Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2019)

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A Bi-level Programming Model on the Pricing Method for the Air-Rail Intermodal Transport

Jin Zeng, Shaoyuan Guo, Fangrong Qi, Hongqin Pan
In recent years, China's society has developed rapidly, the high-speed railway network has become more and more perfect, and the competition between high-speed rail and civil aviation has become increasingly fierce. In the country's newly introduced national transportation development plan, the development...
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Identifying Key Success Factors of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Yuming Tian, Shiqi Tang, Zhuoer Kong
In recent years, China has vigorously promoted domestic enterprises to conduct direct foreign investment and promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. State-owned enterprises in China are the main exporters of China's foreign direct investment. Research on the factors of success or failure...
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Empirical Analysis of Impacts on China’s Transport Service Trade of International Competitiveness

Nina Zhu, Zhen Cao
This paper aims to make an empirical analysis of impacts on China’s transport service trade of international competitiveness. At first it makes comparative analysis between China and some relevant countries by calculating the competitiveness index of RCA, then this paper makes an empirical analysis of...
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A Study on the Complementarity of Merchandise Trade between China and CEEC

Yehui Wang, Xiaoheng Xu
This paper uses trade combination degree and trade complementarity index to analyze the trade relation between China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries in the period of 2008 to 2017.The analysis proves that during this time the goods trade between China and these countries had low reliance...
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Does WTO Membership Has Effects on the Trade Linkages of Inward and Outward FDI: Evidence from China

William Sheng Liu
The study contributes to the FDI-trade literature by making a first attempt at assessing the dynamics of FDI and WTO membership linkages with trade in China. Utilizing a country-level panel trade data spanning the period 2003 to 2016, we found that both FDI inflows and outflows have been trade-enhancing....
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Identifying and Managing Key Success Factors for Sino-Estonian Joint Ventures

Jiani Xie, Yuhan Hu, Yangxinran Sun
International Joint Venture (IJV) has been one of the main approaches to entering a foreign market in the last decade. Recently there has been a growing interest to examine the factors of successful IJVs in China and how these IJVs manage effectively with cross-culture from major developed countries....
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Research on Chinese Business Environment and Upgrading of Market

Xinyi Cao, Lifeng Tu
As China economy has stepped in the New Normal, Chinese government has emphasized to improve the business environment, intending to attract foreign investment, which contributes a lot in China economic growth. Meanwhile, Chinese government also increases the efficiency of the government to serve for...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Affecting Real Estate Price under the Background of Loose Monetary Policy: Based on the Statistics of Chengdu in the past 15 Years

Boya Zhang
Chengdu, one of the fastest growing cities in China and the world, has seen a steady rise in housing prices, but in the past year it has seen explosive growth, with prices in the main urban areas almost doubling from the end of 2016 to the end of 2018. As a new first-tier city, the fluctuation of housing...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Private Car Ownership in China under the Background of Aging

Lulu Hao, Xuemeng Guo
In recent years, with the increasing number of motor vehicles in cities, urban traffic jams, air pollution and other problems have become increasingly prominent. There are a variety of factors affecting road congestion in China, including population, economic factors, urban morphology and policy factors....
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Study on the Choice of Marine Leading Industries in Guangdong Province

Junjie Wang, Jianhua Xiao
Firstly, the cumulative method is used as the evaluation criterion, secondly, the structural deviation component and competitive deviation component in Esteban model are used as the evaluation index, and then the weight of each index is calculated by the entropy method for comprehensive evaluation. Finally,...
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Evaluation of Regional Innovation Efficiency in China Based on Three-Stage DEA Model

Dandan Wei
This paper uses the three-stage DEA model to measure the regional innovation efficiency of 30 provinces in China from 2009 to 2016. The research shows that: (1) the innovation efficiency of most provinces in China is overestimated by environmental factors and random factors; (2) Except for Beijing and...
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A Study of How Stock Liquidity Differs in Bullish and Bearish Markets: The Case of China’s Stock Market

Mingdi Chen
Considering the market factors and industry factors, this paper conducts a study of the difference of stock liquidity between bullish and bearish market. The study takes 45 stocks respectively from 9 main industries in CSI 300 market as the objects, the 16th of Oct. in 2007 as the cut-off point, the...
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Research on Breakthrough of Core Technology of New Energy Automobile Industry Based on Evolutionary Game

