Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Management Society (EMIM 2018)

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A Study on the "Going out" Paths of Tourism Industry of TCM Health Preservation Culture Driven by One Belt, One Road

Qianqian Qu
This article first reviewed the history and present situation of TCM health preservation culture in Shaanxi province, and analyzed several problems that Shaanxi tourism industry of TCM preservation health culture faces. Based on these problems, the author put forward "going out" paths of Shaanxi tourism...
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Implication of Constructivism on Business English Textbook and Suggestions

Guoqing Zhang
As the most active branch of special-purpose English, business English plays an increasingly prominent role in foreign language teaching. Writing skills are the basic requirements for business professionals in modern business and play an important role in the cultivation of compound talents. It plays...
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Analysis on Humanized Appeal of UI Interface Design and Teaching Guiding Significance

Mingyi Qi
With the continuous development of modern network science and technology, UI design focus more and more demands on user experienced degree. So as to improve experience, the user-friendly UI interface design comes into being. This article will explore how to design a humanized UI interface from the various...
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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Creative Talents in College English under the Background of "Internet +"

Dr. Saihanqiqige
With the rapid development of world economy and technology, Internet technology has shortened the distance between people and brought great convenience to people's work, study and life. The rise of “Internet+” has brought an unprecedented transformation to Chinese education. The traditional teaching...
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On D Enterprise Employee Relations

Wenwu Li
The paper used principle of the enterprises employee relationship management, analyse the existing problems and reasons of a small enterprises ,based on reference at home and abroad, puts forward the suitable for the improvement of the small enterprise employee relationship management advice.
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Discourse Analysis of the Victory Speech of President Trump from the Perspective of Theme and Thematic Progression Patterns

Xiulian Liu, Huijun Zhang
The victory speech of presidential election in the United States is given by the new president after a long and tough election journey. It will not only reveal the identity of the new president but also conclude the summary of the election, the joy of the result and new political views. As a president...
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Research on the Training Model of English Majors in Colleges and Universities Based on the Needs of Society for "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Ability

Panpan Li
With the rapid development of science and technology and economy, the demand for talents in society is not only in explicit professional skills, but also in the invisible ability and quality. However, the English major still has the sameness in the process of personnel training. There are still theoretical...
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On the Cultivation of Undergraduates' Ability of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Economic Management Based on Employment Ability Perspective

Runxiang Xu, Mingzhu Li
At present, with the expansion of enrollment in colleges and universities, the employment situation of university graduates has become increasingly severe, and economic management majors once hailed as “popular”. Due to unreasonable duplication of settings, these professional graduates have obviously...
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Survey and Analysis of Green Behavior Patterns in Medical Vocational Colleges in China

Xiaomeng Zhang, Tingzhi Wang, Chenjun Wang
Taking Jiangsu Vacation College of Medicine as the research sample, the green behavior pattern of college students was investigated by questionnaire survey. The results show that college students have a high awareness of practicing green behavior, but the implementation is not enough, and there are differences...
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Research on the Dominant Knowledge Field of Independent Innovation in Manufacturing Enterprises

Gang Li
This paper summarizes the research direction and current status of teachers in colleges and universities in recent years in the field of human resources, found mainly in three aspects: teachers of university human resource allocation, management, development, the establishment of incentive mechanism...
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Exploration on the Integration Mode of Ceramic Appreciation Course and the Second Class Education

Hui Li, Jie Gao, Dong Cheng, Yi Wu, Wen Huang
As a comprehensive university located in Jingdezhen and featuring ceramics, it bears an important responsibility for the construction of the popularization and dissemination project of ceramic culture. Through the combination of the ceramic appreciation curriculum reform in the first class and the ceramic...
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Environmental Problems and Countermeasures for Sustainable Development in a Declining Mining City Tongchuan

Aning Zhao, Jianhui Wang, Huaqing Chen, Jianghua Zhang
Tongchuan is a resource-based city with coal, cement and clay minerals production. The development of mining industry has made a great contribution to the social and economic development of the city. With the depletion of mineral resources, the city faces two kinds problems: First, for a long time of...
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The application of multimedia technology in the teaching of Contemporary Ceramic Art

