Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education

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Research on the Teaching Methods of Design Course Fused with Maker Concept

Haijiao Sun
Art design is an extremely innovative professional. It is strongly practical, innovative and involves wide and closely relates to the production and living. Maker is a motivating creative activity. It pursues innovation and focuses on sharing. It takes advantages of tools and fuses playing with learning....
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Innovative Exploration and Thinking on Design and Representation Techniques Course

Yifeng Du
Design representation is one of the essential skills of designers, so the course is widely established in related majors and fields. But China's current courses related to majors like art design in higher education can't meet the needs of bringing up modern design talents in the new period. As a starting...
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Strategy Research on University Construction of Art Practice Educating Innovation Entrepreneurship Base

Yan Liang, Diansheng Guo
Lanzhou Jiaotong University builds art design practice educating innovation base and further improves work ideas, method and development strategy of university construction of art practice educating innovation and entrepreneurship base in the aspects of experiment teaching system, experiment team, management...
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The Orientation of Experimental Teaching Reform in View of Industry Development. The Curriculum System Reform of Art Major of Lanzhou Jiaotong University under the Background of Industry Development

Diansheng Guo, Yan Liang
Aiming at problems that the teaching of art design major in our country lags behind social requirements, start from establishing practice teaching idea of art design major, mainly research on how to mobilize initiative and enthusiasm of students in this major to participate in science and technology...
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Study on Tuition Strategy for Overseas Students of Higher Education in China

Xiaojing Li, Xuehan Wang, Xiaoyue Deng, Baoming Li
Recruiting overseas students can improve the visibility of the University, as well as bring considerable income. How to set tuition fees reasonably for overseas students is important to estimate the international higher education income. This paper holds that the quality of overseas students' higher...
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Knowledge and Its Subjects

Liubov Bronzino, Elena Kurmeleva, Olga Maximova
This article dispels some of the most popular myths about the "knowledge society" and the delusions they create regarding intellectuals and their activities. The analysis makes use of both research (M. McLuhan, M. Foucault, U. Eco, R. Collins) and literary (M. Bradbury) sources. Ideally, the reader should...
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Research on Values Education

Yafei Wang
Values, being the core of culture, is dominant in personal socialization. In China, the definite concept, theory and method of values education haven't formed yet though it has been widely concerned and comprehended. This is a problem eagerly needs solving in values area. As schema theory is applied...
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Using a Genre-based Approach to Teach Mainland China College Students Writing: A Case Study

Shaofan Wang
The paper offers an optional approach to teach non-English major university students of mainland China how to write. It attempts to reveal the major problems in co college English writing: over-emphasis on linguistic accuracy, lack of systematic input of genre knowledge, and over-looking the development...
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Research on Genre-based Teaching Approaches and Teaching Problems of College English Writing

Shaofan Wang
Starting from analyzing the current condition of college English writing teaching and the problems, this paper analyzes the non-language factor errors of the students in writing process, and proposes the suggestions for improving college English writing teaching using genre-based teaching approaches...
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Symbolic Violence and the Other in Cross-Cultural Field Some Remarks on R. Girard's and J. Baudrillard's Theories

Philipp Tagirov
The following article explores the problem of symbolic violence as a cultural phenomenon. The education, meaning "leading from", can lead us in various directions; some of them presuppose a dialogical communication between people identifying themselves and others through different symbolical matrixes....
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The Role of Educational Institution in the Professional Development of the Person in the XXI Century

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article focuses on the role of the Institute of Education in the professional development of the individual in modern society. The main stages in the professionalization of an individual are under consideration; the need to strengthen the educational component of higher education system is observed.
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Self-governance and Co-governance and Good-governance. Interactive University Governing Structure and Path under Stakeholder Logic

Jiaming Sun
Interactive University is a typical stakeholder organization. According to the influence degree of stakeholders on Interactive University, it is divided into internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Because of different positions and functions of local university, government, market and society...
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Promotion of Russian Language in China. As a Tool of Cultural Diplomacy of the Russian Federation

