Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education

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Design of Animation Derivative Products and Practice in Animation Major Teaching

Ran Zhao
Animation derivative products mainly refer to various peripheral products derived from television animation, favorite cartoon characters on network and classic animation images in games, which have enjoyed public popularity through their generated IP resources combining with national culture, designers'...
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The In-Vehicle Information Interface Design Based on Internet of Vehicle Context

Jian Zhang
The relevant concepts and contents of Internet of vehicle, as well as the changes and trends of In-Vehicle information interface and the man-machine interaction mode, have been introduced in this paper. Under Internet of vehicle context, the new design requirements of interface information organization...
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Discussion on the Tendency of Flat UI Design for Mobile Terminals

Jian Zhang
The characteristics of flat UI design for mobile terminals, compared with quasi-physical design style, are introduced. The influence and significance of these design styles on interaction are discussed in this paper. The driving factors of flat design which is prevalent in mobile terminals are also analyzed....
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Analysis of Art Elements' Application in Clothing

Yanping Xie
With the economic and political development as well as the gradual improvement of people's spiritual level, clothing design, as an essential part of packaging materials in people daily life, has shown its mental culture with each passing day. Especially in the era of art, clothing and art integrate each...
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The Evolution of the Installation of Yayoi Kusama. How Did the Evolution of the Installation of Yayoi Kusama Proceed?

Yuwei Gong
The text deals about the development of Yayoi Kusama's installation. Why Yayoi Kusama was selected The reason you can simply describe, but actually it's complicate. The simple reason is she has a strong artistic style. One can quickly notice of the nature of her work and recognize. It is exclusively...
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Adoption of Western Achievements. Research into Design Culture of Contemporary Chinese Garment Enterprises

Zhaoqing Li
Contemporary Chinese garment enterprises are in great demand of building up a systematic and mature design culture for a sound operation. Based on the principle of adopting western achievements, this paper examines the development of some well-known western garment enterprises and elaborates the fashion...
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Research on Color Application in Modern Design

Wenjun Han
Design without color lacks vitality. Therefore, color has become a kind of mainstream in modern design, especially that research emphasizing on psychological color and engineering color makes color design the mainstream setting fashion. "Micro-color's" positive energy is also the trend of modern design....
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New Design Thoughts of Modern Children's Shoes

Sheng Sun
At present, there are approximately 400 million children in China. Especially when the news of two-child policy comes out, China will be faced with a peak period of new-born children. With the rapid development of national economy, citizens' spiritual and material life standards are increasingly enhanced;...
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Research on Bryophyte Landscape Design

Chunnong Li, Hao Tang, Tao Jiang, Keling Li, Xiaofang Yu
Bryophyte is a very important category in the plant community. By using the field survey and literature review method, the paper focuses on the investigation of bryophyte landscape status. The main research results are as follows: (1) putting forward three principles of bryophytes in landscape design,...
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System of Design of Universal Logo Should Be Adapted to the Need of Development of Modern City

Xinsheng Guo
City logo refers to signal, symbol and so on, for instructions, discrimination and guidance in city. With the development of modern cities, as well as the increasing of international exchanges, design of universal Recognition of city should develop towards the direction of international standardization....
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Thinking of the Red Stoneware Art of Jiang Rong

Jianlin Ni
The theory of "Picturesque" has developed to be a new theory by aestheticians, used to balance the two classic aesthetic categories of "beauty" and "sublime". As the same, the three-dimensional works of typification, which were created by artists with refinement and emotional engagement, would also have...
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On Perfume Advertisement in Film Art during the Digital Age

Rui Kong
With the development of the digital age, Advertisement from static to dynamic, from dominant to recessive, film as an effective means of advertising communication,it has its own unique artistry and aesthetics. Embed perfume advertisement into the film's plot, combine the visual experience, smell experience...
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Research on Design of Educational Toys for Children under the Perspective of Chinese Characters' Culture