Chunru Zhao
Ceramic art is a kind of art form with national characteristics in our country. Traditional ceramic teaching has become difficult to adapt to the present state of art. In the middle of the 20th century, the education of Ceramic Art has gained a brand-new development period. During this period, China's...
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Study on the Standardization of University Students ' Volunteer Service System

Chao Wang, Yan Song
The university student volunteer service is the modern society civilization progress important symbol. College students ' volunteer service gives students more opportunities to devote their love to the society and make contribution to the best of their ability. The development of university Students...
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Comparison of the Application of Teaching Methods of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing

Xiaona Jin
[Goal] This paper discusses the use of LBL method, PBL and LBL dual-track teaching method for nursing undergraduate students in the teaching of "Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing" curriculum, and statistical analysis of the effects of students' acquisition of knowledge and skills. [Method] A systematic...
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Research on Knowledge Elements of Independent Innovation of Enterprises

Gang Li
This paper summarizes the research direction and current status of teachers in colleges and universities in recent years in the field of human resources, found mainly in three aspects: teachers of university human resource allocation, management, development, the establishment of incentive mechanism...
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Study on the Mechanism of Increasing Tuition Fees in American High-level Private Universities

Changmin Liu
In order to draw lessons from the experience of multi-channel funds raised by high-level private universities in the United States, promote the healthy development of private universities in China, and use literature research and comparative research methods to study the composition of tuition fees and...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Financial Development, Economic Growth and Income Disparity in China

Caiming Liu
Urban and rural development and reduce urban-rural income gap is a hot topic of economic research, interaction between financial development, economic growth and income inequality mechanism of great significance for the study of the problem. In this paper, by constructing the vector error correction...
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An Analysis of the Planning of Public Space Renovation at the Ancient Zhonghuang Village in West Hunan Province

Xingyu Xie
Public space in ancient villages carries the daily life of villagers. Its reasonable remediation plan can satisfy the villagers’ needs for belonging, security and dominance to the event venues, and also meet various requirements for tourists such as sightseeing, communication, leisure and accommodation....
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On Sustainable Development of Ecotourism---Taking western Liaoning Province as Example

Yuanchun Huang, Bingjie Xu
Constructing an ecotourism system with the features of western Liaoning is a perspective issue. Analyzes the developing environment of world ecological tourism and the successful experiences of developing ecotourism in foreign countries. Taking estern liaoning as an research example, through investigating...
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Causes and Analysis of Philosophical Psychology of Sports Violence

Lei Zhang
The research method of philosophical anthropology has already formed a certain research value in the study of sports history and sports philosophy. Combating the changes in the relationship between the "spectator-participant" from the ancient Greek period, the ancient Rome-Byzantine period, and the Middle...
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Application of GIS in Campus Navigation

Dagui Lin, Bin Li
With the development of the university's strength, the population of campus has been increasing year by year, and the area of the campus has been continuously expanding. This has caused many inconveniences for the new arrivals and visitors who are not familiar with the campus to understand and visit...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Ecological Agriculture Development Management in Huadian

Xiaoqian Wu
Huadian City actively responds to the call for sustainable development of the central government and the relevant policies of the provincial government, attaches great importance to ecological construction, adheres to the development strategy of the “ecological establishment of the city”, makes sustained...
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The Impact of Inclusive Human Resource Practices on Individual Creativity: The Role of Job Crafting and Transformational Leadership

Qian Lu
In the context of globalization, the change in the demographic structure and the flow of people around the world have resulted in more and more employees of different nationalities, regions, values, races and skins coexisting in enterprises. China is now in a transitional period, shifting from an investment...
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The Application of Tennis Wall in Tennis Training and Analysis of Innovative Training Methods

Yadong Ren
With the rapid development of tennis in our country, more and more tennis enthusiasts participate in tennis. Tennis itself is a kind of sports project. It is not only conducive to physical fitness, leisure and entertainment, but also can win some honors for our country. However, due to the limited number...
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Construction of "Quick Access and Slow Travel" Tourism System in Dujiangyan of Chengdu

