Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2017)

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Study on the Legal System of Wetland Protection

Qingyuan Sun
Wetlands are not only an important strategic resource for socio-economic development, but also a place where biological species live. With the increase of human understanding of wetlands, how to make reasonable use of wetland resources and maintain the sustainable development of wetlands has been widely...
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Network Mutual Assistance: A New Model of Personal Life Risk Sharing Based on Internet

Lili Chen
Network mutual assistance is a new mutual assistance mode. At present, there are a number of network mutual assistance platforms being established, and the main operating mechanism and development models have received widespread attention. Starting from the difference between mutual assistance and mutual...
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Construction of Tourism Management Mode Based on Project Management Theory

E Hua
It is one of the most important factors influencing the development and improvement of the tourism management. To establish a comprehensive and perfect tourism management model is one of the most important factors in the development of the tourism industry, it is also constantly improving its own. Whether...
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Research on Language Economics and College English Education

Zhihong Fan
College English education should follow the law of market economy, objectively and rationally understand the college English learning motivation, the economic value of the language and the economic benefits and the allocation of educational resources should accurately grasp the market demand, effectively...
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The Contribution of Occupational Health Psychology to the Promotion of Well-Being at Work: an Evaluation of EAPS in the UK and China

Shan Liu
Employee assistance program (EAP) is a kind of interventions in workplace based on occupational health psychology (OHP). However, it was introduced to China only about ten years. The aim of this essay is to examine the contribution of OHP to the promotion of well-being at work though comparing the EAPs...
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Exchange Rate Fluctuation, Money Supply and GDP

Baoshuai Zhang
In order to reflect the time-varying and non-linear characteristics of the exchange rate fluctuation and the effect of money supply on GDP, this paper constructs the stochastic fluctuation model and time-varying parameters based on the analysis of exchange rate fluctuation and money supply to the GDP...
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Study and Prevention of Systematic Risk of Insurance Industry of China

Yue Gu
The insurance industry is a risk management industry which cannot be ignored in the financial system. It promotes the stable development of the market economy with its special social and economic compensation mechanism. Therefore, to explore the systemic risk of insurance industry can prevent the spread...
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Research on Characteristics, Opportunities and Strategies of Exhibition Industry of Guangxi

Xinyu Xiong
The exhibition industry, as a sunrise industry in modern society, has played an important role in Guangxi's economic construction in recent years. Modern exhibition industry in Guangxi has the characteristics of great in number and high in quality. In the face of the strategic opportunity of "The Belt...
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Research on Development Strategies of Red Tourism of Guangxi under the International Background

Xinyu Xiong
The red tourism in Guangxi is attracting more and more overseas tourists, and has become an important brand of Guangxi tourism. Under the new conditions, it is of great significance to analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of the red tourism in Guangxi, and give the strategic...
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Analysis of Features and Singing Skills of Chinese Classical Poetry Songs

Fangheng Wang
Chinese classical poetry songs are not only an important part of traditional Chinese poetry art, but also the treasure of our national vocal music art. This paper analyzes the characteristics of conception beauty of literature, melody beauty of rhythms, artistic beauty of tunes of Chinese classical poetry...
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Research on the Social Assistance Countermeasures for Poor Elderly Population in China

Rongli Guo, Xiuhong Guo
There is an amazing number of old people suffering from poverty in our country, and the frail nature determines that the poor old people are badly in need of the government and social power to survive and get rid of poverty. However, it has been a long time that the anti-poverty problems of aging population...
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Some Specific Methods About Selecting Dams' Address

Wenheng Li
In this article,we take the Kariba Dam as an example and analyze the number and location of new small dams in detail through Exponential estimation method and Gray Analytic Hierarchy Process. Then,we set up a model and put forward the concrete strategy of regulating water flow. We firstly make a simple...
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The Market Environment of Survival for Large cost Chinese Costume Commercial Movies

