on the projectile firing process of the conventional weapon. In this paper, the theory of projectile firing process of the conventional weapon during...
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Design and Implementation of Embedded Teaching Experiment based on MSP430

Yongchong Wu
With the development of electronic technology, more and more single chip microcomputer and embedded teaching courses are open in electronic specialty of colleges and universities. However, the courses only teach relevant principle or theory without deep content and cannot form a complete system. Concerning...
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Oxygen Transfer and Energy Dissipation by Nappe and Skimming Flow over Stepped Weir Structure

Jinhong Kim, Sunjung Kim, Min-Jee Li
Oxygen transfer and the energy dissipation by the flow types at the stepped weir structure were performed through hydraulic experiments. Nappe flow occurs at low flow rates and for relatively small step slope. Dominant features of an air pocket, nappe impact and subsequent hydraulic jump occurs. At larger...
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Study and Design of Home Network Control System Based on Electronic Engineering

Yongchong Wu
With the continuous improvement and development of technology, electronic engineering develops into automation gradually. With the increasing demand for electronic technology, electronic technology has gradually become the most important project of network engineering, and wireless home network control...
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Dynamic Analysis of one Continuously Variable Valve Actuation Mechanism based on VALDYN

Xiaozhen Qu, Naizhen Sun
A simple mechanical CVVA system as a four-bar linkage mechanism is characterized by compactness, and it offers certain benefits in terms of adaptation to various cylinder head configurations, which is conducive to improve engine performance greatly is introduced in this paper. The CVVA mechanism consists...
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Optimization of Civil Engineering Materials Experiment Teaching Design

Yanhua Zhou
Civil Engineering Materials is an important professional basic course, which is arranged for sophomore. The second year for college students is the period changing from basis to professional, the bridge to contact their major. Civil engineering material teaching includes classroom instruction and experiment....
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Research Status of Cloud Manufacturing Resources

Zhanli Wang, Xingfu Chang, Yanjuan Hu
In order to analyze the current situation of CMR (cloud manufacturing resources) after the human entering to net work age and cloud manufacturing formally producing, then summarizing and analyzing the related work on cloud manufacturing and CMR, three aspects of CMR are analyzed from the classification,...
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A LTE Uplink Scheduling Algorithm Based on Water Filling Princple

Yuan Zhou
Through the analysis of uplink scheduling process in LTE system, the common PF scheduling algorithm was improved and a new uplink schedule algorithm was proposed based on water filling principle. The new algorithm was demonstrated through the simulation for GBR traffic on OPNET platform. The result proved...
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Preparation of Yb-Er Doped with TiO2 Photo-catalyst in Microwave Ionic Liquids and Microwave Enhanced Photo-catalytic Activity

Mei Zhang, Yuejie Lu, Xianjun Bi
Yb and Er co-doped TiO2 photo-catalysts were synthesized by microwave drying method and sol-gel method with room temperature ionic liquid as a reaction medium. The purpose of the experiment was order to improve the photo-catalytic activity and accelerate the degradation of pollutants, for example methyl...
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The Influence of New Media on College Students' Values and College Education Countermeasures

Hongxiang Zhao
In the continuous development and progress of modern society, under the new media as the spread of emerging power, to a people's spreading news and some spiritual power. But the development of new media, its disadvantages are also gradually revealed. For college students, life cannot leave the new media,...
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Air Conditioning System Energy Saving Diagnosis Method based on Operating Data Research

Xingzuo Yue
In recent years, in view of existing air conditioning system energy saving diagnosis research has been closely watched. As a typical air conditioning system energy saving diagnosis method, the observation/ac - test/computing - judgment/solution ""(the OTI) method is widely used in the practical project...
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Enlightenment of Differences between Chinese and American Modes of Thinking in English Teaching in Universities and Colleges

Guofang Xiong
Different modes of thinking reflect differences in language expressions, and differences between Chinese and American modes of thinking are important factors influence English teaching and learning in universities and colleges as well. Therefore, this paper discusses the differences between Chinese and...
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Computer Technology in the Application and Research of Office Automation

Dehai Qiu
The comprehensive application of computer technology establish man-machine interactive contact through the computer network system, computer and the computer, , realizing office’s automation management, improving the office’s efficiency effectively, and bringing information communication revolution....
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Application of Civil Engineering in Computer

