Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2018)

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The simultaneous equations models for the application in forestry

Fuxiang Liu
In accordance with weakness of traditional biomass models in which the sum of the above- and below-ground tree components was not equal to the whole tree, compatible biomass equations were developed for the above- and below-ground tree components of 11 kinds of tree species in Heilongjiang Province....
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Strategies for Ideological and Political Education in Colleges from the Perspective of New Media

Guoping Liu, Xianzhi Yang
The arrival of the new media era has brought new opportunities for the development of college students' Ideological and political education, and also brought serious and complicated challenges. To innovate the ideological and political education work in colleges and universities, it is necessary to grasp...
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Research on Financial Support Game New Urbanization Process in China

Xiaohong Dong
Theoretical and game analysis of the new urbanization of financial support. Propose solutions to the problem of rural financial conflicts financing needs of both supply and demand, improve rural financial market stage presence financial suppression. Game analysis of the process of urbanization problems...
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A Structured Skills Training under Professional Education in “Credit Management” Applied Undergraduate Institutions

Yun Yang, Yuhan Wang
Global uncertainty and heavy competition requires companies to remain effective in investments and sensible in people development. Employers consistently place high value on graduates that have demonstrated relevant skills and knowledge. For acquiring such relevant capabilities, and avoiding "undifferentiated"...
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Empirical Study on National Equities Exchange and Quotations under Market-maker System with VaR method Based on GARCH Model

Xiangguo Jia
This paper conducts empirical research and regulations on the risk of National Equities Exchange and Quotations under the market-maker system in China, and outlines the VaR method based on GARCH model after summarizing the domestic and foreign literatures on the risk measurement and control of NEEQ market-maker...
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Study on Influencing Factors of Financing Efficiency of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of New Three Board

Qijun Wu
This paper focuses on the development status, financing status and financing difficulties of the new three board market, and analyzes the factors that affect the financing efficiency of listed companies of the new three board. This paper first applies the DEA method, taking 173 enterprises listed and...
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Research on Independent Regulation Mechanism of Specialty Structure in Colleges and Universities Based on the Modeling Theory

Wei Zhao, Yang Li, Yafen Hao
The transformation development of newly built undergraduate colleges and universities is a profound reform of higher education in China. It is essential to explore the pathway to construct applied technological colleges and universities and improve the service capability of undergraduate colleges and...
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On the Effective Connection between Advanced Mathematics and Middle School Mathematics in Teaching Content and Method

Raorong Nie, Huaihong Zhu
Mathematics, as an important curriculum in China’s education, has significance on developing students’ logical thinking ability and problem-solving ability, and can be effectively applied to their future work and life. For college students, advanced mathematics not only can help them better understand...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Short Video in We-Media Era

Xin Gao
With the continuous development of Internet media era, the requirements of information transmission path is higher. And the currently popular mobile short video satisfies the need of people to widen transmission approaches to some extent. This paper mainly introduces mobile short video and its development...
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Study on Effective Path of Ideological and Political Education for College Students in New Era

Hongzhi Liu
The college period is an important stage in the shaping of students' outlook on life and values, and is the most important stage for preparing for the society. In the new era, the requirements for talents include not only skills, but also quality level as an important standard. Therefore, it is necessary...
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On the Role of Red Culture Resources in Ideological and Political Education for College Students

Rui Wang
This paper elaborates the connotation of red culture resources, explores the significance on ideological and political education for college students, further puts forward strategies and methods to promote the role of red culture resources in ideological and political education for college students so...
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Development Situation and Future Prospects of Cultural and Creative Industry in Third-tier Cities in China

Xinquan Wang
In recent years, domestic cultural and creative industry develops rapidly, however, there is large difference in its development speed and quality between third-tier cities and first-tier and second-tier cities. This paper discusses the development situation, puts forward suggestions, and makes future...
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Research on Effective Path of Educational Management of Colleges and Universities under the High Moral Values Establishment and Person Cultivation

Ying Zhou
“Set high moral values and cultivate person” is the important connotation of education, however, the differences in moral education level of teachers in colleges and universities, the negative impact of economic development and social transformation and the lack of working mechanism of colleges and universities...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Sport Injury of Competitive Aerobics Athletes

