Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Electronics Information (ICACSEI 2013)

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A Computer Game Designed for Helping Kids to Make Informed Energy Decision

Chung Chen Jeng, Cheng Yeh Shin, Wen Chen Ho, Chen Han
Education has very good role to make a good civilian. Current global issues such as climate change, energy crisis, and environmental sustainability highlight the need to energy education. Without a basic understanding of energy, people cannot make informed decisions on topics ranging from energy use...
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Biomimetic Robotic Fish Fins Propulsion Modes Research in Flow Field

Qing song Hu, Shu xi Zhou, Shou yu Zhang
Compound propulsion modes adapting to the flow field features is important to improve the robotic fish dynamic control level. Flow velocity and pressure field spread data around the robotic fish are essential condition. The positive propulsion force can be obtained by unsymmetrical flapping of tail and...
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Comparison Between Bag of Words and Word Sense Disambiguation

Ayoub Mohamed H. Elyasir, Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen
Bag of Words (BoW) and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) are the main approaches utilized in almost every data mining project for classification and data processing. The two approaches are extensively used in constructing various classifiers including supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised classifiers....
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Communicating with Lunar Orbiter by Relay Satellites at Earth-Moon Lagrange Points

Hui Li
In order to continuous communication with lunar orbiter and even far side station at the back of Moon, Lagrange points L1, L2, L4and L5 is considered to be candidates for relay satellites or orbiters in the Earth-Moon restricted three body system. Positions of Lagrange points in solar system including...
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A Ubiquitous Personal Health Record (uPHR) Framework

Sternly K` Simon, Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen, Seldon Lee
Personal Health Record (PHRs) represents the entities in a medical community and is readily used by the medical community to store and share individual medical data in an electronic format. The PHR consists of the individuals’ electronic medical record provided by health care practitioners as well as...
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On the MAP-Level Delay Reduction of Turbo Decoding

Ting Lin1 Sun, Sheu Lin Shou, Wen Chiang Chuan
A time-offset scheme for the shuffled turbo decoding is proposed. The decoding latency of the proposed scheme is shorter than the serial turbo decoding by offsetting the decoding timing of two component decoders. Meanwhile, its BER performance is better than the shuffled turbo decoding. We found that...
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Applying a MAX-MIN Ant System with a Dynamic Roulette Wheel Strategy to Software Release Planning

Qing Huang Yu, Wen Chiang Chuan, Hsu Huang Cheng
In this study, the software releasing planning (SRP) problem resulted from incremental software development is considered. Software releasing planning has been proven to be a NP-complete problem. Owing to the intractable nature of the problem, a heuristic approach based on ant colony optimization (ACO)...
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Application on M-Learning in Modern Distance Education

Gang jun Zhai, Dan Li, Shuang Wang
Along with the continuous integration of mobile communication technology and computer technology, M-Learning, as an emerging learning mode in modern distance education was born at the right moment. In the beginning of this paper, academic achievements of domestic and foreign experts and scholars on M-Learning...
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A Note on Finite Groups Whose all of Subgroups are C-Normal

Z. Mostaghim
A subgroup H of a group G is said to be c-normal in G if there exists a normal subgroup N of G such that HN=G and H N Core(H) where Core (H) is the largest normal subgroup of G contained in H . In this paper we consider finite P-groups of order at most P4 where P is a prime and show that all of their...
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The Presentation Formats of Malaysian Local Authorities’ Financial Statements

Nafsiah Mohamed, Mohd Hairy Mohd Yusof, Rozaiha Ab Majid
Malaysian local authorities play a crucial role in providing services to the community. However, the performance of local authorities has been subjected to various criticisms which include poor services rendered to the locals and the inefficiency of local authorities’ management1. Malaysia is experiencing...
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Concept for Mass Production of Complex Shaped Prototypes

Katarina Monkova, Peter Monka
In the article is described one of the concepts how to mass produce the complex-shaped part prepared as a prototype in manual way without the analytical and dimensional characteristics. The technology selection for production of the parts listed above in specific plant conditions is influenced by several...
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A Research on Deviation of Analysts Forecast -Based on Chinese Stock Market