Bin Ye, Zhenhan Yu
Analysis the current situation of tourism traffic network in DuJiangYan city, large data technology is used to optimize the local tourist traffic resources and provide intelligent, personalized and diversified tourist routes. Under the support of fast travel travel framework,the aim of "slow travel"...
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Education Reform and Teaching Improvement in the Era of Big Data

Peng Sun
Big data expands the time and space for education. The combination of traditional education methods and modern technology facilitates the quality of education. Canada's English education for overseas immigrants from non-English speaking countries differs from English education in China in terms of teaching...
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Application of "Design Thinking Method" in Training Practice of Creative Talents in Colleges and Universities in China

Wenquan Zhou
With the rapid development of information technology, the field of art and design is undergoing a profound transformation. The method of design thinking is more and more scientific, systematic, perfect and advanced. Modern design theory and thinking methods also show a trend of diversification. Traditional...
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The Essence of Literary Translation in Comparative Literature

Lun Wang
Literary translation is in fact a kind creation for literature, which involves the translator’s understanding of the source-language work and the creation of the target-language work. It promotes the communication and interaction of the two literatures and now has become an indispensable existing form...
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Research on the Relationship between the Development of Characteristic Industry and the Growth of Farmers' Income

Chang Tan, Wenbin Liu, Yan Peng
Under the background of rural revitalization, the integration of rural industry has also become a trend. The development of characteristic industries is of great significance to promoting the growth of peasants' income, rural economic and social development and optimizing the structure of agricultural...
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On the Construction of the Quality Assurance System for the Teaching of Advertising Majors in Colleges and Universities

Jian Xu
As more and more enterprises realize the importance of advertising to the information dissemination of enterprises, the demand for advertising talents is increasing. Many colleges and universities offer advertising major. However, some advertising graduates in the employment process, such as theoretical...
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Co-construction of Immediate context in English as a Lingua Franca Communication

Haosheng Xu
Taking communication subjects, communication language and cognition schema as major variables, the author defined “context” in ELF communication as “a dynamic bi-directional immediate context with ‘others’ as communication subjects and ‘my English’ as communication language. It is co-constructed by means...
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Research on the Use of Teachers’ Body Language in Oral Classroom Teaching for Learners of Chinese as a Second Language

Anyan Li, Tianyu Wang
Based on the previous research, this article analyzes and studies the use of the teacher’s body language in different stages through the collection, analysis, identification and classroom observation of a large number of materials, and finds that the body language used by Chinese teachers in different...
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Application of Flipped Classroom Based on MOOCs and "Micro lesson" in the Teaching Process of《Pathology》

Yan Fang, Xia Dong, Xiaoping Ying, Hong Li, Yanfang Pan, Yanhong Zhao
Flipped classroom is an autonomous, interactive and personalized teaching mode based on the network technology environment. In order to solve the problems existing in the traditional pathology teaching and improve the teaching effect, the teaching mode of flipped classroom was put forward based on the...
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A Contrastive Study of the English Constructions V + O and V + PP + O and the Differences in Translation

Runqing Yang
This paper researches in the comparison of V+O and V+PP+O constructions of English verbs and the difference in English-Chinese translation. With the help of real examples in corpus and literatures, we discuss different meaning of the sentences using notional verbs expressing actual behaviors or actions...
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On the Approaches to Cultivate Translators and Interpreters in Local Application-oriented Universities

Xiaoru Yang
In October 2015, the Guiding Suggestion on the Transition of Some Local Undergraduate Universities to Applied Types was formally issued by the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance, taking the orientation of local applied universities as their...
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Research and Development of Paperless Examination System

Jing Wang, Gao Zheng
Our country’s education is in a vigorous development stage. The selection of talents cannot be separated from the exam. The number of exams has made the number of exam papers amazing. The paper-based examination system has exposed the disadvantages of wasting resources and polluting the environment....
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Research on Education in Higher Vocational College Collaborating with Open-door to the Outside World

