Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education

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Analysis on Mo Yan's Literature from International Perspective

Lihua Yang, Zhichun Zhu
According to the abroad spreading scale and influence of Mo Yan's works, it will naturally become one of the representatives for overseas to research Chinese contemporary literature. The author found a basic law when referring and classifying materials: If writers wrote a lot of books and his works were...
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Analysis on the Music Preparation of "Monkey King: Hero is Back"

Hui Huang, Yan Li
In Disney 's musical-like animated film trend, "Monkey King: Hero is Back"(hereinafter referred as " Hero is Back") can be said to spell out a way to survive, it uses a large number of Chinese style music and oriental music instruments, so that to mark a strong China imprint for the whole film from the...
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Study on Artistic Function of Landian Yao's "Du Jie" Ceremony in Funing County of Wenshan of Yunnan Province

Jie Dong
Landian Yao 's "Du Jie" ceremony in Funing County ,Wenshan, Yunnan Province, also known as "Guo Fa", it is the traditional ceremony of Yao nationality's men must accept moral education, social responsibility and rituals before they enter the society. Based on study the educational process of Liandianyao's...
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Initial Exploration of Types and Significance of Kitchen God Paper-Charm

Yongfeng Huang, Luansheng Lin
Worshipped by almost all Chinese people, Kitchen God mainly plays a role of "Say good things to God, guard people in the world." Chinese people often paste up Kitchen God paper-charm in their kitchens and hold ceremonies to worship kitchen god. There are single layer, bilayer and three-layer patterns...
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The Origin of the Peculiarity of Contemporary Chinese Arts and Crafts

Zhiqiang Lin
Contemporary Chinese arts and crafts is no longer a concept of decorative art, folk craft and so on in traditional sense. It is more like a kind of design approach peculiar to contemporary China, which is called "creating". This kind of peculiar design approach since ancient China is different from modern...
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Analysis on Purchasing Behavior of Women's Apparel on B2C Platform

Mengmeng Zhao, Jialin Jiang
With the rapid development of the internet, online shopping has appeared and developed rapidly. Among all the online shopping goods, apparel has ranked first as the largest amount of shopping. Because of women clothing's variety of style design, it ranked first in the clothing online shopping goods....
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Poetic Dwelling. The Functional Analysis of the Architectural Ceramics Skin

Junxi Zhu
This article draws attention to the function of architectural ceramics skin. In the perspective of Heidegger' existentialism and Norberg Schulz' phenomenology of architecture, discuss the three levels of function in architectural ceramics skin: practical function, aesthetic function and culture function,...
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On the Aesthetic Characteristics of Advertising

Yanchuan Huang
Advertising as a mass cultural studies in the field of a cultural phenomenon, has aesthetic value and aesthetic sense. Advertising of goods or services in the dissemination of information conveys aesthetic information. Advertising works reflected aesthetic value should be based on the product's usage...
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Picturesque Garden Design in Early 18th Century: The Stourhead

Fengyi Li, Xiong Li
Stourhead is one of the representatives of the early 18 Century "picturesque "gardens, this paper discusses the Stourhead in the different historical period since 18th Century, and described picturesque garden's essencessuch as space structure and art strategy.This paper introduced the space syntax for...
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Professional Ethics of Designers in Academic Process According to V. Papanek

Olga Savvina
The article analyzes professional ethics of designers and educational process of students in design school according to the American designer Victor Papanek. He argues that industrial design is a very significant field of human activity, and that is why an industrial designer has a responsibility to...
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Research and Development of Quanzhou Cultural Creative Products Based on Regional Culture

Xinghe Wang
From the viewpoint of regional culture, this article elaborated the regional unique culture, analyzed the current situation of the cultural creative products of Quanzhou. And on this basis, it proposed the important meaning of regional culture for the design and development of cultural creative products,...
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Study on Solution and Application of Virtual Park Zone Network

Dingfu Luo, Haijun Qian
Putting forward the model to deploy virtual park zone basing on the background of new technology such as the Cloud Computing and the Internet of things, to compare and discuss the drawbacks of traditional network architecture from the virtualization and multiple service bearer, to give a method of horizontal...
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The Evolution of Logo Design Styles Forms

