Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environmental Science 2015

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Thermal Management of The Die Bonding Architecture in 3D-Ics

Kangjia Wang, Zhongliang Pan
This paper presents the thermal impact of different bonding architectures in the 3D stacked chip.ANSYS® Workbench™14.0 was used to model the architecture and meshed analysis was conducted. Bonding architectures that evaluated were face-to-face, face-to-back and back-to-back while all the parameters and...
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Design of the Voltage Driver Circuit for Magneto rheological Damper

Zongchun Bai, Xiaolan Lv, Liru Xia, Meina Zhang
In order to improve the response speed of magneto rheological (MR) damper, the system is in need of a fast response driving power supply. Firstly, response characteristics of the MR damper was analyzed. Secondly, according to the basic principle of electromagnetic response, the design of the control...
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Research of boundary security monitoring model based on Big Data for smart grid

Xiaojuan Guan, Gaofeng He, Cheng Zhou, Weiwei Li
To enhance the defense capability of information security in smart grid and protect the data exchange between intranet and external information network, a kind of safety device has been produced that achieved effective control of information network data access. On the basis of the company 's multi-channel...
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The Design of DSP controller based DC Servo Motor Control System

Haiyan Hu, Hong Gu, Chunguang Li, Xiaowei Cai, Juan Li
The servo control technique is one of the key technologies in the field of control like robots. In order to meet the demands of servo control for robots, a DSP based DC servo motor control system was developed. Firstly, this paper promoted the design of controller and analyzed the overall structure and...
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Orderly Power Utilization System Modeling and Simulation

Yuejia Sun, Xiaojun Wang, Sheng Bi
In order to solve the problem that the decision-making department’s orderly power utilization plan is less elaborate, a model based on users’ typical daily load curve is presented. The model can coordinate a variety of orderly power utilization means, and targets at power company’ lowest economy cost...
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Design and Implementation of Water-saving Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Yali Tao, Zhiyong Liu, Cheng Wang
This paper designs a intelligent bathroom mixing valve controller by using the single chip. Our aim is to achieve the measurement and control of the outlet water temperature. In this design, we use DS18B20 sensors to measure temperature, which consists of two counter and two crystals. By controlling...
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Big Data Platform for Smart Substation Monitoring System

Qiqiang Sun, Fangchun Di, Lixin Li
Due to new energy resources, including wind energy storage has been well into the grid, power dispatch and distribution of the operation process involves large-scale, multi type, highly complex data, which contains real-time data, planned data, early warning and monitoring data, environmental data. At...
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Research on SOA based GIS service for smart distribution system

Xi Zhang, Taifeng Kang, Xiaoping Xie, Fengqing Zhao, Shan Tang, Hu Huang
Distribution system is the section to deliver power energy to end user and realize power consumption, which draws more and more attentions. In the daily life of system operation and control for smart distribution system, the system operators heavily rely on Geographic Information System (GIS). Traditional...
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Harmonic Detection and Control of Power System Based on Improved EEMD Algorithm

Lei Chen, Guochu Chen
Combined with the traditional Empirical Mode Decomposition(EMD),Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition(EEMD) and Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition(CEEMD) method, in view of the modal confusing problems, proposed an improved algorithm based on EEMD, and expounds the calculation and realization...
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Wind Power Prediction Based on Fuzzy Information Granulation

Nan Sheng, Guochu Chen
In this paper, a new method for predicting the value of wind power is proposed, which combine fuzzy information granulation and support vector machine.Firstly,extract the original data and make fuzzy information granulation of the original data.Secondly,do the regression prediction of the granulated...
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Wind power short-term prediction based on SVM trained by improved FOA

Feng Xiao, Guochu Chen
The forecast accuracy of the wind power directly affects the operating cost of the network system, which is directly related to the supply and demand balance grid. Therefore, the forecast accuracy of wind power is very important. Considering the prediction accuracy not high, we propose an improved predictive...
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Energy consumption of low-energy consumption residential building retaining structure based on DeST analysis

Hui Jin Guo, Yuan Qi Li
By DeST simulation software to build a residential construction in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on the basis of without thermal insulation layer, one by one, change the retaining structure of exterior wall, roof, Windows and window wall ratio, build heat load value when simulating the factors changed,...
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Research on the Durability of Normal Strength Concrete Corroded by Different Environmental Factors

Xiaoping Su, Jianxing Wang, Li Zhang
With the wide application of concrete materials, the problem of concrete property degradation caused by external environment condition has drawn the attention of civil engineers. In order to study the influence of environmental factors on the durability of normal strength concrete (NSC), three groups...
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Industrial Heritage Conservation in Urban Transformation for Sustainable Development

Qianyi Zhu
In 20 century, traditional industrial city intends propose ecological transformation while it realizes the environmental crisis. They face to the new challenge of global urbanization and have to continue the industrial activities. They prefer to hand on the characteristic context culture of the city...
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Discussion on anti-floating stability of tall building basement

