Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2017)

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Improvement of Innovative Infrastructure as a Means of Economic Development

Alla Nikonorova, Dmitry Morkovkin, Natalia Isaichykova, Valery Nezamaikin
The article examines the effective introduction of innovations into practice and their influence on the improvement of infrastructure and economic growth in the region. Presently, the lack of proper mechanisms and of organizational regulations in the field of innovative infrastructure improvement hampers...
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Economics as a Humanitarian Science "Economic Rhetoric" of McCloskey as a Case Study

Andrey Orekhov, Fakhraddin Akhmedov
This article is devoted to the understanding of an economic science known as "humanity". In an economic science, a problem of economic interpretation is rather significant: it investigates the importance of economic concepts and statements. The American economist D. McCloskey has criticized the modern...
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Problems and Trends in Innovative Transformation of Russian Economy and Infrastructure Development

Dmitry Morkovkin, Sergey Shmanev, Lyudmila Shmaneva
The article is devoted to the innovation, transformation, and infrastructural development of the Russian economy in the current state of macroeconomic and geopolitical instability. It analyzes the current situation and identifies problems of the infrastructural complex development in Russia. The main...
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Banking Sector Asset Concentration Risk

Irina Larionova, Elena Meshkova
The subject of the research is the concentration of risks related to active transactions of commercial banks as a factor for systemic risks of the banking sector. The purpose of the research is to work out specific measures to mitigate the banking sector's exposure to systemic risks in view of the analysis...
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Problems of Sustainable Development of Dairy Industry Enterprises in the Conditions of Western Sanctions and in the Framework of the Import Substitution Program

Iraida Romanova, Yulia Romanova
The article is devoted to the topical issues of economic development and growth of the dairy industry enterprises. Analytical work was carried out to study the strategy of sustainable development of the food and processing industry of the Russian Federation. The approach to improving and modernizing...
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Research on Financial Support to Rural Economy in Nantong City

Feng Jin
In recent years, Nantong city has made great efforts to solve the problems of imbalance in the allocation of financial resources in urban and rural areas, and it has made great progress. It gives full play to the finance in promoting rural economic development with strengthening the guidance and support....
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Methodological Support of a Company's Economic Security System

Larisa Egorova
The article presents materials on the study of the features of the economic security systems formation in terms of methodology and quality of financial data. In the conditions of growing competition and economic difficulties, the role of scientific methods of ensuring the security of information, which...
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Digital Technologies as a Factor in the Development of Modern Marketing

Nadezhda Arkhipova, Alan Abaev, Madina Gurieva
The article analyzes certain aspects of the digital transformation that is currently taking place in marketing communications all over the world. The widespread availability of digital technologies, the time consumers worldwide spend in a digital environment and the shift in customers' expectations in...
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Development of International Cooperation of Russian Monetary Institutions

Natalia Amosova, Anna Kosobutskaya, Natalia Filimonova, Alexander Lodyshkin, Olga Luskatova
Analysis of the present state and perspectives of participation of Russian banking institutions in international monetary relations is carried out in the article. The assumption is made and substantiated that the format of such participation in the current conditions should be changed. The results of...
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Study on Intangible Welfare of Large State-owned Enterprises

Yang Dang, Yuzhe Wang, Mo Zhou
Intangible welfare refers to the welfare that cannot be reflected in traditional auditing report or be found in any means which is different from the "tangible welfare" stipulated by state laws and regulations. Intangible welfare is invisible, diversified and regulation-violating. It is embodied in intangible...
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Co-integration Analysis of the Innovation Input and Performance of China's High-tech Industries

Kaiming Tan, Shihong Wei
This paper studies the relationship between the innovation input and performance of China's high-tech industries by making use of the indicator statistics concerning high-tech industries and co-integration analysis. Results show that the output value of new products has a long-term equilibrium relationship...
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Problems of Development of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Russia and Methods of Solving Them

Olga Chemodanova, Gleb Grib
The problems of the SME sector development in our country are really topical at present. The role of SMEs in the Russian economy has significantly increased in the conditions of the 2014-2015 economic crises and the difficult geopolitical situation of our country in the world arena. Small and medium-sized...
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Research on Evaluation of University S&T Innovation Efficiency in Liaoning Province