Xiao Han
This year, in the Chinese Lunar New Year period battle of homemade films, a movie named "Lost In Thailand" turned out to win large number of people's attention successfully. On the contrary, "The Last Supper" and "The Guillotines", which are more familiar and large cost commercial movies for audience,...
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The optimized model of enterprise internal accounting control in network environment

Xiaojie Li
Network Environment Enterprise Internal Accounting Control relying on network information technology and large data technology to achieve the control environment in the information-based, automated control mode, the control of the proliferation, control the focus of pluralism. The current network environment...
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Harmfulness and Preventive Measures of Accounting Information Distortion

Shanshan Qin
In the environment of sustainable economic development, accounting information plays an important role in external decision-making, internal economic management and national macro-control,which is based on quality. Accounting information quality is the life of corporate accounting work. However, in recent...
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A Study on the Phenomena and Countermeasures of Mother Tongue Cultural Aphasia in English Teaching

Lili Zhang
At present, the problem of mother tongue culture aphasia is becoming more and more prominent in English teaching in China. Teachers pay too much attention to the cultivation of foreign language culture in English teaching, ignoring the transmission of mother tongue culture. As an important part of English...
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The Application of Situational Teaching in Cultivating College Students' Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Quality

Wei Jia
Nowadays, the view of the ideological and moral and the rule of law is popular, so, the cultivation of college students' ideological and moral and legal quality has become an important content and task of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. How to cultivate college students'...
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Under the background of network influence the bottleneck of our country university foreign language teacher professional development and the sustainable path

Liping Gong
With the strengthening of international exchanges, language play an increasingly important role, under the background of "Internet +" at the same time, major changes have taken place in language learning. Foreign language teachers as implementers of foreign language teaching, plays a significant role...
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The "Internet+" Era'S Revelation of the Reform of Professional English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Linna Li
The "Internet+" is a new form of Internet evolution that goes deep into all areas of society. Under the background of "Internet+", the trend of business English teaching in the era of adapting to the times is also an inevitable choice. Business English teaching staff should be actively thinking about...
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College students' English pragmatic competence analysis and college English teaching

Shuo Chi
To enhance language pragmatic competence is the main purpose of the college students' language learning, the importance of the English education system in colleges and universities is obvious. Correct English form does not mean that can speak proper English, lack of pragmatic competence will cause pragmatic...
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Prevention and Reasons Analysis of Volleyball Training Injury

Dupin Xie, Xingxing Liu
Athletes often occurrence sport injuries in volleyball training. The main cause of this event is due to the lack of awareness of athletes is not clear. There is some athletes in the injury situation is still not fully recovered with practice, it is very big harm to athletes. Therefore, in order to minimize...
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The Construction of Computer Teaching Evaluation System for Higher Vocational Education Guided by Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability

Yang Yang
According to the requirements of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan, the training of students' innovative and entrepreneurial ability in higher vocational education in the new period should bestrengthened. In the process of computerized teaching and training in higher...
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Investigation and research of Hui nationality medicine in Sino Arab Economic and trade

Wei Huang, Zhaoyu Liao
Objective: to discuss and analyze the application and development of Hui nationality medicine in Sino Arab Economic and trade. Methods: to attend the 2016 Sino Arab Economic and Trade Forum cum CITIF will Arabia area some scholars, businessmen, politicians and some in the China area settled and engaged...
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Cross-Cultural Literary Translation Studies - In the Translation of Works of Mo Yan, For Example

Chunyan Zheng
Literary translation is essentially different between different language types, cross-domain interpretation of the national culture, Mo yan depends largely on the Nobel Prize for literature achievements acquired excellent translators of their spiritual kernel canonical works and creation, the work of...
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Analysis of the influence of "camp to increase" policy on the supply chain of agricultural products

Yangming Liu, Qiong Ma
Since 2011, our country has promoted the reform of business taxation as value-added tax, so far, our tax policy and system have made very significant changes, and it has great significance to the development of China's economy. As a major agricultural industries in China, the development of agriculture...
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The feasibility study of introducing crowdfunding into the PPP model of profit-making enterprises