Lushui Zhou
Since the implementation of China's reform and opening up policy, along with the potential of computer hardware controls the level of technology advancement trend has large capacity, miniaturization direction, and in that the basic conditions of storage technology and image processing, optical communications,...
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Nonlinear Squeeze Film Behavior Between Hydromagnetic Parallel Circular Disks

J.R. Lin, S.T. Hu
A study of nonlinear transient behavior between hydromagnetic circular squeezing disks has been presented in this paper. Based on the hydromagnetic flow model together with momentum integral approach, a lubrication equation including the effects of local and convective inertia terms is obtained. The...
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Research on the Network Technology Security

Rong Wang
As the rapid development of science and technology in recent years, computer network technology also shows a tendency of rapid development and gradually becomes widespread in people's life. Computer technology has been widely used in people's production and life. The effects of computers can be seen...
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Optimization Design of Six Degrees of Freedom for Parallel Robot System

Na Yang, Miao Shang
The parallel robot of six degree of freedom is a kind of typical system for mechanical and electrical integration of liquid , and the great changes have taken place in the performance of the robot system by six degree of freedom. In this article, the introduction of six degrees of freedom of parallel...
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The Design and Implementation of Library Information Management System

Yanni Yuan
Under the circumstances of information developing, the digital library which provides knowledge exchange, share and long-term preservation functions and services, as the main implementer of interoperability of heterogeneous resources and services under the network environment, has semantic interoperability...
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Adaptive Sliding mode Control based on the Fuzzy Theory for Food Processing Robot

Yanni Mao, Wenshui Xia
Due to the large consumption and dispersed processing of food, therefore, the study of food processing robots have been widely concerned. The food processing robot control system is susceptible to the extreme dynamic characteristics and the influence of external disturbance parameters. Combining fuzzy...
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The Application of Computer Technology in Illustrations

Quntao Li
The 21st century is a era when art and technology fusion. The combination of every aspect of science and art is more and more beyond people's imagination. The widespread popularization and application in the field of computer technology in art promotes the development and prosperity of art and also makes...
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Innovative Industrial Design

Tao Wu
With the informationization development of the 21st century knowledge economy, e-commerce has more and more close relationship with our study, work and life. Objective: It is necessary to explore the evolution direction of industrial design in the post industrial age to adapt to the electronic commerce...
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Analysis of the Penetration of English and American Literature in College English Teaching

Ying Chen
British and American literature is an important part of world literature. It not only shows the western unique artistic vision, but also shows the aesthetic value of the British and American culture. It is effective innovation of traditional teaching mode to put into college English teaching. It enriches...
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The Application of Translation Method and Communicative Approach in German Education

Qingxuan Zhong
With the rapid development of our economic construction, modern society made higher requirements for quality and knowledge structure of foreign language professionals. Vocational colleges pay more attention to cultivating students’ language knowledge ability and language application ability. As a result,...
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Research and Application of Modern Japanese Teaching Methods

Meijia Lv
Learning language is not an isolated learning process. Any language is closely related to its unique social culture and background. Therefore, in Japanese teaching, not only to explain the Japanese language knowledge, training of the use of the Japanese language skills, but also pay attention to Japan's...
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Design and Implementation of Human Computer Interaction in 3D Virtual Campus Based on Untiy3D

Li Wang
The 3D virtual campus is the foundation of campus digitalization. The three-dimensional virtual campus can not only simulate the real campus scene, but also has a strong human-computer interaction function, can be used to control the virtual characters through the mouse and keyboard to roam the campus....
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Research and Implementation of B2B E-commerce System

Ligen Qi
Informatization accelerates economic globalization and makes profound changes in the way human produce and live. In the tide of economic globalization and informatization, with its advantages of high efficiency, fast and convenience, E-commerce has become a major application field of economic globalization...
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Discussion on the Construction of the Operation Mechanism of Enterprise Cooperation based on Interest Driven

Junnan Yi, Shidan He
This paper set about from the necessity of university-enterprise cooperation platform construction, through the study of the definition, classification of university-enterprise cooperation platform, from constructing university-enterprise cooperation, enhance the school to attract the interests of the...
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Study on Basic Knowledge System of Industrial Design Engineering

Chan Wang
The science and technology development in twenty-first century impresses us like biological evolution, the blurred boundaries of disciplines, the newer technology derived from merging new technologies, changing the feature of traditional disciplines. Virtual reality technology is used in industrial design,...
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Potential Economic Growth of China based on Low Carbon Economy

