Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronic & Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (EMEIT 2012)

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Simulation and Analysis Calculation of PMBLDCM Based on Time-Stepping Finite Element and Matlab Methods

Caihong ZHU, Hongtao ZHANG
A time stepping finite element analysis model coupled circuit field and movement used in analyzing permanent magnet brushless DC (BLDC) motors is presented in this paper. Taking into account the whole permanent magnet brushless DC motor system, taken terminal voltage as input quantity, transient electromagnet...
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Study on Diagonal Fuzzy Variable Structure Control for Parallel Robot

Caihong ZHU, Hongtao ZHANG
A diagonal fuzzy variable structure contrail tracker is designed to the established system model on 2-DOF, which is based on the movement requirement of the terminal of the machine and the kinematics analysis giving the anticipant angle displacement of every performing part under a definite disturbance....
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Modeling and Simulation of ABS Hydraulic Control Unit

Jian-wei CAI, Liang CHU, Wei-feng CHENG, Yan-bo WANG
In-depth analysis of the composition and working principle of the anti-lock braking (ABS) system hydraulic control unit (HCU),establish the mathematical model of the major components of the solenoid valves, motors and pump, establish the model of the HCU in the MATLAB / Simulink environment . By simulation...
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The Finite Element Simulation Study on Thermal Deformation of Ground Heat Exchange Pipe

Xiaolin Zhu, Qing Gao, Youtang Wang, Ming Yu
During long-time operation, thermal deformation of heat exchange pipe weaken the capability and reduce the reliability of heat transfer system, especially the heat exchange pipe with initial bending in high temperature storage condition will make problem more seriously. The finite element simulation...
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Image Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Lifting Stationary Wavelet Coefficient

Dongmei Zhang, Minzhi Wang, Jianhua Liu, Zhong Xiao
A new method for image denoising is proposed in this paper. Firstly, apply the Lifting Stationary Wavelet transform on the denoised image. Secondly, Gaussian scale mixtures (GSM) is combined with the marginal distributions of neighbor coefficients in the nonsub-sampled contourlet domain are modeled....
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On-line Tuning Algorithms Design and Validation for MCU Based on TMS320F28335

Ruoping Wang, Yuzhu Yang, Haiyu Gao, Xianzheng Jiao
A Model-based rapid algorithms development platform for Motor Control Unit (MCU) is constructed using the latest TI’s C2000 series TMS320F28335 which supports floating point arithmetic, integrated with high power IGBT. C code can be automatically generated directly from MATLAB Matlab/Simulink model,compiled...
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Complete Coverage Path Planning of Mobile Robot Based on Dynamic Programming Algorithm

Peng Zhou, Zhong-min Wang, Zhen-nan Li, Yang Li
A complete coverage path planning algorithm, which combines local space coverage with global planning, is proposed. At first, environmental model of mobile robot in a space with obstacles is built by Boustrophedon unit decomposition method, and mobile robot realizes coverage in a reciprocating way in...
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ZigBee Implementation in Intelligent Agriculture Based on Internet of Things

Xiaojing ZHU, Yuanguai LIN
The intelligent agriculture is one of the applications of Internet of Things (IOT)which has an extensive application and bright foreground. ZigBee Alliance formulated the ZigBee standards in the wireless sensor network technology that are recognized widely as authoritative standard of the Internet of...
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Parametric Design of Cutting Head of Roadheader and Toothholder Secondary Development Based on UG

Junhong Ji, Jichao Yang
Based on the analysis of transverse road header cutting head and toothholder, using VC++ and UG provide UG/OPEN API, Manuscript and UI Styler joint second development, obtained parametric design program of Cutting Head of Road header and toothholder. Use the program, intuitively understand to different...
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Steady flow test and numerical simulation of a GDI engine

Man-qun LIN, Wei PENG
In this paper, steady flow tests for air movement characteristics in cylinder and intake port flow coefficient of a GDI engine were carried out by means of steady flow test bench. Three-dimension numerical simulation model was established with consistent boundary conditions of steady flow tests. Experiment...
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A novel variable M/T method for speed measurement with high precision in a wide speed range

Jian-tao Pu, Hui Wang
In this paper, a new variable M/T method called leap variable M/T method is introduced for speed measurements by optical incremental encoders in motor servo systems. In this method, both encoder pulse and high frequency clock pulse are counted in a variable interval as conventional variable M/T method...
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The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Distribution Grid

Shao yun Ge, Long Wang, Hong Liu, Liang Feng
Distribution grid will be greatly influenced when large scale electric vehicles are simultaneously charged or discharged. Firstly, the assumptions related to the charging and discharging power of EVs are discussed, and the probability of daily driving distance is examined. Secondly, the probability models...
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Mathematic Description Method of Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ Driving Cycle

