Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society

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Application of Thinking Exploration in Advertising Design and Teaching

Wei Zuo
In order to let more workers engaged in advertising design industry, can get more design ideas in work, here by we introduce development "expand thinking " this way of thinking. In this article through advertising planning cases case of teaching design and Poster Design case to illustrate the Thinking...
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Development Trend Research of Experimental Psychology

Huajie Sui, Boyuan Song
Psychological Science has come a long and complicated road. However, from the early days of psychology from the development of psychological science on with the actual needs are closely linked. It pointed out that this is very important. Obviously, the first psychological laboratory is to train and educate...
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Research on Civil Engineering Structure Design based on Safety and Economy

Fangfei Dong, Xiaofang Li, Shidan He
The safety and economy have the most important position in the whole design of civil engineering structures. In this paper, the main problems in the design of civil engineering structures in China are analyzed, which mainly is the overall design engineering structure is not strong enough, the lack of...
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Research on Location Choice of Vertically FDI

Yushan Zuo, Yanbo Zhang
By adopting the analytical frame of Dixit & Stiglitz, this paper tries to build up a more comprehensive theoretical model of vertical FDI location. This model comprehensively generalizes factors impacting on FDI location, which investigates the location factors of host country including wage cost, transaction...
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Design and Implementation of Tower of Hanoi Gaming Courseware Based on the Internet

Qianwen Li, Xuegang Zhang, Runhua Tang
Online game-based courseware is courseware that optimized combines instructiveness and entertainment. Design and development of practical, lively and effective online game-based courseware is a practical significance to explore in the field of modern education technology. Design Research of Tower of...
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Elements of the Restructuring and Development of Local Colleges and Universities------A Case Study of Yangtze University College of Engineering and Technology

Changming Liu
In this paper, an integrated research approach proposed restructuring and development of local colleges and universities is the trend point of view, discusses the core elements of the restructuring and development of the local colleges and universities, educational philosophy that is in transition, professional...
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Effect of Electronic Structure on Compton Scattering of MgCl2 Solutions

Sisi Fan, Guang Luo
Based on the Compton scattering theoretical and experimental research, Compton scattering of MgCl2 solution is studied in this article. And the electronic structure of some aqueous MgCl2 solutions is analyzed profoundly according to the density functional theory. It is concluded that the factors affecting...
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Research on Factors Affecting Brand Image Strategies of Agricultural Science and Technology Enterprises

Jie Xu, Xing Li
Through literature analysis, factors affecting corporate brand image strategy were divided into two categories: dynamic capabilities and market orientation in order to explore the impact and effect of different factors on the implementation of corporate brand image strategies. Taking the quantitative...
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Realization of High-Performance Confidential Data Transmission Based on FPGA

Fan Yu, Wei Chen, Zhongsheng Wang
This paper uses advanced encryption standard (AES) to implement encryption algorithm and FPGA devices to achieve hardware encryption. AES commonly used to provide several security services such as data confidentiality. However, it is a challenge to design efficient hardware architectures with small hardware...
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The Key Technology of Magnetic Bead Separation in the Flow Injection System

Zhongsheng Wang, Xin Zhan, Xuefeng Wang
The magnetic bead separation system is a set of medical equipment which has a high degree of automation and separation. It has wide application prospect in our country, such as: Immunology, Cancer research, Transfer technique, Gene-technology, Histopathological, Clinical chemistry, Virology Microbiology...
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Research of Operating Mode for Corporate University

Lichun Niu, Miao Shang
The corporate universities and enterprise's production practice is the fusion of each other. The corporate university learning content is relatively more specific. The enterprise university learning programs and training products are mostly specificity, customized. The certification effectiveness of...
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The analysis and Research of the Runway Conflict Detection System

Weiwei Song
With the increasing volume of air traffic, the workload of controllers’ and pilots’continued to rise which makes the runway incursions grow rapidly and the air safety become more seriously. The runway is one of the most important maneuver area in the aircraft ground movement, as more than half of the...
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Hazardous Characteristics and Safety Management of Toxic Substances

Zhengyang An, Yuanyuan Wang
Toxic substances have hazardous characteristics of being flammable in contact with water, oxidative, flammable and explosive. Harm to human and other lives may result from the absence of safety management. After the main hazardous characteristics analysis of toxic substance, safety management was proposed...
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Evaluation of Developing Ratio Frequency Stealth Radar System