Shihong Wei, Kaiming Tan
Based on the evaluation index system of S&T innovation efficiency of university, a comprehensive evaluation on S&T innovation efficiency of university in Liaoning province and the other coastal areas is made by using DEA method, and the constraint variable and inhibiting bottleneck of the innovation...
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Organization and Financial Support of Innovative Processes in Russia

Tatiana Pogodina
The article considers theoretical and practical aspects of the "open innovations" concept implementation, which is a paradigm of innovations in general. It substantiates the concept's most successful implementation in territorial clusters due to the formation of the agglomeration effect therein. The...
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A Study on the Impact of Development of Vocational Education on Economic Growth in Chongqing

Shuaijin Huang, Chengjie Liu
This paper studies the long-term and short-term impact of vocational education on economic growth in Chongqing by using the data of vocational education investment and GDP time series since Chongqing became municipality and constructing ECM model. The results show that vocational education has significant...
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A Study on the Effect of Employment Service Encounter with the Relationship Quality as a Mediator on the Word-of-mouth

Xicong Zheng
In the current employment market, with the rise of the job banks, members of the employment service systems are diversified and face fierce competition. In order to stand out in the job market, one must be committed to improving service quality and promptly establishing a positive reputation via social...
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Improvement of Mechanisms of Management of Socio-Economic Development. The Assessment of Effectiveness of Development of State Programs

Irina Yurzinova, Valery Nezamaikin
The article states that the main problem of realization of the Federal law "On strategic planning in the Russian Federation" consists in ensuring coordination and interaction in the process of state programs development. The authors suggest an approach to effectiveness evaluation of coordination and...
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Empirical Study on the Evaluation of Financial Competitiveness of Listed Agricultural Companies under the Supply-side Reform

Jinlei Yang, Tiantian Sun
At present, China is a country with a large population and a big agriculture. Therefore, agriculture occupies an important position in the national economy. Therefore, this paper chooses to study the listed agricultural companies under the supply-side reform, which establishes the financial competitiveness...
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Complex Estimation of the Efficiency of the Financial Planning System. How to Plan the Financial Success of a Company

Valery Nezamaikin, Irina Yurzinova
The article is devoted to evaluating activities of financial services companies. The application of the system approach is a methodological basis of such assessment, examining the four aspects of evaluation: organizational, managerial, financial and technological, and the expert, scoring and weighting...
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Problems and Conditions of Sustainable Economic Development of the Russian Timber Industry Complex

Yulia Romanova, Anna Egorenko
The article is devoted to the issues of formation and economic development of the national timber industry complex. The article defines the main conditions for sustainable economic growth based on the principles of management in the timber complex. The main attention is paid to the direct state administration...
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Evaluation of Urban Infrastructure Investment Efficiency in Shandong Province

Yonghong Gao, Yongchun Liu, Suxia Wang
In the 13th five-year plan of Shandong Province, it is proposed that to follow the objective law of urbanization development and accelerate the construction of urban agglomeration, the investment efficiency of urban infrastructure is directly related to regional economic development and social progress,...
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Competency Approach to the Formation of Specialists in the Sphere of Economics in Modern Conditions of Globalization

Julia Gnezdova
The article analyzes the tendencies of integration of Russian education into world educational systems. Today, Russia's accession to the world market of educational services is complicated by a number of factors associated with the high degree of heterogeneity in the economic space for education, the...
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Feasibility Study on E-business Website Project of Voluntourism

Lili Jing, Yuzhe Wang, Jiaqi Zhang
Tourism has been defined as national economic strategic leading industry. National entertainment industry is also becoming a new economic growth-point. The syncretism between tourism and other industries is enhanced and new formats emerged continuously. The market requirement in tourism appeared to be...
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Evaluation on Comprehensive Economic Competitiveness of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Xiaoke Liu, Mengqi Hou
Under the background of economic globalization, competition between regions gradually transforms from tangible resource competition to regional economic competitiveness which can reflect regional future development potential. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration as a major national strategy plays an...
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Research and Development of the Map and Assessment of Land Degradation for Sustainable Development of Land Resources (Research Location: Thua Thien Hue Province—Vietnam)