Wenjun Zou, Yunjing Zeng
In recent years, the excellent achievements of Chinese competitive aerobics athletes in international competitions have proved the level of sports of competitive aerobics athletes. However, sport injuries occur during the training and competition of athletes from time to time, which will affect the athletes'...
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Investigation and Thinking on Education of Left-behind Children in Remote Towns: an Example from Junior Section of Shangmei Middle School in Xinhua County

Yihong Hu, Yuanzhi Qing, Chenzhong Jin, Xuejiao Zhang
The left-behind children education problem in remote towns is more complicated than that in the rural area. These children are confronted with problems including the physical and mental development and the formation of morality mainly owing to the serious family education deficiency. In this paper, we...
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Spatial Statistical Analysis on Geographical agglomeration of planting Industry in Sichuan Province

Shouying Ying, Qiaoxi Fan
Based on the data of planting area from 2000 to 2016 in Sichuan Province, spatial dependence and heterogeneity of planting industry in Sichuan Province were investigated by using spatial Gini coefficient method, global spatial autocorrelation analysis and local spatial autocorrelation analysis. Furthermore,...
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Sociological Reflection on the Construction of Water Ecological Civilization City in Shaanxi Province

Xiao’e Zhao
Water, as an indispensable element of ecological system, directly relates to the economic, social and its own development of the city. Under the general plan of the Party Central Committee, Shaanxi Province issues a series of local law regulations and practice measures on water ecological civilization,...
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“16+1” Showcase of Jingchu Culture Self-confidence

Frosina Vitkovska, Laijin Shen
Culture self-confidence is one of the four possessed by China self-confidences stated by the Chinese president Xi Jinping at The 18th National Congress of CPC; is the firmest foundation for building the morality self-confidence, the theory self-confidence and the political system self-confidence; is...
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Study on Selection of Equity Incentive Models by Chinese Private Listed Companies

Jiamei Yu
Principal-agent problems including information asymmetry, moral hazard and adverse selection were caused by separation between modern enterprise ownership and right of management. These problems were alleviated to a certain degree with the birth of equity incentive mechanism. Due to the short development...
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The Application of Minimalism in Modern Packaging Design

Jinglong Liu
Minimalism is a popular art style in the design field at present. It has been applied to various fields, including packaging design. By analyzing the characteristics and development of minimalism and the problems and trends in modern packaging design.This paper tries to explore the minimalist principles...
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The Application and Study of PBL Teaching Mode in Data Structure Course

Yidan Xu
Among computer courses in most colleges and universities, data structure is the core contents of the teaching, and plays an obviously important role in the whole teaching process. In the long-term teaching of data structure course, the efficiency of teachers is relatively low, the learning of students...
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Research on Current Status and Countermeasures of “Double-position Teachers” Cultivation in Business English Major in Applied Technology Colleges in “Internet+” Age

Meifang Yang
Talents in business English is the bridge for the cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, teachers of business English is the cultivator of relevant talents, therefore, the teaching proficiency of teachers in business English has attracted much attention. “Double-position teachers” is the...
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Study on the Influence of American Anti-dumping towards China on China’s Export

Huaying Lai
Based on 1995-2014 HS6-bit encoded data of American anti-dumping cases, this paper studies the influence of American anti-dumping towards China on China’s export. The sample period of export data is from 1994 to 2017, and counted the amount of exports for products involved in American anti-dumping cases...
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The Development of Regional Economic Integration and China’s Foreign Regional Economic Strategy

Xiong Yan
Regional economic integration is a natural product after the productivity has reached a certain level. China has successfully joined the tide of the foreign regional economy. This paper starts with the concept of regional economic integration, and analyzes its causes, status quo, characteristics, existing...
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Research on Economic Regionalization and Financial Regionalization in China ——Based on Gini Coefficient, Theil’s Entropy Measure and Financial Interrelations Ratio

Fengrui Liu, Fuchang Li, Xiaohui Hu
China's economy is a typical big-nation economy. The economic gap between regions and the development of the financial industry are quite different. This paper analyzes the economic data of China from 2005 to 2016, and uses the per capita GDP data of the region to calculate the Gini coefficient and Theil’s...
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An Analysis of Non-English Majors' Translation Learning Concepts and Development Features

