Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2019)

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Discussion on the Status of Crowdfunding Industry in China

Yuming Zhang
Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up to the outside world, the wisdom of the people is gradually opening up, and the wealth is gradually sufficient. With the maturity of investment strength and desire at present, the “crowdfunding” industry finally “spread to the east” from the west, and gradually...
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Analysis on the Cultivation of Socialist Core Values of Urban Young Migrant Workers from the Perspective of Management Ethics Incentive

Jun Lu
Based on the management ethics incentive to build a dynamic balance between corporate managers and managed persons, implement modern value management, and seek effective ways to cultivate the socialist core values of young urban migrant workers, thereby improving the effectiveness of cultivating their...
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Export Trade of China’s Film Industry in the Context of Global Value Chain: Positioning and Development Path*

Zongmin Liu, Luhao Liu, Xinzhuo Liu
The export trade of film industry has become a crucial part of international trade competition nowadays. This paper first discusses the problems of Chinese film industry and film export trade on this basis, and finds that the export trade of Chinese film is facing great difficulties in the scale and...
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The Research of Difficulties and Countermeasures: About the Implementation of University Performance Salary*

Zhu Zhu, Jie Zhang
The performance salary institution has implemented in Chinese university since 9 years ago, which will have an positive impact on the salary structure and income levels of the faculty and staff, including more than 1.2 million teachers. The reform and design of performance-based salary will induce to...
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Study on Financial Sustainability of Basic Endowment Insurance for Urban Employees in Sichuan Province*

Bing Li, Juan Du, Dongqiong Yang
With the increase of life expectancy of population and the deepening of aging, demand for pensions of the society is increasing constantly. At present, the basic endowment insurance for urban employees is in the process of changing from the “accounting on cash system” to the “fund accumulation system”....
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Economic Layoffs in Enterprises*

Hang Gao
The global economy has been depressed and declining, and Chinese companies have also been affected. In this situation, many enterprises have carried out large-scale economic layoffs. The economic layoff is an effective way for enterprises to reduce production costs and relieve operating pressure. However,...
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Systematic Construction of Xi’an Cultural Tourism Image*

Xiaoqing Zhu
Xi’an is one of the earliest tourism cities. Tourism, especially the import one, has become the certificate of Xi’an. The requirements to the variety tourism and individual tourism are increased day by day with the economic and social development. Large tourism cities with rich tourism resources have...
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The Relationship Between Liability Recourse System and the Efficiency of the Contractual Execution of the Business Alliance*

Xiangjun Zhou
Commercial union use collective reputation as collateral to make believable promise, earning the trust of consumers. This article illustrate the collective reputation how to play a role in consortium, And what kind of responsibility recourse mechanisms should the consortium take to reduce default, and...
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Research on the Problems of Modern Rural Sightseeing Agriculture in Jiangbei District in Its Development to be Emphasized and on Its Countermeasures: Taking Wubao Town as an Example

Baisong Lu, Lu Tan
This paper studies the development of modern rural sightseeing agriculture in Wubao Town, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, and expounds the status quo, opportunities, prospects and favorable conditions of the development of modern rural tourism agriculture in China. It clearly analyzes the employment market,...
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Network in Nature Reserves of Fujian and Its Current Management

Miaoli Wu
On the basis of the collection of pertinent data and statistical processing of nature reserves in Fujian Province, this paper expounds the current situation of the construction and management of nature reserves in Fujian Province, and puts forward corresponding development countermeasures and measures...
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Research on Social Responsibility Information Disclosure and Performance of Pharmaceutical Companies: Based on the Perspective of Institutional Investor Governance

Gang Chen
In recent years, China’s medical product safety accidents have occurred in an endless stream, causing widespread public concern about the social responsibility of pharmaceutical companies. As an important external supervision body in corporate governance, institutional investors play a key role in promoting...
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Research on Precise Funding for the Education of Poor Students of Ethnic Minorities

Mi Wei
Superficially, the financial aid work for the poor students is to solve the economic problems of the students. The significance of ideological and political education is to solve the deeper ideological and cognitive problems, so as to promote the transformation of the financial aid work to “supporting...
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The Key to Reconstruction of Internet Discourse Power with Socialist Core Values

