Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Management Society (EMIM 2018)

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The Improvement and Innovation of Education Talent Training Mode with the Craftsman Spirit

Jin Wang
Vocational colleges are important places for the cultivation of skilled talents in China. It is of positive significance to promote the development of education in our country, which is guided by the spirit of craftsman to cultivate students’ professional qualities. These qualities includes dedication,...
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Effect of Health Education Path Management on Complications and Recovery after Hepatectomy

RuiXin Lin, Shuli Yang, Yan Jia, WenWen Jian, Qing Yu, Min Wang, LiHui Si
Objective: This paper aims to discuss the complications and recovery after hepatectomy by implementing health education path management interventions for patients undergoing hepatectomy. Method: Select 80 cases for those went through hepatectomy between May 2017 and January 2018 in our hospital; randomly...
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SWOT Analysis on the Paid Opening of University Sports Venues in Lanzhou

Yang Wang, Xiao Wang
With the official opening of the university gymnasium in Lanzhou, the real issue of the normal operation of the gymnasium is mentioned on the agenda. I will use the SWOT analysis method, colleges and universities in Lanzhou sports venues open to the society are paid within the feasibility analysis and...
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Study on Wuyi Expressway Atmospheric Environment Monitoring System

Yonglin Wang, Zhiqing Li, Yingxin Zhou, Zhengfu Qian, Hinata Yoichi, Ryu Kou, Shengyuan Miao
Nowadays China's expressway undertakings are developing rapidly. While pursuing the development speed, more attention must be paid to the quality of roads and the impact of construction on the surrounding ecological environment, especially the atmospheric quality. This article describes a set of atmospheric...
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Research on Training Mode of Financial Professionals in "Professional Docking Industry Chain"

Ye Qian, Jingbo Yu
At present, there are still problems in the training mode of talents in the major of finance, such as the non adaptation of professional structure and industrial structure, the homogenization of professional setting, and the lack of specialized local industrialization. In order to solve this problem,...
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Research on the Training Mode of Applied Talents in Music Education Major in Private Universities

Weihua Xiao
In recent years, there is a big gap between the current situation of teaching and the needs of the society. In order to improve the teaching level of higher education in China, we should focus on the reform of the mode of talent training, especially for the major of music and art, and should highlight...
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The Diversity and Suitability of Foreign Language Teaching Approaches

Changai Liu
This paper introduces various teaching methods in the field of foreign language teaching in recent years. The author thinks that under certain conditions, taking various methods may have its advantages, and there should be a diversity in foreign language teaching, and the suitability of methods should...
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Research on key measures of Precision Poverty Reduction in Rural Areas

Yuping Zhang, Wenbin Liu
The majority of Chinese peasants are the basic national conditions, and it is the biggest thing in China to realize the peasants to get rid of poverty and become rich. In order for farmers to live happily, precise poverty reduction measures in rural areas are the key. With effective practical measures...
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Chinese Language Teaching Professional Ability Training

Jianghua Tang
Higher vocational Chinese teaching is an important course of higher vocational education, which has played an active role in transforming vocational students' vocational ability. However, with the development of higher vocational education, a single teaching content cannot meet the needs of vocational...
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The Practical Application of Educational Psychology in College Education

Ting Li
The good psychological state of college students does not only help to improve the quality of teaching, but also promotes students' own learning ability. At present, educational psychology has been widely used in teaching practice in colleges and universities. It is true that high-efficiency teaching...
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Campus Card System Protection Design Based on Encryption Technology

Huijie Zhu, Chunbo Wei, Guotao Xu, Lan Luan
Objective: This paper describes in detail the design of campus card system protection system based on encryption technology. Methods: The design and implementation of the server-side management-side management module, rights management module, communication module, and log management module are described...
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Studies Practice Survey of Chinese Wushu Communication in World Chinese Education

Weihua Liu
Through integration of Chinese Wushu into Chinese language education, Chinese language learning can be more three-dimensional, and Chinese international promotion channels can be more diversified, which can not only make full use of existing educational resources, but also help to achieve better results...
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Research on the Influence of Multi-ball Training in Tennis Forehand Stroke Learning