Hui Zhang
For non-English majors, translation learning concepts have a very important role in the process of learning, which is one of the most important factors that help students improve their learning. This study explores the translation learning concepts and their development features of non-English majors....
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Research on the Developing Suggestions of Enterprise Competitive Intelligence in Big Data Era

Shiwei Zhu, Junfeng Yu, Sisi Li, Beibei Xu, Mingjun Zhang, Chen Li
With the rapid development of information technology and networks, the big data era is coming, great changes of the data usage in all industries have taken place. On the top of the pyramid, competitive intelligence is bound to be impacted. The article describes the concept and the donation of big data,...
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Pricing Convertible Bonds Based on Black-Shcoles Formula

Xin Du, Lian Chen
The article first introduces that convertible bonds is also a kind of financial derivatives which can be priced through using the Black-Shcoles formula, and derives PDE satisfied by convertible bond prices, then calculates the pricing formula of convertible bonds, finally, uses the formula to calculate...
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A Study on the Cultivation of College Students’ Self-leadership Based on Subject Competitions

Shujuan Yu
Based on theoretical teaching, the subject competitions train students’ logical thinking ability and independent problem-solving ability in the form of competitions. The subject competitions are characterized by openness and voluntariness, students’ subjectivity, collaboration, inheritance and competitiveness....
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Evolution of Ancient Alphabet to Modern Greek, Latin and Cyrillic Alphabets and Transcription between Them

Xiangning Zhang, Ruolin Zhang
The elements of alphabet tables reflect the phonetics of different languages. The earliest alphabet was invented by Phoenician in 200 millennium BCE, and was spread by businessmen from there; it was modified to form Greek alphabet, and Greek alphabet was introduced to Roman Empire and a new script, Latin...
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Roles and Countermeasures of College Journals in College Education and Teaching

Caijuan Shang, Shengfeng Wang, Yanping Niu, Feifei Shang, Shuhui Wang, Zengshan Li, Jing Luo
This paper summarizes the functions of college journals in college education and teaching, such as promoting the development of existing disciplines, supporting the construction of new disciplines, and training high-tech talents, and put forwards such specific countermeasures as carrying out the planning...
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Cultural Hermeneutics of Ancient Chinese Local History Exhibition - A Case Study of Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace

Liuxiang Zeng
Cultural hermeneutics in terms of its historical significance and interest plays a vital role in the ancient Chinese local history exhibition. The exhibition of Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace focuses on the combination of cultural hermeneutics and historical value of the palace and its unearthed...
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Pricing mechanism of carbon emission rights and its effectiveness research -- based on case analysis of carbon emission trading centers in Beijing and Guangzhou

Fazhao Liu
Greenhouse gas emission reduction is a global issue, and the United States' historic carbon dioxide emissions require it to bear the corresponding financial responsibility in the Paris agreement. Mr Trump therefore decided to withdraw from the Paris agreement. Neither can the US withdraw from the Paris...
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The Factors and Growth Mechanism for Smart City: a Survey of Nine cities of The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Minghua Jiang, Xiao Luo, Chengwen Chen
The concept of Smart City is changing the methods by which the cities manage urbanization strategies and govern city. The article on hand uses the dataset of nine cities of Guangdong, Southern province of China, to examine what social powers influent cities towards their smartness, and how they affect....
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Factors influence to entrepreneurial team performance

Youhouy Eang
Entrepreneurship has always been a core source of vitality and competitiveness for the world’s most powerful economies, and it is also true for China. This paper summarizes the research results of entrepreneurial team’s performance for both domestic and international in term of the basic concepts, measurement...
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Research on the Pragmatic Function of Vague Language in English TV Interview

Bo Fu
It is believed that in our daily communication, speakers should use accurate language and avoid unclear and vague expression. However, in practice, because of the objective existence of vague phenomenon and certain communicative purposes, both parties of the communication will use vague language consciously....
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Voice Onset Time in Children and Adults: Evidence from Mandarin Voiceless Stops