Ximing WANG, Hongwen HE, Xinlei LIU, Jiankun PENG, Henglu TANG
The performance of fuel economy and emissions reduction of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) strongly is affected by the target driving cycle. So, the characteristics of the driving cycle play an important role in the hybrid powertrain matching and the control strategy designing. However, the mathematic...
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Optimization Algorithm of Holes Machining Path

Jing Zhang
Holes machining path planning is of great significance to improve the efficiency and quality of the processing of porous parts. Hole group on the characteristics of size, shape, and location of different multi-bit processing optimization and process optimization, a reasonable choice of the machining...
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Study on Control Strategy for Regenerative Braking in a Pure Electric Vehicle

Kun Ma, Liang Chu, Liang Yao, Yanbo Wang
Regenerative braking is one of the important ways to extend the driving mileage of pure electric vehicle. Through analyzing the brake regulations and the vehicle dynamics, a control strategy was proposed to solve the problem on braking force distribution for the pure electric vehicle. The rate of regenerative...
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Coordinated Control of Regenerative Braking System for a Hybrid Electric Bus

Zhongpeng Yu, Liang Chu, Kun Ma, Lipeng Ren
This paper presents a design of regenerative braking system (RBS) for a parallel hybrid electric bus using coordinate control algorithm. The coordinate control algorithm is mainly composed of four parts for driver intention identification, brake force distribution, coordinated control with Anti-lock...
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Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer in Solar-wall System

Yousheng Xu, Jiugu Shao
In this paper, the problem of heat and mass transfer in Solar-wall System is solved by lattice Boltzmann method. The lattice Boltzmann equation is governed by the heat conduction equation. The heat transfer and flow characteristics for the Solar-wall System with air as heat transfer medium are simulated....
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Amelioration and Finite Element Analysis for Oil Groove of a Wet Clutch Friction Disk

Jingang Liu, Shaoqing Zheng, Quan Li, Yunshan Zhou
The variable relation between oil groove section parameter and convection heat transfer coefficient have been researched at synchronization state under the condition of same flow area. On this basis, three oil grooves have been ameliorated, thermoplastic contact finite element model for the initial friction...
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study on Calculation method of Adhesion of cancer cells with Tumor thrombus

GuiLin Lu, ShaoHong Wang, YuePing Cao
During tumor thrombus formation in the cell disease or malignant cancer cell adhesion,it can impact to the invasion of the blood flow around,and Discusses the drug molecules into the tumor tissue, in the law of non-equilibrium diffusion process to identify drug molecules, and tumor tissue of the collision,...
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The Video System for Imaging to the Bottom of Deep Pipe

Xiangdong Mao, Chunting Ma, Jie Du
Based on the CCD imaging device, a video system is presented to imaging the bottom of deep pipe. By laser beam irradiation, the bottom of deep pipe is detected by CCD chip , which is small view field and large focal length. Then, CCD chip conveys the bottom information to the SQ606 processor, by image...
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The Research and Development of Remote Interactive Engine Room Resource Management Simulator

Wenlong Yao, Dezhi Jiang, Yuan Liu, Jundong Zhang
In this paper, the design scheme, technical route and system structure of the remote interactive engine room resource management simulator are proposed based on the study of the engine room resource management project. This paper introduces virtual reality technique, visual C# and IE real-time interaction...
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Study on Modification of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Adhesive with Ionic Liquid

Liying Guo, Liyan Wang, Jixin Li
Ionic liquid [HeMIM]Cl was prepared and then used to synthesize phenol formaldehyde resin adhesive by in-situ blending with phenol and formaldehyde using base catalyst. The chemical structure of hybrid adhesive was characterized by FT-IR, as well as the effects of the ionic liquid amount, the molar ratio...
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Study of synthesis optimization of a marine power station

Ming Sun
Recent developments of EEDI (energy efficiency design index) which is an indicator of ship’s energy efficiency level imposed the cost effectiveness of sea-going vessels. Optimization of the ship’s total energy system is studied in this paper. This study is focus on optimum load sharing control, which...
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Computation of Equivalent Circuit Parameters of QCM and Evaluation of the Measurement Uncertainties

Rui Zheng, Xiaofeng Meng, Shuo Wang, Yang Lv
This paper presents an approach of computing the parameters of quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) equivalent circuit model using the least squares algorithm in MATLAB. Modification of the measured data’s order in the least squares algorithm was implemented so that the precision was im-proved. Compared...
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Temperature measurement by thermocouple probe: influences of variable fluid velocity on the dynamic characteristics of thermocouple

