Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

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Engineering Characteristic and Numerical Solution of Applied Mechanics on Three Sorts of Real Raindrops

Shijun Xu, Xiaoling Ren
Taking Xi'an region for example, four influence factors on real raindrops falling in the Earth atmosphere were studied theoretically. Three groups equations of raindrops established with the Newton's dynamic equation in standard coordinate system were numerically solved through the MATLAB. For the small,...
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Preparation of Bi-doped TiOB2B modified by TEA and Its Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties under visible light illumination

Xiaofang Cheng, Hongwu Feng, Yanqin Wang
Bi-doped TiO2 powders were synthetised by sol-gel method and triethanolamine(TEA) was added to the Bi-doped TiO2 Bcolloid to improve the perfenmance of prepared photocatalyst. The powder samples were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), and...
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Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytic Performance of Ag-deposited TiO2 film electrodes in solution containing Cl- ions

Xiaofang Cheng, Hongwu Feng, Yanqin Wang
TiO2 thin film electrodes were prepared on titanium sheet substrates by a dip-coating method. Ag was depositied on the surface of TiO2 with photoreduction method. The prepared samples were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and UV-vis spectroscopy, respectively....
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Preparation, Characterization and Application of Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped Nanoflake-like SnS2 Composite

Juan Li, Xingzhang Qin, Zhanjun Yang
A novel multiwall carbon nanotubes wrapped nanoflake-like SnS2 (MWCNTs-SnS2) composite was designed by simply mixing carbon nanotubes with nanoflake-like SnS2. The fabricated MWCNTs-SnS2 composite material was characterized using scan electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The MWCNTs-SnS2...
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The barrier-free design of kindergarten buildings

Xingguo Cheng, Huali Gao
The paper summarized the present situation of barrier-free design of kindergarten in china and pointed out some deficiencies by studying on children's physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics, then explored the barrier-free system.
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Fast Tabu Search Algorithm for Solving Multi-cargo Loading Problem under the Limited Loading Capacity

Chunyu REN
This paper studies the loading problems of Multi-category Goods under the limited loading capacity. According to the characteristics of model, According to the features of the problem, fast taboo search algorithm is used to get the optimization solution from the overall situation. Firstly, it applies...
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Applying Genetic Algorithm for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Chunyu REN
The present study is focused on the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP). Genetic algorithm is used to get the optimization solution. First of all, use natural number coding so as to simplify the problem, apply insertion method so as to improve the feasibility, retain the best selection so as to...
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First Principles Calculations of Electronic Band Structure of Nb-Doped ZnO

Hongsheng Zhao, Nan Zhang, Dong Yang
Based upon the density functional theory (DFT) in this paper, the first-principles approach is used to study the electronic band structure of Nb-doped wurtzite ZnO with different concentration. Three doped structures were considered: A Nb atom replaced by a Zn atom and two Nb atoms replaced by two Zn...
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Safety Inspection and Assessment on a Light Steel Portal Frame Workshop

Mingzhi Song, Yong Wang
Combining with a light steel portal frame workshop, the safety inspected and assessed through the detections and design checking which had higher practical reference value for similar structures.
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Building Moisture Load Analysis Based on Heat and Mass Coupled Transfer

Fanhong Kong
The conventional calculation of building indoor moisture load of always omits the effect of interior moisture release of envelope. However, its effect especially that of new-completely energy-saving building is very large. The paper, which took the new-built building in Harbin as an example, analyzed...
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Parametric Modeling of Hybrid type single Reticulated Dome

Xiaoyang Lu, Ning Hong, Shiying Chen, Ping Zhang, Yingying Bai
To improve the application functions and structure characteristics of single reticulated dome, we divide it into two parts: upper layer and lower layer, and construct them with two different typical single reticulated domes respectively to form six hybrid single reticulated domes. According to the characteristics...
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A new assessment method based on fuzzy linguistic of Engineering bidding risk prediction model

Shumei Cui
Bid risk is the important factors considered by the bidders in bid decision-making process. And bid risk analysis is a typical multi-attribute decision-making problem. Therefore, this paper proposes a new bid risk prediction model, based on the bidders’ risk prediction information in selecting bid project...
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A New Way to Determine Engineering Cost Price in the Construction Engineering Tendering

Shumei Cui
The lowest bid method should be used in the bid evaluation of construction engineering, and it is a critical problem that how to calculate the lowest cost price of the bid proposal. In this paper, a new model is proposed, based on multiple attribute decision making theory. According to the tenderer’s...
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Study on Numerical Simulation and Bolt Grouting Mechanism of Mine Fracture rock masses