Galina Ganshina, Anatoly Tsvyk
From Russia's perspectives, a stable Russian-Sino relationship is beneficial to both countries and remains one of its foreign policy priorities. The cultural and educational cooperation between Russia and China is one of the most the important components of the comprehensive strategic partnership of...
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Brief Analysis on Innovation of Impromptu Piano Accompaniment Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yi Ji
Impromptu piano accompaniment, as a part of the piano teaching in colleges and universities, the course itself integrates piano playing skills and music theory knowledge, which not only comes up with higher requirements to the students, at the same time tests the teaching abilities of teachers. Teachers...
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Analysis on Existing Problems of Music Education Reform in the New Era

Wenmin Zhong
After the establishment of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, the national leaders, Education Departments, and education experts studied the advanced educational system and ideology in western world, as well as deeply researched and discussed the then education status in China. Based on this,...
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How to Inherit the National Culture of Music in Music Courses

Yi Ji
The national culture has always been one focus of the development and ideological battles of all countries. Under the complex international situation in the world today, all the Chinese people need to consider the question namely how to maintain the purity of national culture in a variety of diverse...
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Application of Performance Assessment in the Vocal Teaching of Normal Universities

Yu Xiang
Performance assessment is a new kind of evaluation method, which differs from the traditional method and directly evaluates the behavior of ability (tendency). Applying performance assessment to vocal teaching in normal universities breaks through from the subjectivity, randomness and oneness of evaluation...
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A Study on Current Status of Vocal Teaching by View of the Vocal Teaching Papers Summary from Year 2000 to Year 2014. A Case Study of the Core Music Journals

Yu Xiang
In the past ten years, the research on vocal teaching has achieved fruitful results. By collecting and sorting out the articles in the core music journals, the author wrote this paper to illustrate what he has found. Namely, the research on vocal teaching focuses on the disciplinary system, mode, reform,...
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Aesthetic Moralism as a Form of Overcoming Nihilism. Ethical-Pedagogical Ideas of F. Nietzsche

Alexandra Kosorukova, Ivan Lapshin, Vinera Mukhametzhanova
The following article considers the connection between one of the most topical, moral issues facing modern mankind – nihilism – and the aesthetic moralism as a form of its overcoming. Special attention is paid to the pedagogical implements of overcoming nihilism in aesthetic moralism.
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Construction of Business Incubation Bases under Situation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform. Take Zhuhai College of Jilin University as an Example

Bing Liu, Xueshou Huang, Ming Sun, Yi Xiao, Yongkang Zhu
Incubators has been actively promoted all over the country, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology have approved and established the first 15 national university student incubators in 2001, the Ministry of human and society has approved the first 15 national incubators demonstration...
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Discussion on Digital Media and Innovative Art Education

Bianling Zhang
The 21st century is the digital era, and digital media continues to develop, which has gradually become the mainstream of design performance, making the design process more rapid and convenient. As a means of modern fine arts education, digital art has demonstrated its unique advantages in colleges and...
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On the Teaching of College English Listening from the Perspective of Holistic Education

Jianming Gong
Holistic education stresses comprehensive human development, and opposes the overstress of the skill-based education. It is essential to implement quality education which is important in guiding English listening teaching. Teachers in the university should recognize the problems existing in the current...
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Discussion on Applied Technique-oriented Talent Cultivation Mode of International Trading Specialty under the Background of Local Colleges Transformation

Tong Mei, Fangqin Chen, Qiuyan Zhang, Li Xu, Mingmin Chen
This paper proposes the transformation exploration from the aspects of renewing teaching materials, paying attention to practice teaching, increasing infrastructure investment, strengthening professional connection and updating test methods through discussion on the problems existing in current cultivation...
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Peculiarities of Initial Piano Pedagogy in Contemporary China

Yanchen Liu
The article deals with peculiarities of the Chinese initial piano pedagogy. The author points out the main principles of forming national methodic in musical education, presents the forms of initial teaching piano in China, finds out correlations between technical training and artistic aesthetics. In...
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Study on Teaching Quality Evaluation Criteria of General Music Education Course in Colleges and Universities

