Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education

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Application of Regional Music Culture in College Music Teaching

Qingxun Li
Regional music culture is important content of college music teaching system as well as cultural symbol in ethnic minority areas of our country. Regional music represents humanistic characteristics and cultural history of various regions. The development of it also receives extensive attention of the...
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On National Music Theory Teaching Reform in Colleges

Ying Qin
As for the college students specialized in national music, the important learning task is to grasp the theory knowledge of national music and strengthen their own music achievement in the learning process, which will affect students' innovation and development in the field of music in the future. National...
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The Feasibility Analysis of All-in-one Teaching Mode of Public PE Elective Course in Universities

Gaosheng Li
With the quick development of national educational system reform, many universities begin to try some new ways in different teaching activities. The thesis focuses on the study of the teaching mode of public PE elective courses of some universities. It tries to solve the problems in public PE elective...
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Education and Research Concept for College Innovative Music and Dance

Song Guo
With the deepening of college education reform, music and dance education in Chinese colleges has undergone a new development. But the colleges are still restrained by the traditional ideology in terms of teaching concept, and the teaching mode is too old. This paper has discussed in-depth the innovation...
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Study on Pottery-art Course Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on Regional Resource Advantage

Wenjuan Zhang
With arising of modern pottery-art, people gradually understand aesthetic education effect of pottery-art. Many comprehensive academies and local colleges and universities successively set up pottery-art course. As one of local colleges, our school also set up pottery-art course according to its own...