Xiaowei Zhang
Modern mass communication symbol logo design is a special kind of text or image composition, its basic function is to convey graphical information, the performance of its intrinsic quality, features, and as a means of communication with the media; it is human civilization high capacity carrier, is the...
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On Commercial Advertisement and Design Ethics

Junhong Gao, Li Cao
The infinite design originality and the relatively finite natural resources is a pair of contradiction. This contradiction will be aggravated when the "people oriented" design philosophy has changed to "people's con.sumption oriented" in reality. Viewing commercial advertisement from the perspective...
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On "Tables and Stools" in Court Musical Gathering

Miao Sun, Yan Gu, Qi Zhang, Xizhu Yin
It was in Tang dynasty that art of furniture making experienced its integration and transition. After the most prosperous period of Tang, magnificent furniture that was completely distinctive from the previous styles was gradually popularized among the aristocrats, and categories of them were further...
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Chinese Philosophy of Harmony in the Use of Logo Designing

Xinxiong Liu, Wenqi Cao, Qian Ji
The various factions in Chinese intellectual history, especially the three pillars of the Chinese philosophy of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, are invariably expressed the hope and longing towards "he".Today, in the pursuit of a socialist harmonious society, the research on traditional philosophy of...
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Research on Public Street Facilities Design in Perspective of City Image

Pingqing Zhang, Yang Wang
The design quality of public facilities in urban streets and whether facilities are complete directly embody the quality of space environment in this city and show overall image of the city. At present, the construction of public facilities in urban streets is unsatisfactory in aspects such as decision-making,...
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Study on Regional Design of Public Street Facilities in Tourism Areas

Pingqing Zhang, Yang Wang
With the progress of social civilization, people in city are paying more and more attention to public street facilities related to human scale. There are only a few comprehensive regional researches in public street facilities of tourism areas. We don't put enough care on it. The impact of regional character...
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When and How Does Collections of Creatives Lead to Creative Collectives

Zujiang Ji, Yuanling Chen
This paper discusses creativity in the context of group diversity. In this study, we introduce a collective of diverse creatives that forms from creative individuals to a group of creative collectives. We also propose task orientation -- the tendency a group focus on effective task performance -- as...
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Case Study on Cultural and Creative Commodity Development and Design Based on Value Creation

Zeling Zheng
This paper aims to report a successful case of cultural and creative commodity development and design, apply value creation theory in practical process of development and design, take gold orchid cultural and creative product developed and designed from living orchid as a biotechnology product as the...
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Research on Interactive Comparison between the Teaching in Animation Major in China, Japan and Canada and the Regional Culture Construction

Xi Niu
This article starts from regional culture, takes the influence of teaching in animation major on local regional culture construction, makes comparative study of China, Japan and Canada and states the importance of education of animation major in cultural industry and impetus that it brings for regional...
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Analysis on Current Development of Internet Service Mode Based on Innovative Product Design

Xiaodong Yuan
The fast development of information technology and economic globalization makes the service mode that provides internet users with product design and development become possible. Under current international environment, there are few researches on internet service mode aiming at product design. Under...
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The Design of a City Gift. Building a Public Service Design System for Tourism Souvenirs

Xinxin Wang
The tourism souvenir as the important materialization symbol of the city culture has become the effective measure and method of transmitting the featured city culture, strengthening the soft force of the city culture and escalating the consumption ability. This paper take the public service design as...
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Innovative Application of Regional Symbols in Environmental Design of Urban Cultural and Creative Park

Xiaocong Hu
In view of the current problems of image convergence in the construction of many urban cultural and Creative Park, put forward with real appeal force of Regional Symbols in the application of innovation in the design environment will help to preserve the memory of the city, shaping the profound cultural...
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Returning to the Fundamentals. Study on the Design of the Green Packaging

Xiaoyan Ge
With the change of social environment, the cognitive attitudes that consumers towards the packaging have also changed gradually. Simple but comfortable consumptions are being accepted now. The style about worshiping the nature, returning to the fundamentals is popular among modern people. How we can...
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Discussion on the Methods of Modern Landscape Planning and Design for the Protection of Ecological Environment