Lanlan He
According to the theory and practice of education in higher vocational college, the process of teaching collaborating with open-door to the outside world is not enough in modern teaching evaluation. The results oriented collaborative innovation theory put forward the reform of the development goal. After...
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The Exploration and Research on the Open Autonomous Learning Model of Internet Plus Initiative

Yexing Pan
This paper mainly discusses the independent learning model based on Internet plus initiative of college students. This learning model is an interactive link between teachers, students and knowledge in a virtual digital space. It is a link between teacher and student, teacher and knowledge, students and...
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Research on the Satisfaction of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance Policy

Xiong Zhong, Zhiyan Chen
At present, the government attaches great importance to and vigorously develops innovative and entrepreneurial economies and strives to build innovative countries. The country has a wealth of scientific and technological resources and strong scientific research strength, and has a decisive driving role...
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Analysis and Countermeasure Research on the Problems of Contemporary College Students' Life Education

Xu Wang, Jingyi Chen
College students' life education belongs to the category of life education. It has the commonality of ordinary life education, helps the normal development of life, and promotes the development of life. However, with the rapid development of higher education in our country, while the number of university...
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On the Construction of Network Discourse System of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of "Micro-era"

MingKun Jiang
In the context of micro-era, the discourse right of ideological and political education in colleges and universities is a mode of discourse communication. It has certain characteristics of the times, and it is based on Internet technology to realize the discourse power. In the context of micro-era, the...
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The Impact of Tourism Product Harm Crisis Attribute on Travel Intention

Yue Li, Dongli Tang, Ting Tao, Nanxiu Guo, Sha Li, Ziming Zhang, Xue Yang
In recent years, with a number of tourism product harm crisis, such as the Black Tour Guides, the tigers which injured people in the zoo happened frequently, tourism product harm crises attract tourists’ attention increasingly. However, it can be seen that there is a lack of researches on tourism product...
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Exploration on the Integration of Chinese Elements into the Practical Teaching of Illustration Design

Duanwu Shang
Excellent illustration works should embody certain cultural connotations. At present, many illustration works integrate Chinese elements into them, giving the design works unique traditional Chinese cultural connotations and improving the innovation of the works. Nowadays, with the continuous development...
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On the Factors Affecting the Basketball Referee Level of College Students and the Countermeasures

Chunxia Yang
level of education in high school has been raised gradually in recent years, and as the one of important stages of our educational career, high-school education plays great role in development of students, it also a teaching stage to output trained people for society, therefore, it gains most attentions...
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Chinese Enterprise Risk Management??"??"Based on the Application of Financial Derivatives

Chengyong Liu, Cheng Chen
In the 21st century, global derivative financial products have been greatly developed. Both transaction scale and derivative financial product innovation have reached a relatively prosperous era. In fact, financial derivatives are essentially a sharp double-edged sword. If the enterprise is used properly,...
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Optimization of College Moral Education Based on Big Data

Xiaohui Zhu
Big Data technologies do not merely change our lifestyles and working modes, but also can be exploited to improve the moral education in universities, and thus they provide a good opportunity for the development of moral education. This paper aims to explore novel approaches from the perspective of Big...
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Gingivitis Identification via Grey-level Cooccurrence Matrix and Extreme Learning Machine

Wen Li, Yiyang Chen, Leiying Miao, Mackenzie Brown, Weibin Sun, Xuan Zhang
The diagnosis of gingivitis often occurs years later by using a series of conventional oral examination, and they depended a lot on dental records which are physically and mentally laborious task for dentists. In this study, our research presented a new method to diagnose gingivitis, which is based on...
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The Contrastive Analysis of Chinese and English Tautologies under the Perspective of Construction Grammar

Hongjuan Fang
The study on tautology has become an interesting and hot topic at home and abroad. The contrastive analysis on English and Chinese tautology from the perspective of Construction Grammar is still not sufficient, while the contrastive analysis is still necessary. This paper aims to contrast English and...
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Research on Application of Micro-Lectures Mode Based on Information Age in Writing Teaching of College English

Ming Zhao
In the background of the information age, with the gradual integration of some technology elements in the teaching, micro-lectures came into being. It can not only suit for the need of modern development but also contribute to promoting the reform of college English teaching to carry out the writing...