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Investigation on Reform of Engineering Mathematics Teaching in the Mode of Skilled Talent Training

Dong-hong Zhao, Li Liu, Zhi-yi Zhao
The “outstanding engineers training plan" has been launched officially by the Ministry of Education of PRC on 10, Jun, 2010. University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) was been selected as the first listed colleges and universities in the plan among 61 fellows. The Department of Advanced Engineers...
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The Impact of Internal Control Quality on Accounting Conservatism

Shan-shan Yang, Yun-li Qiao
This paper establishes the evaluation index system of the quality of internal control of commercial banks. Then the paper combined with the improved adding calculated by entropy method within the accrual cash flow model of quality control index, the presence of internal control and the level of accounting...
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How to Increase the Quality of Requirements Analysis in Information System Development—The View from Emotional Intelligence

Chun-jie Xiang
Accurate requirements are essential to the success of any information system development project. Over the years, numerous studies have investigated factors such as attitude, behavior, and performance that affect the information systems development (ISD) process. Our research focused on how developers’...
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Research on the Non-compete Obligation of Directors in China’s Company Law

Su Wang
Non-compete is an important obligation of directors, and also is an important manifestation of directors’ loyalty obligations. Directors are generally involved in the company’s management, so they are familiar with company’s trade secrets, major business decisions, investment and other insider information....
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Lexical Database of the Tibetan Grammatical Treatises Corpus

Pavel Grokhovskiy, Maria Khokhlova, Maria Smirnova, Victor Zakharov
The paper is devoted to Tibetan grammatical terminology. For this purpose Tibetan grammatical works corpus was created. At the same time Russian translations of the works were added to the corpus, so it is factually a parallel Tibetan-Russian corpus. The corpus represents the collection of grammar treatises...
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Research on Legislative Countermeasures to the Difficulty of Executing the Fine Penalty

Xiao-yu Li
Despite that the difficulty of executing the fine penalty becomes universal, this issue still has not gained its due attention either in the criminal substantive laws or in the procedural law-studying field. This article tries to develop systematic research covering from the executing way of fine penalty,...
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Graphics Thinking in Engineering Graphics Education

Chao-yong Guo, Bao-hui Gao
The importance of graphics thinking to the reform and development of engineering graphics education is pointed out. Using information theory, from the point of the relationship between thinking and information, the paper systematically discusses the implementing principle of graphics thinking in engineering...
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Creative Construction Design and the Graphics Courses

Chao-yong Guo, Guo-yao Dong
Creativeness is the necessary quality of the modem talent person. Creative construction design should be one of the core contents of the graphics courses The elements suitable to fostering creativity contained in the graphics course should be developed. The basic theory and method of the creative construction...
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Collective Intelligence on a Robotic Project, a Pedagogical Experience in a Pre-school Garden at Nariño (Colombia)

Carmen Alicia Acosta, Maria Alejandra Cabrera, Nohora Lucía Caicedo, Paola Torres, Yudy Andrea Hernández, Maria Inés Medina Villarreal, Angélica María Gómez Medina, Victor Andrés Bucheli
This paper presents a pedagogical experience to initiate the boys and girls in the technology world in childhood education. The pedagogical experience is based on participatory research, in which, preschool teachers and researchers proposed a didactic method to build robots in a kindergarten. Thus, boys...
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From "AIIB" to "the Belt and Road": the New Reform and Opening-up and "Top-down Design" under the Background of “New Normal” --- Based on the Gradient Theory and the Theory of Comparative

Jie Gao, Yun-long Ding
The purpose of this paper attempts to use the gradient theory and comparative advantage theory to analyze the AIIB and “the Belt and Road” strategy, to prove that these are the best strategic choice under the background of Chinese economic “new normal”. The paper performs a comparative analysis based...
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Exploring the Improved Personal Credit Scoring Model of Ant Financial Services in its Disruptive Innovation Process

Wen-yao Zhang
Ant Financial Services, by taking cloud computing and big data as underlying facilities and credit system as basis, opens up low-end small and micro and individual customer market which is not satisfied in traditional financial market by disruptive service modes and concepts. “Sesame Credit” with unique...
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The Application of Micro-lectures in College English Teaching and Learning

