Proceedings of the 2013 International Academic Workshop on Social Science

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The Implicit Aggression of Indirect Bullies and Victims in Chinese Universities in Memory-guided Saccades

Zhongling Pi, Lirong Xia, Sheng Xu, Yutang Li, Chuang Gao, Jianzhong Hong
This study examined the implicit aggression of Chinese undergraduates who were involved and not involved in indirect bullying. The participants consisted of 36 Chinese undergraduates, and the revised version of Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire for Chinese was adopted. Indirect bullying situational pictures...
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Reflection on Public Physical Education in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Xiaosong Zeng, Xueyun Shao
The main object of this paper is to build the information management system based on integration and development of college sports resources, it also explores on how to integrate college sports resources development by means of information, and how to make it more efficient and effective. The author...
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Do Math with me!Enjoy mathematics within family activities

Yael Sarfaty, Dorit Patkin, Ilana Levenberg
Abstract— Family quality time is an ideal atmosphere to nurture and develop mathematical concepts through regular daily activities. This Unbenounced to the public, everyday activities inherently include mathematics. The present treatise proposes activities involving mathematics within the confines of...
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Virtual Learning: A Strategic Tool for Exploration and Discovery Beyond Just Course Completion

Bob Barrett
As more educational institutions move from the traditional classroom setting to a more high-tech learning environment with a use of a Learning Management Software (LMS), changes need to be realized in the different changes in the learning needs of adult learners, as well as the overall educational goals....
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Experimental Learning of Production System Design and Learning Effect Analysis

Yanwen Dong, Xiying Hao
746 Chinese universities and colleges currently offer managementeducation programs, including 115 program of management engineering and 181 program of industrial engineering. However, almost all of the classes were carried out in the classroom and experimental education has not been considered as important....
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Influence of Pattern Acquisition Way on Individual’s Pattern Recognition in Solving Different Kinds of Mathematical Problems

Wenhua Yu
The factors (Pattern Acquisition Way, Problem Type and Pattern Quality) in solving different kinds of mathematical problems were studied. It was found that acquisition way and problem type significantly influence pattern recognition, and their interaction influences pattern recognition significantly....
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Chinese College Students’ Competence in Spoken English: Problems and Tactics

Dan Liu
In order to investigate the situation of college students’ oral English competence in China, an oral test was carried out. Through the statistical analysis from the result of the test, some problems are found out, which are just the actuality the Chinese college students have to face about their oral...
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A Comparative Study of Two Chinese Bible Versions-the CUV and the TCV

Yichao Gong
The thesis aims to find out the differences between the two Chinese versions of Bible, namely the Chinese Union Version and Today’s Chinese Version in aspects like translation principles, language, treatment of theological terms and metaphors, etc. Based on the comparative study, the author provides...
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The Effects of Metacognitve Strategy Training on the Graduates’ Listening

Caiyu Yang
Previous research shows that metacognitve strategy training helps to improve Chinese undergraduates’ listening in EFL (English as foreign language). The objective of this research is to find whether metacognitve strategy helps to improve Chinese graduate students’ listening in EFL. Two groups of graduate...
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Study on Adaptability of Ideological and Political Education of Colleges and Universities at New Media Age

Jinqiu Zhang, Xudong Zhang
The media is the main carrier and platform of information . Now new media, because of its powerful coverage, is affecting people’s life pattern and thought. Its influence on contemporary university students' ideology and moral is positive and progressive. Meanwhile, the "double-edged sword" effect also...
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Gender Differences in Pragmatic Strageties of Disagreement in Chinese

Yan Yang
Compared with studies on speech acts of compliment, request and apologizing, researches on gender differences in disagreement in Chinese, by so far, have been found insufficient. Thus, this study sets out to examine gender differences in the selection of pragmatic strategies of disagreement with the...
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On the Application of Etymology to Teaching and Learning the English Vocabulary

Jiping Sun, Xiuli Sun
Cognitivist school holds that learning is a mental process including such aspects as how people build up and draw upon their memories and the ways in which they become involved in the process of learning. The paper attempts to probe into the role of etymology in teaching and learning the English vocabulary...
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Superluminal motion is possible: Discussion of Limitation and Approximation of Special Relativity