Hong Wang
The concept "no design" and "non-existent design" on modern urban landscape design considers modern landscape design as an interconnected green spatial network consisting of various open space and natural regions including greenway, waterway, wetland, woodland, park, wildlife habitat, forest, plantation,...
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Application Research on Modularity Design Pattern of Children's Bicycle

Fang Li
As a new kind of production thought, modularity production is affecting development of every walk of life. Current production method of children's bicycle can not satisfy people's need. Without using the method of modularity production, manufacturers spend too long time designing and producing products...
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Research on Application of Children's Behavior Pattern in Toy Design

Fang Li
Provide reference for relevant children's toy product design and application through analysis on necessity of toy pattern and statement of design key point of children's behavior in toy design from the five aspects of children's motion behavior, gender behavior, prosocial behavior, cognitive behavior...
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Aesthetic Pursuit of Commercial Window Design

Ziqi Yang
Commercial window is a practical art which has practical function and aesthetic value. It is not only an important part of the beauty of the appearance of the whole commercial building, but also the elements of the urban landscape space. This paper discusses the beauty of space image, the beauty of creative...
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Research on the Digital Protection of "Huangzhou Dongpo" Cultural Heritage. From the View of the Creation of 3D Animation

Zhaopo Shao
Huangzhou Dongpo Cultural Heritage is an important cultural resource of celebrities in China. Today, under the multiple pressures of media, commercialization and urbanization, the cultural heritages of celebrities are severely damaged. The digital protection of Huangzhou Dongpo Cultural Heritage has...
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On the Formal Connotation of Residential Door Decoration under the Influence of Shanxi Merchants'Culture

Xiaojie Hu
Shanxi door decoration is architectural decoration of Shanxi mountain people created under the profound influence of regional environment and business culture. It shows a plain and friendly artistic style. Based on Qiao family courtyard, Wang family courtyard, Ding village and other Shanxi merchant'...
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Analysis on Design of Urban Wetland Landscape Park

Kun Xie
The design of urban wetland landscape parks is to comprehensively strengthen urban wetland protection, maintain ecological characteristics and basic function of urban wetlands ecosystem and give play to the role of urban wetland in improving urban ecological environment, beautifying city, scientific...
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Discussion on Some Aesthetic Features of Landscape Sculpture

Jiamao Liu
Landscape sculpture is an important component part of landscape environment. They are harmonious and unified entirety. The relationships between them are correlation dependence and mutual promotion. Good landscape sculpture is always the visual focus of landscape environment. They are often public and...
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Analysis on the Vertical Greening Application in Restaurant Space

Tingting Tan
Greening is a very important part of the restaurant space, if without greening, it will lack of vigor and vitality, due to space limitations for restaurant space and other issues, vertical greening increasingly applied to the restaurant. This article starts with the introduction of the characteristics...
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Discussion on the Development Direction of Modern Clothing

Xiulian Wang
Human's production and life are inseparable from clothes, food, accommodation, travel, consumption and other activities. Clothing art, as a symbol of the development of human civilization, has been thriving in deep historical and cultural river. Seen from the scroll of history, it can be found that the...
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Study on the Interactive Packaging Design Based on Emotional Experience

Mi Yang
Objective to study the application of interactive design in product packaging, interactive packaging design method based on emotional experience, Guide the practice of packaging design. Method Combined with the actual design case study, it describes the three different types and characteristics of emotional...
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Brief Analysis on Design Ingenuity and Culture of "Duobaoge" of Qing Dynasty Palace

Chao Zheng, Wei Zhu
As a court appreciation and collection tool, Duobaoge reflects craftsmanship and aesthetic taste of palace of the Qing Dynasty. It is referred to as model of archaic packaging design. It has complex craftsmanship and ingenious structure. Articles for amusement it stores can be mutually combined. It is...
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Application of Yangshao Decorative Pattern Elements in Font Design of Chinese Characters