Yuan-zhen Peng
This paper attempts to make an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of micro-lecture when being employed in the process of College English Teaching and Learning. Furthermore, some suggestions are put forward for the sake that English teaching and learning can be improved efficiently in China...
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The Persistence of the Performance in Stock Recommendations of Superior Sell-Side Analysts

Yan-li Geng
The paper tests the performance of the superior analysts of the new fortune using the event study. The results show that the superior analysts perform better than the ordinary analysts generally and the difference between them is significant. But it is not that all of the superior analysts perform better...
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Computational Thinking and MOOC - Oriented Computer Courses Teaching Mode for Non-Computer Major

Qian Gao
Non-computer major students in the future are required to master new computer methods to support different subjects’ research. In order to make the computational thinking fuses with the thinking of other subjects, and promote the formation of all students’ creative thinking, this paper comes up with...
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Input-output Relations in Early Epistemic Modality in Russian: a Corpus-based Approach*

Victoria V. Kazakovskaya
The report discusses the acquisition of epistemic semantics and the basic means of its expression in the early stages of speech ontogenesis in L1. The mechanism of epistemic marking is also considered. The target-system and communicative factors, which contribute to this process are identified and corpus...
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Causes and Control of Dynamic Audit Expectation Gap

Xiu-e Yuan, Ying Liu
The current audit expectation gap growing trend has been a threat to the development of the audit profession, in-depth study of the audit expectation gap causes, and its effective control is imminent. This article from the three aspects, analyzes the audit expectation gap causes, and some suggestions...
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Verifying Student Engagement and Learning Development in Higher Education by SES

Dian-fu Chang, Wen-ching Chou, Shu-ching Wu
This study aims to explore the student engagement and learning development in higher education based on social economic status. The data were collected by using the student engagement questionnaire in Taiwan. There are 2,651 valid cases were analyzed in this study. Both t-test and one-way ANOVA were...
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The Exploration in Ways to Implement Ideological and Political Education in Normal School Students

Fan-lei Meng
Being the future and the hope of the nation, college students has always been valuable talents, and also because of this, the ideological and political education of the college students has become a challenge and significant task of the contemporary era. Try our best to find the problems exists in the...
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Mental Training in Sports: Resume and Perspectives

Malkin Valeriy, Rogaleva Lyudmila, Kim Alla, Aidossova Zhanerke, Khon Natalya
Psychological stability of an athlete is an important factor of achievement high results in sports. To solve this problem the mental training has been used. Its weakness consists of limitation of the regulation process by mechanisms of physiological level only. The perspectives for the development of...
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Exploration of the Audit Independence

Yu-ying Yu, Xiu-li Zhu, Fang-xing Fu
Different from the two kinds of audit requirements proposed by agency theory, the practical audit mode needs to guarantee the audit independence. But the stakeholders of the audit business make current protection measures for the independence of the audit from their own view. From the systems perspective,...
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Study of Audit Risk under the Fair Value Measurement Mode

Yong-chen Li, Yuan-yuan Liu, Zhi-yuan Liu
Fair value measurement model is a difficult point of the academic research topic at home and abroad. The current research in China is still in the exploratory stage, so the audit under the fair value measurement model will have a lot of uncertainty. This paper is on the basis of interpretation of the...
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On the Basic Optimization Ways of Ideological and Political Education Environment

Yang Lu, Yuan-yuan Dai, Fei-fei Ji
Through analysis of the challenges in current universities’ ideological and political work——the international ideological discourse power is in disadvantageous position; the informational society is in formation and the top-level design is still missing in universities’ ideological and political work,...
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The Common Problem and Solution of the Enterprise Staff’s Ideological Situation Analysis

Er-yu Cai
Based on the actual situation of the ideological and political work in enterprises, this paper studies the common problems in analyzing the staff’s ideological situation, and specifically puts forward the solution from the six aspects, including the early goal setting, topics selection, investigation...
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Current Situation and Reform Approaches of Mandarin Teaching in Chinese Universities

Shi-min Yang, Qiao-ling Dai
Colleges and universities are important platforms to promote Mandarin. However, due to many constraints, Mandarin teaching hasn’t yielded a good result. And some of its problems have been identified by the author through research. Therefore, it’s imperative to explore new approaches of teaching reform...
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Pro-Poor Tourism as Approach to Alleviation Poverty: Experiences and Critical Issues