Junzhou Ma, Xiaoxiang Chen, Yezhou Wu
This study seeks to investigate the effect of age and sex on voice onset time(VOT) of stops in Mandarin-speaking children and adults. 13 monolingual children and 13 adults participated in a sentence production experiment. Target sounds were obtained from productions elicited by a sentences reading experiment....
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Research on Quality Control in Professional Practice Link of Full-time Master of Agriculture

Chenzhong Jin, Kailing Peng, Xiong Li, Wenxin Jin, Yihong Hu, Yunyun Zhou
The development of professional degree at home and abroad is introduced. The investigation and study on methods for quality control in professional practice link are conducted during the cultivation of full-time agricultural professional degree postgraduates in Hunan University of Humanities, Science...
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Why children have aggressive behaviors

Shikun Su
Aggressive behaviors are common among kindergarten children to adolescents. Children may start aggressive behaviors at a very small age, and children who display more aggressive behaviors tend to be more violent when they grow up. So, it is important to discuss aggressive behaviors of children because...
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Improvement of Chemistry Teaching Practice to Deep Learning

Qinghua Li
Deep learning plays an important role in improving students' academic literacy and comprehensive ability. The deep learning is integrated in junior high school chemistry, which means that chemistry education is moving toward a higher level. With the continuous reform of the education system, China has...
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Happiness Effect of the Social Security Participation in Urban and Rural China: An Empirical Analysis Based on CGSS 2015 Data

Jiao Zhang, Jianding Ding
Based on the Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) 2015 and the ordered logit regression analysis, this study empirically estimates the happiness effect of the social security participation in urban and rural China. The results are as follows: (1) Social security participation has a significant impact...
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Analysis of the Educational Mechanism of College Culture

Kai Li, Hong Li, Hong Zheng
College culture is a necessary part to strengthen group cohesion, stimulate group morale and cooperate with ideological and political education. In view of some problems such as lack of force construction ideas, ignoring the campus spirit cultivation and delaying the infrastructure construction, the...
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Study on Generating Factors of Xi Jinping’s Socialist Ideology with Chinese Characteristics in New Er

Wenlin Chen
Chinese excellent traditional culture is the cultural source of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in new era; the situation of the world, nation and the Party is realistic foundation; Marxism is the theoretical source; and core leadership is the main cause. These four forming...
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The Construction of Empirical Research Model on New Generation of Migrant Worker’s Urban Inclusion: from a Perspective of Psychological, Social and Human Capitals

Yanling Cao
Based on the central role of human in the process of Chinese New Urbanization, considering their uniqueness and semi-citizenry, this paper did some researches on how to resolve the problem of the new generation of migrant worker’s urban inclusion in the context of gradually liberating the household registration...
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Empirical Research on New Generation of Migrant Worker’s Urban Inclusion Based on a Perspective of Psychological, Social and Human Capitals: the data from Jilin Province

Yanling Cao
Based on the central role of human in the process of Chinese New Urbanization, considering their uniqueness and semi-citizenry, this paper did some researches on how to resolve the problem of the new generation of migrant worker’s urban inclusion in the context of gradually liberating the household registration...
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A Statistical Analysis on Environmental Factors Affecting Education Efficiency of China’s 4-year Universities

Guanghong Zhang, Weonjae Kim
This study deals with the statistical analysis for checking significance of environmental factors impacting on the education efficiency of the 80 universities in China. As a result of some previous studies and statistical consideration, we adopted a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) model to perform the...
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Application of QFD in China’s Higher Education: A Bibliometric Study

Jinhong Zhong, Aoqi Guo, Yi Fu, Hongye Wang
Quality function deployment (QFD) is a customer-driven product development approach, which has been applied by many authors to improve the quality of higher education. By employing SATI3.2, RStudio, Ucinet6.0, we make a bibliometric analysis for the papers on QFD application in China higher education,...
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Competitiveness Evaluation of High-tech Zone based on Industrial Cluster

Bingke Zhu, Xiaomiao Gui, Chaofeng Zhou
In order to improve the competitiveness of High-tech Zones from the angle of industrial cluster, this paper constructed the competitiveness evaluation index system of high-tech Zone based on industrial cluster. Using AHP to determine the index weight, this paper analyzed the influential factors affecting...
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Constructing a diversified ecological town system to promote economic restructuring and upgrading