Yanli LIU, Zhiqiang KANG, Qingshan Li, Shuqiang CHEN
The constitutive relation such as shear strength and optimal anchoring angle of jointed rock masses are obtained by analyzing the bolt grouting mechanism of mine fracture rock masses. The rock roadway of double-track roadway is simulated respectively by Flac3D software under the condition of no-support...
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The Whole Process Cost Management for Construction Projects in Higher Vocational Colleges of China

Chunming Liu, Qi Zhang, Liang Liu, Hongtao Peng
In recent years, owing to the rapid development of China's vocational education, the investment on construction projects in higher vocational colleges is huge, and some problems turn up that the original system does not fit for the cost management of construction projects in higher vocational colleges...
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Xiaodi Song, Xiaoxian Song, Wenhui Dong
As an under-consolidated soil, the reclaimed soil consolidation with vacuum preloading is very complex, so are the boundary and initial conditions. Through the analysis of the formation of the reclaimed soil foundation and its consolidation process, the initial pore pressure and the delivery of negative...
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Study of Lateral Buckling of Submarine Pipeline

Xiaodi Song, Xiaoxian Song
The upheaval buckling of marine pipelines caused by the temperature stress is one of the main failure modes of pipelines. When a pipeline is operated at high internal pressure and temperature, it will attempt to expand and contract for differential temperature changes. Normally the line is not free to...
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Optimization design for eye-in-hand robotics Based on A New Binocular Stereo Vision Servoing Model

Mei JIN, Ju JIN, Guangpu Hao
This paper presents an attractive image-based visual servoing approach for eye-in-hand robotic systems based on new binocular stereo vision servoing model. The major contribution of this work is in devising an optimization controller to control the velocity of the camera and GMC(Generic Model Control)...
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Accelerometer Static Calibration based on the PSO algorithm

Liguo Zhang, Wenchao Li, Huilian Liu
This paper introduces MEMS accelerometer static calibration method based on the PSO algorithm. According to the mathematical model of the MEMS accelerometer, the PSO algorithm is applied to estimate the mathematical model, including scale factors, bias, and installation errors. The method does not require...
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Exploring Again The Principle of Level Surveying

Yonghe Deng
Literature [1] studied the principle formulas of level surveying ,but its theory is not strict enough.So,in this paper,further research is made to obtain more strict formulas, and proves that formula in literature [1] can completely replace homologous formula of this paper in practice.
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Study on the Effect of Design Coefficients on Load-bearing Capacity of Circular RCFT Columns

Hua Wei, Zhen-zhong Duan, Peng-peng Li, Hai-jun Wang
Based on the Japan recommendations, the formula of yield strength for RCFT (reinforced concrete filled steel tube) columns was proposed, the effect of experimental coefficient such as concrete strength, diameter-thickness ratio of steel tube, number of steel bars on yield strength of RCFT was analyzed,...
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Comparative Analysis on the Internal Force of CRD Method with different Steps for Excavating Super Shallow Tunnel

Ling Weng, Dingbang Zhang
On the adaptability of CRD four steps method and six steps method for excavating super shallow tunnel, elastic-plastic simulation are executed by ANSYS and Mohr-coulomb criterion. The development and distribution of axial force and moment of two kinds of methods are compared. Analysis results indicate...
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Analyzing of Reinforcement Effect of Bolt-Grouting in Squeezing Tunnel

Yuanchun SUN, Huaijian LI, Zailiang XU, Bo GAO
For the weak rock liable to squeezing deformation, it is a very meaningful matter to seek a new reinforcement method. Bolt-grouting support is a new type of active method combine bolting and grouting, its principle is to reinforce the unloading loosening rock behind primary support composed of steel...
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Improved Genetic-ant Algorithm for the Optimization of Rapid Prototyping Contour Path

Baoye Liu, Jianjun Yang, Shaoshuai Guo
In rapid prototyping contour scanning process, to reduce the spare travel time, a mathematical model which has considered the minimal time distance is established. The situation that the starting point is different from the end point is analyzed. In the improved genetic-ant algorithm, the dual integer...
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Influence of Different Varieties of Water Reducing Agent on the Early Cracking of Concrete

Jingyun Han, Xuyan Song, Ruyuan Xu
Early cracking performance of concrete incorporating five different varieties of water reduce agent was tested by flat-panel test method and concrete surface cracks were observed within 24hours after pouring of concrete. The results showed that crack resistance of concrete incorporating polycarboxylate-based...
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Model Test On The Settlement Controlling Effect Of New CFG Pile-board Structure Composite Foundation Based On Similar Theory

Dingbang Zhang, Weng Ling
Based on the similar theory of physical model test, the similarity ratio of physical and mechanical parameters is derived for model test. The similarity ratio were used in model test of new CFG pile-board structure composite foundation to study the settlement controlling effect and settlement distribution...
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Study on the Short-cut Nitrification which in a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) under the Effect of Temperature and Ph