Zi-hua Zhang, Zhi-ying Zhong
Here discussed the difference between Special Relativity and Newton Mechanics from the epistemology; pointed out they discuss real and visual law of body motion respectively, and the Special Relativity is only valid approximately for v
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Study on the development of students’ engineering qualities in engineering physics teaching

Qing Wang, Jianfeng Dai, Weixue Li
College physics is an important basic course in university level. In the universities of science and engineering, it is worth further investigating on how to improve the teaching effect in college physics classes, enhance the students’ engineering qualities and meet the common requirements for professional...
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Gender Difference When Predicting the Effect of Procedural Injustice on Collective Action

Liuzhan Jia
Purpose: This study was devised to investigate the predict effect of procedural injustice on collective action and gender differences in predicting collective action. Procedures: a situational experiment of how the students’ reaction to the increasing of food price was conducted with 288 university students...
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Ethical Controversy in Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Discussions on Public Policies

Chun Li, Hong-gang Hu, Ling-ling Hou
With the rapid development of embryonic stem cell research, ethical issues arising from the research have increasingly become the focus of controversy. The main issues include controversy over moral status of embryos and protection of rights for embryo donors. This paper discusses the two major controversial...
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A Fast Matching Algorithm with Feature Points Based on NCC

Bo Yi, Ping Yu, Guo-zhu He, Jing Chen
Featured with high anti-noise ability and precision, normalized cross-correlation (NCC) algorithm is broadly used in the feature point matching. However, it’s not applied to the real-time processing because of the complexity of searching procedure and the great calculation quantity. To solve these problems,...
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Discussion of digital teaching for Three-dimensional structure

Jimin Qiao
In the digital era, the teaching mode of basic courses in Colleges and universities of our country tradition has been the "digital" reform, CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) more and more into the teaching field, gradually making the stereoscopic teaching traditional into the digital. This method can...
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Analysis of Logical Path of Construction of Sports Postgraduates’ Academic Integrity System

Guibin Su, Cheng Cao
Academic integrity system of sports postgraduates proceeds from the public’s demand whose formation is a dynamic and changing process. It is the result of continuous selection, running-in, identification and inspection between postgraduate education and the public. From economics analysis of the generation...
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On Post 90s Undergraduates How to Realize the Change from “Students” to “Learners”

Ping Zhang, Guo-zhu He, Yan Zhao
The key for academic education to promote the post 90s undergraduates to become a generation with a sense of responsibility is to help them realize the change from “students” to “learners”. By doing this, they can independently pursue continuous growth in knowledge, intelligence and morality in the process...
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Construction of Library Literature Resources and Reader Demand Survey in Cloud Computing Age– A Case Study Based on the Survey of Wuhan University of Technology

Zhenyan Han, Qing Liu, Hua Peng, Jun Tian
With the rapid development of the internet technologies and the emergence of cloud computing, the ways in which readers access to information is becoming more and more diversified. The most urgent matter for university libraries in serving readers of different levels is to properly allocate the library...
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On Problems of College Campus Dance Creation

Yingping Zhu
To fully implement Chinese education policy and promote college students’ comprehensive development, the Ministry of Education holds the national college students’ art performance activities once every three years, in order to exhibit the achievement of art education of higher institutions. In all previous...
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Analysis of Mental Connotation of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (Fate) from the Angle of Improving College Students’ Aesthetic Quality

Yingping Zhu
Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (Fate) is one of his the most outstanding representative works which expresses Beethoven's unbending spirit of life long struggle with the fate. From the angle of improving college students’ aesthetic quality, with music pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and aesthetics as the...
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Research on Characteristics and Reasons of Current Internet Group Events

Lei Yang, Hao-tong Yang
Department of media management and Scholars have focused on Internet group events. This paper begins with analyzing the recently internet group events caused by hot issues in China. Through analyzing the characteristics,and causes of the Internet group events, we further clarify the basic understanding...
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Shortcomings of China's Legal Literature

Dan Yi
This paper intends to explore why there are no classical works in legal literature. A comprehensive analysis has found that the main problems existing in the legal literature are: deficient knowledge and unconformity with legal norms; inappropriate methods and writing literature with news style; too...
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Faculty Always Not Enough for High Education------Concerns on talents at colleges and universities