Rui Zhou, Lin-sheng Zhong, Sheng-rui Zhang, Xiang-yuan Ma
By analyzing 2 pro-poor tourism projects from South Africa ,the main aim of this paper is to obtain similarities and draw experiences to identify key issues which can be adopted in practices for others. Although the type of pro-poor tourism project is impossible to be restricted to a single model, key...
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Study on the Evaluation of Teaching Quality of College Teachers with Undergraduate Students as Study Samples

Yang Wang, Jing Li
College teachers have making a key impact on students. In the process of evaluating college teachers’ teaching quality, we have designed a questionnaire survey to evaluate unquantifiable indexes. By the analysis of those indexes, we can provide reference for the evaluation of college teachers’ teaching...
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Study on the Evaluation of Teaching Quality of College Teachers with Graduate Students as Study Samples

Yang Wang, Zhi-fa Zhu
This paper have choose the university graduate student as the main body of the 53 samples of the teaching quality and moral quality evaluation index selection, and every questionnaire is valid . The process and result have proved that graduate students paid much concern about our research, and expressed...
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University computer-based teaching model of reflection and exploration

Ying Wu
Used to reflect the concept of computer-based teaching, the teaching body to explore a conversion, that is possible to provide students with active development of space, students have continued the development of student ability, problem-solving teaching practical skills.
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punctuation in language art——referring to the absence of punctuation in Chinese teaching

Jiu-gen Xiao, Yan-min Li
Punctuation, as an essential component in language, should be attached great attention in Chinese teaching. However, due to the utilitarianism in Chinese teaching, the lack of punctuation knowledge, the deviation of teaching content position, etc, resulting in the absence of punctuation during the Chinese...
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Research on the choice of RMB exchange rate system——Analysis based on the modified Mundell Fleming model

Qing-qing Yang, Jun Wu
First it analyses whether the Mundell- Fleming model is adapted to China and considers that the slope of balance line of international payment of China should be negative. Then it analyses and compares the advantage and disadvantage between the fixed exchange rate system and the floating one by using...
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On the Construction of Enterprise’s Brand Strategy Ecosystem in the Perspective of Globalization

Zong-wei Hu, Jing-yu Chen
In this paper, the brand ecosystems at three levels and their brand synergies from the perspective of globalization was studied. Also, this paper roughly introduces the planning of brand strategy ecosystem and conducts an illuminative thought on the construction of brand strategy ecosystem.
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Analysis on Factors Influencing Undergraduate's Learning Interest

Zhi-min Huang
The paper systematically analyzes potential factors influencing learning interest of university students. The sample is recruited from a survey on learning interest on students of the Grade 2013 of Institute of Tourism, Convention and Exhibition Economics and Management at Inner Mongolia University of...
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Cultural Fusion From the Perspective of Translation

Bao-chun Li, Jin-ling Liu
As there are many differences between Chinese culture and the Western cultures, such as history, religion, tradition, philosophy and geography, there are significant factors in the aspects of language and words. As for this, people start to learn about the languages of each other and understand the meanings...
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Comparative study of global indicators core competence of nurses

Si Chen, Ji-hong Wang
Based on domestic and overseas nurses core difference in scale for each dimension can be compared through their national conditions and cultural factors to identify suitable, can be indicators of nursing core competencies for the future development and use for reference.
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Research on Cultural Industry Management Teaching Reform in the MOOC Era

Na Sai
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has a huge impact on the traditional mode of education. This paper analyzes the teaching characteristics of MOOC, combines with the current situation, discusses the inspiration of MOOC to the cultural industry management teaching reform, and puts forward ideas and suggestions...
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Study of contemporary college students' entrepreneurship training

Lian-xiang Liu
Entrepreneurship is the intrinsic quality of the entrepreneurs and the important requirement for college students to develop entrepreneurship education. To understand and grasp the entrepreneurship has important theoretical and practical significance on cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial...
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Three Main Types of Female Images in Castle

Yuan-xiu Guo, Hong-qin Yu
Kafka is one of the most outstanding writers in the 20th century modern literary world. Castle was not only Kafka's life experience and the summary of his philosophy thought, but also the mature symbol of Kafka's works. In order to help readers understand the work better, the three main types of female...
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Research on Relationship between the Social Responsibility and Profitability in Power Enterprise

