Proceedings of the 2013 International Academic Workshop on Social Science

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The Combination of Characteristic Schooling with Regional Economy--Recruitment Measures of Private Vocational Colleges

Yibin Su
Based on the increasingly severe recruitment situation of private vocational colleges in recent years, this article puts forward the suggestion to combine characteristic schooling starting from two aspects of regional economy and specialty features. This article sets its point from three aspects, strengthening...
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Data-Mining Application to Operating Room Service Performance in the Medical Center

Hsueh-Ling Ku, Jen-Der Leu
Operation rooms are the most critical medical treatment unit in a surgical department, to which high costs of labor and resources are devoted. Managing the resources of operation rooms is just like those in the usual enterprises, both of which need to make good use of all the software and hardware; in...
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Study on the Act of Government in the Urbanization Process of Hebei Province——Taking Qinhuangdao as an example

Weiwei Wang
Government as the direct leader and promoter in the process of urbanization, whether they behave properly or not affect directly on the quality and speed of the process of urbanization. Taking a representative city in Hebei province, Qinhuangdao as an example, this paper spreads out discussion from the...
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Research on the Pricing Formula on Small Loan for RCC in China

Aiwen Yang
In order to price the small loans for RCC, this paper studies the existing commercial bank lending rates and interest rate pricing, and then proposes two pricing formulas about small loans for Chinese RCC. One is applied to price the basic interest rate of small loan, and the other is applied to price...
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On the Legal Force and Application Scope of the Public Security Mediation

Jianwen Ma
Through the qualitative analysis of public security mediation, this study comes to such a conclusion that public security mediation agreement should be endowed with the same legal force as people’s mediation agreement. By analyzing the application objects of public security mediation by the public security...
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Where China Meets Latin America: Implications For Economic Growth

Jaime Ortiz, Haibo Wang
This paper examines the sources of economic growth for a group of Latin American countries in relation to their export performance in China. The analytical framework is based on an extended normalized quadratic profit function. The ensuing econometric results confirm that a favorable export record with...
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Analysis for SWOT-CLPV Matrix Model of Heilongjiang Provincial Skiing Industrial Development

Cheng Cao, Guibin Su, Changhong Wang, Jianchang Ding
On basis of numerously consulting information and investigations for Heilongjiang Provincial Skiing Ground, use SWOT-CLPV matrix model to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis for current status of Heilongjiang skiing industry; Point out that advantages for Heilongjiang skiing industry are that...
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The Policy Recommendations for Small and Medium Enterprises’ Sustainable Development in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region--Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on the Analysis of the External Environment

Yongxing Qi
China paid less attention on small and medium enterprises (short for SME) than the reform of state-owned enterprises before and didn’t find an effective way to support their development from different sides. Based on the analysis of the SMEs’ comprehensive evaluation model of external environment in...
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Mechanism based on social factors student population crisis

Lianjing Zhou, Yan Chen, Xiaohui Lian, Zhixiang Li
college students as an important part of the social groups, to a large extent will be the influence and impact of social culture, morality, mentality, safety and employment, and is in a growing, and is likely to become pessimistic, negative, depression, loss, frustration, and even beyond the legal boundaries...
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Study on the Construct of Business Model Innovation

Hao Ding, Bingcheng Wang, Fang Yang
The measurement of business model innovation is the basis of empirical research of business model innovation, but the studies of business model innovation are basically using the method of theoretical analysis and case studies, and lack of empirical research questionnaires. In this paper, the questionnaire...
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A Neo-realist American China Foreign Policy

Huaiping Zhang
The paper approaches the future trend of American China policy. It first traces back to American foreign policy at different stages. Then it turns to the in-depth study of American China policy and the future of American China policy. The United States’ foreign policy has a direct impact on many aspects...
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A Mechanism Analysis of High-tech Enterprise Human Capital Investment for EVA Contribution Based on Gray Relational Analysis

Yeyun Liu, Wei Yu
Integrated innovation is the core competitiveness of high-tech enterprises, which depends on Innovative potential talent. This article makes a quantitative analysis to explore the relationship between high-tech enterprise human capital investment and EVA, using gray correlation analysis method to calculate...
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The Effectiveness of Cultivated Land Protection and Strategies in China