Wei Li, Weigu Lu
Contradiction and pressure from transformation and upgrading has been turning into deep consideration about higher education talents training following the completion of 30-year of economic reformation in China. Higher Education is the fundamental engine for sustainable economic development. The appeal...
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The implementation approach of implicit education in ideological and political education

Weihong Cai
Implicit education is an important direction of Ideological and political education reform and development, which helps to rectify the tendency of fossilization in ideological and political education o, improves the effectiveness of Ideological and political education. To meet th new requirements of...
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The Fundamental Thought and Practice of College Construction of Study Style

Hui Song, Fengyuan Wang, Lixin Liu
Construction of Study Style is the fundamental guarantee to improve the quality of education and teaching for the existence and development of universities. It is an important indication to measure the education level of a university. Some new methods and new ideas to improve the construction quality...
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Citizen Participation and Network Governance of Citizen Participation and Network Governance of Regional Water Resources in China

Jie Ma, Liming Suo
The double failure of the local government and the market exist in the regional resources governance of our country. Water resources governance with citizen participation is restrained by awareness, motivation and capacity while multidimensional properties such as economy, society and ecology of water...
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A New Model of Psychological Education for General Aviation Trainees

Hongmei Wang, Genhuai Xie, Jianjiang Zheng
In order to promote the process of psychological education of general aviation trainees and strengthen the base of the psychological health, a new model of psychological education is put forward for related aviation students of general aviation universities. Firstly, it is essential for educators to...
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On Language Revolution of Chinese Avant-garde Novels 1984-1989

Hongxia Lu
The Chinese avant-garde novel refers to the writing practice of a group of literary men in south China from 1984 to 1989. These literary men include Ma Yuan, Hong Feng, Su Tong, Yu Hua, and Bei Cun, and so on. They had initiated the “language revolution” of Chinese new period literature, and soon abandoned...
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An Interpretation of “Body” as Rhetoric in Yan Lianke’s Fiction Creation

Hongxia Lu
With the help of Booth's Rhetoric of Fiction theory, we interpret the “body” in order to review the survival paradox in Yan Lianke's novels. In this perspective, “Body” on the one hand survives on the continuous supply of food, and on the other hand exists to supply to life the needed food, only to guarantee...
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Reflection on the nature of copyright law: rectifying the formalism of the literary copyright

Linxia Ke
This article explored the problem of what the content of copyrighted was determined by. By tracing the history and nature of copyright law,we can see copyright law was born with the characteristic of formalism and broke away from the populace and the authors .This kind of copyright law deviates from...
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On the Perfection of Legal System of Environmental Protection in Mining Area---------from the Perspective of Humanity

Zhen Yu
The thesis’s objecective was to build sound legal system to perfect Mining Area environment with humanity analysis. With its current ecological situation introduction, the thesis analyzed the reason worsing the mining area. The original force of pursuing profit was absolute egoism, and emphasized the...
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Study on Problems and Improvement Measures of China’s Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection

Xiaorong Chen, Xueyun Shao
Based on literature and investigation, this paper points out the main problems of our country in sports intangible cultural heritage protection at present are ambiguous type of ownership, insufficient funds, defective laws & regulations, protection of inheritance, unclear of the relationship between...
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How Does Interactive Social Support in Healthcare Communities Promote Customer Well-Being

Tang Yao, Qi Zhang, Qi Qiu, Qiuying Zheng
This study developed the kinds of social support patients actually obtain on Internet. With data collected from published posts in online health care communities, the authors identify three kinds of support (emotional support, informational support, and companionship) that underlie online social support...
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Scenic Zones' Construction and Tourists' Aesthetic Imagination--A Reflection on “Better Imagining than Seeing”

Jie Ma
The widely spread old saying that better imagining than seeing, reflects regretful feeling of tourists, which not only affects the enthusiasm of tourists, but also the development of tourism. This paper analyses the main reasons for this phenomenon, among which the lack of aesthetic imagination of tourists...
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Yue Dai, Shaobo Guo, Yonghong Wu
In the process of exploiting low carbon economy, carbon storage plays an important role in counteracting greenhouse gases. Even though various researches have been done on carbon storage of forests and soil, the study of urban gardening is only 1.27%. But the proportion is increasing in recent years....
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Research about the casting technique of Chu-style bronze tripod