Dan Liu, Xiaoyue Liu
The rise of the small town economy is the inevitable result of the reverse development of the city's gathering interests and congestion costs, as well as a new exploration to promote urban-rural integration and practice sustainable development. The construction of a diversified ecological town economic...
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Multimodal Narration of Present Chinese Cultural Relic TV Programs——Take National Treasure as an Example

Duanli Wu, Weihua Chen
Mainstream TV programs on Chinese cultural relics are either too serious or superficial, and they do not show the cultural appeal of cultural relics well, and the consistency between the theme and the cultural core. The National Treasure, broadcast by CCTV in 2017 to 2018, is widely praised with the...
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Brief Analysis on Operating Model and Risks of “P2P Lending” in China

Jiaqi Jin, Yucan Liu
This paper conducts comparative analysis on operating model of domestic P2P lending platforms, explores advantages and deficiencies of various models, finds out existing problems and puts forward corresponding suggestions. This paper selects two classic P2P lending platforms, and analyzes from company...
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Explorations of Improvements in Vocational Guidance Course for College Students Driven by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Yanhong Jiang
In the new round of entrepreneurship boom raised by innovative-oriented countries, vocational guidance in colleges and universities shall take the opportunity to implement the vocational guidance idea of “employment increasing by entrepreneurship”, and promotes the innovation and entrepreneurship education...
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Investigation report on the demand for skilled talents of fishery enterprises in east China

Xiaojiang Chen, Wei Li, Quan Wang
In order to find out the demand for talents in fishery industry in east China and the requirements of fishery talents demand type, level, structure, quantity, quality and other aspects, scientifically analyze and predict the future demand for talents, the author conducts research through online questionnaires...
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Research on the Innovation of Industry-University-Research Institution Collaboration in China’s Finance and Economics Universities

Hongliang Wei, Huihui Chen
Industry-University-Research Institution Collaboration(IURC) is an important strategy for finance and economics colleges to achieve their talent training goals. At present, the IURC in China’s financial and economic universities has just started, and there still exists many problems. To this end, this...
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Analysis on the Applicability of Multimedia Technology in the Teaching of Advanced Mathematics

Huaihong Zhu, Raorong Nie
This paper starts from the limitations of traditional classroom teaching in new trend, explores the applicability of multimedia technology in the teaching of advanced mathematics, analyzes its disadvantages and discusses measures to make use of multimedia technology to assist the teaching of advanced...
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An Analysis of Ouyang Xiu's Economic Thoughts

Jianfei Yang, Kun Huang
As one of the eight famous writers of the Tang and Song Dynasties, Ouyang Xiu’s literary works was well known by people. It is relished by people that “The drinker's focus on the mountain and rivers instead of wine”, “The heavy mountain is at the end of the flat glass and pedestrians are still outside...
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Why Genes Determine Parenting and Children’s Development

Shikun Su
Parenting—defined as how parents rear and interact with their children in physical practices, how parents provide emotional support, and what environment parents provide for their children—plays an important role in children’s development. People usually think of parenting from nurturist perspective,...
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An Analysis of Local Legislation of the Village-level River Extension System──A Case Study of the Drafting of Village-level River Regulations in Ya’an

Feiming Li, Shuang Liu, Luran Zhao
The village-level river chief system is a system innovation in the implementation of the four-level river chief system in the provinces, cities, counties (districts) and townships of the state. Local legislation is a necessary prerequisite and legal basis for practice. At village-level river chief system...
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Path Research on Quality Management of Organization of the Youth League in Colleges and Universities

Lirong Huang
To promote the strengthening of League self-discipline in new trend shall become the new normal of the construction of Youth League, to establish the concept of total quality management and continuously improve the management quality of student League member in colleges and universities. This paper,...
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Shallow Analysis on Skill Training in Painting Teaching and Cultivation of Thinking Method

Jinyangzi Fu
Painting is the key content of art education in colleges and universities, so improving the painting teaching is of great help to the cultivation of outstanding art talents in the country. Combined with teaching practice and experience, this paper analyzes problems existing in painting teaching in colleges...
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On the Concept of Relative Rest in The Book of Rites •The Book of Music

