Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Engineering Management, Engineering Education and Information Technology

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Research on Game Decision Structure Model of Enterprise Alliance

Siyuan Chen
research of enterprise's cooperative decision-making is an important part of the theory of enterprise strategic management. Enterprise's cooperative decision-making can be further perfected and enrich the contents of the theory of enterprise strategic management. In this paper, the dynamic model of enterprise...
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Design of the positioning device for the volatile crowd based on the BD satellite

Zhonghu Yuan, Zhimin Zhang, Xiaowei Han, Dan Liu
This paper presents design ideas based on BD system of a volatile crowd positioning device by analyzing the shortcomings of the traditional positioning device.The terminal module of this esign uses the STC11F04E as the micro processing chip and the SIM900A module as the wireless communication module,and...
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The Improved C2C E-Commerce Credit Model ----A Case Study of Taobao

Xiangzhen He
E-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years; the credit problems bring a lot of trouble to consumers. This paper has taken taobao as an example, found out the existing problems, and improved the index system by removing the logistics indicators and taking transaction time and transaction amount...
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Optimization of Production Cost of Film and Its Solution Method

Xiao-Jiao Wang
Considering the difference between actors’ fee, this paper constructed the model of movie talent scheduling problem to minimize the total costs of talents. According to the characteristic of the problem, this paper applies the genetic algorithm with elitist strategy and the discrete particle swarm optimization...
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The optimal trade credit term and production lot sizes considering shortage cost in manufacturing industry

Guang Yang
As supply chain finance developed, more and more enterprises in manufacturing industry can have better payment terms with their cooperator. This paper consider the decision of the optimal trade credit term and production lot sizes considering shortage cost in manufacturing industry. We build a model...
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The Analysis of Change Region in Business Process Basing on the Degree of Similarity in Structural

Fang Zhao, Xianwen Fang, Xiangwei Liu, Huan Fang
In the modeling of business process, the similarity of the process model and the change region of it are two important problems. The existing method mainly from the angle of the behavior to consider the degree of similarity, so there has some limitations in studying the similarity of the models. To study...
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Analysis of Main Influence Factors for Housing Prices

Congjun Rao, Yangqiu Ge
Housing price problem is an important economic and social issue of widespread concern, which affects the life quality of urban residents and also affects the continued steady growth of national economy. Based on method of multiple linear regression analysis, this paper studies the relationship between...
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Forecast Model of Housing Prices Based on Grey System Theory

Congjun Rao, Yangqiu Ge
In this paper, the problem of forecasting housing price is studied. Based on the grey system theory, a mathematical model for forecasting housing price is established, and a forecasting example of housing price is given according to the historical data of housing price in Wuhan City to show the feasibility...
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Comparative Study of the Renewal Information of Granted Patents in the Physics Technological Field in China, France and Germany

Yongzhong Qiao, Wanlin Tan
Comparative study of the claim number, the examination time, the inventor number and the maintenance time of granted patents in the physics technological field in China, France and Germany in 1994, conclusions as following: the patents renewal time is mainly decided by the qualities or values of patents,...
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Research of Improving IT Education Quality and Developing Cooperation between the Cross-strait Colleges

Yongze Fang, Yongjie Zhong, Jie Chen, Weiwei Wang
This paper summarizes the main characteristics and breakthroughs of exchange and cooperation in higher education between the both sides of Taiwan Straits for the past 6 years; analyzes how to improve IT education quality through exchange and cooperation between cross-strait colleges, as well as the joint...
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Empirical Research of the Maintenance Time of Foreign Patents without the Foreign Priority Granted by USA, Korea, Japan and China

Yongzhong Qiao, Yan Sun
The foreign priority is close related with the foreign patent. For foreign patents, the number of patents with foreign priority is far more than that of the patents without foreign priority. Because of the different innovation abilities and the unbalanced intellectual property development, the average...