Proceedings of the 2013 International Academic Workshop on Social Science

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Analysis on News Media with “Positive Energy”How the News Media Reported the “Positive Energy” in Current Environment

Yan Zhang, Ligang Liu
This paper is mainly involved in the interpretation of the “Positive Energy” under the sight of Journalism and Communication. And then ,this essay provide numerous methods to deal with the problems of “Positive Energy”for medias via Sociological Methods. Finally, the innovation of this paper is that...
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A Study of the Impact of Social Media Characteristics on Customer Adoption Intention of Social Media

Yongbing Jiao, Jian Yang, Shanling Xu
Recent research on the factors affecting customer adoption of social media has been conducted by many scholars, but no research can be found to be carried out from the perspective of social media characteristics. The purpose of this study is to fill this void. Our conceptual framework incorporates customer...
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A comparative study on career maturity of the college students in Korea and China

Lexin Bao, Wei Lu
This paper study aims to make a comparison of career maturity between Korea and China by questionnaire survey. Based on the Korean version of the Career Attitude Maturity Inventory (CAMI), a Chinese version has been developed. The sampling is 901 college students. The difference of culture not only on...
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The Research on Vocational Skills Training for Chinese New Generation Migrant Workers in the Context of Balancing Urban and Rural Development

Jiabing Tian, Linbo Zhou
this paper tries to solve the problem of vocational skills training for Chinese migrant workers to promote the process of social integration and urbanization. From the perspective of balancing urban and rural development, the author has done some meaningful exploration with current literature and national...
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New Immigrant Teachers -Social Assimilation Among School Staff

Ilana Levenberg, Dorit Patkin, Yael Sarfaty
The present study explored the extent of support provided by the school staff and management to mathematics teachers who immigrated to Israel from various countries. The attitudes of these teachers towards mathematics education in Israel were examined. The immigrant teachers' statements illustrate a...
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Persons Placed in Social Protection Institutions as Subjects of Clinical Research by International and Serbian Regulations

Nina Planojevi, Dragica Živojinovi
Subject of the paper is analysis of the position of persons placed in social protection institutions as subjects of clinical research. In its first part, authors determine who belongs to the category of these subjects and what reasons make them vulnerable, more sensitive than other people in this context....
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The Urban Space Narrated By Guangzhou East Garden As A Fragment

Zheng Li
This paper elaborate on how Guangzhou East Garden describe the urban space as a fragment .In the paper, a deep analysis was devoted on analyze the relationship among the East Garden, river, streets and social space. Specific measurements were carried out on several historical maps. The conclusion is...
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The Comparison of Chinese and American Interpersonal Relationships

Ping Hu, Yan Tan
In the course of globalization, the relationships between Chinese and American become closer and closer, and the communication between citizens of both countries is more and more frequent. However, because the culture of Chinese is much different from that of American, so do their attitude towards their...
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On Scientific-Technological Ethics

Li-Lin Peng
Ethics and morality is old and constantly updated topic. In the modern science and technology rapid development situation, study of ethics of science and technology is relatively backward. The times call for advanced and reasonable ethics of science and technology. Basic concepts and characteristics...
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Study on Risk Prevention Mechanism of the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products - Based on the Perspective of Peasant Special Cooperative Organizations

Yanfen Dou, Yan Jiang, Qiang Miao
The paper analyzes the cooperatives’ effectiveness in ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products, discusses specific mechanism design problems of peasant special cooperative organizations’ preventing the risk of the quality and safety of agricultural products and puts forward to the main...
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Social and Economic Issues of Home Staying Women in China--A Case Study in a Village of Jiangsu Province

Sicong Zhang, Qiuyang Ding
In China, many cities are creating large labor demands, which however leaves many females staying at their home villages. This could be a serious bottleneck to the enhancement of overall economy and living quality in China. In this paper, a study to home staying women in a village of Chinese Jiangsu...
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Research on Cultural Ecosystem Protection and Recovery in Ecological Resettlement of Poverty Relief

Haibao Wang
The cultural ecosystem is a part with the enormous ecological function values in the social ecosystem of the region and town. This paper puts forward the viewpoint that the new resettlement site removed and constructed due to the needs of the ecological environmental protection and poverty relief and...