Yuanbo Zhu
In traditional culture of China, since ancient times, there has been a pursuit of static state. Through the exploration of the concept of music, nature and interpersonal harmony in The Book of Rites •The Book of Music, the analysis of the complementary relationship between rites and music is conducted,...
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Research on Theory, Connotation and Evaluation System of State Owned Enterprises' Innovative Vitality

Hualei Zhang, Zhiyi Wang, Yan Chang, Xiaofeng Tian
At present, the state-owned enterprises’ (SOE) mechanism of the management system hase been continuously optimizationed and the ability of independent innovation has been continuously strengthened, how to effectively stimulate the innovative vitality of state-owned enterprises has become the focus of...
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Analysis of Refugee Employment Clause in International Investment Agreements

Qiushi Qu
In recent years, the refugee settlement problem worse, raising global concern. The refugee problem, however, is difficult to be solved in the short term, which makes, including the United Nations, international organizations, world big powers, refugees, are very headache. Against such a backdrop, the...
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Research on Long-term Performance of Private Placement of A-share Listed Companies in China

Jiaqi Jin, Yucan Liu
This paper selects A-share listed companies successfully implementing private placement from 2015 to 2017 in Shanghai and Shenzhen as research sample. (Data source: Wind Information) Sample of ST and *ST listed companies issuing private placement is eliminated; sample of B-share companies issuing additionally...
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Exploration on cultivation path of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in fishery technology

Xiaojiang Chen, Quan Wang
In order to explore the cultivation path of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in fishery technology, this paper discusses the reform of talents cultivation mode to solve the problem of the disconnection between talents cultivation and enterprise demand, the development of innovative and entrepreneurial...
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Development Strategy of Bank Insurance Based on Financial Mixed Operation

Xiaobing Jiang
For promoting the sustainable development of China’s bank insurance, this research started from the theoretical study of bank insurance and based on a thorough analysis of foreign bank insurance, summarized the experience of bank insurance development in developed countries, combined with the development...
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Research on Cultivating and Enhancing the Self-Development Ability of the Poor Ethnic Minority Population

Bin Han, Jijun Kong
Since the development of poverty alleviation and development in China, the living conditions of poor people in ethnic minorities have greatly improved, but the gap with other people has become more and more obvious and remains the most difficult group among rural poor. For a long time, exogenous and...
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The Neutral role of Interpreters under the Cognitive Model of Interpreting

Weitian Deng
Interpreting model is of great significance for interpreters in terms of theory and practice alike. Compared with other models, the cognitive model of interpreting is more viable and instructive on the grounds that it fully illustrates the process of communication in interpreting and interpreters’ task...
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Mixed model of stock price impact analysis and its application in bank stock

Weijia Kong, Mingrui Zhang, Meijun Liu
With the rapid development of financial industry, financial automatic trading has gradually become the main business mode in today's social and economic activities. In the asset liquidation market, how to balance price shocks and time risks to ensure the lowest transaction cost is particularly important....
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Analyze the Outpatient Cost Structure Change after the Comprehensive Reform of Public Hospitals by the Least Squares Trend Seasonal Multiplication Model

Meiqin Wang, Qingbin Wu, Yu Meng
Background: To find out the seasonal variation rule of outpatient expenditure structure from 2013 to 2016, and predict the outpatient cost structure change in 2017 by the least squares trend seasonal multiplication model, and analyze the effect after the comprehensive reform of public hospitals. Methods:...
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The Enlightenment from the Experience of the Construction of Vietnamese Socialist Legal Power

Fengming Zhu
The construction of Vietnam's socialist jurisdiction is a useful exploration of how to develop democratic politics under the one-party rule of the Communist Party. It has achieved preliminary results. China must grasp the breakthrough points and advantages in the construction of Vietnam's socialist jurisdiction...
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Study on the Institutionalization of Cadres to Improve the Ability of Political Parties

Fengming Zhu
As far as China is concerned, the construction of cadre team has important practical significance for the improvement of party capacity building. At present, the construction of the cadre selection mechanism has been relatively sound and has achieved the goal of cadre, but how to improve the party's...
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Exploration of English Application Based on Information Technology

