Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2019)

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Construction and Application of the Blended Mobile Learning Mode for Oral English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges*

Shan Yin
Based on a mobile learning system, a blended mobile learning mode has been established here, which has integrated the mobile technology into oral English teaching. To investigate its impact on students’ learning in vocational colleges and to explore students’ attitude towards it, four classes participated...
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Study on the Cultivation of International Talents of Hotel Management in Higher Vocational Colleges Against the Background of Globalization

Huaqing Song
In the context of tourism globalization, high-end hotels in different countries are developing rapidly At the same time, there is a shortage of international hotel professionals. How to effectively tackle this problem, it is necessary to strengthen the training of international hotel management professionals...
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The Relationship and Integration of Museum Curriculum and Traditional Curriculum

Shuyan Pei, Xiao Que
In recent years, the educational function of museums has gradually attracted the attention of the society. It has become a hot topic to explore the use of museum educational resources to achieve museum education. From the perspective of museum education development, this paper discusses the relationship...
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Discussion on the Application of Modern Information Technology in the Classroom Teaching of Economics and Management in Local Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities*

Liqiang Zhai, Xiaowan Wang, Nannan Jiang
With the rapid development of modern information technology such as Internet and big data with computer network as the core, this brings new opportunities and challenges to the high-quality development of higher education in China. This paper starts with the classroom teaching of Economics and Management...
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An Empirical Study on the Identification of Driving Factors of Satisfaction with Online Learning Based on TAM*

Chunling Shao
Taking technology acceptance model (TAM) as the research framework and by means of random sampling method and questionnaire method, the author has conducted an acceptance scale survey on 340 predictive questionnaires, and made a quadratic regression analysis on the questionnaire data with the aid of...
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Problems Existing in the Curriculum of Chinese Early Childhood Education Institutions and the Suggestions*

Wei Guo
Curriculum is the core and soul of early childhood education institutions, and determines the quality and effectiveness and even the survival of early childhood education institutions. At present, there are many problems in the sources, theoretical basis, target positioning, content, implementation process,...
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Research on Problems of Teachers Allocation in Private Kindergartens in Heilongjiang and Its Countermeasures: An Empirical Study Based on Hulan District of Harbin*

Huimin Fan, Hongbiao Chang
Preschool education is the weak link of education, especially private preschool education, which has many problems in teacher allocation. In the empirical investigation of private kindergartens in Hulan District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, it is found that there are problems in the quantity,...
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Application of Affective Factors in College English Teaching

Hui Chen
Affective factors and classroom atmosphere play important roles in college English teaching. Positive and harmonious classroom atmosphere and friendly affective factors will greatly attribute the efficiency of college English learning. The paper analyses the influences affective factors on and how to...
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A Study of College English Blended Learning Model Based on the Blue Ink Cloud Class*

Lu Yan
With the development of information technology and the popularization of the Internet, experts and scholars in the educational field have made a series of explorations and practices on E-learning. The idea of blended learning has gradually been recognized and applied to teaching practice. Blended learning...
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Wang Feiman’s Home Economics Education Thought and Practice Research*

Fusen Liu, Shujuan Wang
Wang Feiman’s home economics education thought originated from her interest in home economics education, the influence of family education, and her experience in studying home economics abroad. Her home economics education thoughts mainly include: “There is a need to preserve the crafts in the family”,...
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Enlightenment from the Education Mode of Rong-Tai Academies of Qing Dynasty on the Moral Education of Contemporary Universities*

Liqin Fan
Ancient Chinese academies contain rich moral education resources. The educational tenets of “sages” and educational thought of “cultivating one’s character and being good” and the schooling idea of “respecting the classics and valuing history for practical use” passed down by Rong-Tai Academies of Qing...
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Research on Promotion of the Practice and Education Level of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Red Culture*

Pei Liu
It is necessary to rely on the red culture to combine the new era conditions, focus on the regional politics, industry, culture and other advantageous resources, and inherit the red genes in the innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice. The university should carry forward the political...
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Inheritance and Reconstruction of the Chinese Wushu Spirit in Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area