Juanjuan Su
With the advance of globalization, China's economy develops rapidly and China's international status has been promoted constantly. Chinese culture has drawn world attention. More and more Chinese modern designs are recognized in the world, which is due to the reasonable and effective application of traditional...
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Research on the Decorative Art of Traditional Dwelling Architecture in Huanggang Region. Take Hongan Wushi Temple as Example

Shunhua Li
Wushi Temple is located in the Hongan County, Huanggang city, Hubei province, which is an old revolutionary area. The architectural feature of Wushi Temple is distinct, with various decorative arts, is a shining pearl of the traditional residential architecture in Huanggang area. This article explores...
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Ceramic Design Based on the Need of Culture

Hui Li
Goal: to research ceramic design based on the need of culture. Means: by collecting relative materials and on-the-spot investigation to research what the mainstream culture requires ceramic design to do indeed, deeply analyzes culture default in ceramic design and fuses this default into new ceramic...
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Study on the Architectural Arts and Characteristics of Taihao Ling Temple in Huaiyang

Fuyan Yu
Taihao Ling Temple is a holy place for Chinese nation to worship ancestors. Its unique architectural style and great and profound culture connotation as well as rich folk characteristics make people feel amazing. On the basis of on-the-spot investigation and literature research, the author tries to discuss...
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Research on Henan Academy Landscape Design Symbol. Take Songyang Academy as an Example

Junxia Yan
Garden is an important part of the space environment, is the practical art of serving the people's daily life, work and learning; at the same time, it plays important role in making people enjoyable and improving people's aesthetic ability. Making clear the design connotation (culture symbol) of Henan...
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Brief Analysis on the Design of School Uniforms in Films and Television Programs

Miao Yu
School uniforms in different countries contain the special cultural connotation of the specific country. School uniform in films and television programs not only conveys the content and meaning of the film itself, but also represents the national culture of the country and carries forward to the whole...
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Analysis on Development and Economic Effect of Green Building

Changzhi Wu
This article explores and analyzes the significance of green building design and states new concept of green building design. In order to establish the concept to realize sustainable development of green building, this article introduces the concept and characteristics of green building, states the meaning...
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Application of Clothing Ergonomics in Fashion Design

Xiaoyan Yang
Clothing ergonomics is a new comprehensive subject, although the history of the development of this discipline is not long, the speed of development is very fast. This paper mainly expounds the clothing ergonomics is the system engineering discipline with "human centered", clothing as the media, and...
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Color Arrangement in the Pastoral Style Fashion Design

Li Wan
Since the 21st century, the pastoral style which became popular among fashion circle is a starting point of this thesis. I studied color arrangement of pastoral style fashion and tried to find regular artistic characteristics and development trend, hoping draw conclusions to guide their daily look, guide...
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Visual Design of Information Chart Study in Information Society

Yuanyuan He
With the progress of science and technology, the popular of network and electronic devices speed up information expansion. Chart is one of the media of information communications. Visual forms of chart are richer, including different visual reflection forms from static one to dynamic one and from graphic...
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Inheritance and Innovation of the Artistic Style of Lingnan Architecture

Minglei Jiang, Xuchang Li
Design is "innovation in life styles". In terms of the science of human affairs, this paper examines the inheritance and innovation of the artistic style of Lingna architecture against the context of the binary oppositionof architecture and environment, the traditional and the modern, and the local and...
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Beauty of Handwork. On the Significance of the Workshop System and the Manual Production in the Contemporary Society

Jun Xu
The workshop system is the concrete embodiment of the handicraft production in the contemporary society. The manual productions have highlighted its important value and significance in the modern society. This paper summarizes the four values of the manual production in the local social production, which...
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Study on Design and Production of Augmented Reality Work Integrated with Shadow Art Element

Yuan Yang, Yingzhou Zhu, Chaoqun Sui
This paper analyzes and studies the digital media design work produced based on the augmented reality technology. The work applies the shadow play to show the design of role, scene and action. The production process includes both the image production with computer software and the design and production...
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Preliminary Study on the Characteristics of the Traditional Village Space in Chongqing Tujia Village in Qianjiang