Hui Yang, Jing Ren
In order to research the effect of temperature and pH on the short-cut nitrification, using simulation sewage water as test water , research the material changes in the SBR reactor by change the temperature and pH. The result show that the short-cut nitrification still can proceed when the temperature...
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The Precipitation Depth Distribution of Small Catchment – A case in South of Taiwan

Chi Tang, Ya-Lin Huang, Yao-Ming Hong
This study established the estimation method of rainfall distribution for small catchment. The Kriging method was introduced to establish the spatial distribution model of rainfall depth, where the cross validation is executed to verify the theoretical semi-variogram model. A field experiment with an...
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Synthesis and investigation of sulfonated acetone-formaldehyde polycondensate as dispersant for coal-water slurry

Junfeng Zhu, Guanghua Zhang, Junguo Li, Fang Zhao, Qianqian Qu
According to the literature preparation process, sulfonated acetone - formaldehyde polycondensate (SAF) was prepared with different mole ratio of formaldehyde (F) and acetone (A). Its structure was characterized by IR and TGA. SAF was applied in the Shenhua coal-water slurry (CWS). And the slurryability...
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Numerical Simulation and Numerical Differentiation Analysis of Slope Deformation Due to Mining

Shibo LI, Wensheng LIU
It’s important to analysis accurately the deformation of the mountain slope due to mining. An example of the iron mine in Jidong area was given, and then the stability and deformation of mountain slope influenced by mining were calculated by means of numerical simulation and numerical differentiation,...
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The Research on Operation Parameters Optimization of BAF

Kun You, Jinxiang Fu, Jun Liu, Yashu Yuan, Jiarui Han
The experiment adopted dynamic continuous test, discussing the change of filter velocity, gas-water ratio and water temperature for the stable operation influence of BAF. By comparing the removal efficiency of COD, NH3-N and turbidity of effluent under different filter velocity, gas-water ratio and water...
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Physicochemical characteristics and antioxidant activity of the intracellular melanin from Lachnum sp. YM-236

Gengyi Guo, Ming Ye, Meishuang Qian, Qingping Xu, Liu Yang
Melanin LEM236 was extracted and purified from Lachnum YM-236. Scanning electron microscopy showed LEM236 had a blocky, amorphous crystal structure with an irregular surface. Elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy and 1H-NMR measurements indicated that the melanin had the structure model of a novel...
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3D Manufacturing Feature Based Integrated Information Model and its Modeling System Development Based on XML and NX Platform

Yan Cao, Zhongcan Lin, Yonglou Zhao, Changzhong Yuan, Yunfeng Chen
With the development of CAD/CAM technology, the key to CAD/CAM integration consists in constructing a common product model. In the paper, shaft parts are taken as research objects. Interactive feature-based modeling method is adopted to avoid complex algorithms for feature recognition. The functional...
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Intelligent Navigation Oriented Mechanical Product CAD System Based on Knowledge Fusion

Yan Cao, Zhongcan Lin, Yonglou Zhao, Changzhong Yuan, Yunfeng Chen
In order to improve intelligent heuristic performance, information support, computational capabilities, control mechanism, and interface self-adaptability of specialized product design systems, mechanical product design system based on knowledge fusion and intelligent navigation is studied systematically....
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Research on bottom anchor supporting technology in Donghai coal mine roadway

Gang Chen, Guangyi Sun, Qiong Wang
Floor heave is one of the main characteristics of deep roadway, once it happens, large deformation in the roadway surrounding rock, especially in road way sides, the normal safe production must be influenced seriously. Research of roadway floor heave mechanism, stress field and displacement field, which...
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Assessment of Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions Based on Hybrid Life-cycle Model

Deheng Zeng, Hong Ren
This paper constructs the building's hybrid life cycle model based on the traditional LCA model and EIO model, and uses it to measure and calculate GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions from buildings. This model divides the building life cycle into three stages, including materialization, utilization and dismantling....
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Retention Goaf Stability Influence Numerical Analysis on Existing Building

Hongjian Lu, Hai sheng Yu, Hui Lu, Shuhui Yan
In order to study the stability influence of abandoned stope on existing surface constructions, this paper summarizes and analyzes the main controlling factors based upon one mine in Hebei province. This paper also details a qualitative and quantitative analysis utilizing the numerical simulation method....
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Retention goaf stability influence comprehensive analysis on existing building

Deqing Gan, Hongjian Lu, Hui Lu, Hai sheng Yu
In order to study the stability influence of abandoned stope on existing surface constructions, this paper summarizes and analyzes the main controlling factors based upon one mine in Hebei province. This paper also details a qualitative and quantitative analysis utilizing the “Three Zones Theory”and“Movement...
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Research on Construction Program of Logistics Base of Shenmu West