Zheng Zhou
As one of the fashionable sports, tennis is popular with people, and people pay more attention to the developments of sports, tennis has gained great growth from quantity to quality. Tennis, as a sports item, it uses scientific method and technology in training while developing itself, which becomes...
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The Exploration of the Advantages and the Drawbacks of Private English Education in China

Mingjun Yang
Alongside the tendency of globalization and more communication with the world, learning English for Chinese people is not only only about the original purposes of taking English examinations for accessing higher education or professional titles, but also for some multiple purposes, such as learning English...
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The Construction of a Talent Training Mode Combining the Professional Teaching of Thai Language and the Practical Training of Overseas Learning In Higher Vocational Colleges-- Take the Thai major of Yunnan college of foreign affairs and foreign languages as an example

Ya Liang, Yi He, Mengjia Hou, Ling Yang
Applied Thai language species in Yunnan institute of foreign affairs in a foreign language professional support professional, since September 2013 start date of the first students, under the support and guidance of school policy, applied Thai obtained greater development. Articles from college application...
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Practice of Applied Talent Training in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

BoRu Yang, Wen Zhou
Many colleges and universities in China today are positioning innovative and entrepreneurial talents to cultivate applied talents. But how to achieve this goal is a matter of opinion. This paper is based on effectively solving this problem. From an accurate understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Analysis of the Present Situation of English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges and Its Countermeasures

Jianyong Chen, Ping Yang
Higher vocational education bears the responsibility of training application-oriented specialists, and English teaching in higher vocational colleges should emphasize its applicability and practicability. However, higher vocational English teaching in China is faced with the problems of teaching object,...
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Analysis on Problems and Strategies of Interactive Teaching Model in Higher Education

Lizhi Kong, Yubao Yan, Suolan Liu
Interactive teaching is a kind of interaction and mutual influence between teachers and students, students and students in the classroom teaching. It will promote the psychological or behavioral changes of teachers and students. Interactive teaching can be divided into different types. From the point...
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Exploration of Computer Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talents Training Mode in the “Internet Plus” Age

Zhongshu Zhao
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is the focus of the current higher education reform. Deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education is a breakthrough in promoting comprehensive reform of higher education, and is an important measure to promote higher quality innovation and entrepreneurship...
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A Correlative Study on the Stability and Economic Growth of Large Enterprises in China's Provinces and Cities

Zihang Kuang
Economic growth is affected by many factors, and its own value also has great welfare value. This article will study the stability and economic growth of large enterprises in various provinces and cities of China according to the work of Kathy Fogel, Randall Morck, and Bernard Yeung. Based on the methodology...
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Study on the Application of MOOC in the Teaching Reform of Guzheng

Nan Wu
Guzheng, the most representative traditional instrument in China, has always been loved by the working people of China. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of traditional zither teaching are described in detail, and the method of introducing MOOC into teaching is proposed. MOOC is a combination...
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Innovating the Teaching of Chinese Ancient Literature Course by Introducing the Advantages of Regional Cultural Resources--Taking Poems of Mount Zhongnan in Tang Dynasty as an Example

Zhandong Yu
Regional cultural resources reflect the precious material and spiritual wealth of an area. They are also cultural resources that students are familiar with and are easy to accept. On the one hand, the introduction of regional cultural resources in the teaching of Chinese ancient literature can enrich...
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Technology-based College English Learning, Teaching and Acquisition in Inner Mongolia, China

Hongling Bao
Language development could be influenced by many factors and one of them, especially in today’s super scientific era, would be technology. This paper shows the easy, enjoyable and effective impact of technology on English as a third language in Inner Mongolia, China around in the first decade of 21st...
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The Application of Pragmatic Strategies in International Trade Disputes

Xiulian Liu, Liyang Gong
Pragmatic strategies play an important role in international dispute settlement. In 2016, the victory of China in thirteen anti-dumping lawsuits against the United States was greatly contributed by the use of pragmatic strategies. A subtle use of them cannot only settle the international dispute in a...
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Research on the Language Features of Guopu’s Shanhai Jing Notes

Shuyan Yi
Guo Pu's Shanhai Jing Notes is the earliest annotated text of Shanhai Jing, which language style is unique, and has great value for studying. The research shows that the linguistic characteristics of the annotated text are mainly two aspects: one is the simplicity of language expression; the other is...
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A Study on the Training Mode of Accounting Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talents Based on "Internet +"