Zhaoxin Yang, Xiaofeng Meng
The problem of dynamic thermocouple compensation is considered. Taking into account the nonlinear dependency of the thermocouple time constant on fluid velocity, a thermocouple model and a time constant model are proposed successively for estimation of nonlinear thermocouple time constant. This technique...
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Study on wet sensitive characteristics of Colpitts oscillation circuit

Shuo Wang, Xiaofeng Meng, Guohua Wang, Rui Zheng, Yang Lv
Based on the phenomenon that Colpitts circuit cannot drive quartz crystal in liquid phase environment, this paper studies the wet sensitive characteristics of Colpitts oscillation circuit. And we designed a device used as humidity sensor. Peltier element was used to cool quartz crystal until dew occurred...
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Optimization and software realization of SPC control of one enterprise

Jianfeng Lu, Peng He
SPC (Statistical process control) chart is widely used as a useful quality control tool during production.It can monitor and refect the stability of the process of production.But the traditional SPC is not sensitive to small warps, especially in customized fields. Research the optimized SPC control chart,...
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A moving body recognition method based on self-adaption weighting meanshift algorithm

Shoujia WANG, Wenhui LI, Tianshu YOU, Mingyu SUN, Yongjian Liu
Classic meanshift algorithm is widely used in pattern recognition, but its accuracy decrease large when there is perturbation in background. In this paper, to solve this problem, we put forward an improved meanshift algorithm which is based on self-adaption weighting meanshift algorithm. At first, we...
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A Moving Body Recognition Method with Background Robustness

Shoujia WANG, Wenhui LI, Hongyin NI, Bo FU, Jinlong ZHU
Nowadays, moving body recognition method is used widely in all kinds of videos. But recognition accuracy of these methods is changed negatively because of complexity of background, e.g. void and noise. In this paper, we put forward a new recognition method with background robustness. Firstly, we get...
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Determination the Place of Power System Reactive Compensation by Modal Analysis Method

Qinghai Zhu, Shunxiang Cai, Tao Xu, Dongfang Zhang
Determination of the location where the shunt reactive power compensation devices is important for the enhancement of the power system voltage stability and the decreasing of power losses. With the method of modal analysis, this paper adopts bus voltage participation factors to solve this problem. In...
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Study on the key buses to Power System Steady-state Voltage Stability

Qingsheng Li, Dongfang Zhang, Tao Xu
With the method of modal analysis, the full Jacobian according to the power system power flow equations is studied and a method to identify the suitable bus for loading shedding is proposed in this paper. The proposed method makes use of the participation factors corresponding to the active power, by...
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Dynamics Simulation on Vehicle Steering Mechanism

Lei Zhang, En’guo Dong
Using the multi-body system dynamic method, a steering mechanism simulation model is built and dynamics simulation analysis is studied. We have built a flexible tie-rod model and attained the natural modes using the finite element software of ANSYS. In this paper, a rigid-flexible coupling steering mechanism...
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Robust design of valve spring based on Taught method

En’guo Dong, Lei Zhang
Existing valve spring designs are using the deterministic optimization method without considering the uncertainties in manufacturing and assembling process. We propose to take them into account at an early design stage in order to ensure robustness which is less sensitive to the uncertainties of design...
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Research On Decision Support Of Whole Process For Mega And Complex Projects

Min Fan, Shijun Song
Study on decision support features of mega and complex projects, summarizes the unique characteristics of its decision-making process, described the importance of the whole process of decision-making, combined with the latest advances in data mining technology, applies an coupled model(data mining-decision...
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The Straightness detecting of deep pipe

Weiguo Wang, Juguang Li, Jie Du
Based on the laser straight line dissemination rule, an optoelectronic measuring method is presented to measure straightness of the deep pipe with a diameter of 30mm by using the quadrant detection, precision mechanical structure, image processing and SQ606 processor. The overall structure of system...
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Diagnosis method for Analog Circuits fault using Bayesian network

Peng Jiao, Xinzheng Wang, Chunrong Li
Aiming at the uncertain problem in analog circuit fault diagnosis, a new method based on Bayesian network is proposed. Given a set of measurements from the circuit, and a set of possible faults, the task is to calculate the probability that the faults are present. This paper then discusses the methodology...
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Study of Five-level diodes-clamped Inverter Modulation Technology Based on Three-harmonic Injection Method