Xiangnan Song
With the rapid development of China's economy sustainable development ideas and green economy idea were began to received more and more attention at the same time. Low carbon economy has become a focus of attention in economic growth pattern planning in the future. This requires the development of the...
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Research on the Innovative Mechanism For Innovation of Ideological and Political Education in Universities

Fang Wei, Di Chen
Ideological and political education course is mainly responsible to carry out ideological, political and quality education and therefore it is of great significance. However, traditional ideological and political education adopts single and stereotyped teaching model and teachers cannot fully play its...
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The Contextual Analysis of Private University’s Informatization

Yanyan Cao, Jingchao Liu
To observe the different perspectives and effects of participants, in order to help the leadership to define the key issues need to be resolved in the private university's information strategy. This paper analyzes the perspectives of staff, leaders, students, cooperative enterprises and the government,...
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Study on the Optimization Effect of Memory on Vocabulary Teaching in Cognitive Psychology

Hongying Tan
Vocabulary acquisition is an important task in second language acquisition field which has drawn more and more attention, which is the central task and listening, speaking, reading, writing, interpreting cannot get rid of the dependence on vocabulary. Therefore, vocabulary teaching should be given primary...
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Discussion on Application of Commonly Spread Spectrum Technology

Tiantian Li, Dahui Hu
Master the working principle of different spread spectrum technology, it is advantageous to the technical personnel in the construction of communication system to choose the reasonable communication method and can improve the communication efficiency and the security of the communication. Through the...
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The Institutional Factor and Chinese Direct Investment in Developing Countries

Jiaqi Han
This paper investigated the impact of institutional environment of the host country and the gap of institution between the host country and China on China’s outward foreign investment by positivist research based on the Chinese direct investment in developing countries of 2003-2013, and following are...
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A novel GRASP based on mixed k-opt method for the Traveling Salesman Problem

Ming Zheng, Hui Guo, Jie He, Guixia Liu
Objective: A novel Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure was proposed in this paper to resolve the traveling salesman problem, which is proven to be NP-complete in most cases. Methods: The proposed novel algorithm has two phases. In the first phase the novel algorithm finds an initial solution...
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Identification Of Seed Users Via Short Messages Based On Hadoop

Zhiwei Ye, Pingjian Zhang
With the rapid growth of the text processing technology, many knowledge discovery approaches have been introduced to handle large corpus. Data mining methods such as clustering and categorization, for example, have found wide applications in corpus processing. Recently, association rule mining methods...
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Research on Sponge City Construction in Lin Yi City

Chaowen Ji, Lili Li
Sponge city is a new national strategy of urban planning to solve urban flooding in China. Lin Yi city is the third largest city in Shandong Province. Precipitation in Lin Yi city is mainly concentrated in the summer, the ground is located in the plains, but the river system is developed. The foundation...
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Study of Development for Entrepreneurial University

Jing Wu, Lichun Niu, Xiaorong Guo, Yanxiang Song
The development of corporate universities needs theoretical basis and practical operation. The development of higher education needs the combination of the theory and practice. There are a lot of common resources between corporate universities and higher education. University-enterprise cooperation has...
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Design of Automatic Control System for Boiler

Xinya Chen, Zhen Chen
The boiler control system studied in this paper applies advanced PLC, digital adjusting instrument and imported full-automatic combustion process controller, and it is designed to an advanced full-automatic control system of boiler by combing PLC (programmable) technique, technique of digital adjusting...
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Design of Control System of Manipulator based on PLC

Xinya Chen, Zhen Chen
Manipulator is the traditional task executing agency in industrial robot system, as well as one of the key components of the robot. The mechanical structure of the manipulator consists of ball screw, slider and other mechanical devices; electric aspect consists of AC motor, inverter, sensor and other...
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Status, Causes and Countermeasures of Team Stability of the Technology Workers in State-owned Enterprise Research

Daoyi Li, Yanxia Cheng
Based on the CAST " science and technology workers of state-owned enterprises survey" project, we analyzed the current situation of stability of state-owned enterprises scientists team and found tremendous pressure, lack of state-owned cultural identity, professional development of space constraints,...
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Exploration of the Classic Occupation Career Education Resource Sharing System in College Based on the Network

Yan Gao, Na Zhang
This document explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. The text area for your manuscript must be 17 cm wide and 25 cm high (6.7 and 9.8 inches, resp.). Do not place any...
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Study on Geological Space Variables Function