Ngoc Dan Nguyen, Guoping Lei, Xuan Minh Tran
Land degradation research is considered as a global problem. To assess land degradation, it is necessary to assess the potential for land degradation and actual status of land degradation. Based on the global land degradation assessment (GLASOD)guidelines for the development of indicators and techniques...
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The Formation of the Bipolar Structure of International Finance after World War II

Angang Li
The devastating blow brought by the Second World War not only changed the international political and economic situation, but also prompted the international community to reflect on the meaning of war, which laid the foundation for peace and development after the war and made postwar reconstruction become...
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Origin and Relevance of Refinance as an Instrument of a Central Bank's Regulation

Yury Kropin
Refinance as an instrument of a central bank's regulation presents the subject matter of this paper. Its goal is to analyze this instrument in terms of its conformity with the nature of money under modern monetary system. Refinance, as a central bank's instrument, appeared in response to the gold-standard...
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Research on the Transformation of Bonded Area to Pilot Free Trade Zone in China's Inland

Chao Shi, Yang Dang, Lijuan Liu
On the basis of explaining the connotation of contemporary free trade area and combining with the development strategy of China's bonded area under "One Belt, One Road", this paper has summarized the objective problem of unbalanced development of China's inland bonded area and coastal bonded area. Then,...
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Study on Status Quo and Measures for Intellectual Property Protection in Free Trade Zones

Chuanrong Wang, Zuguo Cai
Economic globalization and regional economic integration are in a rapid development, some new international economic and trade orders have been on the way yet without China's participation. In order to fit international competition in economy, China is trying to find a feasible way for economic development,...
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Research on Anti-poverty Strategies in Resource-rich Areas. Based on Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province

Xueqing Kang
Xi Jinping pointed out in 13th five-year plan that it should be scientifically planned to ensure that the poor people will be lifted out of poverty by 2020. By the end of 2013, according to the national standard for poverty alleviation, the rural poverty population is 6.02 million people in Sichuan province,...
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Research on Financial Risk Prevention and Control. Based on Real Estate Asset Bubbles

Liang Zhang
The central economic work conference held in 2016 made it clear that there was "accumulation of financial risks" in China's economic operation. Despite the overall control of financial risks in China, the risks of stock market, bond market, currency fluctuation and real estate bubble are more worthy...
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Efficiency Analysis of Provincial Tourist Attractions in China Based on DEA-Malmquist Model

Zhen Su, Huike Shi, Chuanyang Ren
This paper analyzes the static efficiency and dynamic efficiency of provincial tourist attractions in China from 2004 to 2015 by using DEA-Malmquist model. Research founding: It is found that the overall technical efficiency of tourist attractions in China is not high, so there is still a large room...
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Preliminary Study on the Gender Differences in the Online Shopping of College Students

Danwen Chen, Xuan Luo
Under the background of the Internet Plus, the literature review method, questionnaire method and integrated data analysis method are applied in the research to analyze the differences between the male and female college students in the consuming behavior of online shopping and the decision-making factors....
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Research on Financing Problems of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Jilin Province

Huiping Zhang
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Jilin province play an important role in economic development, but its own development faces financing difficulties. In this paper, by analyzing the present situation and exploring the reason, it proposes that we should be taken to strengthen the financial...
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Feasibility Study on College Student Credit Card Business Restart Taking the Universities of Xianning City as an Example

Qingqing Cai, Gang Yan, You Zhou, Min Zheng
This essay investigates the credit card market of college students in Xianning city by using descriptive statistics, contingency table correlation analysis and binomial classification logistic regression analysis to analyze the degree of credit card, the number of online shopping, monthly living expenses,...
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Impact of Anticipated and Unanticipated Monetary Policy on Real Estate Market: A Study Based on SVAR Model

Chunhuan Xiao, Bo Pang
As a pillar industry of national economy, the real estate is closely related to people's life. The monetary policy plays an important role in regulation of real estate, which is an effective means of macroeconomic regulation. Therefore, in this paper, money supply and interest rate are selected as the...
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Sino-Russian Economic and Trade Cooperation under "the Belt and Road Initiative"