Yanling Yuan, Peiyao He
According to the different shape characteristics, the Chu-style tripods can be divided into five categories: tripod with rim bent outside, tripod with string-rim, tripod with rim bent inside, flat-bottomed tripod, water-heating tripod. The main casting technique of Chu-style tripods is multiple casting....
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McCarthyism and Its Influence on the Reporting Career of Edgar Snow

Yong Chen
Edgar Snow’s Red Star over China, together with other reports on red China and Chinese revolution, plus his red China experiences, has brought him much trouble during the McCarthy era. The unfair treatment or even persecution done to him comes from four major aspects: FBI, Congress, right-wing media...
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Analysis of the Ice-snow and Frozen Disasters in Hohhot Grid On November 9, 2012

Hongfeng Xing
on November 9, 2012 the Hohhot region of sleet process lasted about 14 hours, which caused harm to the local city distribution network. The local power grid transmission line icing history occurred in the city of northwest side of Mount Dazing foothills northeast and southwest Huo Zai Gou, Naho Wetland...
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Public Attitudes about Urban Lawns:Social Opportunities Provided by Urban Lawns in Lund, Sweden

Xili Han, Olivette R.Burton, Catharina Sternudd, Dihua Li
Since the 19th century, urban lawns have gradually taken center stage to become one of the main sources of greening in many cities around the world. The current published research on planting technology, maintenance techniques, the impact of lawn maintenance, preferences for manicured lawns and the biodiversity...
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The Value and Perfection of China’s Inter-Party Consultative Democracy

Jufang Song
The paper describes what China’s inter-party consultative democracy is, and tries to find out the value and perfection of it. The method of real cases, comparative and systematic analysis is used to figure out the key five elements of China’s inter-party consultative democracy. It’s emphasized that China’s...
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Evaluation on the citizenization of migrant workers and its spatial differences in Hangzhou

Zhengwen Shi, Yizhou Wu, Dan Xu, He Huang
China is undergoing a period of rapid industrialization and urbanization and a great number of migrant workers are moving into the city. However, their transformation is not complete with the geographical move. The paper is focused on two stages of migrant workers, which are geographical migration and...
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The Department-based Job Duties Analysis

Yingzhen Zhou, Jiangwei Li
In the present management theory and practice, the job duties analysis is mainly based on the position analysis. However, this kind of analytical method often exacerbates the problems in business management. Especially in China, with such a special economic and social environment, it is even harder to...
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Post-Disaster Tourist Behavior: Motivation and Intention

Kuo Zhang, Li Zuo
Focusing on the popular Chinese tourist destination of Sichuan in the aftermath of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, this study attempts to explore domestic tourists’ motivations and intentions to visit a post-disaster destination. Based on a questionnaire survey, this study identifies six push factors...
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Does God have many names

Fei Wang, Xuan Zhang
It is a controversial topic about “God”, people always argue if God has many names or there are many Gods on the earth, if there is God what does it look like, if we believe God, what it means for us. This article tries to use a critical thinking to discuss religious pluralism in contemporary world.
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The Hebei Agricultural Production Vulnerability Assessment

Rufei Zhang, Lijun Liu
In this paper, the agricultural production of Hebei Province as the research object, By analyzing the relationship between agricultural production and natural disaster losses strength, Set up a elastic coefficient model of production vulnerable and use production and vulnerable elastic analysis method....
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Construction of a Questionnaire of the Attitude towards Homosexuality among Chinese College Students

Rui Jiang, Chuang Gao
Objectives: To develop a questionnaire of the attitude towards homosexuality, which can be adapted to college students, and discuss its reliability and validity. Methods: Through the reference of massive relevant studies and the current questionnaires towards homosexuality in China, the questionnaire...
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Analysis of Recognition of the Chinese animation derivatives-- Based on a survey of the audience of different ages

Junyi Hua
This paper is divided into four parts. Firstly, Based on the survey of some representative places in China, I carry on the data analysis and find abnormal phenomenon. Secondly, I ask a question: the youth group and children group pay more attention and have a higher frequency of consumption of animation...
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Analysis on News Media with “Positive Energy”How the News Media Reported the “Positive Energy” in Current Environment