Ning Liu
Cyberspace has already become the field of contention and reshaping. It is imperative to build a network of discourse power that is dedicated to exploring the spread of socialist core values. Based on the analysis of the logical structure of the social discourse’s core values of network discourse, optimizing...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures in LT Company Recruitment Management*

Shihong Wei, Kaiming Tan
Building a recruitment management model for the company is important for the sustainable development of the entire enterprise. Taking LT Company as an example, this paper uses literature method and interview method to conduct research, and finds that LT Company has unreasonable recruitment plan, low...
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Application of Design Management in Small- and Medium-Sized Interior Design Companies

Minjuan Wang
With the gradual systematization and complication of interior design work, the operation of interior design companies cannot be separated from effective design management. From the perspective of design management discipline, this paper analyzes the current situation of design management of small and...
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Exploration on the Performance Evaluation Reform of Private University Teachers Based on the “KPI Plus Competency” Dual-Track System*

Zheng Chang
Performance appraisal is the core content of human resources management in private colleges and universities. With the goal of building college teachers’ competence, building an evaluation system around KPI indicators can promote the continuous improvement of university teachers’ performance and ensure...
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The Preservation and Development Planning of China Traditional Village Against Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy: A Case Study on Dazi Village in Longshan County, Hunan Province, China*

Qingying Liu, Dejie Deng, Changliu Wang
Rural Revitalization Strategy has been put forward in 2018. Nowadays, it has become one of the key development strategies in China. Preservation and development of traditional villages which have suffered from irreparable damage for many years by rapid urbanization in China, has received great attention....
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The Effect of Industrial Agglomeration on Financial Performances of an Enterprise: Based on Electrical Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

Gang Chen, Wei Mao
An industrial cluster is an economic organization which, owning unique characteristics, is classified as per region and product type and studied by many subjects. The specialized work division and collaboration between individuals in clusters will help cluster-based enterprises break through the limitations...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors of Self-Rated Health of Elderly Migrants

Zheng Shi
Based on the 2017 National Dynamic Monitoring and Survey of Floating Population, this paper makes a quantitative analysis on the influencing factors of elderly migrants’ self-rated health by means of binary logistic regression model. Results suggest that: first, elderly migrants who are male, well-educated...
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The Strategy of Diversified Management of Enterprises: Taking Giant Group as an Example

Wuhuan Li, Liang Sun
In order to gain more benefits and win a place in the fierce market competition, wave after wave of enterprises have chosen to take the road of diversified operation, such as general motors, Google and Alibaba. The diversified modes include horizontal diversification, vertical diversification and concentric...
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A Study on Preservation Efforts of Fresh Supply Chain Considering Overconfidence of Suppliers

Xing Yin, Run Tang
Overconfidence of enterprise decision-makers will affect supply chain returns. In this paper, a game model of fresh product supply chain is constructed, and the effects of complete rationality and overconfidence of supplier on the revenue of fresh product supply chain are compared and analyzed. The results...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Light Assets Operation of Real Estate Enterprises Based on Balanced Scorecard

Yu Luo, Yan Liu
Nowadays, China’s real estate enterprises are beginning to change in the operation mode, from the traditional heavy asset operation mode to the light asset operation mode. The impact of the light asset operation model on business operations requires us to evaluate the performance of real estate companies...
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Research and Development of PSC Intelligent Training Platform Based on 3D Virtual Technology*

Shukui Zhang
Port state control (PSC) inspection has played an important role in the navigation safety and Maritime environmental protection. In order to better train PSCO and improve its post skills, this paper proposes the application of virtual reality technology (VR) and artificial intelligence technology to...
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Research on Air Quality Index Prediction Based on Neural Network: Taking Beijing as an Example

Cong Zhao, Xuemei Li
With the continuous improvement of the level of industrialization, the air pollution situation in China has become more and more serious. In many places, extreme weather such as haze has appeared, which seriously threatens people’s health. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a scientific and reasonable...
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Research on the Basic Function Orientation and Development Strategy of the Social Science Association of Colleges and Universities in the New Era: Taking the Social Science Association of N University as an Example

Wei Kong
In recent years, colleges and universities all over China have set up social science associations, which has become an important form of organization in colleges and universities. On the basis of combing the development history and current situation of all kinds of social science associations in China,...
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Problems in the Value Evaluation of Cultural Enterprises Against the Background of Big Data and Its Countermeasures*