Jin-yu Tian, Yuan Jiang
Environmental issues have become a hot topic of social concern, and the social responsibility of enterprise is also increasing people's attention. This paper selected annual report of 43 domestic power industry listed companies from 2012 - 2014 as sample data, and used earning per share (EPS) to measure...
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Improvement and enhancement of the income statement

Jin-yu Tian, Zi-yuan Zhang
In the current accounting standards which was implemented in 2007, with respect to traditional accounting standards, there are some major breakthroughs in the income statement, but there are still some defects such as imperfect statement indicators, arrangement problems and so on. Based on the current...
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Stakeholder Wealth Maximization and the Goal of Financial Management in China

Jin-yu Tian, Zi-yuan Zhang
The goal of financial management is one of the basic theoretical issues of financial management. It is also an issue of great concern among finance circles home and abroad. The purpose of this paper is to study stakeholder wealth maximization and the choice of financial management target in China. This...
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Research on the Influence of Equity Incentive to the Reliability of Accounting Information in Energy Industry—— Based on Panel Data of Fifty-one Listing Companies

Yong-chen Li, Fang Li, Xiang-bao Ding
In recent years, equity incentive have appeared some problems such as that earnings fail to offset incentive costs in its process of rapid development. Panel data from 2010 to 2014 of 48 listing enterprises in Chinese energy industry was chosen in this paper, and used to research the influence of equity...
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Research Status and Prospect of Orienteering At Home and Abroad

Xiao-jun Li
Research status of orienteering at home and abroad, including teaching, training, sport injury and map composition, is discussed through literature review. According to literature review, China is in its initial stage in studying orienteering, but foreign countries have reported deep researches, especially...
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Thinking About the Improvement of China’s Income Statement

Zhi-hong Lin, Xiang-yuan Chu
The income statement is an important part of the financial statements, playing an important role in guiding people to make investment decisions, but the inherent limitations of the income statement has misled people a lot. This paper studies the current situation and puts forward improved methods in...
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Virginia Woolf and a Room of One’s Own

BO Liu
Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) was born in London . She is one of the greatest modernist writer, essayist and critic. Woolf is a productive writer.Women are always at the center of Viginia’s works. She is in favor of women’s independence, and she is one of the forerunners of female literature. Her well-known...
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Different Concepts of Values in Chinese and Western Movies

Xiao-xi Wang
As a synthetic art, movie integrates our multifarious real life into a short but essential section. People will see a certain subject of narrative art in film, which can be said that film is a window for looking at the world. We can see that the differences in culture and views are in every aspect of...
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Research on key stakeholder identification of agricultural development project based on fuzzy inference system

Qian Zhu, Zhig-ao Liao, Jun-li Wang
Project stakeholders are individuals or organizations that are closely related to the project. In agricultural development projects, there are multiple stakeholders that have complex interests. It is necessary to recognition the key stakeholders correctly and understand the role and power of the key...
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The Applications of Mathematical Modeling Based on MATLAB

Ming-e Sha, Yong-gang Xie
Mathematical Modeling can be widely used in the graph displaying and solve many mathematical problems in an easy, visual and even dynamic way. Using Matlab software in the teaching of mathematics and other subjects makes teaching and learning interesting and easier. This paper presents the concept, method...
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K-means Clustering Relational Analysis of The Relations Among Vehicle Models, Sizes and Regions

Jian Chen, Wen-rong Jiang
With the enhancement of living standards, Car has become the most out of essential transport tools for us all. But in big cities, one to the rush, the road will be crowded; you can see all kinds of different brands, models, colors and sizes of vehicles. This is not just the status quo in China; most...
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Application and Research of E-commerce Recommendation System Based on Web Mining

Xu Yan, Bo Sun
As a new branch of data mining,web mining emerge as social requires, it belongs to a new research direction. Web mining is to find potential useful model and hidden information from web documents. It combines the use of web and traditional data mining. The use of web mining in the e-commerce recommendation...
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A Comparative Study on the Factors that Affect Exports of Chinese Agricultural Products to Japan and South Korea