Yan Zhang, Ligang Liu
This paper is mainly involved in the interpretation of the “Positive Energy” under the sight of Journalism and Communication. And then ,this essay provide numerous methods to deal with the problems of “Positive Energy”for medias via Sociological Methods. Finally, the innovation of this paper is that...
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A Study of the Impact of Social Media Characteristics on Customer Adoption Intention of Social Media

Yongbing Jiao, Jian Yang, Shanling Xu
Recent research on the factors affecting customer adoption of social media has been conducted by many scholars, but no research can be found to be carried out from the perspective of social media characteristics. The purpose of this study is to fill this void. Our conceptual framework incorporates customer...
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A comparative study on career maturity of the college students in Korea and China

Lexin Bao, Wei Lu
This paper study aims to make a comparison of career maturity between Korea and China by questionnaire survey. Based on the Korean version of the Career Attitude Maturity Inventory (CAMI), a Chinese version has been developed. The sampling is 901 college students. The difference of culture not only on...
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The Research on Vocational Skills Training for Chinese New Generation Migrant Workers in the Context of Balancing Urban and Rural Development

Jiabing Tian, Linbo Zhou
this paper tries to solve the problem of vocational skills training for Chinese migrant workers to promote the process of social integration and urbanization. From the perspective of balancing urban and rural development, the author has done some meaningful exploration with current literature and national...
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New Immigrant Teachers -Social Assimilation Among School Staff

Ilana Levenberg, Dorit Patkin, Yael Sarfaty
The present study explored the extent of support provided by the school staff and management to mathematics teachers who immigrated to Israel from various countries. The attitudes of these teachers towards mathematics education in Israel were examined. The immigrant teachers' statements illustrate a...
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Persons Placed in Social Protection Institutions as Subjects of Clinical Research by International and Serbian Regulations

Nina Planojevi, Dragica Živojinovi
Subject of the paper is analysis of the position of persons placed in social protection institutions as subjects of clinical research. In its first part, authors determine who belongs to the category of these subjects and what reasons make them vulnerable, more sensitive than other people in this context....
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The Urban Space Narrated By Guangzhou East Garden As A Fragment

Zheng Li
This paper elaborate on how Guangzhou East Garden describe the urban space as a fragment .In the paper, a deep analysis was devoted on analyze the relationship among the East Garden, river, streets and social space. Specific measurements were carried out on several historical maps. The conclusion is...
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The Comparison of Chinese and American Interpersonal Relationships

Ping Hu, Yan Tan
In the course of globalization, the relationships between Chinese and American become closer and closer, and the communication between citizens of both countries is more and more frequent. However, because the culture of Chinese is much different from that of American, so do their attitude towards their...
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On Scientific-Technological Ethics

Li-Lin Peng
Ethics and morality is old and constantly updated topic. In the modern science and technology rapid development situation, study of ethics of science and technology is relatively backward. The times call for advanced and reasonable ethics of science and technology. Basic concepts and characteristics...
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Study on Risk Prevention Mechanism of the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products - Based on the Perspective of Peasant Special Cooperative Organizations

Yanfen Dou, Yan Jiang, Qiang Miao
The paper analyzes the cooperatives’ effectiveness in ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products, discusses specific mechanism design problems of peasant special cooperative organizations’ preventing the risk of the quality and safety of agricultural products and puts forward to the main...
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Social and Economic Issues of Home Staying Women in China--A Case Study in a Village of Jiangsu Province

Sicong Zhang, Qiuyang Ding
In China, many cities are creating large labor demands, which however leaves many females staying at their home villages. This could be a serious bottleneck to the enhancement of overall economy and living quality in China. In this paper, a study to home staying women in a village of Chinese Jiangsu...
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Research on Cultural Ecosystem Protection and Recovery in Ecological Resettlement of Poverty Relief

Haibao Wang
The cultural ecosystem is a part with the enormous ecological function values in the social ecosystem of the region and town. This paper puts forward the viewpoint that the new resettlement site removed and constructed due to the needs of the ecological environmental protection and poverty relief and...