Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Management Society (EMIM 2018)

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Countermeasures for Cross-cultural Communication in Commercial Activities Based on OBOR

Junxia Liu
The countries along One Belt One Road (OBOR)are important open areas for China in the new era. The commercial activities between China and the OBOR countries becoming more and more frequent and active. Big challenge which enterprises in business activities faced is cultural differences and conflicts....
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Theory and Practice of Simulation Experiment Teaching about the Electronic Sand Table in Enterprise

Yuanbing Liu, WenbinLiu Liu
Taking the experimental taching of the Electronic Sand Table for the Management of Information Management Specialty in Hunan University of Arts and Science as an example, the necessity and practical significance of the Electronic Sand Table experiment teaching is analyzed in the course of Enterprise...
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The Issues and Reform Suggestions of the Current Military College Physical Education Contents System Setting

Yan Chen
With the transformation of the training target of military colleges and universities, the reform of the sports curriculum content system of military colleges and universities has made some progress, but there are still some problems. These problems are mainly manifested in: monotonous content setting,...
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Application of Prenatal Health Education and Nutrition Intervention in Patients with Pregnancy-induced Hypertension

Yuan Pan, Yang Yu, Ruizhi Liu
Objective, to use prenatal health education and nutritional intervention strategies for pregnant women with pregnancy-related hypertension to explore the effect of interventions on patient outcomes and analyze them. Methods, a total of 90 pregnant women with gestational hypertension were selected and...
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An Overview of the Development of Music Education in China's Normal Universities in the First Half of the 20th Century

Yu Xiang
The first half of the 20th century was a half-century of continuous exploration of the Chinese music education "look at the world and establish a foothold in the mainland."The school song has opened the way for China to learn western music education. In the following decades, it continuously learns from...
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Study on the Influence and Promotion of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts in Different Groups

Zijian Chang, Yan Li
Based on the Chinese traditional martial arts, this paper makes an analysis of the formation of the people's fitness habit and finds out the good habits of Chinese traditional martial arts. Mainly uses the literature material method and logic analysis of martial arts fitness habits construction are studied...
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Research on Rainfall Erosion Model Tests for Loess Slope

Wei Wang, Zhiqing Li
It has been a difficult issue that the surface of side slope can be easily washed out by rainfall, causing water and soil loss and thus landslide. In this paper, taking loess slope as an example, a comprehensive prevention and protection method by ecological slope fixation. The impact on protection effect...
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An Empirical Research on Teaching Dynamic Classifiers in Chinese International Education

Yanan Gao, Xu Gao
Aiming at the important and difficult problem in the Chinese international education, the paper proposes effective strategies for teaching Chinese dynamic classifiers. They are general teaching method of bridge-experiential, teaching sequence of individual after measuring classifiers and verbal after...
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Reflections on the Category of Surplus Value in Socialist Countries

Suisheng Zhao
Surplus value is a common economic phenomena in all societies except the primitive society. It has different forms in different social relations, however . There has objectivity in the existence of surplus labor and surplus value in the production relation of socialist economy. Just like capital, surplus...
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Research on the Key Technology of Augmented Reality Technology in the Application and Development of Children's Plant Science Popularization Education

Yuyi Ding, Jinghua Han, Qi Cao
In recent years, the development and application of augmented reality technology has become a newly emerging and popular research field. The multi-dimensional display, virtual-actual combination, real-time interaction and other characteristic of the technology meet the demands of science popularization...
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A China Case Study on Big Shareholders' Propping and Tunneling

Tangmei Yuan
This paper, with the help of China Top Software Company case, have analyzed both the motivation and implement approaches of propping and tunneling actualized by big shareholders of China's listed companies. Propping and tunneling both are main shareholders' behavior of transferring benefits in different...
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Analysis of the Influence Factors, Solutions, etc. on the Employment of Independent College Students Based on Social Capital Theory - Take Jinqiao Independent College As an Example

Rui Dai
In view of the influence of Social capital on the employment of college students, we propose countermeasures from the three levels of college students, families and schools, so that Social capital plays an important role in the employment process of college students.
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Research on Dynamic Mechanism of Trade Associations to Participate in Development of Modern Apprenticeship in China