Yongxin Ai
Nowadays, the establishment of general music education course in colleges and universities is an indispensable important teaching link in higher education. The general music education is also growing vigorously in Chinese colleges and universities. But because of its special nature, a more comprehensive...
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Training Clarinet Players in Contemporary China

Changzhi Hou, Marina Chernaya
This article is dedicated to studying the situation in Chinese clarinet pedagogy. The article"s authors, relying on the opinion of an authoritative Chinese clarinet teacher, are looking through the teaching appliances on playing the clarinet, which were published in China by the turn of the 20-21 centuries....
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Discussion on Effective Optimization of Foreign Language Teaching Interaction under Network Environment

Zhaoxi Wei, Gang Ji
For the implementation of effective optimization of foreign language teaching interaction under network environment, the "interactive teaching" concept under network environment needs to be optimized, and we shall optimize the supervision by teachers in learning process interaction, optimize teachers'...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of Visual Communication Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaohua Yang
Through the field surveys and interviews regarding the student resources, course setting, professional course teaching and students' practical operating of the visual communication specialty in five higher vocational colleges in Shaanxi Province, such problems as students' foundation are generally weak,...
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Reflection on Micro Class in Chinese Universities in "Internet plus" Era

Mingxiu Chen, Qi Wang
This paper analyzes the real value of micro class through sorting out the deep reasons of micro class's generation and prevailing in foreign countries, and illustrates that the development of micro class in China is the inevitable choice for higher education in "Internet plus" era.
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The Critical Thinking for MOOC and Teaching of Universities under the Popularity of "Internet Plus Education" in China

Lijun Yang
"Internet plus" is very popular now in China, Internet has combined all walks of life. Facing this upsurge, we need more rational thinking. "Internet plus Education" is bound to innovate traditional higher education, but undoubtedly there still are a lot of problems. This paper proposed such following...
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Analysis on Aesthetic Education Implementation Paths in Colleges and Universities under Network Context

Na Qu
With the development and application of network technology, network has become a new education field besides family, school and society. Under the network context, facing the characteristics of cultural diversity, multidimensional nature of space and time as well as group interaction, the content of...
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Research on Application of Goal-setting Teaching Method in Badminton Elective Course in Common Colleges and Universities

Shouwen Wang, Zhentao Liu
With the development and reform of elective courses in colleges, badminton has gradually spread to the physical education elective courses in colleges, becoming one of the sports popular among college students. At present, the goal-setting teaching method has been used more and more widely in badminton...
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Research onVocational Adaption of Novice Teacher in Kindergarten

Yuanyuan Li, Xiaomian Bai
This research aimed to realize vocational adaption of novice teachers in kindergarten. 52 teachers who have been teaching for 0-3 years filled in the questionnaires. The results of the research revealed that (a)the occupational adaption was at an average level, which was reflected on the highest grade...
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Construction of Self-directed Practicum Program for PMDT. A Case of a Normal University in China

Qi Feng, Lijie Lu
Professional master degree on teaching (PMDT) has been popular in recent years in China but there is few research about it in literature. To fill this gap, the present paper analyses characteristics of Chinese PMDT candidates. On the basis of this analysis and self-directed learning theory, the paper...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Ways of Agricultural Mechanization Majors

Junzheng Wang, Yahong Liang, Jingli Wang
"Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan" (2010-2020) calls for strengthening college students innovation and entrepreneurship education and employment guidance services. With the innovative economic model, the demand for innovative entrepreneurial talent is rising. However, the cultivation of...
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Image-text Relation in Modern Children's Picture Book Design

Kun Tong
Image-text relation is the soul of modern children's picture book design and directly influences impressions and reading experience of readers. With the development of society, text gradually evolves from a kind of graphic symbol to a tool of paraphrasing. Images develop from cultural appurtenance into...
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S. Maykapar's Piano Pedagogics

