Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Management Society (EMIM 2018)

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New Views on Legends’ Teaching in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Lin Sun
The Ming and Qing dynasties were an important stage in the development of traditional Chinese opera. The teaching process is more traditional and lacks innovation, so students' enthusiasm for learning is not high. The learning method is relatively simple, and student participation is not enough. This...
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Research on Teaching Reform and Innovation of Chinese Painting Course in Ceramic Art Design

Bao Chen, Sheng Bi, Hua Zou, Shanshan Ye
Based on the characteristics of Chinese birds and flowers painting, this article aims to cultivate the goal of ceramic art design talents. Through certain research and practice, it tries to explore the innovative teaching methods of Chinese flower and bird painting courses in ceramic art design, and...
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Analysis of the Current Development of Lacquer Painting Art

Tao Xu
Lacquer painting is a new type of painting. The development of lacquer painting art in the current era is also based on rules and must be studied in the experience and interpretation of Chinese and Western art. There are also many problems that need to be solved in its development. Only by adhering to...
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Approaches and Methods of College Students' Energy Conservation Education in the Context of University Transformation

Yan Bao, Hongtao Yu, Xinming Hou, Shuang Sun
In today's world, energy shortage and environmental problems have become the focus of attention of all mankind.As a university, it is imperative to respond to the national call for energy conservation and consumption reduction without delay, further carry out energy conservation education work, continuously...
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Initial Construction of “Visual Schema Language” Curriculum System

Songlin Li
A research and analysis is made on the curriculum system of “Visual Schema Language”. This paper elaborates on the three aspects of the brief introduction to the concept of Visual Schema Language, the historical background of the concept, and the significance and method of the construction of the curriculum...
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Research on Network Culture Construction based on "Internet +"

Yao Zhang
Internet + is to combine traditional industries with the Internet and transform traditional industries from the perspective of the Internet. To build a network culture with Chinese characteristics, we must correctly understand the nature of network culture, grasp the characteristics of network culture,...
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Study on the Effect of Mental Health Education on Breastfeeding Behavior in Pregnant and Perinatal Period

Lihui Si, Shuli Yang, Yan Jia, Wenwe Jian, Qing Yu
Objective: Carry out maternal health education during pregnancy and childbirth, conduct observation and analysis of maternal breastfeeding behavior. Methods: take 120 pregnant women attending our hospital during the period of February 2017 to January 2018, randomly divide them into control group and...
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Research on the Factors of Influencing English Writing Ability Based on Linear Structure Relationship

Jing Shi
The linear structure model is a path analysis with latent factors. The model can analyze the structural relationships between the exogenous latent factors and the endogenous latent factors. The study uses a linear structure model to explore the main factors affecting English writing ability. In past...
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Analysis of College Students' Practical Teaching Effect Based on Machine Learning Correlation Analysis Algorithm: Take the Software Technology Course as an Example

Xingxing Liu, Chenggang Yang
In view of the difficulty in managing the training class in Colleges and universities, this paper tries to assist the training teachers to strengthen management from the point of machine learning algorithm. After analyzing the characteristics of the training class, we get 7 characteristic attributes...
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Research on the Teaching Method of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Private Colleges

Weiyi Li
Now, with the popularity of use of cellphone, increasing amount of college students lose their interests of listening to teacher at class. Especially for some theoretical courses, such as Customer Relationship Management, this situation is even more serious. This article discuss the methods that can...
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The Integration of Ink Art and Modern Advertising Design-- Analysis of the Effect of Ink Dots in Advertising Design in the Teaching of Art History

Jing Wang
Ink dot, a form of ink art, is put to use in graphic design, bringing attractive design language expression which also full of personality characteristics. Analyzing ink technique in the teaching of art history and its performance and function in the modern advertising and explore the method of performance...
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The Influence of Multimedia Teaching on Modern Daily Ceramic Design Course

Dong Cheng, Hui Li
With the improvement of living standards, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for the design of modern household ceramics. Whether in performance design or structural design, it has put forward higher requirements for the teaching of modern daily ceramic design. The integration of...
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Analysis of the Twin Relationship between “Visual Schema Language” and Painting Art

Songlin Li
In this paper, the development and current situation of “painting art” and “visual schema language” are briefly described with time as the clues, and comparisons are made from a variety of perspectives. The results show that in spite of the close relationship, their ontological significance and development...
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Study on Analog Circuit Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom Mode

Youhui Zou, Renbo Xu, Ping Yang
Compared to traditional teaching models, the flipped classroom has updated the model structure and realized knowledge transfer. Based on the characteristics of Analog Circuit and related theories of Flipped Teaching, this article proposes a flipped classroom mode that is suitable for online teaching....
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Thinking on College Students' Part-Time Platform Based on the Theory of "Use and Satisfaction"--Take"XianYu PT", the Campus Platform of Xi’an University

Lingling Zheng, Chanying He, Wenhua Liu, Xinrui Zhang
With the vigorous development of the Internet and the rise of new media, the Internet give users full initiative. The user’s media contract behavior reflects the obvious subjective tendency, Thus combining with the research angle provided by the theory of use and satisfaction, from the perspective of...
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Thoughts on Ceramic Culture Education in the Second Class of Jingdezhen Colleges

Hui Li, Dong Cheng, Jie Gao, Shun Xu
Ceramic culture is an excellent traditional culture of China, and increasing importance has been attached to ceramic cultural education. There are five colleges characterized by ceramic located in Jingdezhen city, which is honored as “home of porcelain for thousands of years”. Taking Jingdezhen Ceramic...
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Innovation in Teaching Mode of Higher Education Under the Background of Made in China 2025

Datong Cui, Hongtao Yu, Yan Bao, Zijian Zhang
The key to the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan is to adapt the upgraded version of the labor structure. The teaching mode of higher education must be innovated in this context. Matlab is a computer language development software produced by foreign MathemWork company. It is used...
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Visual Communication Profession Practice Design in Studio Teaching Mode

Yan Du
With the continuous progress and development of society, humanity has fully entered the information age. As the expression language of traditional design art, visual communication design is no longer just sticking to the design art expressed in the traditional sense, but more to an abstract expression....
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Discussion on the Training Model of College Students' Scientific Research and Innovation Ability through Tutorial System

Shoubai Xiao
The tutorial system is a student guidance system based on individual guidance. It is an important supplement to the class teacher and counselor system. Promoting the mentoring system is an inevitable requirement for implementing personalized education and promoting credit system reform, and it is also...
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Research on College English Teaching Application Based on TBI Teaching Model

Weihua Xiong
In recent years, domestic scholars have done some research on the TBI teaching method. The research results show that the thematic teaching model can stimulate the interest of English learners, effectively improve the use of learners' English skills, and promote the improvement of comprehensive English...
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Study on Strategies to Translate Mo Yan's Novels from the Perspective of Eco-Translatology

Guotai Luo
Eco-translation is to select translation works based on the original ecological structure of the original text, and to reproduce the original ecological structure in another language. As more and morepeople in the translation community at home and abroad began to pay attention to eco-translatology, some...
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Analysis on the Reform and Innovation of Physical Education Based on the Status Quo of College Physical Education

Hui Guo
With the rapid development of China's economy and continuous social progress, the reform of China's education system has been further deepened, and the reform of college physical education has also entered a new era of innovation. It’s known to all that college physical education is the most pivotal...