Wei guo Xiao, Yu rui Huang
This Study extends prior research on analyst forecast and market price discovery. Based on data of Chinese stock market, I found that security analysts’ accuracy of earnings forecasts shows a weak maintenance and their accuracy increases with the boldness of their forecasts. Chinese analysts appear more...
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New Structure and Physical Characteristics of Intelligent Real-time Control on Optical Coating

Shi jun Xu, Xiao ling Ren, Chun min Zhang
Comparing general optical thin-film deposition systems, which present poor precision and automation level on monitoring film thickness, we proposed a new intelligent photoelectric-control-analysis coating system. The structure of the new system includes a four-light path photoelectric system matching...
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Detection and Optimization of Weak Photoelectric Signal in Intelligent Optical Film Deposition System

Shi jun Xu, Xiao ling Ren, Chun min Zhang
For the thin-film thickness monitoring(TFTM) system, a new technology based on a double-frequency modulation equipment, a photoelectric four-light path system, a comprehensive digital processing-controlling system and a dual-lock-phase circuit system, has been successfully developed by optimizing the...
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Fast Lateral Line-scan Model with Doublet-cylinder-lens in Intelligent OCT

Shi jun Xu, Xiao ling Ren, Chun min Zhang, Zhi xian Wei, Xiao Jia
To solving the slow and complex scanning of spot-scan model in optical coherence tomography (OCT), a fast lateral line-scan model was investigated with doublet-cylinder-lens(DCL). For the DCL, the elimination of spherical aberration was theoretically studied, as well as the beam model and the focus....
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On a Classification of Voiced/Unvoiced by using SNR for Speech Recognition

Jongkuk Kim, Hernsoo Hahn
As communication medium of information, speech is not only used a lot, but also is the most comfortable. When we have conversation by speech, transmission of the information, which wanted to be delivered, is affected by the noise level. In speech signal processing, speech enhancement is using to improve...
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On a Voice Conversion by using Prosodic Control

Jongkuk Kim, Min Cheol Hong, Hernsoo Hahn
Voice conversion is a method that aims to transform the input speech signal such that the output signal will be perceived as produced by another speaker .Speech synthesizers using voice conversion technologies allow developers to create more voices from a single database and users to personalize the...
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Linking personality traits and job satisfaction to creativity

Qin xuan Gu, Ming chuan Yu, Yu Guan
In this study, we examine the roles of job satisfaction and proactive personality in the relationship between the four Big Five traits and creativity. Regression analysis is used to test the hypotheses in a sample of 162 respondents. The results show that extraversion and agreeable are positively related...
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Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Redundant Residue Number System

Ali Barati, Ali Movaghar, Masoud Sabaei, Samira Modiri
In this paper, a new scheme using redundantresidue number system is proposed fordecreasing the total consumption power and thus, increasing the lifetime, and also to reacherror controllability to improve reliability of received data and therewithto obtain improvement in end-to-end delay in wireless sensor...
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Construction and Application of Practical Teaching Model for Food Quality and Safety Specialty

Bin Bao, Xi chang Wang, Xi bin Nimg, Jian Cong, Yuan Liu, Zhou ping Ding, Yao guang Zhong, Xiao hui LI
Connotation and extension of practical teaching mode were thought about after seven year-practice of specialty construction for Food Quality and Safety in Shanghai Ocean University. Omni-bearing and multi-layer practical teaching system was constructed, within which practical teaching methodology was...
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A Threshold Model of Gold Price Market on the Two Stock Markets: Study of the Taiwan and the Korea Markets

Jyi Horng Wann, Chen Chang Jui
Under the factor of gold price market, the empirical results show that the dynamic conditional correlation (DCC) and the bivariate asymmetric IGARCH (1, 1) model is appropriate in evaluating the relationship of the Taiwan’s and the Korea’s stock markets. The empirical result also indicates that the Taiwan’s...
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Financial Management in Religious Non-Profit Organizations: A Mission Based Approach to Ratio Analysis

Ruhaya Atan, Saunah Zainon, Sharifah Aliman, Roland Yeow Theng Nam
Religious non-profit organizations (RNPOs) exist to provide a variety of programs and services. They have an important niche in a wide range of social, human, education, health, and community services to their stakeholders. The reason for RNPOs’ existence is its mission and thus, mission becomes the...
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Noise Optimization of Low Power CMOS Charge Amplifier Using Simulation Environment of EldoTM