Jicheng Zhou
The spirit of Chinese Wushu in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an important part of the Chinese Wushu family, and it is the crystallization of wisdom accumulated by the working people of South of the Five Ridges in long-term social practice. This article explores the development of...
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Scaffolding Theory Study Based on Multimodality*

Jing Ji, Chen Luo
Based on the research of multimodal discourse theory and scaffolding theory, this thesis summarizes and analyzes the modes of combining two theories in the second language acquisition process, and summarizes the application method design of multimodal auxiliary scaffolding theory. This thesis will break...
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Application of the Concept of “Integration of Three Links and Connection of One Line” in the Practice Teaching of Music Major: Taking the Practice Teaching Reform of Musicology Major in Local Comprehensive Universities as an Example*

Yanli Mu
“Integration of three links and connection of one line” is the teaching management concept formed by the College of Music and Dance of Liaocheng University in the process of practical teaching. On the one hand, “integration of three links” forms the integration from the inside and outside of the class...
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Analysis on the External Causes of Learning Burnout in Normal University Students*

Jie Zhang, Zhu Zhu
Normal college students shoulder the historical mission of promoting the basic education of the country, and the quality of their training is directly related to the reform and development of basic education. At present, the learning situation of normal university students is not optimistic, and the...
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Family Education Thoughts in Zhang Ling’s Novels

Ting Ye
The famous new immigrant writer Zhang Ling showed her rich family education thoughts in her novels. The female protagonists in Zhang Ling’s novels are mostly intellectuals, many of whom have received a good education and can mange on their own. Their achievements are inseparable from good family education....
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The Management and Development of Museums Under the Perspective of the ICOM’s New Spirit “Museum as a Cultural Center”: Based on the Case of Yaowangshan Museum

Xi Chen, Wanli Ran
In September 2019, the International Council of Museums held its 25th conference in Kyoto, Japan. The theme of the conference is “Museum as a Cultural Center: traditional future”. It explored as a cultural base, museums should assume social responsibility, play their new functions, and create a prosperous...
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Exploration and Innovation of Talent Training Mode Based on International Vision

Xin Yang
Setting foot on teaching practice, Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture promotes the talent training mode based on the international vision in cooperative education projects, proposes the education idea of “students-oriented”, creates a curriculum system with “professionalization and internationalization”,...
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Challenges to EFL Teachers in a Changing Time

Yuyan Jia, Ping Zhao
In this changing time, EFL teachers are confronted with different challenges. The competence and roles of them should appropriately respond to these challenges. EFL teachers are suggested to improve their self-growth, knowledge structure, teaching abilities. Meanwhile, governments, society and schools...
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Construction and Application of Online Open Courses in Independent Colleges Against the Background of “Internet Plus Education”

Songchun Wang, Ting Qin
The advent of the Internet era has brought us tremendous changes in people’s life and learning, subverted the deep-rooted teaching mode of traditional education in China, and become the future development direction of education in China. Independent Colleges as higher institutions of Education in China,...
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Research on the Innovation Path of University Network Education Platform: Taking the Construction of Network Ideological and Political Workshop of SICE, UESTC as an Example*

Xiaoling Yang, Yang Gui, Wei Xu
In the new situation, effective and in-depth college moral education requires the innovation and construction of college network platform to make the Internet an effective tool for moral education. The paper starts with the notions of online college moral education platform, using the example of online...
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Application of Augmented Reality Technology in Chemistry Experiment Teaching

Yan Wang, Nan Chen
Chemistry experiment is an important part of chemistry teaching. Using augmented reality technology to design virtual chemistry experiment is a new way to effectively solve the problem of traditional chemistry experiment teaching. The system takes mobile terminal as its platform, takes mobility and openness,...
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Research on the Practice Teaching of Production and Education Integration in Private Colleges and Universities in Fujian Province from the Perspective of the Construction of Industrial Colleges*

Hangzhou Zhong
With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology in Fujian, the standards and requirements for talent measurement in various industries are constantly changing. The demand for talents focuses on whether they have strong practical ability and high comprehensive quality. This...
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Research and Exploration of New Media Operation Courses