Hongwei Cui
The State Council document, “the decision on accelerating the development of modern vocational education", puts forward that it is necessary to strengthen the position and role of the industry association in the development of vocational education, to give policy support to the industry organization...
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Application of Multisim Simulation Software in Power supply Design

Renbo Xu, Shaoyi Li, Jinfeng Li
The article analyzes the problems in the current electronic technology course teaching and experimental training. On this basis, it explores the application of Multisim circuit simulation teaching in the power design course. The simulation technology can make the analysis of electronic circuit accurately...
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The Development Trend of University Library Changing from Resource Center to Knowledge Service Center

Chunyue Liu
The university library is the document information center and the most important teaching unit in the school. It has a lot of digital resources and paper resources to provide the readers with the literature resources service, but is the library development only the purchase of a certain scale of resources?...
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A Discussion on the Conformity between the Cognitive Characteristics of Brand Connotation and Brand Extension Mode

Yuanbing Liu, Wenbin Liu
Brand extension must take into account the cognitive dimension of the brand connotation of the parent brand. The brand extension mode can effectively promote the brand extension only when it fits with the product information attribute, the specific function and the technical attribute, and the symbolic...
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The Study of Entrepreneurship Education in Yancheng Vocational Colleges

Zhenzhen Zhang, Juan Gu
In this study, the historical evolution of College Students' entrepreneurship education is combed, the status of entrepreneurship education of higher vocational colleges in Yancheng city is investigated and analyzed, and the effective ways to carry out entrepreneurship education in higher vocational...
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Research on the Relationship between Executive Compensation and Corporate Performance

Fangna Peng, Mengnong Zhou
The paper takes a sample of A-share listed companies from 2013 to 2017 in China,and examines the effect of executive compensation on corporate performance from the perspective of Executive's monetary compensation and shareholding ratio.The results show that: Chinese listed company executives' monetary...
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The Research on Knowledge Ontology Construction of Information Technology Course in Middle School Based on Semantic WEB

Jun Yuan
Semantic Web is the development direction of web technology nowadays; ontology is an important part of Semantic Web. The ontology of curriculum knowledge is a clear and standardized description of the relationship between concepts in a certain course, and the knowledge system which is built on the basis...
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Research on the Construction Mode of E-commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Logistics Management Talent Training System under the "Internet+" Form

Li Liu, Kai Liu
Under the background of mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation and "Internet Plus", innovative logistics personnel training is an important strategic measure to promote economic development, scientific and technological progress and international competitiveness. Under the new form of "Internet Plus",...
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Research on the Innovation of College English Teaching Method in the New Media Era

Aihong Li
With the development of network and information technology, the new media era has come. New media technologies have an increasingly profound impact on our work and learning. English is a very practical curriculum, but traditional college English teaching has largely ignored this fundamental attribute...
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Research on the Development Features and Trends of Characteristic Towns-Based on the Experience of Zhejiang Province

Zihui Pan
The construction of characteristic towns in Zhejiang province has brought new vitality to economic development. This paper summarizes the current research status of characteristic towns, analyzes the successful experience and main features of the development of characteristic towns in Zhejiang province....
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Analysis of Campus Card System Construction Based on Business

Huijie Zhu, Chunbo Wei, Luan Xu
Objective: This paper intends to build a business-based intelligent campus card information management system. Methods: Through the use of a variety of campus card system construction techniques, through detailed system analysis and research, a financial service center, a unified identity authentication...
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Teaching the Term of “Metafiction”

Zezhou Zhong, Hongbin Dai
As a relatively new literary term, metafiction has been more and more deal with in courses of Postmodernist Literature, but people haven’t seemed to reach any consensus. Generally speaking, metafiction involves at least some of the following properties: taking fictionality as a theme to be explored,...
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The Research of Database Principle Experimental Teaching Mode based on "SPOC+CDIO"

Ping Li, Hong Wu, Jing Dong
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the practice link of the database principle, and creatively puts forward the teaching mode of introducing SPOC+CDIO into the practice link of the database principle. This paper studies the teaching design and teaching operation from the aspects of simulation...
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Studies of Wushu Specialized Course Teaching Reform of Physical Education Specialty in Ordinary Universities

