Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Humanities and Social Science

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Research on the Integration of Agricultural Product Supply Chain Based on Consumer Benefit

Ruxin Wang
The development trend of economic integration and marketization, supply chain build-up and integration is becoming more and more important in the agricultural field. Nowadays, the integration of agricultural products supply chain in China is entering a whole new level. The contradiction under this level...
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Economics Analysis on Haze Weather and Urban Development in China

Yan Zhang
In the second half of the 20th century, the amount of fossil energy consumed on city traffic, construction, manufacturing, and consumption areas was soaring with the speeding up urbanization in developed centuries all over the world. Increased Greenhouse gas emissions and intensified urban heat island...
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Analysis of the Factors Influencing Bulgaria-China Trade Competitiveness Index before and after Bulgaria’s Accession to the European Union

Kameliya Fam
In this study, we want to examine the impact a small economy, such as Bulgaria, has when in the middle of two economic powers like China and the European Union (EU). We propose an OLS model to determine the factors which influence Bulgaria-China trade competitiveness index (TCI) for several groups manufactured...
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Research on the Veblen Effect and Marketing Strategy of China’s Sports Market

Zhong Wu, Xiaoqian Liu
In order to study the Veblen effect of china’s sports market and solve the problem of marketing of sports luxuries, law of demand and Veblen conspicuous consumption theory are applied to explain the price of conspicuous consumption and positive relevant disciplines of its demand and analyze the Veblen...
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Analysis on Chinese OFDI Investment Structure of EU

Xinying Liu, Xueyao Feng
EU, one of the most important economics in the world, whose total GDP has surpassed the USA, which laid its vital place. And China is the top company among its trade partner. Since the Chinese government putted forward the opening strategy in 2000, the overall trend of Chinese ofdi to Europe has increased...
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The Influence of International Trade on Chinese Technology Innovation Capacity of Hi-Tech Industry

Pei Hu
The paper used panel data from 1996-2012 of Hi-Tech industry to analyze the influence of export and import, R&D expenditure and research personnel on the Chinese enterprises’ technology innovation capacity. The empirical result states that international trade has positive effect on technology innovation...
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Research on logistics Service Platform of Small and Medium Sized Electronic Commerce Enterprises Based on Internet of Things

Huizhen Wang
Logistics has become a bottleneck for the rapid development of e-commerce enterprises, especially for small and medium enterprises, which can not self built logistics facilities and logistics business, this part of the enterprise can only outsource logistics business, logistics efficiency is an important...
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The Research on Localized E-commerce Development of Guizhou Province

Min Liang, Xiaotian Li
As all we know, the development of electronic commerce is not for a long time in China. However, it has a good trend, and the recognition and support of the government. The development of the electronic commerce has a big gap between eastern and western cities of China, as a less developed region, Guizhou...
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Analysis on Medical Insurance Payment Pattern between China and America

Wei Wang, Wenjing Gong, Youmei Wang
Medical insurance payment pattern plays a key role in the control of medical insurance expenses, and is also the key and difficult point in health insurance reform, so it is of great significance to do some research on this area. The paper introduces the medical insurance payment ways of China and America...
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The Colonial Modernity of Medicine Advertisements in the Canton Times

Sijie Li, Jiake Han
Modern medicine as a kind of cultural power, is not only taken as a tool of the western colonists, but also turns into one of the goals for the local colonized people to pursue modernization. How medical science developed under the impact of colonialism is the mainly discussed problem in this article....
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Analysis on Corporate Environmental Disclosure Behaviors

Xuan Chen
This study explores some comparison on the composition of ED between Chinese companies and Norwegian companies are conducted. The current study finds: splitting the total ED into hard disclosure items and soft disclosure items, the soft/total disclosure scores are significant higher in poor environmental...
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An Exploration on the Development of the Supply Chain Finance of the Banks Based on E-commerce Platform

Zhenqiong Wang
Supply chain finance is an innovative financing model for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The rapid development of the e-commerce promotes the development of supply chain finance from online to offline. This article discusses the prospect of supply chain finance via the e-commerce platform
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On the Driving Force of the New Types of Hainan Cruise Tourism — Based on Comparative Study of the Domestic Development

