Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advanced ICT and Education

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Game-based ICT Project Formulation based on Agile Approach for Skills Development

L. Vega, N. Cancela, R. Quintero, L. Zepeda
The project we proposed seeks to develop in students the skills needed to manage projects that arise in different areas of ICT. In this way, the project can be used in many curriculum courses through the professor´s particular adaptation. Engi-neering and project management subjects can be integrated....
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Application of Information and Commu-nication Technology:A Case Study of Teaching Effectiveness

Zhang Jurong, Kong Hshanglan
This paper analyses the application of ICT in teaching and the effectiveness of teaching with ICT with a survey. Data was collected via questionnaire of students in our university. The results show that application of ICT in teaching is becoming a common practice, but more efforts need to be done to...
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The interaction of intuition, logic and practice when using the medium of dy¬¬namic mathematics

Yagunova E. B., Korovkin N. V.
Several criteria of improving the effi-ciency of learning / teaching are given. The results of using of modern educa-tional technology is discussed by the ex-ample of addition of vectors.
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Design and Implementation of cache protecting from power failure in Disk Array

WANG Endong, HU Leijun, LV Shuo, CHENG Jichen, WEN Zhongling, ZHANG Feng
In high-end disk arrays, the ups supplied the power to controllers, however, not to the JBOD. In this paper, a solution to cache protecting was designed and implemented by the method of software. In this solution, the controllers redirected the dirty page of the cache to the reserved partition of the...
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A Study on Dynamic Domain Knowledge Visualized Navigation Mechanism

Wei Jiuhong, Li Mengyang, Zhang Chunfei, Duan YunNa, Wang WeiHong
We present an overall framework for dy-namically visualized navigation mecha-nism of domain knowledge concerning learners’ cognitive issues. The mechanism includes the construction of learning resource, domain knowledge entity, knowledge library based on domain-entity, learners’ model, visualization...
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Study on the Present and Focus of Ability System for Vocational Teacher

Guiying Guo, Qinglong Zhan
This paper analyzes the current situation of ability system for vocational teacher, and refines the research focus and development trends. The main features of the current situation are isolated studies of various abilities, obvious bias, less empirical research and more theoretical studies. The main...
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Network Teaching System and Its Applications in College Mathematics Learning

Yalan Li
This article describes the design concept and its application of the network teach-ing system of College Mathematics. By making use of the flexibility and the two-way interaction of the network multime-dia, the system achieves an organic com-bination of the traditional teaching-learning procedures and...
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Modeling knowledge base and derivation without predefined structure by Graph-based Clausal Form Logic

Martin Žáek, Alena Lukasová, Rostislav Miarka
This paper follows the work of T. Rich-ards specialization Clausal Form Logic formal system of the first order logic. The paper presents also the way of using graph-based clausal form statements in the frame of semantic (associative) net-works. The goal of our research is to fol-low the direction towards...
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Research of Online Intelligent Question Answering System Based on Curriculum Domain Ontology

Wei Sun, Shuhan Cheng, Hongmei Zhu, Weiyan Li
At present question answering system mostly take the keyword matching as the foundation, it has ignored the keywords itself contains semantic information, and the keyword matching accuracy is low. But the intelligent question answering system is on this basis, it added the un-derstanding to the semantic...
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Application of 3S Technology in Land Use Investigation Updating ——A Case of Jiaonan city

Zeng Xian-ling, Zhang Li-yan, Hu Rong-hua
Land management affects national economic safety, food security, ecologi-cal safety, and also affects the economic and social development. Having the accurate basic data of land is the basic of implementing the scientific development and playing its special role in the land macro-control. Land use change...
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Packet Scheduling Distributed Online Weighted Algorithm on Inter-satellite Links

Ma Xiao
Satellite communication system includes inter-satellite links (ISL) for two terminals which are located in different coverage of two satellites. Proper mechanism of packet scheduling is needed to maximum the link efficiency after the ISL created. In this paper, a packet scheduling distrib-uted online...
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An Application of Case Method on Laboratory Animal for C++ Teaching

