Proceedings of the International Conference on European Multilingualism: Shaping Sustainable Educational and Social Environment (EMSSESE 2019)

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The Potential of the Visual Narrative in Multilingual Environment (the Case of Modern Children's Picture books)

Marina Sazonenko
The article is devoted to illustrated books and how they influence the formation of multilingual environment. A special emphasis is made on picture books as a popular genre of children's modern literature. Visual images occupy a dominant place within modern culture and affect it profoundly. Visual narrative...
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Multilingualism in Memoir Discourse: Language Creativity and Didactics of Multilingualism

Alexander Polikarpov, Elena Polikarpova, Irina Lomakina, Stanislav Kozhevnikov
The problems of implementing individual multilingualism in language creativity are studied in the paper. They are based on two works written by the émigré writer Yevgeny Gagarin. They were published in German under the pseudonym of Andrei Rusinov in 1936 in Germany. The goal is to study the types and...
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Novels by Gaito Gazdanov and Mental Changes in Literary Consciousness of Russian First-Wave Émigré Writers of the 20th Century

Nikolay Nikolaev, Svetlana Dulova
The first wave of Russian émigré writers of the 20th century has attracted attention as an internally heterogeneous phenomenon for quite a long time. There are two generations of this wave traditionally distinguished by the researchers: the older (I. Bunin, I. Shmelev, and others) and the younger (V....
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Representation of Englishness in the Narrative Structure of K. Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day

Ksenia Medvedkina, Anna Vostryakova
The article focuses on the narrative structure of K. Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day. The phenomenon of Englishness as an ambivalent category is described through the peculiarities of the narrative structure of the literary text. The linguistic study of chronotope in the text under analysis makes it...
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Dialect and its Representation in the Fictional Literature: on the Problem of Multilingualism

Tatyana Kuznetsova, Olga Egorova, Olga Vorobyova
The paper deals with multilingualism, which is understood as a necessity to master another language to be able to use it at proficient level or any other below. A dialect is regarded as a primary linguistic object in relation to the national literary language, which is a secondary linguistic object....
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After the Apocalypse: the Poetics of Irish Language Preservation

Caitriona Kirby
This article examines a number of Irish-language tropes operating in three literary texts: Brian Friel’s play Translations, first performed in 1980; Nuala NíDhomnaill’s poetry collection, Northern Lights (2018); and the poet Doireann NíGríofa’s bilingual Lies (2018). The title of this article derives...
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Comparative Aspect of Interpreting the History of Russian Literature in the First Third of the19th Century (on the Basis of Zhukovsky’s Translations)

Marina Elepovа
The article considers the comparative aspect of teaching classical Russian literature of the first third of the 19th century to the students of the bachelor’s degree program based on the poetic translations and versifications of English and German writers made by the Russian poet V. Zhukovsky. Zhukovsky’s...
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Explication of the Migrant Writers’ Hybrid Identity in German-speaking Discourse

Liudmila Bondareva, Marina Potyomina, Vera Tkachenko
Linguistic and cultural studies have become the background for the analysis carried out in the article and give a clue to the idea of the national-cultural identity, which is reflected in the texts of German-speaking migrant discourse. The research relies on the work of German scientists who investigate...
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The Development of a Tolerant Personality in Terms of Multilingual Education

Marina Zonova, Natalya Nikolaeva, Natalya Sosnina
The educational possibilities of the Urals attract foreign students from both near and far abroad countries. There appears a need for effective interethnic communication during educational process. The authors put forward the hypothesis that the development of a tolerant personality at the university...
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Project-based Learning: Language and Culture

Marina Zakharchenko, Marina Ananina
The article is devoted to the issue of communicative language competence development. The authors are in favour of a greater emphasis on sociolinguistic component of above-mentioned competence. To carry out the experiment the researchers have implemented a project-based learning approach. The participants...
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Multicultural Aspect of Using Animation Materials in a Classroom with a Foreign Language Audience

Tatyana Yudina
Animated films used in teaching foreign languages are an informative visual aid that facilitates linguistic and cultural competence development. This paper presents procedures of introducing and methods of working with animated films in a foreign language classroom. Using the theory of precedence, the...
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Linguocultural Adaptation of Students of the Medical University in Conditions of Multilingualism

Olga Vorobyova, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Irina Ershova
The analysis of modern publications on the adaptation of foreign students to the conditions of studying in Russia revealed the primary attention to social and psychological problems. This article presents a study conducted at Northern State Medical University of Arkhangelsk (NSMU) aimed at describing...
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Integrated bilingual class as a way to overcome interference of English in German

Nina Ushakova, Julia Makkoveeva, Natalia Drozdova, Natalia Ershova, Natalia Smirnova, Anna Larkina
This paper is the result of a study investigating the role of integrated bilingual classes in reducing interference in acquisition of German as the second foreign language. Focus groups were students of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk. The students studied English as a first foreign...
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A Comparative Study of Russian vs English in Teaching Language and Thinking Courses

