Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2020)

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Exploration of Information-Based Teaching Reform of Art Design Courses: Taking “Creative Thinking” Course as an Example

Chunlin Yu, Bo Mu
This subject takes the “Creative Thinking” course as an example to study the current situation and practical results of the application of information-based teaching methods in art design courses. Combining the characteristics of the “Creative Thinking” course, it explores how to use information-based...
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Reform and Optimization of College Music Education From the Perspective of Pop Music

Zhanru Guo
As national economy and society picks up, the music closely related to the lives of the people is undergoing rapid upgrading. At present, thanks to its acceptance and understanding by the public, contemporary, popular and diversified social popular music has flourished. Social pop music occupies an important...
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A Review of Soviet-Style Basic Teaching in Sculpture Teaching in Chinese Colleges

Bo Qin
Compared with French-style teaching, the Soviet mode of sculpture teaching in China’s colleges has the following characteristics. First, there was a unified teaching mode in the Soviet Union that was easy to be introduced to China; secondly, the introduction and promotion of Soviet-style sculpture teaching...
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An Analysis of Educational Functions in Folk Songs of Mulao Nationality

Wei Wei
Mulao nationality is a unique ethnic minority of Guangxi, China. The ancestors of Mulao ethnic minority pass their educational thoughts to their offspring through the special way of “combining education with songs”, which plays an irreplaceable role in inheriting their national culture and spirit. Taking...
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The Study of Curriculum System to Cultivate the Thinking of Sustainable Development of Regional Culture: Taking Digital Media Art as an Example

Ting He, Yinghong Sheng
The excellent traditional culture of the region has rich development themes, and the cultivation of design talents needs to pay more attention to the inheritance of local culture with historical significance and value, and to the sustainable development of regional traditional culture. This paper studies...
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Practice and Exploration of Huangmei Opera Art Education in Local Colleges and Universities: Taking Huanggang Normal University as an Example

Sha Tao
Huangmei opera is one of the five major dramas in China. It originated in Huangmei County of Huanggang City and is loved by the masses. As the only local university in the local area, Huanggang Normal University has attached great importance to Huangmei opera art education in recent years. The school...
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Research on the Contemporary Education of Chinese Classical Aesthetic Curriculum in Universities and Colleges: Taking the Course of “Chinese Classical Art and Aesthetics” as an Example

Qianqian Su
Under the national strategic concept of realizing ‘the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’ and the requirements of improving college students’ humanistic quality, Chinese classical aesthetic education has become an important course in general education in colleges and universities. Taking the elective...
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Sculpture Bearing “Meanings”: Tradition of French Classical Sculpture and Modern Sculpture of Sichuan Province

Xijun Deng
The so-called sculpture bearing “meanings” refers to a sculptural language system that vividly reproduces nature with full physical space, heavy volume, rigorous realistic skills, precise anatomical structure and proportion of shapes. This is an aesthetic law centered on the theme and completely faithful...
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Investigation and Research on the Inheritance Status of Original Ecological Yao Folk Songs in Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, Guangdong Province

Qunying Wang, Yongwei Liu
Yao folk songs, with their long and fine sound, reflect the historical accumulation and spiritual culture of the Yao people in Ruyuan, and are of great value in humanistic research. However, the inheritors of Yao folk songs of Ruyuan are getting older and the way of inheritance is relatively simple....
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An Exposition on the Quanfeng Lantern Opera and Its Cultural Characteristics

Dandan Zhou
Quanfeng Lantern Opera (also “Quanfeng Hua Deng”, “全丰花灯”), an important local folk art form of Jiangxi Province, was included in the First National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China in 2006 (500IX-52). It has developed a unique performance form and characteristics after long-standing as the...
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Inheritance and Transmutation: Discussion on the Artistic Features of Chinese Lacquer Painting

Zhentuan Lin
As an independent easel painting form, lacquer painting is undergoing a similar formation process in other painting forms. Whether it is the choice of materials or the selection of craftsmanship, it has a profound historical origin and inheritance relationship with the traditional lacquer craftsmanship...
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Study on the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Folk Songs Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Ningyan Yi
Chinese folk songs are an important part of traditional Chinese culture, and also are bridges for the communication between the historical dimension and the geographical dimension of the Chinese nation. “The Belt and Road initiative” provides a good platform for the inheritance and development of Chinese...
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Research on the Expression Forms of Dance Action Language in Huangmei Opera Performance in the New Period

Zehua Li
“Dance” occupies an important position in the “four basis” of Huangmei Opera, and it is also an important factor that distinguishes it from traditional opera. The unique living and local atmosphere of Huangmei Opera determines that the dance movements of Huangmei Opera cannot be set under the strict...