Proceedings of the 2016 Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship

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The Innovation Leadership through Mapping with HRIS towards Sustainability Development Goals

Dian Ambarwati, Gidiono Tirtoadisurja
Leadership is art to influence other people to reach goals together through directing, motivate, supervising, ordering and guiding. Successfully leadership depend on how many people to lead through empowering employee to maximize ability potential. For to know ability potential employee done mapping...
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Political Management of Community Organization toward Cosmopolitan Democracy

M Yahya Arwiyah, Runik Machfiroh, AMA Suyanto
the politic situation can determine various life aspects of nation and state. But, politic situation in Indonesia today is dynamic and unpredictable whereas the challenge faced currently is cosmopolitan democracy. This study aim to analyze role of community organization in political reorientation to...
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The Influence of Organizational Change (Bank Merger) on Employee's Attitude Response

Achmad Supriyanto
This research aims to examine the influence of organizational change (bank merger) on employee's attitude response. The research design is expost facto. The population involved in the research comprises bank employees working before and after the bank was merged. The population consists of 100 people...
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Behavioral Perspective of Strategic Human Resource Management: Theoretical Causality Model

Audia Junita
this paper is a holistic study of how value is created in organization, from behavioral perspective of strategic human resource management. Alignment between organizational strategies, human resource system and employee role behavior contribute significantly to organizational performance. However, theoretical...
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The Effect of Social Work Environment on Employee Productivity in Manufacturing Company in Indonesia

Sumiyati Sumiyati, Masharyono Masharyono, Kevin Fazar Pratama, Ridwan Purnama
The ability of a company to survive and exceed in a dynamic environment based on approach to organizational decision making. Considers a company`s ability to make a profit without sacrificing the resources of its employees, community, environment. The purpose of this research was the of social work environment...
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The Roles of Lecturers in Education Service: in between Perception and Behaviors

Meta Arief, Umar Faruk, Leny Yulianti
The research will simultaneously obtain a description of the quality of the teaching and learning in terms of affective development in Accounting Education Study Program in institutions of teacher training (LPTK) that were formerly institutes of teacher training and education (IKIP). Through a descriptive...
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A Model of Effective School Management at Vocational High Schools

Yayat Supriyatna, Nugraha Nugraha, M Arief Ramdhany
The best model of effective school management is still questioned. This study aims to find the best model in the feasibility process and goal achievement model of effective school management in high vocational schools in West Java. In particular, this research can provide benefits to policy makers at...
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The Effect of Skill Variety, Task Identity, Task Significance, Autonomy and Feedback on Job Performance

Syamsul Hadi Senen, Sumiyati Sumiyati, Masharyono Masharyono
Dynamic factor in organization nonprofit oriented and profit or the human resources have a high performance in which will determine forward the organization. One of them nonprofit organization that college in which the performance of employees is low. If not improved it would impact on reaching its objectives...
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The Role of Talent Management as Distinctive Capabilities for SMEs

Annisa Ciptagustia, Kusnendi Kusnendi
Talent management is a significant issue for organization in the competitive landscape. The key of talent management is the process result in human resource function to find, develop and maintenance the best employees. The processes call it distinctive capabilities with valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable,...
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The Influence of Compensations and Social Assurance on Job Performance: Study on Contract Employees' Palm Company

Rahmi Widyanti, Basuki Basuki
Compensation is any form of payment to employee for work they provide their employer, including social assurance. The purpose of this study to examine and analyze the influence of compensations and social assurance to its impact on improving job performance of employees'. The research was conducted by...
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The Employee Performance Influenced by Communication: a Study of BUMD in Indonesia

Syamsul Hadi Senen, Masharyono Masharyono, Nida Triananda, Sumiyati Sumiyati
In today world, communication is an important component of organizational activity. This study was conducted to see how big the influence of communication on the employee performance. The kind of researchÿis descriptive and verification with samples from 89 employees, by using technique analysis simple...
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The Challenges of Human Capital Performance in Developing Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil in Indonesia

Aas Nurasyiah, Suci Aprilliani Utami, A. Jajang. W. Mahri, Firmansyah Firmansyah
One of the problem in the development of Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil is human capital. It was due to the lack of BMT practitioners who understand the principles of good business management and sariah at once. Therefore, BMT as an Islamic Microfinance Institution is considered to be less competitive compared...
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Indonesia Human Capital Competitiveness in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Era

