Proceedings of the International Conference on Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANRes 2018)

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Tobacco Trading Arrangements:Prospect Of Justice For Tobacco Farmers In Java

Nanik Prasetyoningsih
Tobacco trading is a tobacco marketing system from farmers to consumers. In the global trade system, local tobacco farmers compete with tobacco manufacturers from abroad. Unfortunately, government performance is unsatisfying regarding the management of tobacco trading mechanism. This study aimed to determine...
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Entrepreneurship for Empowerment Persons With Disabilities In Yogyakarta Province

Arni Surwanti, Lela Hindasah
The Local Regulation of Protection and Fulfillment of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Yogyakarta Province mandates that every person with disabilities has the same rights and opportunities to get a job. The government has obligation to facilitate persons with disabilities to get a job. The...
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Development Of Disadvantaged Districts Based On Pajale (Rice, Corn, And Soybean) In West Sumatera

Dany Juhandi, Albert Sembiring, Nilam Kemala Odang
The Government of Indonesia has regulated the acceleration of food self-sufficiency for rice, corn, and soybean (Pajale) through Minister of Agriculture Regulation No.14 of 2015. It is highly suggested that before the implementation of this program. It is necessary to identify different foods potential...
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Financial Analysis And Business Feasibility Study Of Cinnamon Jelly Candy

Setiarti Sukotjo, Indrati Sukmadi, Muhami Muhami, Alifatul Mastikha
The Government of Indonesia is targeting the performance of small and medium-sized industries (IKM) to grow above 10 percent in 2018. One of food products that can be developed in a small-scale industry is seaweed-based jelly candy with cinnamon flavor. The aim of the research is to understand the financial...
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The Impact of Clove Import Policy on Clove Market and Cigarette Production in Indonesia

Antik Suprihanti, Bonar M. Sinaga, Harianto Harianto, Reni Kustiari
Indonesian government has applied clove import policy (which import only through licensed importer). The policy had caused consequences to the clove market and cigarette production. The aim of this research was to analyze the impact of the policy on clove market and cigarette production in Indonesia....
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Entrepreneurship Development Program Through Gontor Agrotech Training Centre In University of Darussalam Gontor

Alfu Laila, Lutfy Ditya Cahyanti, Niken Trisnnaningrum, Use Etica
Nowadays, many universities around the world are in the process of strengthening their entrepreneurship education programs in order to create more young entrepreneurs in the future. University of Darussalam Gontor provided the requirement through Gontor Agrotech Training Centre with entrepreneurship...
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Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Agricultural Marketing in Indonesia a Brief Literature Review

Heri Akhmadi
It is obvious that information and communication technology (ICT) have been widely used in agricultural sector in the last decade. Theoretically, ICTs propose to increase the efficiency of agricultural marketing since this could reduce marketing supply chain, thus increasing marketing efficiency. This...
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Social Study And Economic Aspects Of Sheep In Intensive Livestock Business District Cirebon

Fitri Dian Perwitasari, Bastoni Bastoni
Haur Kuning Livestock Farmer Group is located in Ciawi Gajah Village, Cirebon District. Members of the Haur Kuning livestock farming group have intensive maintenance methode in raising their livestock with varying business scales. The research was conducted to know the socio-economic aspects of intensive...
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The Influence Of Transfer Knowledge And Quality Management On Environmental Performance Through Innovation Strategy On Batik Mukti Manunggal Association

Reza Widhar Pahlevi, Indri Irma Oktaviani
This study aims to determine the effect of transfer knowledge and quality management on the innovation strategy of Batik MuktiManunggal Association, to determine the effect of transfer knowledge and quality management on the environmental performance of BatikMuktiManunggal Association and to determine...
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The Sweet Potato Substitution of Raw Material of Food Processed and Consumers Preferences

Triwara Buddhisatyarini, Nur Rahmawati, Muhammad Thoha
This research aims to know the consumer preference of foods, based on the level of sweet potato substitution of raw material for food product, and to know the profit of this product. Product of sweet potato substitution to be analyzed this research are pizza, brownies, and bread. To collect the sample...
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Fermented Technology of Robusta Coffee Beans (Canephora Coffee) With Kefir Milk to Produce Specialty Coffee

Asmak Afriliana, Hiroyuki Harada, Putri Qoriasiatul Khotijah, Jayus, Giyarto
Coffee beans produced by Indonesian farmers are known as “asalan” (unfermented) coffee and has a bad taste. The aims of this research to increase quality of Robusta coffee bean with fermentation using kefir starter. It is one of processing methods of coffee by soaking the coffee beans and then adding...
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The Effect of Local Microorganism (MOL) Concentration of Banana Hump and Fruit Waste on the Growth and Yield of Broccoli Plants (Brassica oleracea)

Dyah Roeswitawati, Yulindar Utami Ningsih, Muhidin
Local Microorganisms (MOL) are fermented liquids made from natural ingredients that contain microorganisms that have the potential to transform organic matter, stimulate growth, control pests and plant diseases. Broccoli includes horticultural plants which are a source of vitamins A, B complex, C, calcium,...
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Evaluation of Biosecurity Implementation in Layer Chicken Farm in Gulurejo Village, Lendah Subdistrict, Kulonprogo District

Francy Risvansuna, Yus Peisal Nurhikmat
The unreasonable mortality rate of poultry in Gulurejo Village has become a major problem. Although breeders claimed they have applied Biosecurity system, the issue of poultry mortality still could not be resolved. This study aims to analyze the condition and success level of Biosecurity application...
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Substitution Analysis of Farm Pattern of Soybean (Glycine max) with Sweet Citrus Fruit (Citrus sp.) and Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus) in Southern Banyuwangi

Muhammad Hazmi, Syamsul Hadi, Edy Sutiarso
The growing substitution patterns of soybeans into horticultural crops in Southern Banyuwangi caused the soy food stocks to decrease. This condition is possible to threaten the pillars of sustainable agriculture. This study was conducted to investigate any socio-economic factors that affect the farming...
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A Study on the Potential of Processed Banana Agroindustry: An Effort to Strengthen Food Security

Nuning Setyowati, Agustono, Suprapti Supardi, Wiwit Rahayu
Bojonegoro is a region in East Java Province affected with annual flood. Food security, particularly in flood-vulnerable areas, is urgent to improve. Developing Agroindustry is a solution to improve the performance of agricultural sector to achieve food security for local communities. Banana is a superior...