Jue Wang, Yuxiu Zhang
Hainan promotes the new types of cruise tourism. The article focuses on the driving force of the new types. In order to further our analysis on driving forces of new types of cruise tourism and thus promote the development of new types of cruise tourism in Hainan, we carried out the comparison between...
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Economics Model Analysis of Defence Expenditure and Economic Growth in the US

Xiaolei Zheng, Ji Ren, Zhijun Feng
This paper expounds on the relationship between defence expenditure and economic growth. By selecting defence expenditure and economic indicators including GDP, gross value of imports and exports, fuel import and export value and foreign direct investment in the US from 1991 to 2010 as sample spaces,...
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Economic Analysis of the Integrated Operation Mode of Nuclear Power Station and Pumped-storage Power Station

Caiqing Zhang, Mi Zhang, Yuping Liu
This paper proposes the integrated operation mode of nuclear power station and pumped-storage power station, and makes an intensive economic analysis of the integrated operation mode based on the position of investors. Firstly, this paper thoroughly discussed the calculation method of annual cost in...
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Research on the Spatial Correlation of Regional Economic Growth in Guangdong Province — Based on Analytic Network Process

Min Li, Ziting Li, Zhengqun Zhan, Yanling Song
This paper collects the data of 20 cities’ regional gross domestic product (GDP) in Guangdong from 1979 to 2013 as basic to measure the spatial correlation of regional economic growth between cities by establishing the VAR models and depicts the characteristics of spatial correlation of regional economic...
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Research on Knowledge Transfer Networks, Enterprise Relationship Networks and Innovation in Traditional Industrial Cluster

Min Li, Yanling Song, Zhengqun Zhan, Ziting Li
Knowledge transfer has significant impact on enterprises’ innovation performance and in SME clusters various relationships between enterprises is the main channel of knowledge transfer. Knowledge and information transfer through enterprises’ relationships and then promote the enterprises’ innovation...
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How Technology Import Improves the Enterprise’s Innovation Capacity: The Mediating Role of Absorptive Capacity

Zhengqun Zhan, Min Li, Yan Xie
Technology plays a key role in determining productivity and economy development in a country. The process of enterprises’ innovation can be seen as a process of knowledge management including the process of knowledge attainment; acquisition and converting and integrating into new knowledge. This research...
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Inner-organizational Institutional Environment and Its Impact on the Companies’ Innovation Capacity

Zhengqun Zhan, Min Li, Junni Pan
Institutional factors in organizations can be divided into two aspects: one is the ideological system such as the value, culture and other aspects, which can be regarded as an informal system because the content of this aspect always is unwritten and tacit; the other is the system of power distribution,...
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A Study into Snakes and Earrings and Punk Culture from the Perspective of Costume Psychology

Hongying Deng, Yumei Cui
There is an old saying in the western world, “You are what you wear”, and American clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner once finished a pioneering treatise based on the costume psychology. Under earth-shaking changes of the age, the lifestyles of human beings have also undergone drastic changes;...
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Study on the Role of Color Psychology in Children’s Wear

Wanjin Xie, Yumei Cui
Color psychology has been developed into an independent science and applied in practice and many designs. Color design is a key factor in children’s wear design. To grasp the color design rules in children’s wear, it’s necessary to understand children’s feelings about color, color tendency and color...
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Informational Psychology: A New Domain of Psychological Study

Guo Wang, Bibo Xu, Zongrong Li
A new discipline called “Informational Psychology” have gradually appeared in applying theoretical informatics to the study of psychology since June, 2012. It opened up a new field of psychological research, like “a new domain” of psychology to be explored. The article explains the fundamental hypotheses...
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The Analysis on Psychology about Employment of Contemporary College Students

Guocheng Li
With the gradual advance of reform on socialist market-directed economy system and higher education system, the employment problems of college students will affect the existence of colleges and the development of society directly. The employment of college students are affected by various factors, which...
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Analyses on the Dilemma and Countermeasures about the “Self-development” of Chinese University Students in the New Era from the Perspective of Psychological Development Theory

Xiaoyan Wang, Xia Zhou, Yu Pei
As developing individuals, the university students are faced with a lot of developmental tasks. The “self-development” is the key topic of their development. The research of psychosocial development theory as well as ego identity created by Erik H Erikson provides systematic and theoretical framework...
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An Early Warning Model of Physical Exercise Training Based on Heart Rate and Time

