Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Economic Research and Management Innovation (ERMI 2021)

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The Effect of Services Quality on Tourist Satisfaction and Tourist Loyalty

Neffi Sulkaisi, Idris, Felia Siska, Irwan
This study explores the influence of service quality variables, tourist satisfaction and tourist loyalty. This study involved 156 tourists who visited the Aditywarman Museum, then analyzed using the SEM method. The results showed that there is a direct influence between the variable service quality on...
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Challenges and Countermeasures for Payment and Settlement Services of Commercial Banks in the Context of Internet Finance

Wenfeng Xiao
The internet has developed at a surprisingly fast pace over the years, many conventional businesses cannot render the services as currently expected by people, or keep up with the pace at which the internet develops. Given this situation, commercial banks take the initiative to keep pace with internet...
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Analysis of the Status and Development Path of Guangzhou’s Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI)

Jinfeng Wang, Shiya Huang
Cultural and creative industries can play a great role in boosting employment, promoting capital operation and developing a diversified economy. This paper focuses on the relevant concepts and connotations of the cultural and creative industry, and explores the development path of the cultural and creative...
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Global Value Chains as a Transformational Indicator of Changes in the Global Economy

Victoria V. Perskaya, Lyubov I. Khomyakova
The novelty of the article consists of the analysis of the Global Value Chains (GVC) which are the result of the development of vertical cooperation, the main actors of which are international, multinational and transnational companies (TNCs). The research is based on the system methodology as a part...
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Philosophical Thinking on the Revolution of the Relationship Between Human and Machine in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Jiahao Zhu, Guiqing Li, Huijun Xia
With the improvement of the intelligence level of artificial intelligence, the distinction between human and machine has become more and more blurred, which has caused a great impact on the traditional human-machine relationship. This paper considers the relationship between human and machine in the...
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Grouping Risks and Threats of Spatial Management of Natural Resource Assets in the National Economy System

Ihor Lytsur, Viktoria Mykytenko, Oksana Bondar-Pidhurska
The authors formulated and revealed the initial provisions of the functioning and developing spatial natural and economic entities, which were detailed taking into account the basic elements of ensuring a sufficient level of security of the individual, society and state. It is recognized that they should...
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Analysis of Talent Management in the Artificial Intelligence Era

Shuang Liu, Guiqing Li, Huijun Xia
Artificial intelligence is one of the core technologies in the information age, and it plays a more and more important role in organizational management. Human resource management is an important part of organization management, artificial intelligence in which the application is more and more common....
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Village-Owned Enterprises Management and Community Welfare in Tridadi Village Sleman Regency

Muhammad Iqbal, Helen Dian Fridayani
Development in Indonesia, which was launched from the village, is considered to be very effective in supporting the development of national development in Indonesia. One of them is by establishing Village-Owned Enterprises, as a pillar of economic development in Village-Owned Enterprises is expected...
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Influence of Project Management Certification on Project Managers’ Career

Tomislav Rastovski
Project Management as profession has been rapidly developing in last few decades. That has been followed by many different Certifications developed by different organizations. The aim of research was to explore how Project Management Certificate can influence on Project Managers’ career. The qualitative...
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Research on Financial Risks of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Yong Guo, Xuan Yin
The study is aimed at the financial risk of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Baosteel”), through risk analysis and evaluation of Baosteel’s debt scale, financial leverage and solvency, methods for management of effectively preventing generation of risks are put forwards,...
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Human-Machine Relationship from the Perspective of Labor Market Under the Background of Human-Machine Symbiosis

Yihan Zhang, Guiqing Li, Rongjian Mao
The purpose of the work is to find a more objective human-machine relationship. Through the theoretical analysis of the relevant literature at home and abroad, the characteristics of humans and machines in their respective work are summarized and compared. From the above analysis results, it is concluded...
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The Relation Between Economics With Education in Indonesia and Its Impact on Economical Building

Erisa Kurniati, Jufrizal, Jufri, Ahmad Fauzan
The research aims to find the relation between economics with education in Indonesia and its impact on economic building. It is qualitative research by using a theoretical review approach. The data are taken from the Education in Law no. 20 of 2003 concerning the national education system and some theories...
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Policy Agenda Setting of “Coal to Gas” in China Based on Multiple-Streams Theory Analysis Framework: A Case Study

Tianhong Gao, Jia Guo
Air pollution control is related to environmental quality and personal life safety, related to economic and socially sustainable development. To solve the long-term problem of haze in northern China, the “coal to gas” policy in China has been ups and downs. Exploring the change of China’s “coal to gas”...
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Research on the Effects of Fiscal and Tax Incentives Policies for Promoting the Development of New Energy Auto Industry

Nan Lin, Xiaofang Guo, Jianxue Liu
The new energy automobile industry plays a great role in promoting the transformation and development of Chinese automobile industry for enhancing its international competitiveness. However, the new energy automobile industry of China has been developing with many obstacles. The policy for promoting...
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Evaluation and Comparative Study on the Influence of WeChat Official Accounts of Jiangsu Smart Scenic Spots Based on the Data of 5A Scenic Spots

Jialin Yuan, Zhijun Yan, Jun Wen
The purpose of the paper is to study the influence of WeChat official accounts of scenic spots under the background of smart tourism, so that we can help scenic spots know the existing problems in marketing and improve their online marketing methods. The extant kinds of literature rarely involve the...
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Education and Management of Researchers in the Disruptive Technology Industry

Weihang Liu, Jianwu Xue
This study aims to start with the connotative characteristics of disruptive technology and use the knowledge of pedagogy and psychology to analyze and solve the personal problems and obstacles of disruptive technology researchers. By using of literature review, timeline and relevant data to clarify the...
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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Smart Tourism