Xiaofang Liu
As the society gradually develops, earthshaking changes have taken place in the way of communication in today’s world. All kinds of We-Media have sprung up in our daily life. The society needs an increasing number of art design talents, so it is necessary for higher vocational colleges to constantly...
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The Application of Visual Teaching Resources in Chinese Teaching in Schools for the Deaf*

Qin Liu
Through the investigation, it is found that there are some problems in the application of Chinese visualization resources in schools for the deaf: less visual teaching resources; less understanding of visual teaching resources by teachers; and lack of pertinence in the selected visual teaching resources....
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Research on the “Gold Course” Model of English Film and Television Appreciation Course Based on the Production-Oriented Approach

Ying Huang
The purpose of this paper is to explore the gold course model of English film and television appreciation course, which aims at cultivating students’ comprehensive ability of using English, takes production oriented approach as teaching theory and English film as teaching content. The author takes the...
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Strategies on Improvement of Random Experiment Validity in Statistical Teaching

Shunqi Hu
It has become an important means of empirical research for obtaining research data through random experiments. Due to the human interference factors and the complex and changeable social psychological phenomena, it is significant to improve experimental validity. In statistics teaching, randomization...
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Studying New Textbooks to Improve the Professionalism of Chinese Teachers in Schools for the Deaf: Taking the First-grade Chinese Textbook of the PEP Version as an Example*

Qin Liu
In order to better implement the concept of “Deaf Language Curriculum” and make good use of new textbooks, teachers should strengthen their research and analysis of new textbooks. Studying new textbooks should fully interpret and grasp the structure of textbook content, flexibly handle the content, and...
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Exploration on the Mixed Teaching Mode of Financial Accounting Against the Background of Internet Plus: Based on the Application of Chaoxing Learning Platform

Ting Wang
Against the background of “Internet plus”, the particularity of higher vocational education environment and education objects as well as the popularization of online courses have promoted the development of mixed teaching mode, which has brought about changes in teaching philosophy, classroom teaching...
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Thoughts on the Mixed Learning Model of College Mathematics SPOC Based on the Concept of “Internet Plus Education”*

Xiuyun Xia
With the advent of the Internet era, “Internet plus education” is the inevitable trend of higher education development. The introduction of SPOC mixed learning mode brings new opportunities for classroom teaching reform. This paper first introduces the current situation and problems of college mathematics...
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Study on Multi-Agent School Running in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Resource Optimization Allocation*

Hui Li, Yonghong Ao, Shuyan Zhang
Under the model of taking the government as the main body and the vocational college as the main body, China’s vocational education has made great progress. But from the perspective of resource allocation, the single input mechanism relying on the government has restricted the development speed and quality...
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Research on the College English Teaching Strategies Based on ARCS Motivation Design Pattern

Yanjie Cui
In order to effectively improve the quality of college English teaching and to cultivate more high-quality English major’s talents for the society, colleges and universities need to reform the current English teaching mode. ARCS motivation design mode focuses on cultivating students’ practical ability...
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The Core of Establishing the Scientific View on Children: Regarding Children as Independent Individual*

Junfang Zhen
The view on children means how the society to regard and treat children. The view on children that adults, especially parents or teachers hold, has a very important impact on children’s rights, development, education and childhood life. There are many common views on children in society, for example:...
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The Necessity of Cultivating “Application-Oriented, Compound-Oriented, Innovative and Entrepreneurial” Talents at the Undergraduate Level in Chifeng University*

Ya Zhang
Based on the development status of Chifeng University in the transition period, this paper proposes the necessity of cultivating undergraduate talents of “application-oriented, compound-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial” in Chifeng University. The aim is to explore the path of sustainable development...
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Instruction Design and Strategy of Concept Mapping

Shun-Ho Wang
The focus of this study is to apply the concept mapping method to innovate curriculum design. The study purpose is to explore how to use the teaching method of concept mapping to help learners build knowledge scaffolding, so that learners can organize scattered knowledge and construct meaningful knowledge...
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Exploration and Practice of Mixed Teaching Reform in Advanced Mathematics Course Against OBE Mode

