Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM 2020)

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The Influence of Advertising and E-WOM on Intention to Purchase Bundled Travel Product Through Travel Websites: The Moderating Effect of Website Brand Awareness and Bundled Travel Product Involvement

Jiatong Wu, Jun Zhang, Yazhi Mo, Yang Xu
With the rapid development of the world economy, the popularization of e-commerce and tourism, and the booming of the travel website market, many researchers are interested in emerging websites, and have conducted multiple studies in the areas of attribute selection, trust formation, relationship quality,...
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Research on Rural Industrial Convergence Based on Industrial Chain Development

Ying Bai, Jinpeng Jiao
My country is a large agricultural country. Under the requirements of the modern development of socialist agriculture, promoting the integrated development of rural industries is an important measure to promote the rapid development of the agricultural economy. This paper studies the integration of rural...
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Customer-to-Customer Interactions in Hostels: A Qualitative Inquiry

Ting Jiang, Jie Li, Feng Zhang
Customer-to-customer interaction (CCI) is widely available in service enterprises and has become a key driver of brand value creation in certain enterprises; however, the research to date on these interactions is less understood. Hostels are a setting of high service encounters, in which interpersonal...
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Research on the Survival Strategy of SMEs under COVID-19--Based on the Perspective of Organizational Resilience

Xiaolin Fu
A novel coronavirus has swept the globe in 2020. As the backbone of China’s economic development, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are faced with many threats, and their economic activities are negatively affected. Based on the perspective of Organizational Resilience, the paper analyses the...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Development Trend of Mainstream Social E-Commerce in China

Jian Jiao
For its social functions, e-commerce platform Pinduoduo is rising rapidly in China. That has changed the landscape for Alibaba and as leaders in China’s e-commerce sector. Social e-commerce has been the focus of attention in China’s e-commerce industry. The rapid development of social e-commerce...
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Management & Economic Strengths of Feminine Leadership--Five Insights Frame

Ziying Cao, Verl Anderson
The purpose of this paper is to examine the advantages of the feminine leadership style in regards to Management and Economics, acknowledging that there is no definitive leadership style that applies to every woman. This paper identifies general tendencies about the leadership approach that categorizes...
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Role of Planning in Non-profit Organizations in the Slovak Republic

Gresakova Emilia, Chlebikova Darina
Management is an activity that involves a number of activities. Planning is the implementation of a basic management function. Its function is to define and specify goals, find ways, means to achieve them and determine responsibility for the realization of goals and objectives. A manager who uses planning...
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The Key Factors Influencing the Differentiation Strategy of Digital Payment Systems From the Perspective of Consumers

Wenhan Zhang
Digital payment can be classified as browser-based e-commerce and ‘in-app’ purchases. The growing popularity of e-commerce in general digital checkout solutions is contributing to the overall trend of payments toward digitisation. Therefore, understanding customer satisfaction is a critical factor in...
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Financial Flexibility Analysis of Customized Furniture Enterprises Based on OPM Strategy-Taking STY as an Example

Min Zhu
OPM strategy is a capital management strategy that utilizes the position of enterprises in the supply chain, maximizes the use of upstream and downstream funds, saves their own funds, and improves the competitiveness of enterprises. Taking Suofeiya Home Collection Co. Ltd(abbreviations SFY), a custom...
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Research on the Allocation Efficiency of Science and Technology Resources in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area

Qi Liu
This paper explores three dimensions of science and technology resources to analyze allocation efficiency in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, including technology sources, inputs and outputs. Based on the Data Envelopment Analysis, the research designs empirical test for 11 core cities in...
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Industry Governance in the Scene of “Live Commerce”--Economic Analysis Based on Three-party Evolutionary Game Model

Xiaoxia Xu, Ping Han
Aiming at the confusion of fake products, exaggerated propaganda and misleading consumers in the industry of “live commerce”, a three-party evolutionary game model of brand, live broadcast platform and consumers is constructed to provide product quality for brand, the evolution game analysis of behavior...
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Research on Incentive Mechanism of Returning Migrant Workers to Start Businesses Under the Background of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Jing Chen, Ruihan Liu, Xiaohan Luo
As a special group, migrant workers have made great contributions to the rapid economic development of China in the past 30 years. However, China is facing the economic new normal of transformation and upgrading of urban industries and the slowdown of economic development. The employment situation of...
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A Review of the Brand Crisis in the Context of Social Media

Changmei Wang, Dingming Lu
Over the past 40 years,brand crises have affected marketing enormously. In order to gain insight into the past and present evolution process of brand crisis research, and reveal the possible future research directions and research opportunities of brand crisis, this paper using the Citation-based approach...
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Research of the Marketing Tactics for the Enterprise Adaptive to the Market Conditions Under the Big Data

Zhihong Li
The traditional marketing model is facing more and more challenges under the big data environment. How to tailor it to adapt to the marketing conditions under the big data for the enterprise is an issue needed to be solved as soon as possible. To solve this problem, the paper first disentangles some...
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Research on the Quality Evaluation of Substituted Post Exercitation for Hotel Management Major Based on AHP-TOPSIS

Ping Huang
Substituted post exercitation is an important link in the training of hotel management major, and its quality will impact on the realization of talent training objectives. According to the established substituted post exercitation quality evaluation index system for the hotel management major, this paper...
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Research on the Innovation Capability of Applicants Based on the Profitable Patents

Rui Liu, Yongzhong Qiao
Innovation promotes social and economic development. Conducting an innovation measurement to clarify innovation gap is a prerequisite for developing innovation policies and improving innovation systems. In this study, the patents whose maintenance time was about 20 years were defined as profitable patents....
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Mortgage Behavior Analysis of Family Farm Land Management Right Based on SEM Model