Jun Su, Song Zhang, Lin Yang, Xiaohe Li
In recent years, with a gradual decline of teenagers’ fitness and health monitoring data in our country, physical health of teenagers is becoming a more and more important problem. The traditional evaluation method can test teenagers’ health condition by spot checks every year. However it is difficult...
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Sports Club Employees’ Psychological Contract Structure and Its Influence on Job Satisfaction

Qingxuan Zeng, Liu Hu
With integrated use of literature review method, interview method, questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics, the study selected 60 members of six sports fitness clubs such as Mountain Sports Fitness Club of Wuhan, Dongxihu Youth Sports Club as the research object. According to the results of...
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Research on Plus and Minus Hook between Urban and Country Construction-used Land—A Case Study of Pi County, Chengdu City

Xiaxue Zhang, Jiayi Wang
Purpose: analysis on pilot project of urban and country construction-used land in Pi County, Chengdu City, laying foundation and orienting for future study. Method: literature research, interview. Result: farmers’ concept out of date, which is hard to convince in the program of pilot project of urban...
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Four Dimensions of Benign Political Ecology Construction

An Huang, Hongbang Zhang
Under the trend of communication network gradually flattening, media has become the condition of democratic politics operating and builder of political discourses. From the relationship of media and politics, based on some classical theories such as ears and eyes, agenda setting, supervision by public...
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Status Analysis of Development and Cultivation of Chinese Undergraduate Party Members

Wei Zhao, Longfei Lv, Junming Kang, Jiming Hu, Qing Wang
Development and cultivation of undergraduate party members concern the general situation of socialist construction with Chinese characteristics, and great party construction project. Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of college student party members development in our country,...
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Analysis on the Strategic Alliance Cooperation Game under the Background of Big Data

Lanhua Han, Ligang Liu
Based on the alliance combination phenomena at home and abroad, the paper builds an alliance cooperation model of three types of enterprises in the context of big data, designs to provide a reference framework for enterprises. This paper uses decision tree analysis to address the cooperative relationship...
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The Association among Leader-member Exchange, Work-to-family Enrichment and Organization Identification

Dongmei Ma, Lin Qiu
This study examined a model that links leader-member exchange (LMX) relationship and employee organization identification (OID) through the mediating mechanism of work-to-family enrichment (WFE). Data from a sample of 179 employed working adults in China demonstrated that LMX was positively related to...
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A Brief Talk on how to Actively Adapt to Urbanization Development and Promote New Citizens’ Quality Education: A Case Study of Bao’an District, Shenzhen

MinHua Liang, Qian Zhang
In this paper, take Bao’an District, Shenzhen as the case, we summarized and analyzed the regional governments how to take idea as precursor, strengthen institution and mechanism innovation and persist people-oriented to promote new citizens’ scientific and culture quality, civilized manners, professional...
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Research on the Economic Evaluation of Retirement Community of China Based on the System Dynamics

Ting Li, Feng Lan
This paper reviewed retirement community concept, characteristics, meaning based on the economic evaluation, project planning and investment operating theory of real estate. Further, retirement community project’s economic evaluation model was built by using system dynamics method. Then, this article...
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Research on Governance Mode Development of the State-Owned Enterprise: A Framework on the Theory of Principal-Agent

Ying Chen, Qiuming Wu
With the state-owned enterprise reforming, state-owned enterprise governance mode had experienced a series of changes, the principal-agent relationship in different periods show different characteristics. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the governance mode of state-owned enterprise during...
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Research on the Compensation Design of Civil Servants under Fairness Perspective—Empirical Analysis Based on a County in Liaoning Province

Wenjing Wang, Guangwei Liu
Through the pay status questionnaire of civil servants in a county in Liaoning Province, the authors find that there are 64.26 percent of the surveyed people believe that the compensation level of civil servants they current received is rather low. There are 20.96 percent of people consider that the...
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Two Bases of Oakeshott’s Political Philosophy

Liming Zheng
Oakeshott’s viewpoint of the relation of philosophy and practice is the basis of his critique of rationalism in politics. The relative separation between philosophy and practice is Oakeshott’s consistent viewpoint. He denotes that modern philosophy is stuck in rationalism. His critique of rationalism...
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An Extended Study on Introducing Social Work into Petition Practice