Weihua Liu
Wushu specialized course teaching of physical education specialty in ordinary universities should adhere to education-oriented teaching concept at the core of cultivating students’ Wushu education practice quality, implements the “seminar-style teaching” classroom teaching model, strengthen the innovativeness...
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On the Importance of Physical Fitness Training in College Basketball

Lidao Li
With the influence of social economy, living level of people is growing, and while they meet basic needs, people began paying attention to health that sport becomes an important role in people’s life. As a comprehensive sports item, basketball is not only acquires good physical quality, it also needs...
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Promoting Strategies of Interaction Effect between Host and Guest: Based on the Positive Attitude of Community Residents in Ethnic Tourist Areas

Yan Zeng
In the "interaction between guests and guests" of ethnic tourism, residents' attitude is an important factor that affects the interaction effect. Based on the previous study data on residents in ethnic tourist areas, this paper combines with the different attitude of residents and establishes strategy...
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Time-sensitive Travel Route Recommendations

Huanliang Sun, Dacheng Ye, Junling Liu
With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the widespread use of mobile devices, social networking platforms such as Gowalla and Foursquare provide sign-in sharing capabilities. They use these functions to collect a large number of check-in data that can reflect the user's travel patterns. These...
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On the Mental Health Education of College Students in New Media Era

Shucheng Wei
In today’s era, new media has become an invisible network covering public life with its characteristics of interactivity and immediacy, magnanimity and sharing, personalization and communitization, and has developed rapidly with unprecedented momentum. The life of contemporary college students is always...
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Discussion on Several Ways to Help Students Increase Their English Vocabulary in Teaching

Jingang Bai
Generally speaking, the sum of words constitutes the vocabulary of a language. Vocabulary is one of the three major elements of a language. The total vocabulary of English is estimated to be about one million. Therefore, how many English words to master plays a vital role in English teaching and learning....
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Problems of the Training Mode of Thai Language Professionals in Yunnan Higher Education Institutions -- Analysis on the Talent Training Model Combining Professional Teaching with Overseas Learning and Practical Training

Ya Liang, Yi He, Mengjia Hou, Ling Yang
In recent years, with the implementation of the development strategy of "One Belt And One Road" and the deepening of exchanges between China and Thailand, the number of institutions of higher learning in Yunnan for the Thai language major has been increasing. Demand for Thai talent demand at home and...
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Research on Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education into University Talents Training System

Boru Yang, Wen Zhou
In recent years, the state attaches great importance to college student entrepreneurship. The transformation of the economic development mode relies on innovation and entrepreneurship activities and proposes to “encourage entrepreneurship”, “promote entrepreneurship to promote employment” and “support...
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Reform and Innovation of College English Teaching under the Background of Internet+ Era

Hongtu Ren
At present, how to effectively integrate modern information technology with the qualified internet resources into college English teaching becomes the focus of the English teaching reform and construction of diversified classroom teaching research in colleges and universities. In recent years, the advanced...
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Urban Public Traffic Management in the Aging Society

Xiaoping Yu, Haishan Xia, Yue Zhang
The problem of aging population is a social problem that the world faces together. Traffic travel is a real problem that the aged society needs to pay attention to and improve. The construction of the elderly-friendly city is a useful exploration to actively address the problem of population aging. By...
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Analysis on Current Situation of Business English Teaching and Improvement of Curriculum System

Guoqing Zhang
In recent years, the deepening of globalization and the strengthening of relations between countries have made international trade develop unprecedentedly. Business English talents, as communication talents in international trade, play a vital role in international trade activities. At present, business...
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Crowdfunding and Internet Non-public Equity Financing??"??"Based on the Development Perspective of Combining Technology-Based SMEs

Yuanyuan Huang
In order to promote supply and demand balance and enhance economic vitality and resilience, equity crowdfunding is of great significance to supporting the financing of SMEs, promoting economic restructuring and the development of power conversion. However, at present, China's credit base and institutional...
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A Study on Current Situation and Development Strategies on Bilingual Teaching