Zheng Xu, Song Li, Hongying Pan
with the development of high technology, inverter request higher capacity. However, the traditional two level inverter capacities of the power electronic devices have been difficult to achieve high power requirements. Therefore, the national science and technology workers continue to put forward a variety...
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Early Failure Study of Gearbox Input Shaft Bearing on Damage Rate

Zongqi Liu, Zhiyuan Li, Yongguo Wang, Guang Xia
In the non-road vehicle transmission systems, it always has early damage in the input shaft bearing. Gearbox simulation model is established by Romax software. Based on the different load spectrum of all shaft bearings and Adjusted bearing damage rate prediction method (instead of ISO 281), rolling bearings...
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Perception image harsh protection based on chaos theory

Liang Chang, Jiang Chang, Wen-de Wang
With the development of the internet and computer technology, the image protection becomes more and more important. In order to strengthen the robust and safety of the image protection , this paper mainly improve the encryption algorithm of harsh sequence and propose the theory of using chaos theory...
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Framework of Closed-loop Optimization System for Operation Management in Plant-wide Production Process

Changxin Liu
The cooperative control of technical indices of various unit processes is an essential operation management process to gradually achieve wide-area optimization of the production process. There are so many factors, and the adjustment of which is coupled. This needs to be taken into account when to perform...
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Model Reference Adaptive Control for Perforated Mill

Xiu-Chun Zhao, Guo-Kai Xu, Tao Zhang, Ping-Shu Ge
This paper addresses a model reference adaptive controller which has simpler structure, fewer adjustable parameters, easier operation and accurate tracking capability even in the presence of external disturbances and uncertainties. The controller is applied into the perforated mill automatic speed control...
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Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and its Application in System Identification

Junlin Zhu, Hui Liu, Zulin Wang
In order to solve the traditional identification method limitations, This paper presents an improved artificial fish swarm algorithm, Through the experiment of a typical Needle-in-haystack problem, Show that the improved artificial fish swarm algorithm has better ability of global optimization, faster...
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Application and Second-development of Thermal-Structural Coupling Analysis of Brake Disk on ABAQUS

YuMin SHI, ZhuLin ZHANG, ZhiPing WANG
This paper introduced the development method of ABAQUS pre-processing modules using the Python script language as well as the function and the editing process of the ABAQUS script interface. Using the developed parametric GUI user platform, we can achieve different structural parameters of the brake...
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Control Method of Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Based on the Theory of fuzzy

Xuecheng Zhao, Yuhong Zhao
Output power of Photovoltaic cells with nonlinear characteristics is affected by temperature, light intensity and load. In order to improve photoelectric conversion efficiency, maximum power point tracking MPPT is required. According to the mechanism and control methods of Maximum Power Point Tracking...
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Principle and Experimental Study of Human Energy Harvesting Through Piezoelectric Ceramic

Jiacun Sun
When under pressure, the piezoelectric materials produce electric charge on its surface, the foot continuously produce pressure on the earth when human is walking, if the shoes fitted with piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics is continuously under pressure, and Continuously generate charge,...
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Dissolved Gases in Oil Diagnosis Based on Support Vector Machine

Guoxia Sun, Haijiang Wu, Guojun Chen, Cuntao Ma
A kind of analysis method in which SVM is used for power transformer DGA is proposed in this paper. This method uses the SVM algorithm to classify the composition of DGA in transformer and diagnoses the fault of the transformer. At the same time, it introduces the fuzzy membership function, and it can...
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Fault Diagnosis for Power Transformer Based on SVM Information Fusion

Li-ping Sima, Xing-zhi Su, Bo Wang, Peng Dou, Gen-cai Liu
A kind of fault diagnosis method for power transformer based on multi-SVM information fusion is proposed in this paper. Based on the "one against one" multi-classification SVM and pairwise coupling method, the multi-classification SVM probability outputs are obtained and regarded as the basic probability...
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Transformer Fault Position Recognition Based on Probability Support Vector Machine

Song-bo Huang, Wei-min Zhao, Tao Zhang, Li-ping Sima, Bo Wang
Based on posterior probability of support vector machine, the analysis of dissolved gases in oil and the data of electrical tests are used comprehensively to recognize internal fault positions of the power transformer. This method not only inherits the advantages of the support vector machine for small...
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A Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process for Multiple Equipment Maintenance Decision

Zhen-chong Cao, Lian Liu
Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) technology is widely used in high-voltage electrical equipment. However, there are complex links between them, what makes the single decision can not meet the requirements of the actual production. This paper presents an improved method - Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process...
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Analysis and Control of Shift Process for AMT without Synchronizer in Battery Electric Bus