Yaping Huang, Yina Chen, Zhirong Liu, Haijun Kang, Yao Chen
Due to the particularity of economic profit of cultural enterprises, the value evaluation of cultural enterprises has always been a controversial hot issue in China. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, big data has built a better platform for asset evaluation and opened a new...
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Applications of Financial Shared Service Model in Chinese Corporations

Yihan Wang, Junjie Gao, Liya Ma
With deep integration of Information Technology with other industries, finance and accounting are gradually moving towards digitalization. Financial Shared Service Center is also one of the products in the information age, promoting advance developments of accounting digitalization. This paper studies...
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Research on Strategies to Retrain the Information Skills of Young Teachers of Military Academies in the Era of Big Data

Yuting Zhao, Yi Zhang, Kang Yi, Li Wen
Based on the requirements of opportunities and challenges in the era of big data, this paper puts forward the great significance of the information ability retraining of young teachers in military academies in the era of big data. According to the positioning and characteristics of young teachers in...
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The Dilemma and Solution of College Students for Self-Realization Under the Influence of Modern Individualism: Based on the Data Analysis of Five Colleges and Universities in G Province

Caihong Ren
In the process of modern social transformation, various values conflict with each other, making a great impact on the college students. This paper uses questionnaires to understand how contemporary college students view Western individualistic values and what are the misunderstandings. From the theoretical...
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Theoretical Origin and Realistic Enlightenment of the Ecological Construction Thought of Chinese Communist Party

Linchan Sun
Based on an overview of the international social development situation, accurately grasping the characteristics of the times, based on the experience of Marx and Engels’ ecological thinking, the Chinese Communists analyze the dialectical relationship between humans, society, and nature. And combined...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis of China’s Housing Industrialization Incentive Policy

Yan Liu, Yu Luo
In order to implement the concept of sustainable development of real estate, China’s residential industrialization has integrated energy conservation, environmental protection and high efficiency on the basis of maintaining the same level of quality as before. China’s government departments have given...
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Study on the Characteristics, Functions and Development Path of Green Logistics

Shengxian Duan
With the development of modern logistics and people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, green logistics has attracted more and more attention from society and government departments. Starting from the development background of green logistics, this paper analyses the five characteristics...
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Executive Team Characteristics, Internal Control, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Qi Du
On the one hand, with the introduction of internal control reports, the state has raised the requirements for the level of internal control of enterprises. The articles on the influencing factors of internal control are mainly divided into two directions, internal and external, and the research on internal...
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A Study on the Narrative Type and Construction Mechanism of Cultural and Creative District

Fang Xie
With the development of tourism and tourism industry, people are more and more dissatisfied with the tourism products at that time. The development of cultural and creative blocks has brought new tourism direction or destination for the tourists. Many scholars are more and more comprehensive in the research...
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Analysis on the Income Increasing Effect of Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives in Poor Areas: A Case Study of Qinba Mountain Area of Sichuan Province

Feng Xu, Xinhong Fu, Houjian Li
As one of the important new agricultural operators in China, farmers’ professional cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as cooperatives) is an important carrier to increase the income of farmers and promote poverty alleviation. The effect of income increase of cooperatives directly affects the process...
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Research on the Service Quality of Personal Online Banking from the Perspective of the New Generation

Lingzhi Zeng, Na Wu
With the development of Internet technology, online banking is developing faster and faster in China. For the traditional bank, the online bank have the advantages of lower operating costs, lower transaction costs, better customer service mode, better customer service content. The online bank broke the...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Accordion Culture and Museum Industry in Liuxing Street, Yining City*

Yan Li, Youwen Wang, Jianhui Yun
Liuxing Street in Yining City is traditionally the residence of Russian immigrants and their descendants. The Bayan art of Russian accordion has been inherited here. Alexander private accordion museum has certain popularity, but the accordion cultural industry in Yining City has not been greatly developed....
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Huawei’s Intellectual Property Strategy and Its Enlightenment

