Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

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A Probe into the Utilization of New Materials in Naxi Residential Door Trim of Lijiang Yunnan Province

Qiaoling Gui, Xinyu Suo, Feng Su, Ruibo Hu, Yue Yu
Based on the admiration towards the function, style and skills of Naxi residential door trim of Lijiang Yunnan Province, this paper investigates Naxi people’s proper use of modern decorative art and new materials. The use of new materials not only makes up for the defect of traditional materials, but...
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Two thermolysis routes to ThO2 nanoparticles from thorium nitrate

Jing Li, Yan Chen, Yong Cai Zhang
Two thermolysis routes (that is, solvothermal treatment in toluene at 180 °C for 24 h and direct heating in air at 200 °C for 5 h) were proposed to prepare ThO2 nanoparticles, by using thorium nitrate (Th(NO3)4•5H2O) as the precursor. The as-prepared products were characterized by X-ray diffraction and...
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Effect of additive BaO on corrosion resistance of xNi/10NiO-NiFe2O4 cermet inert anodes for aluminium electrolysis

Hanbing HE, Hanning XIAO
xNi/10NiO-NiFe2O4 cermet and 1BaO-xNi/ (10NiO-NiFe2O4) cermet (x=5,10,17) inert anodes were prepared and their corrosion resistance to Na3AlF6-Al2O3 melts was studied in laboratory electrolysis. The results show that many pores are produced and electrolytes are infiltrated inside inert anodes during...
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The modelling and simulation of 12/8 SRM and SRD Based on Simulink

Bao-Xiang Dong
Switched reluctance driver (SRD) is a high efficiency, new energy-saving variable speed control system. Simulink is commonly used as a simulation platform to guide the design, but there is only 6/4 switched reluctance motor (SRM) model and the widely used 12/8 SRM model is not included in Simulink component...
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Effect of Additive BaO on corrosion resistance of 10NiO-NiFe2O4 Composite Ceramic anodes

Hanbing HE, Hanning XIAO
The laboratory-scale performance of aluminum electrolysis show that the 10NiO-NiFe2O4 composite ceramics doped with 0.5%-1.0%BaO exhibit good general performances during electrolysis testing in a laboratory-scale cell conducted in cryolite electrolyte at 1233K with anode current densities of 1.0A/cm2,...
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(60)Flow Analysis and Experiment of Pressure-regulating Valve Used in Wet Friction Clutch

Jianchun Gong, Zeyin He
This paper taking a Marine gearbox wet friction clutch hydraulic control system as the main research object . Based on ANSYS established pressure regulating valve inside passage fluid dynamics finite element calculation model, in different flow and import oil temperature respectively under pressure regulating...
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Residual stress determination on U-sheet pile using stress free method

Huan Xue, Rongfeng Li, Rui Ge
The Influence of the residual stress on the entire quality of U-sheet pile is introduced. The sectioning method and full release method are used to detect the surface residual stresses on quarter and half length place of the U-sheet pile. The testing principle of stress free method, experimental equipment...
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Performance analysis of the six-phase induction machine based on trapezoidal phase current waveform

Hui-kai Fu
With the characteristic which the control of the multiphase machine is more complex compared with three-phase ac machine, a novel control method is proposed in this paper, namely six-phase motor trapezoidal wave phase current control. By using the trapezoidal phase current waveform, the stator winding...
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Performance analysis of Permanent Magnet Assisted reluctance synchronous machine

Hui-kai Fu
This thesis is about the dynamic control of a permanent magnet assisted reluctance synchronous machine (PMA RSM).The PMA RSM in this thesis is a 110 kW traction machine and is ideal for the use in electrical rail vehicles. For accurately analyzing the dynamic characteristics paper is of the of a permanent...
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Several Color Appearance Phenomena in Color Reproduction

Qin-ling Dai, Xiao-zhou Li, Ai Xu
Color perceived performance was influenced by various color appearance phenomena caused by varying viewing conditions in color reproduction process. It is necessary to do some research on the color appearance phenomena to represent the color appearance models qualitatively and quantitatively and accurate...
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Characterization and functions of Nano-Wool crystallites

Bin Wu, Yan Yi, Tao Xu, Hua Lei
In the research, we reported on a new method to produce fine wool protein crystallites by regeneration method, and this kind protein emulsion can be used on the treatment of fabrics, synthetic or nature fibers, allowing to form protein sheath or encapsulation layer that do not disturb the original properties...
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Experimental Study on Influence of Electropulsing to Microstructural Evolution of Billet

Zheng-hai Zhu, Jian-jun Wang, Li Zhou
This paper studies the influence to the microstructural evolution of low carbon steel and low carbon Nb steel through experiments in order to improve the microstructure of billet. The results of the study show that electropulsing has significant impact on the phase transformation from austenite to ferrite...
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Three-dimensional cruise-control system design based on PLC