Ting Zhang, Jiaxin Chen
In recent years, the 3P (PPP) model has played an important role in the financing and operation of public infrastructure projects as a new type of financing. However, the PPP model has disadvantages such as high financing cost, certain franchise monopoly and complex transaction structure. The crowdfunding...
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Research on regional coordinated development of pension real estate projects

Ting Zhang, Jiaxin Chen
With the development of economy and the arrival of the era of aging, urban pension real estate projects have broad market prospects. The government has issued laws and regulations on the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly, and formulated a series of relevant fiscal, financial and other...
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Analysis of the creative motivation and creation mode of Zhang Daqian 's self-portrait

Mao Li
Zhang Daqian's self portrait is in the specific historical and cultural background of China, the awakening and examination of self consciousness is the best carrier of the artist's emotional release, personality, ideal and spiritual sustenance. From Zhang Daqian's self portrait in the theme and style...
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British and American culture sympathy establishment and to English study influence

Xiao Li
Ignore or even hostile to exist in the part of college students, the author of this paper to study the phenomenon of English and its culture, first of all, this paper expounds the necessity of learning English and its culture, illustrates the significance of cultural identity, then in English teaching...
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Criminal Law Regulation of Legal Means to Defraud the National Welfare Behavior--from the Perspective of Equality of Opportunity Protection

Henan Li
With the gradual increase of government's input to national welfare, there have been many acts of defrauding national welfare in the legal form. How to regulate the conduct of such acts, so as to ensure that citizens can enjoy the welfare of the country on an equal footing and become a very prominent...
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Reflections on the Innovation of Legal Construction in Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province

Henan Li
Jilin Provincehas made a lot of achievements in all aspects about the implementation of the rule of law for many years. But the school needsinnovation in the network system, the system, the supervision system and other aspects of system, so as to straighten out the internal and external relations, to...
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The Function of Human Movement Science to Competitive Sports

Zimin Chang, Wenwen Wang
Through the method of literature, a relevant part of the contents of human movement science and sports are analyzed. This part includes athlete scientific selection, training monitoring, physical recovery and nutritional supplements, sports injuries and medical supervision, monitoring and elimination...
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Method to Foster Sense of Community among Students in K-12 Online Education

Ling Li
K-12 education is of great significance in students' growth, not only because it provides knowledge to children, but also in that it equips them with necessary interpersonal skills and affectivity, without which, education can at most be called training. Online education is booming around the world,...
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Reflection on Application of Sports Games in P. E. Education

Qin Li
Through literature analysis and practical experience, this paper gives a discussion on the rational use of sports games in physical education, discusses how to select and what should pay attention to when use sports games in the process of sports teaching, in order to better play the sports game's value...
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Low carbon efficiency of the port logistics service supply chain under the restriction of study

Xinrong Xu
With the rapid development of logistics industry, sea transportation is now more and more business share. At present, about ninety percent of the trade is done by the maritime transport of goods, the increase in shipping business competition at the same time, also put forward higher request to the port...
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Research on the Relationship among Internal Audit Quality, Interactive Mechanism of Management Structure and Corporate Value

Huishui Su, Kaiyan Zheng, Sineng Li
From the perspective of internal audit, the paper makes an empirical analysis on the relationship among internal audit quality, interactive mechanism of management structure and corporate value by drawing the experience and statistics from listed companies in the year of 2012-2016. The result manifests...
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'Extension' and 'Fusion' -- Discussion of Modern 'New Voice' Works and Singing

Wei Yang
In this multi-developed today, About the 'new voice' concept, it should be said that its emergence and development already is the conventional result of singing form. In this paper, it has taken further exploration and summary of the relevant 'new voice' works, besides, went about studying the new concept...
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Analysis of the Artistic Style of 36 Aire Di Steli Antic