Lijuan Dai
Based on the investigation of Chinese market of educational toys for children and comprehensive analysis on its structure, this paper aims at improving toys' structure, shape and function in the end. At the same time, it is also an incentive to combine Chinese culture and function with the design of...
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Analysis on the Application of Blue and White Pattern in Clothing Accessories Design

Wei Huang
Since the rapid development of arts and culture, the blue and white decorative patters in blue and white porcelain has been widely and flexibleapplied in clothing accessories. By analyzing the application and performance ofthe blue and white porcelain decorative patters in clothing accessories,to see...
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Charm of Splicing in Fashion

Xuemei Xu
The development of modern politics and economy drive the continuous upgrade of the fashion industry. In modern fashion field, mastering leading-edge fashion information is possible to make a success. As fashion designers, we have many techniques to use in fashion design. Splicing is the most commonly...
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Embroidery Technology and Its Application in Fashion Design

Zhen Xuan
In thousands of years of Chinese history, we have rich and colorful art and culture. The art of embroidery is a representative craftsmanship. Early in the Spring and Autumn Period, there were large-scale handmade embroidery products. Traditional embroidery crafts are all handmade embroidery, and all...
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Research on Fashion Performance Show

Guilan Luo
In the annual domestic and foreign fashion weeks, there will be new fashion development trends. Under spotlights, there are celebrities and well-known brands. There are many activities in the fashion week, such as, the knowledge lectures of business celebrities, exhibition of corporate culture, economic...
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Cultural Implication of Dragon Pattern Decorations in Kaifeng Shan-Shaan-Gan Guild Hall Buildings

Yinglin Zhao
Chinese special cultural beliefs created different kinds of Chinese folk art subjects, auspiciousness culture as a creative folk art creative form which has a strong concept, especially the dragon culture and dragon decorative patterns are widespread in thousands of years. Kaifeng Shan-Shaan-Gan Guild...
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Research on Customer Gender Oriented Packaging Design of Beverage Products

Tian Su
Beverage packaging design shall be positioned according to consumers' gender with market segment, give the suitable products to the right people, so as to better cater to different consumers' psychology. In this era of global culture and multimedia, personality is often closely related to people's lives....
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Research on Innovative Orientation of Art Design of News in the Era of Media Convergence

Kai Liu
With continuous development of information technology, the development of various media also becomes increasingly fast. The integration between traditional media and new media becomes an inevitable process. In media convergence era, the design of news fine art also has basis for innovation. This article...
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A Brief Introduction of Symbol Application in Animation Design

Hongjuan Sun
Animation is a comprehensive artistic class, an artistic expression, combining drawing, cartoon, film, digital media, photography, music and literature as a whole. As a media for visual communication, animation itself is a symbol, a symbol expressed through images, colors, light and shadow and auditory...
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Value Expression of Traditional Culture Elements' Digital Development in Modern Animation Film and Television Art

Yu Wang
Up to now, Chinese traditional culture is presenting its unique artistic charm with diversified forms. More flexible and diverse development trend is presented by combining traditional culture and modern technology. In the creation of animation film and television works, China's animation film and television...
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Research into Shanghai Women's Fashion Clothes in Minguo Era (1912-1949)

Zhaoqing Li
Women's fashion clothes in Minguo era were produced and developed in certain context, integrating Chinese and western culture as well as ancient and modern ones. Then it shaped Shanghai-style clothes with independent, stable and mature features. At that time, Shanghai was in the center of fashion in...
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Study on "VIS design" Textbook Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges in an Information Era

Feng Mao
Arrival of the information age has changed the way of people to obtain visual information, and the previous traditional-media-dominated VIS design mode has not fully met the requirements for corporate image design in the information age, while VIS design gradually changed the single static transmission...
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A Study of Business English (ESP) Learning Anxiety from the Perspective of Ecology

Zhaojun Chen
Business English (BE) language characteristics and many classroom teaching factors contribute to the anxiety of BE learning. The ecology can be put in use into BE teaching to make the ecological classroom. This research is taken to show relations between the ecological classroom teaching of BE (BEECT)...
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Discussion on the Meaning of Setting up Bodybuilding Course in Ordinary Colleges