Shuixian Zhao, Xiaofeng Fu
Dealed with the research on program of rail connection at Shenmu West Station on line from Shenmu West to Logistics Base in the paper, designed expansion and reconstruction of Shenmu West Station, researched into program of logistics base station layout, track number and yard layout, sketched layout...
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Research on Fiberglass Grid Preventing Cracks Used as Interlayer between Old Cement Concrete Pavement and Asphalt Overlay

Yuqing Yuan, Xuechan Li, Wei Li, Tao Guo
To solve the problems of grid preventing crack, which is used as interlayer between old cement concrete pavement and asphalt overlay, the authors carried through finite element calculations, theoretical analyses, and laboratory tests simulating the field situations. Mechanical analysis proved that grid...
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Mechanical Analysis on Asphalt Mixture Overlaying on Old Cement Pavement Disengaged in the Corner

Yuqing Yuan, Haitao Wan, Sen Wen, Wanli Zhan
Based on the theory of elastic layer system, calculation models of asphalt overlaying on old cement pavement structure were established. According to finite element software, in allusion to a hollow under a slab's edge or its corner, series of key factors to stress and deflection of asphalt overlay have...
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Construction Technology of APP Modified Asphalt for Pavement

Yuqing Yuan, Tao Guo, Haitao Wan, Wei Li
In order to guarantee the APP modified asphalt linoleum bonding properties of level structure between old cement road and surface coating, the construction key technologies has carried on. Some results were obtained. First, the old road surface should be cleaned up. Secondly, the APP linoleum width deviation...
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Highly Optimization Design of Structure Space

Fucheng Wang, Chenyu Chen, Jing Ji
The optimization mathematical model for highly optimization is established with the constraints of strength, rigidity, stability and the structural deflection of structure space and solutions are obtained by using the genetic algorithm. A example indicates that the genetic algorithm can be applied in...
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Analysis and Comparisons of Clustering Consensus Functions

Sen XU, Tian ZHOU, Hua Long YU
This paper analyzes and compares different clustering consensus functions. We analyze different consensus functions and compare them over several different document datasets. Our experimental results indicate that some consensus functions are consistently superior to the others, and can produce the best...
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On the Plastic Zone around a Crack Tip in a Rock Specimen

T. Ai, C.H. Wu, R. Zhang, Z.Y. Xiang, Y.Y. Yuan
The stress intensity factors (SIFs) for a infinite volume were corrected by two dimensionless quantities YI and YII which were obtained by employing the Boundary Collocation Method (BCM). The expression of the elastic-plastic boundary of a mixed crack for a cracked specimen was formulated based on the...
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Architectural Features of Adjacent River Residence in Shaoxing

Wenhui Bai, Lingli Tu, Jiao Zhou, Jiejie Ying
The adjacent river residence in Shaoxing is different from the Taimen residence (i.e., the grand courtyard in Shaoxing’s residence), most of which are owned by the lower classes, therefore, there are almost no rules or regulations constraining them in construction. The seamless integration of water and...
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Analysis on Relationship between Skyscrapers and Tourist Cities' Space

Bin Tang, Deheng Zeng
By reviewing the evolutionary history of skyscrapers in western tourist cities' space, this paper proposes that Chinese skyscrapers need to realize "localization", discusses their role in tourist cities from the three aspects of urban functions, urban landscape and urban environment and finally analyzes...
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Effect of Heat Input to Mechanical properties of Joint for 16MnR and S31803

Li Yang, Xiangying Dang, Meng Li, Nan Ji
The dissimilar joints of 16MnR and S31803 were obtained by means of SMAW and GTAW. Hardness of joints has been tested. The results show that hardness distribution from 16MnR base metal to S31803 base metal presents upward trend. Hardness of seam welded by GTAW is higher than seam welded by SMAW. The...
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Study on EDMn-B-00 Electrode and Surfacing Process

Li Yang, Xiangying Dang, Nan Ji, Meng Li
For the defect of high manganese steel surfacing electrode on manufacturability, EDMn-B-00 electrode was trial product by means of orthogonal experiment. It relays on coating to transit alloying elements. The manufacturability and usability were evaluated by chemical composition analysis, resist thermal...
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A New Kind of Seam Tracking System for Laser-MIG Hybrid Welding Based on Image Process

Xiangying Dang, Li Yang
A kind of seam tracking system for laser-MIG hybrid welding has been designed to overcome the defects of existing laser-MIG hybrid welding equipments. Laser vision technology based on image processing has been studied. Line/arc fitting algorithm was applied to data construction for seam. Simulation tracking...
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Simulation of Earthquake Response of High-rise Structure