Xiaomeng Lou, Ying Meng, Qian Wang, Jin Yang, Kangcai Nie
Tujia is a nation with a long history in China. Tujia traditional village in Chongqing pays more attention to "harmony of man with nature" in the landscape pattern of the site, with seven elements like " Mountains, forests, fields, roads, water, villages", and in the courtyard space, there are some space...
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Analysis on Inheritance Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Crafts and Its Influence

Hongshan Chen
Chinese traditional craft is a very important part of traditional Chinese culture, and is the main research content in Chinese art field, which plays an irreplaceable role. For the time being, Chinese traditional crafts gradually show the following characteristics: oral imparting with physical instruction,...
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On the Imagery Creating by Music Catalogue

Qiong Xie, Wei Wang
Music Catalogue is one of the important parts of the present worldwide art performance activities, existing widely among all the music performance types. Music belong to the Art of "Listening", while Brochure Design belongs to the Art of "Vision", they both have some points in commons, but need the designer...
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The Development Strategy of Chinese Animation Industry in the Internet Plus Era

Hui Xie, Guohua Gao
Animation industry has been recognized worldwide as one of the most potential development of the sunrise industries. With the rapid development of cultural diversity, cultural communication and influence of animation works cross regional, cross national, cross country possess the majority of the audience,...
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On Graphic Design in Visual Packaging Design

Chuncai Zhang
The graphics in visual packaging image design conveys the commodity's relevant information to the audiences using its intuitive, interesting and vivid and rich expression, to arouse the audiences' mental response, and eventually generate resonance among them. Through analysis and sorting of the graphic...
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Creative-thinking about Lacquer Cultural Industry in Fuzhou

Jian Zhang
The article analysis the Fuzhou lacquer industry thoroughly based on the framework of modern creative cultural industry. It combs Fuzhou lacquer ware development history firstly, and then outlines the current problems which the lacquer industry revitalization is facing. It presents an opinion that the...
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Discussion on Inclusive Design of Public Fitness Facilities Based on Demand Characteristic of the Elderly Who Requires Nursing Care

Jingjing Huang
Nowadays so many public fitness facilities in residential quarters are not suitable for the elderly who requires nursing care to use, but their demands of rehabilitation can't be neglected. In this paper, design proposal based on demand characteristic of the elderly who requires nursing care is presented...
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On Essential Design

Shizhong Nie
Art design is a purposeful aesthetic creation activity of human beings, a kind of intelligent culture creation activity of subjective objectification and problem solving, and a creation process of new symbols. Design is a kind of life management based on human beings and self decoration of human themselves...
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Analysis of the Features for Pop Style Design

Yuyun Wang, Hongmei Zhang
Pop style, it is a performance trend in 1960s industrial design which to pursue formal alienation and entertainment. It is not confined to the design of consistent form, there is often a lively mix and match a variety of forms, both noble fantasy art and also pursuit popular public taste.
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Research on Elderly Apartment Interior Design Based on the Concept of Universal Design. Taking One Sample Room of Huichen Elderly Apartment in Beijing for an Example

Yu Xue, Jing Li
The elderly apartment pension mode has extensive development perspective, and the elderly apartment interior design conforming to the old people's physical and mental characteristics is a key link to promote the mode. Huichen elderly apartment in Beijing acted as the research object in this paper which...
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Integral Research of the Modern Art Concept's Influence on the Indoor Space Form

Fulan Chen
In this thesis, the mentioned "Art Conceptualization" is mainly indicating a kind of generalized art behavior, and the art work has aesthetical features convective factors, includes the aesthetics spirit characteristics of the traditional easel painting fields, meanwhile, it also should include the wider...
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Research on the Eco-wisdom of Linpan in Chengdu Plain

Tao Jiang, Xueyang Su, Nian Li, Jing Wang, Qibing Chen
The special nature and humanity environment of Chengdu plain gave birth to unique rural settlement 1andscape-Linpan in westen sichuan. The kind of landscape art is a bank of wisdom about the adaptability to the land-use pattern. As regional rural settlement and living art, Linpan is a real reflection...
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The Application of Chinese Traditional Qiang Embroidery Patterns in Decorative Design