Valery Timofeev, Alena Timofeeva, Ludmila Shramko
The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Saint Petersburg State University provides its students a chance of taking Language and Thinking course first taught in Russian in the first semester and then in English in the third semester. In both cases Writing to Read interactive teaching techniques are...
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Developing Communication Skills in Students with Disabilities through Creation of a Multilingual Environment (the Udmurt and Russian languages)

Daria Skryabina, Marina Zakharischeva
This paper is dedicated to theoretical and empirical research of communication skills development in children with developmental delays. The conducted experiment on teaching primary school children shows that all children with developmental delays have difficulties with learning foreign languages, regardless...
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European Multilingualism Course as Part of Contemporary Language Education in Russia

Olga Shchukina, Tatiana Konopleva, Maxim Martynov
The paper discusses efficiency aspects and learning outcomes of an elective course on European multilingualism created within the framework of EU Jean Monnet Modules project. The authors argue that the course facilitated the development of European multilingualism awareness (EMA) with students. The growth...
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Preparing Students for Intercultural Interaction in the Context of the Content and Language Integrated Environment

Nelly Savelyeva, Ekaterina Bozhko, Svetlana Surovtseva, Natalie Nevrayeva, Galina Bazarova, Tatyana Vorovnkova
The problem of preparing students for intercultural interaction in conditions of a subject-language integrated environment is quite relevant, and in theory and practice some experience has been gained in this process. The authors address the idea of the complex use of various methodological approaches...
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Methodological Basis of the Process of Preparing Students for Intercultural Interaction

Nelly Savelyeva, Ekaterina Bozhko, Natalia Gribacheva, Natalie Nevrayeva, Elena Alekseeva, Svetlana Surovtseva, Yuliya Pikhtovnikova
The intercultural orientation of modern social thought is implemented in educational policy, considering a modern university graduate as a person, not just possessing specific competences and knowledge, but also capable of cooperating and constructive multicultural dialogue, interacting with people of...
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Emotive Tactics and Techniques Used in Online Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Larisa Popova, Viktoriya Maryanchik
The paper analyzes emotive tactics as part of the linguistic didactic model of an online class of Russian as a foreign language (RFL). The authors describe the linguistic didactic model of an online RFL class, analyze communicative effects of using the model in E-learning, pinpoint difficulties arising...
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Multicultural Language Education for Local Communities: Enhancing Ecotourism

Olga Pechinkina, Tatiana Vepreva, Inga Zashikhina
Ecotourism is growing particularly popular today. Russian culture has always attracted foreigners. Knowledge of foreign languages facilitates cross-cultural communication. In order to enhance international connections, local communities need to acquire socio-linguistic competences. The aim of this research...
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Teaching a German Online Course Based on Multiliteracy Theory - Practical Insights

Andrea Liebschner
This paper deals with the methods and challenges of teaching a German online course to non-native speakers of German at a British university based on the theory of multiliteracies by the New London Group described in 1996. The course aims to provide knowledge concerning, for example, the German grammar,...
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Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in Russian Higher Education from Language Teaching Perspective

Lyudmila Kozhevnikova, Tatiana Repina
This article promotes the idea of fostering the resources of the multicultural and multilingual environment in the Russian tertiary education which leads to forming a competitive multilingual personality. The detailed analysis of bilingual educational and institutional space at the faculty of Liberal...
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Modern multilingual education in Russia (on the example of “Deutsch: die erste Zweite” project)

Elena Kostenevich, Tatjana Lubentsova, Maria Sokolova, Natalia Smirnova, Elena Stepyreva
The аrticle is devotеd tо thе issuе of linguistic education in Russia and in the Arkhangelsk region, in particular. The content of multilingual education is aimed at the formation of a language personality capable of successful interaction with representatives of foreign cultures. This idea corresponds...
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Audiovisual Sources of Developing an Authentic Personality in Multicultural Environment

Ekaterina Kalinina, Svetlana Gubina
The article investigates the concept of authenticity in the context of foreign language learning, and dwells on the significance of audiovisual sources for mastering the multicultural environment by an individual. The authors focus on authenticity as a psychological phenomenon and present an empirical...
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Adaptation of International First-year Students in Multicultural Education: Role of National Music

Svetlana Gubina, Eugene Kolesnikov
The article analyses the role of international students' national music in psychological support and activation of individual adaptation resources in new conditions. The authors, using psychodiagnostics and statistics methods, reveal psychological peculiarities of international students' adaptation to...
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Difficulties in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language for Beginners in the Context of European Multilingualism

