Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Economic Management and Social Science

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Comparative study on the internationalization propagation mode of competitive martial and taekwondo

Liu Qi
All the time, competitive Chinese martial is the dream for the Olympic Games, but this dream has not been realized. As the representative of excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, it has not taken as the game project of Olympic Games like South Korea Taekwondo. It is not a pity. In regret...
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Present situation and suggestion of employment skills training work in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Zhi-Hui
The present situation of vocational college students employment difficult to accelerate the reform and improvement of the teaching mode of higher vocational education, as the first line of employment skills training work is the realization of sustainable development of school, students good employment,...
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Studies on Influence of Internet Culture on College Students' Moral Emotions

Xu Shengnan
Although internet has brought great convenience for people's life, there are still some negative elements in internet culture, which influence college students' moral emotion construction. This paper puts forward how to use internet culture to build college students' moral emotions, in order to push...
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A Review of Stock Return Synchronicity

Pan Ningning, Zhu Hongquan
Stock return synchronicity, or comovement, measures to what extent the individual stock returns would comove with market returns. In empirical analyses, stock return synchronicity is typically measured by the R-square derived from the market model. According to the market efficiency theory, an individual...
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The Construction of Analysis Model for Sports Soft Power and Its Driving Mechanism

Jin Xiaojiao, Chu Lihui
This paper, through a large number of data and cases, analyses and expounds the role of sports soft power in that of state, and on the basis of erection of coupling structure model for the sports soft power, analyses and constructs the structure model of national soft power and sports strength as well...
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Application of Case-Teaching to College Auditing Teaching

Hu Xiao Qing
With its unique innovation method, Case-teaching is now gradually applied to College Auditing Teaching. However, problems do exits in the practical process. Based on the application status, this essay aims at putting forward main countermeasures to perfect College Auditing Teaching from four aspects:...
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Vocal Music Teaching Application Research based on Multimedia Technology in High Vocational Colleges

Wu Xiao
With the rapid development of science and technology, multimedia technology is gradually widely used in the field of education, which is bound to vocal music teaching innovation and reform. The traditional single teaching mode and teaching tools of vocal music teaching in higher vocational colleges would...
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Small Courtyard Level and Vertical Landscape Design Research

Kang Xiao
New era’s change and development make more and higher requirements for small courtyard. Everyone's aesthetic view is different. Small courtyard style can reflect the subjectivity and aesthetic temperament interest of owner, and the design of small courtyard is the tool and premier to put the idea into...
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Analyzing Colonial Heritage through Fangtze Eurotown

Wang Junfang
How to Understand and use Colonial heritage is an unavoidable topic. In the process of modernization of Weifang, Fangtze Eurotown was colonized by Germany, Japan and so on. When the colonialists were forced to withdraw, many colonial symbols were remained, such as buildings, Fangtze railway station,...
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Discussion on Muslim law Cultural Change

Lu Chun, Wang Wen
In the dual role of external coercion and internal evolution, a diverse blend of Hui law culture was ultimately formed, and Hui culture change process shows a good interaction between heterogeneous law culture. Hui law culture change and its causes have important reference value for the construction...
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Process Control Model Analysis on Corporate Strategic Human Resource Management

Li Jiliang
In order to solve a series of problems, such as rupture phenomenon between human resource management (HRM) and development and operation of enterprises, imperfect strategic human resource management and process control system, no effective closed-loop management and low-level application of informatization...
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Improvement of water ecological restoration plants on drinking water source

Wang Chunyan
The improvement of water ecological restoration plants on drinking water sources is researched. The water ecological restoration plants is an important part of aquatic ecosystems, and capable of improving contamination of drinking water sources effectively and enhance the water quality of drinking water...
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Study of the Chinese Linguistics and Literatures Teaching Mode under New Curriculum

Li Feng-yun
For the problems exit in today’s Chinese Linguistics and Literatures teaching such as ignorance to the students’ humanistic quality cultivation, ineffective teaching and the lack of effectiveness teaching evaluation system, this essay present the necessity of optimizing the teaching under new curriculum...
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Study on Consumer Behavior of Long Stay Tourist in Summer Resort

Zhou Gang
Long Stay Tourism is developed rapidly in recent years, and it is a kind of special interest tourism product and new pension model. Long Stay Tourism in Summer Resort (LSTSR) is most typical. In this paper, the consumers of Long Stay Tourism in Summer Resort are taken as the research object, the investigation...
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Changes of Accounting Firm Organizational Form, Accounting Firm Size and Audit Quality

Zhang Xuehua
This paper, for the first time, makes an investigation into the impact of the dynamic changes in organizational forms of accounting firms on the result of audit, and the findings indicate that auditor will be more prudent to issue audit opinion, and therefore, its quality sees a considerable improvement,...