Juan Zhao
This paper analyzes Huawei’s intellectual property strategy, including integrating intellectual property strategy into the company’s overall strategy, increasing R&D investment year by year and attaching importance to independent research and development, attaching importance to patented technology,...
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Application of Selection Method of Similar Products with Functional Difference in Tourism Route Design*

Ling Da
The selection and combination of different scenic spots in the design of tourist routes play a decisive role in the realization of the economic benefits of the route. Based on the similarity theory, the article analyzes the possibility of choosing different route combination elements from the perspective...
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Study on the Efficiency Improvement of Hunan’s Common Logistics of Agricultural Products Against the Background of Rural Revitalization*

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
The rural revitalization strategy and common logistics are both the current focus of attention and research object, such as what is the demand of rural revitalization on the development of logistics industry, how does the logistics industry support the realization of rural revitalization strategy, etc....
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Discussion on Implementation Countermeasures of Green Freight on Hunan Rural Highway Based on Internet of Things*

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
The rapid development of Internet of things technology has laid a foundation for the implementation of green freight on rural highways in Hunan. This paper analyzes the existing problems of rural highway freight in Hunan, and presents some countermeasures in terms of policies, standards, implementation...
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Research on Rural Logistics Development Strategy and Construction of Common Logistics System in Hunan*

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Currently, there are many problems in the development of rural logistics in Hunan, such as lack of investment in logistics facilities and equipment, low level of informatization, personnel quality to be improved, etc. This paper analyzes the current situation of logistics enterprises and their development...
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Construction of “Modular” Off-Campus Training Project System for Logistics Management Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Modern Apprenticeship System*

Shijun Yuan, Xiangyang Liao
In current talent training mode of modern apprenticeship system, the off-campus training base jointly built by colleges and enterprises plays a key role in the training of advanced technical and skilled talents in higher vocational colleges. This paper analyzes problems of the former off-campus training...
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Study on Post Groups of Logistics Management and Modern Apprentice Professional Ability in Higher Vocational Education*

Shijun Yuan, Xiangyang Liao
Based on the investigation and analysis of the professional post groups of the competent departments, employers and graduates in the logistics industry, this paper analyzes the general professional ability of the typical post groups, which provides a reference for the talent training of the logistics...
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Study on the Establishment of Green Joint Logistics System in Hunan from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization*

Shijun Yuan, Zhengxin Wu
Green logistics and joint logistics have become the objective requirements for the sustainable development of Hunan rural economy to realize the integration of logistics resources and the inevitable choice of its logistics development. Based on the principle of symbiosis, the principle of supply chain...
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Analysis on the Dilemma and Coping Strategies of the People-to-People Bond in Lancang–Mekong Basin*

Yuanshuai Niu
The globalization and integration of the world economy are developing rapidly and irresistibly. Every country does not want to be marginalized. People in the Lancang-Mekong basin drank the same river water. In this respect, it has the advantages of close geographical location, close personal relationship,...
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Research on the Modern Apprenticeship Ability Standard System for Logistics Management Major in Higher Vocational Education*

Shijun Yuan, Zhengxin Wu
Based on the establishment experience of British vocational ability standard system and the reality of vocational education in China, this paper is designed to establish a modern apprentice ability standard system for logistics management major in higher vocational education, including professional ability,...
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Research on the School-Enterprise Modern Apprentice Talent Training Model of Logistics Management Specialty in Higher Vocational Education*

Shijun Yuan
At present, the school-enterprise cooperation in the cultivation of high-skilled personnel in higher vocational logistics management is in the exploratory stage, and some higher vocational colleges fail to closely follow the characteristics of logistics management professions, fail to establish the school-enterprise...
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Problems in the Development of College Students’ Tourism Market and Its Countermeasures*

Liguang Zhao, Mingju Liu, Hongxiang Zi
This article systematically summarizes the concepts and characteristics of the college student tourism market. Based on the analysis of the current situation of the college student tourism market, it summarizes the problems existing in the college student tourism market and proposes feasible countermeasures...
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Study on the Development of Tourism Culture in Yunnan*

Mingju Liu, Liguang Zhao, Yanxu Jiang
Yunnan occupies an important position in China’s tourism culture industry. As a major tourism province with tertiary industry tourism as its main economic source, Yunnan is currently facing many problems in tourism and cultural industries. This article studies the development of tourism culture in Yunnan,...
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Analysis on the Equity of Human Resources for Pharmacy Allocation in Shaanxi Province: Based on the Resource Homogeneity Assumption