Zhanming Fu, Quan Bai
Anti-floating stability of tall building basement is important content of engineering design, inappropriate design will cause motherboard cracking or basement floating, which influence service function directly or even endanger structure safety. Although our national specifications has attached more...
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Study on Dye Wastewater Degradation by Fenton Reaction under Thermal-assistance

Jingwen Ran, Shuibin Yang
The Fenton reaction under thermal-assistance was applied to the removal of chemical oxygen demand using chromate (COD) and color from dye wastewater in which initial COD was 5600-13000mg/L. The reaction temperature and time were 50 and 30 min. The initial concentrations of H2O2 and Fe2+ were 6g/L and...
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Estimating Carbon Fractions of Plant and Soil Organic Materials from Ozonation Chemiluminescence

Pingping Fan, Guangli Hou, Yan Liu
The determination of C fractions in lab requires prior extraction steps that are laborious and time-consuming. Ozonation chemiluminescence can avoid the problem and has been successfully used to measure the C and N compounds in air or water, thus was proposed to determine C fractions of organic materials....
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Stress Analysis of Double-row Corrugated Steel Pipes

Chi Zhang, Shui Wan
The corrugated steel pipes utilize the advantages of steel, such as high ductility, tensile, compressive and shear strength. So the problem of foundation deformation and uneven settlement of foundation can be solved nicely. The corrugated steel pipes show good adaptability for adverse geological condition....
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The Operation and Control Strategy of Energy Storage System in the Micro-Grid

Yuan Liu, Jianlin Li, Tiejiang Yuan
The photovoltaic (PV) power surges with varied with sunlight intensity and temperature, resulting in great fluctuation of power on the side of synchronization on AC busbar micro-grid. Configuring an energy storage system may allow that the grid output is fallen into a specified interval for the purpose...
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Effects of hydropower construction on spatial-temporal change of land use and landscape pattern A Case Study of Jinghong,Yunnan, China

Shiyi Jiang, Heping Zeng, Minxia Cao, Zhantai Wang, Huiqun Huang
Selecting Jinghong hydropower station as a study case, we studied the spatial-temporal change of land use and landscape pattern during 2004,2009 and 2013 based on the application of RS interpretation , ArcGIS 10.1 analysis and Fragstats3.4. The results showed that: 1) Area of tea garden, traffic land,...
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Adsorption Kinetics of Copper by Biochars

Huiying Guo, Fang Yang, Zhengqi Cheng, Yanzhi Yin
At present, the heavy metal pollution has become one of serious environmental problems which has drawn the great attention to scientists. Biochar has great sorption capacity to heavy metals. It has become one of hotspots research of soil science and environmental science because of its huge application...
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Test Study on Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Fine Sandstone after High Temperature

Chongbang Xu
The mechanical property and wave velocity of fine sandstone after different high temperature such as 25 400 600 800 and 1000 , be test studied by the servo-controlled testing machine RMT-150B and ultrasonic nondestructive testing instrument TUA2000A. The test results show that: (1) the sensitivity of...
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Effects of the Horizontal Projection on the Distribution of the Façade Temperature

Jiajia Fu, Yinqing Li, Jingyan Zhang
To obtain knowledge to prevent upward fire spread caused by ejected hot gas, a numerical modeling and theoretical analysis have been done by FDS software. It is believed that the horizontal projection play an important role of inhibiting vertical flame spread, however, effect of the positon of the horizontal...
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Contrast of Treatment on Simulated Water by Biological Aerated Filter and Membrane Bio-Reactor

Rong Lu, Fengshan Ma
Biological aerated filter (BAF) and membrane bio-reactor (MBR) were the common methods at present stage. They were based microbial action to treated raw water. That’s common point of two methods. But some difference of treatment effect existed in biological aerated filter (BAF) and membrane bio-reactor...
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Comparative Study on the Migration of Heavy Metals in the Sewage Sludge Treated by Supercritical/Subcritical Water Oxidation Process

Rui Ma, Yang Zhou, Lin Fang
Super/sub-critical water oxidation technology has been utilized to treat sewage sludge in the study. Heavy metal content and characteristics of leaching toxicity in the reaction effluent have been investigated in detail, and then the relationship between the microstructure of sludge residue and immobilization...
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Compare of Heterobasidion Insulare with white rot fungi in Degradation wastewater of Pesticide plant

Li-Hong Yue, Yu-Jun Wang, Yue-Hua Zhang
A Heterobasidion Insulare ability to degrade in different culture conditions was investi- gated and compared to that of P. chrysosporium. The results indicated that H.Insulare isolate is more efficient than P. chrysoaasporium in decolorizing in the presence of added nutrients. H.Insulare is able to remove...
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Research on Cultural and Creative Industry Park Landscape Design —— Taking Ji Guang creative industry park landscape design as an example