Runxiang Xu
The traditional training mode of accounting talents mainly studies the practical ability of students under the cooperation of industry-university-research institutes and ignores the creativity and personality of students. With the rapid development of Internet technology and the continuous deepening...
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Study on the Personnel Training Mode of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument Specialty in Application-oriented Universities

Yunhui Hao, Congbo Luo, Yanli Yang
The training target of application-oriented universities is to train applied talents, but the current personnel training mode is unsuitable. This paper introduced the development course and status of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument specialty, and put out some measures to improve the...
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Reflections on the Teaching of "Tea Culture and Teaware Appreciation" in College Humanistic Quality Course

Bao Chen, Sheng Bi, Zhenghao Qiu
Since 2007, many scholars at home and abroad have advocated the application of tea culture to quality education. More Chinese scholars have made practical attempts on the quality education of tea culture. At present, many colleges and universities across the country have established elective courses...
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Discussion on the Reform of Community Nursing Practice Teaching

Xiangyan Feng, Xiaona Jin
[Purpose] Explore the practical teaching effects of community nursing and provide qualified personnel for the community. [Method] Taking 204 nursing students in 4 classes of Grade 2016 as the research object, there were 204 students, including 22 boys and 182 girls. Each class is randomly divided into...
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Study on Contents of Extracurricular Moral Education in U.S. Ivy League

Bo Lu
In order to draw lessons from the extracurricular moral education of Ivy League schools in the United States, literature research and comparative research methods were used to explore the contents of extracurricular moral education in Ivy League schools. The study found that the Ivy League school is...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis on the Supervision of Bad Loans in Commercial Banks

Jinliang Hua
The economic man's rational behavior and information asymmetry and other reasons, often lead to the commercial bank has hidden the impulse of non-performing loans, resulting in inconsistent accounts of the situation, affecting the economic operation. In this game the situation of information asymmetry,...
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Construction of Practice System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Sports Colleges and Universities

Yadong Ren
Innovation and entrepreneurship education, as an educational idea and educational carrier, emphasizes that students are the main body of education, and based on entrepreneurial needs, they develop and train students' entrepreneurial potential, and position themselves for future entrepreneurial activities....
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Application of Virtual Instrument Technology in Sensor Experiment

Yanhua Lei, Xinming Hou, Yan Bao, Hongtao Yu
Through introducing the sensor experiment course, this paper analyzes some shortcomings of the current sensor experiment course. Combining virtual instrument technology, virtual experiment of sensor is carried out. The sensor virtual experiment platform is designed by LabVIEW and applied to the teaching...
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Application of Multisim in Digital Logic Design Experiment Teaching

Yuanzi He, Renbo Xu
The focus of electronic engineering teaching is to cultivate students' analytical thinking skills so that students can understand how to solve problems independently. At this stage, it is advocated that the simulation technology should be applied to the teaching of digital circuit logic design experiments....
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The Innovation and Practice of the Course of Copywriting in Advertising

LiMing Zhang
Advertising copy writing is a major course of advertising major in Colleges and universities. The traditional theory based teaching method can not reflect the practicality, applicability and comprehensiveness of the curriculum, so that students' learning enthusiasm is affected to a certain extent. This...
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Research on the Conversational Repair of Learners of Chinese as a Second Language in Oral Classroom

Mengyao Liu, Tianyu Wang
In this paper, the conversational repair of learners of Chinese as a second language in oral classroom is taken as the research content to analyze the changes of students’ conversational repair method and repair content at different learning stages. From the repair method, with the improvement of students’...
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Research on the Integration of "Multimedia Technology and Application" Teaching in Smartphone

Jing Wang, Gao Zheng
As modern technology becomes more and more developed, mobile phones have entered the teaching process with their popularity and convenience, and the use of mobile phone classes has become more widely accepted by students. This article takes the "Multimedia Technology and Application" course as an example...
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Study on Influencing Factors of Travel Intention after Disaster: a Case Study of the 8 August Jiuzhaigou Earthquake