Hairui Zhang, Yancheng Feng, Yonghong Ma, Ke Men
This paper aims to analyze the current situation and the equity of Human Resource for pharmacy allocation in Shaanxi Province in 2017. The descriptive statistical method, Gini Index, Theil Index and Lorenz curve were used to evaluate the distribution fairness of human resources for pharmacy from the...
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Research on Current Application of Intelligent Express Cabinet and Its Development Countermeasure*

Bo Wei
As an effective operation mode in terminal delivery, intelligent express cabinets have been widely distributed in end delivery areas such as universities, communities, and office buildings, which facilitate the delivery of the last mile of express delivery. This article analyzes the application situation...
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Reflection on Creating an Integrated Organization Mode of Multimodal Transport and Urban Distribution*

De’ai Deng
An integration of resources related multimodal transport and urban distribution and unblocking channels for seamless connection between multimodal transport and urban distribution will be a great help to solve problems of fragmented operation and hard logistics, and to improve the logistics efficiency...
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Research on Farmers’ Sense of Gain in Southwest Border Areas in China: Based on the Survey of Yunnan Province*

Mingyang Ruan
In the view of social governance in China’s border areas, the farmers’ sense of gain is an important issue that must be concerned. This research reveals the important factors that affect the rural residents’ sense of gain in China’s border areas through the factor analysis and regression analysis of...
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Research on the Implementation Path of Rural Land Ownership Management in Yunnan Ethnic Areas Against the Background of “Three Rights Separation”*

Jing Wang, Rui Chen, Wei Long
In the reform of rural land property right system in Yunnan Province, there are some problems, such as insufficient scale of land circulation, inadequate management function of the right subject, complex contradictions and disputes of land ownership, lack of diversified operation subject and insufficient...
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Research on the Predicament and Countermeasures for Promotion of the Family Doctor System in Wuhou District of Chengdu

Wenli Deng
This paper analyzes the current situation of the implementation of the family doctor system in Wuhou District, Chengdu, reveals the difficulties encountered in the promotion of this system, and puts forward countermeasures to promote the continuous and stable progress of it.
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Research Overview on Training System of Logistics Management in Vocational Colleges Based on Open Mind*

Peng Shen
Practical teaching is necessity for the training of technical and skilled talents in modern vocational education, and a training base is a place where practical teaching is done. In this article, an overview is given to training teaching from training course development, teaching mode, training base...
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Research on the Effects of China’s Solar Photovoltaic Industry Policies*

Jian Yuan, Yuxing An
Solar photovoltaic industry remains an important industry to provide energy supply in the future, and it is of great practical significance and strategic importance for China to facilitate the development of solar photovoltaic industry. At the same time, the supportive policies for solar photovoltaic...
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Discussion on the Problems and Countermeasures of Green Accounting Implementation in Enterprises of China in New Era*

Huiqin Tang
At present, the development of green accounting in enterprises of China is still in a positive exploration stage, it is urgent to speed up the construction of a green accounting theory system and development model suitable for China’s actual conditions. The results of the evaluation of the current situation...
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Study on Countermeasures to Stimulate and Protect Entrepreneurship: Taking Fujian as an Example*

Beini Zhuang, Xiaoqian Lu
Outstanding entrepreneurs play an important role in economic and social development. As China’s economic development has entered a new era, a high-quality development model calls for entrepreneurship. As a group with unique spiritual connotation among Chinese entrepreneurs, Fujian merchants with marine...
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Effect Evaluation of Arctic Route Navigation on Port Logistics Competitiveness in China

Dan Liu, Shun Yao, Haitao Wen, Chun Wang
Arctic route navigation will have different effects on the competitiveness of port logistics. This paper selects 5 Arctic Route ports in China, using entropy weight - double base point method, to evaluate the impact of Arctic route navigation on the competitiveness of port logistics from three aspects:...
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Research and Analysis on the Development of Express Industry and Living Conditions of Couriers in SC City*