Shaohua Sun, Yulong LEI, Cheng Yang, Jietao Wen
A type of Automatic Mechanical Transmission (AMT) without clutch and synchronizer for pure electric bus is introduced in this paper. The shift process model of this type of AMT is created, and the factors that affect the shift process are analyzed. Based on this shift process model, the shift control...
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Edge Detection In Pavement Crack Image With Beamlet Transform

Aiguo OUYANG, Yaping Wang
This paper proposed a beamlet-based method of extraction from pavement crack images. Fitstly, we transfer the collected pavement crack images to the binary images using Otsu's thresholding segmentation algorithm, then the beamlet transform was exploited to extract the linear features of cracks from the...
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A study about fault diagnosis of automobile engine based on neural network

Rongchun Guo, Houyu Li, Liangxiu Zhang
BP neural network is applied on fault diagnosis of automobile engine in this study. Actually tested fault samples of unstable idle speed are used to train network. The results of tests prove that applying BP neural network on fault diagnosis of automobile engine is quite efficient. This method has high...
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A New Control Method of 2500KW Commutating Asynchronous Generator

Ru Luan, Zhijian Jiang
The 3/3 Phase Double-winding Induction Generator is designed for the high speed of the primal rotor. It is 2500 commutating asynchronous generator. An exciting winding is designed in the stator, and the control scheme is implemented by a static exciting device. In this paper the circuit principle is...
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Design and Implementation of Networked ATS Based on Function Interface

Wanling Li, Zhensheng Wang, Xiangjun Song, Yanhong Liu
Based on the principle of IVI, IVI-MSS and IVI-Signal, this paper has proposed a conception of function interface based on COM technology, and introduced its designing and model structure. Networked ATS was designed and implemented based on function interface and the design thinking of COM and module.
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Video Object Extraction Integrating Temporal-Spatial Information

Shiping Zhu, Jie Gao
A novel video object segmentation method combines change detection and edge detection is proposed here. The process of the algorithm can be divided into three parts: motion detection, spatial segmentation and temporal-spatial filter, which integrates the spatial and temporal information of the video...
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Research on Design of Radar Online Automatic Test System

Wanling Li, Sen Yang, Peng Chen, Lianwu Zhang
Considering high false alarm probability of BIT and oversize of off-line ATE, the paper studies and designs an online automatic test system. The interface signals of radar line replaceable units (LRU) on working condition are leaded out by three-port conversion card and conditioned with insulation technology,...
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Reconstruction of Distribution Network Based on Parallel Tabu Search Algorithm

WeiLin Li, XiaoRong Xiang, Bo Wang
In order to achieve the reconstruction of distribution network, the partition method and the parallel tabu search algorithm were introduced. Distribution network was simplified as ring network which only contained branch-groups, and the necessary conditions for the reconstruction of the distribution...
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Power Flow Automatic Adjustment Based on Reactive Power Distribution Factor

XiaoRong Xiang, Di-chen Liu, Bo Wang, Nong Xiang
On account of the regional balance requirements of reactive power, this paper proposes automatic adjustment method based on reactive power distribution factor for the trend. In this paper, the equivalent impedance of the -type equivalent circuit is as the electrical distance to strike the reactive power...
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Application of Transient Energy Function in Regional Power Grig

Meng-meng Tang, Bo Wang, Di-chen Liu, Zhong-wei He
With expanding scale of modern power system and cross-region connection of power grid, the system often run closer to the ultimate state. So the security and stability problems become a focus of power system. This paper proposes an accurate regional-equivalent-system model, and the transient energy function...
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Theoretical analysis and experiment study of balanced type variable vane pump

Pan Zhang, Lei Chen
To take account of the fact for an automotive hydraulic power steering system have serious energy loss, this paper discusses the configuration and the action principle of a new variable displacement of double-action vane pump, which consists of a floating block and rate compensation characteristics....
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Semantic-based Print Security Information Fusion Framework for Multi-Sensor Systems in Power System

Hao Yang, Lingling Zhang, Junhua Chen
The heterogeneity of information in multi-sensor systems in power system makes information fusion process more difficult, and results in divarication of information fusion. Aiming at this problem, this paper presents an automatic information fusion framework. The main contribution is the method of semantic...
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Trajectory Planning of the live-line maintenance robot manipulator

Ansong FENG, Qinghui WANG, Xiaoyu GE
Many countries are conducting research on the live-line maintenance robots. Trajectory plan of the manipulator is introduced. Propose a method of trajectory plan. Using Cubic polynomial interpolation algorithm, the joint angle solved by inverse solution can be determined by plan_ algorithm, and the plan...
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Design and Realization of Domestic Smart Gateway Based on Wireless Sensor Network