Yun ZHAO, Hua WEI, Haijun WANG
It has been proved by more and more practices that the simulation technique (ST) can get a more satisfied result than experiments in some cases like large-span or high-raise structures. Herein, the ST is applied to simulating the earthquake response of a high building on a rigid-foundation based on the...
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Simulation of Earthquake Response of High Building with Soil-structure System

Yun ZHAO, Hua WEI, Haijun WANG
The simulation technique(ST) is applied to simulating the earthquake response of a high building with a soil-structure system.In order to simulate the dynamic response accurately,the soil-structure interaction(SSI) is considered and a three-dimension spring is applied for the model.The time history curves...
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Study on Zhongshan’s Urban Construction in Modern Era under the Influence of Xiangshan Commercial Ideologies

Hua Zhang, Xiaoshan Fang, Jie Qi
As the hometown of Sun Yat-sen, the urban construction of Zhongshan City during the modern era has played a pioneering role in the history of Chinese urban construction. The commercial ideologies originated in Xiangshan district which is the cradle of modern commerce in China has exerted profound influence...
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Tunnel Geological Prediction Radar Alternating Electromagnetic Field Propagation Attenuation in Lossy Inhomogeneous Medium

Si Yang Chen, Yan Peng Zhu, Zhong Li, Tian Yu Zhang
Tunnel geological prediction of ground-penetrating radar waves propagation in a lossy inhomogeneous medium, there must be a high-frequency attenuation. We must consider the electrical energy and magnetic energy of the relaxation loss, while the tunnel surrounding the quality factor in determining the...
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The Stability’s Influencing Factors and Active Control of Hydrostatic Journal Bearing

Peng Liang, Changhou Lu, Shujiang Chen, Jie Ding
The hydrostatic bearings are widely applied in the field of high-speed precision grinding machine due to high precision and high stiffness. But in order to make the hydrostatic bearings more fit for the precision machining with high speed, we have to solve the instability problem of system due to rotor...
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Reasonable Figure of Subsonic Train Front and Rear in Evacuated Tube Transportation Based on Aerodynamics Consideration

Yaoping ZHANG, Jun ZHU, Baigang MI, Maoxing SHEN
Based on hypothesis of incompressible viscous flow, 2D stable flow field and moving tube wall conditions, as well as Navier-Stokes equation and two-equation turbulent models, the aerodynamic drag imposed on the trains with different front/rear shapes which run at subsonic speed in evacuated tubes were...
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Research on reinforcement of soft soil by geotextile

Qiong Wang, Gang Chen, Endong Guo
Because of low shear strength of soft soil, it has harmful characters in actual engineering. Compound material, composed of geotextile and sand and gravel, is used to reinforce soft soil, because of advantage of good tensile compressive stress. The reinforced mechanism of geotextile is analyzed. Specific...
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Study on GM(1,1) Boundary Model based on Surveying Engineering

Yonghe Deng
GM(1,1) models are widely applied to many fields including surveying engineering.Their researches are growing,and study on boundary conditions of GM(1,1) models is an important work.Based on least squares method,two sorts of new and better methods about boundary condition of GM(1,1) models were put forward...
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Study on simplified calculation method for the vibration characters of frame-shear wall structures

Minshui Huang, Yueya Tu, Shishun Zhang
Two simplified methods are introduced in the paper, in which periods and mode shapes are obtained through solving the story lateral stiffness of frame- shear wall structures, the method of solving the differential equation and the method of substructure. On the basis of assumption for structure, the...
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An Integrated ANP Modle for Decision-making of Urban Regeneration Projects

Yujuan Liao, Kunhui Ye, Hongyuan Fu, Lin Ma
An integrated model based on ANP method was developed in this paper to optimize the decision-making process of urban regeneration projects. In this model, a nonlinear programming and DEMATEL methods were adopted to improve the processes of traditional ANP, a Zero-one Programming method was used to find...
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Research of Acoustic Detection In Reinforcing Highway Slope With Frame Beam And Grouting Bolt

Grouting bolts are planted partly at the grid of frame beam in reinforcing highway slope. The dimension of frame beam and the length of bolts are the key parameters in design. Based engineering example by acoustic detection, the effect is appraised with the increasing rate of wave velocity along depth...
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Regression Analysis for Soft Rock Tunnel Monitoring Data Based on Data-Mining by SPSS

Jiejun TANG
Using SPSS software for pretreated soft rock tunnel, a regression analysis of the monitoring data reflected the internal relationship and change rule between tunnel vault sink and the surrounding convergence and distance from tunnel face to monitoring section and measuring time. The results show that:...
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Computer Simulation on Structural Plane of Ore-rock By Monte-Carlo Method