Xiu Mei Liu
Cultural and creative industry park Landscape construction is an important way to interpret urban culture, geographical features and ecological environment. This article briefly describes the significance of cultural and creative industry park landscape design, then summaries its design principles. At...
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A New Construction Method for Deeply Buried Metro Station in Rich Water Strata

Kai Zhao, Zhihong Hao, Furong Luo, Songmei Li
In this paper, several difficulty brought by the increase of bury depth of metro station is analyzed. It will be much harder for the construction of metro station with the increase of metro buried depth, especially in rich water strata. A new method, Super Tubular Roof Method (STR), which is suitable...
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The Research of Runoff Variation Characteristics of Wei River Basin

Junping Liu, Wei Wang, Junjie Zhou, Xianbai Zou
The research of basin runoff is one of the most important areas of research in surface water hydrology. This paper made an analysis of the runoff change trend and mutation characteristics of Wei River basin by the mathematical statistics of Kendall rank correlation coefficient and M-K mutation test method...
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Experimental study on the flood control impact of the new built Yellow River Bridge in Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway

Wen Sun, Jing Li, Wenshe He
The proposed Yangjiawan super-large bridge is located in Lanzhou section of the Yellow River,constructed for Lanzhou-Chongqing railway crossing the Yellow River.This paper adopts mobile bed experiments to simulate the channel near the bridge site,mainly studies flow direction,velocity distribution,surface...
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Analysis of trace elements concentrations in atmospheric deposition in Haerbin city, Northeast China

Na Li, Weizheng Han
With the development of industrialization and civilization, the atmospheric depositions in Haerbin city degraded in recent years. 46 deposition samples were collected to analyze their concentrations of ten elements including Mn, Zn, Pb, Cu, Cr, Ni, As, Co, Cd, Hg in 2008~2009. The samples were analyzed...
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Stability analysis and treatment measures of rainfall-induced landslides in Ningzhen area : A case study from Yongning town in Pukou district, Nanjing city

Ping Sun, Tao Xue, Mingxue Jiang
The main soil types in Ningzhen area is Xiashu loess which has special geology characteristic that vary significantly based on different level of water content. This paper intends to analyze causes of the landslide took place in Yongning town and find out how Xiashu loess becomes vulnerable under the...
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An experimental study of functional effect of low-ecological dam in channelized river

Wei Huang, Tingyu Li, Wei Ma
Increasing habitat-enhanced structures have been proposed to rehabilitate the channelized river, but the effects of these structures remained unclear. In this study, we carried out an experimental study to examine the effect of ecological low dam (ELD) on functional aspects of channelized river. The...
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Application Research of FRP Composite Material for Building Based on Test Evaluation

Liang Yu, Xiang-Mei Ren, Mao-De Li
Glass fiber reinforced plastics of composite material briefly as FRP, with the properties of high strength, light, corrosion preventive, easy to be Processing convenience and industrialization, which is applied in many fields. Although it has been applied in building, only to small element or unit such...
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Optimization of Sishui Science and Technology New Town’s low-carbon spatial planning by urban carbon source and carbon sink

Shilei Fu, Tiemao Shi, Tingting Xu
Rising CO2 is predicted to impact global warming, and the city is the most important carbon source. Based on the theory of unban carbon sink , we surveyed the the most important carbon source and sink inffect factor, and take them as the constraint conditions of urban ecological space by calculating...
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Research on the Green Modular Design of the Balcony

Han Fang Liu, Li Qun Guan, Bing Kun Liu
This paper puts forward the concept of modular design, the green balcony with green cultivation as the theme to the balcony is divided into functions which are simple, easy to create and modify multiple function modules. Thus forming the menu type selection of projects, to provide economic, convenient,...
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Effects of Intercropping Density of Galinsoga parviflora on Cadmium Accumulation of Soybean

Lijin Lin, Fiyi Tang, Ming’An Liao
The effects of intercropping different density (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) of cadmium (Cd) hyperaccumulator Galinsoga parviflora on cadmium accumulation of soybean were investigated through pot experiment. The results showed that intercropping with 1 G. parviflora seedling increased biomass of soybean compared...
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Validity of Quarter-wavelength Approximation In the case of Tohoku-oki earthquake

Tao Shang, Zhengru Tao, Baihui Zhu, Xiaxin Tao
Site amplification is important in ground motion prediction. It describes the effect of soil sites on ground motions. The quarter-wavelength approximation for computing site amplification has been developed for several decades. It is validated by the data from the main shock of 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake,...
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Effects of Hyperaccumulator Straw on Soil Nutrient Availability and Soil Enzyme Activity of Cyphomandra betacea under Cadmium Stress

Jing He, Qianqian Ma, Lijin Lin, Ming’An Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of hyperaccumulator straw on soil nutrient availability and soil enzyme activities of Cyphomandra beracea under Cadmium (Cd) stress. Four Cd-hyperaccumulator species (Solanum photeinocarpum, Tagetes erecta, Galinsoga parviflora, Bidens pilosa) straws...
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Interphase effect on the interfacial debonding behavior in short-fiber-reinforced rubber composites