Tingdan Yang, Zhijun Yan, Jun Wen
The purpose of the paper is to explore how smart tourism has been changed and affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It analyzed the emergence of new models of smart tourism, the improvement of smart tourism and the changing of tourists’ travel methods during the pandemic. It draws a conclusion that...
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Research on Employee Relationship Management Innovation of SMEs in China

Jing Zhang
The purpose of the work is to explore the characteristics of how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management by researching these innovative employee relationship management applied in some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at present in China. This paper provides evidence that...
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Analysis on the Allocation Efficiency of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource in Tianjin Based on DEA Model

Yanhui Nie, Ning He
This paper aims to understand the allocation efficiency of health resource about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Tianjin from 2011 to 2019, and to provide suggestions for the allocation of TCM resource during the 14th five-year Plan period. Descriptive analysis was conducted on the allocation of...
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Status Quo Analysis and Development Trend Study of Metro Media Scene Marketing

Jingjing Ye
With the innovation and development of mobile Internet technology and digital interactive media, metro media presents a trend of high integration between old and new communication. Based on the analysis of policy support and audience characteristics, this paper analyzes the status quo of metro media...
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Impact of Cross-Organization Improvisation on New Product Development From Viewpoint of Network Embedding

Guoxiang Ruan, Nan Wu, Kexin Peng
Improvisation plays an important role in NPD (new product development) under time pressure, resource constraints, dynamics and high uncertainty environment. Under supply chain embedded circumstances, cross-organization improvisation often occurs. By literature review and theory deduction, the four factors...
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Analysis on the Strategy of the Development of Mongolian Medicine Brand

Huilin An, Yun Li, Zhiwei Zhang, Wenhui Fan
With the support of national and regional policies, Mongolian medicine enterprises keep a good development momentum, but there is a certain gap with the leading Chinese ethnic minority medicine. Some products of Mongolian medicine, to some extent, have been recognized, but the overall level and universality...
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Incentives and Investment Efficiency: The Evidence From Listed Family Firms

Yun Sun, Haomin Zhang, Tong Zhou, Xiaosong Bi, Shaosong Wang
In the process of the economy in China, listed family firms have a large proportion of all the listed companies, which plays an important role in China. By selecting the statistics in the recent five years from CSMR and Wind, OLS model is used to investigate the efficiency investment. After distincting...
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Corporate Social Responsibility as a Tool for Governance of Sustainable Development Economy: Digitalization and Pandemic (COVID-19)

Oksana Bondar-Pidhurska, Alla Glebova, Nadiia Konovalova
It is proposed to use corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a management tool of sustainable development economy, which is aimed at its investment attractiveness and minimization of the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The relevance of CSR activation is proved, basing on the analysis...
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Relationship Between Population Mobility and Economic and Social Development in China’s Northeast Border Region

Fuxiang Li
In order to study the relationship between population mobility and economic and social development in China’s northeast border region, a detailed investigation on the economic and social development and population mobility in this area was carried out. Also, the impact of population mobility on the economy...
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Research on the Integrated Development of Industry and Ecology Under the Background of Rural Revitalization—Taking Fufeng Village as an Example

Jing Zhao, Xiao Chen
The integrated development of industry and ecology has become an important support for Rural Revitalization. Under the background of rural revitalization, this work firstly discussed the problems existing in the process of the integration and development of Fufeng industry and ecology, then analyzed...
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Analysis on the Strategy of Improving Customer Service of Hypermarkets

Xinxin Wang
The purpose of the work is to improve the competitiveness of hypermarkets and help them provide better service to customers. This paper’s research objective is hypermarkets. It used practical investigation and theoretical research. It analyses the problems of hypermarkets’ customer service: location,...
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Financial Sharing Framework System Based on Block Chain Technology

Qingquan Huang
In order to explore the application of blockchain technology in financial sharing, this paper takes block chain as the underlying data technology platform, by abiding by the requirements of decentralization, intellectualization, intensification and adaptability, we propose a five-level financial sharing...
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Multiple Logics of the Development Plight of Bicycle-Sharing in the Context of Sharing Economy: An Analytical Framework

Jiamin Xu, Yinchu Wang
As a typical representative of sharing economy, bicycle-sharing, featured by the concept of “solving the problem of the last kilometer travel”, has become an important practice in the field of short-distance trip by urban public transportation. However, problems such as poor competition in the bicycle-sharing...
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Practical Countermeasures for the Development of Characteristic Agriculture in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Fengxiang Jiang, Moutao Du, Yanbing Li, Ling Wang, Xinru Lian, Qing Liu, Jinhui Lin, Junjie Lin
This paper aims to explore the practical countermeasures of characteristic agriculture in Shaanxi in the context of rural revitalization strategy. Firstly it analyzes its feasibility in Shaanxi based on SWOT analysis methods, and then establishes its industry system, production system and management...
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Management Mode and Content Innovation of Chinese Internationalization Education in Countries Along “The Belt and Road”

Li Hou, Jianjun Kang
The countries and regions along “The Belt and Road” are increasingly involved in Chinese affairs, and are exposed to more and more Chinese economic and cultural content. Therefore, these countries have more and more demands for Chinese language learning. In the process of Chinese internationalization...
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Design of Warehouse Management Experiment Based on the Combination of Virtuality and Reality

Xiulian Hu, Yi-Fei Chuang
For the purpose of cultivating and bringing up application-oriented warehouse management talents, this paper points out the pain points of warehouse management experiment on the basis of analyzing the teaching status of logistics management specialty, and puts forward an experimental teaching mode of...