Meiqiu Chen, Taoju Liu, Bingjuan Zhou, Xinglu Xu
As a huge country with 1.3 billion population, protecting cultivated land is a basic policy in China. In this paper, the implementation effectiveness of cultivated land protection and causes since the reform and opening were analyzed, and the results shows that: China has proposed the basic farmland...
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Research on Administrative Omission

Chun-ye Ren, Hao-tong Yang
Administrative omission is a kind of serious illegal administrative action. It infringes the administrative counterparts' rights, even the nation and public interests. Therefore, the academic research of the administrative omission deeply and systemically is an essential segment of improving the whole...
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Yeyun Liu, Meixuan Li
The new generation of migrant workers is becoming an important force in urban construction and economic development in our country, their employment ability influences the occupation flow and urban integration. In this article, through the understanding of the characteristics of the new generation of...
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Research On Inclusive Responsibility Of Rural Financial Institutions Of Hunanprovince

Yeyun Liu
Rural financial institutions are the key to the rural financial business and services. As the mainstay of rural finance and the best link of “three agriculture”, the role of rural financial institutions play a direct impact on the development of rural economy and improvement of farmers' life, and affect...
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The cultivation of regional innovative culture is an important link to enhance the regional soft power

Haitao Wang, Yaowen Chen
A subject that how to improve the soft power of a region is discussed in this paper, and it is concerned in both theory and practice area. Through the analysis of the relationship between regional innovation culture and regional soft power, we found cultivating regional innovation culture is a key link...
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An Analyst of Human Resources Management Features in the Context of Enterprise Evolution

Feiqiang Fu
Drawing from the legacies of organization development theories and by studying the enterprise evolution rules and its prominent characteristics in different phases, this paper introduces human resources management features in different enterprise development stages and presents how to make relevant human...
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Research and Analysis on Issued Inventory Valuation Methods of Enterprises

Shusheng Gu
This paper, based on the issued inventory valuation methods stipulated in current accounting standards of China, analyzes the different effectiveness resulting from the choices of different inventory valuation method. Taking the actual situation of the international and domestic environment into account,...
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Study on resettlement’s self-organizaton participarting in late-stage support project successfully——a case of women oganization in H village in S resvevior area

Jun Cheng, Shaojun Chen
Reviewing related research on resettlement late-stage support and public participation, found public participation on late-stage support project,micro layer,resettlement self-organization or non-organizaion is fewer. Take the late-stage support project in H village in reservoir region as an example,...
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Toward an Interlocal Collaboration Decision Model of Local Government in China

Li-ming Suo, Yudi Yuan
In the context of economic development and regional integrated development, faced with action challenges and ‘economic’ governance; it is essential to figure out how to achieve sustainable development of interlocal collaboration in order to attain the optimal interlocal collaboration in governance decision-making....
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Fidelischinazor Okorie, Austineo Nnaji, Cypraine Ezedike
The earth’s climate is becoming increasingly warmer, most likely due to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Climate variation is driven by uneven distribution of solar heating, the individual responses of the atmosphere, oceans and land surface, the interactions between these and the physical characteristics...
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The Feasibility of Trilingual Education Based on Corpus-linguistics

Xin Huang
This electronic document discusses the feasibilities of trilingual education (TE) based on corpus-linguistics, which includes the following: providing TE with teaching basis and abundant teaching resources, constructing the mode of autonomous learning, cultivating the empirical capability of teaching...
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Study on The Essence of Metaphor

Youguo Duan
Based on the definitions of metaphor, this paper illustrates the origin of metaphor and some popular theories of what metaphor really is. At the same time, due to the fact that people’s cognitive ability develops with the times, three stages of metaphor development also get detailed explanation.
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Family-related Goals of Agritainment Proprietors in China

Xiuhong Wang
On the basis of field-work study with agritainment proprietors in three Chinese cities,a survey result was taken . Through comparative analyses, conclusions about family-related goals of agritainment proprietors in three cities were acquired, that more agritainment proprietors tended to make significant...
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Selecting the Startup Combined-cycle Power plants Initial Steam Temperatures in Compliance with the High-Pressure Steam Superheater Outlet Headers Heating Conditions