Xiaoming Yu, Boqin Gu, Bin Zhang, Lili Chen, Jiahui Tao
The interfacial debonding behavior of short-fiber-reinforced composites (SFRC) can be an interesting subject for many investigators. In this paper, the effects of interphase properties on the interfacial debonding behavior of SFRC are investigated. Based on the shear lag model, the initial strain of...
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Effect of Carbon Nanotubes Combined with Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene on the Flame Retardancy of Epoxy Resin

Jitang Zhang, Wanxi Zhang, Jicai Liang, Dongbo Guan
Epoxy resin composites were prepared via in situ polymerization of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol a epoxy monomer and 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl methane, using multiwalled carbon nanotubes and hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene as additives. The morphologies of the specimens were investigated using scanning electron...
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Removal of Cr ( ) from aqueous solution using Camellia oleifera abel shell-based activated carbon

Rui-Yun You, Ya-Qing Huang, Shan-Yu Zheng, Yu-Dong Lu
The possible use of activated carbon (COASAC) prepared from camellia oleifera abel shells (COAS) by phosphoric acid activation as a biosorbent in the removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution was demonstrated. The effect of different parameters such as initial concentration of Cr (VI), dose of adsorbent,...
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An Modal Analysis of New-type Coupling Discs of Generator Set

Xuguang Min, Tao Wan, Zhiling Liu
This paper has designed a new type of coupling disc structure for the diesel generator set, eliminating the “seams” in the section die. It also has focused on the modal analysis by using limited meta-simulation software, discussed the optimum stiffness structure, and analyzed the related causes of normal...
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Effects of different Al contents on as-cast microstructure and properties of Mg-Al-Si-Sr alloy

Baichang Ma, Jinwei Wang, Jixue Zhou, Yunteng Liu, Dongqing Zhao, Linlin Zhang, Shouqiu Tang, Yuansheng Yang
Effects of different Al additions (3wt.%, 5wt.%, 7wt.%, 9wt.% Al) on as-cast microstructure and properties of Mg-Al-1Si-0.5Sr alloy were studied. The average grain size decreases and then increases with the increasing of Al additions. There are polyhedral shape, fine fibers shape, a few Chinese script...
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Three-dimensional numerical simulation of storm surge disaster

Cheng Wang, Xiaoling Wang, Zhengyin Zhou, Xuefei Ao, Mengqi Zhao
The numerical simulation of storm surge flood routing is of great importance to the storm surge disaster management. Few studies devoted to the three-dimensional numerical stimulation of storm surge flood. At present, the three-dimensional k- turbulence mathematical model coupled with the VOF method...
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Research on a PMSM control system with microcontroller

Guozhe Yang, Feng Liu
This paper Application introduces a complete system level solution to drive a BLDC Motor for cordless power tools. To show the efficiency, present a thermal solution for a power stage with SMD MOSFETs and show how to implement the control with the microcontroller to drive a BLDC motor equipped with 3...
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Study on Preparation and Properties of Fe2O3 Nanopowders

Bianfang Zhang, Yingming Shen, Minghui Du
The Fe2O3 nanopowders were prepared by Solid Phase Reaction. The phase composition, microstructure, magnetic properties and gas sensor properties were investigated by XRD, TEM, VSM and gas sensor measuring system. It was shown that the precursor could be transformed into -Fe2O3 of the spinel structure...
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The Universal Calibration of Polyaluminocarbosilane and Determination of Mark-Houwink Constant

Dafang Zhao, Xiaodong Li
Polyaluminocarbosilane (PACS) is an important precursor of SiC ceramics. And the molecular distribution of PACS has an essential influence on the properties of its derived ceramics. The importance of absolute molecular weight analysis of PACS and the convenience of gel permeation chromatography ( GPC)...
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The Thermal Conductive Property of TDI based Thermoplastic Polyurethane/graphene Nanoplatelets Composite

Danqing Chen, Jie Yan
TDI based Thermoplastic polyurethane/graphene nanoplatelets(TPU/GNs) thermal conductive composite was in situ synthesised at room temperature, using polytetramethylene glycol(PEMG) as soft segment,4-Methyl-m-phenylene diisocyanate (TDI) as hard segment, 1,4-butanediol (BDO) as chain-extending agents,...
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Study on Preparation and Properties of U3160/3266 Composites by Ex-situ Toughening Method

Li Yan, Xuefeng An
The ES-U3160 reinforced fabrics with toughening function were prepared by adhering the Ex-situ elasticizer polyethersulphone homogeneously on reinforced fabrics according to Ex-situ toughening technology. Composites were prepared by RTM process taking U3160 and ES-U3160 fabrics as reinforcement. The...
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Curing reaction mechanism of Bisphenol A (BPA) epoxy by way of non-isothermal DSC and phenomenological model

