Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration Conference (EROPA 2018)

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Fulfilling the lack of employee: The Strategy from Swedish Public Sector practices

Benedicta Retna Cahyarini
The purpose of the study is to describe how Swedish municipalities recruit the current labour market in response to immigration movement. Data from Swedish Immigration Agency (Migrationsverket, 2017) from 2013 to October 2017 show the highest number of asylum applicant was in 2015 with 162.877 applicants....
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Globalisation of the Healthcare Services Sector: Employing Foreign Physicians in National Strategic Special Zones in Japan

Yumi Hinohara
With the continuing increase in the ageing rate of the population, Japan must establish a system for the quan-titative expansion of healthcare services and the improvement of the efficiency of service provision in order to respond to the increasing demand for the provision of healthcare services. In...
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Civil Servant Redistribution in Samarinda City: A Descriptive Study of Human Resources on Health Distribution Gap

Lindawati, Yudhanty Parama Sany
Human resources on health (SDMK) is the “heart” of the National Health System. Without their presence in delivering public service, the targets of Healthy Indonesia Program in National Medium-Term Development Plan 2015-2019 (RPJMN 2015-2019) will be difficult to achieve. However, the SDMK’s distribution...
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Redefining Governance in Philippine Perspective

Ian B. Arcega
This paper redefined governance in Philippine perspective through an advocacy and citizen engagements of the student leaders on the prevention of the increased rate of teenage pregnancy in the Province of Capiz. It evaluates the challenges of student leaders volunteered in various activities. It shows...
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Effectiveness of the Mindanao Rural Development Program Community Fund for Agricultural Development (MRDP-CFAD) in Increasing Income and Achieving Food Security Among Bukidnon Women

Elgie Iman Aninayon, Judith D. Intong
Introduced in 2007, the Mindanao Rural Development Program Adaptable Program Loan 2-Community Fund for Agricultural Development (MRDP APL2 - CFAD) was implemented in the 12 municipalities of Bukidnon to give the disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors, including women, the opportunities for increased income...
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Analysis Of The Influence Of Leadership and Organizational Culture On The Work Ethic Of Employees In Education And Training Center Of National Cyber And Crypto Agency

Imam Baehaki, Ratih Mumpuni Arti
The purpose of this research is to determine the influence of leadership and organizational culture on the work ethic of employees in Educational and Training Center of National Cyber and Crypto Agency, either simultaneously or partially. Leadership plays an important role in the process of delivering...
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The Impact of Performance Management Implementation on Effectiveness and Efficiency of Government Budget Use: Indonesian case

Muhammad Yusuf Ateh, Eko Prasojo, Martani Huseini
The inability to optimize budget use of finance development is the most crucial problem in Indonesia. In 2015, the potential budget dissipation by the government estimated about 30% of National/Local Budget or 392,8 Trillion Rupiah which Local Government becomes the most. The absence of Value for Money...
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Decentralization for delivering better health services in Liberia: lesson from the Philippines

Isaac P. Podah
This paper argues that decentralization is a panacea to better health service delivery in Liberia provided it is being buttressed by the financial and moral backing of both the central and the local governments, the capacity of local leaders are well-built, as well as the continuous monitoring and evaluation...
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Reward For Public: A Public Service Engineering

Rustan Amarullah, Fani Heru Wismono
The performance of the bureaucracy, in term of public services, is ultimately highly dependent on public participation. Bureaucratic targets for the number of people recording KTPs, managing the birth certificates or deaths, licensing, complying the compulsory education policy, vaccinations and medical...
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Questioning the Decentralization System in Managing Public Sector Integrity in Indonesia

I Made Bram Sarjana
Decentralization in Indonesia has brought enormous opportunities for this country’s further social and economic development. Local governments as well as local house of representatives were no longer dominated by political elites coming from political parties. New leaders arise from outside political...
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Application of Bureaucratic Accountability in Public Service

Abdul Sahid, Indriati Amirullah, Yusriadi, Abdul Azis, Anne Abdul Rachman, Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir
this study aims to identify the application of bureaucratic responsibility to perform certain functions as stated in the hierarchy of responsibility by offering several solutions in the improvement of administrative services in terms of tourism. This research uses a descriptive-qualitative approach with...
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Public Private Partnership for Overseas Expansion: A survey of Municipal Water Services in Japan

Naoki Fujiwara
With rapid economic growth and urbanization, some Asian cities have faced urban environment problems such as strong demand for sanitary water and sewerage. Until the 1990s, municipal water services contributed internationally by accepting technical trainees and dispatching experts to developing cities....
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Integrated Tourism As a Way to Gain More Tourists to Indonesia

Izzul Fatchu Reza
Indonesia is one of the major destinations for foreign tourists. With a total foreign exchange of 15 million dollars in 2017, Indonesia has an opportunity to increase its tourism business potential. However, there are still several problems related to tourism such as the low capacity of human resources...
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Legislative Competency of Local Legislators in Region I, Philippines: Gender Differences

Agustin Bantiyan Guinid
Legislation is a vital component of good governance. As such, members of Legislative bodies must possess the requisite competency to be able to perform their tasks. This study assessed the level of competence of local Legislators along effective communication, influence, policy research and analysis,...