Acep Durahman
ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is the Free Trade Area among ASEAN Members States (AMSs). Goods and services had been freed entrance a country after the establishment of MEA by December 2015 [1]. The implementation of MEA had the negative and positive impact on AMS especially Indonesia [2]. The AEC agreement...
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Bureaucracy, Leadership and People Characteristics

Eko Harry Susanto, Suzy Azeharie, Wulan Purnama Sari
in the developing countries, bureaucracy can be described as the culture of feudalism in the ruling government. On the other side, the true meaning of bureaucracy is the ideal model to achieve the objectives in the government or state power. The bureaucracy indeed is directly related to the expansion...
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Competitive Advantage Through Talent Management

Rofi Rofaida
Human resources with talent that can not be imitated by competitors is a source of competitive advantage for an organization. Organization has to acquire, maintain, and develop the talent through what is referred to as talent management. The objective of talent management is to increase individual performance...
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Accountability in Elementary School

Yahya Sudarya, Elis Mediawati
Compulsory Nine-Year Basic Education and the provision of greater access to community groups that have been less able to reach educational services, such as the poor, people living in remote areas, or people with disabilities. One reason for the low participation in education, especially on the poor...
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Social Capital Analysis on Agribusiness Microfinance Institution Performance

Amalia Nur Milla
The purposes of this research to look at the social capital and Agribusiness Microfinance Institution Performance (LKMA) that owned by Gapoktan beneficiary Rural Agribusiness Development Program (PUAP) in Sukabumi City. The kind of this research is survey research with the qualitative method. The primary...
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The Antecedent Factor of Employee Engagement from a Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Cattleya Rejito, Mery Citra Sondari
Many studies have explained both motivation and employee engagement, however, very few studies explained the relationship of employee engagement towards motivation using perspectives from self-determination theory. The aim of the research is to explain the motivation that seen from perspective of self-determination...
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Physical Work Environment Effect on Employee Productivity of Textile Industry

Masharyono Masharyono, Sumiyati Sumiyati, Toyib Toyib
The problem of the background for this study is the problem of employee productivity is still a major problem in a variety of industries and companies, in which the quality of human input is an important factor in increasing productivity to economic growth and development. The purpose of this study to...
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Determining Career Path that Fits State-Owned Corporations

Suharto Suharto, Yohanes Wibowo
In a business, there are two side of stake holders that are important and must be fulfilled what their expectations. They are employees and owners. The owner expects a good return, so, they expect the effective and efficient of a company and the finally will find a good return. Meanwhile one of employee's...
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Understanding the Mediator Role of Job Satisfaction on Lecturer's Organizational Commitment

Ria Fitriyana, Anis Eliyana, Diah Yovita Suryarini, Ria Mardiana Yusuf
Personal urge to stay in the organization is an interesting issue in nowadays business conditions. This issue becomes an important things to be studied since the existence is not limited only in the companies but also in the education institution, in this case is the university. In this study, lecturer...
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Patterns of Public Policy from the Perspective of Local Government Mandatory Affairs Implementation

Muhamad Nur Afandi
Local Government Law(Law 23/2014) has mandated some government affairs to the provincial and local government. It consists of absolute, concurrent and general affairs. The concurrent government affair consists of compulsory and optional local government affairs. The aim of the research is to find out...
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The Influence of Social Work Environment on Employee Productivity in Manufacturing in Indonesia

Sumiyati Sumiyati, Masharyono Masharyono, Ridwan Purnama, Kevin Fazar Pratama
One of the problems in their research in the field of human resources is rendanya labor productivity employees in some industries, labor productivity employees very influential on the the target company .Every industry are exposed to similar problems to the namely the levels of education, human resource...
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The Strategy to Improve the Profession Competence through Knowledge Management to Achieve Corporate Performance

Umi Rusilowati, Hadi Supratikta, Yoke Prima Hendrawan
Construction consultancy services in running its business is highly dependent on the competence of professional excellence and ease of getting access to the knowledge of professionalism to achieve the corporate performance. The purpose of this study is improving professional competence, how to establish...
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Pop Music Rivalry in Indonesia: Past, Present and Future Trends