Zhui-qiao Jin, Feng-min Yang
This paper applies the CMS model to analyze the influencing factors of Chinese agricultural products exported to Japan and South Korea. Our empirical study shows that growth factor is the leading factor that facilitates Chinese agricultural exports. Specifically, product structure effect promotes Chinese...
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The Evaluation Index System of Technology Maturity: Taking Hybrid Electric Vehicle as an Example

Jian-hua Liu, Jun-chang Ji, Shu-qi Wang, Zhao-hua Jiang, Lei Huang
Technology maturity, as an important indicator to measure development state and future trends of technology, can effectively control the risk of technology research and application. It is widely used in technology prediction of national defence, high-tech and strategic emerging industries. Based on a...
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“Who is the Best Player of Table Tennis Champions” is the Innovation of National Fitness

Zhi-ping Li
“Who is the best player” is an important innovation to promote the national fitness. The successful development of this activity has played a positive role in the increase of sports population, the kindness degree of show, the expansion of hosting right and the increase of economic benefit as well as...
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The Study on Narrowing Rural Income Gap in China

Zhen-ji Jin, Jian Xu
Rural resident's income gap is a key factor measuring the level of rural economy and national economy. This paper analyzes the status quo of rural income in different regions, and we conclude that there are inequalities in rural income distribution. The reasons of rural income inequality in China have...
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Research on Electricity Trading Evaluation System Based on the Improved Entropy-TOPSIS

Lin Guo, Chao Ma, Jun-mei Wang, Lei Wang, Chun-cheng Gao, Shu-hong Shi
The assessment of electricity trading business is an effective tool for electric market analysis and power regulation, which has an important guiding significance to the development and optimization of business. This paper constructs an evaluation index system which consists of three indices, each indicating...
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Main Factors and Countermeasure Analysis on Teachers' Burnout in Vocational Colleges

Yong-hong Yue, Wen-zhuo Zhang, Ling-ling Sun, Sha Xu
150 teachers and 60 students in six vocational colleges of the south College District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province are extracted and the professional burnout questionnaires and interviews are carried out. According to statistical analysis, it is found that more than 60% of vocational teachers have...
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It is Imperative to Innovate the Phenomenon of Valuing Scientific Research above Teaching Work in Teaching and Research University of China

Hai-bo Zhao
Aiming at the abnormal phenomenon of valuing scientific research above teaching work in teaching and research university in China, the main causes of the abnormal phenomenon were analyzed from income return aspect in this paper by surveying some universities. This paper penetrated the abnormal phenomenon...
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The Development of High-Quality Course Construction in Chinese University Based on MOOC

Haiyan Wang, Yan-ming Zhao
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is changing learners’ learning means and learning environment with a new knowledge acquisition method and learning pattern. Aiming at improving sharing of superior educational resources and relieving education unfairness, high-quality course construction in universities...
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Study on the Optimization of Multi-interval Relay Transportation Line

Zhong-jun Ma
The transportation route optimization problem is the important content of the military transportation guarantee decision-making, has the important influence to the transportation safeguard benefit. This paper first proposes the relay transportation problem based on the mode of multi interval transportation...
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A Study on Merging Life Education into College Physical Education

Chen-liang Deng, Qiao-yan Yu
With the continuous development of education, life education, which concerns the life development and value improvement, has become a heated issue that receives world-wide attention. Physical education and life education share a common consistence with each other, be it from their nature, functions,...
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A Critical Appraisal of Human Resource Planning, recruitment and selection processes at Hotel Kong

Wen Bai, Ya-jun Zhao
Hotel Kong Frederik is a four-star luxury hotel situated by the Town Hall Square in central Copenhagen. This paper introduced how the hotel manager made human resource planning and how recruited and selected staff . Then the paper evaluates whether the human resource planning and the methods of training...
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Discuss “It Can Be Argued That Management Is Largely Concerned With Leadership, Because Managers Need To Establish A Sense of Direction and To Motive People in That Direction.” (Hannagan)

Wen Bai, Ya-jun Zhao
Hanngan(2002) states that ”it can be argued that management is largely concerned with leadership, because managers need to establish a sense of direction and to motivate people in that direction.” To discuss this statement, it seems valuable to clarify the relationship between management and leadership...
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Research on Consumer’s Facets of Perceived Risk in Sale Website Platform Buying