Han Wang, Benhai Guo, Wenjian Li
In view of the lack of high-end and high-performance products in China's new energy automobile industry, the evolutionary game model of the core technology breakthrough of the new energy automobile industry is constructed, the behavioral strategies of multi-agent participation are analyzed, and the conditions...
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Loan Conditions and Bank Risk Exposure

Yi-Chang Chen, Zixian Xu, Jie Deng, Bin Xu
This paper investigates the loan conditions and bank risk exposure for the risk valuation factors of loans within the commercial bank industry. We use the listed companies in the Taiwan Economic News, sort out the financial indicators in 2007-2018, and empirically explores the impact of enterprises on...
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Empirical Test of the Effectiveness of CAPM for Shanghai Stock Market-Based on Industry Grouping

Zhenyan Xiao, Yujian Yang, Liangfu Li, Yongjun Zhong
This paper selects the stock data of 18 industries based on the CSRC industry classification from June 2016 to 2018 from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and conducts two tests. (1) The time series test proves that the β values of different industries show significant differences, and there are β values that...
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Impact of Exchange Rate on Foreign Trade of Pakistan

Malik Muhammad Bilal Khan, Yulan Du, Hafiz Muhammad Ali Tahir
This research is based on to test the relationship existence between Exchange rate and foreign trade which are imports and exports of Pakistan using annual data from 1993 to 2017. Vector error correction model consisting of three variables imports, exports, and the exchange rate are used. In this study,...
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Multi-objective Programming Model for Enterprise Decision-making Under the Interaction of Progressive Carbon Tax and Carbon Trading

Lu-lu Ding, Ji-jian Zhang, Xing Yin
By constructing a multi-objective programming model, this paper studies the decision-making problem of the enterprise under the interaction of progressive carbon tax and carbon trading, and draws the optimal distribution ratio between carbon emission rights and carbon tax, and discusses the tax rate...
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Modeling Value of Natural Food Preservative Using an Example of Innovative Chitosan Orange Peel Complex

Vanisa Lent
The increasing awareness of the health hazards assisted with preservatives used in today's foods draws great attention to the complete food manufacturing chain. Research presented in this paper based on the author’s successful development of the innovative natural food preservative applied in a meat...
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The Application of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and its providers in China

Jialin Shi
The potential of blockchain has been recognized worldwide. It can be applied in many fields and brings a huge improvement to society. To help users to gain quick access to this new technology, IT giants introduce BaaS (Blockchain as a service). However, the study of BaaS in the context of the Chinese...
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The Development Model Study of Tourism Industry Driving Economic Development Based on Data of New Normal Economy of Sichuan

JinJun Li, Xia Xu
The development of tourism industry has been became one of the important driving force of Sichuan economic development. Meanwhile, the development of tourism industry will further promote the transition and optimization of Sichuan economic in the background of new normal economy. The research studies...
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Agentic Response to Institutional Constraints in Tourism and Hospitality Sectors

Xiaoyu Wu, Veronica Hoi in Fong, IpKin Anthony Wong
Institutionalism has demonstrated the behaviours of legitimacy, prevailing social rules and practices in tourism and hospitality continuities. The central idea is that organizations conform to the rules and belief systems in the institutional environment, in particular constraints or pressures because...
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Creation and Appropriation of Value in Business Models of Hotel Enterprises Operating on the Polish Market

Małgorzata Sztorc
Nowadays, hotel enterprises operate on the market according to a specific business model. A key component of this model, apart from creating value, is to intercept it for the organization needs. One of the conditions for providing value is to establish appropriate relations between market players and...
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Does the High-speed Rail Promote the Medium and Small Cities Innovation Output?