Dong Pan, XiBing Li, Yu Wang
Based on Monte-Carlo Method, found a computer method for simulating structural plane of ore-rock with partial actual-dataIt had proved that the method can reflect the true characteristics and distribution rule of structural plane of ore-rock, thereby provided reliable means of block analysis and forecast.
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Dynamic Analysis on Water Inrush from Fault in Floor

Zhihua ZHOU, Ping CAO, Zhouyuan YE, Yi-xian WANG
In this paper, the deficiency on present mechanism of water inrush from floor is analyzed and it is found that water inrush from fault not only relative with static loads, but also with dynamic loads, especially faults in deep are easily acted by low dynamic loads. Based on fracture mechanics, the fault...
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Research on application of Compactly Supported Biorthogonal wavelet in image Matching

Zhou Fang, Yan Cao, Li-Na Zhang
Image matching solves the identification of identical regions between images in a moving image sequence that is collected by a CCD camera. Through image feature region matching, micro-displacement and micro-angular displacement can be measured based on digital image processing. In the paper, a shape...
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Mechanism and Design of Hanging Assembled Supporting Structure in the Roadway

Xiantang Zhang, Yi Bai, Hongmin Zhou, Hongli Wang
The effect of the roadway supporting not only depends on the supporting force itself, but also depends on the surrounding rock, quantity of supporting placement, time and quality of setting up, and contacting points and surface in the surrounding rock. The classification, nature and failure mechanism...
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Study on countermeasures of the maintenance spares storage based on AHP

Y.J. Shao, C.M. Ma, H.X. Pan, Y.J. Liu
Spare parts management is an important part of the maintenance activities and the spare parts are the basic guarantee of maintenance. Classified Management of spare parts is an important issue in the management of spare parts. Only classifying the spare parts scientifically that the maintenance tasks...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Property of Soil-Cement

Hongxia Yang
Based on test data analysis of soft foundation reinforcement of Ji-He expressway in Shandong province, this paper discussed mechanical properties of soil-cement and variation law.The results showed that the main factors which effect the compressive strength of soil-cement include cement content,age and...
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Strength and Shrinkage Property of Nano Silica Powder Concrete

Hongxia Yang
Through indoor test to explore the compressive strength,bending tensile strength and shrinkage property of nano silica powder cement concrete. The test results show that in ordinary cement concrete mixed with an appropriate amount of nano silica powder, and bending tensile strength has increased, but...
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Simulation Analysis for Bitumen Residuum Concrete Core Wall Rockfill Dam of White River Hydropower Station

Dongyu Ji
Through analyzing bitumen residuum concrete core wall rockfill dam structure’s mechanical characteristics in construction process and operational process, this paper adopts finite element method to carry out simulation analysis for bitumen residuum concrete core wall rockfill dam of White River hydropower...
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Three-dimensional Finite Element Simulation Analysis of Bridge-type Inverted Siphon Structure

Dongyu Ji
This paper adopts general finite element software to analyse Lingyun bridge-type inverted siphon structure, researching variation law of the inverted siphon’s stress and displacement in construction process and operational process. Research results further verified rationality and security of the design...
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The Research on Seismic Response of Prestressed Concrete Flat Beam in Pseudo-dynamic Test

Feiyan Li
By carrying out pseudo-dynamic test on an unbonded and a bonded prestressed concrete flat beam separately, their dynamic properties and seismic responses can be learned, also seismic resistance can be compared. The test results show that framework with prestressed concrete flat beam has certain energy-absorbing...
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Research on Intelligent Precise Pass Algorithm Based on Linked List Model

Guochang Li
With higher project demand for cold bending forming steel function, the geometry section of profiles is becoming more and more complicated, and pass design of rolling section steel is becoming more and more difficult. The design method based on experience and estimating doesn’t meet the engineering requirements....
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The characteristics and statistical parameters of the exhibition building fire load

Jinping Wang
Carried out fire load survey of exhibition building in Beijing, and obtained a lot of data. On preliminary theoretical studies results the data has been analyzed, and then determined the fire load density standard value 876.21MJ/m2, average of 382.97 MJ/m2. The data is not refused to obey the extreme...
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Fuzzy multi-objective optimization design of fuel injector pump plunger spring

Erzhong An, Yunchao Wang
Fuzzy theory and multi-objective optimization technology were applied to design fuel injector pump plunger spring based on consideration on its force condition. The mathematical model for the multi-objective optimization design was built under the objective of the maximal fatigue safety coefficient,...
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The Strength Analysis of the Diagonal Stay of Aircraft Landing Gear Based on ANSYS