Juan Zhao, Guang Ye Liu
Studied the curing reaction of bisphenol A epoxy resin DER331 system by the way of non-isothermal DSC and phenomenological model, using n-stage reaction and phenomenological model determined the curing kinetics equation, the results showed when the ratio of the epoxy resin DER331 and curing agent was...
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Research on Curing Mechanism of Bisphenol-A Epoxy Resin by DSC

Juan Zhao, Guang Ye Liu
Curing reaction of bisphenol-A epoxy resin were researched by non-isothermal DSC. The experiment result showed that the cured structure were excellent when the proportion between the bisphenol-A epoxy resin DER331 and curing agent DEH622 was 100:30, the reaction heat was 358.53 J/g which is 4 to 9 times...
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Dispersion of carbon nanotube (CNT) in bismaleimide(BMI) to prepare CNT/BMI foam

Xiao-Li Liu
Bismaleimide(BMI) structural foams employing carbon naotubes (CNTs) as functional fillers were prepared in this paper. Physical dispersion methods, such as mechanical mixing, ball milling and calendering process (three-roll milling), were adopted to disperse CNTs in the bismaleimide matrix to foam. The...
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The Comparative Study of Laser-MAG Hybrid Welding and MAG Welding of Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel SMA490BW

Xiangyang Wu, Zhiyi Zhang, Weihua Zhang, Weilin Chen, Yong Chen
In view of the problems like incomplete penetration caused by the traditional MAG welding, laser-MAG hybrid welding of 12 mm thick corrosion resistance steel was studied by using the SMA490BW as the research object, which was the material of high speed train bogie. By comparing weld formation, residual...
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Diffusion pattern of alien invasive plants along Coastal Highway in Liaoning, China

Yan-Bo Zhao, Hong-Wei Yan
Highway is one of main ways for alien invasive plant dispersal, and the influences of highway on invasive species are more and more concerned by the road ecologists. However, understanding diffusion pattern and invasive mechanism of alien species is the precondition of effective control of their invasion....
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The importance analysis of urban rail transit traction energy consumption influencing factors based on grey correlation degree

Jiao Zhang, Xi Li
Through the analysis of urban rail transit train traction energy consumption system, the main influencing factor of the traction energy consumption can be determined, but its incomplete information, which is a typical grey system. This article according to grey relation theory, establish a urban rail...
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Design of a practical substation equipment condition monitoring integrated system

Ruifeng Wei, Jun Yuan, Rongpu Zhao, Maokun Zhou, Hanhao Li
Condition monitoring of substation equipment plays an important role for the safe and stable operation of power grid, aiming at the insufficient of existing condition monitoring system, a practical substation equipment condition monitoring integrated system is designed which adopts J2EE technology, SOA...
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Design of Micro-ripple PWM-Cuk EBW High Voltage Stabilized Source

Yanping Qiao, Jinhai Mo, Wei Li
The stability of the output voltage of the ebw's stable high voltage power is a prerequisite to ensure the quality of ebw. To solve this problem, an ebw high voltage stable power control system is designed. Main principle is that the new type of pwm-cuk converter structure is combined with coupled inductor,...
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Two-Path Relay Systems with Inter-Relay Interference Suppression

Juanjuan Li, Xianyi Rui, Mengmeng Wang
This paper considers two-path multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay systems in which the inter-relay interference (IRI) between two relay nodes leads to a degradation of the system performance. In this paper, we study the use of beamforming techniques to resolve the problem of IRI. To suppress...
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Application research of multi-beam bathymetric and UAV aerial technology on mountain reservoir capacity measurement

Sheng Nan, Suigao Ye, Weifan Zhong
The reservoir capacity curve is important to maximize the utilization of water resources and effective reservoir management. The reservoirs in Zhejiang Province generally locate in mountainous area, and it is difficult to obtain DEM of area above water level by conventional measurement method. UAV technology...
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Construction and Implementation of Energy Control Center in Colleges and Universities

Lin Liu, Xiao Yan, Shuo Yang, Lushan Hu
Based on the necessity and feasibility of implementation of Energy Control Center in colleges and universities, taking Beijing Normal University as an example, it introduces the design concept and technical architecture of the Energy Control Center, describes function modules, construction contents and...
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Study on Shunt Active Power Filter with Improved Control Method

Yaheng Ren, Xiaozhi Gao, Runduo Wang
In order to improve power quality and ensure stable operation of power system, shunt active power filter (SAPF) is widely used o filter out harmonics. This paper proposed an improved control method for SAPF. The whole improved control strategy could be divided into two parts: Ip-Iq current detection...
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Research and Application on Cogging effect of PMLSM

Yaohui Li
The purpose for research on cogging effect is to improve thrust fluctuation of PMLSM. As one of the main affecting factors of linear motor, its cogging effect is firstly researched and analyzed in this paper. And then we use finite element analysis software to perform the simulation so as to show that...
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Effects of different gases on electrical properties and reliability of Ge MOS capacitors with GeOx/GeOxNy as gate dielectric