Yuri Radin, Tatiana Kontorovich
This report represents heating/cooling conditions analysis of high-temperature details of the steam part equipment of combined-cycle power plants. The analysis is based on the justification of their cyclic strength by using 3D finite element models. A procedure is proposed which can be used to develop...
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The cultural roots of American Entrepreneurship Education

Xiaoyan Guan, Weina Qi
the United States is the earliest implementation of entrepreneurship education in the country, a series of pioneering and innovation in entrepreneurship education, form the leading edge of the educational system, this article from the cultural to explore "why entrepreneurship education will begin in...
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Computer-assisted Translation Teaching Based on Constructivist Theory

Jinling Liu, Nan Li, Haibo Sun
According to the constructivist theory, with the assistance of teachers and peers, students could construct their knowledge by using learning materials and information resources. Previously, there is few study on teaching translation under the multi-media and the network environment based on the constructivist...
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A new model of international students’ educational decision-making: the case of Chinese students’ choices of major in accounting in Australia

Haolei Yang
This study developed a new theoretical framework that may be used to examine the decision-making processes of Chinese students relating to the choice of major into overseas university. Elements from self-determination theory, expectancy-value theory, theory of reasoned action, and research on cultural...
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Research on the Customs of festival sports entertainment in Tang Dynasty from Angles of Poems and Proses

Junli Yu
This paper textually investigates festival sports and recreational custom in the Tang Dynasty—its origin, underlying cultural implication, spectacularity and evolution in the Tang Dynasty by document research method. There were a great number of festivals at that time to stage so many colorful festival...
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The practical teaching reform of the ideological and political theory course in University based on CDIO

Jie LI, Qi-jie Wu, Jing-yang Yu
The CDIO educational model is the latest achievement of international advanced engineering educational reform which is widely applied in higher education. It is a new innovative exploration that the CDIO educational concepts are implanted and penetrated into the practical teaching reform of the ideological...
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Construct Integrated Teaching System and Cultivate Excellent Engineering Innovative Talents

Shi-min Luo, Yi-ping JIANG
According to the demand for applied innovative talents of the railway industry and enterprises, based on the railway specialized characteristics advantage of the East China Jiaotong University, and in accordance with the system engineering thoughts as “setting training objectives, setting up training...
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A Review of Studies on Sports Literatures of the Tang Dynasty

Junli Yu
This article adopts the methods of literature consultation, expert interview, induction,deduction and logical analysis to review the existing research findings of sports literature of the Tang Dynasty based on both relevant publications of predecessors and modern scholars and research papers in the past...
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Discussion on Intercultural Communication—Analysis of The Portrait of a Lady

Suxia Liu, Manjun Yu
After the publication of American novelist Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady, it had focused the attention of literary critics and readers. Many critics and scholars had studied its text from different perspectives. This thesis tries to from a new point of view—the intercultural communication, analyze...
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Compare Study of Corporate Innovation Capacity and its Evaluation Indices*

Tonghua Mou, Fang Du
This article is aimed to systemically summarize worldwide scholars’ research achievements of the core issues such as connotation of corporate technical innovation, technical innovation capability, evaluation index system, evaluation methods, etc., and put forward the methods and paths for further studies...
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Analysis of Ritual Literature’s Cultural Continuity Value with Tang’s Sacrificial Rite as Example

Junli Yu
As an integral part of Tang rite system, sacrificial rite was an important means of Tang Dynasty’s social integration in terms of ideology. It has far more numerous and complete ritual literature than any former dynasty. By document research method this paper With Tang’s sacrificial rites as example...
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Reform of the Professional Experimental Teaching and Practice of the Students' Quality and Ability Training-Reform of the Professional Experimental Teaching

Jinzhe He, Tingting Feng, Yanping Cai, Huagui Liu
This paper studied how to improve the quality of personnel training, strengthen the professional teaching experiment, and establish a student-oriented professional experimental teaching mode, in order to comprehensively improve the students' knowledge, ability and quality. The reform which combined firm...
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An Analysis of Chinese Deaf College Students’Career Competitiveness of Educational Fairness

Chen Shao, Xin Tong
According to the sixth national population census and the second national sample investigation of the disabled people, the total number of the disabled people was 85,020,000 in China at the end of 2010. The number of person with hearing disability was 20,540,000,which constituted 24.16% of the total...
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Temporal Interpretation of Tense in Reported Speech