Yang Mou
Chinese traditional Qiang embroidery patterns have a long history and a deep cultural deposit and concentrate the essence of Chinese art. Our nation is in the stage of rapid development of information, so the rapid influx and impact of foreign culture makes decoration art gradually lose the national...
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Research on Inheritance and Marketization Development of Harbin Wheat Straw Painting Artware

Xue Jiang
Harbin wheat straw painting artware has unique manifestation pattern with exclusive regional style and features of north. With marketization development in recent years and gradually prosperous development of tourism, systematic development and design of artware with regional features can not only push...
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Linpan Community: a Framework of Protection and Development of Rural Landscape in Chengdu Plain

Tao Jiang, Junzhuo Li, Fengjing Zhang, Ahmad Hassan, Qibing Chen
Linpan is a typical settlement in Sichuan, forming a local rural landscape. It is resulted from Dujiangyan irrigation water system that was founded two thousand years ago. During the urbanization construction, the rural landscape in Sichuan is undergoing a complex transition. The survival of Sichuan...
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Discussion on How to Absorb Excellence from National Culture for Chinese Art Design

Zhenglei Dong
This article aims at explaining that Chinese art design shall absorb nourishment from national culture through analyzing characteristics of Chinese national culture and relationship between modern art design and national culture, in order to improve quality, perfect theory and enrich pattern of manifestation.
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Study on Designing Culture of the Cyan Glazed Bottom-Water-Filling Teapot Made in Yaozhou Kiln

Mingyu Liu
Among Yaozhou kiln of Song Dynasty, celadon bears peculiar style and exquisite craftsmanship, and it established its own series. North Song Dynasty has not only scientific designation and developed firing technique, but also adapted decorating skills and various adorning patterns plus rich cultural connotation....
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Application of National Symbols in Modern Furniture Design

Yingyan Guo
This article takes the example of the extraction and application of liangshan Yi people's Traditional decoration colors, decorative motifs and decorative patterns, analyzes the extraction process and methods of national decorative symbol, and explains some ideas on how to apply national symbol into modern...
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Return and Transcendency of the Tradition. Application and Exploratory of Chinese Traditional Culture of Creation in Contemporary Product Design

Jing Qian
Since the prevalence of the Modernism design thought, democratization of design quickly evolved into similarity, inter-cultural heterogeneity start to be very precious. Although, with the continued deepening of people's design-conscious, awakening of nationalization design happened in some local designers....
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Analysis on the Problems in the Process of Implementing Architectural Programming

Yunfeng Zhong
The architectural programming has developed quite mature in the US, Europe and Japan, while in our country it has just started. Firstly, this paper corrects the misunderstanding of architectural programming from the understanding, further points out the relationship between programming and architectural...
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Application of Value Engineering Theory in Enterprise Product Design

Haixia Yan
This paper has proposed that the value engineering theory shall be applied in product design from the perspectives of product function design, material selection, technology and color through understanding of value engineering theory, and the analysis of importance of value engineering in enterprise...
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On Key Animation and Key Animator

Jie Gu
Based on the understanding of key animation, this paper has analyzed the differences and relationsbetween key animation and animation. The author tries to figure out the requirements and qualities for being a great key animator on industry conditions. In this way, guiding the key animation beginners...
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Positive Role of Roof Greening Design in Haze Control in Central Plains

Tianshun Hu, Yunjia Wei
People have paid heavy price for the rapid development. The frequent haze in central plains is a very tough environmental problem face by people, because it not only affects people's health, but also affects the development of economy. This paper has analyzed the development, design principle and positive...
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Research on Designing Intentions of Suzhou Style Chair in Ming Dynasty

Weishi Zheng
Suzhou style furniture in Ming dynasty has smooth lines, reasonable usage of material in structure and elegant and graceful modeling. It obeys simple and plain design aesthetics and conforms to the peculiarity of scholars pursuing spiritual freedom. As to Suzhou style chair, round-backed armchair, rose...
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Discussion on the Aesthetic Style of "Memphis" Design

Lin Tang
In the late 1960sof 20th century, the post-modernist design which originated from construction field quickly spread to Italy, and emerged a large number of Radical Design organizations with "Memphis" as the particularly famous one. Radical Design is against the view of rationalist design, it emphases...
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Application of Digital Media Art in Architectural Decoration Design in Industrial 4.0 Era