C.X. Li, Y.Z. Zhang, J.H. Zhu
In this paper, germanium oxides/oxynitrides were prepared in different gases. The effects of different gas ambients on the electrical properties and reliability of Ge MOS capacitors were analyzed. The experiment results showed that the nitride incorporation could improve the performances of Ge MOS capacitors...
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Harmonic Analyses with Measuring Electromagnetic Forces and Torques for Magnetically Levitated Planar Motors

Shengguo Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Wanchun Liu
This paper focuses on analyzing the harmonics of electromagnetic forces and torques of a magnetically levitated planar motor by measuring these forces and torques. By a multi-dimension force/torque sensor measure system, all electromagnetic forces and torques of a planar motor are measured simultaneously....
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Improved Generalized Disjunction Decomposition for Circuit Evolutionary Design

Yong Lin
Evolvable Hardware can be used to design circuits automatically. The main difficulty of applying real-world applications is its scalability. This paper focuses on improving the scalability of combinational logic circuit evolutionary design. We proposed a complex circuit design method combined Generalized...
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Pattern Recognition of Partial Discharge in XLPE Cable Based on Phase Distribution

Yubing Duan, Hao Zhang, Jun Yong, Bo Yang, Xiaoli Hu, Xiaobin Sun, Hailei Meng, Xinyan Feng, Yongpeng Xu
In order to analysis the type of XLPE cable partial discharge, and grasp characteristics of partial discharge caused by different defects. In this paper, we use a 10kV 30-meter-long XLPE cable and design different types of defects. Then we collect the PD data of different defect model by PD data acquisition...
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Application of Weibull Distribution for Detection and Identification Partial Discharge in XLPE Cable

Xiaoli Hu, Jun Yong, Bo Yang, Minglin Liu, Hailei Meng, Xiaobin Sun, Yubing Duan, Xinyan Feng, Yongpeng Xu
In order to study the application of Weibull distribution in cable partial discharge pattern recognition. We apply a 10kV 30m XLPE cable for this study. Then design four kinds of typical artificial defect model and analyze each of defect model’s discharge pulse signals. Finally, estimate the Weibull...
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Technology of Uninterruptable Shore-side Power Supply for Berthing Vessels and Its Application

Yan Qiong Song, Le Ming Xiao
As the international maritime organization made mandatory for ship's atmospheric emission pollution control requirements in MARPOL6 convention in 2013, shore-side power technology applications in the domestic and foreign port can realize the effective control of atmospheric pollution to ships berthing...
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Laws and Regulations and Research Status Wastes Disposition in Substation

Ke Du, Xueying Zhang, Lina Zhu, Linjuan Du, Yuwei Zang
Literature review and field survey had been done, and the domestic and foreign laws and regulations on the waste of substation are summarized, and the method or the way of the waste disposal in various substations are listed. By comparing with the advanced management experience of Japan, the United States,...
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How to identify Airport Conflict Hot Spots

Zhenghong Xia, Weijun Pan
For those aerodrome areas where collision between aircraft may happen, based on the Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) data, the taxi tracks of aircraft in the aerodrome maneuver area were extracted. The method of judging whether the taxi route and taxi time of any two aircrafts which go through the same...
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The evaluation of water quality and survey of benthic diversity in the Baiyangdian Lake (China)

Hongwei Wang, Fang Cai, Chunlong Zhao, Chaochen Yang
The investigation of benthic macroinvertebrates of Baiyangdian Lake was done in 2014. It contains the composition and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates. Making an analysis of the survey result discovers that the diversity index of Yuanyang Island was the lowest as the sewage river entrance. No....
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The evaluation system of green mining based on quantum immune algorithm and neural network

Dongwang Zhong, Linna Li
The construction of green mine represents the development and utilization level of mineral resources and the sustainable development potential. In view of the characteristics of the large index system and complex evaluation process of green mining, a kind of BP neural network algorithm based on quantum...
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City Environment pulsation research based on Spatial-temporal Data Mining-Air quality as an example

Xiang Li, Ling Peng, Tianhe Chi, Jing Shao, Shaolong Cui
Recent years, with our economy sustained and fast development, environmental problems become increasing serious, especially for air pollution problems. Smog problems are intruding more and more big cities. Improving air quality has become an urgent demand of city development. This paper proposed a spatial-temporal...
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The Evaluation on Green Mine Construction Level of Fanshan Phosphate in Hebei Province

Qingjun Zhang
The construction of green mine is a great action which wants to ease the pressure on the supply of mineral resources and the geological environment. According to "the basic conditions of national green mine", the evaluation system of constructing green mine is built, it includes 25 indexes of 8 categories,...
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Visualization of HVAC pipeline integrated arrangement based on BIM technology