Lei Shen
This paper focuses on temporal interpretation of tense in reported speech with examples of past reporting clauses in English news texts. Tense in English expresses a relation between Speech Time, Reference Time and Situation Time. It is one of the important linguistic devices that contribute to temporal...
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Research on Government-Industries-Universities-Research Collaborative Innovation Mechanism and Pattern of the Local Applied Undergraduate Institute

Yunbao Xu, Huimin Chen
The quality of personnel training in the local applied undergraduate institute does not deserve guarantee because of all sorts of constraint factors such as the students' quality, teachers' quality and development orientation etc. It's a difficulty and chance for local applied undergraduate institute...
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Extracting interaction effect of cognitive task and unwanted cognitive activity in pre-sleep period

Chuang Gao, Wei Wei, Genghu Shi, Huiyong Hu, Rui Jiang, Zongkui Zhou
The difficulty of switching off unwanted pre-sleep cognitive activities always causes most people with insomnia unable to fall asleep. Previous studies suggested that manipulating pre-sleep thoughts with cognitive task could change sleep onset latency. The interaction effect of cognitive task and unwanted...
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Analyzing the Dynamic Shifts of Teaching Focus in Engineering Education Using Bibliometrics--A Case Study on Mineral Processing Major

Qianying Wu, Xiqing Wu, Genming Zhang
The education contents of different engineering majors have varied greatly, and each specific major has its own discretion of professional curriculum establishment. How to objectively probe the advances of majors and make right use of this decision-making power is an essential link in the comprehensive...
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Analysis of Chongqing Agricultural Informatization Promoting Urban-rural Integration

Jiaju Cun, Xiaoyong Xu
Agricultural informatization can narrow the gap of urban-rural informatization,the construction of its is an important measure of promoting urban-rural integration effectively. On the base of the current conditions of Chongqing agricultural informatization, this paper analyses the relationship between...
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Application of Common Examples in Engineering Graphics Teaching

Ruiting Tong
Based on the current situation of engineering graphics teaching, some problems are presented. The characteristics of engineering graphics teaching are analyzed, and applications of common examples are developed and shown in this paper. Several common examples corresponding to the contents of engineering...
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The Fluorescence Characteristic of AO-RB-SDS-GMFX and the Determination of Gemifloxacin

Hui-ping Xi, Xiu-wei Fang
A new method for the determination of Gemifloxacin (GMFX) indirectly was developed by using energy transfer of Acridine Orange (AO) - Rhodamine B (RB) fluorescence resonance. It was found that in the pH=7.00 Britton-Robinson (B-R) buffer solution and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) medium, effective energy...
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The Impact of EVA Assessment on State-owned Enterprises’ Ability of Innovation

Xiaoling Yuan, Wei Weng, Zhengda Li
SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) started to use EVA (Enterprise Value Added) assessment as a performance measure on central enterprises in 2010, to guide the way how state-owned enterprises develop, to improve the efficiency of state-owned economy,...
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Discussion on Reasons and Countermeasures for Academic Development of Professional Degree Graduate Students

Jia-xuan Guo, Chun-xia Wu
Interpreting is a complicated procedure of information processing relating to people’s logic and psychological process. Memory is the key link and the major obstacle affecting interpreting. Interpreting is an instant logic conversion activity between two languages, conveying the information in target...
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A Survey of Short-term Memory in Consecutive Interpreting Course

Leina Lu, Ye Chen
Interpreting is a complicated procedure of information processing relating to people’s logic and psychological process. Memory is the key link and the major obstacle affecting interpreting. Interpreting is an instant logic conversion activity between two languages, conveying the information in target...
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The Metaphorical Cognitive Mechanism of Spatial Dimensional Term “High”

Jinying Li
The paper, based on the usage of “high”, makes a systematic analysis on the English word, a word for spatial dimension. In cognitive field, the linguistic research on metaphor reveals that space is the most basic concept in human cognition, and that it is extremely significant in the process of perception...
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The Application of Cohesive Devices in College English Listening and Speaking Teaching

Li Qing
Halliday and Hasan (1976) considered that cohesion, one of the most important characteristic of text, exists within the text. Cohesive devices are mainly embodied by the surface structure in a text and form a tangible network. There should be one or several cohesive devices to transform one paragraph...
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The Influence of Smart-phone Popularity on the Knowledge Gap between Urban & Rural Middle School Students- Research on four middle schools in Chongqing