Guozheng Zhu
Bodybuilding course is a kind of physical education course in ordinary colleges which is based on the study of medical, aesthetics, biology, etc, and it helps students master bodybuilding methods effectively and educates themselves and others to engage in amateur bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is gradually...
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The Research on the Relationship between National Traditional Sports and the Construction of Campus Network Culture

Li Li
The National Traditional Sports was a very important part of the Chinese National Culture, it promoted the process of the Construction of Campus Network Culture. The Campus Network Culture was a special one which was built on the base of the campus culture. And it developed with the integration of the...
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Study on Integration of Information Technology and National Traditional Sport Course in Universities

Li Li, Rong Zhao
With continuous deepening of education reform, information technology is widely used in universities of our country. In recent years, the teaching mode that integrates information technology and national traditional sport in universities is booming and has made remarkable results. Basing on practical...
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Influence of New Media on Traditional National Sports of Intangible Cultural Heritage Spreading in Universities

Li Li, Rong Zhao
With dramatic development of information technology, the new media emerges at the right moment. The influence of it on traditional national sports culture of intangible cultural heritage spreading in universities of our country cannot be underestimated. In recent years, it has become another important...
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On the Reform Route of Case Teaching Mode in the Applied Undergraduate Course of Law Teaching in China

Xuan Gao
In recent years, the innovation of law teaching method is one of the problems in the field of law, and it also caused the attention of the competent department of education and law education. Law case teaching is the most basic and applied teaching method in the teaching method of the new law. Through...
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The Importance of Humor in Teaching

Ying Zhang
Humor is a high-level soul and a spiritual activity linking with laughter, entertainment and funny. People often learn the true meaning from laughter. It is known to all that mental problems and illness often come from unpleasant emotional experience. On the contrary, humor can help students develop...
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Empirical Analysis of Shaanxi Female College Students' Religious Identity. Shaanxi N Professional College as an Example

Jiancheng Zhang
It is one of the most important subjects of higher education to guide the female college students to set up a correct religious conception. We explore the religious identity level of 290 female college students from Shaanxi N Professional College using an anonymous self-made questionnaire. And explore...
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Discussion on Importance of Two-way Culture in College English Teaching

Ying Zhang
Language and culture are inseparable. Culture cannot be generated without language, and language development changes along with the culture development, the two complement each other. For a long time, because the college English teaching didn't pay attention to the input of Chinese culture, and students'...
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Multimedia Courseware Design Strategies Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Jinrong Zhou
With the rise and development of the multimedia teaching, how to improve the effectiveness of the courseware has become the focus of teachers in their courseware design, while the development of the four kinds of intelligent features, such as diversification, differentiation, creativity and development,...
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Study on Preschool Art Education Based on Interior Environment Design

Haiyan Xie, Yaomin Mei, Yipeng Wang
Art environment is a best enlightening book for infants, and interior environment design is one of the important parts of art education in infant development. While conducting the interior environment design, we shall pay attention to children's psychological needs, the design space's conforming to the...
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Project-based Learning. An Effective Way to Stimulate College Students' English Learning Motivation

Yuanyuan Liu
From the angle of the college English teaching practice, the author found students' English learning motivation was lacking. In order to stimulate their motivation, the author studied the effectiveness of project-based learning (PBL) based on her understanding of PBL theories and her own teaching experiences....
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Roles of Double-professionally-titled Teachers in Innovation of Moral Education

Ming Sun, Jingchuan Fu, Yakun Yang
Playing special roles in moral education of applied universities, double-professionally-titled teachers are helpful for improving professional moral education and teachers' ethical cultivation. It is favorable for exploring a new mechanism and model of moral education by developing highly qualified double-professionally-titled...
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Discussion on Introducing Teaching Mode of "Limited Style Guidance" in Basic Courses of Fine Arts in High Normal Universities

Jun Zhu, Shaozong Hu
This article discussed the organization pattern and teaching process of course contents of basic drawing courses in fine arts specialty at high normal university (teachers' education). We put forward: in the stage of professional basic teaching, adopt limited style, summarize linguistic elements with...
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The Application of Pygmalion Effect in Classroom Education