Shahzad Naseem, Saira Riaz, M. Altaf Hussain, M. Ghayas-Udin
A CMOS charge amplifier, due to its very low power consumption and good noise performance, has great interest for analog signal processing in the fields of particle physics, nuclear physics and x- or beta-ray detection. The simulation environment of EldoTM using AMI05 (American Microsystems Inc.) technology...
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Power Macro Modelling for CMOS Inverter of 0.12 um Technology

Shahzad Naseem, Saira Riaz, Muhammad Azam, Syed S. Ali, Yaseer A. Durrani
Power dissipation of very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) has emerged as a significant constraint on the semiconductor industry. For dynamic power the voltage, capacitance and frequency are the major components of power dissipation. In this paper, we propose a power macro modelling technique for...
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Intercultural Communication: Business negotiations in Kazakhstan

Diana Akizhanova
The paper sets forth the need for an increase in research in intercultural business communication in Kazakhstan, particularly business negotiations. The Republic of Kazakhstan is quite a young country which is about 20 years since it has got its independence. It is one of the former USSR countries. Kazakhstan...
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Effect of Mn-doping Concentration on the Structural & Magnetic Properties of Sol-Gel Deposited ZnO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor

Saira Riaz, Mehwish Bashir, Syed S. Hussain, Shahzad Naseem
Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS) are gaining interest at a very fast pace due to the possibility of their integration with the current semiconductor technology. This research includes preparation and characterization of Mn doped ZnO thin films. Films are prepared through Sol - Gel spinning method....
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Preparation and Characterization of Electrodeposited Aluminum Oxide Thin Films

Farzana Majid, Saira Riaz, Muhammad I. Akram, Shahid Atiq, Shahzad Naseem
Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) deposition is being sought for application in space / aerospace as a barrier coating. Al2O3 not only changes the mechanical properties of the aluminum based alloys, it acts as a barrier for harmful radiations. Ionizing radiations are harmful to electronic components, which runaway...
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Teaching and researching power electronics with the help of Finite Element Analysis

Rosa Ana Salas, Jorge Pleite
Ferrite inductors are widely used in the field of power electronics, a subject included in various curricula in the universities both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. These inductors are difficult to model due to the wide variety of shapes, number of turns, and the nonlinear behavior of the...
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Discrete Nonlinear Inequalities and Applications to Boundary Value Problems for Difference Equations

Bao ju Sun
In this paper, some new discrete nonlinear inequalities with two variables are established and explicit bounds on the unknown function are derived. These inequalities generalize former results and can be used as handy tools to study the qualitative as well as the quantitative properties of certain partial...
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Teaching the linked use of various softwares for the simulation of magnetic devices

Rosa Ana Salas, Jorge Pleite
The modeling of ferrite inductors is a difficult task due to the nonlinearity of the magnetic fields and the great variety of shapes, sizes of the core and number of turns in the winding. This paper presents a procedure that integrates various standard softwares, modeling and simulation techniques and...
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Considerations On The Stability Analysis Of Subterranean Mining Sites In The Sasar Mining Area – Romania Using Topographical Methods For A Future Re-Usage

Ovidiu Stefan
If the subterranean mining sites are expected to be re-used, determining their stability is fundamental for defining the type of application that will be used. This paper presents general considerations concerning the movement of the rocks in the subterranean mining sites and the topographical measurements...
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A Margin Technique for Dimension Reduction with Applications to Hyperspectral Imagery

Jing Peng, Kun Zhang
Target classification in hyperspectral imagery has been demonstrated to be very useful in remote-sensing applications. While spectral bands provide information for classification, they give rise to a large number of features. However, a large number of features often degrade performance. In such situations,...
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Degree Correlation Analysis Method of Mixed Networks

Xian min Geng, Ping Qiu, Sheng li Zhou, Zhi yuan Yao, Zhi jun Sun
In order to characterize the law of the degree correlations in the evolution of complex networks and explore the mechanism responsible for degree correlations, we investigate the degree correlations in mixed networks. We study the two-node degree correlations in networks with preferential attachment...
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Some Statistical Models vs. Models Based on SC Applied to Daily Exchange Rates