Yao Cai, Yi Yang
For the study of consumer’s perceived risk in sale website platform buying, the perceived risks of consumers in general e-commerce environment were summarized by literature analysis. And special risks of consumers in sale website platform buying was discovered by interviews with e-commerce experts and...
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A Tragedy of Devil and Angel----An analysis of the alienation of the character The Aunt in Moyan’s novel The Frog

Li-rong An, Shu-hui Shi
This thesis analyses the image of The Aunt in two periods of time, that is before and after the enforcement of China’s birth control policy. In both periods the character is alienated, first as an angel and then as a devil. The reason why the very same person can be seen so differently is that she is...
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The Study of Advantages Communist Youth Leagues of universities and colleges in supporting students for their employment and enterpreneurship

Hong-xia Cui
It’s the fundamental policy of our party and country that promote our college students' employment.To provide service to students' employment and entrepreneurship is an important function of the Communist Youth League in Colleges and Universities.In order to play the function role of the Communist Youth...
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A New Challenge to College English Teachers--Transformation from Basic English Teaching to EAP and EOP Teaching

Xiang-feng Guan, Chun-bo Yuan
According to College English Teaching Guidance, college English will transform from basic English to EAP and EOP. First, as for each university and college, they should arrange these courses, select proper textbooks and organize the examinations from their unique characteristics .Second, as college English...
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Enterprise business model innovation in e-commerce environment

Zhen-jie Long, Fan Pan
In the face of increasingly serious resource constraints and the growing prosperity of e-commerce environment, the business model has become the focus of market competition.The study of the business model can lay the foundation for innovation. Therefore, the article analyzes the structural relationship...
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The Operating Patterns of Learner Emotions in Second Language Learning

Huan-huan Ren, Chi Ma
Learner emotions play a decisive role in promoting second language learning and have increasingly attracted the attention of scholars both at home and abroad. The emotional education in China is still stuck in the “emotion as a tool” stage, and has not yet become a “substantial presence”. Based on discussions...
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Ecological Green Animal Building Existence Overview

Sheng Tan
Nowadays, in a world undergoing advanced technology, and growing wealth among people and the place they’re living, animals begin to live into various zoos of all cities, which has become a means to protect animals and to maintain ecological balance. Building zoos, is not only for landscaping, but needs...
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Error Bound of the Stochastic Linear Complementarity

Sheng-hua Jiao, Qing-jun Ren
In this paper, the error bound estimation for linear complementarity problem are extended to the stochastic linear complement problem (SLCP). Some of its new reformulations are given firstly, and then we establish its error bound estimation and its solution structure.
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A Study on the Ideology of the Cultural and Creative Talents in Response to the Global Development

Hui-shu Zhang
Globalization has had a tremendous impact on the national economy, politics and culture, and it also brought about many problems, such as beliefs, cultural security, and adverse effects etc.. This paper analyses factors of creative talents in the national development in response to the global development....
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The Principles and Implementations Strategy by Automobile Industrial Heritage Protection of Shiyan China

Chuan-chuan Huang, Yao-lin Zhou
This paper bases on the demand of automobile industrial heritage protection of China. It analyze the present situation and existing problems of automobile industrial heritage protection in Shiyan. Through to combine with the advanced protection concepts and existing urban basic environment it puts forward...
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A New Perspective on Pragmatic Functions of Discourse Markers

Zhi-de Hou
As a common linguistic phenomenon in both English and Chinese conversations, discourse markers are parts of information organization in discourse analysis. In conversational communication, the pragmatic function of discourse markers was analyzed under the framework of Relevance Theory for its procedural...
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Discussion and Analysis of External Corporate Creditors' Protection of Rights and Interests --- A Stakeholders Perspective

Shi Sun
The limited liability system transfers risk from shareholders to the company creditors. Due to that shareholders participate in company internal governance, the shareholders are often in a dominant position in the company's internal information, while in many cases, creditors are in the environment of...
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Professional Function of Non-profit Research Facility

Yong Zhang, Ping Lei
Non-profit research facility construction on the one hand is to provide researchers a good research environment and hardware facilities, to enhance research and innovation capacity with providing tool support, on the other hand it should be used as means of public access, awareness, master of science...
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Research on Enterprise Data Integration Architecture Based on Cloud Platform