Zhaoxiang Zeng
PLC is widely applied to cruise-control system owing to its merits. With the development of transducers, servo-control and step-by-step control system, PLC plays a greater role in accurate positioning. Combining with PC and touch screen, this kind of controller becomes more convenient in human-computer...
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Using ultrasonic treatment on wood veneer dyeing

Shan Li, Yanlong Liu
The purpose of this research is to change the microstructure of wood using ultrasonic processing, increase the connectivity between pores in the cell to improve the permeability of the wood, ultrasonic cavitation dye in the wood veneer by the instinstantaneous temperature, high pressure, high jet role...
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Reactive dyes on the wood veneer dyeing research

Shan Li, Yanlong Liu
In the course of the study as the main materials to choose oak wood dyeing experiments, deal with to temperature, before ultrasonic oscillations time, microwave drying time as the main factors of orthogonal test, the dyeing process to dye concentration, temperature, dyeing time as the main factors of...
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Optimization design of mobile welding workshop

Jianping Chen, Shengsun Hu, Junqi Shen
Mobile welding workshop is an indispensable engineering machinery of pipeline construction. Optimization design of structure and transmission of mobile welding workshop was researched. The operating weight of designed vehicle is two tons less than the existing mobile welding workshop and the width is...
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Digitized Resources Management System Design for Unfolding of Sheet Metal

Hua Chen, Jinru Liu, Yu Bai
In order to realize automation and intelligent design of sheet metal design, an integrated design system is constructed and tools for unfolding of sheet metal are developed, the system is composed of raw materials management, design tools management and process management. This system contains related...
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Research on Automotive Castings Foundry Production of Energy Conservation Technology

Zhenfeng Wang, Xun He, Yongjie Ma
The quality of the casting production has a great influence on the development of automobile industry, auto casting production should be melting, heating systems, exhaust gas comprehensive utilization of waste heat recovery and utilization to promote energy conservation technologies will provide new...
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Effects of Phosphorus on tensile and stress rupture properties of GH4169 alloy

Cheng Tang, Jinhui Du, Qun Deng, Zhongnan Bi, Minqing Wang
The influence of P on tensile properties at room temperature and 650 as well as the effects of P on rupture properties at 650/690 MPa of GH4169 alloy with standard heat treatment (STD) and direct aging heat treatment (DA) were investigated in this paper. Mechanism of the influence of P was also undertaken...
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Dynamic simulation of palletizing robots based on ADAMS

Zhiyuan RUI, Baocheng ZHOU, Jun LIU
This paper studies the special aluminum ingot palletizing robots for casting machines. It established the robot model with the three-dimension model-building software Pro / E and analyzed and simulated the dynamics of palletizing robots with the software ADAMS to achieve the dynamic characteristics curves...
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Finite Element Analysis of Static and Dynamic Characteristic on the Turnover Device Main Spindle of Aluminum Ingot Stacker Based on ANSYS WORKBENCH*

Zhi-yuan Rui, Yin-cheng Zhou, Jun Liu
On the basis of kinematics analysis, the relationship of torque on the main spindle of the aluminum ingot stacker turnover device dependent on angle is discussed. Moreover, the static and dynamic characteristics of the main spindle, whose static deformation can be obtained and whose torsion rigidity...
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Research on Decision of Equipment maintenance and support task scheduling

Yongfeng Ma, Fengjun Qi, Zhaojian Wang, Xishuang Jiang, Junjie Liu
By the analysis of maintenance scheduling problems, considering the battle effectiveness with multi-objects, aiming at such as defects only one for the current objects of the study, but does not consider sophistication of weapons, configuration and so on.The dual objects of the weighted operational time...
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Study on Effects of Heat Treatment on Morphology of Al Coating on the Surface of Mg Alloy by Cold Spray

Shengqiang Feng, Cunlong Wang, Bing Ma, Guoping Ling, Ziyun Zheng
The special pure aluminum coating was prepared on the surface of the as-cast AZ80 magnesium alloy by using the advanced technique named cold gas dynamic spray (CGDS). The interface morphology of coatings and substrate were observed. With the changes of the heat treatment temperature and the holding time,...
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Study on mechanical properties and microstructure analysis of welded joints of 7A05 aluminum alloy by laser-MIG hybrid welding

Hongwei Liu, Jinglong Li, Zhihua Ma, Bing Ma, Shengqiang Feng
7A05 aluminum alloy joints were fabricated by Laser-MIG hybrid welding, of which the tensile strength was tested at room temperature. The tensile fracture surfaces and microstructure were analyzed by SEM and TEM. The fracture surface analysis showed fracture morphologies of small dimple of 2 ~ 5m on...
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Synthesis and Properties of Rosin-Based Dispersant for Coal-Water Slurry

Junguo Li, Guanghua Zhang, Wenjing Han, Junfeng Zhu
The main objective of the present work was to synthesize a new type of rosin-based dispersant for Chinese Shenhua coal-water slurry (CWS) and evaluate it’s application performances for CWS preparation. In this study, 1.0 generation polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer with a dehydroabietylamine core, firstly...
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The Durability Research of Thermal Insulation Glazed Hollow Bead Concrete under the Sulfate Attack