Yue Li, Sha Li, Baichun Ma, Yuzhi Liu
The Jiuzhaigou M7 earthquake damaged the Aba’s tourism economy. Almost one year later, Aba’s tourism economy hasn’t recovered to the pre-earthquake level, it is necessary to explore the main factors affecting travel intention after disasters, and then provide more accurate theoretical guidance for the...
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On Cultivation Measures of Cross-Culture Communicative Competence in English Teaching under the Background of “Chinese Culture Going Out”

Ming Zhao
Under the background of “Chinese culture going out”, the cultivation of cross-culture communicative competence has gradually become the focus of college English teaching, and the results have no longer been given priority. The change of teaching ideas requires teachers to appropriately readjust the classroom...
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Effects of Nutrition Health Education and Targeted Nutrition Guidance on Maternal Nutritional Status and Maternal and Infant outcomes

Shuli Yang, Lihui Si, Yan Jia, Wenwen Jian, Qing Yu, Min Wang, Ruixin Lin
Objective: To explore the effects of nutritional health education and targeted nutrition guidance on maternal nutritional status and maternal and infant outcomes. Methods: Select 78 Cases of pregnant women received by our hospital in February 2017-December as the objects of this study, randomly divide...
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The Present Situation and Research of Cultivating Young Talents for the Competitive Sports in Lanzhou

Lei Fang
Based on the source of the Lanzhou university sports students, cultural level, and the source of the physical education teachers and coaches and teachers as the research object, through the literature material law, questionnaire survey method, interview method to study statistics data, in order to analysis...
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Analysis on Teaching Path of Art Practice in Colleges and Universities-Taking Violin as an Example

Yuanyuan Zhou
Along with our country economic development and social progress, people's material life level had the very big promotion, not only get great satisfaction in material life, but also pay more and more attention to the pursuit of spiritual life. In recent years people to the pursuit of artistic life more...
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The Enlightenment of Fuzzy Linguistics to Foreign Language Teaching

Mu Chen
In teaching, the use of the theory and method of fuzzy linguistics guides foreign language teaching and attaches importance to the vagueness in foreign language teaching. It is not only of practical significance, but also in the teaching of foreign languages. This paper aims to explore the implications...
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On the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Chinese Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jianghua Tang
As China's higher vocational education is positioned to cultivate skilled talents, it is often misunderstood in teaching arrangements. It only pays attention to instilling technology and despise humanistic quality, resulting in a misunderstanding of higher vocational Chinese teaching. This article discusses...
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Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Cultural Aphasia in College English Teaching

Rong Du
With the development of China's economy and society, especially after the reform and opening up, the status of English in China's higher education system has been rising. It can be said that English teaching in universities in our country is established and grown up in the context of globalization. The...
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Intra-action and Interactive Representation of Ethnic Tour Photography Symbols

Yan Zeng
Paying attention to the national tour photography from the perspective of semiotics embodies the vital cultural significance of photography in ethnic tour activities. Through the discussion of the symbolic significance of travel photography and the process deconstruction of the symbolic meaning from...
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Research on the Evaluation Criteria for the Cultivation of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in Colleges and Universities

BoRu Yang, Wen Zhou
With the progress of society and the times, the society has become more and more demanding for innovative and entrepreneurial talents. The traditional way of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents has been unable to meet the needs of social development. In recent years, the school-enterprise...
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Flipped Classroom and Its Impacts on College Courses Teaching

Lizhi Kong, Suolan Liu
The traditional teaching mode is mainly based on teaching knowledge in the form of class-based system. Flipped classroom is a transformation of traditional classroom teaching. Such teaching organizational forms with the traditional system of class instruction and academic system have different ideas...
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The Influence of Niche Strategy on the Internationalization of Chinese SMEs

Zhongwei Cao, Jiang Xu, Jingwei Hu
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the national economy. However, researches of their internalization behavior are few, especially from the perspective of Niche. Based on the literature review, this paper puts forward the concept of Niche Strategy, which is to subdivide...
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Analysis on the Training Mode of Logistics Management Applied Talents under the Background of "Internet +"

Yang Kang
As China enters into the era of "Internet +", the educational reform in colleges and universities has also been pushed to the cusp of times. Faced with the new round of educational reform opportunities for development, it is a thorny issue that how to understand "Internet +" and explore a suitable "Internet...