Lizhi Kong, Suolan Liu
In colleges and universities, bilingual teaching plays an important role in promoting students' international vision and employment opportunities. However, many difficulties are met in the process of implementing bilingual teaching, resulting in the failure of its development. How to effectively improve...
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Practice and Reflection on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Medical Colleges and Universities in China

Wenbin Tan, Jian Zhou, Jianning Qiu, Xue Wang, Yugang Yan, Feng Qin, Weijuan Dai
The rise of the knowledge economy makes the international core competitiveness gradually manifest itself as the cultivation, configuration and regulation of human resources and knowledge, as well as the ownership of intellectual property. Knowledge to promote economic development is based on high-quality...
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A Study on the Impact of Competition Intensity on Internationalization Degree and International Performance

Zhongwei Cao, Jiang Xu, Zhiyuan Liu
The advance of the economy globalization and integration of world economy puts a new challenge on the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In order to actively cater to new science and technology revolution and related new technology application, SMEs looks and analyzes domestic and international...
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Innovative Practice of Basic Computer Courses for Private University in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tieqiang Zhang
With the constant rise and development of the knowledge economy, innovation and entrepreneurship as a productive force that transforms science and technology into reality has become a huge impetus for the engine of economic development. How to integrated innovation in basic computer courses teaching...
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A Survey on the Willingness and Influencing Factors of Farmers' Commercial Pension Insurance Participation in Heilongjiang Province

Dehua Zhang, Yu Zhang
Launching the willingness of farmers to participate in the participation of pension insurance will help reduce the pressure on social security funds and improve the quality of life of farmers. In this study, through the investigation of 817 farmers in Heilongjiang Province, using logistic regression...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Inter-provincial Population Flow

Changjuan Guo
Population mobility and economic growth can play a role in promoting each other to a certain extent. Only by clarifying the corresponding relationship between population flows and indicators related to economic growth, can we develop various favorable factors so that population mobility can better serve...
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Research on the Application of Civil Law in the Sharing Economy: Taking the Internet Special Vehicle as an Example

Liu Lu, Jing Ouyang
With the development and popularization of Internet technology, the sharing economy based on Internet platform has been greatly developed. The sharing economy represented by Internet special vehicles has impacted the traditional taxi industry and caused many regulatory difficulties. This link for information...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Wuhan Cross-border E-commerce Talent Training

Xiaowei Zhu, Hao Ming
With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce industry, the demand for cross-border e-commerce talents is increasing. In order to meet this demand, we need to cultivate more high-quality talents of cross-border e-commerce. This paper, based on the current situation of Wuhan universities and cross-border...
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Discussion on the Value and Development of Long-distance Exercise in Universities under the Craze of Marathon

Hefeng Zou, Wei Li, Manman Liu
With the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the marathon sports has been developing vigorously, and the number of events and participants rising constantly. However long-distance exercise in college is not hot, and the physical condition of students is also...
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Research on the Strategy of Promoting Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Business Administration

Mingzhi Shao
With the increasing number of university graduates in our country, the employment pressure of university graduates is increasing continuously. It is necessary and significant for the improvement of university students' innovation and entrepreneurial practice ability. Therefore, it is imperative to find...
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Research on Domestic and Foreign Advanced Manufacturing Development Policy

Dong Liang, Zhongwei Zhang
The core of the advanced manufacturing industry lies in its “advancedness”, which is reflected not only in the advanced nature of the technology, but also in the advanced nature of the industry and the advanced management. Innovation in advanced manufacturing is an important part of a country’s economic...
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Research on Training Mode of Compound Innovative Talents in Civil Engineering Specialty Based on Social Needs

Wenjun Sun
With the rapid development of China's higher education and social economy, the community's demand for civil engineering talents has been continuously improved. The competition for talents has changed from quantitative to qualitative. It is imperative to build a new knowledge structure for civil engineering...
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A Study on Bilingual Talents Cultivation Model of International Trade Practices from the Perspective of Production-education Integration and School-enterprise Cooperation

Luxia Yi, Yucong You
In the era of globalization of trade, it is an inevitable requirement for the development of higher education to build a talent cultivation model from the perspective of integration of production - education and school-enterprise cooperation. As a curriculum that combines theory and practice closely,...