Xiaofang Luo, Hongxu Fei
To explore an overview of current English apps, taking the AppStore application and the app related to English education in educational applications as an example, the communication process and mode of English education App are studied. According to the knowledge construction process and the behavior...
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Studies on University Chinese Teaching Content Optimization Based on Applied Talent Cultivation

Shuhong Sun
Setting university Chinese courses in higher vocational colleges is of its significance and value. However, due to realistic predicaments, teaching contents must be reformed based on the cultivation objectives of higher vocational education. This article focuses on elaborating the principle, existing...
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Research on Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Shape Analysis

Lei Ao, Cheng Zhang, Yuchen Wei
The texture in digital images is the spatial correlation of the gray or color of adjacent pixels, or the visual representation of the change of image gray level and color space position, which can be expressed as edges, shapes, stripes, color blocks and so on. Therefore, to extract the texture features...
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A Design of a Signal Acquisition System for Underwater Physical Field

Jian Yang
In the test of underwater vehicle, obtaining all kinds of effective information of underwater vehicle in time and accurately is of great significance to the evaluation of test results. This paper presents a design of underwater physical field signal acquisition system, analyzes the requirements of the...
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A Design of Test Telemetry Data Management System with Embedded Quality Bus

Wei Wang, Ruipeng Luan
In view of the existing problems in the telemetry data management of aircraft test, the design scheme of the test data management system with embedded quality bus is proposed. The design idea of quality bus, architecture and key technologies of the system are described, and the superiority of the system...
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Research on the Deep Integration of Information Technology and Ideological and Political Education Teaching

Tao Li
In order to deepen the application of information technology in ideological and political education, we should innovate teaching ideas, teaching models and learning methods. It is the main work of creative idea and practical exploration in ideological and political education to focus on the high integration...
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The Exploration and Practice of VERICUT Software in the Teaching of "Numerical Control Technology"

Kui Jin, Peng Zhang
The course of "numerical control Technology" has many complicated knowledge points and a close integration with the profession. According to this characteristic, combined with the teaching reform of integration of theoretical practice, this paper expounds the features and main functions of VERICUT software...
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The Road to New Urbanization of Chang-Ji-Tu

Shujie Xu, Daqing Zhang, Laiwu Yin
Currently focused on developing their own industry development in Chang-Ji-Tu better township, make these areas first entered the threshold of the urbanization. Itself Chang-Ji-Tu the forefront of the region's economic development is in Jilin province, Chang-Ji-Tu Demonstration Town figure region accounted...
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Problems Existing in the Management of Contemporary College Students and Their Solutions

Yingying Cheng
The university education is also known as " elite education ", the students who can enter the university basically have strong learning ability and self - control, shoulder the hope of the future development of the motherland, and are also the successors of socialism. With the comprehensive deepening...
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Research on the Application of Flipped Classroom in College English Teaching in China

Qing Song
Under the wave of education informatization reform in China, the flipped classroom originated in the American education community is guided by constructivism theory and based on modern information technology. As an innovative teaching model, it is educating our country with its unique advantages. This...
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Research on CBI Teaching Mode in College English Public Course

Qing Song
College English teaching in public courses should adopt the theme and content to practice two content-based instruction (CBI) teaching modes. In the process of use, attention should be paid to the necessary adjustments and reforms of the two teaching modes in the light of the specific conditions in China....
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Research on the Influence of International MOOCs on College English Curriculum in China

Qing Song
College English is the single subject with the highest percentage of colleges and universities in China, and it has always been the experimental field for teaching reform. With the popularization of MOOCs, Chinese college English teaching faces new challenges. A large number of international non-language...
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A Preliminary Study on the Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum System of Social Sports Students

Jia Cao
With the innovation and development of social economy, colleges and universities are required to train applied talents. On the other hand, the development of mass education brings more challenges to the educational and teaching activities in colleges and universities. How to realize the innovation and...
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Research on Horqin Mongolian Traditional Sports Culture

Hong Zhang
Horqin is one of the Mongolian tribes in history, and is also the birthplace of the famous Mongolian regional culture, that is, Horqin culture. In recent years, people attach great importance to the study of Horqin Mongolian traditional sports culture. This paper will focus on the research of Horqin...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Jilin Province Colleges and Universities in Transition