Ling Dong
The operation of high-speed rail broke the urban barrier, compressed the space-time distance, and the innovation elements were reconfigured between cities, which had a polarized effect on the innovation output of different cities. From the perspective of city innovation factors, based on the double difference...
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The Impact of Manufacturing Agglomeration on Environmental Pollution: A case study of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River

Menglu Xie, Yingming Zhu
Based on the technology spillover effect and the “pollution paradise” hypothesis, this paper introduces the manufacturing agglomeration variables and foreign direct investment variables on the basis of the STIRPAT model, and uses the location entropy index to measure the manufacturing agglomeration level,...
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A Research on the Evaluation System and Determinants of Starting Point Fairness

Jingshui Sun, Pingping Wu
This article defines the connotation of starting point fairness, designs the evaluation indexes of starting point fairness, and puts forward the measure method of starting point fairness. Based on the panel data of 31 provinces from 1985 to 2017, the article conducts a statistical measure of starting...
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Transforming an Existing Scientific Sub-metric into a Universal Ecological Certificate for Automated Material Flow Exchanges: How to close the loop between earth’s resources, industrial activity, personal consumption and planetary boundaries

Robert S. Mostyn
Earth’s Politicians have agreed a target to cap global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. While the agreement of such a target is a laudable achievement, one has to be wondering how we will achieve this. What does sustainability actually mean and how do we measure it? And when will...
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Application of Textual Analysis in Economic Policy Uncertainty

Xiao Xu, Yuhan Hu, Yuming Tian
After the financial crisis, in order to alleviate the attendant rising unemployment, inflation, balance of payments imbalances, and the economic downturn, the government has to consider more involvement in addressing market failures by designating economic policies. This paper mainly introduces the economic...
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Measurement of Superposition of New Energy Vehicle Industry Policy Based on Key Technology and Policy Optimization

Wenqian Lu, Benhai Guo, Wenjian Li
Measuring the superposition of industrial policies on the key technology chains of new energy vehicles,using multiple regression models to explore the impact of the superposition of various policy measures on overall coordination .The result shows the multiple superposition of existing industrial policies...
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Research on Green Barriers of China’s Agricultural Products and Countermeasures

Wei Wei
In recent years, emerging green trade barriers with the theme of environmental protection and rational utilization of resources gradually become the main factors affecting China’s agricultural products export and bring many and new problems. Compared with traditional trade barriers, green barriers have...
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The Impacts of Intellectual Capital and Anti-risk Capability on Corporate Value: A research based on listed constituent stock

Hongyi Zhang, Xingyu Wang
Intellectual capital is an extremely important non-financial intangible asset owned by the company. Anti-risk capability refers to the ability of a company to integrate its own resources against external risks in the face of uncertainties. Intellectual capital is the driving force for corporate development,...
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Research on the Strategy of Introducing High-level Talents in Dalian Free Trade Zone

Shihong Wei, Kaiming Tan
This paper takes Dalian Free Trade Zone as the research object, and studies the policy of introducing high-level talents into Dalian Free Trade Zone. On the basis of searching the relevant literature and studying the introduction policies of the governments of various development zones, this paper uses...
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Draft of Project Team Quality Model in Traditional Project Management

Jan Betta, Joanna Iwko
A paradox is observed in the state of art of the project team quality in project management. All specialists recognize the exceptional importance of the parameter “quality” for the final result of the project. On the one hand, one can easily find definitions of project quality, quality of product of...
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Effect of Medical Care Platform Monitoring System on to Customer Interaction and Loyalty

Li-Wei Lin, Shih-Yung Wei, Su-Mei Gan
Two-step stratified sampling was performed from 31 Taiwanese e-health companies and 362 users. By using hierarchical linear modeling, the study presents a research model which includes service innovation, value co-creation, interactive quality, perceived value, satisfaction, and e-loyalty. The results...
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Religious Culture and Corporate Risk taking

Zhi-qiang Liu, Nan Ma
This paper takes Shanghai-Shenzhen A-share listed companies as research samples from 2010-2018, and empirically tests the impact of religious culture on the level of corporate risk-taking. The study found that religious culture is negatively correlated with the level of corporate risk tolerance. The...
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A Study of Domestic Movies Marketing Strategies Based on the Big Data of the Films Microblog

Jin Zeng, Shaoyuan Guo, Fangrong Qi, Xiang Xiao, Mengru Shen, Lifen Yun
With the development of our country's economic construction and the change of residents' consumption concept, the film market is getting more and more people's attention, and the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. In the fierce competitive environment, the traditional marketing model...
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BOPS in Omnichannel Retailing with Return and Cross-selling