Na Wang, Zhenyu Yang, Na Zhang
Geological variables are the basic units to carry information and the basic material of the construction of the geological spatial modeling . The quality of geological space model depends on the quality of the model of geological variables , so the geological variables are the precondition of stability...
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The Exploration of the Inter-Disciplinary English Majors’ English Writing Teaching under Big Data

Zixun Yu, Na Zhang
Big Data is the resource for people to obtain new cogitation and create initiative and also a method to change business markets, organizations or institutions and the relationship between the government and citizens. In the Big Data era, the data bank has a great impact on the inter-disciplinary English...
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Research on the Teaching Mode of the Ideological and Political Theory Course in the New Media Era

Hongjie Zhang
With the advent of the new media era, which is characterized by information, digitalization and networking, it is the opportunity for the ideological and political theory course in Colleges and universities,and it also challenges the traditional teaching mode of Ideological and political education.To...
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Strategy Research on Comprehensive Control for the Building Indoor Environment based on PMV Index and Body Suitability Regulator

Tongying Guo, Lu Chen, Languang Zhao, Xin Wang
Building indoor environmental can directly affect people's health and work efficiency, so the research on building indoor environmental control has obvious significance. The paprameters of indoor environment control includes not only temperature, humidity and other parameters, but also CO2 concentrations,...
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Reform and Development Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Local Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities

Wenyi Cui, Baishou Li
Firstly, this paper briefly summarizes and analyzes the concept and main characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship education in local application oriented colleges and universities. And it takes them as the sample of reforming and developing the innovation and entrepreneurship education in local...
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Switching Power Supply Topology Structure Type and Structure Analysis

Ning Wang, Haijun Sun, Xiaoping Yang, Chong Zhao
Switching power supply is a kind of low voltage and heavy current combination of complex power electronic device, switching power supply with the traditional test method research. This paper first introduces the development history of switch power supply, the emphasis on the switching power supply topology...
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Based on Kalman Filter Fuzzy PID Control Yuntai

Youqiang Lai, Jingfeng He, Xiaoping Yang, Min Ji
This paper first introduces the algorithm of Kalman wave. Because random disturbance noise is uncertain, unpredictable, and the mean and variance of noise, for this kind of interference, taking maximum a posteriori (MAP) noise estimator is Sage - Husa to estimate the disturbance of the system noise and...
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The Study of Subway Tunnel Seismic Nonlinear Dynamic Response

Mingming Liu, Xiaofang Li, Shidan He
Objective: This paper studies the subway tunnel seismic nonlinear dynamic response, so that can get some helpful conclusions, which is helpful for seismic designing of metro tunnel. Methods:A series of probems on dynamic FEM are discussed and suggestions about setting of soil dynamic constitutive model...
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Common Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Santana Clutch

Na Yang, Miao Shang
Clutch which is the vehicle power transmission device is a core part of the car chassis, is also the site of failure occurs easily and if found not timely it will cause a great impact on security in the form of a car and daily stability. Therefore, inspection of common clutch breakdowns must be paid...
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Research of Production Practice Promote Development of Higher Education

Yaoxi Chen, Miao Shang
With In the era of knowledge economy, on the basis of knowledge elements of social production practice has become an important source of knowledge innovation. The production practice plays an important role for the development of modern higher education . Higher education is engaged in the development...
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Research on the Scrap auto Recovery based on the Deposits-refund System

Hengchao Liu
During the rapid developmental process of the auto-making, the number of vehicles and the number of scrapping n our nation have been substantially elevated; however, the environmental problems and traffic safety problems caused by the auto scrapping have become increasingly severer. “The insufficiency...
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Oriental and Occidental Number Cultures and Their Translation Teaching in English Major Students

Zhenghua Tan
Ethnic culture, religious belief, legends and tales have made a great impact on numbers in eastern and western cultures and they are endowed with special cultural connotation. This paper presents a detailed analysis of number cultures in eastern and western countries. By comparison between Chinese and...
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Research of Development for Higher Education Innovation

Miao Shang, Chunfei Ju, Jiabin Li, Yingbao Fang
With the rapid development of our country's economy, higher education pay more attention to the cultivation of applied talents. Reference to enterprise training mode of university that plays an important role in the development of higher education. In this paper, the boundary of the higher education...
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Research on Similarity for XML Information Retrieval