Harriman Samuel Saragih
Popular music in Indonesia have shown significant evolution and transformations from the 90's up until the present day. We studied the 1990's renaissance which devised idiosyncratic and typical styles compared to the 2000's and ultimately the 2010's. As the 21st century enables the society to stream...
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Strategy Model of Raising Competitiveness of Office Management Competence

Uep Tatang Sontani, Adman Adman
This research aims to collate strategy model of raising competitiveness office management competence which can be developed in Office Management Education Study Program and to anticipate labor market need of office management competence. The goals of this research are for mapping qualification of office...
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Determinants of Online Commerce Platform Analyzed with Website Quality Theory

Mahir Pradana
In facing the globalization, every business takes advantage in the use of internet to maximize their online platforms. For most online commerce websites in Indonesia, the need to increase their performance comes in form of maximizing online platforms. This study focused on Lazada Indonesia website (...
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Entreupreuneurship Strategy of Seller and Restaurant Owner

Thriwaty Arsal
The existence of restaurant is important to recognize because this a kind of business which contributes in helping to solve the employment problem directly and indirectly, that kind of business is very important to help in developing the economy of the community. Objectives: 1. To learn about how restaurant...
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Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intention on Entrepreneurship Behavior: a Case Study

Adhitya Ginanjar
This study aims to elaborate entrepreneurship education experience in Sharia Banking Program that using combination between theory and practice in one semester. Entrepreneurship intention is one of goals from this curriculum method. PLS (Partial Least Square) was used to this research. The purpose of...
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Sharia Micro Financing for Women Poverty Reduction: an Empirical Study of Rural Areas of Kuningan -West Java - Indonesia

Ayus Ahmad Yusuf, Rina Masruroh, Neni Nurhayati
Sharia Microfinancing for Women Poverty Reduction: An Empirical Study of Rural Areas of Kuningan - West Java - Indonesia. Sharia microfinance, has achieved an everlasting fame in all over the world by producing considerable evidence of property eradication. It provides financial services to those people,...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing the Student's Interests to Participate in Entrepreneurial Student Program

Hari Mulyadi, Eded Tarmedi, Gugun Ruslandi
Insufficient numbers of interest in entrepreneurial student program into a thing that cannot be ignored in the field of entrepreneurship. The main solution that must to do is investigating the factors that make students under interested towards entrepreneurial student program. This research aims to1)...
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Growing Up Entrepreneurial Mindset with Discovery Learning Model Development

B Lena Nuryanti, Eded Tarmedi, Rd. Dian H. Utama, Girang Razati
Entrepreneurship Learning in college should produce graduates to prepare for entrepreneurship. This study seeks to develop a Learning model entrepreneurship using discovery learning. Discovery learning Model defined as a learning process without lesson presented directly, but it is expected to organize...
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Entrepreneurship Intention to Trigger Entrepreneurship Orientation

Rd. Dian H. Utama, B Lena Nuryanti, Nani Sutarni
The entrepreneurial orientation in this study is characterized by low interest and lack of student orientation. Entrepreneurship Intention used as a way to improve the entrepreneurial orientation. Objectives of this study are to describe 1) Intension of entrepreneurship in students, 2) Orientation entrepreneurship...
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The Consumer Perspectives on Service Quality and Performance of Road Infrastructure Assets

Katharina Priyatiningsih
Road infrastructure assets have an important role, in the economic, social, political, and security in achieving the prosperity of society. The damaged roads become one of the obstacles to development and an indication of the cause of deficiencies in the quality service and performance of infrastructure...
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The Effectiveness of Enterpreneurship Learning in Developing Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions

Kakang Harudin, Nanang Fattah, Eeng Ahman
The main problem of this study is the effectiveness lowness of entrepreneurship learning that effects the intention lowness of student entrepreneurship. The purpose of the study is to describe and to test the variables empirically that influence the students learning effectiveness and entrepreneurship...
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Impact of Exchange Rate Change on Import Price

Sri Isnowati, Mulyo Budi Setiawan
The aim of this research was to examine the interdependence between import price, exchange rate and national income. The data analysis method used was structural vector autoregressive (svar). The data used in this research was quarterly data from 1997.3 through 2013.4. The analysis was conducted on the...
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The Role of the Entrepreneur in Innovation and in Economic Development