Simin Xu, Weimin Ma, Hua He
Many retailers have started to integrate online and store channels (such as BOPS) in order to enhance the consumer experience. This paper studies a decision problem of when it is preferable for a dual-channel retailer to introduce BOPS strategy. Based on the utility functions, we develop a model to investigate...
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Research on Supply Chain Management Considering Consumer Heterogeneity under Different Carbon Tax Return Policies

Shu-min Wei, Ji-jian Zhang
The carbon tax return policy is a carbon control policy that combines incentives and constraints, which can alleviate the short-term economic negative effects. In order to understand the behaviors of the company in the carbon tax return policy, with consumers have heterogeneous low-carbon preference....
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An Evolutionary Game Analysis of Information Sharing Behavior for Cluster Supply Chain

Yang Ye, Zhipeng Ju, Yue Li
From the perspective of evolutionary game, this paper demonstrates the internal mechanism and evolution process of information sharing among horizontal enterprises in the cluster supply chain. Our results show that the number of information sharing, the marginal benefit of information sharing, the ability...
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Research on the Development Strategy of MOOC Platform Based on Scene Value Co-creation: Taking " MOOC of Chinese University " as an example

Yue Zhang, Xiaoxiao Guo, Junqi Yu, Shuo Chen, Xihui Chen, Xiaoyi Wen
MOOC has become a hotspot in the development of education informatization in our country. While the MOOC platforms are booming, their shortcomings gradually appear. Based on the theory of Scene Value Co-creation, this article establishes a theoretical model, and chooses "MOOC of China University" as...
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Research on the Impact of Innovation Ecosystem on the Upgrade of Automobile Industry

Mingwei Zhou, Jiaqi Wang
Facing fierce international competition, improving the ability of independent innovation is a major problem that China needs to solve urgently. Therefore, it is necessary to build a good innovation ecosystem. In this paper, we construct the automobile industry innovation ecosystem and analyze automobile...
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Japan's Relative GDP and Positions in Services Trade: Co-integration and Granger causality tests based on linear VEC models

Yu Hong, Yu-meng Yang, Kexuan Yu, Ai-jing Hu
This study explores the nexus among the Japanese trade in services to world trade and the economic development. Assuming that the relationship is linear, short-run Granger causality indicates that the export position negatively Granger causes the Japanese GDP relative to the world; the relative GDP exerts...
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Strategic Thinking of Anadarko Acquisition by Chevron

Qian Zou, Keming Wang, Min Peng
Chevron announced its acquisition of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation at $50 billion on April 12, 2019. These two corporations have quite similar asset type and asset location; thus, the cost of integration was low. The value of assets would be greatly promoted for both corporations after integration,...
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Precision Marketing Driven by the Internet Supply Chain in the New Retail Era

Lin Li, Wei Zhang
New retail is a new retail model combining smart retail, smart logistics and smart payment through the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other means to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of products, and deeply integrate online, offline and modern logistics....
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Vendor Managed Inventory System Adaptability: A supply chain management analysis

Xinjie Zhang, Yuting Wu, Ziyi Zhang
The VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) system has been used as a sophisticated logistics system to provide adequate assistance to some large retailers. Despite this, the VMI system is currently limited to the retail industry and does not have access to the VMI system in other industries. In order to make...
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Quality Assurance Method for the Supply Chain of the Complex Product Under Reference Point Effects

Xiaojing Li, Yuan Liu
In the process of the supply chain’s quality cooperation, a main manufacturer’s psychological utility is not only affected by the delivery’s quality level but also the quality reference point, which is the industry average level. The participants’ economic value has been calculated by adjusting the risk...
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Study on Optimizing Modern Agricultural Production System in Xingwen County

Ge He
This paper aims at Optimizing Modern Agricultural Production System in Xingwen County. To achieve it, field surveys were applied and the results find that the local government should start from the following to optimize the agricultural production system in Xingwen county:(1) to improve and upgrading...
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Promoting Shandong's Agricultural Industry Chain to the Middle and High Level of Value Chain: Theoretical Framework and Path Choice