Yanling Zhou, Hui Xie
China and Russia are close to each other and have established good cooperative relations. However, due to the long-term "political hotness and economic coldness", the potential for economic and trade cooperation is underdeveloped. With the choice of Russia's "Eastward Strategy" and the advent of "the...
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A Micro Perspective Study on Non-performing Loans. Based on the Panel Data of Yunnan Tonghai County

Shushu Feng, Xinyue Wang
With the continuous reform and development of the financial industry and China's supply side structural adjustment, China Commercial Banks' Non-Performing Loans (Hereinafter "NPL") showed a "double rise" trend, which raises the issue of NPL again into people's attention again. NPL is the leading indicators...
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Discussing Dilemma of Taiwan Urban Renewal System Application from Behavior Decision-making Viewpoint

Meng Chiu Chang
Urban renewal is an important manner to vitalize urban land during urban development, and an important tool for promoting urban economic development. On the condition of property right privatization, a complex subject is faced during urban renewal process, with high negotiation cost for a small number...
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Comparative Analysis of Real Estate Bubble in China and Japan

Zhigang Wang
Real estate investment has been growing rapidly and real estate prices rising steadily since the marketization of real estate in China. Many scholars have come to the conclusion that China's real estate industry has the phenomenon of bubble. We can find that there are some similarities between China...
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Strategic Choice of Zhuhai's Economic Development in the Background of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Yang Song
With the opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Zhuhai has turned into a traffic hub city from a former edge city, and the city's regional advantage will be greatly improved, becoming the sole city which connects with two special administrative regions. This article deeply analyzes the brand-new opportunities...
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On Supported Employment in the Russian Federation

Elena Blagireva
The paper evaluates the existing business environment in regard to exercising the rights of persons with special needs in the Russian Federation in the terms of their supported employment. The papers makes suggestion improving the quality of life of people who have disabilities and increasing their competitiveness...
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Analysis of Conditions Required for a Qualified Football Referee

Jia You
Without football referee, there is no real football match. The football referee is an important part of the football match. In recent years, football matches have been held frequently, and the law enforcement standards of referees are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the football referee shall have...
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Study on the Long-term Education Mechanism of the Party Construction among College Students

Fengqiu Jin, Zongyi Yang
For a long time, the party construction in colleges and universities has gained fruitful results, but in the new situation, there are some problems that cannot be ignored. It is of great theoretical and practical significance to construct the long-term education mechanism of party construction among...
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Analysis on the Social Security System of Retired Athletes in China

Keqing Sheng, Wenyu Wang
With the social transformation, especially the deepening of reform, athletes security system has undergone profound changes. With the disintegration of the original national security system and the failure of the new social security system of athletes, the rights of some athletes have not been effectively...
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Career Counseling Techniques Based on Career Chaos Theory

Chunlin Li, Qisheng He
Several career counseling techniques that are based on career chaos theory was introduced, such as the signature exercise, table tennis fables, magic events retrospect and Professor Jin's C-U-C career counseling model. Career counselors can apply these techniques to help clients understand the nonlinear...
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A Study on the Development of Sports Lifestyle of the Elderly in Jiangsu Province

Juhua Song, Jiangyue Wu
In this paper, the current situation and development trend of sports lifestyle of urban elderly people in Jiangsu Province are studied by means of literature review, questionnaire and mathematical statistics, aiming to construct healthy and casual sports lifestyle of the elderly in Jiangsu province under...
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Research on the Problems in the Construction of Smart Community in China and Its Countermeasures

Wenli Deng
The Smart Community is the hot fields of the pilot and application of the smart city in our country, as well as the important direction of the development and construction of future urban community. This paper introduces the concept and characteristics of the Smart Community, analyzes the main problems...
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Inspiration and Optimizing Countermeasures of Foreign Experience in China's Home-based Care

Feng Pan, Yang Wang
Exploring and improving the approaches of China's endowment models are very necessary for population aging has been the trend of social development coupled with China's special conditions of old before getting rich and more severe situation of supporting for the elders. The model of community home care...
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Research on Enterprise Application of Balanced Scorecard. Taking China Resources Group as an Example

Min Zhou
In 1992, Kaplan and Norton put forward the theory of Balanced Scorecard. Over the years, this theory has influenced the business community, and many enterprises in China have started to adopt this idea. The China Resources Group has successfully adopted the balanced score Card theory model, in its own...
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Research on the Transformation of Rural Development and Planning