Aleksandra Epimakhova, Olga Pechinkina, Nadejda Tarasova
The geographical location of Alsace (France) and its historical relationships define language situation in the region: most students speak French as well as German, and some of them know the Alsatian dialect. Besides, contemporary standards of education and professional activity require a certain level...
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Language Education: Implementing Multilingualism Ideas from the Russian North Culture Perspective

Maria Druzhinina, Svetlana Zelyanina, Larisa Evseeva, Maria Sokolova
The article aims at presenting multilingualism conceptual ideas as promising and effective for being implemented in language education. The theoretical part of the article spells out the concept of multilingualism and its values on the basis of culturological, linguistic-culturological and sociocultural...
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Multilingualism and Internationalization of ESP Aspects at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Archangelsk, RF

Anastasiya Demidovskaya, Zhanna Elukova, Maria Koptyaeva, Elena Safronenkova
The objective of the research is to outline the modern multilingualism and internationalization issues of the educational process through the practical implementation of the new ESP ideas at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. We pay special attention to the key foreign language competencies and...
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Multilingualism in the Design of Degree Programmes: the Case of Higher School of Economics

Natalia Chicherina
The focus of the article is on the value of multilingualism and the importance of creating a multilingual learning environment at the level of tertiary education. The author outlines a number of opportunities that exist for universities, which are sensitive to multilingual approaches, in the design of...
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Didactic and psychological aspects of teaching English-foreign language discipline “International Journalism”

Natalia Avdonina, Anna Dorofeeva, Anna Malahova
Journalism has been changed, and these changes have affected journalist education. Future journalists should have multimedia skills, creative thinking and be able to communicate with foreigners to observe and tell about foreign cultures. That is why the problem of teaching in the international context...
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Multilingual Education in the Teacher Training Master Course “Multilingual Technologies of Early Childhood Development” (Kazan Federal University)

Oksana Amurskaya, Regina Plankina
This article represents a description of the teacher-training Master course “Multilingual Technologies of Early Childhood Development” (Kazan Federal University), aimed at guiding specialists in the field of multilingual preschool education. The focus is to emphasize the importance of multilingual education...
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Challenges and Prospects of Studying Cognitive Styles and Strategies of Bilingual Children

Elena Zhelezniakova
In modern methods of teaching foreign languages, there is a special interest in the study and implementation of a cognitive approach to teaching. One of the significant characteristics of the cognitive process of an individual is the cognitive style. The study of cognitive styles of bilinguals can become...
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Northern Russian and Norwegian Mythological Household Spirits of Inhabited Space Typology

Inga Zashikhina, Natalia Drannikova
This article highlights representations of household spirit (domovoj (домовой) and nissen) in folk culture of the Arhangelsk region, Russia, and Northern Norway. The work proposes typological and regional approaches to the study of collected material. Typological vector is used to describe diachronic...
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Phenomenology of Multiculturalism

Elena Timoschuk
The paper deals with phenomenological foundations of multiculturalism on the basis of the categories of following concepts: multi-layer being, concretization, intentionality, life world, epoché. Structural and functional methods are used for the analysis. As a result, a more subtle theory of multiculturalism...
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On the Issue of Students' Multilingual Competence (Evidence from Higher Educational Institutions of the City of Vladimir)

Marina Sokolova, Tatiana Golubkina, Natalia Yakusheva
The article analyzes the state of multilingual competence of students of higher educational institutions in the city of Vladimir. The main research method was an online survey of students. The results revealed a rather low level of multilingualism. Students lack linguistic competence in different life...
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Сultural Hybridity of Internet Communication (on the Material of Instagram Messages)

Larisa Shchipitsina
The paper aims at investigating cultural hybridity on the Internet. Cultural hybridity is considered as one of the hybridity types developed in the conditions of a new communication channel and is understood as simultaneous use of different languages in the same text. It exists both as code-switching...
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Patterns in the Adoption of Russian Linguistic and National Traditions by Alaskan Natives

Ivan Savelev
During the past two and a half centuries the traditions and culture of the native people of Alaska have been affected first by the Russian and then by the Anglo-American culture. The traces of the Russian influence can be observed even 150 years after the cession of this territory to the US, as verified...
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Negative Pragmatic Transfer as a Factor Jeopardizing Formation of Multicultural Personality in RFL Classroom (the case of request speech act)

Elena Rumyantseva, Natalya Nekora, Ludmila Kozhevnikova
Language learning provides vast opportunities for formation and development of multicultural personality since language is a source and method of learning culture. However, sometimes this process may be hindered by lack of crosses between cultural awareness and negative pragmatic transfer resulting in...
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Constructing the Official Patriotic Myth in Multiethnic and Multilingual society: The Case of Habsburg Monarchy, 1805-1832

German Ragozin, Roman Boldyrev
The paper deals with the issues of constructing a supranational identity in the Austrian Empire. Originally being a reaction to revolutionary ideas transferred from France throughout Europe, conservative ideology appeared to influence the political development of Austria until the downfall of Habsburg...
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The Concept RUSSIAN LANGUAGE in the Global Academic Environment