Ari Riswanto
Entrepreneurs have a very important role in the economic development of a country. Development of new business through productive business activities gradually to stimulate increased output and expand the number of transactions of goods and services in an area. In other words, the role of the entrepreneur...
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The Institutional Strategy in Increasing Publication Performance

Eriana Astuty, Alfi Nura, Muji Gunarto
Reputable colleges will have a good value in the eyes of its stakeholders. One indicator of the value of a college achievement is the number of scientific publications both nationally and internationally. Currently, total of publication in Indonesia is still very far behind Malaysia and Singapore, and...
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Ecopreneurship Implementation for Environment and Economic Sustainability

Sony Sasongko, Grisna Anggadwita
Ecopreneurship is an entrepreneurial activity based environment to meet their business objectives that impact on economic sustainability. Small Business is one of the sectors that have the potential to develop ecopreneurship business concepts. This paper focuses on how to exploit the potential of innovative...
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Micro Financial Structure Empowerment of Creative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Chairul Furqon, Suryana Suryana, Budhi Pamungkas
Creative industry occupies a strategic position in the development of industry in Indonesia today. Its improvement still encounters obstacles, especially with regard to the financial structure. Therefore, this study aimed to gain an overview of the financial structure, and identify factors driving and...
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Strategic Management in Developing Natural Tourism

Tabitha R. Matana, Gitit I.P. Wacana
This study aims to explore and identify the potential for tourism in the Valley Be'hoa for tourism development in the district of Poso as a source of foreign exchange. The method used is qualitative explorative. Data are analyzed based on Milles and Huberman analytical concept. The results of the study...
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The Acquisition Strategy Model to Minimize a Risk in a Global Competition

Judi Achmadi, Katharina Priyatiningsih
Advance in the rapidly growing Information technology makes the telecommunication services players need to always adjust the right company's strategy at high speed. It was heavily influenced by the customers of information technology in various countries in meeting their information needs. This study...
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Developing Traditional Market Standard: A Socio-Economics-Environment Approach

Budi Supriatono Purnomo, Alfira Sofia, Denny Andriana, R. Nelly Nur Apandi
The role of traditional markets is degraded due to their dirty and uncomfortable conditions and also the proliferation of modern markets. On the other side, traditional markets are the economical infrastructure where some of the societies paw for a living. Hence the local government is authorized to...
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The Effect of Campus Environment towards Students' Entrepreneurship Attitude and Behavior

Neiny Ratmaningsih
The majority of education world bring forth a "worker generation", whom became workers and labourers in several Asian countries. Similar conditions worsen with the immigration of young experts and intellectuals to make a living in another hemisphere. Contribution to advance the nation's children are...
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Adversity Intelligence as a Strategy to Increase the Readiness of Entrepreneurship Instrument

Kurjono Kurjono
Readiness of entrepreneurship has a strong relationship to the level of entrepreneurial intention. The aim of research is to examine the effects of adversity intelligence with readiness of entrepreneurship instrument. Data were collected through questionnaires. The respondents in this research were students...
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Mitigation on Product Launch Failure: Case Study: Brand X Nutmeg Juice Product

Adityo Wicaksono, Firman Tri Ajie, Tommy Hendrix
Brand X Nutmeg Juice is one of unique product that has been produced by home industry in Bogor area. This product was started for local and very small market size. Now, this product is going to be rebranded, repackaged and launched to the market during technology business incubation stage at Center for...
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Business Analysis on Sweet Condensed Tempeh as a Functional Food

Firman Tri Ajie, Adityo Wicaksono, Tommy Hendrix, Muhammad Angwar
In recent years, a growing interest in foods of plant origin, especially plant protein foods, has become evident. The oriental soybean foods have appeared all over the world. Tempeh, one of soybean protein food, is one of popular Indonesian soybean food made from yellow soybean by fermentation with a...
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Entrepreneur Skills on Business Performance of Small and Medium Enterprise