Yang Mou, Limei Guo, Junjie Huang
Nowadays, the rapid development of Internet technology and the introduction of concept of Industrial 4.0 Era have rendered a strong push to the development of design art. And among which, the development of digital technology and media has brought about broader space to designers to show their talents,...
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Narration of Featured Landscapes for Urban Culture

Qingxi Fan
Taking three aspects of memorial, landmark and thematic featured landscapes as starting points, the paper aims to discuss the significance of such featured landscapes for recalling the urban history, telling city stories and revealing the theme of city. With the case method adopted, the paper deeply...
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Repair, Rebirth and Recreation in Urban Renewal

Qingxi Fan
Repair and renovation of old buildings is an effective approach to promote the urban renewal. Recreation of urban special situations is a high-level respect to urban context. Using the case analysis method, this paper analyzes representative examples of urban renewal in Hong Kong and Taiwan to discuss...
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A Duo of Constructivism and Humanism—A Study of College English Teaching Assessment System Construction

Xueyun Zang, Juju Wang
The scientific assessment of teaching activities and the effect is the last step in the whole teaching process. It directly influences the objective assessment of students and the improvements of teaching contents and and methods. Learning is a process of construction. People acquire knowledge through...
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The Flexible Inheritance of Traditional Chinese Costume Culture. A Case Study of "New Chinese-style Outfits"

Juan Yang
Based on the characteristic of duality of traditional Chinese costume, we have pointed out the necessity for flexible inheritance of costume culture and also have stressed on the analysis of features on the innovation and inheritance of traditional Chinese costume culture by "New Chinese-Style Outfits"...
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Exploration of Bian Embroidery's Traditional Skills and Industrialization Road

Huijuan Chang
China's embroidery has a long history, "Bian embroidery" as an embroidery form with Henan regional characteristics, has a long history, it is one of the most original and the oldest embroidery types. This article found innovative approaches from the artistic characteristics of Bian embroidery, expound...
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Multiple Value and Practical Exploration on Rural Art Synthesis Making Discussion on "Bishan Plan"

Lei Yang
This thesis, aiming at the current development situations of rural culture, and initiating from the existing policy advocacy of constructing full-bodied rural culture, as well as on the basis of the artistic practice project "Bishan plan" comes up with the concept of rural art synthesis on the purpose...
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Study of the Motion Graphic Design at the Digital Age

Lu Geng
At the digital age, Motion Graphics becomes an indispensable important component in the dynamic media. As a cross- subject research direction, Motion Graphic design is the combination of graphic design and animation. From the perspective of information transmission, this paper studies the performance...
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Application of Traditional Calligraphy in Modern Graphic Design

Pu Zhang
By wide application of traditional calligraphy, modern graphic design with a unique art form has performed the cultural connotation and distinct charm of traditional calligraphy, which is a kind of innovation. Calligraphy is an artistic activity that takes aesthetics as the starting point, directly or...
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Ceramic Education in Contemporary Art Background

Ling Guo
Ceramics was born in discovery and opportunity of life. Ancestors cleverly used clay, through technology improvement made it the ceramic vessel. On one hand, it means human conquered the water, fire and dirt, use intelligence to transform the material environment so to make human step into civilization...
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Research on Packaging Mode of Clothing Brand

Sheng Mao
The ultimate goal of enterprise is to reflect the economic value and social value. In the process of clothing brand's growth and development, operators are trying to explore a series of strategies that can promote brand development. The brand packaged with wise strategy may occupy the reliable position...
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Influence of New Media Art on Visual Communication Design

Yuxia Lu, Hui Xie
With the development of era and the changes of people's understanding on life, visual communication design has gained more and more attention. Traditional visual communication design methods have been unable to meet the demand of new era. The development of science and technology has provided new visual...
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Research on Chinese Ancient Design Ethics

Chuangye Ma
From the perspective of definition of modern ethics, design ethics belong to a kind of caring ethics and responsibility ethics essentially. The so-called responsibility ethics are the concentrated presentation of moral philosophy in the new technology age. The greatest feature of such ethical view is...
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Research on Inheritance and Development Path of Architectural Form in Style of Art Nouveau Movement in Harbin