Xueli Ren, Yubiao Dai
With the continuous development of Internet and rich resources emerging on the Web, information retrieval based on XML has emerged; the similarity of documents is the basis of information retrieval. A new method SC-Similarity is proposed to compute similarity of XML documents from structure and content...
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The Conceptual Model of Customer Ability to Predominate and Control: Based the Analysis Framework of Situated Cognition and Learning Theory

Xiangyu Zhang, Yanxia Cheng
Customers for products and services is an important factor in restricting consumer purchase behavior, and developing and nurturing customer ability to predominate and control is a prerequisite for customers to buy the products, as well as capture points of corporate marketing points and resources to...
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Crucial Data Backup and Recovery Strategy for Campus Network

Wei Liu, Jingke Xu, Yi Yang, Xidong Liu
With the rapid development of the campus network date and high-availability, security requirements, the data backup and disaster recovery technology has been widely used, and this technology has become a key aspect of campus IT infrastructure. This paper analyzed the date backup technology, and proposed...
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Research into the Significance of Innovative Education Model for Cultivating Innovative Capacity in College Students

Jiyuan Feng, Shengbin Zhao
In today’s era with the development of knowledge, each country in the world is vigorously developing its economy, and without necessary innovation capacity, it is hard for a country to compete with others. Therefore, the strength of innovation capacity directly determines the strength of a country’s...
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Estimation of Surface Fractal Dimension of Energetic Materials Based on MATLAB

Junkai Xing, Kunzheng Guo, Lin Ma, Zhen Yang
The particle surface roughness which determined by the energetic materials surface morphology has greatly impact on thermal conductivity of multiple particles, which directly affect its sensitivity. But since the surface morphology is extremely irregular,it is difficult to describe the roughness accurately...
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Research into Developing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teaching Resources at Colleges and Universities

Jiyuan Feng, Shengbin Zhao
As a new large country with abundant resources and a huge amount of population, China has annually increasing amount of graduates and is faced with new employment of situation. The party and the government pay more and more attention to the innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students in our country....
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Research on the Construction of the Evaluation System of Innovative Education in Colleges

Shoujin Wang, Ziyang Han
With the continuous development of society, science and technology continue to enter this, China's education system is also in constant reform. From the reform of the situation, from the teaching idea to the evaluation system are all around the innovation education, innovation education as the center,...
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Research on Quality Education and Innovative Talents Training Mode in Colleges and Universities

Yong Shi, Chong Xu, Ning Tao
With the reform of education system in China, quality education and cultivation of innovative talents have become an important direction of education in our country. With innovation consciousness and innovation ability of high quality talent is the country's need, the University in such a large environment,...
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Discussion on the Innovational and Enterprising Talents Development of Local Universities in the Transformational Period

Qingjun Wang, Jiawang Xu
The society is progressing, economy is developing and people's thoughts are changing. Local universities positively participate in the reform of education and teaching to change the thoughts and advance with times in the context that reform is growing vigorously in universities all round the nation....
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Explore on the Relationship between Pre-Figurative Culture and University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model

Xueping Liu, Senyue Zhang
With the improvement of China's sanitation vocational education, universities ask higher requirement on teaching quality. Traditional university education takes old teaching models as the core, however, when students and parents ask higher requirement on education, sky rocketing defects are exposed which...
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The Empirical Study on the Improvement of College Students’ Writing Ability in English Teaching

Peng Cui
In order to improve the college students’ writing ability, this paper puts forward a new teaching model which combines the discourse analysis-based reading with writing. To test the effect of this new teaching model, the writer carried out an experiment in the Linyi University. The college students involved...
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A Study of Classroom Teaching Based on Corpora in English Majors

Zhenghua Tan
This paper analyzes the teaching objectives and classroom activities of the demonstration classes, based on English or Chinese corpuses, given by 30 contestants from English major,2 014, Jianghan University. It is found that some contestants get active and productive in the procedures of the teaching...
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Based on Flight Departure Queuing Problem for Terminal Area Capacity Assessment

Weiwei Song
In recent years, along with the high-speed growth of national economy, the total turnover of scheduled air transportation in China has risen to number five and passenger turnover rose to Number four in the world. Flight departure queuing occurs mainly in the terminal control area and this is an important...
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Chinese Historic Buildings Fire Safety and Countermeasure