Yang Zhao, Chaoxuan Shang, Zhuangzhi Han
Aimed at evaluating ratio frequency stealth of weapon system. This paper briefly introduces the the ratio frequency stealth technology development history of radar system, points out how radar system realize its ratio frequency stealth ability, and gives the index of evaluating ratio frequency stealth...
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On Evaluation of Costume Brand Communication

Jie Yang
This essay aims to explore how to evaluate the effect of costume brand communication. The author concludes that evaluating the effect of brands communication through three aspects--the market environment, brands performance and consumers’ mindset-- is a relatively passive mode. The pro-active concept...
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Ship Damage Rates Analysis Based on Poisson Regression

Shang Gao, Qiang Qian
Ship damage rates analysis is a important in shipbuilding. Poisson regression is a regression model for analyzing the dependent variable of count data. Ship damage rates forecast model based on Poisson regression is proposed. Using SPSS Clementine data mining tool, the ship data is analysis by Poisson...
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Note on Equidistant Polynomial Interpolation

Shang Gao, Qiang Qian
In the mathematical field of numerical analysis, interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points. Based on analysis of basic polynomial interpolation, the equidistant polynomial interpolation problem is studied. Simple divided difference...
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The Classification of Social Appellations in Chinese and English and the Comparison of their Linguistic Structures

Yong Fang
Chinese and English social appellations are divided into three categories, which includes general appellation, occupational (job) title and quasi-kinship terms. The linguistic structure of Chinese social appellation is comparatively more complicated and includes seven elements. With its structural simpleness...
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Preparation of Y and Ce co-doped TiO2 Photo-catalysts with Microwave Irradiation in Ionic Liquid and Microwave Enhanced Photo-catalytic Activity

Manwan Li, Mei Zhang, Xianjun Bi
Y and Ce co-doped TiO2 photo-catalysts were synthesized by microwave drying method and sol-gel method with room temperature ionic liquid as a reaction medium. The purpose of the experiment was order to improve the photo-catalytic activity and accelerate the degradation of pollutants. The structure and...
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Historic Architecture and Aesthetic Reconstruction of Guqin Aesthetics

Boyuan Song, Huajie Sui
Guqin instrument, from many historical documents, have fully demonstrated its implication of cultural significance has gone beyond the instrument itself. Piano music in the tradition of thousands of years has been the development of ancient cultural elites constantly enriched and improved aesthetic construction...
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Safety and Durability Analysis of Structural Works in Civil Engineering

Yu Zhang, Xiaofang Li, Shidan He
Based on the study of bitter and tremendous costs paid in managing and maintaining structure works in Civil engineering factors that influence the safety and durability of Civil engineering and that cause the Civil engineering accidents are analyzed. In this paper, three indispensable measures to improve...
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Frame Alignment Strategies of Brand Globalization from the Perspective of Social Movement Theory

Jing Huang
Drawing from social movement theory in sociology, this article provides a linkage between brand frame alignment strategies and the resonance gaining of global brands in different social and cultural contexts. Based on the literature review and discussion, the author proposes a conceptual brand communicative...
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Basic Research Development of Local Colleges and Universities Transition——A Case Study of Yangtze University College of Engineering and Technology

Changming Liu
In order to steadily promote school restructuring and development, application of technology to improve the quality of talents training, school-based research paper uses case studies and other methods proposed restructuring and development of local colleges and universities need to study the basic conditions...
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Financial Industry Support Develops the Analysis of Influence on Small and Medium Enterprises: In Northwest Gansu, China

Xing Li, Jie Xu
According to the time-series data from 2001 to 2011 and based on test of the residual and stability of VAR and by using the impulse response function and forecast valiance, this article established vector auto regressive model to analyze the dynamic relation between the development of Gansu small and...
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The Research on Flow Velocity Control of Hyperthermia Apparatus based on Fuzzy PID Control

Fan Yu, Minghui Liu, Zhongsheng Wang
In order to improve the flow velocity control accuracy of hyperthermia apparatus, reduce the overshoot and steady-state time of system, a fuzzy PID control algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm is the composition of fuzzy control and PID control, which makes the system not only has a fast...