Mengqian Wang, Jun Cai
The Pygmalion effect is the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance. The expectations of teachers showed a very powerful predictive relationship with student behaviour. High expectations of teachers create a better atmosphere for student learning. The Pygmalion effect...
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Backwash Effect of Language Test on English Language Teaching

Renfeng Wang
Language test is an important means of measuring the effects and improving the quality of foreign language teaching. Testing washback effect on foreign language teaching increasingly highlights. The article takes college English teaching as an example and discusses the backwash effect of language test...
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Study on Promotion Effect on School Sports Culture Construction by Shaanxi Traditional Ethnic Sports

Li Li
Traditional ethnic sports is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, and it has developed and been carried forward very well with its uniqueness, regional characteristics and inheritance in the development of China's long history. School sports culture is one of the culture types generated...
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Art Design Theory Education in Colleges and Universities

Xiangguo Ge
The art design theory course, as an integral part of art teaching, is well known by a great number of people. However, with the speed of the marketing process, more and more people think practical skills are more important than theory. Aimed at the status quo, the author emphasizes the importance of...
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College English Effective Teaching Approach: Visual Support the Concept Map

Taohua Xiao, Lina Wu
Visualization support is a conceptual framework. Based on the graphic way, it can intuitively and structurally present the relationship of different knowledge. At present, the visual teaching tools have been widely used in various fields. It also played an important role in English teaching. Hoping to...
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Postmodernism, Christian Patristics, and Values of Peace in the Modern Cultures In the Context of Educational Process

Olga V. Chistyakova
The article offers a review of selected postmodern principles relating to the analysis of religious and spiritual spheres of society in terms of their importance for culture and education. The author shows the concept of a new kind of American theology that is close to the politicized and technologized...
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The Exploration of Practical Teaching Method. Taking "Building Constructive Technology" as an Example

Lijun Yin, Haoran Yin
This article has introduced the status of the course and the existing problems which are taking the example of 'Building Constructive Technology', and proposed the reform program to the course which is the practical teaching methods and measures. And we have obtained the good effects by taking this kind...
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The Functions of Teacher's Professional Virtue in Teaching

Bayi Guan, Zhanli Shang, Hongwei Zhao
Teachers are the professionals who perform the responsibilities of education and teaching, undertaking the mission of teaching, cultivating the builders of this society, and enhancing the national quality. Teachers should not only have profound knowledge but also shall have good virtue. Teachers are...
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Dicussion on the Professionalized and Specialized and Experted Construction of Tutors Team in Colleges and Universities

Zhiwei Liu, Ming Sun
To strengthen and improve the ideological and political education of college students, in this new period, is a significant and urgent strategic task that cultivating qualified builders and reliable successors. And to construct a high level of tutor team is the organized guarantee to accomplish this...
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Analysis on the Problems of Students' Party Construction in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone and Its Countermeasures

Zhiwei Liu, Junliang Kong
At present, there is no local undergraduate university in Zhuhai. Relying on the advantages of running schools in north, the northern universities built the independent school in Zhuhai and established a university zone. The development of independent school has become a major part of developing universities...
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Introducing Intangible Cultural Heritage into the Classroom and Studies of the Practice in Regional Colleges A Case Study in Guangxi University of Science and Technology

Qing Cai, Qianwei Jin
Through integrating geographical and cultural resources advantages with specific major studies, intangible cultural heritage is actively introduced into the college classrooms. Doing so not only helps define the educational role of a regional college in training talents to promote local cultural heritage,...
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Pragmatic Competence Cultivation of Non-English Majors

Zhihui Sun, Biqian Zhu
For the current situation of pragmatic competence cultivation of non-English majors in colleges of our country, in order to meet the requirements of College English course and actual requirements of social development, teachers should pay attention to the initiation of cultural knowledge, improve the...
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Discovering Abilities. An Individual Approach to Foreign Language Teaching in Inclusive Environment