As the landing gear structure is complicated, it is difficult to draw accurate stress and strain distribution through the theoretical calculation. This paper carries on modeling and force analysis to the buffer mechanism of aircraft landing gear, transforms the stress problem dynamic system into static...
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Analyzing the Diaolou's Construction and Eco-design of Qiang Minority

Hong Zhang, Xiao Hong Wang
Taking the Heihu Diaolou of the Qiang Minority in the upper reaches of Mingjiang River as an example, the author analyzes the distributing, construction, functions, sorts and scales of the Qiang Diaolou, trying to reveal us the special housing eco-design feature consisted in the Diaolou.
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Yulin ZOU, Chuan HE, Yi ZHOU, Chaofan YAO, Zheng ZHANG
In this paper, factors influencing the tunnel leakage are analyzed synthetically, based on present situations of water leakage of operational highway tunnel in Chongqing area. Standard of tunnel leakage grade is determined and index system of tunnel leakage model is established by choosing physical geography,...
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Yulin ZOU, Zhichao DONG, Chuan HE, Chaofan YAO
In the engineering background of a new road-embankment integrating Binjiang Avenue in a city adjacent The Yangtze River, soft soil Roadbed is treated by drainage consolidation method. In-situ observation on test section, which including settlement plate to monitor vertical settlement and inclinometer...
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Study on Vibration Bounce Area Caused by Metro -Based on the Pulse Impact Experiment

Wenbin WANG, Weining LIU, Ning SUN, Meng MA
At present, there is no systematic research on the ground surface vibration bounce area induced by metro. The experiments of vibration attenuated on the ground surface were carried out in an underground laboratory at Beijing Jiaotong University to obtain the ground surface attenuation characteristics...
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Finite Element Simulative Analysis of Concrete Arch Dam Structure

Dongyu Ji, Weixing Chen
In this paper, finite element simulative analysis is proceeded for the concrete arch dam of Tianshengqiao reservoir. Deducing variation law of the dam’s stress and displacement in construction process and operational process. The analytic results are shown concrete arch dam of Tianshengqiao reservoir...
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Force Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular-sectioned Beam-supported Aqueduct

Dongyu Ji, Xidong Zhang
This paper adopts finite element method to carry out simulation analysis for Baochuan reinforced concrete rectangular-sectioned beam-supported aqueduct. Deducing variation law of the aqueduct’s stress and displacement in construction process and operational process. Analysis results show that, Baochuan...
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The Effective Length of Elastic Supporting Bars

Shi-lun SHI, Chun-lan Liao
Elastic supporting bars exist in many structures, like transmission tower, truss, even frame, etc. Take transmission tower for example, the load-carrying capacity of diagonal members often controls the structure’s bearing capacity. Previous experiments and engineering experiences indicated that possible...
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Hybrid genetic algorithm-based on optimization of multi-echelon inventory structure design

Yang Yu, Zhangen Wang, Qiang Zhang, Wei Yang, Mengzhu Shi
Take inventory and delivery time of raw materials and finished products in the product life cycle from upstream business to the downstream business as the main variable,Integrated cost factors of multiple suppliers, individual manufacturers, multiple distribution center and multiple retailers under the...
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Determining the Shortest Path of Multi-location Path Based on the Maximum Flow

Xueying Li, Qin Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Wenxia Yu, Mengzhu Shi
In this paper, multi-location path math model is established at the condition that the number of distribution centers, customers, and the service scope is known. Constraints are including customer demand, network matching, and vehicle loading. To solve the shortest path based on the maximum flow problem,...
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Numerical Analysis of Influence of Large-Diameter EPB Shield Tunneling on Ground Deformation in Beijing Area

Tao Gong, Xiuren Yang, Chengzhi Qi, Deyun Ding
A large-diameter earth pressure balanced (EPB) shield has been firstly used in the Beijing metro line 14 in China. In this paper, to take the experimental project of the metro line 14 as an engineering background, the tunneling process of the EPB shield with an outer diameter of 10 m was simulated using...
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The Research of Capacity Control Standard in Bridge Transition Section Subgrade Based on Measured Dynamic Stress

Xiushao Zhao, Linli Mo, Wei Liu, Chenggang Ai
The dynamic stress in existing bridge transition section of often bigger than ordinary roadbed due to its stiffness irregularity, so using the ordinary subgrade bearing standard as bridge transition section standard is inappropriate. Based on the measured dynamic stress in Xin-feng river bridge transition...
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Study on the performance of the new high-strength steel-encased Concrete composite beam (SCCB)