Dusan Marcek
We developed forecasting models based on the advanced statistical (stochastic) and soft computing (computational intelligence) techniques for predicting high frequency data sets. Firstly, we used the standard statistical tools such as the autocorrelation/partial autocorrelation function, clustering,...
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Unsupervised Cluster-based Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Jee Cheng Wu, Gwo Chyang Tsuei
A hyperspectral image usually has a large data volume. Several dimensionality reduction (DR) approaches have been investigated to remove redundant information from highly corrected bands. One of the DR approaches is the unsupervised cluster-based band selection (UCBS) method, that is, the bands can be...
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The Research on Classifying Denitrification Electricity Price Based on Method of Operating Period Electricity Price and DEA

Jian guo Zhou, Xiao dan Pan, Lin Meng
In this paper, a vision of classifying denitrification electricity price of various denitrification unit based on different relative efficiency of denitrification is put forward. First of all, take 46 denitrification unit sample of randomly selected nationwide to be the calculation object, using the...
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Optimal Codebook Design Based on Ant Colony Clustering and Genetic Algorithms

Zhao an Su, Chun di Xiu
Codebook design plays an important role in the performance of signal processing based on vector quantization (VQ) just as speech coding, data compression and pattern recognition. LBG is one of the most effective algorithms and is widely used in codebook generation. Some problems still exist while its...
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A Knowledge-based Intelligent Diagnose Method for Pipe-routing

Jing Gong, Jian hua Liu, Bo xuan Zhao
Pipe-routing is a complex work especial in the fields of aerospace and shipbuilding because there are many engineering rules needed to be taken into consideration. This study presents an evaluating method based on engineering knowledges which is differ from traditional KBE, it makes the work more efficient...
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Simulation of Exoskeleton’s Virtual Joint Torque Control

Sheng Zhang, Hu Zhang
The exoskeleton is developed to assist human in carrying load easily. In order to reduce the sensors between the human and the exoskeleton, ensure that the exoskeleton can track the motion of the human while reducing the torque exerted by the human and increasing the comfort of the human, we need to...
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An Improvement of AFSA in Global Search with Scout Swarms

Tian Guo, He ji Zhao
Since the emergence of AFSA (Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm), because of a lot of good features in solving complex optimization problems, AFSA has been studied by scholars from domestic and overseas, however it also has some shortcomings such as high time complexity, lack of balance between global search...
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A Novel Image Retrieval Method Based on Color Autocorrelogram and Mutual Information

Xin ning Shen, Xiao long Wang, Jian hong Du
This paper presents a novel color feature descriptor, namely Color Mutual Information (CMI), to solve the problems of high computational complexity and low retrieval accuracy among the existing methods. The new color feature vector which describes the global and spatial distribution relation among different...
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Parameter Calibration of VISSIM Simulation Model Based on Genetic Algorithm

Nu er lan Mu han, Yong Qin, Qing hua Zhang, Yan fang Yang, Zun dong Zhang
Genetic algorithm is used to calibrate four driving behavior parameters and a set of calibration procedure is put forward based on VISSIM. Using the approach maximum queue length and travel time as the evaluation indexes and applying the calibration method to a single signalized intersection of Yizhuang...
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The Development and Application of Automated External Defibrillator

Yu rong Huang, Hua qiao Lv, Yuan yuan Hou
Using Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to treat sudden cardiac death patients is recognized to be one of the most effective methods at present, and AED has been used widely in the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries, and some countries also had legislated to promote the installation...
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Study on the Development of China Solar Energy Technology Based on Patent Analysis

Yong qi Xia, Yuan yuan Hou, Hua qiao Lv, Yu rong Huang
Patent is a special type of technology document. All these special features of patent documents make them a valuable source of knowledge regarding technology development. In paper, the China Patent Abstract Database was chosen; solar energy technology patents between 1985 and 2012 were collected. Solar...
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An Improved Algorithm of Fuzzy on the QoS Evaluation of Web Services Based on OWL-QoS Ontology

Cui xiao Zhang, Guo bing Zhang, Shu xia Xing, Li Xu
Presently, there is not a complete description and resolution method about the redundancy membership degree of Web service’s computing properties among the methods of Web service quality evaluation. In this paper, Web service description is extended based on the OWL-QoS(Ontology Web Language- Quality...
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A Graphical Password Scheme against Snapshot, Remote Monitoring, And Shoulder-surfing with Its Application in One-Time Password