Min Yao, Yang Liu
Compared with E.Curtis (1875-1937) and F.Tosti (1846-1916) who almost has no opera works, Donaudy is one Italian composer who was ignored by contemporary music circle and up to now, the number of document literature on him is relatively less, even like the authoritative Music Encyclopedia The New Grove...
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Rating and Analysis of the Merits and Demerits for 'Chinese Opera Reform' in the History of Sichuan Opera Music Development and Reform

Shengdong Yue, Yawen Mu
In this paper, with the help the analysis and discussion of the relevant research literature of 'Chinese opera reform', it has sorted out the long-term and far-reaching influence of 'Chinese opera reform' on Sichuan opera music development and reform, expounded the positive promoting function and negative...
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Let high school math teaching plug in the wings--The practice and research of the Geometer's Sketchpad in high school mathematics teaching

Xianyong Li
The Geometer's Sketchpad is by people's education press and the national primary and secondary education research center jointly in 1966 from the introduction of American KeyCutriculumPress Company Tools Platform of excellent teaching courseware making tools, is an important tool for high school mathematics...
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Analysis of the Function of Value Choice on Undergraduates' Career Planning

Bo Liu, Hua Chen
This paper, through the analysis of the undergraduates' value orientation and value identity in the new age, tries to find the key of value choice and power source in undergraduates' career planning and further play the subjectivity of value choice in the implementation of undergraduates' career planning,...
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On Enhancing the Sense of Civic Social Responsibility of Minority College Students in the Course of Situation and Policy

Mingjing Yin
The course of situation and policy is the main channel of ideological and political education of minority college students, the course of situation and policy tells minority college students how to effectively carry out the citizen's sense of social responsibility, it improves minority college students'...
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A Study on Problems of Minority Students in English Learning

Yan Zhao
In the current world characterized by economic globalization, English as an international communicative language has attracted worldwide attention. In our country, learning English is regardedas important as learning Chinese. Most tests involve English, andEnglish is even considered as a sign of one's...
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An Analysis of the International Financial Cooperation in the "The Belt and Road" Initiative

Haidi Zhou, Biwei Wang, Liting Ye
With the step-by-step promotion of 'The Belt and Road' initiative, financial cooperation plays a key role in the relationship of countries along the route. This paper analyzes the financial cooperation in 'The Belt and Road' initiative based on the overview of current situation of financial cooperation....
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Research on the innovation of Ideological and political education mode in Universities in big data Era

Yuanyuan Zhang
The wave of big data has not only changed our work, life and education, but also provides new opportunities and challenges for the ideological and political education, innovative methods of Ideological and political education has brought new opportunities. Starting from the basic characteristics of big...
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Oil and Gas Cooperation between China and Central Asia

Yusufu Gulinaer
Oil and gas resources are related to China's economic lifeline,but because of the limited geological resources,domestic production has been far from being able to meet consumer demand. In the future,with growing demand for oil and gas,its dependence on imports will continue to grow,foreign dependence...
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The Chinese sports economy and the professional construction management research

Sun Feng
This research adopts literature, questionnaire, interview and case analysis research methods such as the nanjing sports college sports economics and management of professional theory and practice class teaching present situation has carried on the investigation and study,Basis for sports economic and...
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Application of BIM Technology Based on Autodesk Revit in Construction and Installation Engineering

Chen Huang
Based on BIM technology, this paper expatiates on the application concept of BIM in the current construction and installation project. Through the application of Autodesk Revit in the construction of building model and the application of integrated design in pipeline, electromechanical and so on, the...
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The basic conditions of development of sports economy and countermeasure research

LiHong Sun
With the development of modern social productive forces and people consumption idea transformation, comply with the demand of market consumption, sports economy has become an important power to promote China's national fitness strategy implementation.Sports economic development needs based on perfect...
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Based on theoretical research perspective of physical relationship with economic growth and economic development

Xiuying Han
Sports and social economic and cultural development in recent years, the increasingly close relationship, sports consumption and sports industry on economic growth and the role of economic development is increasingly important and diversification, the sports industry, attracting more and more inputs...
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Study on the Teaching Method of Ancient Chinese in the specialty of elementary education