Ratih Hurriyati, Girang Razati, S. Sulastri, Novian Perdana Putra
The low business performance of SMEs in Indonesia caused by weak managerial and technological, low market share, the shortage of capital, the narrow range of the market, cannot be ignored. One of the solutions to increase business performance in SMEs is improving their entrepreneur skill. The purpose...
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Entrepreneurial Orientation Model in Cluster Development of Potato Agribusiness

Lukman Hakim, Tomy Perdana, Maman Haeruman K, Yosini Deliana
The objectives of this study is to design a model of entrepreneurship in the cluster development of potato agribusiness as an effort to increase revenue and bargaining position of farmers in Aceh Province. System dynamics methodology was applied to achieve these objectives. The study was carried out...
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Citizen Participation in Medium-Term Local Development Plan in Indonesia

Rusnaini Rusnaini
The research on citizen participation in the medium-term local development plan is an attempt focusing on citizenship knowledge and skill. The method employed in this research was qualitative one supported by library study and supporting documents with data triangulation corresponding to the problem...
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Student Entrepreneurship Education Effort Through Kopsis (Student Cooperative) in Bandung

Neti Budiwati, Yana Rohmana
This study was conducted to analyze factors related to internal and external development model of entrepreneurship education students through cooperative school (Kopsis) through SWOT analysis method. This research is a descriptive study subjects of the study are the administrators and coaches Kopsis...
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CSR Strategy in Industrial City to Achieved Competitive Advantage

S. Sarjana, N. Khayati
CSR strategy become manufacture's policy to effective controlling all of resources and capabilities. CSR activities needed powerful commitment to conduct business especially focus in economically, socially and environmentally. Strategic organizational through resources and capabilities determine the...
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University's Press Management to Increase the Quality of Education in University

Kundharu Saddhono, Budhi Setiawan
The purpose of the research to describe that publisher of university was since early with spirit and intention to encourage and support the implementation of "university tri dharma" especially in the field of publication. The approach used in the research is qualitative descriptive. Qualitative research...
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Resource-Based View as a Competitive Advantage of the Company: an Empirical Review

Heru Basuki Purwanto
Strategy is the fit between the firm's external condition and its internal capabilities. Significant changes in the external condition will affect the changes of the company's internal condition such as the resources and the capabilities, and the organization in order to realign the company could keep-up...
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Effect of Budget and Product Attributes Against Consumer Preferences (Survey on the village community Padasuka Bandung)

Hadi Alamdhien, Hamdan Ardiansyah, Bagus MDES
The problem of this research is there are so many people who use Honda Beat motorcycle in last one year. It is because the behavior of consumers who have high preference towards Honda Beat motorcycle compared to the other motorcycles. Preferences can be seen from the consumers' budget to buy a motorcycle...
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Building Entrepreneurship in Performing Arts Industry through the Incubation Model

Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
The purpose of this article is to explore the incubation model for performing arts communities to build entrepreneurship in the creative industry sector. The aim of the exploration of the incubation model is to search for a strategy in building the capacity for increasing the quality of performing arts...
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Music for the Generation-Z, Quo Vadis

Harriman Samuel Saragih
Back in the 1990's, kids aged one to five years old have experienced the merry, cheerful, graspable music which were extensively created by music composers and producers. The lyrics and melody were very much suitable to be heard and sang by kids in the period of ages. The song themes ranging from going...
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En route for Nobility and Superiority: Preserving Indigenous Cultural Inheritances and Sustaining Competitive World Music

Harriman Samuel Saragih
Indonesia is known for its extremely rich cultural heritages from Sabang to Merauke, not exceptionally its musical inheritances including its unique music instruments, melodic patterns, scales, and harmony. However, the present pop-culture that has been greatly affected by the Westerns has gently and...
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A Case Study to Create Indonesian International Enterpreneurship by on Job Training in Europe

Jamhadi Jamhadi, Haryo Santosa, Iwan Tjahjo
In usual to create an entrepreneurship start with micro/small enterprise. In STIE IEU Surabaya student are familiarized with global culture and discuss everyday on big enterprises or Multinational Corporation. The course for export always by ending teleconference or trading with other country in Japan,...
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Identification of the Major Agricultural Potential and Commodity Potential of Major Food Plant and Its Growth in Oku Regency