Jun Tan, Ming Zhong, Jian Liang, Zhaoyuan Huang
Case teaching method can make students active in program course. Therefore, it is adopted in C++ training. Laboratory Animal System (LAS) is a standalone case for management of laboratory animal, the code is written in Visual C++ and it can be installed in Windows system. In this paper, we present an...
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Sparsity Enhanced Beamforming in The Presence of Coherent Signals

Bao Gen Xu, Yi He Wan, Qun Wan, Si Long Tang, Xue Ke Ding, Lin Zou
In order to find the directions of coherent signals, a sparsity enhanced beam-forming method is proposed. The mini-mum variance in the proposed method corresponds to the orthogonal relation-ship between the noise subspace and the sparse representation of the received sig-nal vector, whereas the distortless...
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Global synchronization analysis for complex networks with time varying coupling delay

Jinfang Zhang, Yuanhua Qiao, Xianghui Chen, Xiaojie Liu
Global synchronization analysis for complex networks with time varying coupling delay is investigated in this paper. The delay considered in this paper is time-varying. Sufficient conditions depending on the time delay are given based on Lyapunov functional, linear matrix inequality and Kronecker product...
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Unconditionally secure Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation protocol

Li Luyao, Duan Zongtao, Wang Qinglong, Wang Jing, Dai Ming
Oblivious polynomial evaluation is a protocol involving two parties: a sender whose input is a polynomial and a receiver whose input is a value . Most of existing Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation protocols were built based on some cryptographically intractable problems which made them a higher computation...
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A Method to Improve the Rate of Case Investigation Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model

Zhongfeng Guo, Jianhui Lv
In order to analyze the influence of people’s behavior attribute to crime, this paper uses multiple linear regression model, and data fit of the population and the number of criminal cases, the population and the years. Construct iteration model, and establish the relationship between population increase...
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A Deformed Chessboard Pattern for Automatic Camera Calibration

Shen Cai, Zhuping Zang
Chessboard pattern is popular in most of state-of-the-art camera calibration toolboxes. However, because of its geo-metric symmetry, it results in ambiguous extrinsic parameters or requires manual intervention to select the correct corre-spondences of extracted corners in image. In this paper a deformed...
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Development of Mobile Website-based Alumni Survey (moWAS) for Assessment of Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Shamsul Mohamad, Rafizah Mohd Hanifa, Zarina Tukiran, Afandi Ahmad
Assessment and review of Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are important parts in Outcome Based Education (OBE). Currently, the assessment is conducted on a paper-based survey to the alumnis. Since the survey data is entered manually into excel-based OBE system, it creates additional work for the...
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An Extension of the Eindhoven Classification Model to the Educational Sector

Margarida Figueiredo, Lídia Vicente, Henrique Vicente, Victor Alves, José Neves
This work presents an extension of the Eindhoven Classification Model to sort adverse events root causes for the Educa-tional Sector. Extended Logic Program-ming was used for knowledge representa-tion and reasoning with defective infor-mation, allowing for the modelling of the universe of discourse in...
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Spectral Regression based Local Discriminant Embedding Algorithm for Face Recognition

Bei Huang
Local discriminant embedding algorithm (LDE) can get better recognition performance than the conventional dimensionality reduction algorithms based on subspaces techniques, but LDE is weak generalization performance for high dimension small sample and has huge workload to decompose dense matrix. In this...
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The Analysis of Current Situation and Problems of Knowledge Management in the Field of Education in China

Jixin Pan, Fuping Guo, Liping Liu
The paper first reviews the literature from the quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results show that the knowledge management mainly focuses on the re-search of higher education, education theory as well as education management. Moreover, the researchers also focus on elementary, secondary and...
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A Low-Cost Writing Lab Software for Teaching English as a Second Language

Han J. W. van Triest, L Paul Mantha, Yaonan Zhang, Yan Kang
English Writing classes are very common at universities around the world, but are often considered cumbersome to teach. Moreover, the need for a fully equipped computer lab maybe problematic, and reduces the opportunity for students to collaborate. This paper examines how The Low Cost Writing Lab Software...
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Using Mathematica as a teaching tool: A Digital Image Processing Experience