Li Xu, Yuan Zhen Liu, Shang Song Qin
Thermal insulation glazed hollow bead concrete is a new type of insulating and beading building material ,which is produced in the background of building energy efficiency, has been systematically researched in order to make it with a good workability under the sulfate attack. Theoretical analysis and...
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A Survey of Vibration Energy Harvesters for Wireless Sensor Networks

Dong Ping WANG, Zhen YAN
With the fast developments of small dimension, low cost and low power circuit and sensor, energy supply is becoming a big barrier to wireless sensor networks applications in engineering, and the vibration energy harvester which not only gathering circumstance energy, but also lessening machine harm is...
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Molecularly Imprinted Absorbent for Selective Recognition and Binding of Naphthalene

Li Min WANG, Ying Hua LI, Wei WEI
A novel surface imprinting material was synthesized using a template immobilized on Silica gel matrix by surface imprinting technique using naphthol as template, 3-isocyana to propyltriehthoxysilane as monomer, ethyl silicate as crosslinking agent. FTIR spectrum and scaning electron microscope were adopted...
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Effect of different reagents on stability of Alkalinity silica sol

Juan Wang, Xin Huan Niu, Ming Sun, Ru Wang, Yu Ling Liu
In recent years, the silicon sol has now entered a relatively smooth period, and plays an important role in industries. Especially the silicon sol is used in the ultra precision Machining Technique. The most application is be the composition of slurry. Its stability is very important in the process of...
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Study on chemical mechanical ultra precision process technology of Aluminum Interconnected Line for ULSI

Xin Huan Niu, Juan Wang, Ming Sun, Baimei Tan, Baohong Gao
The chemical mechanical polishing ultra precision process technology mechanism of Aluminum Interconnected Line for ULSI was analyzed according the physical and chemical properties of Aluminum. In order to meet the request of environmental protection and reducing ion staining, the alkaline slurry was...
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The research of corrosion resistance of aluminum-bronze surfacing layer

Yun-hai SU, Guang-chao LIU, De-guang WU, Zheng-jun LIU
Aluminum-bronze was surfacing on low carbon steel in different surfacing conditions by using reverse polarity weak plasma arc. The microstructure of surfacing layer has been studied by means of optical metallograghy and X-ray diffraction. The behavior of electrochemical corrosion in PH=8.0, 3.5% NaCl...
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Design and Implementation of Digital Integral Interpolator Based on LabVIEW

Zeqing Yang, Zuojie Wang, Kai Peng, Weidong Yang, Libing Liu
In order to facilitate the students to visually understand digital integral interpolation principle and interpolation process, digital integral interpolator software system was developed using LabVIEW. The system is integrated with linear interpolation and arc interpolation modules, and every module...
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A comparative study of anode properties of two ordered mesoporous carbons with tailored crystalline structure for lithium ion batteries

Jianguo Cao, Zhaohui Hou, Fanyan Zeng, Chongyong Ge, Yafei Kuang
Ordered mesoporous carbons (C-1 and C-2) with tailored pore size and defined crystal orientation are prepared by liquid crystal template carbonization method using AR-mesophase pitch as carbon precursors and SBA-15 as template. The topography, pore/crystalline structure are extensively characterized...
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Research of Image processing in Instant Noodle Packets Auto-Inspection System

Kai Peng, Tie-Cheng Wang, Ze-Qing Yang
It is good idea that machine vision is introduced to inspect the seasoning packets of instant noodles on-line. The image processing algorithm was a key when the vision system was built up to capture the image of dough with seasoning packets. Image of dough contour was analyzed to find if the dough has...
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A research on bonding mechanics of butt welding joint of deformed Zn alloy

Liling Zhen, Bei Tang, Jianxun Fan, Leyi Du, Liangchao Ma
SEM, XRD and TEM were used to investigate the bonding mechanics of cold-pressure welding and butt resistance welding joints of deformed Zn alloy. Plastic flow was observed in cold-pressure welding joint. The welding seam preserved a refined microstructure. The butt resistance welding joint had obviously...
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The Analyses and Countermeasures on the Major Technology Defects of the Shell Plastic Parts

Zhihong Yu
The quality of the shell plastic parts, whose production is mainly affected by the plastic material, the mould design and manufacture and the process parameters of the injection molding, has effect on the market competition of the products packaged directly. So, it is necessary to analyze the reasons...
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The Magnetic Chemical Preparation and Properties of the Al3Zr/6A02 Aluminum Matrix Composites

Lei Jiao, Zhongzhong Zhang, Hua Shang, Yao Gao
The effects of the magnetic field on microstructures and wear properties of aluminum matrix composites are studied based on K2ZrF6-Al system. The results show that under the combination of magnetic field, melt can generate a forced exercise, which promotes melt dynamics changes in conditions, and thus...
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Properties of Phase Change Energy-storing Inorganic Thermal Insulating Board