Xinping Yuan, Aole Chen
Rural planning has an amazing potential in improving and managing rural areas. In the planning and practice process, the conventional rural planning has been narrowed into rural architecture and landscape design. Planners have paid too much attention to material space objects, and have seriously neglected...
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Evaluation on the Efficiency and Ability of Science and Technology Innovation of Beijing City

Dan Wu, Jing Hu
The regional science and technology innovation efficiency is an important basis to improve the regional science and technology innovation ability. Referencing to the results of the available literatures at home and abroad, we take the science and technology innovation ability in Beijing city as the research...
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Study on Colors of Modern Historical Buildings of Wuhan University Based on Munsell Color System

Ying Wang
This paper states the construction and development of modern historical buildings of Wuhan University and analyzes basic color characteristics of them. Besides, this paper also points out the basic hue of these modern historical buildings apart from analyzing color composition and sameness and difference...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Development of Ice and Snow Tourism in Changchun

Mingju Liu, Liguang Zhao, Dandan Zhang
Jilin Province is the main base of ice and snow tourism and Changchun City as the capital city of Jilin Province, is the economic, political, cultural and transportation center of Jilin Province. Changchun has a unique geographical location and climatic conditions as well as rich cultural deposits, with...
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Research on the Development and Countermeasures of MICE Tourism in Jilin Province

Liguang Zhao, Mingju Liu, Shanhua Jin
MICE tourism has been a hot topic in the tourism industry in recent years. And it is also an important direction for the development of tourism. This paper analyzes the development of MICE tourism in Jilin province. And it also points out the problems in the development process of MICE tourism in Jilin...
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The Origin, Theory and Construction of Museum Economy Research

Mei Xie, Delong Gao
Museum economy is an important part of heritage economy. It is an important part of cultural industry. Also, it is an important part of interdisciplinary research. With the rapid development of cultural industry, the museum as an important storage carrier of cultural and educational resources is more...
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Research on the Measures to Improve Air Quality at Tiny Areas of Scenic Spots in Chengdu Based on Ecological Design

Jun Bi, Chun Huang, Lin Wang
In order to keep tourists healthy, it is necessary to improve air quality in scenic spots. Based on status quo of air in Chengdu, this article summarizes sources of air pollution and main pollutants in scenic spots, Chengdu, introducing a harmless sustainable design concept. In the meantime, it raises...
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Study on the Survival of Higher Vocational Colleges in the Fierce Competition

Xuewen Ye
The competition for higher vocational colleges to survive is fierce increasingly. Higher vocational colleges should research five factors and make SWOT analysis for their own competitive advantages, then identify the main direction. Reform of specialties setting, teachers &faculty improvement, combination...
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Exploratory Reform of Collective Construction Lands Marketization in Rural Areas

Shuqin Zhao, Hongfei An
Nowadays, channels of collective construction land conversion to cities have started gradually, yet due to influences of numbers of holders of collective construction land use, among collective economic organizations there is a lower transaction size, inactive, especially there are no obvious experience...
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Overview of World Planning Trends and Land Use. Planning in a Sustainable Way in Vietnam

Ngoc Dan Nguyen, Guoping Lei, Xuan Minh Tran
Planning of appropriate land use, forest restoration and land protection are fundamental environmental factors for sustainable development in the agroforestry sector. This article attempts to address some of the world planning trends and to study land use planning in the context of sustainable development...
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Research on the Influence of the Labor Relations Climate in High Star-level Hotels on the Turnover Intention of Staff

Lujie Chen, Junyi Huang
The labor relations climate is an important criterion to measure the labor-capital relationship, influencing such variables as the staff performance, satisfaction, dual commitment and turnover behavior. As the preliminary expression of the turnover behavior, the turnover intention attracts the attention...
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Performance Evaluation of Green Supply Chain of Textile and Apparel Industry in China

Zhengyan Shao
Textile and apparel enterprises are facing the challenges of the changing consumer demand preferences and green trade barriers. Therefore, it is the strategic choice for them to enhance their international competitiveness and sustainable development capacity by establishing green supply chain (GSC) management...
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Research on Transfer and Transformation Mechanism for Technological Results in Applied Colleges