Han J. W. van Triest, Hao Wu, Bart M. ter Haar Romeny, Shouliang Qi, Yaonan Zhang, Yan Kang
Digital Image Processing is a course taught in a wide variety of educational programs. Due to its visual nature, the usage of modern technology such as pro-jectors is virtually mandatory. In this pa-per the benefits of using Computer Alge-bra Software in the classroom are studied. More specifically Wolfram...
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Depth and Skeleton Information Model for Kinect Based Hand Segmentation

Zhenhao Huang, Zeke Xu, Zhiyuan Li, Zhuoxiong Zhao, Dapeng Tao
With the rapid development of the low-cost Microsoft Kinect, hand segmentation has been a resurgence of broad interest. This is because the depth and skeleton information provided by the Kinect opens an innovative way for hand segmentation. In this paper, we propose a new scheme for hand detection and...
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Sparse Representation for Kinect Based Hand Gesture Recognition System

Zeke Xu, Zhenhao Huang, Zhuoxiong Zhao, Zhiyuan Li, Pengsen Huang
Hand gesture recognition that has proven a significant factor to directly influence the nonverbal communication between human and computer is becoming a chal-lenging topic in the field of machine vi-sion. This paper aims to propose a novel hand gesture recognition system which applies sparse representation...
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Challenges of the Development of Intelligent Transportation to the Transport Law System

Zhang Zhuxin, Zheng Xiang
Intelligent transportation plays an increasingly important role in the transportation in China, and the new social relations produced by the emerging field of intelligent transportation has not been included into the research category by the current traffic laws, specific including the lack of a clear...
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An Improvement Method for Efficiency and Stability of Circuit Fault Simulation

Guangyan Zhao, Yufeng Sun, Weiwei Hu, Gang Zhao
The paper briefly introduces the method and principle of circuit fault simulation and circuit functional reliability simula-tion, describes the problems of such method in engineering application, ana-lyzes the reasons for such problems in detail, and advances relevant improve-ment method and measures...
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Methodology of using distributed systems in advanced-level language learning

A. Ovodenko, S. Bezzateev, O. Mukhina, E. Andreeva, A. Ivanova, O. Vlasova, A. Goncova
Development of information and internet technology has led to the appearance of distributed systems in different spheres of human life. Distributed systems are creat-ed to simplify and accelerate business processes, which is relevant in the trans-lation industry. Nowadays for profes-sional translator...
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Anomaly Detection for DDoS Attacks Based on Gini Coefficient

Yun Liu, Siyu Jiang, Jiuming Huang
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks present a very serious threat to the stability of the Internet. In this paper, an anomaly detection method for DDoS attacks based on Gini coefficient is pro-posed. First, Gini coefficient is introduced to measure the inequalities of packet attribution (IP...
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On the cultivation mode of undergraduate majoring in agricultural Internet of things

Peng Guo, Naixiang Li
We analyze demand for talents majoring in Internet of things(IOT) according to current IOT education in China and Chi-nese development goal of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" in agricultural field, then we discuss cultivation mode for undergradu-ate talents and present professional development objective of...
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Research of The Heavy Rain Basic Database System Based on VC++

Jintao Ye, Tao Peng, Junchao Wang, Guangliu Feng
Regarding the heavy rain basic database, the paper describes that the program of steps and methods to SQL Server 2000 database making use of the interface of ADO in the VC++. Meanwhile, according to the actual application status of the heavy rain basic database, the paper provides the program of batch...
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Exploration and reformation of teaching methods for “Data Structure” course

Liu Na, Lu Ying, Yao Chun-long
“Data Structure” is a compulsory course for computer undergraduate students. But due to course content abstract, traditional teaching methods is difficult to make students to master the main content of the course, so as to cause students to lose interest in learning and teaching effect is not ideal....
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A Work Experience Program for Premedical Students at a Paramedical and Non-medical Workplace in the Hospital Setting in Korea