Wei Mu
China is now undergoing profound systematic and social transitions. Chinese society is getting stratified with more and more complicated social problems. Therefore, traditional ways to deal with people’s letters and calls, which depends on the ideological and political work as well as on the government...
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Artful Crime: Metroplex Transit Graffiti

Robin Gay Wakeland
Modern graffiti scourge within transit infrastructure arose in the 1970s and perpetuates today in self-aggrandizement vandalism. Simultaneously since inception, societal acceptance of graffiti as cultural and artistic value has continued parallel with perception as a security threat, and obvious illegality....
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On the Legal Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Yang Left-Behind Children in China

Zehua Feng
With the continuous improvement of internationalization of China, yang left-behind children has many characteristics with grand-parenting, poor mental health, bad performance in study, while their judicial rights, enter or leave the region rights, education rights, guardianship rights, medical security...
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A Study on Enlightenment to Most Developing Countries from Xi Jinping’s Thought in the Rule by Law

Zhongwei Duan, Yanjun Dai
The formation and perfection of Xi Jinping’s thought in the all-round rule by law is under the background of the impact of globalization on the rule of law and the realistic need of building up a well-off society in an all-round way. Xi Jinping’s thought has made great achievements in the theory breakthrough...
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Taming of the Shrew and England’s Heiress Protection Statute

Hongli Wang
There are two plots in the Taming of the Shrew. In one plot, Petruchio marries then tames Kate. The main plot, however, is about Lucentio and Bianca. It too has a legal theme, since Lucentio plans to elope with Bianca. First, he uses fraud, allowing his servant Tranio negotiate for Bianca’s dowery of...
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Value Evaluation of Integrated Energy Services Based on Balanced Scorecard

Jun Dong, Guiyuan Xue, Xu Li
To solve the increasingly prominent energy problem, improve the efficiency of energy utilization and reduce energy waste, the state has staged a series of policy laws and regulations to support energy conservation and environmental protection and to develop the energy services. As energy service suppliers,...
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Service Design Indicator Construction for Rehabilitation Needs of Institutional Long-Term Care for the Elderly

Wanli Wei, Shufeng Tsai, Yafen Tsai, YaLing Lo
Taiwan was officially an aging society since 1993. Therefore, there are more and more long-term care requirements from people because of the increasingly aging population. Rehabilitation Needs is also one of the long-term care services, and this study is aimed for Service design indicator (SDI) construction...
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Impact of Happiness on Allocation in Real Estate in Chinese Household

Yaling Zhou, Zhongyi Xiao
This article utilizes the data from China Household Finance Survey in 2011 to study the relationship between happiness and investment in real estate market. The result indicates the probability of a household’s participation in real estate, as well as household shares invested in it, is strongly associated...
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A Reflection on Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Criticism

Limin Ji
The British Empire, like the colonial empires of the other European powers, came to an end when independence was granted to previously colonised countries. But many of the values, preconceptions, and cultural stereotypes associated with the imperial world-view have been bequeathed to us. The reasons...
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On Publicity Channels of Red Star over China and Their Impact

Yong Chen, Bufen Hu
The publication of Edgar Snow’s Red Star over China by V. Gollancz in 1937 in London exerted significant influence on people all over the world. Its great impact has substantial connection with the three major channels of publicity—the appearance of the book’s main content on major English newspapers...
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Character Analysis of A Rose For Emily

Wenge Chang, Qianqian Che
William Faulkner is among the greatest experimentalists of the 20th century novelists. The 1950 Nobel Prize presentation speech calls Faulkner the “unrivaled master of all living British and American novelists”. A Rose for Emily is one of his best- known short stories and is widely used in English classroom....
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Understanding Craftsman’s Creativity in a Framework of Person, Process, Product and Press (4Ps)

Hui Zhang, Chunfang Zhou, Lene Tanggaard Pedersen, Lingling Luo
The recent work has emphasized craftsmen are key actors in developing creative industries. However, little attention has been paid to the particular study on creativity of craftsmen. This paper aims to explore how can we understand craftsman’s creativity in a theoretical framework of Person, Process,...