Viktoriya Maryanchik, Larisa Popova
The authors analyze the concept RUSSIAN LANGUAGE as an element of the linguistic worldview. The paper compares the worldviews of native speakers of Russian and non-native speakers learning Russian through immersion into the linguistic and cultural environment and without it. The authors review the most...
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The Role of Short-term Academic Mobility Programs of NArFU (Arkhangelsk) in Developing Multilingual and Multicultural Awareness

Maxim Martynov, Elena Stepyreva, Elena Bodnaruk
The article discusses experience of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University related to planning and organization of short-term student mobility programs – seasonal schools of the Russian language and culture within the broader context of internationalization efforts of the Russian system of higher education....
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“Intelligentsia” versus “Intellectuals” in the British English linguo-cultural community (a corpus-based study of the concepts)

Irina Kuzmicheva
The paper focuses on the correlation between the concepts “Intelligentsia” and “Intellectuals” for the British English linguo-cultural community. It presents the background on the subject from different angles of study, how the correlation between the concepts is viewed by philosophers, historians, sociologists....
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Multilingualism in Wartime: the Arctic Convoys

Elena Kokanova
The paper presents an overview of how cross-cultural communication was carried out during the Lend-Lease supplies via the Arctic convoys. Special attention is paid to multilingualism in wartime Arkhangelsk. The paper considers the importance of non-professional translation and cross-cultural mediation...
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Ethnic Identity of Adolescent Nenets Girls in Contemporary Learning Environment

Natalia Flotskaya, Maria Ponomareva, Nikolay Flotskiy, Svetlana Bulanova
The article is concerned with the study of ethnic identity of adolescent Nenets girls as representatives of the indigenous peoples inhabiting the Russian High North. The authors report the findings of empirical research conducted in reliance upon the Ethnic Identity Types approach  developed by G.U....
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Experience of Phraseological Studies in Academic Group for Multilingual Purposes

Tatiana Fedulenkova
Modern society is a society of information. Hence, a great role of knowledge of foreign languages in use of modern information technologies is universally recognized. A general global trend to integration in economic, cultural and political spheres maintains the relevance of multilingual training. The...
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Strategies of Mono-, Bi- and Multiculturalism in Textbooks of Russian as a Foreign Language

Svetlana Eremina, Еlena Dzyuba
The article deals with presentation strategies for the target language country image, with foreign textbooks of Russian as material for analysis. Methods used in cognitive linguistics and cultural linguistics (concept and context analysis) have been used to reveal mono-, bi- and multiculturalism strategies...
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The English of Englishes: a Threat or an Opportunity?

Elena Boyarskaya, Elizaveta Shevchenko, Irina Tomashevskaya
This research is devoted to the study of the status of Euro-English - a variety of English spoken in European institutions and continental Europe. Its emergence and development occur under the conditions of multilingualism and is associated with the need to have a common language for all European citizens...
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The United Soviet People: a Myth or Reality?

Slavyana Boldyreva, Yuliya Vasylchenko, Elena Lapteva, Asiyat Vakhabova
The paper deals with the phenomenon of the Soviet community, which was one of the main components of nation building issues in the USSR. Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in the nature of the ‘united soviet people’ phenomenon. Whether it was a mere ideological stamp and what connection, if any,...
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Grammatical Forms with Future Semantics in Russian and German

Elena Bodnaruk, Viktoriia Beim
In this article the authors compare indicative grammatical forms to express future semantics in Russian and German. Thus, the main method of research is comparative analysis. Both languages have two specialized forms, with future as their primary meaning, and two forms for which this meaning is syntagmatic...
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Multilingual Awareness: Rethinking Linguistic Diversity in Schools in Russia

Nataliia Beloshitckaya, Elena Triapitcyna
The paper focuses on the notion of multilingual awareness in relation to the introduction of a second foreign language in schools’ curricula in Russia. It first considers whether the expansion in this field matters and what are the reasons for such a move in language planning. It then examines the attitudes...
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Ways to Deal with Phonological Transfer in Students from Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland

Olga Anchimiuk
This paper presents results of research aimed at accent elimination in students of the Russian philology from northeastern Podlaskie Voivodeship – a region on the Polish-Belarusian border. With cross-linguistic and intra-linguistic influence, linguistic competence development in phonetics for all groups...
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The Role of Integrative and Assimilation Models of Multiculturalism in The Formation of Linguacultural Space

Mariya Abramova, Vsevolod Kostyuk, Galina Goncharova
Two models of implementation of the multicultural model of state policy (integrative and assimilative) are compared, the effect of which is the linguacultural features of communication space, including the implemented practices in the field of education, the formation of attitudes of young people to...