Soo-Koung Jun
The aim of this study was to develop and to evaluate the students' satisfaction of the work experience learning program at the hospital setting for premedical stu-dents which was applied to 2005-2006. Program was developed in cooperation with hospital authority with reference to the similar cases of...
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Project Study Program Development and Satisfaction Survey for Premedical Years at a medical school in Korea

Soo-Koung Jun
The aim of this study was to develop and describe the implementation of the project study program using an evaluation tool with portfolio in the premedical course. In 2006 the structured questionnaire was given out to 46 students in order to explore their opinions and satisfaction. This course was implemented...
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Characteristics of the Flunking Occurrence and Comparison of the Opinion on Flunking System between Faculty and Students at a Medical School in Korea

Soo-Koung Jun
The change of the situation of medical education requires the re-consideration of flunking system in Korea. The aim of this research is to explore the flunking status at a medical college and to compare opinion differences between faculty members and students on the flunking system. Grades and marks...
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Research behavior and effectiveness studies of college P.E. teachers

Kunlun Wei, Haiyan Hao
As the current Students' Health Condition increasingly declining, the state administrative department of education urgently appeal to reform college P.E teaching, a lot of work has been done, but in college human resources evaluation system, the research work accounts for a large proportion, which seriously...
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Study on Detection Algorithm of Moving Housed-pig Targets Based on Back-ground Subtraction Method

Zhenye Li, Longqing Sun, Qiong Wu
In this article, a pig detection algorithm based on self-adaptive background sub-traction is presented, by applying the im-proved background subtraction algorithm to target detection of moving objects in the static background. The method of averaging the values of Multi-Frame images is used to avoid...
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Study on UAV Flight State Simulation

Sun Yong, Li Wen-wei, Song Yi, Meng Hong, Li Zeng-lu
Flight state is an important research con-tent of UAV technology, it involves many factors, and simulation is very difficult. Based on the knowledge of relevant mathematical knowledge and flight con-trol theory, a UAV flight control simula-tion method is proposed. The method combining sampling step and...
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An Intelligent Energy-Saving Bathing System Based on WSNs

Linlin Wang, Kun Wang, Yan Li
To accelerate low-carbon economical de-velopment, an intelligent energy-saving bathing system for residential area based on sensor network is presented for the reason that sensor network has the ad-vantage of low-power transmission. It is provided by a number of experiments that this bathing system has...
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Towards a Model Driven Semantics using the Ontology

Kaninda Musumbu
The Semantics Web is a vision for the future of the Web in which information is given explicit meaning, making it easy for machine to automatically process and integrate information available on the Web. Ontologies are used by people, da-tabase and applications for sharing do-main information ( a domain...
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Analysis on the Spatial Distribution of Knowledge-intensive Services Trade in China and Its Influencing Factors

Lei Chen
Knowledge-intensive services trade as the core of knowledge, technology and its application is becoming the most im-portant part and competition hot in the international services trade, which has accounted for a large proportion of its total trade. In this paper, the method of factor analysis is used...
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Grey Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgment of Logistics Enterprise Based on Triangular Module

Qi Limei, Xing Wei
On the basis of the judgment index sys-tem using balanced scorecard, we give grey fuzzy comprehensive judgment of logistics enterprise based on triangular module and give a case analysis.
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Threshold Model of Singapore and U.K. Stock Return Volatility in South-east Asia Markets: Study of the Thailand and the Malaysian’s Stock Markets

Horng Wann-Jyi, Chen Ching-Huei, Hsu Liu-Hsiang
The empirical results show that the dynamic conditional correlation (DCC) and the bivariate AIGARCH (1, 1) model is appropriate in evaluating the relationship of the Thailand’s and the Malaysian’s stock markets. The empirical result also indicates that the Thailand’s and the Malaysian’s stock markets...
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A Case Study on Value Congruence in Nonprofit Sport Organization