Shijun Yuan
At present, China’s express industry is developing at a high speed, but couriers generally have low life quality and a heavy work intensity and pressure, and their social support and self-identity need to be further improved. This paper analyzes the development of express industry and problems existing...
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Research on the High-Quality Development of Rural Public Services in China Under the Integration of Urban and Rural Areas

Changhua Lin
At present, the integration of urban and rural areas in China has entered a new stage of development. In the context of rural revitalization, promoting the high-quality development of rural public services has become an inevitable choice to achieve the integration of urban and rural development. Based...
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Basic Conception of Research on Construction of Rural Logistics System in Hunan Province Based on Rural Revitalization Strategy*

Shijun Yuan
The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee of 2018 both emphasized the need to vigorously implement the rural revitalization strategy. The revitalization of the countryside cannot be separated from the prosperity of the industry. The prosperity...
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Service Design Strategy of Public Information Products for Elderly Users

Qin Wang
With the development of urban intelligence, the difficulties the elderly users meet when using public information products attract more attention. While analyzing the characteristics of public information products, the design strategies for elderly users are explored from the perspective of service design,...
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Research on the Construction of Student-Centered Teaching Evaluation Index System*

Chunmiao Liu
Students’ evaluation of teaching is an important part of teaching evaluation activities in colleges and universities. The construction of teaching evaluation index system is an important aspect related to the effectiveness of teaching evaluation. Therefore, Qiqihar Medical University carried out research...
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Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures in the Practice of Encouraging Innovative Talents to Join the CPC in Colleges and Universities

Zhiqiang Gu, Xi Zhu
Competition in the 21st century is ultimately a competition for talent. As the cradle of talents and the gathering place of innovative talents, colleges and universities undertake a mission of historic significance. In order to realize the leapfrog development of colleges and universities, maintain the...
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Analysis of Service Mode and Innovation Trend of Logistics Supply Chain Finance*

Yuanqing Hu
The development of logistics supply chain finance has a positive effect on financial business innovation, which eases the financial pressure on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and improves the profitability of logistics companies. This paper summarizes and analyzes the financial service model of...
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Investigation and Analysis of Knowledge, Ability, and Quality Requirement of Applied International Logistics Skilled Talents*

Yuanqing Hu, Xinming Tan
With the development of economic globalization, the status of international logistics in the national economic system has become increasingly important. At present, the structural shortage of high-quality application-oriented international logistics talents has become increasingly prominent and has become...
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Criminality at Transport Facilities in Russian Federation: Situation, Tendencies, and Main Factors of the Development

Andrei Viktorovich Borisov
The situation and tendencies of the development of criminality on transport to a certain extent reflect events and processes occurring in branch and in society as a whole. The dynamics of recorded crimes committed at transport facilities demonstrate its qualitative transformation. The article describes...
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The Position and Main Tendencies of Criminality in the Russian Federation

Olga Afanasieva, Pavel Afanasiev, Maria Goncharova, Valentina Shiyan
In the scientific literature it has been repeatedly noted that the processes occurring in society have an impact on the state and tendencies of the development of criminality. The qualitative transformation of crime is evidenced by the tendencies of recorded crime noted in the article. The article presents...
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The Areas of Concern in Using Digital Technologies for Documenting Criminal Acts and Collecting Evidence at the Prejudicial Stage of Criminal Proceedings

Anatoly Vyacheslavovich Tarasov, Alexander Ivanovich Gaevoy
The article focuses on the main problems of using digital technologies in crime investigation and analyses the digital opportunities for documenting the traces of crimes and adducting evidence in criminal proceedings.
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The Evolution of the Legal Regulation of Legal Education in the Russian Empire in the XIX Century: University Reforms (Historical and Legal Aspect)

Sergey Alekseevich Zhinkin, Albina Alekseevna Chuprova, Natalya Viktorovna Parshina, Elena Vladimirovna Epifanova
The article is devoted to the historical and legal analysis of the formation and development of legal education in the Russian Empire in the XIX century. The article sets forth a consistent legal regulation of the consolidation of the status of law faculties in the University Charter of 1804, 1835, 1863...
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Several Factors Hindering the Cultivation of Legal Belief in Contemporary China*

Xuguang Liu
As the spiritual implication of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, legal belief is an important value support for the construction of the rule of law in China. However, the cultivation of legal beliefs carried out nowadays is hindered by many factors, which in turn affects the belief...
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Discussion on the Adjustment of Supervision Investigation Measures System