Zhihua Yu
Firstly, the relationship between industrial chain and value chain is discussed based on existing literature. Then, based on the smiling curve theory, comparative advantage theory and industrial upgrading theory, the theoretical logical framework of industrial chain upgrading towards the high-end of...
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Preliminary Study on the Concept and Evaluation Index System of Grain Industry Security

Dongmei Li
The grain industry security is a major strategic issue that is related to the development of national economy and national security, and the establishment of evaluation index system of grain industry security is the premise and foundation of the grain industry security evaluation. In this paper, the...
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Research on Talent Agglomeration in the Background of Knowledge Economy

Jiao Han
In the context of the knowledge economy, how cities attract innovative talents is one of the problems facing cities. This paper mainly creates the talent agglomeration index system to measure the talent agglomeration index of 21 cities in the Pearl River Delta region from four aspects: economic index,...
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The Impact of Maternity Leave on Female Labor Market Performance: A case study of Switzerland's policy change

Erpanjan Yasen, Yaxu Zhao, Min Jiang
This paper takes the Switzerland's maternity leave policy change in 2006 as an example to examine the impact of maternity leave length on female labor market performance. To accurately identify the effect of the policy change on labor market performance of females, three dimensions of the labor market...
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Pricing and Quality Decisions in the Distribution System of Physical Books and Electronic Books

Shujun Ye, Hua Ke
Since the increasing popularity of electronic book cannibalizes the sales of physical book, publishers try to enhance the competitiveness of physical book by improving its quality in recent years. Inspired by this phenomenon, we establish analytical models to investigate the optimal quality and pricing...
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Application and Management of RFID System in Libraries

Cunyu Zhang, Weifeng Chen
RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)technology plays more and more significant role in library management system. As a core component, how to connect it to Intelligent Library Management System successfully is very important. Using the methodology of case analysis, based on investigations of three libraries...
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Review of Team Creativity

Wei Wan, Mingze Li, Mingdan Han
Team creativity is an important factor for enterprises to maintain their superiority and vitality in a fierce competitive environment. On the basis of exploring the source of team creativity, this paper summarizes the definition of team creativity by existing scholars. Secondly, after reviewing the past...
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Competence Management in a Knowledge-intensive Company Under the Ajar Innovation Strategy

Nina P. Goridko, Robert M. Nizhegorodtsev
The paper deals with the role of competence management in the development strategy of modern knowledge-intensive companies. The ajar innovation strategy, which assumes that different agents manage different stages of the life cycle of the same technology, encourages companies to manage changes in the...
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Technology Transfer Barriers in Strategic Research Programmes

Adam Mazurkiewicz, Beata Poteralska, Ludmiła Walaszczyk
Research and development carried out within strategic research programmes is an important source of innovations. However, the processes of technology development and transfer into the economy are affected by numerous barriers. The main objective of this paper is to identify and analyse barriers related...
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Assessment of an R&D Organisation’s Human Resource Capabilities for the Purpose of Innovative Projects

Beata Poteralska, Adam Mazurkiewicz
Human resource capabilities are one of the key resources required for R&D organisations to carry out projects aimed at the development and implementation of innovations. Decisions on whether or not such innovative projects may be carried out are conditional on the assessment of the human resource capabilities...
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Collaborative Effect of Innovation System in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Jiangmen Countermeasures

Yuyao Shi, Jianhua Xiao
The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area is one of the most open and economically dynamic areas in China and plays an important strategic role in the overall national development. Whether the it can become a world-class bay area and a world-class city cluster depends on the collaborative innovation...
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On the Development of Cultural and Creative Industry in Museums: A Case Study of Beijing Palace Museum

Quanhong Jiang, Yuan Yao, Mei Sun
Combining cultural and creative industry with museums and developing precious resources of cultural relics and cultural units have been new highlights and new directions of the development of China’s cultural and creative industry in the past few years. This paper intends to analyze the policy factors,...
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Research on the Relationship Between Soft and Hard Power of Enterprises