Chen Shao
In accordance with the requirements of relevant national policies, some colleges and universities in China will be transformed into technological-oriented colleges and universities in the future, but before that, most of the universities in our country were biased towards academic research. There are...
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Innovative Research on Higher Vocational Students Internships Practice Teaching and Management

Changping Song
The position practice is an important link in the teaching process of higher vocational education. How to carry out scientific design, reasonable arrangement, careful organization and standardized management is the key to improving the effectiveness of teaching in post-secondary practice. The article...
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Feasibility Analysis on the Application of "Flipped Class" Teaching Mode to Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Xin Hao
With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the education has also ushered in a huge change. As a new teaching mode, "flipped class" has more and more widely used in music teaching in colleges and universities. In recent years, the teaching mode has made great innovations in teaching...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation System of Training Base in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Mode of School Enterprise Cooperation

Qingyun Meng
Building the training base for school and enterprise is the only way for the development of practical training teaching in higher vocational colleges. The key point is to define the stakeholders of the school enterprise cooperation and build the training base as the evaluation subject, and to determine...
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Analysis on the Status Quo of the Document Resources Guarantee of the Key Subjects in Local Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Shuang Li
In recent years, the social economy of our country is developing at a high speed, many industries have ushered in new opportunities for development, and the development of industries can not be separated from the strength of talents, so these industries have a great demand for complex talents with high...
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A Preliminary Analysis of the Teaching Reform of Marxist Philosophy in Colleges and Universities

Lijing Jin
Marxist philosophy is of great significance to the improvement of scientific and cultural quality of college students and the cultivation of their independent thinking ability. Since the reform and opening up, many colleges and universities in our country have made certain achievements in the educational...
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Exploration of "Dual system" Talent training Model of German Vocational Education in China

Xuejun Han, Yu Zhu
The practice of "dual system" personnel training mode in our school and the joint training of GROB Group (Dalian) Co. Ltd. has realized the organic integration of German vocational education model and Chinese traditional higher vocational education system. It reflects the effective integration of Chinese...
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Research on the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Specialty Education in Higher Vocational Engineering

Yu Zhu, Wei Guan
At present, higher education in our country mainly focuses on professional education. Colleges and universities carry out professional education according to the set curriculum system according to the training plan of professional talents. Therefore, if we want to integrate innovative entrepreneurship...
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Studies on the Cultivation of Values of Maritime College Students' Occupational Pride

Qian Wang, Han Qin, Mei Yuan, Zhuolin Wang
In view of the problems that the college students in Maritime major are weak in core values and lack of occupational pride at present, the questionnaire and the form of the symposium have been adopted to investigate the main influencing factors. This paper puts forward the educational countermeasures...
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The Application of Scene Design in Maritime English Listening and Speaking Teaching

Caixia Wang
Maritime English listening and speaking is a specialized course in navigation technology major. It is one of the assessment subjects carried out by MSA. At present, the teacher-centered teaching method is used in this course, which causes a difficult situation that the teacher lectures arduously while...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Computer Network Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Ge Wei
with the continuous development of social economy, the continuous progress of science and technology and the development speed computer technology and network technology is accelerating, the application of computer network technology is becoming more and more extensive, many colleges and universities...
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Permanence and almost periodic solution for a n-species competitive system

Qingshui Liao
By applying the theory of inequality on time scales and the Lyapunov function method, we obtain some sufficient conditions which guarantee the permanence and existence of a unique uniformly asymptotically stable almost periodic sequence solution of a n-species Lotka-Volterra competitive system with infinite...
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Discussion of the Factors that Influence the Amazon’s Share Prices

Yi Feng, Xujie Li
The fierce competition of the economic circle sees the active participation in the stock market for more and more global enterprises. Amazon is also included in this trend, in order to obtain its further development and economic profits earning in essence. In order to better understand the role of stock...
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Research on Development Path of Wenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing under Trend of Emerging Industry

Jing Zhuo
Based on researching the development path of Wenzhou intelligent manufacturing industry, to understand the overall development of Wenzhou in this field, find out the shortcomings in development, and then propose suggestions for further improving Wenzhou intelligent manufacturing. All these are of great...