Yanjin Wang, Xinfeng Wang
Phase change material has broad application prospects owing to its significant advantage of strong heat storage ability in the field of building energy conservation. In the paper, the properties of phase change energy-storing inorganic thermal insulating board were studied. The phase change temperature...
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Double Wires Submerged Arc Welding Temperature Field Simulation

Jianmin Chen, Zhenping Cao, Jun Li, Pengzeng Guo, Yan Sun
Double wires submerged arc welding is more and more widely applied. However, due to the immaturity of the welding process, the quality of double wires submerged arc welding is still not so good, and its application in the offshore platform engineering is limited. The paper adopt the simple flat plate...
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Research on the method of UG secondary development to the calculating plane dimension chain

Lijun Pang, Yongping Liu, Rongrong Fu, Li Ji, Yan Li
In the analysis of the process of the complex plane dimension chain, if the influences of the component loops on the closed loops are nonlinear variation, the process of solution-finding will be complicated and tedious. Because we must apply mathematics principle to solve the closed loop and make a list...
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The Features of Mechanical Engineering English and Its English-Chinese Translation Principles

Chao Chen, Li Fang
As a branch of English for Special Purposes, Mechanical Engineering English has its own features and rules. This article mainly discusses the basic features of MEE and tries to put forward some translation principles that are used in the mechanical engineering field.
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Effect of tempering temperature on microstructures and properties of niobium and titanium microalloying low carbon bainite steel

Defa Li, Feng Huang, Shisen Wang, Yuzhang Xiong, Shuqing Xing
The effect of tempering temperature on microstructures and mechanical properties of niobium and titanium microalloying low carbon bainite steel was investigated. The results indicate that the mechanical properties change is mainly controlled by the structure evolution, and as the structure evolution...
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An Efficient Approach for Uncertainty Analysis in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Laixi Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Xiaolong Shen
In this paper, an efficient multidisciplinary design optimization method based on evidence theory is proposed. Evidence theory is used to quantify uncertainty in terms of uncertainty measures of belief and plausibility. Since uncertainty measures provided by evidence theory are discontinuous functions,...
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Application of activators for hydrogen peroxide bleaching at low temperature

Gang Huang, Junhua Wang, Fengchun Dong, Yongtang Jia
The effects of two activators for activating H2O2 bleaching at low temperature were studied in this paper. The results show that: (1) both 1,2-bis-(diacetamido)-ethane (TAED) and sodium 4-(2-decanoyloxyethoxycarbonyloxy) benzenenesulfonate (OBA) can catalyze the H2O2 bleaching at low temperature, e.g....
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The Mechanical Properties of Al3Ti/6061 Al Composite Materials under the Magnetic Field

Hui Li, Zhongzhong Zhang, Yanling Yu, Tianfu Xie
Reactants are the fluorine potassium titanate (K2TiF6), in situ synthesis of the melt reaction method and magnetic field is applied in the reaction ,under the same conditions, with no external field, under the magnetic field obtained Al3Ti/6061 composite materials for mechanical properties of contrast...
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Effect of strain rate on cyclic deformation behavior of a beta phase containing TiAl alloy at elevated temperature

Hongfu Xiang, Anlun Dai, Hui Li, Jiheng Wang, Jinghai Tao
A beta phase containing titanium aluminum compound was prepared. Isothermal Fatigue(IF) were subjected at 650 at three strain rates, such as 6.67×10-3 s-1, 6.67×10-4 s-1, 6.67×10-5 s-1 to determine the effect of strain rate on cyclic stress-strain response (CSSR) of TiAl alloy during IF tests. The curves...
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Research and Application of PDM and CAD Integration Technology

Jiu Sun, Yuemiao Wang
In the informationization construction process of mechanical manufacturing industry, CAX application software is widely used in the process of the design and manufacture in enterprise, which significantly improves the efficiency and reliability of production design. The research mainly discusses Product...
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The change of electron energy loss spectra in NiTi2 alloys

Weiguo Yang, Yuhang Guo, YanMin Gao
The electron energy loss spectra (EELS) and d-electron occupancy of Ti and Ni in NiTi2 alloy has been studied in terms of white-line intensity. It is found that the change of d-electron occupancy of Ni is very small. However, d-electron occupancy of Ti changes considerable large in the alloy. The change...
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Finite Element Simulation Analysis of Qiaoli Reinforced Concrete U-shaped Aqueduct

Dongyu Ji
This paper adopts general finite element software to carry out three-dimensional finite element simulation analysis for Qiaoli reinforced concrete U-shaped aqueduct. Considering five combination cases in aqueduct’s construction and operating process, researching variation laws of the aqueduct’s stress...
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Simulation Analysis of Machetang Wire Nets Concrete Inverted Siphon

Dongyu Ji
This paper adopts finite element software to carry out structure design and force analysis for Machetang wire nets concrete inverted siphon engineering. Researching distribution laws of stress and deformation for inverted siphon’s typical sections and paths under various cases in construction and operating...
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Effect of cooling process after rolling on microstructure and property of Nb-Ti micro-alloyed low-carbon bainite steel