Yaomin Mei
Colleges are main battlegrounds for technical innovation and main production areas for technical results, and whether the technical results are transformed rapidly or not will greatly influence the implementation of innovative drive development strategy in the country. Applied colleges are required to...
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Bed and Breakfast Tourism, Development Assistance and Ability Improvement of Herdsman in Tibet. Taking Apei Village as an Example

Zengyan Xiao
The purpose of the development assistance to Tibet is to improve the economic and social development of Tibet and the living standards of herdsman. So, this article shows the way that how to use Tibet's national cultural resources to develop B & B tourism, then to improve the herdsman's economic benefits...
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Sustainable Use and Management of Sloping Fields in the Mountainous Area of Vietnam: Present Situation and Solution

Xuan Minh Tran, Guoping Lei
Vietnam has a total natural area of 33,096,700 hectares. Of which, agricultural land is 26,822,900 ha, including agricultural land of 10,231,700 hectares and forest land of 15,845,200 hectares; unused hill and mountainous land of 1,987,400 hectares. According to the recent survey data on sloping fields,...
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Research on Public Service of 0-3-year-old Childcare and Policy Support. Taking Tianjin as an Example

Aihao Xu
0-3-year-old childcare is an important way to solve the current problem of nobody caring for 0-3 year-old children and imbalance between work and family in urban family, especially the "two-child" family, which has paid attention by the scholars and government leaders. However, at present, there is a...
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Study on the Construction of Performance Management Assessment Index System in the Post Management Background

Xiaoli Zhang
With the deepening of the post management in colleges and universities, The drawbacks of the old management mode in universities are gradually revealed, such as the assessment system is not perfect, the assessment method is single, the assessment indicators are not scientific enough, and the assessment...
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Study on the Top Ten Obstacles to the Development of Private Pension Institutions

Jun Wang
Private pension institutions develop rapidly; however, obstacles during the development are also very obvious. At present, the development of private pension institutions has many obstacles such as unapparent effects of government support policies, difficulties of obtaining funds, inefficient human resources...
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The Founder of Post-modern Public Administration Thoughts A Review of Farmer's Thoughts

Jun Zhang, Yanhua Kuang
Post-modern public administration is a wonderful work in its development history. It is known for its frenzied anti-modernity; it was in full flourish but also was criticized greatly while many of the crosscurrents are misunderstandings to post-modern public administration. By carding the text, starting...
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Financial Problems and Countermeasures of Small and Micro Enterprises. An Analysis Based on a Stone Transport Company in Shandong

Meijia Lin, Shaode Luo
Based on a stone transport company in Shandong, the article makes a deep analysis on financial defects that have existed for about 20 years in the company, with the lack of financial systems exposed in the company going from peak to decline, the article describes the importance of financial systems necessary...
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Research on the Integration and Growth Mechanism of Chinese Traditional Culture and Enterprise Party Construction

Qin Wang, Jiangjing Xia
Chinese traditional culture has a long history, extensive and profound, containing rich philosophical thought, moral ideas and a strong spiritual power. Chinese excellent traditional culture is not only an important content of socialist cultural construction and a source of thought, but also nourished...
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Sustainable Shifting Cultivation Using Agro-ecology Approach

Xuan Minh Tran, Guoping Lei, Ngoc Dan Nguyen
Traditional shifting cultivation is a long-standing practice that has contributed to self-sufficiency and self-supply in the lives of mountainous ethnic minorities in the long history. However, it is the direct cause of deforestation; Uncontrolled burning of vegetation is also a major cause of forest...
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A Study on the Construction of Innovative Ecological System of "Content E-commerce"

Dingjie Xu
The current E-commerce enterprise competition is intense, entity shop increasing development of experiential marketing. If E-commerce platform plays only "sales platform" role, and operate the traditional mode of operation, it's far short for the enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, access to...
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An Analysis of Chinese Art Market Mechanism with Supply-side Structural Reform

Jie Li
Chinese art market has become the third largest art market in the world. The size of the art market has gradually grown during the past 30 years, and the total turnover has increased year by year. In recent years, with the weak development of the real economy, art market has entered the period of adjustment...
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Research on the Influential Factors of Entrepreneurial Intention of Residents in Tourist Destination