Li Zhang
The ancient Chinese course is one of the basic courses of primary education in normal university. Its purpose is to make students understand the basic knowledge of ancient Chinese, enhance the reading and understanding ability of ancient Chinese, and inherit and carry forward the ancient culture better...
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Transdisciplinary Features of Cognitive Semiotics

Lihong Zhang
Transdisciplinarity is a new orientation of interdisciplinary research. Cognitive semiotics is often regarded as the interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies of languages and symbols using many theories and methods of related subjects such as the cognitive science, semiotics, aesthetic, linguistics,...
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Digital media environment is analysed in print ads creative teaching innovation

Xiaowen Zhang
The rapid development of digital media to plane advertisement design talent cultivation put forward the new requirements, print advertising design education must be timely adjust teaching ideas, curriculum design innovation.The author first analyzes the digital media talent demand changes, under the...
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Research on the Consultative Democracy Practice Model from the Perspective of Internet Politics

Shuyan Liu
In recent years, the field of technology in the world is ushering in the "big data", "crowd-sourcing" as the core of the emerging network of technological revolution, and political areas, especially in the democratization of democracy as the representative of the democratization process has also been...
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Research on the Teaching Actual Effect of Ideological and Political Theory Classroom in Higher Vocational Colleges in the New Media

Shu Tao
In order to better adapt to the rapid development of higher vocational education in our country and improve the quality of teaching in colleges and universities, the effectiveness of classroom teaching in ideological and political theory of higher vocational colleges is in line with the teaching rules....
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Worm Climbing the Rubber Rope and Mortgage Loan

Yufa Chen, Yingke Tian
The problem of worm crawled rubber rope, which has studied by some scholars who established the different mathematical models. Compared differential equations model with the integral model and we found that the two models are equivalent. Using this model, different parameters can be calculated for mortgage...
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Research on the Theory and Practice of Tourism Security -A Case Study for Jiangxi Province

Yan Peng, Mei Wu
Tourism security is the premise and target of the tourism industry for sustainable development. On the basis of Jiangxi Province's tourism security situation analysis, we analyzed the security management situation and the main problems existing in tourism security, and analyzed the formation of the situation....
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Study on the Image of San Diego from the Perspective of English Language and Literature in the Old man and the Sea

Jie Pan
San Diego is a hero of Hemingway's novel "The Old Man and the Sea". Many years of literary commentary have positioned him as a tough guy. This article tries to analyze the character of San Diego in a comprehensive analysis to analyze the other side of San Diego, The characteristics of the image of the...
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Reflections on Public Participation in Urban Planning

Hui Ma
Under the premise of very limited urban resources, urban planning mistakes can lead to huge waste and in the process of urban planning, stakeholders are active and extensive participation is an important factor to ensure the objective and scientific nature of urban planning. Therefore, public participation...
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Exploration on Urban Planning Based on the Wisdom City

Hui Ma
With the development of urban informatization, intelligent city has become a new concept of urban planning on a global scale. The planning and planning of the intelligent city requires the corresponding changes in the traditional urban planning, which has had an important impact on the urban planning....
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Analysis of the Mass Sports Development in the Background of "Internet +"

Haitao Lan, Tengteng Zhang
With the continuous improvement of people's living material, the quality of the whole people's sports quality has gradually been paid attention to, our country has experienced the Olympic boom, the national sports boom is still not diminished, the mass sports career development gradually increased. And...
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Research on the Application of Communicative Approach in College English Listening and Speaking Teaching Based on Network Background

Shuyuan Zou
The rapid development of network technology not only provides a wealth of resources for teaching, creating a real learning environment, and make teaching management more convenient. In modern society, people's communication has become more and more frequent, which also put forward higher requirements...
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Research on the Ecological Transformation of College English Course in Computer Network Environment