Size Li, Zeqin Liu
With the relevant information and data of building project as a model basis, the building information model are established. It is an innovative building design, construction and management methods. Revit realized the transformation from simple information to information for specific purposes, maximizing...
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A Control Strategy of the Distributed Power Supply to Reduce the Loop Closing Current

Ping Wang, Litao Yu, Qiang Wang
In order to improve the reliability of distribution network operation, this paper proposes a method that through adjusting the distributed power output to reduce the closing loop current. Mainly by regulating the operation state of the distributed power to change the power flow distribution, reduce the...
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Atomic absorption spectroscopy for the determination of heavy metals in polyethylene moulding materials using Anderson–Darling statistics and top-down uncertainty estimates

Dekui Bai, Quanhong Ying, Ni Wang, Jinhui Lin
Quality control data of heavy metal content (in terms of Pb) detected by atomic absorption spectroscopy in moulded polyethylene packaging material were analysed. A hypothesis of normal distribution was accepted at the 95% confidence level. Established individual and moving range charts indicated that...
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Effect of methyl acetate on low-temperature performance of LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode and graphite anode

Hui Zhang, Jiahui Chen, Cuihua Li
Li/LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 and Li/graphite half cells filled with methyl acetate (MA) with 1M LiPF6 function very well. Cells filled with 1 M LiPF6 in EC:DMC:EMC:MA(1:1:1:3) show good capacity retention 147.5 mAh g-1 after 50 cycles at 25 °C. Electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries is analyzed via...
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Enhanced electrochemical performance of high voltage spinel cathode by using fluoroethylene carbonate as an electrolyte additive

Jiahui Chen, Hui Zhang, Cuihua Li
Spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode has attracted considerable attention because of its high energy density and operating potential. However, current carbonate electrolytes cannot meet the demand of this high voltage cathode. Here, we demonstrate that fluoroethylene carbonate (FEC) substantially improve the...
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Wind Power Real-time Prediction Based on Improved Time Series and Grey Model

Lanlan Chen, Zixia Pei, Anjia Mao, Yan Liu, Zhuohang Wu
This paper aims to establish a suitable wind power forecasting model used to forecast the power of the wind farm. An improved real-time series model is built by linear function and Fourier function. For raw data, the picture of historical data is adopted to correct them. In order to improve the prediction...
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Study on the Rapid Detoxification of Tank-cleaning Oily Sludge by Pseudomonas aeruginosa NY3

Hongyun Nie, Maiqian Nie, Yan Wan
Tank-cleaning oil sludge containing about 68.59 % saturated hydrocarbon and 14.93 % aromatic hydrocarbon was degraded by P. aeruginosa NY3 in this study. The results showed that, the degradation of oil sludge by P. aeruginosa NY3 was preferred under aerobic conditions, and sufficient dissolved oxygen...
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Progress of carbon dioxide reforming methane over carbonaceous catalyst to Syngas

Fengbo Guo, Wanli Jia
Carbon dioxide and methane are the main greenhouse gas, CH4-CO2 reforming can transform the CO2 in the gasification gas and the CH4 in the coke oven gas into the syngas, the ratio of H2/CO in syngas can be adjusted by the ratio of gasification gas and coke oven gas according to the requirement, also...
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Application of optical switch based on the liquid-crystal modulated self-collimating photonic crystals

Xiaohui Li, Huiyu Yang
The tunability on the refractive index of the liquid crystals makes the photonic crystal optical switch possible, which comprises liquid crystal materials. In this article, based on the light induced alignment of liquid crystals and the self-collimation effect in the photonic crystals, an all-optical...
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Research on Thermal Aging Properties of Composite Insulating Materials in High Voltage Switchgear

Yongyong Jia, Yanjun Jiang, Jinggang Yang, Guogang Zhang
Electrical properties, thermal stability and flammability are the important properties of insulating material in the high voltage metal-enclosed switchgear, which can affect the insulation fault of switchgear. With the development of new composite materials, it has a revolutionary impact on the switchgear...
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Geological Disaster Data Warehouse Modle Constructed by Power Designer

Jingli Huang
The geological disaster data warehouse is constructed by Power Desinger16.1, with the theme as the geological disaster analysis and evaluation, and with the multisource isomerism source data of geological disaster. Through the way of Model-driven Architecture, use reverse engineering technology to extract...
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Research on Operation Mechanism of Chinese Ocean Energy Industry Technology Innovation System

Yingying Ding, Xiaohong Song
The energy crisis is a worldwide hot topic under the knowledge economy era. Increasing depletion of traditional energy continually challenges renewable energy. Exploring and developing new energy is a very urgent task. The paper aims to construct Chinese ocean energy industry technology innovation system,...
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A Probe into the Development Laws of Large Gas Fields