Munajat Munajat, Fifian Permata Sari
This research aims to analyse and identify` the major of agricultural potencial sector and agricultural sub sector, identified the commodity potency of the major food plant sub sector, and to analyse the growth of food plant sub sector in OKU District. The result shown that the potency of agricultural...
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Integrated Community Program to Strengthen Subsea Cable Security and Environmental Sustainability in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Harriman Samuel Saragih
Offshore oil and gas industry operates daily with the maritime facilities supported by subsea cable. Disruptions or damages to the subsea cable can inevitably stop the production processes. In the recent years, the Company is facing multiple challenges in its relatively large operations area of 8.000...
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Analysis of Poultry Feed Efficiency: Local Efforts to Reduce Reliance on Imported Fish Meal in Indonesia

Hilda Monoarfa, Chalil Chalil, Edhi Taqwa, Sri Sarjuni
The times demanding people to consume nutritious foods. This triggers the more you consume chicken meat, because it was thought that the meat or animal protein had a high nutritional. Chicken as one of the cattle into meat demand by the public, this is because the meat tastes better and cheaper than...
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Optimalization of Qardhu Hasan Sharia Bank toward Decreasing Poverty in Bandung

Amir Machmud, Eeng Ahman, Navik Istikomah
This study aim to analysis the level of efficiency and effectiveness functional Sharia Bank (qardhu hasan product) to empower poor communities in Bandung City. Research study using analysis descriptive. This research population are poor communities that got qardhu hasan, Sharia Bank in Bandung-West Java....
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The Role of Muslim in Developing of Islamic Economy in Indonesia

Muhammad Sholahuddin
This paper critisizes Weber's thesis. His thesis has been used to understand the relationship between behavior and economic development and spiritual awareness among the social-economic structure and doctrine believed. This paper also compares development planning in Indonesia which proposed by various...
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How Business Process Managements Impacts Decision Making Process of Fashion Start Up Business

Nia Alprilia, Manahan Siallagan
this research aims to identify decision making process of startup business and understanding its relationship with core of their business process management. Business process management provide in the startup business usually is the core of system that start up business to run their business systematically...
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Commercialization Type of Research Results in Technology Transfer: a Review of Determination Strategies

Susirani Kusumaputri, Yovita Isnasari
Technology transfer is a downstream form of research and development result. Research result can be transferred in many kinds of commercialization type, including technology licensing and established a new company based on technology (Start-up Company). The success of technology transfer is determined...
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The Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Orientation And Its Impact On Business Performance

Hartelina Hartelina
Entrepreneurship attracted the attention of many parties, both academics and business practitioners. Entrepreneurship is believed to be one solution, so that the business can survive in the fierce competition. The company must have a strong entrepreneurial orientation. This study aimed to examine the...
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Investigation of the Implementation of Green Manufacturing on Textile Industry in West Java

Supriyadi Supriyadi, Ratna Ekawati
Awareness to preserve the environment in the production process, so-called green manufacturing, is a challenge for the manufacturing industry. This study aims to analyze the factors that encourage the implementation of green manufacturing in the textile industry in West Java. We also examined the impact...
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Digital Citizenship Students Viewed from Digital Commerce Aspect

Rini Triastuti, Dasim Budimansyah, Sapriya Sapriya
The rapid development of information and communication technology has affected every aspect of human life. One area that is touched by the development of these technologies is the field of trade. Prior to the development of technology buying and selling goods or services are real, but currently buying...
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Adversity Quotient Effect of Achievement and Its Impact on Student Entrepreneurship Intentions

Eded Tarmedi, Rizqita Qiyaski Buhari, Hari Mulyadi
The increasing number of unemployed in Vocational High School graduates into employment is a big issues in Indonesia. Entrepreneurship education is carried out as a solution that aims to develop students to have an entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial intentions. Student's Adversity Quotient is...
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Vocational High School's Superior Products Mapping to Support Bandung as a Creative Industry City and National Product Development

Syamsul Hadi Senen, Bambang Widjajanta Dian H. Utama, Masharyono Masharyono
The problem of this research is how to get the mapping of vocational high schools by using multidimensional scaling based on the superior products produced. The purpose of the mapping is to categorize vocational high schools in Bandung based on the superior products produced in which the categorization...
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Entrepreneurship Process and Business Incubator in Pangalengan, West Java - Indonesia