Cheng xue Qian, Xing wei Song, Yun Huang, Xue jia Lai
In this paper, we present a novel user-friendly graphical password scheme resistant against "watching" attacks. Snapshot, remote monitoring, and shoulder-surfing have in common that all these attacks act as if one could directly watch the users' behavior on the screen, resulting in an insecure use of...
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Application and Study on Sentiment-oriented Analysis on Social Semantic Network

Dan Zhang, Dong sheng Wang, Hai ping Huang
With the increasing growth of users and exponential propagation of messages, Social Network Services such as Twitter, Facebook can be used to analyze social trend, people’s interests and personal-favor. Recently, the Social Network Analysis based on Semantic Web technology tends to be a hot study. In...
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Exemplar-based Image Inpainting using Structure Tesnor

Kui Liu, Jie qing Tan, Ben yue Su
Exemplar-based image inpainting techniques face two main problems. One is the decision of filling-in order which has a strong impact on image inpainting effect. Another problem is greedy search process while searching for the best exemplar patch. This paper presents a robust method for exemplar-based...
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Space Camera Electronics System Reliability Allocation Based on Weighted Factor Method and Fuzzy Synthetic Assessment

Yang Li, Ke fei Song
The weighted factor method is required for space camera electronics system reliability allocation. The weighted factor is ascertained by field experts based on experience. So there exists prodigious subjectivity. A method based on weighted factor method and fuzzy synthetic assessment is proposed for...
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Design and Implementation of Mine Personnel Vital Signs Monitoring Terminal Based on WSN Network

Wen li Lei, Xin cheng Ren, Xin liang Cao, Yang Zhang
For domestic mine poor working conditions and market demand for mine personnel monitoring of characteristic parameters information, the paper presents a WSN-based mine personnel vital signs monitoring terminal which used to collect body temperature, pulse and other physical characteristic parameters....
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Infrared and Vsible Image Fusion Method Based on Wavelet Transform

Yu Chen Lin, Tian Hua Chen
According to the feature of infrared and visible image , a method of image fusion based on wavelet transform is proposed in this paper . Firstly, we make wavelet transform for the infrared and visible image after Preprocessing and regist-ration, so we get the different frequency wavelet coefficients...
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Research on Privacy-Preserving Technology for Cloud Computing

Xiao long Wang
Consumers will be able to access applications and data anywhere in the world on demand by cloud computing which promises reliable services delivered through next-generation data centers. Cloud computing has a very broad application prospects such as virtualization, large-scale, dynamic configuration...
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Classified Measurement of Household Load for Smart Meter

Yao lun Xu, Yuan sheng Gao, Ping Dai, Jin hui Zou, Yun Gao
The classified measurement of household load can make home users keep abreast of the electricity consumption in their home and guide them use electricity reasonably, and at the same time strengthen the demand side management (DSM). Load identification is the base of the classified measurement of household...
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Research on Utilization of Library Website Digital Resources based on Web

Yan hui He
With the rapid development and widespread use of Internet, readers, especially scientific researchers, depend more on Internet than on traditional library services for necessary information. The Web access of libraries has begun to lay more emphasis on digital reference and consultation services. More...
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Detecting Product Review Spammers using Activity Model

Bo Jiang, Ren hao Cao, Bi Chen
This paper aims to improve the accuracy of the original detection model on the product review spammers. The original detection model has three activities of review spammers. Now, we add the new two activities to improve the accuracy. In this paper, we first introduce the three existing models. Then,...
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Support Vector Regression with Lévy Distribution Kernel for Stock Forecasting

Lucas K.C.Lai, James N.K. Liu, Yan xing Hu
Normal distribution has been widely applied in modern financial time series forecast. Lévy distribution is another alternative to normal distribution which this paper would like to explore. It has been demonstrated in this paper that Support Vector Regression (SVR) using Lévy distribution kernel is a...
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A Novel RFID-Based Thermal Convection Type Inclinometer with Nonfloating Structure and Xenon Gas

Jium Ming Lin, Cheng Hung Lin
This research proposes a novel wireless RFID-based thermal convection inclinometer. Six new ideas are presented. The first one is to make it on a flexible substrate to reduce the energy dissipation through the traditional silicon. The second one is to integrate both an inclinometer and a wireless RFID...
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Application of Neural Network in Wine Grape Quality Evaluation