Lingmei Li, Yi Wang, Yinfeng Guan, Weihua Wu
Focusing on the difference in the use of mobile media between urban and rural middle school students in the information age, this study investigates the students in four middle schools in Chongqing to penetrate their attitude, motivation of smart-phone use and discusses the impact of smart-phone on the...
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A Study on the Criticism and Self-criticism of “New Social Space” in the Perspective of Social Media Technical Idea

Yan Zou, Shicha Luo
Along with the widespread of new media technology in our daily life, plenty of scholars thought highly of the convenience brought by it. On the other hand, such a phenomenon reflected the change of our normal life, thus almost everyone abandoned to rethink the real face of proliferated media technology...
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Cultural or Aesthetic ——An Intertextual Insight into the Relationship between Ezra Pound’s Imagist Poems and Chinese Tang Poems

Yingjie Guo, Wen Wang
To argue whether the relationship between Ezra Pound’s Imagist poems and Chinese Tang poems is cultural or aesthetic, this paper employs Julia Kristeva’s concept of intertextuality as theoretical basis and takes an intertextual insight into their intrinsic associations. Fundamentally, Pound is seen as...
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Scientific Incentive Mechanism of College English Teachers

Xiaofang Zhang, Jianhui Liu
Base on the principal-agent theories, this paper, from the angle of institutional economics, compares the optimal incentive contract on college English teachers under single-period moral hazard and under repeated moral hazard and introduces tenure contract in the model of repeated moral hazard. Our study...
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Research on the Reform of the Important Connected Factors in the Development of Education

Tong Zhou
at present, there are many contradictions existing in the development of education in China, the college entrance examination results in several prominent problems. Excessive attention is paid on degree. The college entrance examination enrollment system is not scientific and unfair, The personnel salary...
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“CDIO-Learn Freely” Bidirectional Teaching Approach Implementation Research

Fangchun Jiang, Yunfan Lu
Through research and implementation on “CDIO – Learn Freely” bidirectional teaching approach, to achieve the goal of enhancing the quality of education. When designing the teaching plan for “Game Software Testing Technology and Tools” curriculum, in “teach” process adopted the CDIO engineering education...
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Development and Evaluation of a Web-based Chinese Poetry Learning Support System

Jili Liao, Yong Gan
Web-based learning has become an important way to enhance teaching and learning. There are a lot of foreigners learning Chinese language and culture via various ways in the world. To help them learn better, a Web-based Chinese poetry learning support system named ‘e-Tang’ has been designed and implemented....
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Preventing and Reducing Juvenile Delinquency with the Organizational Advantages of the CYL

Xueqin Yuan
The prevention of juvenile delinquency is significant to national development, social stability and the future of our nation. By analyzing the reasons of juvenile delinquency and current problems in the juvenile delinquency prevention, the author points out we should innovate our ideas, our system and...
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The Qualitative Analysis and Application of Course Classification in Job-oriented Professional Education

Jianwei Lv, Zongren Xie, Peng Di
The characteristics of job-oriented professional education (professional train) are analyzed. The knowledge systems of trainee in training are explored. From the point of the knowledge systems, six arrangements of training needs are given. By the views of trainee, considering the need of knowledge system...
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The Dance Teaching Research of Pre-school Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Qiang Fu
Dance is our country's compulsory pre-school education vocational colleges, one of which is intended for students in the future engage in pre-work to lay a good foundation of professional, so that with the application of high dance ability, improve their overall quality. This paper describes the dance...
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Music of Colleges and Universities “Multi-skill” New Applied Talents Training and Research-Take Hainan For Instance

Jia Zhu, Qiang Fu
“The cultivation of multi-skill” talent is one of the hottest trends in ordinary university training objectives for music majors in recent years. We unite the Hainan Province ordinary university music professional employment demand, supply, the knowledge structure, and the actual situation of the cultivation...
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Empirical Study of Hedonic and Utilitarian Attitudes toward Network Consumption

Hailin Su, Dake Qian, Fang Fang, Kai-li Yu
Due to the rise of the network society, consumption structure has consequently changed. The network consumption as a new consumption pattern became popular in the world. This paper did a creative research about the impact of hedonic and utilitarian attitudes of the consumer taking the network as consumer...
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Investigation of the Factors Affecting College Students’ English Learning Motivation and their Relationship