Xin Ni
"Art Nouveau" movement originates from France. This architectural style was introduced into Harbin at the beginning of last century. At that time, tsarist Russia constructed Middle East Railway in northeast China and found city by taking Harbin as transportation junction. Compared with the same style...
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An Accurate Method for Cloth Digitalization for Virtual Try on

Qingya Zhang, Jian Ou, Jianyi Wang
With the development of e-commerce, online shopping becomes more and more important and it is replacing offline shopping. However, cloth try on is still not available in current e-commerce. The key problem for virtual try on is the digitalization of real cloth. Traditional scanning technique like laser...
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Intervention of Bionics Design in Ceramic Art Creation

Lijuan Zhang
Today's society change rapidly, the high-speed, fast modern lifestyle and enhancement of the competition sense makes people's mind in a tension state, people's appreciation requirements of art constantly updated and change. Thus began to pursue a more natural, original art works, desire to get more relaxed...
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Research on Protection and Inheritance of Oroqen Birch-bark Crafts of Heilongjiang Province

Xiaoli Zhang, Hui Xie
Folk arts in Heilongjiang province have a long history, various categories and profound culture connotation. The birch-bark technology, as an important content of the same arts, is inherited by the Oroqen people in Heilongjiang province with amounts of other folk arts and it belongs to the first batch...
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Analysis on the Application of Innovative Thinking in the Design of Men's Wear

Zhexin Liu, Bing Han
Innovative thinking is the soul of design. As for the relatively stylized design of men's wear, innovative thinking is indispensible and important. This thesis makes deep study on the design of men's wear from the perspective of innovation. Based on the analysis of the necessity of applying innovative...
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Introduction to ZhuhaiJinwan District Urban Landscape Sculpture Design

Zhexin Liu, Bing Han
Landscape sculpture plays an important role in the construction of urban culture and landscape, because it not only increases the bright spot for the city, but also satisfies the public demand of beauty. As part of the city culture environment, landscape sculpture is a rich emotional value and cultural...
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Benzhu Worship Analysis of the Bai Residential Gatehouse in Dali Xizhou

Long Jiang, Liu Yang
This article based on field research of 115 Xizhou Bai residential gatehouses,take Youxia gatehouse (hereinafter abbreviated gatehouse) as the study object, analyze Benzhu worship expression through its architectural form, creation process and ritual, so to study the unique humanistic care of the Bai...
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Image Study of Decorative Color in Visual Context

Yan Pei
People in their lives are inseparable from the color all the time, color is the most active and most impact element of all the visual elements. Color used in all walks of life, it not only has an irreplaceable role in the field of decorative art, but also plays an important role in film and television...
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Spring Breeze of Renaissance. Analysis on Artistic Spirit in Botticelli's Works Spring

Dongying Dou
Botticelli is one of the important Italian painters in European Renaissance Period. His unique artistic style and artistic thought are deeply appreciated and pursued by later generations. This article centers on his representative works Spring to further set forth his artistic concept and makes in-depth...
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A Research on Multidimensional Compound Talent Training Mode Take Visual Communication Design Major as an Example

Xu Zhang
With the promotion of national educational reform, education in local universities should meet the requirements of the local economy development. Professional disciplines, discipline types, and discipline structures should be optimized; interdisciplines and multidisciplinary integration should be advanced;...
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Discussion on Planning and Design of Rural Tourism Landscape

Haoran Du
Rural tourism industry is in rapid development stage. As principal part of rural tourism, rural landscape plays a vital role in its development. Systematically analyze planning and design of rural tourism landscape, summarize problems existing in planning and design of rural tourism landscape of our...
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The Study of Women Dress in Zhang Daqian Beauty Paintings

Liu Yang, Long Jiang
This paper analyses the Zhang Daqian paintings of women dress from the perspective of the history of clothing and clothing aesthetics, and it extracts the specific description of female dress and classifies it. Then it explores Zhang Daqian beauty paintings of women dress in clothing, hairstyles, headwear...