Zebing Lv
The current supervisory legislation cannot avoid the mixed use of investigation measures in duty violations, serious duty violations and duty crimes. Therefore, in the future, there is an urgent need to add additional compulsory attendance and awaiting trial measures, and it is necessary to sort out...
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Judgment of Liability in Driverless Car Traffic Accidents

Qing Sun
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, driverless technology emerges at the historic moment, resulting in endless legal issues. Currently, the legal provisions and product standards of driverless cars in China are not clear, which leads to the difficulty in determining accident...
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Study on the Financing Insurance System of College Student’ Entrepreneurship

Chen Zhou, Qian Xia
Since the summer Davos in September 2014, there has been a nationwide upsurge of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. As the most innovative and dynamic generation, college student’ entrepreneurship has become one of the hottest topics. However, there are many difficulties for college student to start...
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Practical Experience in Global Watershed Legislation and Its Enlightenment to the Legislation of Yangtze River Law

Chen Zhou, Qian Xia
This paper analyzes the global legislation on river basins, especially the Rhine River protection convention in Europe and the Tennessee River basin authority act in the United States, and evaluates the legislation on river basins by analyzing the changes in the economic environment of the river basins....
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Research on the Mechanism of Unreasonable Objective Attribution

Cheng Chen
The essence of causality in criminal law is to examine whether the “justice” that results in the formation of the constituent elements can be counted as the value judgment of the perpetrator. The positive causal relationship between the Soviet and Russian criminal jurisprudence and the accidental causality...
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Research on the Maximization of Minors’ Benefits in Family Litigation

Zhiying Yan
As a special group, minors have always been the objects of special protection in various fields, especially in family litigation. Compared with ordinary civil lawsuits, family lawsuits are significantly more personal, special, and public. Minors in family lawsuits need more comprehensive procedural protection...
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Research on Criminal Reconciliation in Ethnic Minority Areas

Lu Tong
Criminal reconciliation in China’s ethnic minority areas is heavily influenced by national customary laws based on the implementation of national laws. Criminal reconciliation operations in ethnic minority areas have distinct ethnic characteristics. The study of criminal reconciliation in ethnic minority...
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Study on Long-Term Nursing Insurance System

Shiyun Zhang, Shuai Liu, Yingying Zhang
The increasingly aging population in Japan since 1990s had been a major social building up burdens and hampering socioeconomic development. Facing with a multitude of senior citizens, handling with aging population tops first on Japanese government’s agenda. Among all coping strategies, the Long-term...
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Research on Hearing System of Civil Prosecutorial Supervision

Dayang Li, Yang Xue
This paper centers on the hearing system in civil procuratorial work, it is an important procedural means for procuratorial organs to implement legal supervision, which can effectively guarantee them to find out facts of cases and improve the accuracy of prosecutorial supervision. Therefore, it plays...
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Study on the Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Legal Profession

Teng Hu, Huafeng Lu
The development of artificial intelligence technology attracts more and more people’s attention, especially for the impact of related legal profession, which cannot be ignored by law practitioners. For law science education, it will determine the future of talent training and professional development....
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New Exploration of “Full Review” in Trial of Second Instance in People’s Republic of China

Yifeng Liu
China implements the system of the court of second instance being the court of last instance, and the trial of second instance undertakes the important task of correcting errors in the procedure first instance and the application of law, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties....
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Exploration of Tortious on Live Streaming of Video Games

Hanying Zhang
With the growing popularity of the live streaming of video games, the risk of copyright tort implied by it also appears. Unlike games software, the live streaming of video games has its special features on the determination of copyright. It is a re-creation based on the games. The screen from live online...
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Analysis on the Legal Protection Mode of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Na Li, Huibing Yu
Intangible cultural heritage is a magnificent treasure of Chinese ancient national traditional culture which has been inherited, innovated and accumulated over the years. How to effectively protect intangible cultural heritage and regulate the use of intangible cultural heritage has become an important...
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Study on the Reflection of Hart’s Critical and Reflective Attitude in the “Concept of Law”