Yanling Li, Hao Chen
By studying the current situation of mixed teaching reform in China and foreign countries, and from the perspective of students, OBE is used to carry out mixed teaching reform in advanced mathematics courses. The online teaching and classroom teaching are organically combined, and an integrated assessment...
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Reflection on Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Big Data*

Wenyan Feng, Zhaoyu Jiang
Big data deeply affects and changes the mode and approach of ideological and political education, which challenges both the subjects and the objects of ideological and political education. It threatens the authority of the subject position of ideological and political education in colleges and universities,...
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Research on the Education of Legal Information Literacy in Libraries of Colleges and Universities*

Yi Xing, Meiya Su
Under the advocacy of promoting the idea of governing the country according to law in an all-round way, university library plays an important role in the position of cultivating higher quality legal talents. In the face of the stratification of the object of legal information literacy education, the...
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Study on the Teaching Mode of Professional Physique in Jilin Higher Vocational Colleges*

Honglin Zhao
The development of professional physique education in higher vocational colleges should follow its own characteristics and development rules. The professional physical education in vocational colleges has its own characteristics and development rules. It is necessary to take professional physique education...
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Internal Governance Dilemma and Rational Regression in Higher Vocational Colleges: Based on Perspective of System Theory*

Yonghong Ao, Hui Li
The internal governance of higher vocational colleges is faced with such realistic dilemmas as imbalance of governance structure, crowding out of governance power, and single governance subject. The internal governance of higher vocational colleges has systemic characteristics such as integrity, hierarchy...
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The Connotation and Function Mechanism of Ideological and Political Education of Big Data*

Yuan Gao
With the advent of big data tide, especially the demand for real-time data which is becoming increasingly important, it puts forward higher requirements for the pertinence, effectiveness, practicality and politics of ideological and political education quality. Although ideological and political education...
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“History of the Establishment of Overseas Bureau and of the Government-Fund Students” and the Development Law of Overseas Education

Qingbo Jiang
More than a century ago, the Qing government sent four batches of government-fund students to the United States as an attempt to strengthen the country, but the movement ended up hastily. Today, China’s reform and opening up is taking place, and the wave of studying abroad is on the rise. Looking back...
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Review and Prospect of Preschool Education Degree Authorization Institutions Construction in Mainland China

You Xu, Haoru Zhang
After the founding of new China, the subject construction of preschool education in colleges and universities has gone through a course of seventy years. The number of authorized institutions for bachelor’s degree has grown to three hundred fifty-six, which radiates to most prefecture-level administrative...
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Research on the Application of Situational Interactive Teaching Method to the Financial Management Course

Na Wang
The situational interaction has subverted the traditional teaching method. Professor Zhu Qiang of Nanjing Normal University puts forward that the better teaching should be a kind of teaching with a sense of involvement during the training to the teachers in colleges and universities. Based on the specific...
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Opinion on the National Defense Education for College Students in the Context of MicroAge*

Lei Li, Bo Zhang, Ying Zhang, Yao Wu
In the context of the development of MicroAge, the intensity of supervision over micro-platforms, the complexity of micro-platform information, and the impact of micro-platform on traditional national defense education classes have all brought challenges to traditional national defense education in colleges...
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Research on the Construction Path of the Core Competitiveness System of University Students’ Employment

Ping Zhou
In the new period, universities and colleges attach more importance to the construction of the core competitiveness system of university students’ employment, because it directly affects whether they can successfully find employment after graduation and realizes the successful transformation from university...
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Exploration on the Educational Model of Applied Talents Cultivation in Universities of Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area*

Xue Cheng, Xiaoyi Lin, Hanfei Jia
The development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is both an opportunity and a challenge for the development of innovative education of colleges and universities in Guangdong Province. At present, the colleges and universities in Guangdong Province face many challenges in the term of...
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Exploration and Practice of Japanese Practical Courses Against the Background of Mixed Education Reform*