Xiying Liu
The article examines the multifaceted piano heritage of S. Maykapar. His compositions register Instructive and artistic value, and addressed to children and youth. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the cycles "First Steps", "20 Preludes for Pedal" and "Songs on the Technique of Double Notes"....
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Research on the Current Development Conditions of Non-governmental Youth Organizations in Colleges and Universities

Fengqiu Jin, Zongyi Yang, Ying Yuan
As the existence of self-media, the society develops more rapidly and students are more ideological and more diverse. Non-governmental youth organizations are booming largely which greatly meets the growing requirements of the students. At the same time, because its spontaneity and openness, it also...
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The Formation of Krasnoyarsk State Institute of the Arts

Galina Baranova, Irina Efimova
The case study presented in the article has strong correlation to "Musical local studies" course that is included into state educational standard for higher education. The history of Krasnoyarsk State Institute of the Arts saved in archive documents has been for the first time revealed to the reader...
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Analysis on Possibilities and Challenges of Realization of Education Fairness under the Background of Internet Plus

Dan Zhang
Education fairness is an important foundation of social equity. Realization of education fairness plays a very important role in national development, social progress and human development. Under the background of internet plus, the internet deeply integrates with traditional industries, forming new...
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Innovation and Exploration of Teaching Management Based on Credit System

Yu Zhao
Implementation of credit system is a significant approach to deepen the reform of talents cultivation pattern of higher education, stimulate students' subjectivity and facilitate all-round development of students. Colleges and universities are supposed to hold the concept of talents cultivation and teaching,...
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Research on Establishment of Teaching Quality Assurance System in Independent Colleges

Hua Tao
In recent years, non-government funded education in our country has achieved rapid development. Independent college is an important force in higher education of our country, so a growing number of scholars pay close attention to teaching quality assurance of independent colleges. This article attaches...
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Teaching Opera Singing to Visually Challenged Students. As a Way of Sociocultural Rehabilitation

Elena Klimenko
The Russian State Specialized Academy of Art is the unique university where physically challenged students with various nosological diagnoses can get fine arts, music and theatre higher education. Having accumulated more than 25-year-experience of practical work with people with vision, hearing and motor...
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Research on Teaching of Piano Art History Courses in Chinese and Russian Colleges and Universities

Zuping Xu
As the extending course of musical history, piano art history course is focusing on the developing history of western piano art, of which it has made a detailed arrangement in a macro way. It has also strengthened the understanding of composing style by different composers in different time and regions....
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Feasibility Analysis of Introduction of Folk Traditional Sports into Physical Education Curriculum Resources in Colleges and Universities in Xinjiang

Zhao Zhang
This article uses the literature material method to analyze the main problems in physical education curriculum in colleges and universities in Xinjiang, and puts forward that it is feasible to introduce the folk traditional sports into the physical education curriculum resources in colleges and universities...
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Value Construction of Xinjiang Folk Sports Culture in School Physical Education

Zhao Zhang
The article uses the literature material method and expert interview method to analyze the value construction of Xinjiang folk sports culture in school physical education. It is mainly concluded that Xinjiang folk sports culture runs a long history, is rich in content and forms, and unique. At the same...
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"Ideal University" in Future in the Context of a Modern Education. Look From Epoch of "The Stone Internet"

Andrey Orekhov, Fakhraddin Akhmedov
This article considers the project of an "ideal university» through a prism of the authors' concept of four historical epochs: "The Stone Internet" (a modern epoch), "The Copper Internet", "The Silver Internet" and "the Gold Internet". Authors believe that the society will gradually evolve from "The...
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The Application of Micro-media to Adult English Education

Xiaolin Cai
The emergence of micro media has brought great changes to people's way of life and new opportunities to the development of adult English education. In particular as micro-blog, WeChat, micro class, Moocc appear, which has gradually changed the teaching mode of adult English education. Because of the...
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Thoughts on Government Purchase Preschool Education Services in China

Shanan Wang
The transformation of government functions, demand contradiction of preschool education and the development of relevant preschool education institutions and educational intermediary organizations make the government purchase preschool education services become possible. Public school private, purchase...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom in English Grammar Teaching in Second High School