Wei-wei Zhang, Heng-liang Wu
On the basis of SODIA and VDB systems, this paper presents a new data integration system called Service Oriented Data Integration Architecture based on Hadoop (SODIH), which is constructed according to SOA principles. SODIH adopts Web Service technique in communication, and runs on Hadoop cloud platform....
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The Culture Interpretation of Transformation about Nv Wa

Rui Yang
Mythology is the unconscious artistic processing outcome in human brains. Its producing, developing and changing are close related to the social life of that time. Nu Wa and Fu Hsi appear in mythology, which is the inevitable result that society development reflects in human inner world. When we put...
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On the Status and Effect of Women in Popular Entertainment Culture

Ting-ting Zhou
Popular entertainment culture accompanies the mature of the market economy and the prosperity of cultural industries. It uses modern media, faces the public and aims to produce and consumes in mass the contemporary culture with extensive aesthetic and extensive entertainment features. In the development...
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The Analysis of the Present Situation and Countermeasures of College Scientific Research Fund Management

Dong-sheng Huang, Wei-xing Yao
According to a lot of irregularities in the management of scientific research funds in China, this paper presents the core in the management of scientific research funds is to focus on design of the funds management operation mechanism. It is possible to improve the use of funds efficiency and reduce...
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Domestic Hotel Management Group’s Resources Integrated from Internet Perspective

Jun-yong Lai
This paper analyzes the domestic hotel management group’s strong association resources, puts forward a view that as a main body, hotel management group can carry out the resources integration with other departments, and use the integrated marketing communications model to carry on marketing synergy and...
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Reform implementation of research initiatives in a university physics laboratory teaching system

Tao-tao Xu, Bo-lin Xie, Bin Zhao
Demonstrates the importance of university physics laboratory teaching for the training of college students. Lists some existing issues that affect the development of physics laboratory courses. Reports on efforts to reform research and practical lab-based classes and achievements made from building a...
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Research on the Interactivity of the New Outdoor Media Advertising for the Bus Station

Chen Zhao, Tao Wang, Yuan-yuan Liu
With a richer lifestyle, the consumers' attention are gradually paid into interactive and innovative, and traditional form of a single medium is already difficult to meet the psychological needs of consumers. However, most of domestic bus stop advertising is static, missing the interactive with audience,...
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Simulation of Tourism Supply Chain Collaborative Demand Forecast

Hao-yuan Zhang, Hua Bai
Supply chain collaborative demand forecast has gained more and more attention. In particular, for tourism supply chain (TSC), due to the high market volatility and uncertainty, travel agencies, scenic spots, hotels and other tourism enterprises in the tourism supply chain need a tight collaboration to...
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Research on Construction of Application-Oriented Undergraduate Key Course of Credit Management of Enterprises

Ming Zeng
The guiding ideology of the key course Credit Management of Enterprises is for the purpose of credit management in corporate credit transactions, while the basic requirements of which is to promote the coordinated development of students’ knowledge, ability and quality. As to the construction of teaching...
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Adoption of Disabled Children in Developed Countries: Practice, Research and Its Reference for China

Bo Wang
With the social progress, development of children adoption, and improvement of views on the disabled, adoption of disabled children has gradually attracted social attention. This paper analyzed the practice and research of regulations and policies, preparation, support systems in developed countries,...
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RESPECT Project of America and Its Inspiration to Excellent Teachers Cultivating Plan of China

J.H. Liang, Bo Wang
In order to attract, retain and reward outstanding teachers, improve the quality of education, and show the new vision for current teaching and leadership in America, the U.S. Department of Education started to invested 5 billion in the RESPECT Project in February 2012, and formally announced the Blueprint...
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Research on Enhancing the Mathematical Curriculum Test Scores of College Students

Qing-jian Zhou, Jia Jiao
This paper focus on enhancing the mathematical curriculum test scores of college students. According to the teaching experience in college mathematics teaching for many years, the writer research on how to improve the mathematical curriculum test scores of college students, give some solutions and suggestions,...
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Construction of the “Value Chain of Credit”