Wu Hongyv, Fan Meiyv, Liu Xingjie
To examine the level of value congruence between individual and their nonprofit sport organization. A single case study design using qualitative and quantitative approaches was adopted. The core values of Jiangxi Fuzhou Football Association Organization are such as: Development, Friendship, Justice and...
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Data Mining Approach for Making Prediction of Students Success

Edin Osmanbegovi, Haris Agi, Mirza Suljic
Although data mining represents the computational method of data processing, its use in education is still relatively new, i.e. its use is intended for discovering implicit, previously unknown, and useful knowledge out of existing data with an aim to make quality decisions in function of improvement...
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Decision Support System for the Assessment and ranking of Energy Generation Technologies

Jurate Sliogeriene, Arturas Kaklauskas, Romualdas Kliukas, Zenonas Turskis, Natalija Lepkova, Arunas Komka
Article presents a priority determination and utility analysis of energy generation technologies; it was done with the help of AHP and COPRAS, mathematical multi-criteria methods, and the EGT-SELECT-DS, a decision support system based on these methods. The research results suggest that the assessment...
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Decision Support System of Built Environment for Climate Change Mitigation

Artras Kaklauskas, Romualdas Kliukas, J. Sliogeriene, Arunas Komka
According to USA National Climatic Data Center (SOCCR [1]), the buildings sector of North America was responsible for annual carbon dioxide emissions of 671 million tons of carbon in 2003, which is 37% of total North American carbon dioxide emissions and 10% of global emissions. Other countries have...
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The Effect of ICT on Distance Education and Training Innovation: Perspective of Organizational Change

Lei Chen, Min Wang
With the development of ICT, distance education and training innovation will face more and more challenges. The authors think that it is necessary to use the theoretical framework of organiza-tional change to research the issue of dis-tance education and training innovation. In the authors' opinion,...
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Empirical Analysis on Influencing Factors of Farmers Specialized Production

Hu Yi-ting, Wang Dan
Specialized production is an important choice to increase agricultural efficiency ,promote sustained increase in farmer income, and crack "three rural" issues. With survey data from 882 farmers of 82 counties of 17 provinces, using Logistic regression model, this paper conducts an empirical test on factors...
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Optimizing the selection process of document-management systems

Jan Henrik Dornberg, Laura Lohmüller
Due to the rising amount of digital infor-mation nowadays, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) begin to increasingly recognize the value of docu-ment management systems (DMS). There has already been done an extensive amount of research in the field of DMS, which however has been focusing almost...
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The Development of RFID based Production Management System

Kesheng Wang, Quan Yu, Katja Ricke, Yi Wang, Chuanhong Zhou
We present a platform of Intelligent Inte-grated RFID (II-RFID) system, which in-tegrate RFID data acquisition, enterprise applications and automated decision support. This paper focuses on the imple-mentation of the II-RFID system in the field of production management. The ex-periment result shows that...
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Building Information Modeling and Sustainable Architecture Design Analysis

Shaojie Zhang, Tieqiao Xiao
Green buildings and sustainable design have become the points architects are concerned about. At the same time, with the design and construction of architectural projects becoming more and more complicated, Building Information Modeling (BIM) plays a more important role in the architectural process of...
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URI Online Judge Academic: A Tool for Professors

Jean Luca Bez, Carlos E. Ferreira, Neilor Tonin
There is an increasing demand for tools that help the learning process in all areas of knowledge. The students have more and more difficulties with the traditional classes based on the exposition of the contents in the blackboard or slides. We need new methods and tools to better explore the new technologies...
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Customer Loyalty Management System Development for Auto 4S Dealers Based on Intelligent Mobile Terminal

Li Yuansheng, Cui Liangyi, Xu Xiangyang
With brand sales & service model used by Auto 4S dealers being the mainstream of automobile dealing network in China, customer loyalty management and improvement has become the core competiveness of companies in automobile after-sales-market. This paper combines the intelligent mobile terminal which...
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Design of Meter Reading Concentrator Based on METER-BUS

Xuemin Li, Xiaoguang Deng
In this work METER-BUS technology and computer emdedded technology is implemented in intellige remote meter reading system. METER-BUS technology is a kind of field bus technology, which is used to collected data information of meter. A new way is proposed to design a new meter reading concentrator, compared...
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A Fast Method to Detect Hot Topic from BBS

