Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Applied Social Science Research (ICASSR-2013)

Session: E-Business and E-Education

7 articles

The Study of the Digital Clothing Virtual Showcase and Network Customize Business System

Shouzhong Hu, Changkuan Gao, Hongyan Hu
With the development of digital and information technology, the position of E-commerce in the retail formats is increasingly important. This article studies the core technology of public E-commerce platform in clothing industry chain, including personalized virtual display system for three-dimensional...

Research on Improvement of GEM Listed Companies’ Performance

Ying Xia
This paper makes an empirical analysis on the two important factors -- ownership concentration and sustainable growth rate --that influence company performance based on the samples of 2010-2011 GEM ( Growth Enterprise Market ) listed companies. The results show that, in terms of the GEM, there is positive...

A Research on the Science and Engineering students’ College English Learning Behavior from the Perspective of Constructivism Learning Theory -- Based on the “Outstanding Program”

Jiajia Liu
This paper analyzes the curricular and extracurricular English learning behaviors of 243 science and engineering students, and then makes ??a description of their learning behavior patterns: the students’ curricular learning behavior is static, extracurricular learning behavior is passive, and extracurricular...

Analysis of Chinese M-commerce development strategy

Xinmin Zhang, Shengjun LI
M-commerce is an e-business system which is the organic combination of various mobile communications equipment and wireless network technology. At present, the awareness and trading habits of M-commerce need to be further developed and improved in China, and the technology, content, cost and safety issues...

The Analyze of Curriculum Reform in Public Computer Course in Universities based on Foster Ability

Hua Xiang, Bin Yan
By analyzinge the problems in public computer course in universities, it is aim to increase the students’ comprehensive abilitiey, innovation ability and autonomous learning ability. It is proposed that the public computer course is divided into six modules, different computer courses is set in each...

Research on Rural Credit Capital Allocation Efficiency in Heilongjiang Province of China ----Based on the analysis of the DEA model

Lin Guo, Chen Guo
To accelerate the development of the agriculture, we can not only increase the financial support but also pay attention to the allocation efficiency of the rural financial resources, so as to change the development of financial support from extensive to intensive. Therefore, it is necessary to make a...

Constructing a Diversified Teaching Evaluation System for Computer’s Public Course

Ying Tu
Teaching evaluation could enhance students’ motivation and inspire students’ interest while helping teachers to adjust and improve their way to teach and finally achieve the goal to improve teaching quality. In the teaching reform of Computer’s Public Courses, how to build a diverse and open teaching...