Tatiana Belova
The purpose of this article is to discuss the ways of creating inclusive learning environment for all students, including those with disabilities. The article focuses on the development of multiple learning resources and multifunctional methods of teaching and assessment based on current research in...
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Memetic Analysis on Construction of College English Translation Corpus

Jie Zhao, Mengyuan Guo
Nowadays, College English teaching fails to promote students' achievement in translation. The construction of College English Translation Corpus is necessary and helpful. Few studies have been taken on college English teaching through combining memetics and corpus which are complementary. From the perspective...
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Analysis on Problems and Strategies of Vocational ESP Teaching. Taking Yantai Nanshan University as Example

Miao Huang
In recent years, ESP (English for Special Purpose) has become the hot spot in education field. However, study on vocational ESP teaching is still rare and with great potential. Taking Yantai Nanshan University as an example, the essay analyzes the current problems in vocational ESP teaching and concludes...
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A Study on the Effectiveness of Podcasting in Higher Education

Aleksandr Volodin, Andrei Volodin
The paper reports on empirical findings on the effectiveness of the podcasting application method in teaching university students. It considers stages and levels of the experiment as well as its conditions and sampling. The sample consists of students enrolled in the program of higher professional education...
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Global Partnership in the Higher Education

Xinxing Wu, Yuanling Chen
For higher education institutions (HEIs) to gain global recognitions, possible approaches for HEIs to achieve success and sustainability are global partnerships and strategic alliances. In this study, we aim to verify the determinants of HEIs strategic alliance within a dynamic business context. In line...
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An Exploration on Connecting Industry Clusters with Educational Professional Group

Jie Zhu
Many universities in China has adopted into application-oriented university transformation since the Chinese Ministry of Education promoted the policy of encouraging the reform between university teaching and industry production in 2015. Therefore, the influencing elements and reform effects are becoming...
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An Empirical Study on Self-evaluation of School Maturity Using International Standard ISO 9004

Jianping Huang
The purpose of this research is to discuss the organization maturity by using the International Standard ISO 9004 Self-evaluation Maturity Model. A private high school in Jonor, Malaysia was selected as the research object. Within the selected 5 dimensions, 27 questions are designed to the sampling which...
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Research on Analysis and Countermeasures of Occupation Inadaptability of College Students Caused by Lacking Responsibility Consciousness

Hui Su
Because of the rapid development of market economy and transformation of society as well as the influences of western culture and values, many college students pay too much attention to self interest and realistic utility and lack responsibility consciousness, which cause the worries of many employers....
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Research and Practice on Construction of Learning Society under the Perspective of Systematic Thinking

Jichuan Li
Systematic thinking means using the viewpoint of whole situation to research on connection between key components of complex system. From the perspective of systematic thinking, the construction of learning society is a systematical engineering and needs integral design and system construction. On one...
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Study on the Strategies of Improving Employment Core Competitiveness of English Major Graduates in Independent College

Xiang Zhang
With the rapid development of China's higher education, the number of university graduates expanded rapidly. At the same time, employment competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the employment situation for independent college students becomes more optimistic, especially for English majors. The...
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A Study on the Causative Factors of ESP Reading Intake

Yi Xie
Input, intake and output are the most fundamental links in second language acquisition. With the development of cognitive science and the profound investigation of psycholinguistics and applied linguistics in the past decades, intake has been the research focus for many linguistic scholars. As where...
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Application of Heuristic Teaching Method in Mould Design Course

Dunbo Teng
Start from the characteristics of content and requirements of mould design course; emphasize seriously doing a good job in education of learning goals and make efforts to stimulate students' active thinking, cultivate students' ability to apply knowledge, consciously apply elicitation method of teaching...
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Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Russia and Its Enlightenment on Our Country

Lirong Song, Shuwu Wang, Wei Xu
After collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia carries out a series of economic reform. Under the condition of market economy, great changes also have occurred in colleges. This article describes changes happened in higher education and some measures to assure the quality of higher education, in order to...
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A Probe into Absence of Students' Subjectivity in Maker Space in Art Colleges