Zhou Zhen
Motivation is one of the most important affective factors in the English learning. The study did a questionnaire survey and statistical analysis on the motivation of 600 college students, to explore the factors influencing English learning motivation of college students and their inner relationship....
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The Research into the Training of the Meta-cognitive Strategy of College Students

Zhou Zhen
the study on language learning strategies has become the focus of the second language acquisition research, and receives extensive attention from the linguists and educators. Besides, the meta-cognitive strategy is an important part of language learning strategies and it is also closely related to the...
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Study on Innovation of Drug Rehabilitation Patterns in Ethnic Minority Regions of China

Yongmei Xia
Subject to the specific social and historical factors, serious drug problems existed in the ethnic minority regions of China. It is difficult to perform drug rehabilitation tasks there. This paper analyzed the constraints of drug rehabilitation in the ethnic minority regions, and introduced the positive...
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A new model of the evaluation of the quality of students for parallel application based on multivariate analysis

Huasheng Chen, Jinming Liu, Youmiao Qu, Haobing Shi
Student quality evaluation is important for admissions and exploring a suitable model is an indispensable part. In recent years, a new voluntary approach calls “parallel application” brings reform in entrance examination in China. However, it leads to a narrower admission score range, which challenges...
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Innovational Research on “City Management” Undergraduate Major Cultivating System

Chenshui Liu, Hongmei Yi, Lingling Liu
In this paper, the development plan and the talent training mode of the City Management Major is formulated according to the requirements of urban construction and development. It presents its orientation, training goals, major direction design, the basic ability requirements to students, and the course...
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Systematic Cultivation Building Interchanges for Vocational Education

Min Liu
The National “twelve-five year” plan to protect and improve people's livelihood as all the work starting points and end - result, thereafter, it is a problem for us to solve on how to make system design of vocational education, in the construction of the increasing channel among vocational, higher vocational...
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Impact of International Education on Students’ Attitude toward English as Lingua Franca

Chaochang Wang, Chu-Tai Ho
English has long been widely used as a lingua franca (ELF) for intercultural communication and inevitably evolved into various varieties due to its nativisation and localization in different contexts. Its recognition and acceptance, accordingly, are crucial for successful intercultural communication,...
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Cultivate the Ability to Freehand Sketch

Feng Zhao, Jia Fu
This article to junior architectural design course teaching as the background, review in the teaching link of freehand sketch effect, thinking how to the existing mature syllabus conditions, attach importance to training and freehand sketch communication ability training, get rid of computer development...
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From Geographic Cluster to Connected Cluster

Junmin Wang, Shuai Yang
Structural distribution of urban industrial resources is a natural result of the long-term development of regional economy. In order to satisfy the need of the content construction around the new formats of creative industries, existing resources are inevitably to be the main environmental conditions...
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Research on the Design and Practice of Climbing Route of Unclimbed Mountain–A Case Study of Ruoni Mountain II

Lun Li
Climbing route is the core achievement of climbing unclimbed mountain, for a determined climbing route can provide safety guarantee for later climbers and also provide reference for them to create new climbing routes. Therefore, each climbing success of unclimbed mountain is a process in which climbers...
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Benevolence-Oriented Filial Piety of Confucius

Xiangqun Xu
On the basis of his predecessors, Confucius made a connotative innovation of filial piety. Proposing that filial piety stemmed from the inner heart and was a manifestation of benevolence, he turned it from an external norm to an internal requirement of human heart. He transformed patriarchal filial piety...
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Experimental Analysis of Uyghur Vowel Umlauting

Yusup Alim, Memet Patigul
In this paper mainly discusses important topics “vowel umlauting” in Modern Uyghur, firstly description and characterization of the phenomena, and through experimental analysis make a new conclusion.
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The Use of Internet Communication Forms and Their Quality in the Educational Process in Higher Education

Jana Simonidesová, Barbara Hlav ová
Internet communication between educators and students represents a part of the educational process at higher education institutions. The aim of this paper is to highlight the relatively complex problems of the use of online and offline Internet communication in higher education on two basic levels –...
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The intellectual property protection of traditional literature and art