Xilin Zhang
The factors that affect the tourist intention of tourism destination include the individual factors of entrepreneurs and the factors of entrepreneurial environment. Through a questionnaire survey in Chinese Lugu Lake tourist area, and by means of factor analysis and SPSS statistical analysis software,...
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Path Analysis of LPO Process Pooling Model under the Perspective of "Internet Plus"

Xian Zhao, Wei Chen
With the advancement of China's "the Belt and Road Initiatives", "Going out" Strategies of Chinese enterprises has spawned many multinational enterprises and cross - border projects, and the demand for legal services has also increased rapidly. Whether the Legal counsel, wind control department of enterprises...
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Theoretical Basis, Influencing Factors and Strategies of National Audit Professionalism

Xumeng Liu
Firstly, the paper summarizes the connotation, significance and necessary conditions of national audit professionalization. Then the paper concludes the theory of reputation, the theory of professional competence, the theory of human capital and the theory of state governance, and expounds it as the...
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Analysis on the Role of Government in the Construction of Sponge City. Taking the Construction of Wuhan Sponge City of Hunan as an Example

Jie Gu, Huayan Cui
The construction of sponge city is designed to solve the problems of internal urban water retention and waterlogging, reduce the diffused pollution of water, improve water quality and repair water ecology. It is a concrete implementation path of ecological public management policy and is also a highly...
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Study on User-driven Business Model Innovation for Traditional Manufacturing Enterprises in the "Internet Plus" Age

Xinling Wu, Yuanyuan Yang
In the industrial age, the traditional manufacturing enterprises must pursue the scale, cost and speed. The business model focuses on the enterprise's own value chain and is separate from the market and the users. In the Internet + era, the various market changes brought by the Internet have affected...
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Influencing Factors of Participating in Social Governance of Social Science Mass Organizations in Hubei Province

Li Li, Lihong Ruan
Social science mass organization plays an important leading role in the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences. This article examines the social functions and the constraints of social science mass organizations from the three dimensions of theoretical research, social services...
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Analysis on Copy Clothing in China

Yuanmei Zhang, Hongli Zhang
This paper researches a serious social question about copy clothing in China. First, we analyze the present situation of copy clothing. Second, we analyze the characteristics and the inevitability of copy clothing. We find out the most important element of copy clothing is the relationship between the...
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Research on Accounting Talent Training in Financial Shared Service Model

Meifang Liu
The financial shared service is a kind of management modes that bring the common functions within the group together. And then, it can provide standardized services to all business units with high quality and low cost. It can improve the standardization and efficiency of enterprise accounting information...
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Case Study on Later-stage Supporting Project Management for Reservoir Resettlement. Taking Suining City, Sichuan Province as an Example

Xiaojun Wang, Xinping Liu
In order to effectively solve the infrastructure construction, public service and industrial development in the reservoir area and resettlement area, and improve production and living conditions of reservoir resettlers, the State Council and the Ministry of Water Resources set up the reservoir area maintenance...
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Research on the Construction of Spatial Image of Wuhan City from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization. Taking the Outdoor Advertising Landscape as an Example

Jianian Liang
Outdoor advertising landscape is to build an important window to show the image of city space. The matrix of outdoor advertising landscape of Wuhan city is not balanced. The production level and the environment system aren't in high degree of harmony. The management, maintenance and sustainable development...
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Analysis on Path for Management-oriented Transformation of Talent Training of Accounting Major in Higher Vocational College

Xia Lei
The rapid development of Internet technology has great impact on accounting industry. There is huge reduction in calculating financial accountant, so the transformation of accountants has become inevitable, and transforming to management accounting has become the only direction. Therefore, this paper...
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Research on the Formation and Development of Japan Express Industry

Jingxian Huang
This paper analyzes the formation and development of Japan express industry from three aspects: personal express, commercial express and international express. In particular, this paper makes in-depth analysis on the express product of Yamato Transportation, innovation of express markets and the industrial...
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The Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Chinese NIMBY. Based on the Perspective of Mediated Contention