Xueyun Zang
The Flipped Classroom is derived from Forest park high school. Its origin idea is to put the video, which is made by teaching timely and performing by PPT, on the Internet to help the students who need to make for the missed class. After that, more and more people pay attention to it. Flipped Classroom...
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Influences of Internet on University Students' Communication and Realistic Reflections

Bo Yang, Yanjun Dai
With the fast development of modern technology, Internet has become one of the most important factors that influence university students' study and life: breaking realistic barriers to students' discourse communications, opening up a new field in learning communication, cyber love opening a new model...
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Study on Education Mode of "Children of Migrant Workers" under the Background of Educational Informationization

Wei Xu
The migrant worker is a group emerges rapidly after the reform and opening up of our country. And one of the important issues they care about is their children's education problem. The settlement of migrant children's education problem is related to whether or not the quality of Chinese farmers can be...
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Parallel Development of Oroqen Folk Music Inheritance and Characteristic Specialty Construction in Colleges and Universities

Xiaofei Sun
As the intangible cultural heritage, Oroqen folk music has a profound national culture value. Oroqen folk music is an important part of folk music in Heilongjiang. In the evolution of history, this ethnic group has the life style and customs of nomadism, fishing and hunting, which are close to nature....
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Exploring New Mechanism of Combined Training Talents Based on "Double Cultivation" Plan

Jiali Luo, Xiaohui Li, Jie Zheng, Hongna Zhang, Yang Xi, Ying Zhang
The school relies on the Beijing "double training plan" project, and actively explore the mechanism of the high level talents with the Central Universities. A detailed system and the implementation of the program have been developed in the selection of students, training programs, teaching operation...
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Discussion on Curriculum Provision of International Trade Major under the Background of Transition

Tong Mei, Jiling Chen, Mingmin Chen
Under the background that common regular colleges transit to application-oriented technical universities, universities must carry out corresponding innovation and reform of curriculum, build teaching class focusing on training applied technical ability and improve the quality of teaching. In class, teachers...
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English Intonation Teaching in a Perspective of Communicative Functions

Dongxiao Peng
English is an intonation language while Chinese is a tone language. English intonation with some distinctive features from Chinese intonation has communicative functions that endows a speaker's utterance with various attached meanings. The complexity and subtlety of English intonation cause English teachers...
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Practical Exploration to High-skilled Talent Cultivation for Creative Industry under University and Enterprise Double-subject Mode

Jing Fu
The paper conducts an analysis and discussion on creative talent development situation, university & enterprise double-subject combination mode, and meaning and value of creative talent cultivation upon the mode under the background that local universities transit to technological universities to highlight...
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Application of Task-based Language Teaching to the Teaching of English Listening in Private Higher Vocational College

Lidan Yu
This was an empirical research on the application of Task-Based Language Teaching to the teaching of English listening in Private Higher Vocational College. Listening is a basic and crucial part of the communication process and it is the foundation of other language skills. A number of people have frequently...
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Research on Practical Ability Cultivation of Undergraduates in Engineering in Universities

Hansong Yang, Guangkun Sun, Qin Zhang
To serve the society, regional economy development and socio-economic construction is the main purpose of cultivating talents in universities. In order to cultivate applied talents which satisfy the needs of society, characteristic talents are required to be cultivated. And because these characteristic...
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Educational Reform of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Course Aiming at Cultivating Innovative Ability

Hansong Yang, Fating Zhang, Luoming Zhang
Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Basics is a basic technological course that is supposed to be learnt by all specialties of mechanical engineering subject. In order to meet the market's requirement for talents, cultivating applied innovative talent has become a subject to be discussed in course teaching....
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of AutoCAD Courses in Architectural Engineering Specialty Based on the Cultivation of Applied Innovative Ability

Shaoju Hao, Hansong Yang
Applied innovation talents training should lay emphasis on students' practical ability cultivation. AutoCAD is not only the specialized core course of architectural engineering specialty but a highly practical course. Through combining the present using characteristic of AutoCAD in construction industry,...
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Research on the Cultivation of Application-oriented Architecture Talents in Computer 3D Representation