HengNing Deng, Chunlai Zhou, Cheng’an Zhao, Pei Shi
This paper proposes a smart domestic gateway used to manage power consumption, which realizes the interoperability across wireless sensor network (WSN), Wi-Fi and Internet. This system achieves smart home power consumption management. The implementation of hardware and software of the gateway has been...
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Copper Casting Variable Frequency Speed Control of Digital Control System

This paper uses digital signal processor control horizontal continuous casting traction motor three states of positive rotation, inversion rotation and stop, to achieve the copper pull, stop, reverse thrust sport. At the same time, we can improve the yield, reduce the production cost by change the casting...
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Design of Smart Power Socket based on FreeRTOS and STM32F103

Pei Shi, Chunlai Zhou, Yongqing Gao, HengNing Deng
The paper presented the design and implementation of the multifunctional smart power socket based on Cortex-M3 kernel STM32F103 MCU, using Zigbee technology for network communication and FreeRTOS as task scheduling management. The hardware design and software framework of smart power socket are described....
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Analysis of Nonlinear Damping Characteristic of Regenerative Damper

Songshan Liu, Qingnian Wang, Weihua Wang
This paper presents an innovative damping characteristic of regenerative based on passive damper and permanent magnetic synchronous motor torque and speed characteristic. Different damping characteristic models were incorporated into single degree freedom of vehicle model and investigated. Simulation...
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Design and process simulation on power device IGBT

Hao-dong ZHANG, Miao LI, Jian ZHANG, Shou-guo ZHENG, Lan HU
An IGBT cell structure based on semiconductor physics were designed. The process parameters of the high-voltage IGBT have been calculated and adjusted. Using the optimal device’s dimensions, the doping concentration was analyzed systematically. Additionally, a simulating model of IGBT was compiled based...
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Failure Analysis on HPT Blade of CFM56-7B

Yu Gao, Xin-feng Chen, Nan Li
The high pressure turbine blade of CFM56-7B engine is risky to crack, it’s failure modes include transition zone crack, shank rupture, min-neck damage, edge of contact and split-shelf clog, which could be modeled and simulated by finite element method. The root cause of crack is found by aforementioned...
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An Algorithm of three-Dimensional Sensor Network Deployment for Petroleum and Gas Pipeline Monitoring Systems

Pipeline systems are widely used for transportation of petroleum and natural gas. It is clear that a continuous and automatic monitoring system is very necessary for petroleum and gas pipeline system. This paper describes an algorithm of 3D sensor node deployment based on petroleum and gas pipeline architecture...
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The analysis of aircraft fuel system ground test simulation turntable's structure

Zibin Zhu, Yun Wang, Xinhua Deng, Hui Li
The aircraft fuel system simulation as an important part of aircraft design is a complex systems engineering, it is one of the experimental project to ensure the success of aircraft design. The test verifies the aircraft fuel system's correct and reasonable of design and calculation and verify that the...
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Design Research on the Display of Revolution Museum

Qi Wang, Kunqian Wang, Ruibo Hu, Yuxiang Du, Xinyu Suo
Museum display design is a display art, which needs to compose a visual display form with strong series of art image in a certain space environment, making the audience accept the exhibition information in the process of flow in a reasonable and effective way. This thesis analyzes the design theme of...
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A Control Strategy to Reduce Fuel Consumption of APU for Range- extended Electric Vehicle

Jun-qiu Li, Lu Zhou, Wei Zhou
To reduce fuel consumption, a simulation model of range-extended electric vehicle for city bus drive cycle is established and a fuzzy control strategy to maintain battery SOC is put forward. The fuzzy controller’s input parameters are battery SOC and the change rate of SOC. Confirmed by the experimental...
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Parameters Matching and Simulation on a Hybrid Power System for Electric Bulldozer

Hong Wang, Qiang Song, Feng-Chun SUN, Pu Zeng
Hybrid power systems, formed by two motors and high-energy-density batteries in appropriate ways, provide high-performances and high-efficiency power for electric bulldozer. This paper firstly constructs the mathematical model of driving motors system based on the design of dual-motor-driving propulsion...
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Finite element analysis of working mechanism for full hydraulic backhoe loader

Xiaohuo Li, Qingdi Chi, Yongcheng Mu, Tianyu Yao
In order to study the stress and strain characteristics of working mechanism for a full hydraulic backhoe loader, a 3D entity model of the working mechanism was established by Pro/E, by importing the 3D model into ANSYS, the finite element model of organ was built by the interface of Pro/E, and three...
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Study of Lacking Picks on Shearer Helical Vane on Drum Load Influence