Fei Zhou, Xi-hua Zhang, Li-qin Cao
the intellectual property protection of traditional literature and art caused great concern of the theorists in recent years; however, the process is difficult. The article analyzes the definition and the legal characteristics of traditional literature and art, combined with value significance of the...
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Integrating SOM with K-Means in Taiwan TrainQuali System Performance Assessment

Wen-Tsann Lin, Shih-Wei Shu, Yung-Tsan Jou, Yih-chuan Wu
The Taiwanese government has, based on the concept of the UK’s Investors in People (IIP), and the Swiss ISO10015, drawn up the so-called Taiwan TrainQuali System (TTQS), a training process including Plan, Design, Do, Review, and Outcome. TTQS provides businesses and training institutions to carry out...
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Soft Power Construction of University Culture

Li-bin Zhou, He Wang
The connotation of the soft power of university culture is the influence of the culture and value advocated by the university on cultural literacy and moral level of teachers and students and the whole society. The construction of the soft power of the university culture includes three levels, which...
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Implication of Knowledge Stock on Knowledge Acquisition via E-Learning

Bing Wu, Chenyan Zhang
Knowledge stock as one of the important parts of knowledge interaction has important implication on knowledge acquisition via E-Learning community. Research frameworks are proposed in the following way. Knowledge stock is analyzed in detail way to find characteristics. Then key factors of knowledge acquisition...
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The Influence of Group Counseling on Deaf College Student’s Occupation Self-efficacy

Xin Tong, Shichen Zhang, Bo Sun
The deaf students are a special group, and they all have a common problem in interpersonal communication and occupation selection, such as feel inferior. This study selected 24 deaf junior students from Technical College For the Deaf of Tianjin University of Technology, divided into two groups: experimental...
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Study on the Classified Management of Network Group Incidents

Wei Zhang, Yujuan Zhang
In this paper, the author defines the network group incidents and analyses their characteristics in a forward-looking vision, and accordingly studies the classification of such events from multiple perspectives and recommends classified control countermeasures for the government against four types of...
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The Role of Teachers' Speak Speed in Finance Class Learning

LiIjun Liu, Rufei Zhang
Classroom learning is the main channel to learn. Discussing class learning pattern of students provides reliable theoretical basis for class teaching, which also has practical significance to promote the teaching effect and learning efficiency. Consequently, this paper, which aims at the teachers’ speak...
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Developmental research of harmonious education thought in a sociological view

Shuang Liu, Chuanju Liu
harmonious education reflects that the fusion of eastern and western education concept, which is a necessity for high education social attributes and natural quality to couple. Chinese and foreign history of Education all along penetrates " whole person education thought, With China's implementation...
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Strategy Research on Promote Teaching Ability through Quality Course

Xu Liang, Lijun Liu
since the enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, the university recruitment of students scale expands rapidly, and triggered a large number of teachers in colleges and universities. Some teachers directly involved in front-line teaching after graduation, due to the long divorced from social,...
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Establishment of Three-dimensional Graduation Project Teaching System with Engineering Characteristics

Heng Zhang, Zhaotang Xu, Boqing Chen
The teaching system with “one mainline, two platforms, three levels and four modes” is the connotation of three-dimensional graduation project teaching system with engineering characteristics. Its three-dimensional characteristic is manifested by collecting diversified topics and organically integrating...
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The Thinking of Humanistic Education Based on the Modern Vocational Education System

Wenxue Liu, Shuyan Zhang, Juanyin Liu
According to the current status and existing problems on humanistic education in Hebei province. This paper demonstrates the necessity of construction of humanistic cultivation system through special research, comprehensive analysis and empirical research methods. This paper also put forward some Modes...
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The design of multi-function photoelectric teaching experimental platform and thinking of curriculum teaching reform

Yaohua Deng, Jiayuan Chen, Liming Wu, Hui Chen, Guitang  Wang
A good photoelectric experimental teaching platform plays a very important role in the course of sensor, photoelectric engineering and photoelectric detection. With the development of information technology, it adds more and more new function for photoelectric teaching platform, which will bring great...
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Comparative Study on the System and Diploma between Université and the Grande écoles in France