Lu Wang
With the advance of urbanization, the resistance movements caused by NIMBY facilities are appearing endlessly. This thesis, combining Theory social movement with Mediated contention and based on NIMBY movement, makes a comprehensive analysis of several cases through Qualitative Comparative Analysis and...
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Study on the Benchmarking and Optimization of Fujian International Business Environment

Yali Shao
Fujian optimizes the international business environment to conform to the international frontier level, which plays an important role in promoting its economic growth. According to the assessment standards and practices of World Bank's business environment, the quantitative research findings show that...
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The Impact of Financialization and Strategy

Shengnan Zheng, Qi Chen, Shengdao Gan
Financialization has become the basic economic characteristics. Moderate financialization will help enterprises to ease the financing constraints, providing power to the main business. However, excessive financialization will have an impact on the real economy and financial institutions. This paper analyzes...
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A Case Study on the Tourism-targeted Poverty Alleviation Identification in Hanzhong City of Shaanxi Province

Jie Li
The identification of tourism-targeted poverty alleviation is the premise of effective poverty alleviation. This paper takes Hanzhong city in southern Shaanxi province as an example, and draws on the tourism-targeted poverty alleviation system established by the scholars to carry out a case study on...
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Predication on HY County Logistics Park Size Based on GA-BP Neural Network Model

Shijun Yuan, Zhongping Zhao, Jianhua Chen
Based on analyzing basic conditions and status quo of modern logistics development at HY County, this article conducts prediction on the demand for logistics through GA-BP neural network model so as to determine the land size of the logistics park, providing references for the construction and development...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Constructing the Guarantee Mechanism of Government Funds Investing into the Home Care Service

Wenxiong Yu, Lilin Liu
Government funds shoulder the responsibility of construction of home care service agencies, the purchase of home care service, and guiding social funds into home care service industry. Both home care service cause and home care service industry are indispensable from the overall planning of government...
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Research on Startup Competence of Returned Rural Migrant Workers

Dan Yang
To promote rural migrant workers for business startup at home town is one of the important way for developing rural economy in the country. During the business startup, the competences that rural migrant workers hold play a significant and basic role. Based on theories of business startup, this article...
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West-strait Regional Tourism: Destination Brand Development Challenges

Junyi Huang
The cooperation and competition of China's regional tourism is increasingly clear, as an emerging regional tourism destination, it is imperative to build up the brand if the West-Strait wants to win in the fierce competition in the tourism market. Brand is an effective means of market communication....
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Research on Influences of Individual Social Network on Startups of Returned Migrant Workers

Dan Yang
Researches show, social network has been a great help and promotion for the business establishment and operation. Based on returned rural migrant workers at X city, Sichuan Province, this article makes a questionnaire survey on 112 startup owners who are returned rural migrant workers, and Factor Analysis...
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The Relationship between Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Efficiency

Qi Chen, Shengnan Zheng, Wen Mou
Investment activities is one of the core financial activities in enterprises, and the financial report, which quality is closely related to the investment efficiency, is the window of knowing the management state. This paper, from the implication of financial reporting quality and investment efficiency...
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Research on the Formation and Development of Express Industry in Europe and America

Jingxian Huang
Research on the express delivery market in Europe and the United States needs to be analyzed from two aspects: market of Parcel Delivery and Express Delivery. The representative company providing Parcel Delivery service is UPS, and the most representative enterprise providing Express Delivery service...
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Research on Sports Sponsorship Effectiveness

Hailang Yu, Qinyu Tan
With the vigorous development of sports sponsorship market, sports sponsorship has increasingly become an important means of communication to enhance the image of enterprises and highly achieve the enterprise goals. Based on the analysis of the sports sponsorship effectiveness and the impact factors...
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Study on the Construction Path of China's Smart Community

Jieni Zhu
In recent years, as the concept of smart city widely spreads, smart city as a new means of urban governance, not only changes people's life, but promotes China's modernization in a quick speed. Thus, as the basic modules of smart city, smart community plays an indispensable role. At present, China lacks...
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A Review of Environmental Interpretation Research in the West in the Past Decade

Tian'e Cheng, Mingming Cao, Jun Wang
Playing a vital role in sustainable tourism, environmental interpretation is an effective tool for visitor management and tourism resource protection. The present study selected some famous academic journals in the field of tourism and reviewed the studies of environmental interpretation research. Findings...