Xu Hui-jie, Cai Wan-dong, Chen Gui-rong
Due to the information of Bulletin Board System (BBS) is numerous, detecting hot topic from BBS is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose a novel method for fast detection of hot topic. By analyzing features of hot topic, we define the hotness indicator to filter out the non-hot threads. Then...
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Creating an end-to-end information flow to enhance last-mile logistics

Otto Petrovic, Michael Harnisch, Thomas Puchleitner
The advancements in communication technology are providing the opportunity to integrate an end-to-end information flow into the traditional last-mile logistics process. The utilization of collected and analyzed information can create lock-in-effects for senders and recipients and thus enhance last-mile...
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On a multi-standard ABC analysis method in the inventory management of Small and medium-sized enterprises

Zhang Yongxia
with the development of thirty years, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises make the important role in the spring tide of market economy, which has become the national economy “half of the country ". But the small and medium-sized enterprises have their own problems, such as personnel and funds...
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Gaming Equipment for the Enrichment of Computer Science Education

Heinz-Josef Eikerling, Michael Uelschen
Within several courses we have examined the use of gaming equipment to enrich computer science courses, as gaming was, currently is and is supposed to still be a catalyst for computer engineering and software development. In this paper we particularly address the use of equipment in educational units...
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Who determines food prices? ---Based on the Simulation analysis of China Economy-wide Multi-market Model

Xu Shi-wei, Zhang Yu-mei, Li Zhe-min, Kong Fan-tao, Wang Yu, Cui Li-guo
Food prices kept rising up and had affected residents’ life quality during recent years. Food prices trends and the determinants behind attract wide attentions. China Economy-wide Multi-market Model(CEMM) is constructed to simulate the price effects of supply and demand in this paper. Three scenarios...
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Investigation on Relevance Ranking of Archives Information Retrieval Results

Xinnan Jiang
In this paper the satisfaction of users on information re-trieval results was analyzed and the search result was modified and resorted, based on which the relevance ranking algorithm was proposed. The method calculated a value for every returned result and sorted the value in descending order. At last,...
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Research on the Development of Producer Service Industry in Zhejiang: Situational Analysis and Strategic Suggestions

Chunying Weng
Producer service industry has become an important part of the national economy along with the development of economy, the progress of science and technology and the increasing refinement of social division of labor. As Zhejiang Province is in the strategic transformation stage, de-velopment of producer...
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Principles of Information Integration of the Mono-profile Situational Centers for Effective Disaster Management

Sergey Mescherin, Igor Kirillov, Stanislav V. Klimenko
Article is focused on a problem of infor-mation integration of the mono-profile situational centers for increasing of the overall disaster management efficiency. Calamity 9/11 case is used as a demon-stration of unacceptable consequences due to absence of information integration. Special role of Common...
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Complex Network Flexibility Discussion

Han Jian, Feng Ye
The complex network is adaptive network, which has three commonly used statistical attributes: degree distribution, clustering coefficient and average path length. In this article, looking back upon the development process of complex network, we introduce the current damage modes of complex network,...
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Design and Realization of Digital Pulse Compression in Pulsed Radars Based on Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM) Waveforms Using FPGA

H. A. Said, A. A. El-Kouny, A. E. El-Henawey
Pulse compression is a method for achieving most of the benefits of a short pulse while keeping within the practical constraints of the peak power limitation. It is usually a suitable substitute for the short pulse waveform except when a long minimum range might be a problem or when maximum immunity...
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Real Time Design and Realization of Digital Radar Pulse Compression Based on Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM) without Components around Zero Frequency Using FPGA

H. A. Said, A. A. El-Kouny, A. E. El-Henawey
Good range resolution can be achieved with a shorter pulse. But on the other hand, shorter pulses need more peak power. The shorter the pulse gets, the more should its peak power be increased so that enough energy is packed into the pulse. High Peak Power makes the design of transmitters and receivers...
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Efficiency Evaluation on Construction Industrial Circular Economy based on Improved DEA Model