Yingying Hu
Nowadays, maker space not only means a new form of education business, but also a new culture. It is an important carrier for the development of the university innovation "culture". According to statistics, maker spaces on campus accounted for more than 60 percent, therefore, the extent of student participation...
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An Empirical Research on Vocabulary Teaching under the Vocabulary Presentation Mode of Form-similar Clustering . Take Vocabulary Acquisition of Non-English Majors from Vocational Colleges as an Example

Yan Yin, Hongyan Yan
This study makes an exploration of effects which are caused by different modes of vocabulary presentation on learning and retention of target words of Non-English majors from vocational colleges. Form-similar clustering and non-form clustering are two different modes of vocabulary presentation in vocabulary...
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Embodied Cognition and Enlightenment to Micro-video Design in College English Teaching

Xiaowen Zhou, Zhiyuan Li
Embodied cognition argues that body plays a vital role in cognition and in language acquisition as well. Thus due attention should be paid to the "embodied" cognitive feature in students when teachers conduct instructional design and educational practice. The focus on situatedness of teaching and experiencing...
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A Study on Learning Behavior of Fine Arts Majors

Yaqiong Li
It is the key link and precondition for education and teaching reform to understand and grasp the students' learning behavior characteristics. The study and optimization strategy of learning behavior of students majored fine arts will promote the college teachers of fine arts to better grasp the educational...
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A Discussion about the Impact of Vocational Skills Competition on the Teaching Reform in Vocational Colleges

Guiqin Li, Yanhong Geng, Hongmei Pang
Vocational skills competition reflects the requirements to the latest vocational skills in various industries and enterprises. As the propeller of the higher vocational education reform and development in the new period, vocational skills competition can promote the teaching reform in higher vocational...
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Study on Education Strategy of Application-oriented University Intellectual Property

Yaomin Mei, Xueshou Huang, Junliang Kong
Intellectual property education is a national education to implement the national intellectual property strategy and promote the development of intellectual property. Because of the late beginning of China's intellectual property education, the weak consciousness of application-oriented university intellectual...
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On the Interactive Influence of College Students' Network Behaviors and Actual Personality

Bo Wei, Feng Tian, Dongfu Ji
To a very large extent, college students' network behaviors, which are a kind of satisfaction of their actual psychological needs, form an interactive influence with actual personality. The failure to reach consistency between the "virtual me" on the Internet and the "actual me" in reality will probably...
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Innovative Practice of Graduation Design Mode in Major of Art and Design

Junzhu Zhang
Purpose: break through teaching paradigm of graduation design of traditional art and design, solve the current situation that contradiction exists between cultivation of art and design talents and requirements of art and design talents, according to requirements of talent cultivation in specialty of...
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Impacts of Academic Cultures on Concept Reconstruction of Universities

Mingchao Li
To accommodate needs of the society under the new normal state, universities have carried out many reforms from the perspective of policies. Due to impacts of complicated internal and external development environment as well as multiple social factors, concept construction is weak and even deficient...
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Cultivation of Students' Creative Thinking in Design Sketch Teaching

Zhenpeng Zhao
Design sketch generated gradually in the development of modern design education, which is a new way of training to meet the needs of development of design disciplines themselves. Cultivate students' quality of creative thinking in design sketch and explore different teaching modes, so as to promote the...
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The Thinking and Innovation in Talent Training Mode of Applied Psychology in Local Colleges and Universities. From the Perspective of Practical Teaching

Wenchun Wu
This paper analyzed the main problems in the applied psychology talent training in local colleges and universities from the perspective of the practical teaching, and put forward some practical strategies according to our practice, in order to offer reference to cultivate high-quality professional psychology...
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Teaching Design and Exploration of Integrated Curriculum of Art in Middle and Primary Schools

Shengde Fang
Integrative study is the most prominent highlight of China's basic educational reform, which sets integrated curriculum and adds integrative study field in the content of course, such as "comprehensive and exploratory" field in art subject. This paper discusses the coincident point of limit of how to...
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Innovative Research on Basic Education System of Visual Communication Design