Zoel Hutabarat
Entrepreneurship and innovation are known as engines for growth in business especially in small and medium enterprise in Indonesia. Especially today, the Indonesian business world increasingly characterized by the presence of the creative industry is loaded with the use of technology. Growth of young...
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Technology Transfer of Creative Industries in Riau

Zoel Hutabarat
Technology transfer activities are usually carried out by a large manufacturing company, but now the trend is starting to shift to the micro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially those in the creative field. Currently, there are no rules or national standard rules that could serve as guidelines...
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Establishing Post Logistics by Spinning-off Logistic Business Unit

Hana Suryana, Lili Adi Wibowo
Logistics is a vital activity, almost every aspect of human life is influenced by the logistics process, either directly or indirectly. This study is designed to assess the capacity and capability of PT Pos in managing the logistics business. Descriptive and data analysis method has been chosen to provide...
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Optimization of Cash Waqf in Developing Creative Industry : An Effort to Create Sharia-creativepreneurs

Neni Sri Wulandari, Rida Rosida, Aneu Cakhyaneu, Nunung Alindawati
Cash waqf potential in Indonesia is very large if it is well managed. This study discusses the potential management of Cash Waqf (Waqf Al-Nuqud) in Indonesia in order to empower the community and its economic development for the welfare of Muslims in the country. Especially if the funds are handed over...
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The Influence of Activity Credit Income Type to Total Interest Income

Sri Suartini, Dian Hakip Nurdiansyah
Bank as a business institution that real life can not escape the problem or financial institution that provides financial resources in the form of the loan. Based on the above description, the author interested in doing research on issues of interest income of banks that were examined aspects of the...
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Fostering and Advancing Inclusion and Diversity as Corporate's Key Strategies to Sustain in Global Competitiveness

Priyo Yantyo, Syahrizal Maulana
Diversity can be defined across six clear demographic strands: gender, age, race & ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion & beliefs, and disability. Finding new and better solutions, innovating, requires thinking differently. Transforming an idea into a new process, product or service to generate a...
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Geotourism Resources as Part of Sustainable Development in Geopark Indonesia

Ayu Krishna Yuliawati, Krishna Nur Pribadi, Mohamad Sapari Dwi Hadian
Indonesia is known as rich in natural resources due to its location in the ring of fire and meeting of three continental plates. There are two international geopark recognized by Global Geopark Network UNESCO, which are Batur Global Geopark dan Sewu Global Geopark. The geopark contains Indonesia's geotourism...
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The Influence of Company Resources and Absorptive Capability on Value Creation and the Implication on Business Performance in the Courier Services Industry in Indonesia

Hana Suryana
The growth of business performance of courier service industry in Indonesia in the last five years are stagnant. Sales performance target is still difficult to achieve and profit growth is relatively small. This study aims to explore the data and information regarding the effect Company Resources and...
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Analysis Efficiency Production and Strategies of Small-Medium Scale Enterprises

Dede Ruslan
This research was aimed to analyze the factors that affect the level of production and efficient use of production factors on small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), and to identify the internal and external factor to find strategic model alternative that can be applied by small and medium scale enterprises...
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Higher Education Management and Operations in Fulfilling Citizen's Education Rights

Ridwan Purnama, Dasim Budimansyah, Yadi Ruyadi
Acknowledgement on education rights of citizens and its actualisation in real life, also the constitutional and legal protection of the rights, is an important aspect in governance and community implementation based on law. Formal Jurisdiction as stipulated in the Law No. 20 year 2003 and Law No 12 year...
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The Influence of External Environtmental Forces and Strategic Orientation on Value Creation and the Implication on Business Performance

Hana Suryana
The growth of business performance of courier service industry in Indonesia in the last five years is likely to stagnate. The percentage of target achievement of sales performance is still hard to achieve and profit growth is relatively small. This study aims to explore the data and information on External...
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Influence of Competitive Advantage Strategy for Business Success

Anny Nurbasari, Nisa Hanum Harani
The strategy is a very important tool for achieving a competitive advantage, to face the competition by creating product diversification and competitiveness.The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of competitive advantage in terms of low cost and differentiation to business success, as well...