Liu Shengguo, Song Xiaodong
Based on the characteristics of circular economy, the improved data envelop-ment analysis model is proposed with non-expected inputs (waste utilization) and non-expected outputs (waste emis-sions). Then, the circular economic ef-ficiency of China's construction industry from 2006 to 2010 is analyzed....
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A Study on Accounting Risks and Countermeasures for Financial Institutions

Xu Jie, Su Weidong
As the rapid development of financial institutions and constant deepening of financial system reform in China, financial institutions are facing a growing number of risks. Whether China’s national economy grows healthy and sustainable is determined by the development of financial institutions’ accounting...
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Fuzzy Approaches Applied into Balanced Scorecard Customer Perspective

Menšík Michal, Pokorný Miroslav
Mathematical approaches of the calculation of quality evaluation of the systems involving human factors do not reflect a significant feature of the processed data - their natural vagueness. The appropriate theoretical background for the formalization of data vagueness is the fuzzy set and fuzzy logic...
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An optimization model based dynamic EVM and its visualization technique for complex projects

Yun Tian, Ying-ying Yuan, Jin-long Cao, Yi-yong Xiao
The supervision of Complex equipment development (CED) projects is facing a lot of challenges in scheduling and cost control. In this paper, we presented a dy-namic earned value management (DEVM) model based on mathematical programming for the real-time forecast of schedule/cost of CED projects. A similarity...
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Catastrophic geophysical phenomena in 2012

Janusz Kapuciski, Mariusz Zabielski
The presented paper focuses on selected geophysical catastrophes at the scope of both Poland and the world. The review shows the causes and effects of the course of the phenomena that man cannot prevent. It is proved that, employing the satellite monitoring, can be a vital element to minimize the possible...
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Analysis of rail-sea intermodal transportation market in Ningbo in the context of the marine economy demonstration areas

Huang Pingping, Lan Gengze, Sun Jianhong
Ningbo is facing with the opportunities and challenges in the context of the policy on marine economy demonstration area in Zhejiang. There is close relationship between the development of rail-sea intermodal transportation and the city's sustainable development. This paper will first analyze the status...
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A Powerful Approach of Live Digital Data Communication in Biomedical Research and Teaching:Detection of Various Impaired Vascular Perfusion in Zebrafish Knockdown Models by Video Imaging

Ping-Pin Zheng, Rob Willemsen, Johan M Kros
There are various zebrafish models with cardiovascular defects which adequately mimic the impaired circulation and tissue perfusion of various human cardiovascular diseases. Zebrafish embryos/larvae are optically transparent, and the systemic blood circulation can be recorded by using a microscope with...
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A Study of Factors Affecting Customer Adoption of 3G Service in China

Yongbing Jiao, Jian Yang, Shanling Xu
Though Chinese telecom operators has provided 3G service to their customers for more than three years, the study of the factors affecting customer adoption of 3G service in China has not been conducted yet by scholars. The purpose of this study is to fill this void. Through the investigation of the samples...
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ICT for Independent Living – Business model insights

Barry J., Luherne M, Van Glabbeek, G.
Applying technology to assist older and frail people to live independently is a growing mega-trend. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is an initiative by the Eu-ropean Union to “jump-start” the market. This paper will explain why AAL is a mega-trend, what is the current state of the market and how can ICAICTBM...
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TELL and CALL for ALL: Successful Strategy Use in Second Language Learning

John Paul Loucky
This article reviews studies on ways to help maximize vocabulary and reading development online. Needs of limited English proficiency learners, especially those from East Asia are addressed, with many recommendations given of ESL/ EFL Gold programs with greatest potential to help increase motivation...
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Metaphorical representation as a tool to learn Economics

N. Gerdasova
The paper deals with the scope of conceptual and linguistic metaphors used in economic discourse as they play a crucial role in the process of understanding, interpreting and evaluating of the international economy. The aim of this paper is to investigate the discourse of Economics, reveal the key principals...