Yuping Sun, Jialiang Lu, Hongjun Tang
Large gas fields occupy a dominant position in natural gas exploration and development. Many of them are at their mature stage and most are exploited effectively. Therefore it is necessary to study their successful experience to guide undeveloped gas fields. Based on analysis of more than 200 mature...
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Study on Internal Electric Field Simulation Analysis and Local Optimization Strategies of High Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Shan Gao, Yongyong Jia, Jinggang Yang, Hai Zou, Guogang Zhang
For the complexity of actual product structure, the three dimensional electric field finite element model of KYN-40.5kV high voltage metal enclosed switchgear was built and analyzed by using subarea modeling and partial thinning mesh. The calculation results show the distribution of the internal electric...
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Research on New Type of Startup Power Source for Diesel Generator Sets in Alpine Region

Song Liu, Chunming Wang, Yu Zhang
For the moment, the lead-acid battery is usually used as the startup power source of diesel generator sets, but in some alpine regions, the discharge capacity of the battery is obviously decreased, which affects the normal start of the diesel engine. In order to solve this problem, a new type of startup...
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Synthesis of Fe2SiO4@C nanocomposites via a solid state reaction by controlling calcinating temperature

Qingtang Zhang, Langlang Lu, Songwang Ge
Fe2SiO4@C nanocomposites are prepared via a solid state reaction by controlling different calcinating temperature (600 °C 700 °C and 800 °C) under the flow of nitrogen gas. XRD analysis indicates that a typical -Fe2SiO4 phase is detected in the Fe2SiO4@C nonocomposites calcinated at 700 °C and 800 °C....
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The growth traits of microalgae for biofuel and its effect on nitrogen and phosphorus removal in waste water

Jiang Yu, Ziyi Su, Ping Wang, Yuting Zhou
Four species of microalgae were chosen in this research, including two American species, Chlammydomonas reinhardtii CHRE for short and Scenedesmus obliquus(SCOB) as well as two domestic species Chlamydomonas sajiaoLewin CHSA and Scenedesmus obliquus SCOBC in order to analyze the nitrogen and phosphorus...
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Damping characteristics analysis on complex power grid with multi-infeed HVDC

Zhijian Liu, Dongdong Wang
In the modern electric power system,power systems expand day by day in China.More and more large capacity generators with fast control excitation systems are put into operation.Along with the introduction of the competition mechanism by power marketing,the possibility of operating at the edge of stability...
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Research on control strategy of the vehicle electric power steering system based on brushless DC motor

Lina Feng, Rongwei Shen, Xiaofei Wu
The structure and working principle of steering column-power type electricpower steering (EPS) system were introduced. The control strategy and assist characteristics of EPS system were designed based on brushless DC motor. Torque control strategy of power steering motor was designed based on the research...
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The study of the relationship between climate factors and growth period of spring wheat based on APSIM model

Li Ning, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Feiyu Pu, Surong Xiang
To explore the influence of climate factors on wheat growth period, the sequence, based on the test of APSIM model, research of the relationship between wheat and climate factors using the APSIM model and correlation analysis. The results show that the APSIM model can be used to simulate the wheat growth...
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Application of the art farmland landscape to rural landscape A study case of Landscape Design at Xihe valley in Qionglai,Sichuan

Feiyu Pu, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Ning Li, Surong Xiang
The article puts forward the concept of art farmland,summarizes its characteristics and principles of rural landscape planning.Taking Landscape Design at Xihe valley in Qionglai,Sichuan as an example.Discussing the application of the art farmland landscape to rural landscape from the design idea and...
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The relationship between iron consumption and economic development

Xiaowei Gu, Xiaohong Huang, Qing Wang, Fengbo Wang
This article focuses on the subject of iron ore. Though analyzing the relationship between iron ore consumption and economic development about China and American, it is found that the per capita consumption of iron ore in China was too early, which is not conducive to economic development. Through elaborating...
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A Novel Fault Analysis Method of the Power Grid with Different Types of Wind Turbines

Peng Chen, Zhe Zhang, Xianggen Yin, Zengli Yang, Lijun Wang
In order to solve the problem that different types of wind turbines accessing to the power gird has great influence on protection configuration and setting calculation, a fault current calculation model of doubly-fed induction generator under rotor excitation control was established when symmetric or...
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The distribution and removal of pharmaceutical contaminants in classic wastewater treatment process

Hongbo Wang, Guorui Pang, Ning Ding, Pingping Jia, Ning Wang
The distribution of three typical pharmaceutical contaminants, caffeine, naproxen, and diclofenac was investigated in a typical municipal sewage treatment plant and the removal was analyzed in various treatment processes. The results show that all treatment units could affect the removal of pharmaceutical...
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The Calculation and Analysis of Distribution Network Loss with Photovoltaic PowerGeneration Connected

Bi Wang, Yingying Sun, Feifan Lu, Xin Wu
As a direct power supply to the distribution network user side, the photovoltaic power generation has a positive effect on reducing line loss of distribution network. However the loss reduction of PV power is conditional. The photovoltaic power installation location and the generating capacityboth affect...