Defa Li, Haiyan Bao, Shisen Wang, Yuzhang Xiong, Shuqing Xing
The influence of cooling process on microstructure, second phase precipitation and mechanical property of Nb-Ti Micro-alloyed Low-Carbon Bainitic Steel has been examined by metalloscope and TEM The results lustrate that accelerated cooling after air-cooling (relaxation) to a certain temperature could...
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Research of City Engineering Speech Blind Separation Algorithms Based on Independent Vector Analysis

Zhuo Yang, Chun-ming Li
Aiming at the rapid expansion of urbanization ,This paper proposed a new independent vector analysis model, it is an extension of ICA for independent multivariate speech where the sources are mixed component-wise. Formulation that can solve the frequency-domain blind source separation problem, which...
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Monitoring SIP Traffic Using Statistical Approaches

Hui Cao, Hui Chao Hou
To monitor Session Initiation protocol (SIP) traffic effectively, a statistical approaches-based traffic monitoring solution is proposed in this paper. According to the process of SIP session, Chi-square statistic is used for monitoring the anomaly of SIP traffic. It classifies the anomaly reason using...
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Volume Matching for Pump and Accumulator of ABS Hydraulic Unit Based on Simulation

Jin-jun ZHENG, Zhen WANG
A proper volume of return flow pump and accumulator is a premise for ABS control. The model of ABS hydraulic unit was established in MATLAB/Simulink, and an extreme case of ABS return flow for some domestic commercial vehicle was taken in simulation to match the volume of return flow pump and accumulator....
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A Low-Overhead Hybrid Routing Algorithm for ZigBee Networks

Zhi Ren, Lihua Tian, Jianling Cao, Jibi Li, Zilong Zhang
In order to improve the non-optimal paths worked out by the ZigBee cluster-tree routing (ZTR) algorithm and to reduce the overhead of the AODVjr algorithm, we propose in this paper a low-overhead hybrid routing algorithm (LOHRA) for ZigBee networks. LOHRA effectively limits the flooding range of RREQ...
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The Planning of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Urban Area

Shao-yun GE, Liang FENG, Hong LIU, Long WANG
With respect to the planning problems of electric vehicle charging stations in the urban area, the paper presents a planning model which considers the road network structure, vehicle flow information, distribution system structure and capacity constraints, etc. Under the relative constraints of distribution...
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A New Hybrid Heating System for Solar Cell Module Laminator

Lei Shi, Li-dong Chen, Liang Zhang, Shuying Ma
Solar cell module laminator is important equipment in the production of solar cell, which can press several layers of the glass, EVA plastic, semiconductor wafer and etc together. The heating temperature of laminator is the key parameter to guarantee the quality of solar modules. To improve the heating...
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Structure Analysis and Improvement of Diesel Engine Block

Weineng Zhang, Xiaohui Cao
The finite element analytical model of a diesel engine is established to analyze the stress, the flatness, the roundness and the rate of light leakage of the diesel engine block .The analysis result shows that the optimized scheme improves the body's stress concentration and deformation obviously: the...
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Research on the driving cycle of Tri-wheel vehicle

Jin-jun ZHENG, Chuan-xue SONG, Jing TONG
Based on fieldwork and data statistics of the tri-wheel vehicle driving conditions, the actual driving conditions of the Tri-wheel vehicle are accurately grasped. Processing and analyzing the collected data via mathematical statistics, thus the actual driving characteristics of Tri-wheel vehicles are...
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Study on Dynamic Shift Schedule of Automated Mechanical Transmission in a Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Zhentong Liu, Shaoyou Shi, Hongwen He, Weiqing Li
Based on the analysis of dynamic performance of vehicles and characteristics of engine and motor, the dynamic shift schedule for parallel hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) equipped with automated mechanical transmission (AMT) is designed. The model is built up on the MATLAB/CRUISE co-simulation platform....
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Preparation and ionic conductive mechanism of novel electrolyte for automobile oxygen sensor

Peng Liu, Jiangrong Kong, Xianfeng Yang, Qicheng Liu
Nano-sized samarium doped ceria (SDC) material was synthesized through a sol-gel method in order to improve the intermediate-temperature performance of solid electrolyte for automobile oxygen sensor. The ionic conductive behavior of the electrolyte was analyzed on the basis of electrochemical impedance...
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Study on the Fault Tolerance Control Strategy of the Distributed Driving Electric Vehicle Running in Straight Line with Failure Motor(s)

Xinlei LIU, Hongwen HE, Rui XIONG, Qian Tong
The problem of motor fault tolerance of the distributed driving electric vehicle running in straight line is discussed and solved in the paper. The researched vehicle is designed with four in-wheel motors. The motor fault types are divided more detailed. To achieve a good riding stability and dynamic...
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The Study on the Membership Function Shape of Fuzzy Controller Optimization