Yanan Fu, Shufang Li
Since the concept of enterprise soft power was put forward, experts and scholars have shifted their research from the perspective of international politics to enterprises. They are mostly involved in the concept of soft power on the definition, characteristics, structural models, methods, which means...
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Research on “Five Forces Model of Leadership”Under the Background of Digital Economy

Yunfeng Bu, Jianqin Guo
In the modern commercial society, “excellent people with excellent performance” prevails. With the integrated development of the global economy, China's reform and opening up to undertake the transfer of industrial chain, the selection of leading cadres in many enterprises based on performance as the...
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The More Humorous the Leaders are, the More Proactive the Employees will be? The Mediation Role of Emotional Exhaustion

Hao Jian, Yongjian Song
From the prospective of Conservation of Resources theory, this paper discusses leader humor’s impact on employee proactive behavior and the mediation role of emotional exhaustion in Chinese situation. By building a structural equation model to analyze the field data collected from 175 employees, the...
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Re-examination of "Pollution Haven" or "Pollution Halo" Effect on Foreign Direct Investment —Evidence from “Two Control Zones” Policy in China

Jianxia Yu
Based on panel data of prefecture-level cities from 1996 to 2017, taking account of the exogenous shock of the “Two Control Zones” (TCZ) policy, this paper investigates empirically the impact of environmental policy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by using the methods of difference-in-differences...
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US-EU Merchandise Trade: Key Features and Problem of Disproportion

Yulia Konovalova, Stepan Ushanov
article is dedicated to the trade cooperation of United States with regional economic integration – European Union at the present time. The authors analyzed trade cooperation, its dynamic, specialization, directions, and implement the term «economic anamorphosis». The authors came to conclusion that...
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An Analysis of the Bai-He Strategy of Guiguzi Culture in the Perspective of Game Theory

Chiou-Wen Chen, Wen-Feng Kuo
Guiguzi summarised the techniques of lobbying and subjected them to inductive analysis, producing a work that is the culmination of lobbying, known as Guiguzi culture. In this study, the rationality and applicability of the strategy of Bai-He of Guiguzi culture were subjected to dialectics and analysis...
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The Effect of Multiple Large Shareholders on the Firm's Value in China

Jinho Jeong, Weilian Piao
This paper examines the effect of the multiple large shareholders (MLS) on the value of the firm. It also studies will the ownership gap between the major shareholders have an impact on the firm's value. The sample includes data of Chinese listed firms from 2008 to 2017. Our results show that the existence...
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The Multi-participant Perspective for Evaluating Technology Transfer by Using a Hybrid Multi-Attribute Decision Making Model

Kuan-Wei Huang, Ju’e Guo, Yi Yuan
Technology transfer (TT) is a process which needs multi-participant including universities, research institutes, enterprises, and intermediary agencies to cooperate that makes it successful. However, it is devoid of the main factors within a systemic perspective to evaluate the priority and influence...
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The Impact of the Fluctuations of RMB Exchange Rate on Shaanxi Export Trade under the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Zhenyan Xiao, Yujian Yang, Liangfu Li, Wen Shi
In contemporary export trade, the fluctuations of RMB exchange rate has a great impact on the total volume of the export trade. The formal implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy put forward by President Xi brought new challenges to Shaanxi export trade. Under the new economic environment,...
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Inventory Financing Model Based on Blockchain Technology

Yuncheng Qiao, Chaoqun Ma, Qiujun Lan, Zhongding Zhou
Incorporating blockchain technology, this paper focuses on solving inventory financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs). Different from the existing financing model, we provide a new way for SMEs to obtain loan finacing services without the involvement of core companies. Related...
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Research on Subsidy Mechanism of Urban Ground Bus in Beijing

Hui Shi
Urban ground transportation is an important part of public transportation and plays an important role in promoting urban economic development and relieving urban traffic pressure. Due to the implementation of the relevant preferential policies promulgated by the government, a large number of policy losses...
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Research on Eco-theoretical Framework of Coal Resources Capitalization Based on Condensed Subgroup

Xue-yi Zhu, Zhi-tan Feng
In recent years, China regards the construction of ecological civilization as the fundamental strategy for the sustainable development of the country, which naturally becomes the guiding ideology of the capitalization theory of coal resources. This paper is problem oriented, using ROSTCM6 UCINET software,...