Yang Liu, Hui Yi
Chinese engineer and science masters diploma reform is growing vigorously and the distinguished characteristics of diploma construction are strengthening and improving. This article studies and compares the differences between the universités and the grande écoles in France in the schooling system and...
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Research on Application of “Problem-Oriented” Teaching Method in “An Introduction to the Basic Principle of Marxism” Course

Xiyan Wang
The “problem-oriented” teaching method means a kind of teaching method that the teacher teaches surrounding “problem” throughout classroom teaching so as to promote students’ problem consciousness and cultivate their abilities of discovering, analyzing and solving problem. To apply the “problem-oriented”...
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Guiding Functions of Basic Physical Ideas on Research and Innovation

Chunqing Xu, Hongchun Yang
The thoughts decide the behaviors, so basic physical ideas are footholds for us to be engaged in scientific research, and they are also the keys to improve problem-analyzing skill and develop creative thinking and become an innovative talent. This article discussed the guiding functions of basic physical...
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A Brief Analysis on the Interpersonal Matefunction of English Teacher Talk in Classes

Shangyong An, Xiaohui Feng
Teacher talk, as a important factor of second language acquisition, play an important role in the control of the university English classes and students’ learning effect; quantity and quality of teachers’ talk will influence or even determine the success of class. Teacher talk reflects the features and...
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Research on Teaching Quality Monitoring System of Management By Objectives

Ming Fang, Wei Wu, Jing Luo, Kaiyuan Meng, Yongxin Liu
TQMS plays a more and more important role in assuring the effect of universities education. Researching the current system from the theoretical and practical aspects found that the systems exists some problems, it is difficult to meet the teaching quality assurance need of the connotation-oriented development...
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The research of some single-machine scheduling problems

Zhigao Liao, Xiaojing Zhao
In this paper, we develop a new scheduling model with learning effects where the actual processing time of a job is not only a function of the total normal processing times of the jobs already processed, but also a function of the job’s scheduled position. We show that the single-machine scheduling problems...
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Pathways to Pre-service Teachers’ Professional Development:Insights from Teacher Autonomy

Zhengping Zeng
This paper aims to explore the pathways to develop pre-service teachers’ professional competence from the insights of teacher autonomy. First, the concept of teacher autonomy and its stages of development are discussed. Then, a framework of pre-service teachers’ professional development is proposed....
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Steven Krashen’s SLA Theories and Vocabulary Teaching in College Oral English

Yu Wang, Jian Yang
This paper mainly discusses Krashen’s theory of second language acquisition (SLA), especially his hypotheses, and their application into vocabulary learning and teaching during college oral English courses. By presenting the importance of oral English teaching and learning, and the present situation...
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Washback Effect on Second Language Acquisition Test: A Case Study of College English Entrance Exam

Yu Wang, Jie Bao
This paper focuses on a study of the washback of the college English entrance exam (CEEE). The study was motivated by a need for empirical research in keeping with the language teaching and learning reform currently underway. Questionnaire data analysis and mathematical statistics were employed in an...
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Selection of Military and Local Integration Emergency Material Procurement Suppliers Based on Set Pair Analysis Method

Yuanli Zhao, Yunpeng Xiao, Bojian Yu
In this paper, the military and local integration emergency material procurement suppliers ideal evaluation index system was constructed, the set pair analysis method was introduced, the contracted matrix of index system was constructed and the connection degree index synthesis was done based on the...
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Outstanding farmer's learning style

Chen-Chia Hsu
The purpose of this study was to investigate the outstanding farmers learning styles. Based on the suggestions of research literatures, a structural questionnaire contains personal information, learning style questionnaire. The main study technique used was the questionnaire survey; this research is...
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A Review Research on Mobile Social Networking Application in Constructing Seamless Learning Space

Chen Li, Bo-bo Wang, Jian Li, Ying-song Fang
Much like web-based social networking, as a brand new social media, mobile social networking is increasingly influence people’s lifestyle, and the “Post 90s” students are the mainly users of this new medium. Nevertheless, the worrying thing is that the learning situations of undergraduate students are...
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Strategies about Ideological and Political Education of Colleger in double zero mode

Ying Liu, Xiao-Hong Yang
Now post 90's are stepping in universities of china,and they will become the major groups of college at last. The paper analyzed the characteristic of post 80's and post 90's.According to the disadvantage of counselor of post 80's,brought forward several educational tactics of ideological and political...