Shaoju Hao, Hansong Yang
The application-oriented architecture major should put emphasis on the cultivation of students' ability of practice and in this article, it analyzes the necessary for students of architecture major to learn computer 3D architectural expression, puts forwards the integration of curriculum content designing...
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A Study of College-Enterprise Co-Cultivation of Applied Innovative Talents

Bangjun Chen, Caixia Fan, Xiaowei Chen
Applied innovative talents cultivation is the main goal of colleges' and universities' talent cultivation. From the whole developing process of higher education, it is the inexorable trend that teaching and research development is to cultivate students' applied innovative ability, engineering design...
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Predicaments and Strategies of Moral Education and Personnel Cultivation for Private Universities

Zhijun Yang
Moral education and personnel cultivation is the mission of education, especially of private higher education, though many problems lay before us. Only through an analysis of the predicaments to find the corresponding strategies, can we really complete the mission of moral education and personnel cultivation...
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Enhancing College Oral English Teaching with Application of PBL

Qixin Liu
With English the increasingly dominant language across the globe, it is of tremendous significance for college students to have a good mastery of oral English as an instrument in the workplace as well as other applied skills. This paper investigates the feasibility of incorporating PBL into college oral...
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Research on Application of New Mode of Teaching Integration of EGP and ESP in College English Teaching

Zhihui Sun
Along with the increase in international cooperation projects, more and more talents with professional English application ability are needed in the employment market. In order to meet the needs of social development for compound talents, college English teaching must try to change the traditional and...
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Research on Cultivation Mode of Digital Editing and Publishing Talents in Colleges under All Media Horizon

Jinmei Lv
Publishing industry in China has entered into the digital era. The relationship between digital technology and publishing industry is increasingly close. New technology, new media development and information dissemination diversification tendency have raised new requirements for the employees engaged...
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Thinking on the Philosophy, Model, Technology and Development Prospects of School of the Future

Bing Li, Ke Niu
The demand for talents and the mode of education and training have been changed tremendously in the new round of information technology revolution and the era of big data. The School of the Future will become the weather vane of basic education reform worldwide. This thesis will have a in-depth analysis...
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Analysis on Strategies to Improve Japan's Basic Education Quality in the New Century

Bing Li, Qin Li
It is the common aspiration of every country to enhance its education quality. In the new century, Japan's basic education puts more emphasis on training students' social viability for the future with the core of "self-reliance", "collaboration" and "creativity". This thesis mainly focuses on Japan's...
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Study and Practice on Teaching Reform of Mechatronics Technology Course

Zengsheng Wang, Hansong Yang, Fating Zhang
The paper analyzed the present course reform of the mechatronics technology, and carried on the teaching reform practice in three aspects of the mechatronics technology content system, the teaching method and the teaching measure. The paper respectively established curriculum system oriented in project...
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The Research on College English Teaching Guided by the General Education Idea

Jianrong Li, Hui Xie
The college English teaching innovation is going off in the direction of cultivating college students' English comprehensive practical abilities and cultural attainments. The general education aims to cultivate individuals with comprehensive qualities, abilities of cross-cultural communication and unique...
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Study on the Learning and Practical Environments that Affect the Study of Private College Students

Junhui Xu
Whether a student can learn English well or not is closely related to his or her own efforts as well as the learning and practical environment that he or she lives in. This article is to provide some references for the administrators of Teaching Affairs office in private colleges through briefly describing...
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Cognitive Approach of Vocabulary Learning

Bianqi Sun
Vocabulary learning is one of the most important components for any language learners. According to my college English teaching experience, vocabulary knowledge is closely and frequently associated with language fluency, which poses the biggest headache for foreign language learners, including the college...
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Research on MOOC-based Undergraduate Individuation Cultivation Model