Zhike Yu
In the modern colleges and universities, in order to be able to adapt to the future needs of college students in English, enrich the English teaching situation of college students, in the traditional English teaching model innovation, the use of modern computer network technology advantages into the...
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Pre - risk Evaluation of Engineering Project Construction Based on Gray System Theory

Yu Miao
In the construction of construction projects, the method of risk assessment is mainly affected by human factors, which leads to the accuracy and objectivity of the evaluation results. In order to ensure the accuracy of the evaluation results and scientific factors to reduce the impact of human factors,...
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Research on the Reform and Construction of Large - scale System in Colleges and Universities

Chaohui Ma
With the promotion and popularization of quality education and the reform of new curriculum standards, the traditional educational concepts and teaching modes in schools at all levels in our country need to be further improved. For colleges and universities, it is necessary to strengthen the reform of...
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Research on the Higher Vocational Medicine Production Technology Cultivation Mode of Modern Apprenticeship Talents based on the Integration of Production and Education

Juan Wang, Kejia Wang, Yanling Ren
With the continuous development of Chinese economy, people's living standards have been fully improved, while the demand for the use of drugs also showed a rising trend. From the management of pharmaceutical enterprises and the development of regional economy, the further development of modern apprenticeship...
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Research on the Influence of Physical Exercise on Students' Academic Achievement

Wan Nan, Wan Lu
In this paper, the effects of physical exercise on the academic performance of primary school students, middle school students and college students are expounded using logical analysis and literature quality method. It found that the number of domestic research is not enough and not systematic, while...
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A Literature Review on Structural Reform of Agricultural Supply Side

Fenlan Mao, Weiwei Guo
The structural reform of the agricultural supply side is the major deployment of the "No. 1 document" on agriculture, not only for the direction of agricultural industry development, but also for the agricultural industry structure optimization adjustment to play a needle "tonic", also engaged in agricultural...
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Analysis on the Predicament and Countermeasure of Low - carbon City Construction Based on Residents' Needs

Jin Xie
With the further development of Chinese economic development and urbanization, in order to better solve the current problems of urban development in China, low-carbon city construction is a better development direction and ideas. Based on the fundamental needs of urban development, this paper analyzes...
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The Analysis of Physical Decline belongs to the College Students from Gansu--based on the Sociological Perspective

Xiaodong Yu, Hexiang Jin
The research purpose is through the students' diet, living habits, physical exercise, campus life and the environment of to find the sociological factors of college students' physical deterioration , and from the gender, nationality, urban and rural, only-child or not and family economic conditions to...
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Analysis of the Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment on Its Export Scale

Jun Zhang, Yueye Zeng
Foreign direct investment and foreign trade are two important ways to participate in the international division of labor. In the context of the challenges facing foreign trade and the rapid development of foreign direct investment, the discussion of the impact of foreign direct investment on Chinese...
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The Application of Voice Control Technology in Piano Playing

Xianji Liao
To play a good piano song, we must first control and master the playing sound. Players in the performance to achieve with the audience emotional and spiritual resonance not only to have superb playing skills but also have a good sound control, through the sound to control the sound effects, to achieve...
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Research on the Influence of Xi'an Free Trade Area on Shaanxi 's Economic Development

Yanlin Si
Xi'an Free Trade Area in August 2016 formally approved, since the FTA approval plan proposed, Shaanxi has been in multi-party preparation, all-round preparation, governor Hu peace hosted the fourth executive meeting of the Shaanxi provincial government, The main content of the meeting is how to speed...
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Study on Tourism Network Marketing of Dabie Mountain in Huanggang

Zhentang Ke, San Qin
In recent years, the Dabie Mountains using the Dabie Mountain tourism resources to actively develop tourism, some new marketing methods have been quickly integrated into the development of tourism, with the network tourism marketing has become a new trend. Online travel has become a popular way to accept...
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Analysis of Incentive System in Human Resource Management of Modern Enterprises