Yuanchao Duan
In the process of criticizing each other between Hart and Austin school, there are also some contradictions. For example, although hartism explains the fundamental problem of the source of legal effect, it doesn’t explain the reason why people obey the rules; when Hart explains the critical reflection...
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Research on Legal Compliance in the Application of Government Big Data

Dingzhuang Chen, Xiaokun Jiang
In order to solve the “information island” problem in the process of government affairs informatization, the Chinese government has vigorously carried out the integration of government affairs information resources and achieved certain results. However, government affairs information resources still...
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Research on the Regulatory Path of Leading Cadres’ Sexual Harassment*

Bo Han
Since the 18th National Congress of China, the party has become stricter and stricter, and the discipline requirements for leading cadres have also been strengthened. In the briefing of the officials of the fallen horses, the expression of unfair sexual relations with others is often mentioned. Although...
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Tax Treatment of Employee Benefits

Yinhua Pu, Chunyan Liu, Xiao Chen, Yan Cheng, Jiasheng Wang
In present society, employee development has been the foundation of business development. The company has the obligation and responsibility to provide employees with basic benefits. Meanwhile, employees also have the obligation and responsibility to provide services for the enterprise. Thus, how to deal...
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Research on Pre-Litigation Procedure of Administrative Public Interest Litigation Initiated by the Prosecutorial Organization*

Yifan Shi, Xian Fu
In the process of prosecuting public interest litigation, a pre-litigation procedure has been taken as an important system design as the litigation procedure. The two-year pilot result indicates that most of the administrative public interest disputes can be solved through the pre-litigation procedure....
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Analysis on the Legislation of Rural Drinking Water Management in Jiangxi Province

Na Yin
Rural drinking water safety is the core of ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, which is closely related to the health and happiness of rural residents. As the most basic guarantee for people’s livelihood, rural drinking water safety is helpful to implement the strategy of rural revitalization,...
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Practical Problems in the Customs Supervision on Cross-Border E-Commerce Goods and Its Solutions

Ting Liu, Zhenye Wang
With the rapid development of the Internet, the sales model of goods has changed. The prosperity of cross-border e-commerce has brought new challenges to traditional customs regulation. Under the impact of the new trade model such as cross-border e-commerce, China’s customs’ existing regulatory rules...
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Study on Online Dispute Settlement Model of International Trade Disputes Against the Background of “the Belt and Road”

Li Ma, Xin Ni
Since 2013, when general secretary Xi Jinping put forward “the Belt and Road” cooperation initiative, 142 countries have participated till now. The promotion of “the Belt and Road” initiative has not only accelerated the cross-border trade cooperation among countries along the routes, but also brought...
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Personal Information Protection in the Era of Big Data

Fei Xie
From social network to online shopping, the Internet penetrates into every aspect of life. In particular, the emergence of various mobile apps in recent years has made the Internet closer to the lives of ordinary people, and humanity has entered a big data era. In this era, while enjoying the convenience...
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The System Construction of Supporting Litigation of Procuratorial Organs in China

Delu Xiong
Procuratorial organs have accumulated rich judicial experience in supporting litigation practice, but there are still some blind spots in theory and practice in China. Based on the judicial practice of public interest litigation, a special department of supporting litigation without the right of judicial...
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The Model of the Sociocultural Educational Environment of the Classical University

Anna Patlina, Elena Shlyubul, Ovsep Gomtsyan, Svetlana Lyausheva
The article deals with the results of a pilot research of the analysis of the socio-cultural educational environment of the Kuban State University, Krasnodar. The authors pay attention to the problems of students’ expectations from the university, describe Soft skills, forms and methods of their development...
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Implementation of Social Policy in the Sphere of Education at the Municipal Level

Yana Radyukova, Elena Kolesnichenko, Ekaterina Kharchenko, Irina Zinovieva
This article is based on the research that the authors conducted to find out the main problems related to implementation of social policy in the sphere of education. The authors tried to propose the directions for improving the social policy in the sphere of education at the municipal level. Using specific...
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Study on the Educational Function and Cultural Communication of Contemporary Museums

Shuyan Pei, Yuanyuan Wan
As a treasure house of human material and non-material civilization, the museum has a wealth of exhibits, and its main functions tend to be collection, display, protection and research. However, as an important social education institution, the museum has an important supplement and perfection for education....