Liya Luo
With the rise of MOOC model, it provides more path choices for undergraduate individuation cultivation as well as new education models for promoting innovation development of undergraduates and cultivating new-type talents. In this article, it mainly conducts exposition from the aspects of characteristics...
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A Research on Promoting Non-English Majors' Learner Autonomy through Meta-cognitive Strategy Training in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lu Chen
Researchers have been aware that learner autonomy is crucial in improving learning efficiency. Chinese researchers have done lots of researches to explore the training mode of learner autonomy, but empirical researches on classroom-based learning context are far from enough. Chinese vocational students...
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On the Training of Professional Translators in UK Universities and Its Implications to Chinese Universities

Feng Wang
After an introduction to the training of professional translator in UK universities including the University of Manchester, University College London and the University of Leeds, the implications to Chinese universities are discussed in terms of translation technology, specialized translation, tuition...
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Reading Education of Foreign Literature under the Perspective of Cognitive Poetics

Hong Li
In the Chinese education of colleges and universities, foreign literature is one part of Chinese education. Most students have difficulties in reading and understanding foreign literature, which is harder than teaching Chinese literature. Teachers should teach students foreign cultures and writing background...
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Text Analysis on Personality Cultivation of Undergraduates from Perspective of Cultural Capital Theory

Yongjian Xu, Xiaojie Xu
The cultural capital theory of Bourdieu is one of important content of his sociological theory system. The cultural capital includes specific cultural capital, objective cultural capital and institutional cultural capital, and 3 types of cultural capital perform as cultural competence, cultural product...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom in Vocational English Teaching

Ying Wei
At the present time, "flipped classroom" mode has attracted more and more attention, especially some trials have been put into practice and gained much teaching progress. This thesis attempts to explore the application of flipped classroom in vocational English teaching through the analysis of its features...
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Preliminary Discussion of the Teaching Reform for the Animation Professional

Xiaoshu Li
It is the direction of the education reform that the teaching of animation professional is combined with the regional culture in Colleges and Universities. It is expound that the animation works must keep the originality and nationality, must improve economic efficiency and the students' enthusiasm....
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Output-driven Foreign Language Teaching for EFL College Students Based on Blended Learning

Xian Tang
This paper discussed the output-driven teaching of college English courses with the blended learning model. First it introduced the output-driven hypothesis and then it discussed how the output-driven approach could be realized in a blended learning environment. It suggested that the teachers should...
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Study on Exploration and Practice of Comprehensive Arts Experiment Teaching

Tiejun Wang
Experimental model of teaching comprehensive arts, methods of study to become teachers in art university the key aspects of educational practice level, combined with teaching and social cooperation experiment results show, set to deepen the reform of the teaching experiment, the establishment of "broaden...
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Reflection on Practice Teaching Reform of College Visual Communication Design

Lifu Liu
This paper will discuss the practice teaching of visual communication design of industrial design specialty in-depth based on the actual situation of visual communication design course teaching in our school and the teachers' working experience. By analyzing and reflection on the current teaching situation...
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Study on and Practice of "Project-based" Studio Tutorial System

Ran Han, Shaolin Xu
The "Project-based" studio tutorial system is a comprehensive professional training system that uses the design studio as platform and integrates curriculum, classroom and practice teaching. In the system, tutors provide supervising assistance, students are the main subjects of the learning, and the...
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On Approaches and Teaching of British and American Literature Reading

Yapeng Song
Through the elaboration of British and American literature reading, this paper discusses the problems students may meet while reading, the correct reading and teaching approaches of British and American literature. While discussing the reading approaches, the author tells us the importance of reading...
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Research on Training System for Professional Development of Foreign Teachers in Universities

Jinghua Ma
Scientific training system for foreign teachers in universities is important guarantee to promote development of foreign teachers in universities and improve the quality of higher education. Use documentary method and investigation method to reveal problems existing in training for foreign teachers in...
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A Country Profile of the Role of English in Kenya

Liang Chu
The development of world English has become a hot issue that draws an increasing attention from the researchers. How should we deal with the relationship between the UK English—the so-called internal English and the English used in non-native countries—the so called world English. How does the world...
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Research on Teaching Methods of Clothing Structure Design under the Transformation and Upgrading Development Mode