Qiyin Shi, Chao Liu, Lilin Cao, Zhen Wang
On the basis of the theoretical study and application of ordinary steel-encased concrete composite beam, this paper will focus on a new high-strength steel-encased concrete composite beam, and mainly studies high-performance steel Q420 and Q460, as well as high-strength concrete C60 and C80. Besides,...
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Seismic Performance Analysis of Three-Arch Double-Deck Metro Station Based on Response Displacement Method

Deyun Ding, Weifeng Wang, Meiqun Huang, Xiuren Yang, Zongzhen Wu
Taken the Dawanglu station of Beijing metro line 14 as engineering background, the response displacement method is used to analyze the seismic performance of the three-arch double-deck metro station modeled by the two-dimensional finite element method. Numerical results show that the seismic calculation...
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Calculation of slab-column middle connection under combined shear and unbalanced moment

Hua Li, Nan Guo, Yiying Lin
The purpose: The method to calculate slab-column middle connections under combined interaction of vertical shear and unbalanced moment is given to perfect the design method of slab-column structure, Method: The calculation method is proposed based on the calculation method of slab-column connection and...
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Solute Analyse of Directional Solidification Microstructure in a Binary Alloy

Jinjun Tang, Mingan Zhou
In this paper, the directional solidification microstructure of Bridgman system was simulated using phase-field method, and different calculated results were obtained with four pulling velocities. Transverse solute shows “U” shape profiles. With the pulling velocity (vp) increasing, the span of “U” figures...
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The B2C Based on JSP Electronic Mall of Designing and Realizing the System

Chunhua Tang, Jinjun Tang, Cui Liang
Electronic Commerce is in the Internet open network environment, based on the browser/server application methods to realize the online shopping, consumer entered into between online trading and on-line Electronic pay a new type of business operation mode. Traditional electronic commerce system structure...
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Injection Mold Cavity Stiffness and Intensity Analysis Based on ANSYS Workbench and MOLDFLOW

Tie GENG, Wei-qing TU, Dan-dan LIU
The loading conditions of cavity is determined through using CAE software MOLDFLOW to simulate plastic flow injection molding process of the plastic product and as the force for the input load of the plastic products injection mold cavity strength analysis. Study on finite element simulation of stress...
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The Numerical Simulation for Heat-transfer process of Photovoltaic Rolled Glass in Forming Stage

Tie GENG, Dan-dan LIU, Wei-qing TU
The calculation model on analysis convective heat transfer established is according to the structural features of photovoltaic rolling glass in its forming stage. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software FLUENT was used for numerical simulation of flow field, The study analysis the temperature...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Air Conditioning Cold/Heat Source System Based on Fuzzy Mathematics Theory

Gang Chen, Jiping Xie, Huimin Li, Xin Cheng
This article use fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to quantitative analysis each factor which effect the selection of air conditioning cold/heat source systems. Meanwhile, offer a reasonable and feasible method to air conditioning cold/heat source system selection through a concrete example.
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The testing research on horizontal bearing capacity for the cast - in - place pile socketed in rock

Dong Wang, Yin Cheng
In order to study the characteristics of the lateral bearing capacity for the case-in-place pile socked in rock, a single pile lateral load test is conducted in site, in which, some instrument were installed in pile shaft, and the deflections in the pile top and the steel bar stresses were taken under...
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Comprehensive Evaluation and Analysis of Urban Rail Transit Network Plan Based on DEA Method

Yu-zhao ZHANG, Jian-qiang WANG
The evaluation of urban rail transit plan network is the key link of rail transit plan, it is very important for determining optimal plans or satisfying plans which are advanced in technology, reasonable in economy, and feasible in implementation. Based on the analysis of present evaluation index systems...
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Supply Chain Optimization of Assembly Manufacturer with Uncertainly Demand and Uncertainly Lead Time

De-zhi ZHANG, Shuangy-yan LI, Fang-ping JIN
Order strategy optimization of multiple suppliers assembly manufacturing supply chain system under the random demand and random lead time is investigated in this paper. Manufacturers order strategy is sought for in order to minimize supply chain joint cost. Quantity ratio of different components due...
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Modularization of Feature Information for Marine Diesel Engine Parts

Hui ZHANG, Sheng-wen ZHANG, Pan ZHAO, Jian ZHANG
According to the modularization principle, focusing on the practical problem of NC tool path generation, feature information is processed with group technology for tooling in CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) of the key parts of marine diesel engine. The processing is mainly made on the basis of similarity...
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Optimization of poly-silicon deposition process for switch

Zhengyuan Zhang, Yang Cao, Yong Mei, Zhicheng Feng, Jiangen Li
Aiming at the severe effect of poly-silicon deposition process on the performance of polysilicon swtich, experiments were made on optimization of poly-silicon deposition and releasing the stress of polysilicon beams to obtain optimal process conditions. By using the optimizing process, the fabrication...