Chun Yang, Yarong Shao, Jie Zhou, Yu Wang, Linben Wang, Pingyuan Du
The proper scale management of family farm has a strong demand for funds, but the lack of collateral makes financing very difficult. The development of mortgage loan of land management right provides a new financing channel for the business subjects. In this paper, Chongzhou City in Sichuan Province,...
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Research on the Development Path and Measures for Leisure Agriculture Tourism in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area

Haihu Zhao, Ning Wang, Qiudong Li
By analyzing the current development of leisure agriculture tourism, including the favourable conditions and problems, in the Greater Bay Area, this paper aims to put forward the principles as well as development path and measures for the development of leisure agriculture tourism in this Area. In this...
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Research on Support Route and Mechanism of Meteorological Service for Rural Tourism in Hainan Province

Wei Liu, Ping Huang, Peihua Shi, Xirong Guo
From the perspective of global tourism, the support route of meteorological service for rural tourism is discussed in terms of technology, channel and information. Meanwhile, the tourism integration mechanism of meteorological service in rural areas is analysed from the standpoints of government guidance,...
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Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy, Entrepreneurial Climate and Entrepreneurial Performance of Family Farm

Zhi Wang, Tan Yu, Yingli Wang, Xincai Shu, Shengshuang Chen
On the basis of social cognitive theory, this paper investigates whether and how entrepreneurial performance of family farm is affected by a farmer entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial self-efficacy, as well as the moderation effect of entrepreneurial climate. Evidence from a field survey of family farmers...
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Disney’s Multi-Channel Strategies in Chinese City Tier System

Miriam Kaminishi, Zhen Liu, Siyuan Bao
This study enhances our understanding of the branding strategies adopted by The Walt Disney Company in China. Disney has provided memorable experiences for family entertainment and quality customer experience, which have encouraged brand loyalty over generations around the world. It has been present...
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How Does Host or Participate in Standards Influence the Ability of Enterprises to Occupy the Market?

Ruirui Zhai, Pengfei Jiang, Shuai He, Aiping Zhou
This study makes an important theoretical and empirical contributions to the ongoing discussion on the standardization of enterprises aiming to seize the market opportunities. We comprehensively investigate the impact of standards on the enterprise’s ability to occupy the market by using the data of...
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Empirical Analysis on Market Prospect of Video Platform’s PVOD

Jingwen Tan
Premature Video-on-Demand (PVOD) is a value-added service provided by video platform, it allows to unlock TV drama in advance by payment on the basis of membership. In recent years, video platform has gradually adopted PVOD pattern as an important profit-earning channel as the paid online video pattern...
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Research on the Framework and Platform of Operation and Maintenance Quality Evaluation of Complex Information System

Xiaoshuang Wang, Qiang Li, Hong Huang, Feng Han
Scientific, standardized and credible complex information system operation and maintenance quality evaluation is an important guarantee for improving the efficiency of system operation and maintenance management. By analysing the research status of service management, and analysing the difficulties and...
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Importance and Process of Marketing Environment Analysis as Strategic Analysis Tool of Business

Veronika Paurova, Elena Gregova
Strategic analysis is an important tool for managerial decision making. It is important in creation strategic plans, because it deals with the internal as well as external environment of the company and its factors. It analyses various factors that affect the company’s position in the market and identifies...
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Human Resources Management in the Environment of Non-profit Organizations

Zuzana Rosnerova, Dagmar Hraskova
Human resource management is an area that is an integral part of every single organization. Human resources are a key element of any entity operating in the market, because the success of a company depends on them, as well as the company’s ability to build its competitiveness. In the past, employees...
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A Study on the Factors Affecting Household’s Energy Consumption Behavior in Jiangsu Area of China

Ling Wu
Energy issues have attracted widespread attention Because of the prominent contradiction between environment constraints and economic development in Jiangsu Province. Based on the survey of household’s energy consumption in 13 cities of Jiangsu Province, We find the factors that influence energy consumption...
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Research on Product Marketing Strategy of Camellia Oil Enterprises in Hunan Province Based on the 4V Theory

Jiaohui Tang, Dan Wan, Shaohe Liu
The planting area, yield and output value of camellia oleifera in Hunan province rank first in China, and there are hundreds of camellia oil processing enterprises. However, most of the enterprises’ product traceability system is not intelligent enough, the homogenization is obvious, the experience service...
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Research on the Impact of Intelligent Manufacturing on Employment in Heilongjiang Province Based on DEA-Malmquist Index

Weiwei Kong, Qi Yin
Intelligent manufacturing is promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Heilongjiang Province, and has an important impact on the employment of manufacturing labor.This paper use DEA-Malmquist index to calculate the total factor productivity of manufacturing industry,...
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How Does a Retailer Improve Profit Under Advance Selling Strategy?

Lan Feng, Puze Yu, Hui Yang, Chen Jin
This paper investigates how a retailer in a supply chain improves advance selling profit by offering agency contract instead of wholesale contract. We propose a two-period advance selling model under the wholesale contract as the benchmark model. We assume that consumers are homogeneous in the advance...
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Cross-Border Innovation, Knowledge Sharing and Breakthrough Innovation Blur Front-End Performance

Yong Qi, Wei Chen
New product development (NPD) is an important manifestation of breakthrough innovation, and it is extremely important to strengthen the effective management of fuzzy front-end (FEE) as a key factor affecting new product development. Based on existing literature, this paper divides cross-border innovation...
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Research on Cognitive Legality Acquisition Mechanism of Cooperatives--Based on the Case Analysis of the Rural Cooperative Survey

Juanjuan Lin, Minglin Zhang
Based on the collation and learning of the existing relevant literature, the adaptation environment and control environment strategies in the legality acquisition strategy are applied to cognitive legality acquisition. This article will further analyze the cognitive legality acquisition mechanism under...