Xiaohuo Li, Tianyu Yao, Yongcheng Mu, Yantao Hu
In order to master load magnitude a drum and its changes under lacking picks condition, find out the influence on drum loads when lacking picks on helical vanes, explore failure reasons of a shearer drum, a mathematical model of shearer drum loads was analyzed and established in the paper, using Matlab...
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A Method of Extended Testability Modeling Based on Fault Injection System

Zhiyu Li, Kaoli Huang, Guangyao Lian
Presently, the slowly development of DFT is mainly due to the lack of effective testability validation. The validation is an important part of the DFT, it will accurately detect equipment Fault Detection Rate (FDR), Fault Isolation Rate (FIR), Fault Alarm Rate (FAR) and make sure other important indicators...
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Study on Testability Evaluation of Complex Equipment Based on Fault Injection Test Data

Zhiyu Li, Kaoli Huang, Guangyao Lian
Classic statistic method can not make use of the history test information and produce the evaluation conclusion with low confidence level and high risk under the condition of small sample, a new testability evaluation method based on test data in development stages is proposed in this paper. The result...
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Study On decision-making of Ship collision avoidance

Shijie Yan
Ship collision, not only damaged the hull, threatening the goods, or even in a boat crash, serious marine pollution. The reason, is not difficult to find the vast majority of crashes are caused by voyagers negligence, negligence and serious violation of international regulations for preventing collisions...
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Design the Piston of Internal Combustion Engine by ProENGEER

Shuoguo Zhao
The piston is a "heart" of the engine and its working condition is the worst one of the key parts of the engine in the working environment. So it is very important for structural analysis of the piston. This paper analies and calculates the piston by ProENGEER software to gain a result, which improves...
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The Construction of Management Domain Ontology

Dexun Li
Based on the comparison between management thesaurus and management domain ontology, this article proves the necessities and practicalities of ontology-based management knowledge organization, and the significance of ontological approaches, which should be adopted to management information organization....
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A Comparison of Two Dynamic Mesh Methods in Fluid –Structure Interaction

Huan JIA, Qin SUN
Two dynamic mesh methods— Radial Basis Function (RBF) method and Delaunay method which have been used widely in fluid-structure interaction recently were compared. Primarily, the basic theory of these two methods and the dynamic mesh process were presented. Furthermore, using the variable bandwidth sparse...
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Research of Absolute Sensorless Cutting Force Induced Error Compensation System

Xiaolong Shen, Meilin Li, Nanlin Yu
Based on the on the already established compensations systems, mechanistic modeling, a sensorless systems is attained. In this Artificial Neural Networks are used to learn through mimicking of the machining parameters with reference to the existing Compensations systems, Finally the performance of the...
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Medical cloud platform for efficient flow control technology

Xincan Fan
In this paper, cloud computing application in the construction of medical information technology, medical cloud platform for large-scale data needs to be efficient flow control, this paper first of several flow control algorithm, algorithm analysis, medical cloud platform the HTB flow control algorithm...
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Jian Chen
Traffic data-collecting is one of the basal contents of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Supply in the paper a design scheme of data-collecting system based on 9S12D64 microcontroller, furthermore, discuss in detail the system's operating principle, hardware structure and software design. This...
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Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery research and implementation of measurement techniques

Ming Zhao, Xincan Fan
This paper studies the key technologies of the computer-aided bone surgery system testing techniques, and mathematical modeling, the combination of computer image processing, built knee replacement surgery in the lower extremity biomechanics line measurement system and validated by experiments.
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Vibration Characteristic Analysis of Vehicle Air Suspension Based on Fuzzy Control

Ke CHEN, Ming ZHANG, Xuefeng TONG
The air suspension has the characteristics of nonlinear variable spring rate. To improve vehicle handling stability and ride comfort, the characteristic curve can be designed to comply with the vehicle vibration. In this paper, air suspension and whole vehicle were selected as research object, vehicle’s...
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Mechanism Study of Capacitance Method for Steam-injecting Dryness Measuring

Jian Han, Xue Lan He, Hai Wei Mou
Regarding the importance of wet saturated steam dryness measurement, at the same temperature and pressure the dielectric constant of water is much greater than that of steam. When the wet steam flows by the capacitive sensor, the sensor capacitance changes with the steam wetness. A new method that barrel...
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Research on Resonance Soft Switching DC/DC Topologies Used in Cascaded Converters