Ke Li
The visual communication design specialty in many colleges and universities is looking for a direction suitable for their own development according to the education situation of China's visual communication design specialty. Therefore, we must learn from the excellent education concept and systematic...
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A Study on the Teaching System of Design Psychology

Shu Zhang, Xinping Yuan
Nowadays, the pure theoretical teaching could no longer adapt to the cultivation of practical design talents. In order to strengthen the relationship between design psychology courses and social practice and also to ensure students have a better understanding of the customer's real needs and the potential...
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Traditional Culture and Modern Visual Communication Design Teaching

Hong Nie
Design is both art and the carrier of culture since its birth, and draws nourishment from the traditional culture. Up till now, design and traditional culture is still closely related. Visual communication realizes the delivery and communication of information through the generation and interpretation...
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Evaluation of the Process of Development of Higher Education Institutions in the Russian Federation

Elena Blagireva
Innovative development of any organization from improving approaches to management of highly skilled professionals. To increase the efficiency of educational institutions, we need to search proactively for mechanisms of adjusting educational institutions to new realities that would allow education quality...
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A Preliminary Idea on the Application of Art Therapy in Chinese College Students' Mental Health Education

Ya'nan Zheng, Yihui Li
Art theory is using art as a medium for psychological treatment. This paper mainly introduces the art therapy in mental health education in Chinese colleges and universities, and preliminarily carries out the basic scheme of the art therapy, with a view to providing the reference for the development...
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The Development of a Contemporary Model of Professional Tourism Education as a Factor in Overcoming Economic Crisis in Russia

Vasily Gerneshy
The article considers the possibility of creating a unified conception of human resources training for the travel industry, which could provide improvement of educational programs quality realization in educational institutions of the tourism industry. The existing educational system for specialists...
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Operation Mechanism Research of Outstanding Engineer Industry Academy Cooperation

Yinxia Wei
Outstanding engineers mainly adopt industry and academy cooperative education as well as the two educational environments of schools and enterprises to arrange undergraduates' course learning and social practice, Outstanding engineer makes the talent training cases, the teaching content and the practical...
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A Research on the Effects Task-based Language Teaching Have on Vocational College Students' Interest in learning English

Bojun Zou, Jianzhong Zhou
Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT. abbreviation) is defined as a creative teaching method which advocates students to bring second language into full utility and takes improvement of students' pragmatic competence as a goal. It is acknowledged that a great number of vocational students take less interest...
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Teaching Reform and Practice Research on "Display Preliminary Design". A Basic Course of Design Major

Ying Cao, Chunfu Li
At present, undergraduate teaching system of various universities' design major involves the course of "preliminary design" in professional basic education, seeking to build a solid core of this major with connecting function in design art teaching system. It aims at making students have a general knowledge...
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Discussion on the Role of Applied Mathematics in Higher Vocational Education

Jianlan Zhou
Applied mathematics plays an important role in mathematics education, so we must attach great importance to the role of Applied Mathematics, and strengthen its role in mathematics education, so the quality and level of mathematics education can be improved significantly. This paper first expounds the...
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Ethno-Cultural and Religious Grounds for Cognition and Education

Mustafa Bilalov
The article, on the basis of "cognitive culture" concept, considers the influence of ethno-cultural and religious conscience on the peculiarities of cognitive and educational activity of people from North Caucasus and Daghestan. At the same time tendencies of spiritual life of the peoples of the republic...
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Study on Teaching Mode of "Double Qualified Teachers and Double Guidance" and Learning and Working Alternation

Limei Guo, Yang Mou, Ronghua Li
In recent years, many higher vocational colleges in our country have carried out some reform attempts of practical course teaching for architectural decoration specialty. But whether the practice mode of "studio system integrating teaching, learning and doing" or the practice mode of "decoration engineering...
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Russia in the Context of Global Trends of Higher Education