Tao Wu, Zhenhai Gao, Yang You
Since it is difficult to determine a fuzzy controller parameters, which need to match the test car’s complex nonlinear dynamic characteristics. Based on particle swarm optimization algorithm, a fuzzy self-tuning controller parameters optimization method is developed. The controller is reconstructed by...
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The study on soil moisture monitoring based on water-cloud model

Zuo-wei Huang, Xiang Chi, Shi-xiong Xie
Based on the use of optical image data, this paper uses NDMI to estimate the vegetation water content. It employs multi-polarization satellite-based radar data together with microwave scattering Water-Cloud Model eliminating the impact of the vegetation layer and isolating the contributions of vegetation...
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The Research of Cylindrical Billets Induction Heating Based on Finite Difference Method

Qingxin Zhang, Cuiyu Zhu, Yong Tao, Zhanbo Cui
The induction heating temperature and electromagnetic field coupling model has been established based on the principle of induction heating and finite difference method. The suitable parameters are set up according to actual size of billet. Numerical simulations are performed according to the mathematics...
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Torque Distribution Control Strategy for Electric Vehicles with Axles Separately Driven

Qian TONG, Hong Qiang GUO, Hong Wen HE, Xin Lei LIU
This paper presents a control strategy of torque distribution for electric vehicles with axles separately driven. With two motors driving the front and rear axle separately, the torque distribution between axles can be easily achieved. To obtain good traction performance and stability of the electric...
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Integrated Control of Electric Power Steering and Active Suspension System Based on LQG Theory

Jiankun Peng, Nenglian Feng, Hongwen He
The vehicle dynamics models which have integrated electric power steering (EPS) and active suspension system (ASS) were built, the integrated LQG (Linear-Quadratic Gaussian) controller which adopts centralized structure was designed, computer simulations were carried out with the MATLAB/Simulink software....
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A Comparative Analysis for a Flux-Modulated Permanent-Magnet Motor with an Improved Structure

Zhongfeng Zuo, Huijuan Liu, Xiang Zhao, HaiJiao Zhang, YiDuan Chen
This paper introduces a flux-modulated (FM) permanent magnet motor with an improved structure. The conduction iron segments which plays flux-modulated role exist in the air gap between rotor and stator for the original FM motor. But by artfully integrating the any number of flux-modulated iron teeth...
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Analysis of Internal Fraction Property of Corn Stalk Powder under Triaxial Compression Test

Xue-Wei Bai, Wen-Qiang Huang, Ping Zhao, Juan Liu, Yong-Kui Li
Corn stalk powder was densified to investigate its internal fraction property using triaxial apparatus in this paper, with the experimental method of quadric regressive orthogonal and central composite design, factors of water content, loading speed and bulk density (which is acquired by changing sample...
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The Influence of Engine Speed on HCCI Combustion Characteristics Fueled with N-heptane

Le XUE, Chunhua ZHANG
In order to research the influence of engine speed on HCCI combustion, the experiment was conducted in a retrofitted engine to realize HCCI combustion mode. The results indicated that engine speed has a weak influence on combustion phase. But with the increase of engine speed, two-stage heat release...
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The Study on the Gear Shifting Strategy for 2-speed Planetary Transmission of Plug-in Electric Buses

Jun-qiu Li, Meng Lu, Ya-qi Zhu
The shift logic of most automatic shift systems is based on two parameters-vehicle speed and throttle opening. In this paper, two-parameter shift schedule is applied for AT. The shift logic is on the basis of the optimal efficiency of the motor-transmission system. The model is built by Simulink/Stateflow...
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Numerical Wave Tank for Study Seakeeping of Amphibious Vehicle

Tao Wang, Xiuyue Yang, Xinmin Yao
Wave generation method and vehicle position achieving method are investigated. A numerical wave tank is made based on CFD to study seakeeping performance of amphibious vehicle. Wave is made by a board maker method and absorbed by a velocity boundary treatment. Vehicle position is achieved by solving...
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Co-Simulation of 600KW Traction Induction Motor Fed by PWM Inverter

Xiang Zhao, Huijuan Liu, Zhongfeng Zuo, Haijiao Zhang, Yiduan Chen
This paper attempts to present a dynamic model involving Finite Element Analysis and Equivalent Circuit simulation together for PWM inverter fed induction motor assisted based on Maxwell 2D and Simplorer. The nonlinear magnetization characteristics have been considered and calculated by FEA software...
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Extended probabilistic Typhoon forecast in South China Sea and operational weather forecast via satellite communication

Significant predictability is found in medium-range weather systems over East Asia, particularly in those convective hazard weather events bringing numerous obstacles to the transportation and infrastructures. Based on a most advanced global numerical model product, we developed a real-time warning system...
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Field-Circuit Coupled Analysis of an In-Wheel Switched Reluctance Motor with Outer Rotor for EV Applications