Yao Fu
Japanese practice courses play an important role in the curriculum system, so it has become one of the topics of Japanese teaching research. In recent years, the reform of mixed education has been continuously promoted. This paper focuses on the Japanese practical courses and analyzes its exploration...
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Research on Education Problems of Left-Behind Children in Rural Areas from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy*

Yanli Fu
The problem of left-behind children in rural areas is an “institutional product” in the economic and social transformation. The education problem of left-behind children in rural areas is a complication of various social problems at the educational level. The implementation of the Rural Revitalization...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Securities Investment Course: Based on the Perspective of “1 Plus x” Certificate System

Jun Li
This paper mainly sorts out the teaching research of securities investment course for the past few years, which keeps a watchful eye on the students ability in recent years, analyzes the problems existing in the current teaching of securities investment course, and puts forward the reform thoughts of...
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Application of Peer Psychological Counseling in Psychological Crisis Intervention of Primary and Middle School Bullying

Zhao Kang, Mengqi Sun, Shangming Wang
In recent years, because the psychological crisis caused by school bullying hasn’t been solved in time, many events that primary and middle school students go to extremes emerge. This problem has become a hot topic to people from all walks of life. Peer psychological counseling has the characteristics...
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Probe into the Main Contents and Cultivation Path of Russian National Spirit*

Junsheng Zhang, Yanying Fei
The Russian national spirit is formed by Russia in the process of long-term survival and development, and it is a psychological state accepted and adhered to by members of the Russian nation. The Russian national spirit includes the patriotic sentiments dedicated to the country, the value orientation...
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Discussion on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Colleges and Universities Against the Background of “Dual Innovation”

Jiancui Ma, Jing Zhong
College students are one of the groups with the most potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. Colleges and universities’ cultivating the ability of college students to innovate and start business, and carrying out education on innovation and entrepreneurship is a major strategic measure for the...
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Discussion on the Teaching Management of Apprentices with “Dual-Identity” Based on the School–Enterprise Co-Construction*

Jiancui Ma, Jing Zhong
At present, in the process of cultivating higher vocational students, in order to closely connect with the market and cultivate skilled talents that meet market demand, universities have made various attempts in the talent training model. School-enterprise co-construction is one of them. The current...
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Reflection on the Reform of Flipped Class Teaching Mode of Art and Design Courses Based on MOOC: Taking the Course “Advertising Creativity and Planning” as an Example

Minglei Jiang
It is an inevitable trend of education development in the Internet plus era to change classroom teaching mode based on MOOC, which will further lead to series of changes transformation undoubtedly. Under the development trend of this era, for art and design courses, how to cultivate application-oriented...
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Research on the Reform of Basic Art Course of Industrial Design Major from the Perspective of Teaching and Learning

Liping Peng
Industrial design major belongs to engineering type, and the art foundation of students is insufficient, which affects the realization of professional training objectives. This paper starts from the current teaching situation of students majoring in industrial design with weak art foundation, takes students...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Higher Vocational Courses of Logistics System Planning and Design Based on P-PBL

Bo Wei
The course “Logistics System Planning and Design” has an extremely important position in the logistics engineering technology major of higher vocational education. This article analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of this course, and combines the two modes of “problem-based learning” and “project-based...
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Study on Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Mongolian Students Studying in Japan*

Limei Jia, Tuge Tao
Mongolian students are not only Chinese minority students, but also an important part of Chinese students studying in Japan. Their cross-cultural adaptation is more severe. In this study, Mongolian students with bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree were selected as the objects. Through...
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Methods to Strengthen the Construction of Academic Atmosphere in Colleges and Universities in the New Media Era

Ning Zhang
In the new media era, colleges and universities face many difficulties and challenges in the construction of academic atmosphere. This paper probes into the problems existing in the construction of the academic atmosphere in colleges and universities, finds out the new ideas of constructing the fine...
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Application of Weibo in the Ideological and Political Education of Postgraduates in the New Media Age*