Zhengyang An, Yuanyuan Wang
The cultural relic buildings are both valuable cultural heritage left by ancestor and mark of the cultural development during that time. On the basis of the research and analysis of the present situation and existing problems about fire safety management of the historic buildings in China, corresponding...
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Research on Visual Rid and Path Planning of Industrial Robot

Jingyun Zhao, Pengfei Wang
Traditional path planning algorithm for multi-objective circumstances, primarily on a single multi-information fusion Select avoidance path, in the scale of sludge entangled region vulnerable to blind, unable to robot path sludge entangled environment for accurate planning. This paper presents an improved...
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Fields and Effects of Corporate Citizenship Participating in Public Welfare

Xueying Tian
With more expectations from all kinds of stakeholders, corporations play an important role in society development. As one of corporate social responsibility, public welfare which corporations take part in has become more and more popular in the world. Thus, the notion of the corporate citizenship is...
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Performance Analysis of Different Routing Protocols Using Directional Antennas

Pengxuan Mao
Most of routing protocols are designed based on omni-antennas. The existing routing protocols with omni-antennas show good performances on adhoc ground network. For some other applications, such as inter-satellite communications, directional antennas are a better choice because directional antennas have...
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Study of PT Fuse in Grounding Systems with the Harmonic Elimination Resistor

Yongbo Yang, Maozhou Wang, Xiaoliang Wang, Xueyong Ai
The removal of single-phase grounding fault in the 10kV distribution system caused voltage transformer fuse. Used Multisim simulation to modeling analysis, and discusses the harmonic elimination resistor in the low-frequency oscillations of the current. With the proposed solutions, the research results...
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State Feedback Control in System of Rikitake Double Disk Dynamos

Jian Huang
As a nonlinear dynamical system of double-disc generator, double generators will produce chaos and limit cycle phenomenon under certain conditions and a range of external inputs.Using the state feedback control method control motion chaotic system.The feedback gain is determined by the pole placement...
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Solution of a Class of High Order Differential Equations

Weida Qin, Wusheng Wang
In order to solve physical problems, we must establish mathematical models for the problems. Mathematical models often are differential equations relating an unknown function and one or more of its derivatives. In this paper, in order to solve high order differential equations, we first proved the expression...
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Research on Microstructure Transformation of Super304H Stainless Steel in the Process of Aging at 700

Jinfei Ni, Hua Li, Maodong Li, Zhiwu Wang
To study microstructure transformation of Super304H, the original sample and the samples aging for 500h, 800h, 1500h, 2500h and 3650h at 700 were analyzed with OM, SEM, TEM and X-ray diffractometry. The results showed the grain size and the precipitated phases along boundaries increased as aging time...
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The Characteristics of Heavy Metals of the Groundwater in the Gangue-filled Reclamation Area

P.P. Zhang, M.X. Liang
In order to study the characteristics of heavy metals of the groundwater in the gangue-filled reclamation area, the heavy metals were investigated at Ju-Ji Coal mine with high groundwater level. The samples of the groundwater were gathered in the gangue-filled reclamation area at different time,studying...
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Analysis of Fatigue and Crack Properties of High-Performance Concretes for Application in Nuclear Power Plants

Do-Gyeum Kim, Ho-Jae Lee, Jang-Hwa Lee, Eun-A Seo
The design of concrete structures used in nuclear power plants should be suitable to protect against accidents caused by different factors, one of them being temperature. Stress due to temperature can be classified as a secondary stress, which is different from the primary stress caused by an external...
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Analysis of Durability and Shrinkage Properties of HPC Applicable to Nuclear Power Plants by Replacement of Mineral Admixtures

Eun-A Seo, Jang-Hwa Lee, Neung-won Yang, Do-Gyeum Kim
In this study, we evaluated the durability and the shrinkage of concrete mixes for constructing nuclear power plant structures, prepared by replacing some of the concrete with diverse admixtures. The experiment variables were the types of admixtures and the replacement rate, and mixing of the two-component...
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High-speed and High-efficient Modulo (2n-3) Multipliers

Huihua Liu, Lei Li, Wanting Zhou
In this paper, an algorithm for designing efficient modulo 2n-3 multipliers is proposed. With this algorithm, we can design the fastest among all known modulo 2n-3 multipliers by applying some simple correction terms. Implemented using 90nm CMOS process technology the proposed modulo 2n-3 multiplier...