Shufen Qiu
Under the promotion of the transformation and upgrading development mode, the relevant fashion institutes need to boost the comprehensive reform of education and teaching in depth and steadily. Clothing structure design is one of primary courses in fashion art design, so the transformation and upgrading...
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Exploration on Innovative Teaching Mode of Three-dimensional Cutting Course in Fashion Design

Huaxia Zhang
With the diversified development of the clothing industry, the plane cutting will not meet the requirements of fashion styling on structure. The three-dimensional cutting has been widely used in clothing structure design. Due to the complex operations, there may be all kinds of drawbacks in teaching...
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Analysis on Characteristics of Network Literature Reading by Teenager

Changmin Wang
In the 21st century, the network literature reading has become the main reading way of Chinese teenagers. But network literature has extensive contents and rich resources, which will bring mental pollution to teenagers while satisfying their interest and spiritual demand. As a result, the network literature...
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Training of Students' Comprehensive Ability through Calligraphy Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Shoucun Li
The students' ability training through calligraphy teaching in universities is presented mainly as follows: Training of appreciation ability that stresses on communication between students and teachers and first gets a clear picture about what the students are thinking in study. Training of the observation...
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Research on Professional View of Higher Vocational College Students

Haiyan Liu, Liansheng Yang
Vocational education is an important part of national educational system and human resource development. The Party Central Committee and the State Council take vocational education as important foundation of economic and social development and strategic focus of education. However, some higher vocational...
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The Reflection of Maslow's Hierarchy Needs Theory in English Writing Teaching Circumstance

Xiao Wang
Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review. It is an important theory in the development of humanistic psychology. This thesis is try to provide the new interpretation of this theory in the...
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The Exploration to the Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation Path of the Application-oriented Institutes from the Perspective of General Education

Hui Xie
Deepening the innovative and entrepreneurial education reform of higher institutions is an innovative development strategy of the nation, an urgent need to upgrade economic system, and an important measure to promote a higher-quality employment of college graduates. General education is the hotspot of...
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Feasibility Analysis of the Stereo-teaching Mode in Public PE Selective Courses of Civilian-run Colleges and Universities in Hubei Province

Jing Li
With the rapid national reform of the teaching system, each civilian-run college begins to make new reformatory attempts in various teaching activities. The research in this article is based on the mode construction of public PE selective courses of civilian-run colleges and universities in Hubei Province....
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Research on Teaching Reform of Clothing Structure Design in Intelligent Era

Boqi Tang
In nowadays, computer assistance has developed into normalization, automation, intelligence and network in our social activities and since the establishment of CAD and CAM system, computer-assisted costume designing has been widely recognized by costume industry, due to the rapid development of intelligence...
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Obstacles and Breakthrough. Selection of Path for Professional Development of Foreign Teachers in Universities

Jinghua Ma
Under the background of internationalization of higher education, when universities devote greater efforts to introduce foreign teachers, they shall pay close attention to development of foreign teachers. According to empirical investigation on universities in Liaoning province, sort out problems and...
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Review and Suggestions about the Education Blank of Contemporary China Sexual Assault Prevention

Pinghan Zha
The author thinks that in order to make pottery-art course teaching impressive, development of pottery-art course in college should combine with its own regional features, school running level and major direction, and fully use existed art resource to adopt its good points and avoid its shortcomings....
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Discussion on Construction of "Studio" Teaching Mode from "Spirit of the Craftsman" Taking Research and Development of Coffee Cup Products as Example

Jie Yuan
With requirements of ceramic enterprise transformation, original design with spirit of craftsman becomes problem that needs the most attention. This article constructs studio teaching mode with training of "spirit of craftsman" of students as the objective, through improving drawbacks of existing universities...
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Cultivation of Ability of Talents in Textile Art Design Specialty from the Perspective of Market Situation

Dongdong Li
Continuous development of technology and productivity and change of new printing methods and forms lead to the situation that traditional teaching of textile art design specialty has been unable to meet the requirement of market in the new period for ability of students in textile design specialty. It...