Yiduan Chen, Huijuan Liu, Xiang Zhao, Haijiao Zhang, Zhongfeng Zuo
Switched reluctance motor (SRM) is potential to be applied in electric vehicle as an in-wheel drive motor because of its unique feature, such as being allowed to operate in a wide speed range with high efficiency. In this paper, a field-circuit coupled dynamic model is developed with 2D finite element...
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Preparation and Electrical Properties of CB/PVC/EPDM Conductive Foam Composite

Xiuqi Liu, Heqin Xing, Lili Zhao, Xishuang Chen
In our study, the electrical conductivity of CB / PVC / EPDM foam composite was made with carbon black, PVC and EPDM by melt blending and molded foam. The bubble structure and resistivity-temperature characteristic were observed. Influences of carbon black content, crosslinker of composite were investigated....
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Study on NTC Electrical Behavior of Carbon Black / PVC Composite

Xiuqi Liu, Heqin Xing, Lili Zhao, Xishuang Chen
In our study, Carbon Black / PVC NTC composites were prepared by conventional melt-mixing technique, the resistivity-temperature characteristic of the composites were studied. The results show that the composite possess a lower percolation threshold, a notable negative temperature coefficient (NTC)....
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Design and Realization of the Monomer Battery Monitor Module in the BMS

Ya-qi Zhu, Jun-qiu Li, Guangchong Fan
This paper presents a monomer battery monitor module in the BMS. It can collect the battery monomer voltage and temperature precisely and take appropriate measures according to different cases. It uploads the necessary data to the main controller of the BMS through the CAN bus. The realization of this...
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Corner Detection for Intelligent Vehicles Based on a Four-Layer Radar

Hongquan Liu, Mingyue Feng, Mingxi Li, Zhichao Zhang
Intelligent vehicle is thought to be an ideal way to deal with transportation problems. Corner detection is an important yet tough problem for intelligent vehicle because more complicated pictures may be generated by visions or radars from corners than from straight roads. Four-Layer radar was selected...
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Matching Design of Power Coupling for Two-Motor-Drive Electric Vehicle

Cheng Lin, Ru Zhang, Zhifeng Xu, Gang Wang
In order to solve the problem of no power coupling in independent driven vehicle, liquid viscous coupling (LVC) has been chosen from several power couplings. The performance characteristic of LVC and vehicle steering performance have been analyzed, and LVC for target vehicle has been designed. Then the...
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Operation Mode Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging and Battery Swap Station

Jin-long Zhao, Xiao Lv, Shou-yin Lu, Hua-dong Zhang, Hui Qi
The construction and operation of the charging and battery swap station facilities is crucial to electric vehicle industry. In this article, the energy supply, operation management, billing, pricing and payment method for the station facilities are analyzed, and the advantages and disadvantages of various...
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Loss and Temperature Computation of Damper Bars at Asymmetric Load Condtions of a Large Tubular Hydro-Generator

Lan Xiao, Zhen-nan Fan
In order to research the loss and heat of damper bars on the asymmetric load condtions, a multi-slice moving electromagnetic field-circuit coupling FE model of tubular hydro-generator and a 3D temperature field FE model of the rotor are built respectively. And the loss and heat of damper bars at the...
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A Communication Scheduling Scheme for UHV Transmission Line Construction and Security Mechanism Research

Shuhao Zhang, Gangjun Gong, Xiangping Ni, Yadi Zhang
The constructions of the UHV transmission line are mostly located in remote place without public network coverage, and there are few effective com-munication means. This paper proposes a new scheme which adopts wireless Mesh Wi-Fi network and Digital Microwave Communication Technology based on COFDM,...
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One Fusion Approach of Fault Diagnosis Based on Rough Set Theory and Dezert-Smarandache Theory

Yanqin Su, Zhenyu Song, Tingxue Xu
There are the advantage of Rough Sets Theory and evidence theory for processing uncertain information, and one fusion approach of fault diagnosis based on the Rough Sets Theory and Dezert-Smarandache Theory. Firstly the abundant condition attribution was reduced through Rough Sets Theory, then evidence...
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Design and Research on tower escape apparatus based on the principle of escapement mechanism

Kaibao Wang, Sicheng Qin, Kemin Liu, Xinglong Chen
The tower circular escape apparatus based on the principle of escapement mechanism is introduced in the paper. The emergency evacuation device for fire trapped workers can be used in the place of frequent fire, hotels, office buildings, high-rise residential and stores, etc. The velocity of the principal...
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A Comparison of Phase Estimation Between Hall Sensors and Sliding Mode Observer

Ziyou Song, Jianqiu Li, Minggao Ouyang, Liangfei Xu
This paper presents a comparison about phase estimation between Hall sensors and sliding mode observer (SMO). The phase estimation result corresponds to the control effect of Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). Low-resolution Hall-effect sensor is widely used in PMSM because of its good comprehensive...
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Kinematic calculation analysis of micro injection molding machine with double-toggle clamping mechanism based on MATLAB