Rong An
As an important part of enterprise management, the establishment of incentive system is to promote the development of enterprises important primary motivation. As the core of the whole enterprise, the lifeblood of the whole enterprise is the core of the normal operation of the enterprise as an organic...
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Research on the Cultural Connotation of Yangge in Northern Shaanxi

Hui Gao
At present, the traditional regional dance system continues to develop and enrich, and gradually accepted and appreciated by the public. Among them, the northern Shaanxi Yangge has developed and learned the traditional Yangge with unique unique local characteristics and cultural attributes, and has become...
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Research on the Function of French Original Sound Audio in French Classroom Teaching

Yang Li
French acoustic audio material in the French classroom teaching is more widely used can be used as a student language to carry out strong language practice of the main information. French audio has the characteristics of authenticity, the introduction of the French classroom can effectively create a...
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Research on the Application of Reversing Classroom in College English Teaching in Private Colleges and Universities

Wenjuan Zhao
With the development of society and economy, the domestic education industry is also constantly optimizing the upgrade, after the implementation of the new curriculum reform, the domestic education industry has undergone tremendous changes, the people's attention to education has reached an unprecedented...
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Exploring the Prospect of Vocational Education in the Context of One Belt One Road Strategic

Jiaben Zhu
Vocational education to job skills training as the primary goal, and the regional economy has a more closely linked, at present, in the area along the strategic macroeconomic impact, the development of vocational education in the emergence of some new situations. On the basis of this, the article first...
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The Application of Micro - course in College English Teaching

Weihua Zhan
Traditional English teaching model in the new teaching environment also need to make new breakthroughs, teaching model also need to be more close to the status of contemporary university teaching development. In order to change the teaching limitations brought by the traditional English teaching mode,...
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Research on Digital Painting Art and Its Diversified Performance

Jingtao Cui
With the rapid development of computer science and technology, professional painting art field has a revolutionary new breakthrough. In the digital age as the background today, digital art for the art of painting to add new content, expand the broader creative space, and as a new generation of visual...
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Research on Ecological Analysis of Environmental Art Design

Jing Fan
With the continuous improvement of economic level, environmental quality has undergone major changes, environmental damage and pollution to people's lives has brought adverse effects. In order to seek to improve the environment, the design of environmental art has aroused people's attention. The study...
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Research on the Influence of Greek Mythology on Anglo - American Language and Literature

Jie Pan
As one of the origins of Western culture, Greek mythology with its unique charm to conquer a large number of readers has become the world's most widely circulated classic literature. English in the development of language and literature and ancient Greek mythology is inextricably linked, Greek mythology...
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Analysis of Environmental Barriers in International Trade

Gekun Wei
With the development of the world economy, the continuous improvement of the level of productivity, human beings continue to meet their own material needs, but also brought about serious environmental problems. For the common interests of mankind and the sustainable development of society and economy,...
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Aesthetic Exploration of Modern Graphic Design

Limin Sui
Traditional aesthetics contains our traditional aesthetic, modern graphic design is more fashionable international artistic expression. The two seemingly different, but in reality there is the same place of art, there can be combined with the artistic basis. China's traditional art, whether it is its...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Domestic Agricultural Marketing

Xiuping Liu, Yuan Qian, Lei Zhou
With the arrival of the relatively surplus of agricultural products to determine the market as the center of modern agricultural marketing concept is particularly urgent. Agricultural product marketing is to meet people's consumer needs and desire to achieve the potential exchange of agricultural activities...
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Analysis of Enterprise Human Resource Management and the Firm Performance

Yuan Qian, Lei Zhou, Xiuping Liu
With the development of the market economy and the intensification of competition, the enterprise performance has become the main aspect of the enterprise to obtain the competitive advantage. Enterprises can only consider a wide range of factors in order to improve their own performance, but can not...
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Teaching Research on Task-Driven Method in the Application Undergraduate Human Resource Management Course