Wei Fan, Zhi Pan
The aim of this paper is to help select suitable grapes for making red wine by studying the correlation between ingredients of the grapes and the resulting wine. Two progressive models are carried out in determining the relation between physical and chemical indexes of the grapes and the resulting wine....
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Research on Modeling Method Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine

Jun Xu, Kang Du, Yao hui Zhang, Xiao bing Zhu
A method of support vector machine based on particle swarm optimization was proposed for the question of parameter selecting difficult of least square support vector machine in modeling of gas sensor. Least square support vector machine is used to build the model of gas sensor. Particle swarm optimization...
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On Performance of Cache Policies in Named Data Networking

Jian hua Ran, Na Lv, Ding Zhang, Yuan yuan Ma, Zhen yong Xie
Named Data Network (NDN) is gaining increasingly concerns, as an important direction of the future Internet architecture research centered on content. Content caching has played a key role in NDN. Existing cache replacement policies like Least Frequently Used (LFU) and Least Recently Used (LRU) have...
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Innovative Application of Quality Education in Ideological and Political Work of College Students

Ya xiu Liu
He author analyzed the role of quality education in college students' ideological and political work, pointed out that both of them penetrate, connect, promote and coordinatedly develop mutually, and quality education can be innovatively applied in the ideological and political work. At the same time,...
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Several Advices on the Employment Guidance Works for the Undergraduates

Ya xiu Liu
Aiming at the urgent employment situation of the university graduates, the author analyzed some existing problems in current college employment guidance works, and put forward some corresponding measures. There are many reasons for the problem of difficult for the undergraduates to be employed. The composition...
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A Fuzzy Approach to Retailers' Service Satisfaction Assessment in One Round Survey

Yong Li
The service satisfaction of retailer is an important issue to assessment service quality of the most of competitive organizations in providing goods process. This paper propose a fuzzy approach for evaluating current perception of the service satisfaction of retailer in one round survey, and uses the...
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Social Media Research Analysis of China Based on Informetrics

Xiao bo Tang, Hua Hu
In recent years, the emergence of social media had a profound impact to the informatics, especially information technology and information management. This paper summarized the background of social media and related concepts. Then the paper analyse the domestic literature of social media by bibliometric....
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On the Security of Multi-Factor Authentication: Several Instructive Examples

Yun Huang, Wei jia Xue, Ge shi Huang, Xue jia Lai
How to propose a secure multi-factor authentication system remains a major concern. In this work we review several instructive examples from a practical and a theoretical point of view. From these observations we extract important guidelines for future works on multi-factor authentication.
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The Metadata Standards of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritages

Peng Ye, Yao lin Zhou
The paper analyzes the requirement of digital protection practices of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. The research bases on the comparative study about metadata standards and semantic analysis to put forward metadata standards of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. The paper also proposes the...
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A Computational Model for Processing Object Motion Based on Retina Neural Mechanism

Zhi hua Hu, Xiao Luo, Zhong ze Chen
In this paper, a bioinspired neural model for detecting object motion based on retina computational machanism is proposed based on synthesizing representative works on modeling retina and incorporating some latest findings on retina mechanisms. To understand more in-depth the retina machanism of motion...
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Numerical Information Retrieval and Modeling for Small Droplet Samples

P. He, L. Xue, Y. Qi, L. Zhang, Y. Lu
Information retrieval is applied widely in modern digital world. Particularly in chemistry and life science, retrieval technology is used for raw data acquirement, analytical modeling and processing optimization. The complicated microdroplets fabrication can be facilitated through different retrievals....
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Application of Radical Basis Function Neural Network in Fault Diagnosis of Rectifier

Jin zhao Dong, Yong cheng Xie, Jie yin Huang, Ying wen Zhai
The Radical Basis Function (RBF) neural network is a kind of three-forward neural network, which can approximate any continuous functions to arbitrary precision, particularly suited to solve classification problems. In this paper, according armored vehicle power system silicon rectifier prophase fault...
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Bit and Bit Product Thinking

Junwei Chen, Yangbo Zhang, Xiao Kang, Huaying Shu
Over the past two decades, the popularity of the ICT has brought humans into an unprecedented era of information. A academia go into in-depth study of related fields, and has made great progress in the fields of information economy, knowledge-based economy, the network economy, and virtual economy. However,...