Qiang TONG, Dong Lai ZHANG, Nai Tong ZHANG
A new ZVS(zero voltage switching) Push-Pull converter is proposed and compared with other two high efficiency DC/DC topologies. All of them are suitable for the two stage cascaded converter. In order to simplify the circuit and reduce the size, they work in the open loop control mode. Meanwhile, for...
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Fast Mining Algorithm of Association Rules Base on Cloud Computing

Bo He
There were some problems in traditional mining algorithm of association rules: a lot of candidate itemsets and communication traffic. Aiming at these problems, this paper proposed a fast mining algorithm of association rules based on cloud computing, namely, FMAAR algorithm. Firstly, the frequent items...
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Research and application of closed cooling tower

Jianfeng Qian, Lina Li, Yankun Tan, Dayu Zheng
This paper systematically reviews the research progress of the closed cooling tower at home and abroad. The abroad research of the closed cooling tower has been carried for a long time, so it is relatively mature. Although the domestic research has carried out relatively late, it also made a lot of achievements...
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Estimation of Vehicle State and Road Coefficient for Electric Vehicle through Extended Kalman Filter and RLS Approaches

Cheng LIN, Gang WANG, Wan-ke CAO, Feng-jun ZHOU
Estimation of vehicle state (e.g., vehicle velocity and sideslip angle) and road friction coefficient is essential for electric vehicle stability control. This article proposes a novel real-time model-based vehicle estimator, which can be used for estimation of vehicle state and road friction coefficient...
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The Impact of Residual Stress Relaxation on Fatigue Life Enhancing Effect of Cold Expansion

A numerical analysis was performed, using three-dimensional finite element method to assess the impact of residual stress relaxation on the fatigue strength benefit of cold expansion. Fatigue lives of cold expansion hole made from aluminium alloy 7050-T7451 under different relaxation time are presented,...
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Analysis of distributed generation system and the influence on voltage distribution

Hongen Tan, Bo Wang, Dichen Liu, Suxuan Guo
As the requirement for the power quality is increasing nowadays, the distributed source energy has been widely used. The association of different Distributed Generation System (DGS) could cause as many problems as it may solve. Micro-grid associates the distributed generation and the loads as a subsystem....
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The Design and Application of Engine Vibration Test Platform Based on Virtual Instrument LabVIEW

Minjun Teng
This paper is based on LabVIEW software to develop a car engine vibration test platform. Completion of the vibration test platform structures, software design of the vibration test platform and test of the vibration test platform, it can analyze radial vibration displacement and power spectra in different...
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A novel Scheme on the Seamless Handover on Vehicle

Linyuan YAO, He TANG, Ping DONG, Yong KONG
In traditional Train-Ground Communication (TGC), the mobile node or the mobile network is responsible to handover from one domain to another, although the designer has the route of the trains. A novel scheme on the seamless handover on vehicle is proposed in this paper. The main idea is that the channel...
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An Improved Distributed Antenna System for High-Speed Railway

He TANG, Yong KONG, Xiangrong WANG, Zhenhui TAN
Due to the rapid development of high-speed railways all over the world, Railway digital mobile communication system is one of the most important parts which bears various services. However, it has been a challenge to support high speed (e.g., above 350 km/h) mobile user with broadband communication in...
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The Auto Parts Road Simulation Vibration Test Platform Design

Tieyi Zhang, Shangxuan Gu, Zhenliang Huang
According to the functional requirements of mechanical auto parts road simulation vibration test platform, mechanical auto parts road simulation vibration test platform structure is studied and designed, and a vibration simulation test platform entity is developed which can simulate auto parts vibration...
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Design of the Large Rotary Wheel Declining Nozzle Range Theory Research Based on Fluent Simulation Software

Buling Fang, Jiao Deng, Songtao Qi
This paper studies the micro sprinkler with two rotation hyperboloid passage of large rotary wheel revolving body. Using fluent fluid mechanics calculation software velocity distribution simulation analysis for five different diameter and seven different water elevation rotating body fluid movement,...
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Research on IETM Development Technology for Industry Equipment

Xiangjun Song, Daquan Deng, Wanling Li
Using for reference international advanced standard and combining with Chinese industry equipment technology characteristic, modernization equipment IETM development technology criterion was established. Current equipment IETM integration development flatform was developed handling IETM key technology...
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Image Denoising Based on Hybrid Fourier and Neighborhood Wavelet Coefficients

Jun Cheng, Songli Lei
Image denoising is a classical topic and a difficult problem in the field of image processing. Fourier transform can effectively sparsely represent the smoothing texture part of the image, but can’t effectively represent mutations in the image. The wavelet transform can sparsely represent sharply changing...