Lei Zhou, Xiuping Liu, Yuan Qian
Human resources management is a comprehensive management science, economics, psychology, sociology, law, talent and other fields of modern emerging management disciplines, requiring students to strengthen the practical ability and ability to solve practical problems. Combined with the characteristics...
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Research on the Application of Traditional Auspicious Elements in Modern Graphic Design

Limin Sui
The traditional Chinese culture and art is a unique symbol of art that is formed by the ancestors of our country from the prehistoric spirit of the universe and the creation of life consciousness. The unique life image formed in the process of praying for the reproduction of life, the protection of life...
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Property Tax Planning based on the Perspective of Real Estate Owner

Shuyu Peng
The real estate industry plays an important role in the development of the national economy. It is also an important source of fiscal revenue and a key area of tax inspection. With the increasing of the whole industry, the real estate development enterprises are very necessary to carry out tax planning....
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Research on the Innovation of Teaching Management Mode in Private Independent Colleges

Hui Zhang, Fang Wang, Guan Wang
At present, the innovative education aiming at cultivating students' innovative spirit and autonomous learning ability has put forward a series of reform requirements for the existing educational ideas, management system, operation mechanism and teaching methods for imparting existing knowledge. This...
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The Application of Interactive Teaching Method on College English Teaching

Peng Chen
Interactive teaching method is based on modern teaching thinking and teaching theory as a guide, fully embodies the teacher-oriented, student as the main body, to training as the main line to thinking as the core of a new teaching model. College English traditional "one speech, spoon" and other teaching...
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Study on the Surgical Treatment of Large Pituitary Adenomas

Xiaofei Fan, Shuying Yue
Pituitary adenoma is a common intracranial tumor, second only to glioblastoma and meningioma, accounting for about 10% of intracranial tumors. In recent years there has been an increasing trend. Hardy is divided into microadenomas (<10mm), large adenomas (11 ~ 40mm), giant adenomas (> 40mm) according...
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Research on Talent Cultivation Model of Chinese Medical Education based on International Standards

Yanchun Qi, Deqing Cai
The training mode of medical talents is the key to the reform of medical education. The purpose of this study is to study the development course, current situation and future trend of higher medical education personnel training. This paper analyzes the history and current situation of the training mode...
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Deconstruction of the Development of the Painting Art in the Republic of China

Weizhen Wang
Lacquer is a natural lacquer solution for the material, through the artistic means of processing the formation of art form of an art form. As a kind of modern from the point of view of art and art belong to the category, the lacquer art in China today is experiencing a new look and consider.
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Analysis on the Financing Risk of International Trade

Liyuan Li
With the development of China's foreign trade and the intensification of banking competition, international trade finance has become a financial business of commercial banks. The business not only for the import and export enterprises to provide financing facilities, but also to expand the banking business...
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Energy Cooperation between China and Central Asia under the Background of New Silk Road Economic Belt

Yusufu Gulinaer
Deepening China and Central Asia energy cooperation is not only feasible, but also need to accelerate. Chinese economy is moving at an unprecedented rate, and demand for energy is increasing. Chinese domestic energy supply has been unable to meet the needs of sustained and rapid economic growth, therefore,...
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Preconditions and Implementation Paths of the Energy Cooperation between China and Central Asia--under the Background of New Silk Road Economic Belt

Yusufu Gulinaer
With the modernization of China's construction, the demand for energy is also increasing, Central Asia because it is rich in oil and become a big country to compete for land, but also China's energy diversification strategy of the inevitable choice. China is connected with the landscape of Central Asia,...
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Research on Human Resource and Strategic Innovation of Private Enterprises

Yanna Wei
With the deepening of the degree of economic marketization in China, the private economy will inevitably play a more active role in the national economy. However, there are many shortcomings in the human resources management of private enterprises in China, mainly in the lack of strategic thinking in...
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Analysis of New Media Marketing Strategy under the Information Age

Chang Liu
The emergence of new media, changing the traditional marketing model of a single situation, enriched the form of marketing. Compared with the traditional marketing model, new media marketing is more concerned about the professional level of marketing staff. In addition, the new media marketing to information...