Marina Burchakova, Julia Karagod, Yury Moseykin, Natalia Sakharchuk
The article provides the main global trends for the development of higher education. They determine the current status and shape the route and prospects of development of a higher education system in the XXI century: globalization, internationalization, the transition to mass higher education, the commercialization,...
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Analysis on Effective Methods and Means for Modern Education to Cultivate Innovation Consciousness and Practical Ability of Students

Qingzhu Dong
Improving innovation consciousness and practical ability of students is the objective requirement of social development; practical needs of quality-oriented education; requirements to carry forward nature of innovation. The cultivation of innovation consciousness and practical ability is a systematic...
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A Lexical Approach to College English Teaching

Ke Liu
Vocabulary is always considered as an important standard to evaluate learners' language competence. How to improve vocabulary teaching is becoming more concerned in language teaching. Due to the development of lexical chunks theory, a lexical approach to language teaching has gradually replaced the traditional...
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Development and Effect of Recessive Courses Resources in Higher Education Teaching

Yan Liu
By analyzing the connotation and category of recessive courses and its resources, the author reviewed its development process and theoretical foundation to discuss reasonable access to develop recessive courses resources in higher education teaching and the necessity to utilize recessive courses reasonably.
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Sociocultural Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities in Russia. State and Approaches to Implementation

Elena Blagireva, Elena Kirichok
The paper assesses current educational, cultural and social policy in the context of enjoyment of the rights of persons with disabilities. Together with this, the author proposes indicators for the development and enactment of legal life support norms that would guarantee the improvement of quality of...
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Rationalization of Contemporary Culture and Education in the Context of Religious Resistance to Violence

Olga Chistyakova
The article refers to the necessity of rationalization of the spheres of modern education and culture to prevent a growing range of social violence in a global world. The author notes out the importance of religion in resisting the different forms of violence and irrationality in the contemporary societies....
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Factors and Causes Affecting the Development of Badminton in Xinjiang

Juerui Wang, Yiqun Liu
With the rise of badminton in Xinjiang, badminton has been well promoted and popularized in the grassroots. The population playing badminton has been doubled and redoubled. Badminton enthusiasts consider badminton as their first sport to support the badminton. School is an important platform and carrier...
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Ideological Basis of Education

Irina Verezgova, Svetlana Tikhonova
The paper looks at the need for moral and ethical education components, with emphasis on the relevance of patriotic upbringing. The authors underscore the negative effects of de-ideologization and make a conclusion on the pressing need to create a national ideological strategy.
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The Improvement of Engineering Fluids Mechanics Teaching Based on the Mode of Active Study

Zhiqiang Wang, Xiaolong Yu, Jing Ni
Regarding the problems of Engineering fluids mechanics's strong theory, namely vapidity, bad learning states of students, unobvious effect, we take the interest of students as guide, the project as support, and reform the mode of traditional teaching. New teaching mode will integrate students' study...
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Problems in Roller Skating Teaching and Application of Related Teaching Methods

Juerui Wang
Roller skating is deeply loved by students in colleges and universities in Xinjiang. Xinjiang University is the first university opening the selective course of roller skating in Xinjiang. It was in 1999. It has obtained various awards and honors. With many years of teaching accumulation, it has relatively...
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Study on the Sports Lifestyle of Rural Adolescents in Yunnan Border Areas

Kaiwen Li, Peng Nie, Wu Liu
This study applies questionnaires, randomly stratifies 552 adolescents of both genders from 26 towns in Yunnan border areas, investigates the sports lifestyle of rural adolescents in Yunnan border areas, and also analyzes the influencing factors. And the following conclusions are obtained. Students'...
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Thinking of Film Education with Media Convergence Background

Jianxun Wu
The trend of media convergence has brought many changes to the film industry, changes that are inevitable and need to adapt to education. Film education can be understood in two areas, including talent education and medium education. We need to develop the film education with new media and new technologies....
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On Seminars for Senior Class in Major of Art and Design in Colleges. Inspiration on CI Visual Identity Design

Rui Hou
With the increase of major of art design in colleges, especially the establishment of major of art design in various comprehensive colleges, great difference arises in quality of talent cultivation in major of art design in colleges. To improve the quality of art talent, some colleges carry out a series...