Shuang Wu, Guodong Wang
The advent of the new media age is a double-edged sword, which brings postgraduates convenient accesses to all kinds of information, and also plays an important role in their learning style and life attitude. In addition, various information and communication technology (ICT) platforms are influencing...
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Research on the Reform of Applied College Teaching Based on the Mixed Teaching Mode of “MOOC Plus Flipped Class”*

Lili Qi, Hui Xie
MOOC teaching mode is an important trend in the development of higher education. In the teaching process of many colleges and universities, it is also gradually applied in the classroom teaching process. This teaching mode belongs to the new teaching mode, and there are big problems in the teaching practice....
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum Reform in Media Universities in the Era of Information Globalization

Mingjun Li
Information age of globalization, the media industry affects the transformation and industrial development of China’s cultural industry depends on the supply of talent, media talents of creative ability of fast and slow media relations directly related to industry transformation class innovation entrepreneurship...
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Research on the Construction of Internal Quality Assurance System in Higher Vocational Colleges and Its Practice

Ming Zeng
The diagnosis and improvement of internal quality assurance system is a necessary means to improve the comprehensive strength of higher vocational colleges. Since the Ministry of Education put forward the requirement of carrying out the construction of internal quality assurance system in higher vocational...
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Analysis on the Present Situation of the Teaching of Military Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities and Countermeasures

Honglin Liu
Military theory education is an important part of college students’ education and an important part of patriotism education for students. However, the problems in the teaching process indicate that people must establish and improve the mechanism of military theoretical education in colleges and universities,...
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Research on MOOC’s Teaching Method About the Category of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses

Ling Huang, Longyao Lan
With the overall disposition in informationized education and the national “Internet plus” strategy, “Widespread Entrepreneurship and Innovation” is supported by more solid technology. The MOOC’s teaching method of innovation and entrepreneurship courses is just adapted for the current visual teaching...
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Construction of “Quaternity” Student Training Platform with Project as the Core

Mingchun Zhang, Hui Wang
In the context of the construction of new engineering disciplines, this study establishes a student growth training platform for the growth path of students. The platform guarantees student growth from four aspects: training plan, training form, training content, and platform management. Remarkable results...
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Research on Knowledge Context Management Model Based on Ubiquitous Learning and Its Application

Ming Zeng
In a ubiquitous learning environment, learners can use smart devices anytime, anywhere, and obtain the required knowledge points for learning in a massive knowledge base. However, the huge amount of knowledge resources in different scenarios and situations restricts the learners’ learning and reduces...
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Exploration and Innovation of Modular Teaching Practice Mode of Tourism Craft Design Course

Yujuan Li
The establishment of the tourism crafts design specialty is a new-developing specialty that has emerged along with the development of the tourism industry. It has been constantly exploring the progress of talent training models. Modular teaching practice mode is to explore and innovate the training mode...
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Research on Current Situation of Vocational Education in China

Yongfen Xu
Vocational education has developed rapidly in China, which has promoted the transformation of higher education from elite to mass. In 2019, Chinese government even proposed a plan to expand the enrollment of higher vocational education by 1 million. After so many years of development, vocational education...
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The Practical Significance of Moral Self-Discipline and Other Rules of Etiquette and Law in the Confucian Culture to the Governance of Cyberspace in Colleges and Universities

Ping Liu
The governance of college cyberspace is related to the formation and correction of college students’ world outlook, outlook on life and values, and the clearness of college cyberspace will directly affect the stability and development of colleges and universities. Based on the scientific understanding...
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Research on the Effectiveness of National Language Education in Kindergartens in Yili*

Juanjuan Zhang
The National Language Education is an important part of language education in multi-ethnic areas. The study used the WPPSI language scale to test the National Language of 35 ethnic minority children in each of Kindergartens A and B. Participants in kindergarten A took 4 months to enter kindergarten,...
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Rethinking the Scientific Integrity of Young College Teachers: A Study of the Retracted Publications from Journals*

Yingxian Zhang, Shiyu Zhou
Scientific integrity emphasizes teachers’ innovation, self-restraint and self-development. However, pushed by the “publish or perish” norm and challenging evaluation regulations, teachers and researchers need more publications. Due to the high pressure, some teachers would risk their reputation and integrity...