Yu-han Wang
Credit Activities and Behavior of credit is the carrier of a market economy. Actors in the realization of economic activities on the value chain to identify create and add value through credit activities. There is a value chain of credit in economic activity. We can maintain the credit value chain relationships...
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A Comparative Analysis of Undergraduate Education between China and the United States ---Taking International Economics as an Example

Yan-qiu Wu, Jie Yao
The United States is one of the countries with the highest quality of education in the world, and there are a lot of world-renowned universities in this country. The similarities do exist in university education of China and the United States, but there are much more differences between the two countries....
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Applying Revenue Management to Economy Hotels--- An Investigation of Customer’s Attitude

Wen-li Li
Revenue management is an effective strategy for the economy hotels to increase profit. However, implementing revenue management may also bring misunderstanding and negative feelings to the customers. This study investigates the customers’ attitude to the revenue strategies of economy hotels. Based on...
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Analyzing the Influencing Factors of Innovation Capability of Economics and Management Postgraduate Students based on Competency Model

Bing Bai, Zhi-qiong Guo
With the accelerated process of China into an innovation-oriented economy, training innovative talent is essential. Cultivation of postgraduates ' innovation capability is a good foundation for the development of various aspects of a country. This paper, taking the competency model as the theoretical...
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Research on Graduates Employability Development from the Perspective of Employers

Zhi-qiong Guo, Bing Bai
Through the investigation on the part of employers and graduates, this paper analyzes the standards and requirements of employers and the actual situation of graduates employment, and points out that the information asymmetry situation still exists between graduates and employers. The self-orientation...
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China's Main River Water Quality Structure Analysis

Ying-ying Zhang, Ting Zheng
This article analyses five river basins' water qualities: the Song Hai Liao river basin, the Huaihe river basin, the Yellow river basin, the Yangtze river basin, and the pearl river basin. We consider four water pollution indicators: PH, DO, CODMn, and NH3-N. First, the result of single factor analysis...
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The Research on Psychological Space of Library Based on Visual Perception

Y. D. Ding
Space as a Service has become the consensus of modern library, how to plan the library reading space to make it fit the spatial form of reader psychology desired, become the key point to build the campus "The Third Space". The article investigated the psychological needs of the reader to reading space...
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Scientific Collaboration among Science and Engineering Universities ---Network Visualization of Co-authored papers

Na Li
To reveal the current status of scientific cooperation among Science and Engineering Universities, the cooperation frequency matrix is found basing on the datum of co-authored papers of Science and Engineering Universities in 2013 from the SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded) database. The investigated...
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China’s Service Trade Competitiveness: A Study based on Value-added Trade

Yi Cao
The competitiveness of China’s service trade has long been focused. Researchers often use different indices to estimate it. However the characteristics of trade changed a lot due to the production segmentation. Intermediate goods become the main part of trade and lead to double counting problems of trade...
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Research on the Traditional Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Yi Ethic Minority

Chuan Zhou, C.L Deng
Study on the protective problems and countermeasures on the traditional sports intangible cultural heritage of the Yi ethic minority by using the research methods of literature, questionnaire etc. The research purpose is to better protect it. The results of the study think that the Yi people's sports...
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Research of Situation and Countermeasures Base on net worker of Teachers and Students Relationship in University

Gui-ping Yuan
In order to reveal the present situation of teachers and students relationship, this paper conducted a survey on 266 university students. The results showed that: students who get an score in obstacles type dimension is equal or greater than 3 take a big proportion; for student whose score of two positive...
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A Study on the Application of the Chinese characters in teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Shou-yan Miao
Chinese characters teaching have been the weak link of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language for a long time. As Chinese visual symbol system, Chinese characters manifest the immense rationality and logicality, which means form of the written character, is fixed and that specific character is used for...
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The Construction of Student’s Peer Psychological Field in Age of We-Media

Xue Han, Bo Wu
This paper mainly discusses the combinition of we-media and the work peer psychological health education in universities. use convenient, since the media quickly anddiffusion characteristics, We established the college students peer psychological field using the characteristics of we-medai with convenient...
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Non-Profit Organizations’ Financial Governance Research

Hong-juan Wang
From the non-profit organization's financial governance theory, this article analyzes related issues to the financial governance theory in the application of non-profit organizations puts forward to the corresponding solution, aiming to make faster and better development toward the direction of health...