Xiaowei Li, Zhiming Jin, Yajun Zhang, Jian Zhuang, Gang Zhou
The geometric model of micro injection molding machine with double-toggle clamping mechanism is established to analyses the kinematic and mechanical performance of double-toggle clamping mechanism. The kinematic analysis of the double-toggle clamping mechanism is used to study the effects of the double-toggle...
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Intelligent tracking car design based on Fuzzy PID control

YingChun Zhang, Tao Hao, ZuoXun Wang
A design method of intelligent car based on Fuzzy PID control algorithm was introduced here. By detecting various signals with sensors, both dc motors located on the left and right were controlled to achieve functions including track-finding automatically and overtake alternately. The proposed algorithm...
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Transient Hydraulic Pressure Fluctuation Analysis of a Hydroturbine via Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

Canxun Du, Weihua Gui, Zhikun Hu
Hydroturbines are the key asset in hydroelectric power stations, and their monitoring and diagnosis play an important role in the asset management and maintenance. Hydraulic pressure fluctuation is inevitable during the operation of hydroturbines. It has nonstationarity during transient processes. The...
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The NLP-Oriented Empty Categories

Aiping Tu
Empty Categories are expressions which are base-generated in the deep structure and have no overt phonetic form in the surface structure. As for computers, it is difficult to make clear where and what the empty categories are. Therefore, revealing the empty categories is essential to the nature language...
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Model and system simulation of Brushless DC motor based on SVPWM control

Yi Huang, Chunquan Li
According to the disadvantages as large torque ripple of square wave drive brushless DC motor control system, this paper adopted the sine wave drive the permanent magnet brushless DC motor control system based on the space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) control method. The simulation model of...
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The analysis of GDI engine soot emission based on spray and ignition timing tactics

Man-qun LIN, Peng ZHOU, Jing QIN, Yi-qiang PEI, Suo-zhu PAN
By the means of the simulation companied by the experiment of GDI engine, the distribution of fuel mixture and soot emission were taken into consideration under different ignition timing. In one injection model, the ignition retard can lessen the soot emission. Two stage spray in cold start, which contributes...
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Design of Lane Departure Warning System Based on ADSP-BF561

Yongtao Liu, Lang Wei, Jie Qiao
Aiming at the problem of more and more traffic accidents which are caused by the driver behaviors, this paper designs a lane departure warning system based on the ADSP-BF561 processor. Vision sensor is used to capture road images, while the driving parameters are collected by the microprocessor. The...
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Simulation Analysis for Electric Power Steering Control System Based On Permanent Magnetism Synchronization Motor

Guobiao Shi, Songhui Zhao, Jun Min
In this paper the math model of Electric Power Steering system (EPS) based on Permanent Magnetism Synchronization Motor (PMSM) is built in MATLAB, which includes the simulation model of the steering mechanical system, PMSM and ECU of EPS. With the control strategy of direct-axis current on zero, SVPWM...
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Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Halbach magnet

Jian-jian FAN, Jian-hua WU
In order to optimize the air-gap flux density and reduce the difficulty of processing, a surface mounted partition between poles(PBP) Halbach magnet of permanent magnet synchronous motor is designed. The influence between the parameters of partition between poles Halbach magnet and the waveform of air-gap...
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Application Status and Development Trend of Power Consumption Information Collection System

Power consumption information collection system is an important part of building smart grid. It introduced the composition structure of power consumption information collection system and analyzed its construction status and application requirements at home and abroad. It discussed the massive data processing,...
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The Study on Measuring Method of Heat Exchange Pipe Deformation and Displacement Based on Thermal Strain

Youtang Wang, Qing Gao, Xiaolin Zhu, Ming Yu
Thermal deformation of heat exchange pipe is the significant source of structural variation in ground heat exchange system, which could weaken the capability and reduce the reliability of heat transfer system after long-time operation. The experimental study of thermal deformation of heat exchange pipe...
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Research & application on Residential parking facilities of Stereo garage

Jiaqi JIN, Cui GAO
From the present tension situation of residential parking facilities, based on the comparison of the three-dimensional garage type and analysis to residential quarters type, made the positive significance and necessity of three-dimensional garage into residential areas clear, put forward selection and...
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The application studies of a new fuzzy-adaptive PID control tecnology in the electrol-hydraulic proportional valve controller

Shushang Zhao, Lixia Yin, Yahui Zhang
For the lack of the fuzzy self-adaptive PID controller which applied in the industrial process controla new kind of fuzzy self-adaptive PID controller was introduced. Fuzzy Control part will have the ability to automatically adjust the control rules by plusing a fuzzy self-adjustment factor based on...
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Design of Retracting Wheel Mechanism for Amphibious Vehicle and Motion Analysis

Huan Chen, Lijie Zhao, Yan Li
This paper mainly addresses design of retracting mechanism based on amphibious vehicle's low speed and strong resistance in water. Through analyzing problems faced in the design of amphibious vehicle, one kind of retracting mechanism based on double-wishbone independent suspension is proposed. The equations...